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While scrubbing floors, Mia dreams of a better life. Then she discovers she's a Balfour--the illegitimate daughter of one of the world's richest dynasties! Thrust headfirst into her new family's spectacularly glamorous lifestyle, she's scared....But then comes an opportunity to learn about high society, through the chance to work for Greek tycoon Nikos Theakis, who strugglWhile scrubbing floors, Mia dreams of a better life. Then she discovers she's a Balfour--the illegitimate daughter of one of the world's richest dynasties! Thrust headfirst into her new family's spectacularly glamorous lifestyle, she's scared....But then comes an opportunity to learn about high society, through the chance to work for Greek tycoon Nikos Theakis, who struggled his way up, himself, from the slums of Athens to Millionaire's Row. Nikos has got where he is by always having taken what he wanted.... Until Mia's sweetness and integrity stop him in his tracks......

Title : Mia and the Powerful Greek
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ISBN : 9780373129348
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Mia and the Powerful Greek Reviews

  • Verity
    2019-04-22 11:56

    Upon turning 21 y/o, Mia learns that she's the illegitimate daughter of the billionaire Oscar Balfour. He had a 1-nite stand w/ Mia's mommie dearest the nite B4 he got hitched. Mia's 7 half-sistas (from daddy's 3 different wives) will have their own book. This ain't the more intense Jon + Kate + 8 reality show spin off. It's dwamatic but not a must-read.On her way to drop the bombshell on daddy, Mia almost becomes a road kill on his mansion driveway, courtesy of Nikos, who drives like a bat outta hell. He mistakenly assumes she’s the new housekeeper but is instantly attracted by the traffic stopper. FF 3 months later, Nikos is guilt-tripped by his mentor, Oscar, to train country-bred Mia as his P.A, to boost her self-confidence & show her the ropes in the cut-throat jet-set life. From the get-go, he’s determined to apply hands-off policy, no matter how powerfully attracted he is to her. He warns Mia not to expect special treatment due to her newly elevated social status. Mia was abandoned by mommie dearest, who chose her wealthy hubby over her own flesh & blood. Mia was raised by her poor aunt. Now she gotta learn baby steps in the big bad wolf’s world. Unfortunately, her new boss is the same gorgeous guy who has inadvertently insulted her months ago. Neither of H/H is thrilled being stuck w/ each other but they really have no other option. Mia is driven to prove her worth but feels resentful that he’s out for blood ‘cuz it seems like, whatever she does for him is never enuff. His own secretary notices that Mia’s not immune to his sex appeal & suggests her to find a man pronto, B4 becoming another notch on his belt, ‘cuz he’s the bang-‘em-and-leave-‘em type. Nikos is incensed & hurt when he overhears their cozy tete-a-tete.Nikos turns out to be an impossible slave driver. Everything ‘bout Mia just rubs him the wrong way, esp her appearance. Cynical man that he is, Nikos doesn’t think she’ll last long under his tutelage. Their torturous professional relationship is a daily challenge. The fact that Mia is installed in the staff apartment adjacent to his penthouse also puts a damper on things. H/H’s combustible chemistry turns into fireworks during 1 of the posh shindigs & he leaves his bun in her oven. The million-dollar question is : Will she agree to marry him ? I disliked both H/H, hence the rating. Nikos is just another typical Alpha Greek gazillionaire Tycoon who changes galfriends as often as his underwears. He bullies her around, in & outside the office. He’s moody, arrogant, domineering, condescending, judgemental & even tho’ I usually like the uber jealous / possessive HP heroes, I thought he’s too emotionally stunted & a chicken in terms of opening himself up. He admits that he’s a lone wolf, doesn’t like to sleep w/ his bedmates after dipping his wick in their gravy. He’s supposedly claustrophobic, locks & bolts creep the hell outta him due to his painful childhood, but strangely, he got no problem @ all driving around in his expensive cars. I’m usually a sucka for rags-to-riches / self-made heroes, but all the info dump @ the v. end, was a li’l too late to make him more sympathetic. I’m not sure why MR is so stingy w/ the declaration of luv lately. When I read romance, I want my ILY. All we get here is a half-assed confession, “I think I might be madly in luv w/ U.” WTF is that ? Then Nikos goes on & on trying to justify why he can’t really tell that he luvs her, after surviving his luv-deprived childhood. Come again ? I feel kinda gypped. Be prepared to read a ton of recycled “U’re a Balfour” lines. And oh yeah, during 1 of their innumerable verbal mud slings, he calls Mia “High-maintenance emotionally”. I kid U not. Cuddling after sex is apparently a foreign concept. He’s too closed off & both H/H have abandonment issues thanx to messed up parents. U’d think they’d feel more connection, but nope, all they do is bicker.The heroine isn’t much bettah. She’s such a li’l dwama queen, she goes into full-throttle histrionics upon discovering she’s preggers & when she bumps into him, she turns him into her punching bag. Where’s Don King when U need him the most ? Inexplicably, just like the heroine in the previous MR, Mia stammers. A lot. Esp in his vicinity. She’s also too naïve for my taste. I know there’s prolly no vending machines for condoms in the far-flung corner where she was raised, but it’s unbelievable that she tries to pin the blame on Nikos for not using protection & doesn’t even realize that there’s no latex between ‘em during their Richter scale-shattering bed quake. Not sure I wanna read the other sistas’ stories, ‘cuz the only 1 that makes a cameo here is Sophie, who is fortunately gonna be featured in my auto-buy author’s book. I’ll prolly pass on the others, no set up for the other sistas to make me wanna read ‘em. The H/H’s character building & growth weren’t smoothly done. The opening of the can of worms was left almost @ the finish line. Mayhap I gotta stay away from Greek heroes, I’m all Greeked out. It’s been done to death B4, the HP hero jumps the gun & thinks the heroine must have the come-hither look down pat, so it’s not the other dude’s fault for wanting to tap the heroine’s ass, raising the hero’s inner beastly rage as a result. Then there’s the heroine spitting “I hate U / I’ll hate U 4ever / I’ll hate U 4 the rest of your life” in his face. Alright, I get it, she’s a hater, ‘cuz mommie’s a snob & hero’s a vacant asscrack, do we really need to be bludgeoned to pieces ?The Balfour Legacy (a monthly installment by different authors) :Michelle Reid = Mia's ScandalSharon Kendrick = Kat's prideIndia Grey = Emily's innocenceKim Lawrence = Sophie's seductionKate Hewitt = Zoe's LessonCarole Mortimer = Annie's secretSarah Morgan = Bella's disgraceMargaret Way = Olivia's awakening

