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In the ten years since magic has reemerged in the world, witches have become feared and hunted. For weeks Shea Jameson has been haunted by visions of fire. When she unintentionally performs a spell in public, she becomes one of the hunted. Her only hope is Torin, a dangerously sensual man who claims to be her eternal mate....

Title : Visions of Magic
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Visions of Magic Reviews

  • Laurie Garrison
    2019-05-10 18:31

    Put this book on your top most wanted to be read list for 2011!! Visions of Magic is a dark paranormal romance, that’s wickedly sexy and filled with magic, it made for a phenomenal read. It’s the first book to an Awakening witch series. I found the Witch and Eternal storyline fastening, and couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to see what was going to happen next. There is a lot to take in, but the author explains everything along the way and made it easy to understand. Come and read about a witch named Shea. Her aunt was burned at the stake and now she is on the run in fear that she will be next. You see this world is different from ours, there are witches and witch hunters and they don’t care if your a witch or not, they will take any woman that they think to be a witch. Oh yea, the Salem witch trials are back with a twist. Shea has something going for her. It’s her Eternal soul mate Torin. He watches over her each century for her to come into her Awakening, so he can claim her as his mate and help her fulfill her destiny. But for Shea to get to her destiny she enters a world of danger, magic and spells. Will history repeat itself or can Shea change it? You’ll have to read and find out. The sex its very hot. There is one shower scene that was very different and very sexy. As you see on the cover Shea has a tattoo, just wait until you read how she gets this on her body. I loved all the characters even the villain they all seem to fit into place. I recommend this to any paranormal or erotic romance reader that loves witches. Now, I just hope I can hold out for the next book…. UGH!. Here is a teaser for you.You‘re a witch. I‘m your Eternal. It‘s as it has been between us since the beginning.She breathed deep, drawing in the fading scent of the ocean as they raced in the oppositedirection, headed God knew where. It was too much. All of it. Her Eternal. Centuries. Magic. How was she supposed to make sense of this? How was she supposed to know what to do? If her memories were true, then she had made the wrong call before. What was to prevent her from doing it again?

  • Catherine
    2019-05-08 21:20

    I really, really like the world setup that the author created. I have a bit of a thing for the Salem trials, so seeing a modern day world modeled after that was a big hit with me. Can you just imagine living like that? The author clearly shows that even just being seen talking with someone suspected of witchcraft can lead to you being snatched up too. There really are witches and magic, but a lot of innocent people are accused for no reason because the hysterical public has led to an act-first-ask-questions-later police force.I loved the setup for Torin and Shea’s romance. I’m not big into reincarnation in books but I really liked it here. I don’t think quite enough time was spent dwelling on how awful the life of the Eternals has been throughout the years, but it was at least acknowledged enough that it didn’t bother me too much. When I first thought about their relationship it seemed really romantic. The thought of a man loving you so much that he finds you again and again through the ages is beautiful. But then I thought more about it and realized it was rather tragic. He finds her again and again, but each time he loses her. He has to watch her die and wait for years to be able to find her again. That’s very sad for Torin.Even though I did like the idea of the romance, the actual execution was a little lacking. Torin was a very shallow character. He didn’t really have a personality other than his longing and impatience to be with Shea. I think he was supposed to be cast as “alpha” because of his pushy behavior in the beginning, but he needed more personality for that to work for me. I wish we could have actually had some relationship development instead of using their history together as a crutch. Especially when seeing actual flashbacks left me disbelieving their connection.The story was all about Shea and her awakening and acceptance of her magic and Torin. I really enjoyed the story in the beginning—learning about the witches and the hunt for them and their weaknesses and treatment after being caught. But toward the end as we had more focus on Torin and Shea I lost interest. They just weren’t that interesting to follow. There was no struggle in their relationship other than Shea’s atonement and the fated mate thing is not a favorite of mine. Too often it’s used as an excuse to not develop a convincing relationship.Shea really had some TSTL moments. I don’t know why, but she kept putting herself into danger and then being surprised that it found her. Even when Torin told her that she hadn’t changed she never really internalized the criticism and fixed herself. It was frustrating.Sex scenes are not a huge draw for me in Romances, but I can’t help but comment on them when they stand out in one way or another. These scenes caught my notice, but not because they were great. They were so over the top and dramatic that it was kind of irritating. I would have rather had stale, mechanical scenes than that. They actually made me giggle as I read them.I know that this is the beginning of a series, but did we have to have so many side plots that were introduced but never resolved? I thought they would have a purpose other than just to set up the next book.I was going to give this one a 3.5 but after writing this I realized that I didn’t enjoy it enough to do that so I had to give it a 3.Favorite Quote:She ran because she had to.Because the haunting memories overtaking her were too much to handle.Not just of the last few days, when she'd found out what it was to be locked down and helpless...but the memories of the past--of lives she'd lived and died. Memories of dark magic and chanting voices. And Torin.Always Torin.Review originally posted on Fiction Vixen.

