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Fifteen years ago, Dashiell "Dash" Bad Horse ran away from a life of poverty and hopelessness on the Prairie Rose Indian Reservation in search of something better. Now he's come back home armed with nothing but a set of nunchucks, a hell-bent-for-leather attitude and one dark secret, to find nothing much has changed on "The Rez" -- short of a glimmering new casino run by aFifteen years ago, Dashiell "Dash" Bad Horse ran away from a life of poverty and hopelessness on the Prairie Rose Indian Reservation in search of something better. Now he's come back home armed with nothing but a set of nunchucks, a hell-bent-for-leather attitude and one dark secret, to find nothing much has changed on "The Rez" -- short of a glimmering new casino run by a corrupt leader named Red Crow, and a once-proud people overcome by drugs and organized crime. In this volume, Red Crow commits a murder in front of witnesses and the FBI finally thinks they have the dirt they need to put him away. Meanwhile, Dash's loyalty to Red Crow is tested as his addiction to heroin intensifies....

Title : Scalped, Vol. 6: The Gnawing
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ISBN : 9781401227173
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 128 Pages
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Scalped, Vol. 6: The Gnawing Reviews

  • Gavin
    2019-04-04 16:37

    Compared to this, the dark knight is like My Little Pony. Holy fuck, noir. This is dark, this is grit. This is 150 shades of grey. Layer upon layer of complexity and interwoven relationships. It really is cranked up to 11 and then never stops. You want some bad ass motherfuckers? Try Red Crow...guy is stone cold. Takes out the Hmongs' man, while on the phone with him. Then tells him to come and get it...then takes a beating like Rocky fucking Balboa. Saves the Rez, and still gets the last laugh...oh and the whole time? Nitz and the FBI are on him like brown on rice...oh, and he finds out there's a rat from the FBI in his inner circle...oh and his daughter is a train wreck too, but he tried to save her...Catcher...fuuuuck.Dash is a Bad Bad Baaaaaad Horse. Manages to get revenge on Diesel, evade being caught as the rat, stops another guy fro. Ratting him out to Red Crow, and dodges Nitz, gets saved from Red Crow's #2 by Catcher, and still manages to come out positively on the karmic scale...I agree with Mike and Sam on their reviews...there aren't enough words...Jason Aaron...fuuuuck. This volume alone gives you a decade of freedom for me to not ever disparage your work.READ. THIS. NOW.

  • Sam Quixote
    2019-04-20 08:53

    There aren't enough superlatives for this review. This being the sixth in the series, chances are you're as enamoured of these characters and their world as much as I am and are maybe wondering if this book is as good as the last book. It's not - it's better!The Hmongs are coming to town to settle a score with Red Crow while Nitz finds what he needs to bring Red Crow to justice. Carol Red Crow is in for a nasty surprise while Bad Horse faces down Diesel for the last time and dodges Red Crow's men to keep his undercover identity secret. Meanwhile Falls Down finds Catcher's secret and the solution to the mystery of Gina Bad Horse's murderer.Suffice it to say, there is a helluva lot of action going on in this book which doesn't let up from the first page to the last. The writing is top notch as always, the characters and their stories become more and more interesting, especially Red Crow who is quickly becoming my favourite character for all his complexity. If you're a fan, you'll devour this book in one sitting like me and if you're reading this and you haven't discovered "Scalped" yet, start reading this series, it's an incredible action/drama story that deserves a wider audience.

  • James
    2019-04-20 08:53

    Phenomenal. Volumes 7-10 can't get here fast enough. Why didn't I order these all at once (or, better yet, spring for the big deluxe HC editions)?!

  • Ctgt
    2019-04-06 13:52


  • Jedi JC Daquis
    2019-04-18 14:36

    My god. This has got to be the most satisfying volume yet. The intensity, action, blood and deaths in The Gnawing is way of the charts, it makes a Batman story a children's story. Scalped cannot be stopped. It is a huge Indian beast trampling down the hill, trampling and crushing anything which tries to stop it.Aaron is crazy genius! He knows when and where to punch, to beat people up to a pulp, when to pull the trigger. The build-up towards the perfect retribution is cleverly executed I cannot grinning and something like "f*ck yeah" in my mind. Not that a major storyline(s) in Scalped has ended, we can now focus on more personal and internal matters.