  • Chantal ❤️
    2019-04-10 15:24

    This book was my fav in the Balfour series with Mia the hidden love child secret that comes out of hiding after she was told who her real family is.I would be lying to say I loved how they treated her here and that may be why I disliked the other books in this series. The other entitled daughters behavior disgusted me. Except maybe Bella. I found Mia just about the most loving and forgiving person ever.I had so many emotions here and so many great scenes it was worth a read and I must say I have read and reread it several times. The hero is out to sea with how to deal with his feelings for Mia. She is just too much for him and he wants to find a reason to hate her. He tries and fails! Their relationship was in a word...HOT!They are just a great couple and I enjoyed every minutes of it. The scene with her f..ed-up mother at the restaurant was just about the most tragic. I loved that he did not let it go unpunished. He gets even!!! Yes!Great book. Totally safe read and for a harlequin very steamy.

  • Jenny
    2019-04-17 14:20

    I loved this book! Mia was abandoned by her mother as a child and grew up in a small Italian village. Years later she finds out tycoon Oscar Balfour is her true father and so she enters the world of the rich and famous. Her father asks his young protege Nikos to help Mia adjust and fit in to her new life. They can't resist each other and passion leads to pregnancy and that's when things get complicated. I love a ruthless tortured Greek hero with a dark past and a super sweet, sheltered but strong Italian heroine. Their chemistry was off the charts. Mia wanted his love badly but a hero who comes from poverty, abusive parents and foster care is not the easiest man to love. My heart broke at the end when they talk and finally Nikos opens up to Mia about his abusive past. I fell in love with him!