  • Mandi Schreiner
    2019-05-10 22:21

    Shea Jameson has been on the run. Her aunt was literally burned at the stake, accused of being a witch, and now the Magic Police (or MP) have been keeping a close eye on Shea. If any shred of doubt is placed upon you for being a witch, you are arrested and taken away – and usually burned to death. Shea’s time is up though. After an attempted mugging, she tries to escape and she somehow shoots flames out of her fingers and burns the criminal, while a crowd watches. They immediately start chanting witch, but before she can be arrested by the MP, a man swoops in and saves her.Torin is her Eternal. Eternals were created from the sun god, and Torin has flames that surround him. He is immortal and has been with Shea for centuries although Shea has no idea who he is. (Although her soul recognizes him). He has found her in each lifetime, and although has had sex with her in the past, has never completed the mating ritual – but this is the lifetime for that.In a prophecy foretold long ago, a coven of witches cast a spell of atonement, in which each witch would have to live centuries without magic until this year. Each witch will have a task to complete, within the 30 days they are awakened. The Awakening has come upon Shea and she is the first one. Torin tells her one witch will awake every 30 days until the atonement is complete. As she awakens, her memories of Torin will come back to her along with her ever increasing power. Shea first refuses to believe this – but soon, she can’t deny the power building up within her, nor the lust she feels for this man. They now have 30 days to complete the mating ritual, all while Shea is being hunted.Visions of Magic is the first in a new paranormal series about witches. A modern day twist on the Salem Witch Trials with the mass hysteria – except in this case, witches are real. The process of the hero and heroine coming together in this one does not provide a lot of conflict. From page one their souls are set for mating, and it doesn’t take long for Shea to understand that. So if you like the pre-destined mate idea, than this romance will probably work for you.The first half of the book is good and really caught my attention. I like the witch premise and the fear of being hunted and burned. I also enjoyed the history of the witches and why they all must come together to atone for a past sin. The idea of Torin, covered in flames coming to Shea’s rescue is exciting and I found his readiness to mate amusing.Let’s face it – Torin is horny. I mean – he has been waiting a long damn time to be with Shea and he knows sex must happen not only to start their mating process but to kick her memories and powers to the surface. He basically meets her, tells her to rest for a few hours and then he is ready for the sexy time. I found the “we must have sex to awaken your powers” more funny than romantic unfortunately. The actual sex scenes are so dramatic, and over the top. With lines like “We become one with the other halves of our souls. We stop merely existing and begin to live.” And then he licks her nipple. I felt like the scenes were trying to be too grandiose.Shea got on my nerves a few times with running straight into danger - yes, a TSTL (too stupid to live) moment. She gets this sudden urge to leave her secure hotel room while Torin is gone for a few minutes to get food and says “She had no doubt what Torin’s opinion would have been. But this was her choice. Her decision. She wasn’t being reckless. She was being proactive.” Two pages later, after being caught by a bad guy she says “…she risked her own safety by coming into the night alone. She should have waited for Torin, she told herself. But it was too late now for regrets.” Come on, she could have waited for ten minutes for him to return, she knows how much danger she is in. It was a very predictable scene that didn’t cast the heroine in the best light.We also meet Rune, another Eternal who fell a little flat for me. I assume he is being set up for the next book, maybe? Rune just kind of is there, with no personality.Like I said, the beginning of the book was fun and I do like the idea of witches in this world. However, the second half of the book was lacking and the romance didn’t do a lot for me.Rating: C

  • Shera (Book Whispers)
    2019-05-17 18:04

    Genre: Paranormal RomanceThe promise of a modern world where witches are very real and hunted by the government had me foaming at the mouth for this 2011 debut. The Salem witch hunts look tame next to the world Hastings has built—clearly a world worthy of Urban Fantasy. Once any woman is suspected of being a witch she’s either monitored or simply caught and imprisoned. No one checks to see if the prisoner is a witch, the woman is just out of luck if someone starts chanting, “Witch-witch, you’re a witch.” Witches have no rights to a trial and once they disappear off the streets anything can happen to them in the prisons, execution being one of the nicer mercies.The idea of the Awakened witches is pretty cool. Long ago the last coven of witches tried to use Black Silver to open the dimensions; they let out the demons and Lucifer himself. Barely escaping from the chaos they unleashed the witches broke up the Black Silver artifact and cast a spell of Atonement. For 800 centuries they would be reincarnated without powers, at the end of that time they would get their memories and magic back. The true atonement would begin: to finally destroy the Black Silver.Unfortunately with this awesome UF worthy plot comes the PNR plot that holds it back. Witches have mates called Eternals, creatures created by a god. They have all the stereotypical lust factors; sizzling good looks, money, serious magical and physical strength, sex appeal (if you didn’t get it already), and hot cars. Hastings holds off on the sex until around 150 pages. Doesn’t that mean the sexual tension is high, and the hero and heroine are feeling the LOVE factor? Wrong. Hastings uses the you-have-to-mate-with-me-whether-you-want-to-or-not plot to get them mated in the first love scene.The characters don’t know each other, and the reader barely knows the characters. The connection between Shea’s past lives and present seemed so shallow I couldn’t buy it. Torin is an enigma who I can only describe as a loyal dog. Protect, serve, and hump seems to be all the character depth we get out of him. By the end of the book the emotion just never comes up to love, and no lust with the cookie cutter love scenes.The idea behind the Black Silver really isn’t explained until the end of the book, and it would have been nice to know why Shea was having such evil designs running through her mind. Her constant denial of Torin and her lust for power got old fast. The Black Silver is basically Hastings version of the The Ring of Power, corrupts who ever bears it and has serious mojo. If this would have been explained more clearly I wouldn’t have loathed Shea for so long.The POV switches between Shea and Torin, and it works out great. Hastings also let’s another Eternal take the lead, a couple of the villains, and the female President of the USA. It was really cool to get in the head of the government and see how the President wanted to lead her people to a brighter future excluding prejudices of witches. Seeing how everyday people became everyday villains was equally thrilling. My only complaint is that the side stories didn’t really get a good ending, they just stopped. This book clearly has some potential, but the author takes the easy way out. If a book isn’t going to make me feel the love I’d at least like to feel the lust—I was cheated out of both. The world building was great I could feel the fear and smell the witches burning—that is one thing I know I will be coming back to the series for. You just don’t get this kind of unique world too often to pass it up when you find it. Sexual Content: Graphic sex scenes, public nudity, dirty talk, and hints of rape. Rating: 2/5- Average/disappointing, library check-out.Review originally posted at Book Whispers.

