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In his nightly ritual of trolling dude-bros online, college student and hacker Hunter Walsh uncovers a terrorist plot to bomb Seattle Pride. When his digging hits a wall, he anonymously surrenders his findings to the FBI—only to discover he didn't cover his tracks as well as he'd thought. Agent Callum Riggs shows up on his doorstep with an ultimatum: Help the FBI find theIn his nightly ritual of trolling dude-bros online, college student and hacker Hunter Walsh uncovers a terrorist plot to bomb Seattle Pride. When his digging hits a wall, he anonymously surrenders his findings to the FBI—only to discover he didn't cover his tracks as well as he'd thought. Agent Callum Riggs shows up on his doorstep with an ultimatum: Help the FBI find the culprits or face jail time for his hacking. Hunter hates and mistrusts the Fed, but he has no other choice. Straight-arrow Cal has better things to do than babysit a pink-haired criminal—even if Hunter is everything Cal wants and has never let himself have—but he can't ignore the lethal threat Liberty Association poses to their community. When the Bureau refuses to allocate more resources to the case, Cal is forced into a devil's bargain, not only tolerating Hunter's rebellious behavior in exchange for his help but serving as Hunter's personal bodyguard 24/7. Will these total opposites work together to foil a deadly plot? Or will their constant bickering and seething sexual tension endanger everything both men hold dear? And if they do succeed, can enemies become lovers, or will their differences keep them apart?...

Title : the phisher king
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the phisher king Reviews

  • ~Mindy Lynn~
    2019-04-30 19:28

    3.5*Love a cop romance and this one didn't disappoint. Hunter is 22, has pink hair, is a college student, hacker, and is disliked by many. He has built very high walls around himself and the only one he seems to take his guard down for is his younger sister. We don't get to see much of that since he doesn't live with her since he was kicked out of their home. It never really did reveal the reasons why this happened. It wasn't for the usual reasons we read about in most books; him being gay. Would have liked to know though. But if anyone was able to get through or over those walls of Hunters, they'd find the vulnerable boy hiding behind the snarky attitude and the smartass comments he throws out. They'd find someone who is afraid to let people in because they're scared of being not good enough. Someone who is lonely and wanting to be liked, loved, and not judged. Callum is 30/31 (can't remember!), he works for the FBI, has a cute dog named Bruiser, and is pretty set in his ways. He doesn't curse, or tries not to because he finds it unprofessional. Although Hunter really pushes his limits and he slips quite often. Cal is a guy who has his own walls up. He doesn't like to lose control. He doesn't like to be touched unless he's given his permission. He is a straight laced kind of guy. Obviously these two guys are complete opposites. That's why it made these two coming together that more delicious. They clashed from the beginning. And it was really entertaining watching these two go at each other. Hunter being the hacker he is came across some evidence of a terrorist plot to bomb Seattle Pride by a group that goes by the name of Liberty Association. He sends this information to the FBI thinking he covered his tracks. Fortunately that didn't happen. Enter Cal. Cal shows up to his apartment and gives Hunter two choices; Help solve the case and save many lives or he'll be arrested for the hacking. There's some angst, sexy times, sweet moments, frustrating characters, an adorable dog, and two guys who found their HEA with each other. Happy reading dolls!xx

  • Leaundra
    2019-05-08 19:23

    I enjoyed this one. It was nice seeing Cal and Hunter warm up to each other and fall. Cal, hehe. Hunter was a little shit sometimes but I still enjoyed him. I heart Bruiser, he was so fricken adorable <3.

  • Riayl
    2019-04-22 16:14

    Loved this one. Great characters, Hunter and Cal were amazing together. A little funny, a little angsty, and a lot sexy. And to top it off, Bruiser!

  • Jason Bradley
    2019-04-28 19:19

    4.5 stars. Although I don't like the cover and don't think it reflects the character it's supposed to be (?), I enjoyed most of this story. There was a point early on in the story that I thought it was going to collapse into silliness when a by-the-books FBI agent dissolves into giggles, but things tightened back up and I enjoyed it. A lot.