  • Brenda
    2019-04-22 11:13

    Going through the reviews of the book Bella and the Merciless Sheikh, I was instantly reminded of Mia and Nikos's story that I'd read a long time ago. I remembered liking the book a lot and its MCs. Even though Nikos came across as too harsh, cold and ruthless, probably more because Mia was quite innocent and needed someone tender to guide her through the bad world and he'd showed no such tenderness, but he remained memorable to me even after all these years.There was a lot of pent-up anger inside him. He never understood love and emotions because he'd never come across them in his life. It's only toward the end we get to know about his troubled childhood (view spoiler)[he grew up in a slum in Athens, with abusive drug addicts for parents, being locked up in cupboards and forgotten for days then after their death the spate of foster homes he had to go through enduring beatings until he started living off the streets scamming people in various non-existent ventures.(hide spoiler)] He would have ended up living a life of crime and imprisonment, if he hadn't met with the British tycoon Oscar Balfour accidentally --really loved the scam Oscar pulled on the scammer. Something about Nikos impressed the older man so he showed him a path how to hustle through life while being on the right side of law. With Oscar's guidance and his own sharp wits, Nikos became an extremely wealthy man. It was Oscar, whose life was a hot bed of scandals thanks to his three wives --one of them recently deceased-- and eight daughters, that threw Mia at Nikos. Having found out that she's a product of his indiscretion the night before he'd married his favorite wife, he calls Nikos on his debt and tells him to take Mia under his wing and teach her self-confidence, toughen her up and show her how to move about in their social circles. Moreover, she would be living right next door to Nikos' London penthouse in the staff apartment attached it. Being a lone wolf, it really irks Nikos.To make matters worse, said daughter walks into the reception of Nikos's office building and asks for the keys to his apartment giving the whole building fodder to start a hot and spicy speculation about the two of them. When he goes down to the reception to meet her, he is shocked to see that Mia is the same girl who'd been standing lost in thoughts right in the middle of the pathway he'd been driving while leaving Oscar's place three months ago and if it weren't for his quick reflexes he would've killed her. Worse was her beauty had sent him off kilter. There was instant attraction on his side, which had him thinking about her on and off ever since. But, now that he knew she was a Balfour, out of respect for Oscar he had to bridle that attraction and work with her, which wasn't easy. He found her a threat to his sanity, so he took the cold, critical approach with her, telling her she's there under sufferance and as he doesn't tolerate nepotism, she'll have to work hard as the next person to earn her place. He was sure in a week or so she'd be running back to Oscar.Mia maybe a shy, country girl, who did not know how to be independent or socialize like her half-sisters, but she was determined to stick through the job for the sake of Oscar and learn to be the person he wanted her to be. To Nikos frustration, no matter how harsh his treatment, she still stuck around and kept driving him crazy. Mia was as affected by Nikos animal magnetism. She might hate him but she reveled in being around him. And, Nikos's secretary could see that the innocent girl was in danger of falling for their boss whom although she respects, used women only for emotionless sex. She advices Mia to find another man and not fall for Nikos. It was funny how the one night Mia dared to go out all alone to find a nicer man than Nikos, she ends up on a date with him. Although, they have a nice time, Nikos ends up feeling jealous of every man who looked at Mia especially the waiter she chats up with. Not liking the feeling he sees Mia home then hooks up with another woman he knows 'an executive he knows 'who's practiced in the art of sex just for sex because young and irritatingly naive brunettes with more than a hint of Italian fire in their bellies, and with virgin territory stamped all over them, did not and never would do it for him.'A picture of him and his date leaving a nightclub is published in the local tabloid, which makes Mia angry and jealous. The next day, he calls and forces her to go with him for the weekend to Hampshire to attend a charity ball, saying that since no one from Balfour was going Oscar wanted her to represent the family. I couldn't help laugh at Nikos's shock when Mia, angry and jealous that he went out with another woman after their evening together, compared him to a donkey. ‘You remind me of a feral cat I once tried to befriend as a kid. One minute she was soft and coquettish and brushing her sleek body up against me, the next minute she had her claws in my neck and was spitting at me.’ ‘I have never brushed up against you!’ she denied, then felt her cheeks flame when she recalled the way she’d moved towards him last night. ‘Nor have I drawn my claws,’ she added as a quick cover-up. ‘And if I remind you of your friend the feral cat, then you remind me of our donkey,’ she threw back, sparked into defending herself. ‘Your—what?’ he raked out. ‘Tulio, our donkey,’ she supplied. ‘One minute he is beautifully relaxed and amenable, the next he acts as if he does not occupy the same planet as everyone else.’ ‘You’re accusing me of being moody?’ Nikos delivered across the gap separating them. Mia fixed her gaze on the traffic lights. ‘I cannot predict how you are going to speak to me from one minute to another. Tulio is the same. Only he does not speak—he just gives me the evil eye to say I don’t feel like being nice to you any longer, and so he isn’t.’ She added a self-explanatory shrug. ‘The lights have changed colour,’ she pointed out.‘A donkey,’ he breathed, steering the car into a right turn, then accelerating up the street. ‘Grazie, cara,’ he said with grim sarcasm, and swung the car off the street into a small car park by the banks of the river.Of course, Nikos wouldn't let such an insult go without counter action. He kissed her breathless, that too, deliberately in front of the young executive, whom he assumed was the date who'd stood her up the previous evening and wanted the man to get the message she's out of his reach.Her insides shuddered. ‘You—you set me up for that kiss in front of him,’ she whispered. ‘No, Tulio did that. Until Tulio put in an appearance I’d decided that merely seeing you going off to spend a weekend with me was going to be enough to put him off thinking he could try coming on to you again. Tulio upped the ante.’He’d warned Oscar. He’d warned Mia. He’d even warned himself. But it had taken a donkey named Tulio to set his natural hunting instinct free from the restraints he had placed around them.He found his restraints were in further danger when he saw Mia in her ball attire and throughout the evening at the ball he was on fire on account of desire until she was attacked and pushed into the swimming pool by the man who blamed her for ruining his deal with Nikos --He'd made a suggestive proposition to Mia and when she told Nikos about it, Nikos ended the deal. The attack drew out his protective instincts. It was fun to see how he wouldn't let go of her and the hostess had to assure him many times that Mia would be fine with her. Things comes to a head on their return with passion escalating to such heights that the two ended up having unprotected sex. And, Nikos was stunned when she tells him she loves him. Being inexperienced, Mia thought that Nikos making love to her meant that he loved her, but was shocked that Nikos could have sex without emotions. They have heated words and he takes off on business trips. And, their sexual encounter has come with a consequence. Mia is pregnant. Coming from the doctor with the shocking news, she encounters Nikos and vents all her anger out on him pummelling blow after blow on his chest. Both had tempers that matched with each other and with passion equally matching, they were one fiery pair.Nikos wants to do damage control --felt like killing him when he said that-- and so proposed marriage. Mia naturally didn't want to marry a man who thinks of marriage like that and a man who would have sex with her but wouldn't sleep in the same bed as her thereafter. (view spoiler)[because of his childhood horrors Nikos doesn't have locks on any doors in his homes and doesn't sleep with anyone (hide spoiler)] It took an encounter with Mia's mother --in front of everyone the cold bitch pretends she doesn't know Mia when Mia greets her-- for Nikos to realize that offering someone genuine like Mia a soulless marriage with great sex and separate bedrooms was an insult to her. He understood how to deal with cut-throat ruthless people like himself, Oscar, her mother and her husband, but he had no clue how to handle someone as unselfish as Mia. For a man who prided on being a ruthless, emotionless bastard and worked hard in maintaining it, he was being plundered by jealousy and protectiveness where Mia was concerned. He did not hesitate to give up things that mattered to him if he found she was troubled by it like that lucrative deal he gave up or the limited edition car that her mother's husband manufactured. I liked his explanation in the end. (view spoiler)[‘You know, I believed my life was all mapped out,’ he confided softly. ‘No U-turns, no diversions, just me in absolute control of me. Then I met you,’ he husked. ‘I did not want love. I did not want commitment. I did not want to pass on my family genes to another generation. Or to watch my children’s disappointment in me grow each time I did not come up to scratch as a father. Now I want it all.’ His fingers framed her upturned face, his eyes so dark Mia smiled because she just loved to drown in them. ‘I want the marriage, the commitment and the children. I want you to love me. I need you to love me. It’s crazy, frightening.’ (hide spoiler)]I also liked Mia's trial run suggestion of him sleeping in her bed for a whole night or two first after he'd told her about her past so that she would understand why he didn't know if he was in love with her or not. Mia was amazing. As I said she had a fiery temper and passion to match Nikos's as well as a tenderness to soothe his pain and anger. With a pair as volatile as the two of them and MR's expertise in writing angst-ridden romances, this book remains amongst the two most favorites books of mine in the series, the other being SM's Bella and the Merciless Sheikh. Oh yeah, loved the epilogue. Nikos with Mia and their three kids and one more in the oven, planning to outdo Oscar in the paternity race with a team of ten. Lol.