  • Mariya
    2019-05-13 17:32

    Don't you just love UF/PNR books that have the soulmates thing. In some UF/PNR it can work, in others not so much. VISON OF MAGIC is a perfect example of a book where the soulmates thing didn't do it for me. First off the Prologue and chapter 1 is done very well that it keeps you interested, but it goes downhill from there. I just don't think this book had very much orginality in the Urban Fantasy and soulmates department. Other books I have read were so much better. I admit I wanted to quit after chapter 7 and I tried to push through more, but nothing was happening to keep my attention very much. Shea, the heroine of this story started out accused as a witch and is saved by her eternal, Torin. I didn't have much of an impression of her until I made it further into the book and when I did I thought, This heroine is so dumb. It amazes me how stupid she is. I was just mad that she was in a completely safe house and knowing that people are after her because she is a witch..She exactly makes in 2 second before someone captures her after she left Torin's property. I'm sorry, but she really does not appeal to me in way my other favorite heroines have including, Cat(NIGHT HUNTRESS) and Kate(KATE DANIELS). It is o course hard to compare to those two, but I have to draw a line at dumb heroines.Torin as I said is Shea's eternal and I thought perhaps he might make an impression on my when I first read the description of this book, but apparently I was wrong. I felt like Torin was a little too dominate. I know Barrons(FEVER) cant compare, but there have a bit of the same attitude and I just didn't even see any emotion in Torin. He seemed more concerned with what he wanted. Shea doesn't remember him at all and he just wants to push himself on her and force her to remember because he has been waiting forever.I really wanted to like this book because of the whole soulmates thing, but I couldn't. The characters were very under developed and the plot was weak. The reviews seem to be all over the place, so I would try it if the soulmates concept interests you.More of my reviews at Mystifying Paranormal Reviews

  • Susan Mallery
    2019-04-26 17:18

    VISIONS OF MAGIC was written by a friend of mine who's writing under a different name, Regan Hastings. I've been sworn to secrecy about her (or his) true identity, but I can tell you that she (or he) has appeared on the USA TODAY bestsellers list. :) I absolutely loved this book!Shea discovers unexpectedly that she is a witch... not a good thing to be in a 21st century world where witches are hunted by the Federal Bureau of Witchcraft and burned at the stake. The only place she feels safe is in the arms of Torin, her Eternal, the warrior who has sworn to keep her safe through many centuries and many lifetimes. Now they have just 30 days to save the world from being consumed by the forces of evil. It's exciting and passionate. If you like dark paranormal romances, I highly recommend this book!

  • Feminista
    2019-05-16 19:31

    Rating: 2.5 out of 5The first part of the book was spend with the hero evading questions or answering them mysteriously. For example:“What do youwant from me?”“Everything,” he admitted, “and I will accept nothing less.”“Who the hell are you?”“I’m the one who saved your very fine ass from that mob.”Then he expects her to mate with him, after he just about refuses to answer her questions properly and explain what is happening between them.Torin had bad attitude. He keeps on saying things to the effect that she must accept it and him. But he refuses to give her an inch. Then he is surprised when she escapes him. It was more like: Buddy, you have had to see that coming. But no, he ends up feeling slighted because how dare she trust humans over her Eternal. What is Eternal? He barely even explains that to her!Overall the book was passable. The world-building was interesting enough: a world where witch hunts are still being conducted, and where witches are “Awakening” with their Elementals there helping them through it.

  • Laura Wright
    2019-04-25 21:12

    With Torin on one side and Rune on the other, I'd be a very happy girl! Stunning start to a great new series!!

