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Being Lady Harriet’s Hero - A determined Lady, a heroic Lord, a treasonous plot, a daring rescue, an enduring love. Lord Geoffrey Clarence saved the life of his best friend, Charlton Edgeworth, Viscount Pendholm, and 6 other people. Recruited to spying for crown and country, he received the gift of an estate from the Prince Regent, which came with a dangerous mission incluBeing Lady Harriet’s Hero - A determined Lady, a heroic Lord, a treasonous plot, a daring rescue, an enduring love. Lord Geoffrey Clarence saved the life of his best friend, Charlton Edgeworth, Viscount Pendholm, and 6 other people. Recruited to spying for crown and country, he received the gift of an estate from the Prince Regent, which came with a dangerous mission included. Lady Harriet Edgeworth decided, a year ago, that Lord Geoffrey was to be hers, her hero, and nothing has changed her mind. When Lord Geoffrey moves nearby she soon finds a way to assist with the inventory of his property. Can Lord Geoffrey keep his mission secret, with Lady Harriet ever present? Can Lady Harriet get Lord Geoffrey to see her as a woman, not just Charlton’s sister? And, if he does, can he keep her safe in the midst of a treasonous conspiracy? Trusting the Earl - An Earl needing a wife, an impoverished Lady, manipulation, an unfortunate deception, a love saved. Estranged from her family, Lady Arabella, granddaughter of the Earl of Compton, is unused to the nobility. After her father’s death, Arabella sought a reference from her cousin, Lady Marianne, to find a governess position to support herself, and the orphanage her father founded. Lord Lucas Stanthorpe, Earl of Rothglen, must marry quickly, else lose most of his inheritance. When Lady Elizabeth, wife of the reclusive Marquis of Vale, suggests that Arabella will suit, Lord Lucas agrees. Love is the least of his concerns. But winning over Arabella will not prove so simple. She has requirements that must be met, and when Lord Lucas deceives her, she threatens to break off their engagement. Can Lady Elizabeth reunite the couple? And why does Lady Elizabeth care about bringing them together? Love Springs Anew - A lady with a temper, a scandal, a lonely Duke, a new chance for love. Gregory Burrowes, Duke of Chesney, lost his fiancé to scandal, then married, but his wife died from fever. Lonely, and lacking an heir, he finds most eligible young women childish. He meets Miss Philippa Dunn again, for the first time in years. Miss Dunn once publically lambasted her then fiancé, when he was caught in a compromising position with another woman. The ton forgave him, but has not forgotten her unladylike deportment. She is labelled a shrew, and shunned. No one will offer for her, so she is relegated to the job of chaperone for her pretty young cousin… But who is chaperoning Philippa and the Duke? The Duke’s Easter Proposal - An unmarried Duke, a humble talented girl, a chance meeting, a sweet temptation. Joshua Goodrich, the Duke of Falmouth, invites ladies, his potential brides, to Mrs. Fairway’s coffee house, a well-known, high class venue. He values Mrs Fairway’s establishment for her astute assessments of the Ladies he entertains, as well as for the delicious cakes and patisseries, which are made by her daughter, Bridget. As Lent approaches, the two women look set to endure lean times. At the Duke’s next visit, with the coffee house mostly empty, he truly notices, for the first time, Mrs. Fairway’s daughter. Will he persist in looking for a girl of the ton, or will he follow his heart and indulge in the sweet girl who makes the finest pastries in London? The Baron’s Secret Love - A Baron’s heir, a gently raised, yet barely tolerated orphan girl, a mystery of heritage, an impossible love, an unexpected conclusion. Mr William Barnes, heir to the Baron of Mowbourne, is used to attention from eligible young ladies, none of whom he likes. At a country Ball, he meets a fascinating young woman – whose heritage is unknown, and who is disparaged by his peers. Miss Grace Fillmore is falls in love with William and believes that he feels the same for her. Sadly, she will never be able to be his wife. Their love is not meant to be....

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love in springtime collection Reviews

  • Teri Donaldson
    2019-05-17 21:34

    I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful collection of novellas. Each is about a sweet young lady, spring, Easter and a season of renewal. They are clean Regency romances that will make you smile.This collection is perfect for reading outside in the fresh air and sunshine.Several of the authors were new to me. After reading each of their novellas, I look forward to reading many more books by each of them.

  • Phylis Collins
    2019-05-21 23:31

    Love in the Springtime Collection is a outstanding series of stories. Done very good. Very relaxing and enjoyable. My free opinion. Thanks

  • Vera mallard
    2019-04-26 21:12

    Love In Springtime, a collection of wonderful regency romances, provides hours of relaxing entertainment. This collection has 5 books by 5 different authors. I chose to review Isabella Thorne's contribution to the collection. Thorne is one of my favorite regency authors. My reviews of romance novel, Love Springs Anew, follows.STORY-LINE LOVE SPRINGS ANEW BY ISABELLA THORNE:Philippa Dunn ruined her chances in society when she found her fiancé kissing another woman. The fact the woman's engaged to The Duke of Chesney, did not help matters. However, by the time Philippa had hysterically cussed like a sailor, using language no lady should know and thrown a fit, she sealed her fate in the ton. Known as a shrew from that time forward, no one called on her again.Phillipa, now a spinster, reads racy romance books and sits at home caring for her cousin Carolina. Philippa considers, Carolina, who's beautiful and gay, the child she would never have. With many gentlemen calling on Carolina, Philippa's cast in the role of chaperone as she sits in a corner reading her racy books. However, fate steps in when Gregory Burrowes, Duke of Chesney meets Philippa in her father's garden. Will Gregory see something in Charlotte other an a vulgar, sharp boned woman? Come read the book and follow the adventure.CHARACTERS, PLOTTING,DEVELOPMENT:I must say, Thorne hit another home run with Love Springs Anew. With characters sympathetic and realistic, I came to care for each of them. I felt so sorry for Philippa; valued by no one except Charlotte, she see herself as ugly, stern, and unloveable. With a father who saw her as a liability and unworthy, Philippa under-valued herself. Introducing the Duke into Philippa life, opens her up for renewal.Gregory's character, stuck in the past, see no need of a wife other than a way to produce an heir. As he loved his deceased wife, he does not see the need to love another. Gregory attitudes grow and expands as he is in Philippa's company; he begins to see a Philippa no one knows and who's worthy of love.The pace of the book's smooth and steady as Thorne skillfully leads the reader to the conclusion of the story. This sweet clean romance does not use sex or fluff to full the pages. I look forward to reading the rest of the books in this collection as they are all by talented authors and follow the same well composed and developed stories as Thorne.Finally, in concluding my review of Love Springs Anew, I found a well-written romance with well-developed characters. Although a short book, Thorne included everything needed to craft a solid story-line. I would not hesitate to buy this romance book collection for my self or a friend.LOVE IN SPRINGTIME: REGENCY ROMANCE BY ISABELLA THORNE LOVE SPRINGS ANEW: RECOMMENDATION: STARS 4FINALLY, PLEASE NOTE:Additionally, I purchased this book and chose to voluntarily review the book/novel with an honest reviews for romance novel, Love in Springtime: Regency Romance by Isabella Thorne, Love Springs Anew. Furthermore, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book/novel review author’s opinion. Consequently, all book/novel reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions. Furthermore, no one influenced my voluntary reviews for romance novel, Love in Springtime.