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From earliest childhood memory until I leave home, I take the reader on a journey through the loneliness, isolation and blessings of functioning in a mainstream world with a form of autism which did not gain classification until the late 1980's. The overall tone of my novel is positive....

Title : From Zaftig to Aspie
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ISBN : 9781849239929
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From Zaftig to Aspie Reviews

  • Carol
    2019-04-08 10:24

    I was interested in 'From Zaftig to Aspie' because my brother is severely autistic and I had met some with Aspersger's Syndrome at work. I am very familiar with autism but not much with Aspergers, so I wanted to learn more.The author, D.J. Kirby is a very highly functioning person with Asperger's. She didn't even find out that she had it until she was 40! This book is her memoir. I think she had an unusual childhood because I have never met anyone who grew up in a commune. I knew people who lived in them but not their children. Also her particular experience was different because she lived part of her life on an island. She tells of very detailed experiences of when she was four years old. I have only one memory of being that age but my brother can remember exact conversations from when he is four. So that part fascinates me. What is different about memories for people with Asperger's or "Aspies". She grew up with the scent of marijauna, her mother's boyfriend's inappropriate sexual advances and a recognition that she was different from other children but didn't know why. This is her journey from childhood to adulthood and having her own son.I found some answers to my questions but still want more. But also more questions! Also, it is great to find another good writer.I recommend this book to anyone interested in Asperger's Syndrome.

  • Jamieson
    2019-04-23 12:55

    How many of us take the life we live for granted? How many of us never stop to consider where we came from, what made us who we are? How many people never stop to think of what defines us, what shapes us into the people we grow to be?Growing up in Canada in the 1960’s, DJ Kirkby experienced a life that many of us would have taken for granted. Living in and around Canada, Kirkby lived with her hippie mother and followed her mother wherever her whims took her.Living with hippies, Kirkby was exposed to a world that was all around us but only few seemed able to see it. She lived with people who “recreated the rules”, who lived their own lives and shaped their own existence.And what an existence it is.From a young age, Kirkby knew she was different. She had a different way of looking at the world that had nothing to do with her hippie lifestyle and upbringing. She knew inside of herself that she was different than everyone else around her.But there were no words to describe her condition, no words to explain what she felt inside of her.Those words, those powerful words that would put her entire life into perspective, would not come until she was forty years old when she was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome.From Zaftig to Aspie, Kirkby’s moving, incredible memoir of her life, is an incredible, emotional read. There is no way a mere review can recount the richness of Kirkby’s life, the emotion that crackles off the page or the experiences that shaped who she is today. There is no way I could sum up the life that Kirkby has lived in only a few words.It is a moving, beautiful account of one woman’s fight to understand herself and come to grips with the world around her. It is part memoir, part life puzzle that, once put together, creates a stunning picture of a life in words.From the first page, I was drawn into Kirkby’s story and just had to keep reading. I have never read something so honest, so moving and so incredibly captivating. More than a study of human nature, what Kirkby has given us is really a life map.Using select memories to mark her progression from her younger years to the time she was diagnosed with Aspergers, Kirkby is really marking the path she has travelled with memories. She has given us a true gift of a life and has invited us to turn the page and look inside of her.I could not read From Zaftig to Aspie fast enough. In fact, I’ve read it twice so far and am awed by it’s incredible beauty and it’s story of living life to the fullest and overcoming even the most difficult obstacles. More importantly, it is a portrait of a very misunderstood condition. More people need to read From Zaftig to Aspie so that more people can know about Aspergers Syndrome.From Zaftig to Aspie is a moving, incredible story of one woman’s will to understand herself. It is an important book and everyone should read it so that they, too, can understand more about Aspergers Syndrome.More importantly it is the best memoir I have read in years. I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more. And was awed by the power of Kirkby’s words.Read From Zaftig to Aspie and be enchanted.

  • Tim Atkinson
    2019-04-06 09:17

    Moving, uplifting and enlightening - this is a remarkable memoir of a remarkable life. The richly evocative descriptions of an ostensibly idyllic, hippy childhood slowly succumbing to the vagaries of lust, greed, and jealousy are gripping from the start; when you realise they are mirrored by the author's own struggles first at school, then with her family and finally with the realisation of her own autism they become both poignant and significant.Growing up 'indulged' (to the extent that she was given free reign to 'plash in puddles') and 'showered with loving attention', enjoying a gentle innocence in which the smell of marijuana evokes memories of 'peaceful happy childhood moments’, the young D.J. Kirkby is nevertheless overwhelmed by such simple things as the antics of skunk kittens, so much so that 'tears welled in my eyes until they brimmed and ran down my cheeks'; she finds herself unable to cope with the playground noise of the children at her new school; she is a girl who weeps uncontrollably at her father's wedding not out of any sense of sorrow, but in response to the deep sensory overload of the emotions invoked by such an occasion. At times, the confusion of her over-sensitive perceptions seem almost akin to synaesthesia.The writing style is flowing and engaging, punctuated intermittently with poetry and with a neat line in understatement and self-deprecation. I can recommend this book unreservedly – it is a personal story with important echoes for society general. As the author herself says: “Everyone struggles sometimes but what matters is the attitude you have about it. If you want to get on and do things and are willing to work at it, then you will succeed.”

  • Kathryn
    2019-04-06 08:13

    An incredible sensory memoir filled with beautiful descriptions from D.J.Kirkby's extraordinary childhood. It helped me see a world from a wholly new perspective and has given me some insight into how an autistic person sees and engages with the world around them. It is so beautifully written that you will want to devour it in one sitting.

  • Rebecca Bradley
    2019-04-03 13:12

    A beautifully told account of growing up with hippies in 60's and 70's Canada, through the eyes of a child with an undiagnosed autistic spectrum disability. It's honest and sweet and at times painful, but always clear and vividly descriptive.

  • Nite Byrd
    2019-04-26 09:00

    Beautiful book!