  • Marq(ReadingRomanceinColor)
    2019-05-17 18:08

    Visions of Magic is the first book in a new series about witches. Shea has been on the run ever since her aunt was burned at the stake. Shea doesn't stay in one location for long because she fears that she will be accused of being a witch. Shea is living her life as a 6th grade teacher when she accidentally sets a man on fire. Shea has had visions of fire. She's in denial about herself and her powers. Enters Torin who rescues Shea from a mob of witch haters and the Magic Police. He claims to be her Eternal; her mate. The Eternal's power compliments the witch's power. He was watched over Shea through each incarnation of her life, waiting for her powers to awaken. Now that he's found her, he's horny and ready to mate.It was difficult to like Shea in the beginning. I understand that finding out that you're a witch is a shock, especially when witches (innocents who are accused witches and actual witches) are being hunted, imprisoned and persecuted. I couldn't believe how much she was in denial when she's had inklings that she may be a witch. She has spent her life on the run, not staying in one location for more than a couple of years, so that she could live her life in anonymity. She had to suspect that there was a possibility that she's a witch. Shea did have some TSTL (too stupid to live) moments that ended up getting her caught and jailed by the Magic Police. Luckily, that incident seemed to finally knock some sense into her. She's ready to embrace being a witch and ready to do whatever it takes to prevent history from repeating itself.Visions of Magic is also a very sexy read. In order for Shea's powers to Awaken, she must have sex with her Eternal. That means lots and lots of sex. Through the mating ritual, Torin and Shea both develop a tattoo that grows until the mating is complete. The more you mate with your Eternal, the more you want it. If that's the case, how are you supposed to save the world if you're sexing it up all the time? At one point, the mating did become redundant and seem to take over the plot.We are introduced to another Eternal, Rune, which I think is supposed to set up the second book. Rune was kinda meh in Visions of Magic. Hopefully, he'll have more spice and personality in his own book. The story wraps up neatly but does not answer all the questions. The biggest question I have is what's up with The President of the United States? She's the first female President and her agenda is to stop the persecution of witches. But I think there is more to her story and look forward to reading about it in future books.Visions of Magic is a great start to a new series. I love how the story takes place in a modern day Salem Witch trial. The world-building is fantastic. The first half of the book kept me engrossed and I could not put it down. The second half kind of lagged and the plot stalls. But all in all, it was a great read and I am looking forward to reading Book 2.

  • Megan Riverina Romantics/Meggerfly
    2019-05-04 21:17

    Visions of Magic by Regan Hastings is the first book in her Awakening series.This book was a nice read for me. I really liked the idea of the once powerful witches having to pay atonement for almost destroying the world. The idea of each witch having an eternal-an immortal mate waiting for them to "awaken" into their powers and memories of their previous lives-was very interesting and unique. The hero, Torin, was arrogant but unafraid to do what it took to get his woman Shea.I loved the idea of the world being aware of magic and responding as if it was the Salem With Trials again. That period of time in our history has always fascinated me. Taking a real event of our past and weaving it into the now was a fantastic idea of Ms. Hastings in my opinion. The best thing about this book though was the mating tattoo. The Idea of Torin's and Shea's tattoos growing along with their bond to each other was a brilliant and moving idea. It was a physical and visual seal of approval of an emotional and spiritual mating. I think the idea is really hot.Visions of Magic is a wonderful read with a "fiery" start and a great. though a smidge abrupt for me, ending. Why don't you pick it up ans see what you think of it?

  • Jessica
    2019-05-17 20:08

    Upon a reread I'm entirely changing my review of this. The plot is interesting, the sex scenes are smoking hot, and the author is relatively accurate when writing about witchcraft. The negative though is a total reversal of feelings on the reread. The hero is super sketch now that im older and wiser. He's a little rapey. He rescues/kidnaps heroine and rather than breaking the news gently and give her times to come to terms with everything he's all like "we're fucking tonight i'll give you an hour to mentally prepare" then hegets all pissy when she runs away from him. Like duh dude you terrified an already scared woman. Though the rest wasn't as bad i never quite recovered from that. IMPORTANT NOTE: when i decided to reread this i contacted the author as no books had been released in forever and the 3rd book felt very unfinished. this series has been discontinued and will never be finished.In light of that and my revised feelings on this book i think i'll be giving my copies away

  • Jennifer Lyon
    2019-05-13 21:15

    VISIONS OF MAGIC starts off with a bang and never lets up! An irrational fear of witches has taken hold of the country, so when Shea Jameson's witch-powers Awaken in a brutal way, she must run for her life and her immortal soul. Her only hope is her Eternal, Torin (he is a fiery hunk!). Torin has been waiting for Shea for centuries, and now they are in an epic battle that will keep you riveted to the very last page.This book has it all: romance, adventure, witches, magic and immortal hunks! I can't wait for the next book in the series!

  • Nicole
    2019-04-24 22:14

    Shea Jameson & Torin . . .She - the first awakened witch. Torin - her Eternal.This is the first of a series. Being that this is my first witch book, it took me a while to get into it. It was okay. Not bad.The love story was just too fast for me. There was no build up. Before I knew it, Shea was in love with Torin. Okaaaay . . .Overall, 3 stars . . .

  • Aly
    2019-04-26 16:33

    I really enjoyed this book!