  • KC 2.0
    2019-04-07 12:16

    I enjoyed this. Mia was a sweet heroine with spirit, but Nikos was harder to read. It's not until near the end that we are given more insight into his character. I also would have liked to have seen more angst expressed, and a little more unrestrained passion on Nikos's side for Mia. Of the three books I've read in the Balfour Brides series, this one is my second favorite (the top spot goes to Sarah Morgan's Bella and the Merciless Sheikh).

  • Megzy
    2019-04-03 11:19

    I really don't want to give the story away and I think the book synopsis is good enough to give the readers an understanding of what to expect.. The couple is well matched. The lead male character is emotionally scared; you only learn about his past in the last 10-15 pages but the readers know from right off the bat that he is shielding himself with very strong armor. The lead female character didn't have it easy either, but she was loved by her aunt. The little glimpses we get about her life back in Tuscany shows us where she gets her compassion, morality, and integrity from.The book has a moderate amount of angst, but nothing overwhelming. It is also less emotionally charged than a lot of Reid's other books. The chemistry between the couple is undeniable. I did question some of the words that were said in the office workplace but realized they were necessary for the plot.April 23, 2013In my opinion, The only book in the Balfour brides series worth reading.

  • StMargarets
    2019-04-10 10:16

    I really like the heroine in this one, with her Italian accent, her directness and kind heart. No wonder our poor tycoon hero with the tragic childhood couldn't resist her. Like other reviewers have said, there isn't a lot of angst here - just a surprisingly hot romance between two people who are very well-suited. I loved their first "date" and the hero's thoughts. He fell hook, line and sinker in real time. Adorable.This kicks off the Balfour series about Oscar Balfour's daughters. Mia is his secret baby from a one-night stand and thus isn't treated too well by the Balfours when she first makes an appearance. (This all off page). We are given glimpse of the other daughters at a charity ball (where Mia is pushed into a pool), but that is about all of the sequel bait in this one. Meaning - you don't have to read the series to enjoy this one.

  • Vintage
    2019-04-19 14:13

    OK, so Nikos is yet another overbearing, brooding and sometime downright mean hero. But, yeah, our intrepid heroine sasses back as good as she gets. On more than one occasion, they go a couple of rounds arguing which is pretty cute and fun. The "romance" is pretty steamy. Fanning myself lightly.Still a Harlequin but there is some humor with the tension and drama. It rounds up pretty quick and there are some giant holes regarding minor plot points as in Mia's parents and family, but fun read

  • Penny Watson
    2019-04-25 12:55

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh!I just finished it and I loved it so much I am going to re-read it straight away.Michelle Reid is a goddess. That's all there is to it. This one would make a great movie.Grade: A+

  • Dianna
    2019-04-06 14:02

    Mia finds out that she is the bastard daughter of the billionaire Balfour, who has lots of daughters and it’s all scandal and mayhem. There are about eight Balfour ladies, and I’ve read about Bella and Sophie, although Sophie was in graphic novel format. So, dammit, couldn’t one of those women actually be competent enough to takeover Dad’s business without that being a complete drama? Probably not, and anyway, it has nothing to do with Mia.Mia had this lovely rustic life in Italy with her aunt and then housekeeping for an English guy, and then she finds out about her Dad and she’s off to England. Her Dad decides she’s not coping very well with being a Balfour, so he gives her to Nikos to be his PA.Nikos is a self-made young billionaire and because I’m really vague on the Balfour background, all I could work out was that he’d been really into Balfour’s wife and protecting her legacy or something, now that she’s dead? So even though there’s no indication that Mia, who is about 20, has the experience or inclination for the job, she’s on as his PA and she’s living in the flat near his where usually his housekeeper lives.Nikos is all about not touching Mia because she’s a Balfour, and maybe slightly because she’s too young and unsophisticated, although she has her innate skills as an Italian woman to wear good clothes. Mia thinks Nikos is handsome but kind of a jerk for a boss.I never thought much of their chemistry, and while I really quite liked Mia because she stood up for herself, I couldn’t work Nikos out. There is a bit of his backstory, but maybe he’d been a previous book and there was a bit more character development? He’s got the customary Reid hero thing of being a selfish bastard, but I found him a bit lacking in interest.

