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The sequel to Blurring the Lines!Finding each other was just the start of things for Toshi and Mick. Happily ever after doesn't always work out so easily and there are no sunsets left to ride off into. While Toshi struggles to cope with his own addiction, Mick has to face his own fears of rejection and troubles. Never easy tasks to start with but combined with trying to wrThe sequel to Blurring the Lines!Finding each other was just the start of things for Toshi and Mick. Happily ever after doesn't always work out so easily and there are no sunsets left to ride off into. While Toshi struggles to cope with his own addiction, Mick has to face his own fears of rejection and troubles. Never easy tasks to start with but combined with trying to wrangle some order into the chaos of the train yard buffer lands between the human city and I/S camp, gaining some freedom and security for the I/S people, and building their night club all under the bright glare of too much attention it becomes almost impossible....

Title : from the ashes blurring the lines 2
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ISBN : 9232226
Format Type : Online Fiction
Number of Pages : 558 Pages
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from the ashes blurring the lines 2 Reviews

  • Ozlem
    2019-03-30 08:16

    I've read until page 53 and decided not to continue. The story is m-m-m and I'm still not comfortable with this genre. It feels like cheating to me. I don't like sharing. I cannot say anything negative about the book. I decided to leave it unfinished just because I'm not comfortable with polyamorous relationships.

  • Karen
    2019-04-04 09:33

    No epilogue? I was really excited about seeing there was a next story in this series but apparently it's a prequel. I want to read more about Toshi and Mick! I want to now if all their plans work out - they probably will but still, I want to read about it! I want to know about the nightclub and the detoxing and the (view spoiler)[twins (hide spoiler)]... I'm really disappointed about the lack of at least an epilogue. But overall a very good story, horrible spelling and punctuation, but a very good story!

  • Valentine
    2019-03-29 09:37

    2.5 StarsFor me, a very dissapointing follow-up to a stellar first installment. I'm actually kind of depressed about how little I liked it. Pretty much the opposite of my review for the first novel. For me, it seemed like the sex was everything in this book. The novel was almost 600 pages, 300 of which seemed to be sex scenes. I kid you not, I actually started skipping them because I got so bored of them. Not only that, but the characters I fell in love with in the first installment, Mick and Toshi, were not the focus of the sequel. Instead, we are asked to care and root for the relationship between Andy and Rez. I loved Andy in the first book and even part of this book, but he seriously started to annoy me by the middle of the book. We know you are a slut Andy, you only mention it every other sentence. And his habit of oohing and aahing quickly became tiresome. I didn't hate him, but I no longer loved him as I did in the first novel. As for Rez...I know he has been through an awful lot, but I honestly couldn't stand him. It wasn't because of his belligerant attitude and waspish personality, becuase I can understand that, given what he has been through. No, it's the way he treated and spoke to Andy. I hated it, absolutely hated it. I can not get into a romance where one half calls the other half "a fucking whore", "a stupid fucking human", "a stupid slut", "a useless piece of shit" etc. Its not like he said these things after an argument or when he was angry. This was just his NORMAL way of talking to Andy. And Andy would just smirk. Then the first few...encounters him and Andy have, it is made very clear that Rez didn't give a shit about how Andy is feeling or whether Andy is getting anything from the encounter. No. Not my kind of relationship at all. The world building in this book is very good, I'll give it that. But the neverending sex scenes are hella boring after a while, and I can't stir myself to care much about Andy or Rez.

  • Kk
    2019-03-28 11:24

    I think the author did a stellar job introducing just the right amount of conflict into this sequel. Conflict was present throughout without the story feeling ridiculously melodramatic. I also felt that there was a nice balance among the different romances and the major plot. None of the main characters really managed to overshadow the others, which I know can be difficult, especially since there were at least five in this story. However, there were a few off-putting details throughout the story. One such detail was the seemingly random change of character focus. By this I mean that the author would spend a few paragraphs focusing on the thoughts and feelings of one character, before randomly switching focus to another - sometimes even to the character the first was interacting with. At times, these changes happened paragraph to paragraph, which was a bit disorienting. I found myself having to refer back to the previous paragraph simply to figure out whom the author was referring to with her pronouns. Another detail which I found annoying was the seeming lack of editing. Many of the mistakes were very obvious typos or my favorite - the misspelling of the word "breathe." In one instance the author spelled the word twice as "breath," then proceeded to spell it correctly in the following sentence. Typically misspellings don't bother me, but I find this particular one to be obvious, especially when repeated multiple times. Overall, I really liked this story and it's well worth the read, especially since it is free. I will warn that there is a little bit of M/M/M action in the beginning, and it is hinted at a bit throughout, but I didn't find it to be an in-your-face sort of deal. The missing stars in my rating are primarily due to the faults I mentioned above. If those types of minor errors don't phase you, I definitely recommend this sequel.

  • AE
    2019-03-24 12:20

    In comparison to the first book, the second was full of more ups and downs. It's the only Payne book I've read so far that I would say needs some tweaking in speeds. It's so much longer than the first, which I'm very okay with, but I think that length needed some balance. High moments when it gets a bit longer, etc.But I liked Andy before, and then I grew to love him in this book. He didn't have as much dimension before, or at least I didn't get to see the depth as much. Rez was like, impossible, but I loved him. I wanted success for him. I wanted mooooore. Mostly, I found myself shocked to say, go away Toshi and Mick section, I want Rez right now. I mean, I still love Mick & Toshi, but Rez & Andy are oddly awesome.I wish the next book in the series wasn't a prequel. I slightly fear that it will be too sad for me, because the bleakness of this world is more readable at this moment in time, because people are trying to change it and are getting some success at it. I'll get around to the prequel though, but I want to see what other Payne books I have to read.

  • Leah
    2019-04-09 16:40

    Nothing I say will do the Blurring the Lines universe justice. The best I can come up with is the two books and short stories that comprise the series are an enthralling saga of love, suffering, redemption, angst, passion, xenophobia, etc. And I savored each of it's 498 single spaced, misspelled pages. I was skeptical about becoming a member of S.A. Payne's site but this author offers so damn much it seems ungrateful not to. If I could award 10 stars I would even though I feel cheated that certain pairings were alluded to but never came to fruition. BLEW ME AWAY!

  • Thebomb
    2019-04-13 08:44

    much better than the first one,Rez and Andy are just so cute and smutty together!!..anyways,good writing,even for a yaoi,this one has intriguing plot twists and not to mention it's fun..there's less pain than before,and many other new characters are introduced..all in all,it's predictable,but fun,easy read,though longer than i'm used to for this genre...recommended for MM and yaoi lovers..