  • Coucher de soleil
    2019-05-03 16:13

    Ugh, but I didn't like this one. It was pretty godawful, actually. Cheesetastic would also be an accurate term here. Beware of spoilers (not that I would recommend this novel, but just out of politeness)... * * * * All right. Good points: There were some interesting and somewhat well-done elements with regards to the world-building such as the fear and political climate surrounding witchcraft. The backstory regarding the origins of the 'awakening' of witches referred to in the title was also not uninteresting: the idea that they were atoning for almost destroying the world several centuries ago was relatively well done. I also liked the idea that any witchcraft used to hurt another person would simultaneously hurt the user. Bad points: As I mentioned, there were some interesting touches in the novel. However these aspects were entirely overshadowed by the reek of the other, over the top and supremely cheesetastic, elements. (i) If I read one more novel where the romantic interest is built like a 'chiseled' stone fence, has about the same degree of intelligence (based on their actions anyways, although the authors usually *claim* great intelligence on their behalf), and who want to boink the heroine because of some 'fated' love connection, I'm sure I'll burst a blood vessel in my brain. So basically, the love interest of the main character was about as interesting as a piece of cardboard. Of course, we'd be talking about a piece of cardboard with the requisite big/large equipment. (ii) Another truly laughable element of the story: as they are magically 'fated' to be together, the two main characters develop a magical 'tatoo' in the shape of flames, which develops/grows when they sleep together. Yep, I kid you not. This thing is apparently the 'symbol' that they have completed their fated union (and given the fact that it is located around the main character's breast, 'traditional' dress in mated witches in this book involves wearing togas which bare the left breast). *retches* As a plot device, it also reminds me of other similar ridiculous paranormal romance plot devices such as the 'mating bond scent' which has been featured in some series such as that beginning in the novel 'Ascension' (by Caris Roane, and also godawful): the latter plot device refers to the idea that when in the presence of their 'destined' mate, said individuals would repeatedly smell some particular smell (e.g. cinnamon). So in the case of this series, we've moved from smells to tatoos, where every couple gets different yet matching tatoos (e.g. flames for one couple, roses for another). How cute. *retches some more* (iii) Basic human physiology. Essentially, the male character (and this is also the case in many a romance novel) has superhuman male 'equipment'. In other words, they have their own supernatural brand of 'chemical enhancement', and it does not matter that they have been shot, sliced, diced, or otherwise filleted -they will make her scream (er, from pleasure, not pain) regardless. (iv) It is difficult to accept a relationship built on a mere few days' acquaintance. This author wishes us to accept this, based partly on the fact that the characters have known each other throughout several of her lifetimes (i.e. think reincarnation here). Unfortunately this doesn't work and just doesn't convince. For instance, the 'Eternals' (i.e. big macho magical males, each of which is 'fated' to be with one particular witch): they apparently exist for no other reason than to be the mates of said witches. They of course accept this without demur. It also takes the main character all of a few hours to accept the 'fated' connection to her 'Eternal', purportedly because she remembers him from her past lives and because he makes her squishy parts feel all tingly. Yuck. This silly romance takes up the majority of the plot -because of course her love for her man will save her (i.e. make her good) in the end. I could go on here with just how bad the bad elements were in this novel, but I think you get my point. The point being: don't waste your time and money on this garbage.

  • Beth Dawkins
    2019-05-01 21:09

    In a world where witches are sent to camps and burned at the stake, only one coven can stop it! Only the coven has to wait for the witches to awaken. Shea is the first. Running to her car after work a man tries to mug her, and she sets him on fire. This proves to herself, and the public who saw it that she is a Witch. She is shortly whisked away by a pillar of fire. That pillar of fire just happens to be Torin, Shea’s Eternal. I had a huge problem liking Torin. His character was extremely hard to like. Started to wonder what is wrong with Shea for being attracted to him. Eternals are immortal men who were given’ish?’ to witches. The mythology behind everything was never really clear. Anyway, the Eternal waits around until his Witch is reborn and awakens. Then it is time for a quest and lots of mating to make up for being naughty witches.The witches long ago unlocked something bad. Because of this they have to go through Atonement which is a quest and lots of sex. It will make the Eternal have a beating heart, and make the Witch immortal. Shea of course has to unlock her memories to even know what she is looking for. At one point Torin tells her he doesn’t know about the quest and she will find out when her memories release. A couple chapters later he tells her what they are going to find. This drove me nuts, but she doesn’t seem to catch on, maybe it’s all that sex? It is safe to say that I was frustrated with Torin as a character. He is domineering at the start which I couldn’t stand. Later we are reminded of his devotion, his loyalty, his etc... I understand he has waited eight hundred some years for Shea. I get that it is most likely frustrating, but he threw me out of the story once or twice. I was not invested in the two of them as a couple. I liked Shea without Torin.The Witchy world is really cool. I thought it was strange that in a world where all these women are accused of Witchcraft, most who are not Witches, the president is a woman. On top of that she seems to be a single mother. I want to know where this is going. I enjoyed Shea, and her world, but I could have done with a different male lead. He seems flat. This could be because he isn’t human. There is a lot of information, and mythology behind the story that wasn’t explained. I also want to know where the world itself is going. I just thought of something, more of a question. Once Shea is able to use her magical power she can do anything from conjuring the hottest designer clothes, to shooting fire out of her fingertips. If I was Shea, and I had to go up against another magical critter I thought was more powerful, would it really matter who was more powerful? With the versatility of her magic wouldn’t the winner always go to whoever was more creative? Happy Reading!

  • Melindeeloo
    2019-05-20 19:34

    This has a real grabber of an opening, but I only made it about a quarter of the way through before setting it aside. She is rescued by a flaming man from an angry mob when her witchly powers begin to manifest, and he's apparently her eternal mate just waiting to 'claim' her to finish awakening her powers. But he's impatient - after centuries he could give her a little time to get aclimated to the idea but insists on sex ASAP to complete the bond - so she bolts and gets herself into deeper doo doo, ending locked up in witch-jail. I got to the rescue - lucky that he's decided not to wait for her to reincarnate one more time and decides to break her out of jail - and just wasn't hooked. I did pick it up again two weeks later, and made it about half way and lost interest again after the pair finally begin their mating and the hero starts explaining about black silver artifacts and I realized that I was reading the story to read it and not because I was enjoying reading it. So this one is going in the car, it kills me not to finish a book and I will finish this eventually, but there are so many other books on my TBR pile calling my name...

