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When Mick told his parents he was gay, they didn't even blink, when he told them he wanted to be a cop, they freaked out. But he was good at his job until he was bounced off the police force on made up charges.Toshi was caught between two worlds, the quarantined mutated I/S society of his mother's world and the high class world of wealthy human life from his father. ComforWhen Mick told his parents he was gay, they didn't even blink, when he told them he wanted to be a cop, they freaked out. But he was good at his job until he was bounced off the police force on made up charges.Toshi was caught between two worlds, the quarantined mutated I/S society of his mother's world and the high class world of wealthy human life from his father. Comfortable in neither his heritage or his life, Toshi hides behind duty and clings to what little privacy he has.When Mick accepts the job to keep the reclusive half breed alive, neither man's life will ever be the same again....

Title : blurring the lines blurring the lines 1
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  • Tara♥
    2019-04-15 11:38

    That was something!! I now have a big Toshi and Mick crush.And a little Andy crush.'Blurring the Lines' is a dark dystopian that revolves around the interactions (or lack of) between a new breed of people and humans. Toshi is a result of the two worlds colliding, human and I/S. He belongs nowhere and sometimes feels he is wanted by no one Mick, a human cop abandoned as a child and left for dead, was taken in by a commune of intellectuals and raised in a way that makes him look at the I/S as no less than humans.Because of his ideals Mick is forced to resign from a very corrupt police force and is tracked down by one of Toshi's people to become his bodyguard. The shit then proceeds to well and truly hit the fan.There are a few flaws in this, quite a few actually, the biggest and most difficult to overcome is the narrative. It hops around non stop and sometimes I wasn't entirely sure who's POV it was. It could change from one sentence to the next and back again. It was confusing and at the beginning off putting but I honestly got used to it by the middle and it didn't bother me that much. Likewise with the world building, it sometimes felt a little off and confusing but again by the end any confusion I had seemed to work itself out. I still have a few questions (mainly about shinning) but I think I'm supposed to, the second book sounds like it deals with I/S addiction and the aftermath. There is also some huge grammar and spelling issues and while the constant misuse of the word 'than' was annoying at times, now that I'm done I really can't bring myself to be that bothered. Both Toshi and Mick have sad and difficult pasts (Toshi's in particular was horrific) and those pasts really shape the men that we meet at the beginning but it does become clear very quickly that what we see on the surface is not necessarily who they are. It seems they are showing the world what they think the world wants to see, learning about them was fascinating, watching them learn about each other was beautiful. A huge amount happens in this book, thinking back I'm amazed at how the story was told in 290 pages. It's jam packed and I feel a little exhausted on behalf of the characters. I really, really want to know what's next for these two (and Andy) but I think I'm going to have to take a break from them for a little while. 'Blurring the Lines' only seems to be available on the authors website (which you have to become a member of in order to read more than the first 3 chapters) and I must admit I had difficulty with not being able to highlight and note passages and the white background really messed with my eyes. (maybe that's a reader setting I can change?) I'd love these in mobi or ePub files but it is what it is and I will be coming back to Toshi and Mick but it will have to be in the new year!

  • Ravyn
    2019-04-13 11:45

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I think S.A. Payne is a freaking genius when it comes to making up stories. She writes fantastic plots with fantastic characters, and Blurring the Lines happens to be one of my favorites. Like everything she does, it's creative, original, compelling, and just plain awesome. However...I do have one major issue that may also be an issue for others, and that is with the atrocious spelling and punctuation problems throughout all this author's writing. I'm talking about run-on sentences galore and a near constant misuse of words like to/too, breath/breathe, lose/loose, then/than, slid/slide, its/it's, quit/quiet/quite, etc etc. Anyway, it can get pretty aggravating at times, and I think that some readers won't be able to get past it. Now typically, bad spelling and bad punctuation = bad writing, but weirdly enough, I don't really find that to be the case here. Actually, I think the prose and dialogue are quite fluid and natural, which ultimately allows me to overlook the spelling and punctuation errors. To be frank, I find this author's writing to be so compelling and fascinating that I would much much rather read the story (even with the aggravation of spelling/punctuation problems) than not read the story and miss out on such a great experience. The writing and content is actually quite good and very readable -- it's just that the spelling and punctuation is seriously messed up. Make sense? Bottom Line: 5 stars for pure enjoyment of a great story from a great storyteller.

  • BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions
    2019-03-28 14:44

    I had trouble getting into this one. Some scenes seemed to drag on and i found myself getting bored. there were also lots of editing mistakes that were distracting for me

  • Shelby
    2019-04-08 08:40

    Wow! So I remember why I hadn't read this book before now. I had started reading it at one point I think and then realized the only way to get the entirety of the book was to pay the subscription to the author's page. While a really nominal fee I hadn't wanted to do it. I'd much rather just by the book outright. And after reading this story I really wish the author would have it conventionally published just so I could do that. Sure, there are a number of typos and the like that a good editor would correct in a heartbeat, but it's a fantastic post-apocalyptic story!Part of me wishes I'd read the 3rd book in the series first as apparently it's a prequel and there are definitely some background things about the situation that I'm still a little unclear on, but those minor details in no way detract from this story. I loved watching Toshi and Mick come together and be the bulwark against the world the other needs to really step up and shine. The world created here is rich in details and the mystery is a good one. The characters were detailed and had a lot to recommend them. I felt the ending was a little rushed but I'm still very curious to see where these guys would go next. They're poised to make a lot of changes. Toshi and Mick really captured my heart though with all they've been through and what peace finding each other has started to bring to them. They've come from such different worlds but Mick's compassion and sense of right and wrong make him the perfect person to pull Toshi from the shell he's lived inside of since his rescue as a child. He's been betrayed in the most deeply painful way ever in his past and between that and the forced drug addiction trusting anyone is incredibly difficult. It's always safer to keep people at arms length. Together these two have so much potential to change the status quo in this world were everything is very twisted and wrong and the prejudices against the I/S are so deeply rooted in fear and a lack of understanding or human compassion. So good! Really loved this.

  • SueM
    2019-04-12 10:26

    I unknowingly read the third story in this series before I read this novel, and I think, in the end, that it actually worked out to be fortuitous. The third book in this series is essentially a prequel to this novel, and having that extra background/world building probably helped me to understand and relate to the characters in this story. Both men, Toshi and Mick, have grown up under harsh, cruel conditions in a post-apocalyptic society. Both characters are victims of abuse and predujice, but in very different ways. Both have developed a mask or pseudo personality that they present to the world in order to survive, as both have learned the hard way that showing weakness or vulnerability only leads to pain. And both men, due to their pasts, have a very low sense of self worth, but find in each other the ability to grow and finally see that they are indeed, worthy men.

  • Valentine
    2019-03-31 14:25

    So, I kind of loved this book. It had such a good plot, which is not something I'm used to in general with romance novels. Also, I've just started reading M/M boks and my experience with the quality of the writing so far is very mixed. Some of the authors I've read seem to think writing about the characters having lots and lots of sex is the same thing as writing about the charcters having a relationship. Not gonna lie, the sex in this book was pretty good, but, *gasp*, it wasn't the focus or the central point. Like, the characters actually existed outside of the bedroon (or the locker room, the bathroom or whereever else people get busy). Yeah!As for the characters...umm...I freaking loved them. Toshi is awesome and Mick is not a sadist. In some M/M books I've read, "top" = sadist, or super alpha male. This book didn't explore tired out cliches about how a bottom is submissive and passive and how a top is aggressive and strong. Thank goodness. There are some issues with editing, but all in all the book was very well written and the characters extremely lovable. Would definitely reccomend it.

  • Deanna
    2019-03-26 15:48

    4.5 starsThis book made me sniff Rodrigo

  • Seeilin
    2019-04-09 10:38

    If you are new to S.A.Payne let me warn you: the blurb may be misleading. This book is not easy, and anyone who has ever read this author's books what I'm talking about: murder, rape, abuse. There really should be trigger warnings.This book takes you on a roller coaster, and while I loved the first half... the second one just didn't fit. Toshis' character changed a bit too much (view spoiler)[ nearly killing Andy, and then being ok with a threesome? Letting Sal live? Way out of character, and ruining the "soulmate" aspect for me. It would have been a different matter if the whole scent being special had been handled differently. For me, the being ok with a third one at the end of the book came out of nowhere, and didn't fit the first half of the book, and the MC's possessivness(hide spoiler)]The plot was good, even if a bit confusing as the first 50% are slow, and the last 20% mega rushed. Also, the headhopping - it's a thing. Better get used to it. I'm torn about this book. 0-55% = 5✩, 60-75%= 4✩, rest= 3✩ - 4✩ from me, because I love-hate S.A.Payne. Their books are always gut-punching, even if there's no relationship angst. But this book leaves you hollow. Heroes&Ghosts is one of my fav books ever (still not an easy read, but lighter? The ending brings closure), but this's HFN. The hate part... maybe it's because of the change of the MC's, because the first and second half didn't mash. But one already is invested. Half of the fucked-up things happening don't even register until one's done because one goes numb in between. If you want to read this book be prepared: don't start this at night. Prepare a comfort read, and be prepared that the first and second half don't fit well together.

  • Lb
    2019-03-31 10:39

    Couldn't finish.