  • Caro
    2019-04-18 14:16

    ¡Maravillosa historia! Si una tiene ganas de leer romance y buenos diálogos, esta es una novela ideal. Ella: humilde, cálida, italiana hasta la médula; él: un griego alfa con todas las letras. Me hubieran gustado cien páginas más de interacción y de menciones al pasado oscuro de Nikos Theakis. Esas palabras del epílogo, hacía mucho que no leía algo tan, tan disfrutable~ La recomiendo muchísimo.

  • Emona
    2019-04-11 09:20

    Mia Bianchi was one smart, sexy and sizzling Italian heroine and Oscar Balfour’s illegitimate daughter. Her untimely arrival at Balfour Manor had caused all sorts of things with her father trying to keep her a secret, the untimely death of his wife and now a scandal. However Oscar wanted to teach his daughters a few of life’s lessons and the first daughter he chose was Mia. Oscar sent her to a one of his business associates, a powerful, dark, handsome and successful Greek billionaire!Mia is well-described, she is brave and has a spicy Italian personality . She is polite, but she does not let herself be pushed around. She's also smart and attentive. And she wants out of her shell. She is genuinely nice and gentle.Nikos Theakis was the perfect Greek hero as far as I was concerned. He came from poverty, abusive parents, and he came up the hard way. However, he owed everything to Oscar Balfour because he was the man he was today because of Oscar! But take in his daughter, teach her about business, social settings, give her confidence and integrity? The very same beautiful young woman he almost ran over at her parents estate? The very same woman with a “cheeky” mouth, lush curves and determination? What had he agreed to, and what was he going to do with her?He is so very controlled and trying so very much to control himself that it is obvious that this man has a dark side. It's difficult to acquire such control of himself without having been previously traumatised, or he has been training ... which is not the case.Talk about chemistry, he’s constantly touching her and he’s not even aware. For a man who goes through women like one would change his socks, Mia drives him crazy with her beautiful eyes, long flowing hair, sexy sultry voice and the same holds true for her. She may be an innocent but not for long! She loves him and when they act on their passion, it goes seriously up in flames but it becomes complicated when she finds out she’s pregnant!I loved the way the author tied both of their feelings into knots. Mia definitely wanted love from him whereas due to his abusive past he didn’t know how to love. Public viewed this proud Greek as a successful business man, a very handsome man with a string of beautiful women in his past. They didn’t know he never slept alone, that he didn’t have locks on his doors and it was even more brilliant how she chose to put Mia in Greece right along with the very mother that gave her up and how in the end Niko’s realized he loved Mia. I so wished this one had a cute epilogue with babies and another pregnancy, unfortunately, it ended so abruptly.

  • Sandra TheSnarkyOne
    2019-04-07 11:23

    I slept through most of this book. Something I did not expect from a Michelle Reid book. Weird week. One of my favourite authors bored me and a book I expected to hate is going to get 4-5 star review. I adored the Hero though there was a tad too much of his POV. Personally I prefer the strong, silent, brooding H. Do leave the overthinking and over-analysing to us expert females, please. The h was supposed to have a rough life unlike her heiress sisters, but I saw little evidence of it from her behaviour, she seemed like a spoilt brat to me. He was the usual alpha male fighting his strong feelings but ended up doing quite a bit for her, trashing a lucrative contract because the man made a lewd pass at her, canceling his own dinner date when it looked like she was stood up on hers, letting her stay in his staff apartment. He even changed his sports car when he realised she was mentally sick riding in his previous one as it reminded her of her mother's husband who made her abandon the h when she was a baby. I mean, I don't expect her to put out over this but a little appreciation would be ok.There was a good lead-up to the first time sex scene so that woke me up a little. But I couldn't quite see the foundation for a HEA despite their cute dinner date. Hero had a brutal childhood which was heart-breaking because it could mirror real-life. But she alluded to his recurring nightmares about it in such an immature manner it pretty much ruined the book for me. Not a great read for me.

  • Vanessa
    2019-03-27 09:06

    So Mia has just discovered that she is the illegitimate Balfour daughter and sits off to meet her father. Nikos is just leaving the Balfour house when he practically runs over Mia and manages to get aroused too!! Soon Oscar Balfour is calling upon Nikos for a favor, and since Nikos feels indebted to Oscar he can’t really refuse. Nikos is to hire Mia and help her acclimate to her new standard of living. When she arrives at Nikos’ office she sets tongues wagging and upsets Nikos as Oscar had intended. Nikos is always feeling a rush of heat down south too!Mia seems to have good instincts about people, and Nikos enjoys being the alpha whenever possible. Of course, he never does any wrong and Mia can’t be trusted out of site. She is the instigator in the reactions men give her, as well. In fact, innocent Mia is a born vamp, according to Nikos. Men are never responsible for their body’s reactions as women are the puppet masters! She even questions this at one point. She seems to blame herself for things too. Mia attempt to take the secretary’s advice and avoid Nikos, but the growly man soon proves that he is essentially a teddy bear….for a while. Mia didn’t have a great childhood and this explains some of her easy acceptance of Oscar and his family. I would still like more information about him though – why he was w/ Mia’s mother years ago. Nikos gives some good advice, but he can’t seem to use it for himself as he too has a bad childhood that has impacted him. No big difference there. There were even a few sexy looks from Nikos towards Mia as they continued to fight their chemistry. Once again the scenes where he gives her those looks and Mia interprets them as disgruntled couldn’t be more off! That is why I tend to have problems w/ first person stories. Mia gets shoved into a pool at a party by someone that blames her for things not working out – I ask what is the difference b/w this one and Nikos then? Nikos tends to blame her as well…DS at work? (dangly syndrome). I loved Mia’s sarcasm at points too. She says, “..bruised my wrist too but I suppose I should apologize for not allowing him to throttle me at the same time!” They smex, she says the dreaded phrase, Nikos turns cruel and walks. Mia claims hate and NEVER forgive. Yeah drama huh? Because 10 times out of 10 they are empty threats given by the h when the H hurts her…for once why can’t they be honest?! I’m guessing those never want bundles that the Hs always claim to feel…are more empty words too. Apparently there is no snip-snip in these stories either! She does admit that she acted as though his cruel treatment of her meant nothing at all. She calls him on the semantics of “sleep” too! Loved it!! He never denied doing anything w/ OW then either. I liked that at times she fought him on things and he did defend her w/ others.