  • Anna
    2019-05-02 17:21

    Imagine if the witch hysteria of old came back into practice and the witch hunting was an everyday thing and it was global.....In Shea Jameson's world magic and witches are not fun and it's not something you dabble or flaunt. Shea lives in fear. Always running, always hiding. For 10 years this has been her way of life. Ever since her aunt was burned at the stake for being a witch. Now Shea learns that she has powers and is forced to run again. In that moment, the warrior Torin walks in, changing Shea's life forever.Lately I have seen a lot of books with covers that have blown me away, but the story ends up falling flat. That is not the case with Visions of Magic. It has beautiful cover and a outstanding storyline. Shea and Torin's story is wonderfully paced, from the first scene to the last. Visions of Magic has a great energy and it pulls your right into the story. An enthralling tale and a fascinating concept. Ms. Hastings has created a scary and exciting new world, one that I look forward to visiting again.

  • D.G.
    2019-04-27 17:11

    This book is not making any sense to me. So the hero has been watching her for a long time because she's his mate but he waits until she's in danger to get close to her? And the romance is so unromantic. "You've been my woman for centuries. You'll remember me." Yeah, right. And how do the villains find these people so quickly! I really don't know how an old woman could see somebody in a dark balcony in a house with tall walls set off the street? Does she have binoculars with infrared vision? When I start wondering about these details, it's time to let a book go.DNF

  • PepperP0t
    2019-05-01 20:24

    It's been a decade since a witch accidently burned her husband to a crisp in public. The witch said she didn't know she was a witch but the population is determined this won't happen again. The magic police has been formed and people are paranoid . Originally Read: November 25, 2013Rating: 3.75 stars actuallyThis entire review and others can be found at:

  • Laura
    2019-04-28 21:29

    oh it was so exciting :) in every page something happened there wasnt a moment when i felt bored reading it...

  • Ollie
    2019-04-28 19:26

    Loved it! Can't wait for book two! Review coming.

  • Isis
    2019-05-15 18:18

    I really enjoyed Visions of Magic. It was a fun read, and I definitely recommend it!

  • Diana Brown
    2019-05-02 18:12

    3 1/2 stars

  • Tigress (Warrior Elf)
    2019-05-06 23:24

    "Denial alters nothing. You are who you were always meant to be."[...] "And what is that?""Mine," he said.Yes, her body answered.No, the reader thought. Damn it. I had such high hopes for this one. Full review to come.

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    2019-05-15 22:07

    Please note, this was a goodreads giveaway book. I read the short summary and hoped to win this book. I was very pleased to receive it and started to read it immediately. The author also thoughtfully sent me two additional books and signed them. THANK YOU! It is with great regret that I'm rating this with only 2 stars. I truly wanted to love this book. Ms. Hastings world of witches/immortals and Lucifer sounded so good. I enjoy both PNR and UF greatly. It has taken me several days to write and rewrite this review because I understand this is a first for Ms. Hastings in this genre. (If you don't count 4 paranormal ones under her other name.) I do not like to write reviews which cause authors to feel hurt or distressed. I hope I can shed some light for Ms. Hastings to understand why this book didn't work for me.1. Shea Jameson aggravated me. She started out likable, as a frightened teacher trying to help out a young female student. It took me a while to figure why Shea bothered me. She's a victim and acts like it. This is a hot button for me. Bad things happen to good people; I understand this and in books I expect it. Shea came across for the most part, as a weak willed female, confused, impulsive and all around weakling. I say she is weak willed, because she allowed people to cow her into poorly thought out actions. When she actually made a decision for herself, she screwed it up royally through her impulsiveness. This is what aggravated me most. Each time she "messed up", her Eternal Mate had to come save the day. This doesn't work for me because I do not like the helpless damsel in distress waiting for a white knight to save me. I avoid those books. To read this type of situation in a book that is supposed to be an UF with a lead female is unexpected. The UF books I've read and enjoyed all used strong females who had flaws. Not weak willed females who needed to be saved.2. Torin seemed to only be able to communicate two things. "You are my mate who I want to have sex with to be complete" and "I am the male who is your protector - do as I say". While other writers have used these same attitudes for their males, it came across differently because there is more of a back story to their hero. An example of an author who has domineering males yet still comes across okay is Ms. Kenyon and her were-shifter books. The tattoo in Ms. Hastings book is reminiscent of Ms. Kenyon's branded mating mark.The concept of Eternal reminded me of Nina Bang's Eternal books. While they are different, it felt similar.I did read other reviewers indicating there were parts to the story missing. This I was okay with because I expect more of the story to unfold in the next books.My recommendations1. The next couple should both be strong willed and able to work together in partnership. A struggle between the two where both are right, yet do things differently would be fun. Please reference Ilona Andrew's Edge books. The first one was dead on for this dynamic.2. Bad things happening due to the "Evil" villain causing scenarios to occur is preferred over a heroine making poor decisions. Think of the movie "Series of unfortunate events" versus Three's company. 3. A completely evil villain + not so likable hero/heroine will result in people rooting for the villain and hoping the "good" die or get their clocks cleaned. 4. A twist to make the evil villain plausible for their evil actions so that the reader really hates the villain but now can't, because they can empathize with the villain is rewarding. This causes readers to feel more emotion. With more emotion, readers generally rate books higher. Lack of feelings generally = low ratings and less desire to read the next book in the series. Reference - My Sister's Keeper.After this long winded review, I still would like to give the author props for trying something new. It had to have been scary, challenging and thrilling.