  • AE
    2019-04-10 10:39

    "You smell right to me" has somehow become sweeter and more tender of a phrasing than any "I love you" could have been. Seriously. I feel like I've cheated the author with the $4 website pass. Not only is this the third book that I've enjoyed, almost all the works are lengthy as well. I'm clearly getting a steal here. I would buy them on amazon kindle for 3.99 each, and Payne could make much more off me, although I would want better editing with the grammar if that happened. I'm keeping the nose to the ground on new works, because I've got a bit of a fan girl author crush going on here. I'm going to devour all the completed works over this week, and maybe into next. Fast reader, but yay, so much length and slow burn. Get into the self-publishing scene on amazon, etc! Write new stuff! I want to share you, but a website is harder for me to share. But seriously, anyone on the fence, the blurb doesn't sound very exciting, but I swear it's great.

  • Kate
    2019-04-18 09:27

    How can it be that such an amazing, talented writer has such bad grammar? I think I've bitched about this in every single review I've written for of S.A Payne's books. However, this being the third I've read, I'm almost used to it now. It's like her books are partly written in code; once you get familiar with it, the 'mistakes' stop being so jarring. Maybe the author simply disagrees with the widely accepted rules of punctuation applied to the written English language and decided to do it her own way, screw everyone else. Or maybe she just has such natural, raw talent that one day she decided to write a book without having ever studied the process and it came out, if filled with horrendous grammatical errors, like literary gold. I don't know. I think I'm going to go torture myself with the second book in this series and then write yet another review agonizing over the same things again.

  • Miho Li
    2019-04-14 08:41

    I had a couple problems with this book, namely the massive info dumps and my annoyance at how Mick turned into a doormat with Sal. Toshi's issues, I could understand, but I didn't quite believe Mick's deal with Sal.But I'm giving this book five stars b/c I loved the characters that much. I fell irrevocably in love with Toshi, and all of his pain was keenly felt. Small annoyance with Mick aside, I loved him to pieces as well. I am 100% invested in these characters, and that deserves a full rating.

  • Lady*M
    2019-04-02 14:28

    Blurring the Lines was one of the first M/M books I've read. Naturally, my mileage is longer now and, yes, the editing bothers me quite a bit, but, then, English is not my first language and I'm certain I didn't catch all the problems. But, Ms. Payne's imagination is still brilliant and the story survived both the passage of time and second reading. Both her men were abused in different manner, but they find strength in each other and I enjoyed them and the world building very much. I think I'll read the sequels and short stories soon. ^^

  • Leah
    2019-04-07 11:46

    I take back what I read about said about New AgainThis is the BEST S.A. Payne book I've read so far. I can't say enough wonderful things about her exquisitely twisted mind. The spelling errors are slightly distracting but Toshi and Amun's burgeoning relationship, the GOD-awful lives they've both lead, the jaw dropping twists and turns, all overpower lack of proofreading. I'm eager to read the sequel. Even if it's 490 freckin' pages.

  • Noughty
    2019-04-05 13:48

    I am loving it so far, but I am confused about many things. Like what exactly are Inkies? What is that shine? How this addiction differs from all others? How did I/S appeared in this world (got some explanation very late in the story), but still want more (maybe waits ahead). Why are they called like that, how did the world end up this way and what is this way actually?I'm just not used to still be so confused so late in the story about the world in the story.

  • Christina
    2019-03-23 09:47

    way too many info dumps that were out of character and way to expositiony throughout the intire thing characters that had the sole role of telling us the main characters past! when they were together it was sweet and i liked micks submissive side and the way it didnt take away from his strength, the book was only a tiny bit slut shamy but very gender positive. the romance was too fast to start but they did talk alot about themselves so it was ok...

  • Arzu
    2019-04-17 08:19

    4,5 stars

  • Sherry
    2019-03-28 11:32

    What an amazing writer and story! The editing is bad (which is why I'm only giving 4.25 stars) but I've read much worse.

  • Ozlem
    2019-04-11 12:23

    4.5 stars

  • Karen
    2019-04-10 13:43

    as always, abysmal editing and a fantastic story.

  • Aelfwina
    2019-03-24 13:46

    One big (and I mean really big) peeve: if you're going to set a book in an alternate future, don't be afraid to tell people WHERE on Earth you're setting it!!!! Drove me spare!

  • pbj
    2019-04-16 11:19

    4.5 starsBrilliant concept, well executed - completely un-copy-edited. Mostly spelling errors, but for a book this good, the structural errors are doubly annoying.

  • Det
    2019-03-28 14:36

    I was really hoping till the end that it would turn into an mpreg story with Toshi being a half-breed and all hehee ^_^ but still I came to love Toshi and Mick so 5 stars for them.

  • Maggie
    2019-04-07 08:22

    Seemed to drag in parts, especially towards the end. Has several spelling and grammatical errors that were difficult to get past. Would have liked to know more about the setting location.