  • Gail
    2019-03-30 15:12

    This book was pretty much why I don't care for Harlequin Presents very much. They have to be very carefully written for the hero not to be a real jerk and the heroine a doormat. I just did not get why the heroine would fall for a man who was such a bully, and he was. There's nothing intrinsically wrong with the story or the writing. The writing was in fact quite good, to make me hate the hero so much and fume at the heroine, and I did read the whole book. So if you like the Presents style stories, you'd probably eat this one up.The hero and heroine first meet when she's walking up the long walk to meet her father--he wasn't married to mom, and she's just recently found out who he was. The hero is dad's protege, and almost runs over her with his car. The hero mistakes her for the housekeeper, says she shouldn't have the job because she's too young and unsuitable, he insults her some more, then he leaves and she goes on up to the house. A year later, Dad has decided his daughters need to learn how to live in "the real world," never mind that the heroine's never been rich or spoiled. He sends her off to work for the hero, who has the hots for her so assumes it means she's a slut and it's her fault he's attracted to her, and basically treats her like dirt. The heroine blames herself, works harder, dresses more modestly, etc., etc. He takes her to business lunches, and when the other guys treat her like a mistress, it's her fault. Even when she tries to stand up for herself, though, he squashes her flat, and that's her fault too.He's such a jerk, that it would take some major, major, major groveling for him to redeem himself in my eyes, but his pathetic attempt is just that--pathetic. The heroine may have forgiven him for his jerkitude, but I didn't. I did finish it, but I finished it still mad at the hero. Oh well.

  • Hanife
    2019-03-30 13:06

    Michelle Reid ilk defa beni hayal kırıklığına uğrattı. Açıkça söylemem gerekirse kitabın ne çevirisinden, ne konusundan, ne de işleniş biçiminden hoşlandım. Tek sevdiğim karakterler oldu ama onlarında bu hikayede harcanmasına üzüldüm. Patron-sekreter ilişkilerini severek okurum ama bu kitapta en başından beri beni iten bir unsur vardı. Ne yaptıysa, ne dediyse çok baştan savma, inandırıcılığını kaybetmiş olarak buldum. Hikayemizin konusu;İtalyada bir çiftlikte teyzesiyle yaşayan Mia, bir gün gerçeği öğrenir. Oldukça zengin bir iş adamı olan Oscar Balflour'un kızıdır. Annesi ise onu kocasının ya onu seç ya da beni ısrarıyla kızını teyzesine bırakmıştır. Ama gerçek ortaya çıkınca kızımız babasını görmeye gider ve ünlü yunanlı iş adamı Nikos ile yolları ilk o zaman kesişir. Nikos'un bu günlere gelmesinde Oscar'ın çok büyük bir emeği vardır. Onca yıl sonra adam ondan tek bir iyilik istemektedir. Yeni kızına yanında bir iş vermesini! Bu durumdan hali hazırda memnun olmayan Nikos, bu kızın Oscar'ın evinin önünde az kalsın ezeceği kız olduğunu görünce memnuniyetsizliği daha da çoğalmıştır. Ama kararlıdır. Bu kızı tez zamanda bıktırarak işi bıraktıracaktır. Bu numaralara gelmeyen, kendini kanıtlamakta ısrarcı olan Mia ne yapsa yaranamaz. Kendini hiç ummadığı bir anda Nikos'un cazibesine bırakır ve kendini adam tarafından adi bir şekilde terk edilmiş olarak bulur. Ama bebek haberi bütün planları bozacaktır.

  • Cedar
    2019-04-06 13:08

    Free at www.everyonesreading.comUgh, ick. Mia, beautiful feisty Italian Mia finds out she is an illegitimate Balfour at the age of twenty, and sets out around the world to London, to find her father. Hurt so bad by rejection she blames herself for any situation that does not go perfectly. (doormat)Nikos, beautiful cold Greek Nikos finds out he is to look after this new illegitimate heir, and groom her for society. But of course he is scared in a mental fucked up way. (psycho). There is never really a balancing of characters. Nikos' alternate anger and cold regard could give a girl whiplash. The way he blames her for everything, makes everything her fault, including situations that puts women's rights back in the fifties mad me hate him. The end five pages tries to quickly fix the situation with a quick telling by Nikos to Mia, "this is what happened to me, this is why I am fucked up, all good Se?", "Se,se. now sleep with me, oh opps, my dress just fell off and oh opps I fell on your d**k and left all my conviction and intelligence on the wayside..." So no, never liked Nikos.Prob wont be following up on this series, glad it was free, and glad it is finished.