  • Mike
    2019-03-30 13:54

    I don't fucking believe it. How did Aaron pull of such a masterful tale? The suspense, the amazing turns, the sheer inevitability of how this was going down. Noir really is the best colour for a good story. And his partner Guera has mastered the look of shitty, tramped-on people who stare into the abyss and somehow keep on walking. Red Crow is my absolute hero in all this, and that is a supreme accomplishment.

  • Rachel
    2019-03-22 08:45

    Recently, I spent two weeks driving around the US Southwest, including to a handful of different Indian reservations, which reminded me to finally finish reading Scalped. OMG I’m so glad that I picked up here! There are a million other amazing reviews for this volume on Goodreads and I agree with them all. Best volume so far from one of the best comics ever made!

  • Veronika Sebechlebska
    2019-04-19 11:54

    Je radosť čítať niečo, čo prekladá Kopřiva, ešte väčšia radosť by bola čítať niečo čo Kopřiva sám napíše ale k meritu veci, najsilnejšia časť zatiaľ.

  • Heath Lowrance
    2019-04-02 15:47

    In The Gnawing, all hell breaks loose.This is easily the fastest-moving and most action-packed volume of SCALPED so far. Many of the threads laid out in previous volumes come together here, so suddenly and violently that there's no room for flashbacks or introspection this time. Red Crow prepares to face the fall-out from his actions regarding Mr. Brass, as the Hmoungs come to the Rez for retribution. Meanwhile Dash Bad Horse's cover is excruciatingly close to being blown, and he is forced to take drastic measures to secure it. Officer Franklin Falls Down edges ever closer to finding Gina's killer, and when he finally does we're left with a nerve-wracking cliff-hanger (please be all right, Falls Down!!). Agent Nitz seems a breath away from a complete breakdown. And Catcher, the former radical turned mystic, takes steps to make amends for his past crimes-- even if it means doing things far worse.Some major characters bite the bullet (or multiple bullets!) in this one, closing out their arcs, but things seem far from over.

  • Meran
    2019-03-26 13:38

    There's a lot of personal history in this volume for Chief Lincoln Red Crow; we see his relationship with his daughter and also with Gina Bad Horse. Red Crow has a lot of control over the lawmen in the town, and when he does something very impetuously, they cover for him. Dash is also back and gets involved.Again, it's a lot of blood and murder, so if that makes you squeamish, well, don't read this series ;)

  • Kit
    2019-03-23 10:53

    Darker, yet darker indeed. Dash's involvement with Carol places him in the hands of a life-threatening reality as Catcher seeks to atone for past sins in guiding Dash for the fate of the Lakota of Prairie Rose. Red Crow has to come to blows with the Hmongs while the FBI circle draws tighter around him.

  • Aaron
    2019-04-10 08:30

    Oh, man. Aaron takes the lull from volume 5 and bashes you right in the face with it. It's almost like he wrote the previous story just to bring it down a few notches so that when everything goes to hell in this story, you feel it that much more. Scalped is killing it.

  • amy boese
    2019-03-23 09:54

    With volume 6, Aaron proves his mettle. There couldn't be a more interesting shoot 'em up noir set in a less used, never talked about setting.

  • David Accampo
    2019-03-28 16:50

    Through the last two chapters of this volume, I just kept saying, "Damn." "DAMN." "DAMN, that is COLD-BLOODED."Good stuff.

  • Cyndi
    2019-04-17 13:53

    I am almost afraid to reach the end of this thrill ride through the darkest psyches I have ever encountered. Superlative journey thus far.

  • Gregory Gay
    2019-03-23 08:50

    The shit hits the proverbial fan in the sixth volume of Scalped, and it's a great ride. Not much more to say on this one. Go grab the first volume and get addicted.

  • Koen Claeys
    2019-04-10 13:44


  • Rural Soul
    2019-03-20 14:34

    Can't wait to finish whole series.

  • DaViD´82
    2019-03-31 09:49

    Podle mý zkušenosti je hranice mezi láskou a vraždou často hodně tenká. Pečlivě budované tenze z minulých částí se tentokrát plně vybouří v několika nekompromisních střetech; emočních i fyzických. A to natolik stylově až to působí jako svého druhu finále. Plně se těží z pečlivě budovaných charakterů i atmosféry, navíc je čím dál jasnější, že i největší problémy (přílišná snaha o originální hlášky za každou cenu a fakt, že hlavní postava je několik posledních knih nejméně zajímavá z celého příběhu) si autor uvědomuje. A tak sice je Zlý kůň stále na vedlejší koleji a ve stínu ostatních (především pak Rudé vrány, který si celou sérii krade pro sebe), ale přeci jen se i s ním začíná pracovat způsobem, který do finálních dílů snad přinese jeho povstání ze scenáristického popela.