  • Book Binge
    2019-05-11 18:14

    The hysteria of the Salem witch trials has spread throughout the world. Women who are accused or even suspected of being a witch are rounded up and incarcerated. Shea's aunt was convicted and burned at the stake in a public spectacle. Since then, Shea's been on the run from her past, hiding who and what she is from both the world and herself. But it all goes to hell in a handbasket when she zaps a guy trying to rob her. A mob gathers, ready to kill her on the spot when a stranger shows up, envelops her in fire and flashes her away, saving her life.Torin, her savior, claims to be her Eternal, destined to love her, protect her, and be with her forever. And he wants to mate (yes, he uses the word "mate") with her almost immediately. When I got to that part, I felt my eyes roll and breathed out a heavy sigh of disappointment. Really? Another story where there's an instant connection because their love is destined? Another one where the guy is pushing this whole insta-love thing and the girl's protesting the whole time until, of course, she falls in love and then falls into his arms?But wait! With this story, there's a twist—Torin and Shea have actually known each other for hundreds of years. It's not insta-love; it's a love that's lasted despite Shea's multiple reincarnations, despite her not remembering Torin until the Awakening of all the witches of the coven, happening in this lifetime. Being an immortal, Torin could only watch and wait for his witch to remember him and return to him. Ah, now that…that works.Once Shea starts to remember, she not only remembers him and their love but the terrible thing she and her coven did for power as well as what they had to do to fix it. It's the reason her whole coven of witches had to forget and live without power for hundreds of years and why she has to trust Torin or fail at the task she must complete to help right the wrong.Okay, back to the whole mating thing. Turns out that it's a month-long affair of lust and copulation which will then bind the two of them together, making both of them stronger and giving Torin a soul. A month of hot, steamy, do-it-anywhere-anytime sex. Even while they're being hunted by people who want them for a variety of purposes (including the President, who wants Shea as the face of change and acceptance of witches and an evil scientist who wants the witches' power for himself), they're ready to jump each other at the drop of a hat. Um, don't you all have a task to complete? Magic to learn? Spells to remember? Witches to save? Hot sex will only get you so far, people. Back to the plot, please.Because there's so much time spent mating and becoming one, the ending, which could have been totally kick-ass, what with the task and a magical foe trying to stop them, felt really rushed, which was kind of disappointing. There's a ton of set up for the rest of the series (we never find out exactly how many witches were in this coven but it seems they each have their own Eternal and their own task to complete), which also leaves a lot of loose ends flapping in the wind. However, the potential for a really good series is there, and I'm definitely going to check out the next book to see how it all develops.Rating: 3.5/5.0This review was originally posted on Book Binge by Mary.

  • Ruby
    2019-05-22 21:08

    This review was first posted on One of the most well-used tropes in Paranormal Romance is the idea of soulmates, of fated partners. Like everything, it's been done well, and it's been done poorly. I'm sorry to say that Visions of Magic falls into the latter category. It tells the story of Shea Jameson, a witch on the cusp of Awakening, and her soulmate and Eternal, Torin. According to Hastings' world, each of the witches in the Awakening has an Eternal, an immortal warrior whose purpose is to protect her. The Eternal is also the witch's fated mate. Hastings falls into the trap that the soulmates idea so temptingly dangles before authors. It's this: if two people are fated for each other, then why should they bother with the getting-to-know you crap? Why bother with the non-sexual side of the relationship at all? It doesn't matter if the hero and heroine like each other. They're soulmates, not friends. Shea and Torin connect on a purely physical plane. They spend most of their time together having sex when they should be running from their pursuers. Some protector Torin is, given his inability to keep it in his pants long enough to get "his witch" to safety. While I admit to being less than thrilled with the romance aspect of the novel (Shea and Torin have so many sex scenes, I started scanning them), I was intrigued by Shea and Torin's world. It takes place in a United States where witches are both real and reviled. Women are sent to internment camps on the merest suspicion of being a witch. I could've really gotten into all that, but the execution of the world-building wasn't entirely successful. There's a scene in the book where a sort of "homegrown" anti-witch group meets to plot the capture of Shea and Torin. There's nothing new or interesting about the group leader's zealotry. What should have been a new spin on an old concept fell flat. There were a few inconsequential villains that felt like filler for Shea and Torin until they finally have their confrontation with the Major Villain. My other quibble with this novel was the attention paid to the mating brands. You can see Shea's on the cover model. It starts in the, er, front and curls around her back. Torin has a matching brand, as do each witch and her Eternal. I'm not opposed to mates have marks that identify them as belonging to each other, but this one went over the top. Especially the part where Awakened witches wear gowns specially made to show the whole brand. As in, the front. To be honest, I prefer a hero who would object to his mate exposing that particular part of her anatomy to all and sundry. Just saying. Though I didn't feel that Visions of Magic was a successful first entry in a series, there were a couple of potential elements that intrigued me. The main one is the issue of Kellyn and her Eternal, Egan. I can't more about it without spoiling, but I admit to curiosity as to how that turns out. And I'm also curious about the motives of the female president in Hastings' world. My guess is that her daughter is going to be one of the Awakened, though I gleefully admit to having no basis for my guess. Sadly, though, I don't think I would be willing to weed through another story like Shea and Torin's. My only hope would be for the next one to be vastly different.