  • Bukola
    2019-04-02 10:56

    One of the best from MICHELLE REID's fabulous pen. As the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy British family, Mia Balfour isn’t sure she wants to be like the rest of her family. To help her fit in, her father arranges for her to become the personal assistant of his protégé, businessman Nikos Theakis. Unfortunately, Mia and Nikos hate each other on sight despite the attraction that ignites between them. When they act on that attraction, Mia becomes pregnant. Nikos offers to marry her, even though he cannot admit to himself that he loves her. How these two lost souls finally open up to each other makes for a great read. Reid is a master of believable dialogue, and the fight scenes between Mia and Nikos are almost too fun to read only once.

  • Ladyacct
    2019-03-29 12:12

    This one was hard for me to get into, but I stuck with it and by the time the halfway point was reached I was into the story. I had read the prequel to this series which is a free ebook on the Harlequin website wrote by the same author and I thought it was much, much better than this one. I immediately got into the short story...while they are all connected I also see a detachment from each other too.

  • Chrichrilecture
    2019-04-07 11:04

    BienEncore un bon Harlequin avec une belle histoire d'amour avec des personnages touchants qui vous tiennent jusqu'au bout de l'histoire

  • Nyangi
    2019-04-02 16:17

    I just want to review the whole series so here goes nothing.Mia's story made sense, being the new girl, showing up when she did, Michelle did goodas for the rest of the girls, except for Emily and Sophie, I couldn't stand them. All very spoilt and shallow, each insecure in their own sense. kates I'd give a single star. insecure because of the beautiful sisters you love so much but don't communicate withIf the prince hadn't had all that guilt I might have believed the ending. I kept waiting for India to start freeing the prince from his guilt but she hang on to it, then the king dies and suddenly the prince is 'free" and fights for Emily, no.I actually really enjoyed Sophies story, from the start. I believed it and had a few laughs so a thumbs up to KimUgh, here comes Zoe whose identity is tied to being a balfour. Kate spent so much time on Zoe wallowing, then Zoe fighting for her child, Zoe being rejected, that must have sucked, then Zoe leaving eventually and Max going for her. I didn't see them fall in love. even when Zoe made the first realization, I didn't see itAnnie was also a different girl for me, appeared to be a few of the responsible girls from the lot. I'm kind of out of words for Annie and Luc, it was okayand then the spoilt and vain Bella who brings men to heel with her looks alone, feels treated unfairly by her sisters but does nothing to change the situation, oh, but the secret love for horses and the redemption, turns out Bella is selfless afterall...Olivia, the other twin. I read her introduction and realized she was assumed to be uptight, I couldn't keep goingAnd Oscar, I wish he ad some sort of relationship with the girls

  • Mudpie
    2019-03-30 12:23

    I have read a couple of other books in this series and feel it's the series that has issues. Nevertheless I like this book 1 the best so far! The ending does not feel as abrupt as the others and hey Michelle Reid is an auto buy author for me so it helps, I think.Nikos was not a good hero. He was judgemental and a total jerk. He met Mia at a bad time and then despite the insta lust he felt he was determined to dislike her. The way he treated her after their one night stand was horrible. ..and all the justification about his childhood in the last few pages was too little too late. Wish the suthor had tried to redeem him earlier...and if he could properly say 'I love you' to Mia in the epilogue I'd have forgiven him. I got that he might not have known love his whole life and during his confession the best he could do was 'think he might be in love with her' but by the time the epilogue was written surely he could admit it?!I also have no idea how Mia could have fallen in love with Nikos when he was absolutely the boss from hell...She's still a likeable girl...a country bumpkin who grew up in poverty and isolated si that makes her very innocent and naive.Despite all this I enjoyed the story. The plot moved along nicely and the story and feelings were well written.

  • Yoda Bor
    2019-04-22 08:22

    Cette fois on a au programme une jeune orpheline élevée en Italie qui se découvre un père richissime, qui débarque chez lui et qui est accepté sans aucun problème par toute la famille.La paternel étant sans doute taquin, il lui trouve un travail de secrétaire dans unes de ses filiales londoniennes où elle retrouve Nikos Theakis, un bellâtre jaloux, possessif et absolument insupportable qui est son nouveau patron.L'autrice tente bien de nous vendre la rencontre entre une belle Italienne et un Grec viril et passionné, mais personnellement je n'en pouvais plus d'un tel comportement abject.Ce livre est un condensé de clichés sexistes qui enchaine en plus les évènements à un rythme très convenu.Tout est prévisible à des kilomètres et le dénouement est plus que rapide, puisqu'on enchaine la grossesse, une passion soudaine pour la mode, et pourquoi pas un mariage express.Si vous réussissez à venir de ce tome, sachez qu'il en existe encore sept autres, chacun se chargeant de raconter l'histoire d'une des sœurs Balfour, écrit à chaque fois par une auteure différente.Et je vous souhaite bien du courage.

  • Sandra Taylor
    2019-04-03 15:19

    Mia's Scandal (Mills & Boon) (The Balfour Legacy, Book 1)I think that when you know it is a Mills and Boon story you know it will have a happy ever after ending! I enjoyed this story and couldn't put it down.

  • ShatarupaDhar
    2019-04-17 12:08

    It was a short and fun read! It was just hilarious, esp the animal references! Wasn't Tulio just a dear! You should read this book, if only to read about him, the most fascinating character in this book.