  • Petr
    2019-04-05 13:26

    Aktuálně asi moje nejoblíbenější série. Tenhle díl má sice 128 stran, ale přišel mi strašně krátký, skončil příliš brzy. Potřebuju další dávku.

  • Kaila
    2019-04-02 08:48

    The grittiest of the gritty dark blood. It was a little hard to get past the violence in this one.

  • Derek
    2019-04-20 13:38

    This is the most satisfying volume in the series. The story advances at breakneck speed, and a number of story arcs come to a fitting conclusion.

  • Kenneth
    2019-03-20 09:54

    Interesting series. First few arcs describe the players with the reader wondering who really killed the two FBI agents & the protagonist's mom. The final few arcs tied up all the loose ends.

  • Simona Kubisová
    2019-04-13 15:47

    Prozatím bezkonkurenčně nejlepší díl série :)

  • Ademption
    2019-04-13 08:42

    3.5 stars rounded up.

  • Bill Williams
    2019-04-02 12:34

    The Gnawing is easily the best of the SCALPED trades so far. The plot is tight and self-contained yet it references earlier works. The characterization and dialogue are crisp. There are scenes where the art carries the story alone and there are unbelievable monologues. You have to love a story where the hero goes to the graveyard to apologize to his momma’s stone for all of the things he’s about to do. The heroes on opposite sides of the same coin, Dash Bad Horse and Chief Red Crow, work themselves into impossible corners only to reach for salvation.One thing about the art is starting to irritate me. The signature of the artist and the writer pops up as a graphic element all over the book. In the last chapter alone, the signatures show up four times. You should be proud of the work. The branding, the constantly calling attention to your name is an unneeded distraction in an otherwise flawless work of comic art.

  • Caroline
    2019-04-17 11:30

    I'm always a little conflicted about this title because I'm not sure what the point of it is -- the unrelenting darkness seems more like an aesthetic pose than a worldview (using noir for noir's sake rather than to actually say anything, which is an issue I have with a lot of neo-noir in general), and the Native American setting, being created and almost exclusively praised by (as far as I know) gives me pause/borders on exploitation at times. BUT it's unquestionably a well-crafted crime story, and a brilliantly constructed comic book, and when the story's moving forward, I'm caught up in it enough that I can put my doubts aside. And there's definitely some beautiful character work going on here, particularly with Red Crow.

  • Mark Desrosiers
    2019-04-12 14:45

    Dashiell Bad Horse is back in the foreground here, after several issues in a co-dependent drug-fueled shack-up with Chief Red Crow's daughter. And as often goes with anti-heroes, self-preservation remains his primary motive. This plot is beginning to resemble Miller's Crossing (or rather, The Glass Key), very tense and bloody as Dashiell plays too powerful, impulsive demons against each other. And again, R.M. Guera has an astonishing facility for rendering ugly-ass faces blasted by violence and survival instinct -- there are lots of 'em here.

  • Sonic
    2019-04-17 15:34

    Maybe DC comics read my last review, or maybe they just got their sh!t together, this 6th volume of this Scalped series is illustrated entirely by R.M Guera, and it is so so good! There are very few comics titles that are this good, or this original. And when I saw this new book I got excited, and there are not many writers that have impressed me so much that I feel that way, but this story is so good and the quality if the writing has not faltered once. Some of the guest artists I could do without, but most of the art throughout this series has been done by R.M. Guera, and his art is absolutely brilliant! The writing is absolutely brilliant!

  • Kurt
    2019-04-02 16:38

    Author Aaron keeps the pressure on, but also kills off a few mainstays of the story to date. It'll be interesting to see where this tale goes. As of this moment, I'm so up to date on this title that I'll have to bug my comics buddy for the single issues as he picks them up. This is the only downside to getting intensely interested in a graphic novel that began a few years earlier -- you rip though the trade paperbacks and their collected story arcs, and finally hit the spot where now you've got to wait a MONTH for each new bit. It hurts.