  • Samantha
    2019-05-04 16:18

    Regan Hastings delivers a magical and passion filled story in the first book of her Awakening series.Witches are being hunted in the 21st Century. Magic has been outed to the world and everyone is in an uproar. The government has created special agencies such as BOW (Bureau of Witches) and the magic police to capture these special individuals. Shea Jameson is living in fear. Her aunt was the first woman to be punished for her special abilities. Fearing that she might be a witch herself, she has gone into hiding.Shea thinks she finally escaped her nightmares but her peace of mind is short lived when she sets a man on fire in front of everyone. A man appears and rescues her from the angry mob of people. His name is Torin and he claims to be her mate, an Eternal whose sole purpose is to protect her and enhance her powers. Torin is frustrated. He has watched his mate for several centuries, waiting for the Awakening to occur and for him to take his place by her side. The problem is that Shea doesn’t remember Torin or their passionate past together. She thinks he is insane and rightly so. She doesn’t believe she is a witch or that she is ready for her Awakening (when a witch’s powers are awakened inside her) to come. But she is forced to remember her past and Torin. She has to find a piece of an artifact that her and her fellow witches destroyed and hid. She is the first witch to have awakened and she has to complete her task or else the world will be the destroyed. The battle to accept her place beside him as she fights to save the world is the hardest part.What a wonderful spin the author creates with the Eternals! Torin really struggles with his nature to protect Shea. He has to hold back his pride and emotions to give her the space and independency she needs. There is a sincerity that comes across from Torin’s words and actions. He is a true alpha male and somehow playing a side position to Shea didn’t emasculate him. In fact, the way he was able to treat her as an equal makes him more secure in himself and her love. My problem with this book is that it drags in certain places. At times there is so much action and then nothing occurs for pages except Shea struggling to remember who she is. There is a lot of world building in this book and I applaud the fact that the author creates a magical and exciting world with a modern twist. However, there are some questions unanswered and other details are not explained as much. I would have liked to learn more about the Eternals. Besides being the mates of the witches, I would have liked to learn what powers they possessed and where they originated from. There is much to explore with them and I hope the author dabbles more in their history in the future books. The love scenes are hot and well written. There’s a particular shower scene that has to be read twice. Though Torin has to prove himself to Shea, he has no problems bringing the heat. As the mating process between them start, the more explosive the love scenes get. If you are a fan of dark and sexy paranormal reads, then Visions of Magic is the perfect book. I’m eager to learn more the witches and their Eternals.

  • Dawn
    2019-05-04 23:19

    Shea Jameson is a woman on the run. Her aunt was accused of being a witch and burned at the stake. Just being related has meant that Shea has to live her life on the run because the MP or magic police have been keeping a close eye on her waiting for magic to appear. Then one day a man attempts to mug her and while trying to escape she shoots flames out of her fingers and burns the mugger. Of course a crowd has gathered around panics and accuses of her of being a witch. (I know I know on the edge of your seat right) Then right before she is arrested a man swoops in and saves her (YES!!). That man happens to be Torin, an eternal. This man just happens to eternally be in love with Shea. You see they have had relationships over the years err centuries and each time Shea juts wants him for sex not as a mate. This time things will be different and they will complete the mating ritual.So when I brought this book I thought of this will be awesome a modern day book with Salem witch trials, this is going to be great. Well turns out not so much. I think a lot of it rests with Shea, at many many points in the book she is just too stupid to live. For example a man swoops you out of danger and takes you to a safe place and the first thing you think is “ohh my life is better on the street, I am out of here” really why would you do that? You have no idea what is going on but you choose to leave uninformed. Then there was another instance where she is being hunted daily and Torin says stay inside, I will return soon and Shea thinks oh I cannot stay the moon calls to me”. As if the moon may not be up when Torin gets back in 30 minutes or less. Then she goes on to think I could been seen or murdered but that is ok. Really?? The next think that irked me was the sex. There is sex to bond, to restore powers, to energize; sex is like the miracle cure in this book. Then at times the sex is over the top, never I just want to shag but “allow me to enter you and make us one”. Personally it was a bit over the top. Final complaint was the over abundance of side plots that even at the end of the book I am thinking why bother?Having said all of that I think the world was really interesting. I liked the idea that people have mass panic with the idea of witches. Including those who are innocent of magic are still hunted because of the suspicion. I also liked the premise into reincarnated love, how the eternals are forced to live and watch their witches die after rejecting them only hoping the next time will be different. You know real tragic love stuff he finds to love her yet each time he has lost her due to rejection. The issue for me is the execution did not go off so well. I think flash backs of happier times or times between the witches would have made me see Torin as a possessive horn dog.I will read the next one because despite my grips Regan Hastings is a good writer. She does the whole switching POV really well and it did keep the storyline moving. I hope my issues with this book are just from being the first in a series. 2.5 Stars