  • Titinha Scaeiro
    2019-04-14 09:23

    Fofinho, mesmo ele me irritando com a sua arrogância e ela com a sua fragilidade... Pfff

  • MissKitty
    2019-04-01 09:56

    Decent enough, but I just somehow didn’t connect with the main characters.

  • Makii
    2019-04-08 15:17

    Siempre digo, me encantan las series de familias donde van mostrando la vida de cada uno de ellos....Mia es la última de las hermanas Balfour en unirse a la familia. Hija del multimillonario inglés y una italiana, descubre su descendencia a los 21 años. Abandonada por su madre y desconociendo quien era su padre ella creció al cuidado de una tía en una vida para nada similar al de sus otras 7 hermanas. Hasta que descubre todo y decide presentarse en la casa familiar y recuperar la vida y familia que se le fue privada. Pero ella no esta preparada ni lista para ser una Balfour ni actuar como tal, por lo que su padre, Oscar decide pedirle a su antiguo protegido Nikos que le de trabajo y le enseñe todo lo que necesita.Nikos es tan sexy, el típico multimillonario griego lleno de mujeres y con un pasado oscuro y tormentoso. La química entre ellos no tarda en despertar, pero él prometió no seducirla...Me gustó mucho esta pareja, es de esas que por mas que la historia fuera sencilla te hace sentir mariposas mientras la lees. Eso es lo que busco de una novela romántica, que me permita sentir esa emoción y anhelo igual que los protagonistas.Este es solo el primer libro, pero me esperaba un poco mas de la historia de la familia, como se tomaron la llegada de Mía, y si bien algo hay no se... espero mas en los próximos! Y quiero mas de las hermanas relacionándose entre ellas, ver como es su vida, como se llevan.... porque a fin de cuentas, quien no quisiera vivir una vida de lujos, nacer entre algodones y poder tener un sexy y multimillonario hombre al lado? y que encima te ame? Yo quiero.... -¿ Sabes? Creí que tenía toda mi vida planeada-le confeso Nikos con dulzura-. Sin cambios, sin giros, solo yo controlandolo todo. Entonces te conocí. No quería amor, no quería compromisos, no quería transmitir los genes de mi familia a otra generación. Ni ver la desilusión de mis hijos cada vez que no estuviera a la altura como padre. Ahora lo quiero todo.Sus dedos enmarcaron el rostro de Mía y ella sonrió al sumergirse en sus ojos oscuros. -Quiero el matrimonio, el compromiso y los niños. Quiero que me ames. Necesito que me ames. Es una locura aterradora. Quizas no sea la historia mejor escrita ni mas importante de todos los tiempos, pero tiene emociones y sentimientos. Es ligera pero con personajes con pasados y sentimientos profundos. Y un gran anhelo de amor. Eso es lo que quiero leer en un libro....

  • Deborah
    2019-04-23 10:00

    Mia has spent the first twenty one years of her life living quietly in deep rural Tuscany believing her father was dead. When she discovers that he is in fact very much alive and living in England she is determined to meet him. Arriving at Balfour Manor she finds herself thrown headlong into a rich glamorous world filled with shocks and scandals. That Mia is one of those shocking scandals only makes her transition from naive country girl to sophisticated daughter of Oscar Balfour more complicated. Then she meets Nikos Theakis, a power driven Greek tycoon with the kind of dangerous attraction that fires Mia’s Italian blood. They strike the kind of sparks off each other that can only take them to one place. Bed, sharing the kind of passion that complete overwhelms them both. But Nikos never looks for more than a brief affair with his women. And he has no intention of falling beneath Mia’s fascinating spell...Mia’s Scandal was a fun holiday read. The end was clear from the beginning, but it was entertaining to see in what manner things would pan out.Nikos Theakis is a man who has faced a lot of turmoil in his past and the arrival of the beautiful Mia in his life, only makes his present more challenging. Not only does he have a business to run, but he must follow the wishes of Mia's father and instruct her in the ways of the business world. Nikos's turmoil comes from the fact that it's more than business he wants to show Mia.Mia's life in Italy has been a simple one; suddenly thrust into the spotlight belonging to her wealthy English father , she has a lot to contend with. Enemies old and new come into her life and force her to make some tough decisions about her future. Mia's Scandal was well written and very descriptive, which is what can be expected from a Mills and Boon book. Ms Reid used clear detail to describe the characters, their emotions and the various settings. I felt that the book was very smooth to read and quite luxurious in its detail. I enjoyed the tensions and obvious attractions between Mia and Nikos; both who have their own vulnerabilities. If you’re already a fan of this genre, then Mia’s Scandal is certainly worth picking up. It doesn’t disappoint. Review with excerpt and links available at

  • Lyka
    2019-04-21 15:24

    I almost discard this from my reading list because of some bad reviews, but then, there are also good reviews so I tried to read it anyway since the synopsis got me. It was good so I found myself reading it till the end. Some bad reviews include Mia as a doormat. I don't think she is. She only holds her tongue in some situations (which I think is right given the fact that she's working for Nikos, you don't really want to mess up with your boss, do you?) and Nikos being a bad hero (I already had my share of bad heroes, believe me, and his attitude towards Mia, is still justifiable since the reason he's acting that way is to actually provoke Mia to quit the job, and the fact that he's also aware of this bad attitude and feels bad about it too, whereas other heroes just think it is ok to act the way they're acting towards the heroine--no guilt at all). So there, that's MY opinion towards the cause of some bad reviews. There is no epilogue though, but the ending is still good plus the fact that it is also well-written.