  • Emma
    2019-05-23 19:29

    enjoyed this quite a bit but significant editing issues = 3.5 starsHunter is a fourth year university student with an attitude. He has had some past run ins with the law, is estranged from his family, is deeply suspicious of authority types, holds many anti-government views, does illegal things to make money for food, and spends a lot of time on the dark web making an ass of himself. While doing this he discovers indications of a terrorist plot to disrupt the pride parade in Seattle and he forwards his findings to the FBI. Much to his horror the FBI then knocks o n his door in the form of Cal. Cal is almost a decade older than Hunter. He is an out gay man on the FBI anti terror desk. He is very serious about his job with a perfect track record on such cases but this time he does not have a lot of resources available. So he goes in search of Hunter and essentially forces him to help out in the hopes that with some more evidence he can get the resources he needs. Cal's seriousness also shows through in his dating choices and living situation. Unfortunately for Cal he has a secret thing for boys who look just like Hunter. So on one hand he is irritated as all get out by Hunter's attitude and actions on the other he is very physically attracted to him. Which is good or we wouldn't have a story. And I think the strongest part of this book was how consistent Hunter and Cal were in their roles. Cal understands he has Hunter at a disadvantage and for the most part keeps his hands off him. Hunter is annoyed by this and in the cockiness of youth spouts off at Cal about it but Cal is not so easily set off from being the stand up law abiding guy that he is. Similarly Hunter stays outrageous right until the bitter end but the seriousness of tracking down homophobic bombers coupled with the reality of graduation looming forces him to be more adult in his actions. Of course the drama of their situation brings the two men together so it was required. And it was better done than many plot devices but the whole terror group thing was a bit light for me. Still the pieces were all tied together so there is no complaining from me. I will happily look at further stories by these authors but goodness I hope they get an editor. There were many many sentences that were missing words. Some you could figure out and mentally insert without effort but many others I never could decipher. There was also an issue with structuring the dialogue in such a way as to make it clear who was talking. More than once I am convinced it was intended for the other person to be speaking that what the writing conventions for this would have indicated. And for that I find I simply can't round up despite really liking Hunter and Cal so much.

  • Lyn
    2019-05-19 22:09

    2.5 stars rounding up 3 because writing was good.Although the story was well written and the MCs were very likeable, this turned out to be a disappointing read for me. The chemistry between the MCs was lacking and parts of the story just dragged.

  • Karen
    2019-05-11 20:29

    Another tale of an FBI agent making bad (romantic) decisions that turn out to be good ones. And there's a brat and a cute dog. :)

  • Teal
    2019-05-07 20:29

    DNF @ 25%. I simply cannot force myself to continue. The writing is just "off" enough to be awkward and distracting. There are alternating POVs with distinctive voices, but each voice is too over-the-top and lacking in subtlety or nuance. The dialogue isn't credible. End result: The characterization isn't working for me.And there's something wrong with the paragraph structure -- starting with the fact that when you're reading a novel, you should never have to be thinking about paragraph structure! For example, I keep having to re-read chunks of this to figure out who's speaking, because dialogue is buried deep within big paragraphs and -- you know what? If I was beta-reading this I'd take the time to analyze and pinpoint the paragraph problem, but I'm not, so forget it. Let's just say that the author needs editorial assistance, and with it she might have turned out a novel worth reading to the end. I certainly saw the potential here, with both the storyline and the characters, but it failed to deliver.On a lighter note, I can't leave without asking: Who puts a sweater on a Pomeranian?!? Those things are MADE out of fur! With their extravagantly thick and fluffy coats, they could probably live happily above the Arctic Circle. And Hunter calling it a 'rat dog' made absolutely no sense. You know what I think happened? I think the author had originally written the dog to be a Chihuahua, and then did a last-minute search & replace to change it to a Pomeranian. :/

  • WMD
    2019-04-26 17:07

    Satisfying mystery mm romanceCal is an FBI agent handed a not-so-anonymous tip about a threat to disrupt an annual Pride parade. Hunter is a pink haired hacker brat, about ready to graduate from college, who first noticed the threat during an online trolling expedition. They team up to catch, capture and prevent the mayhem. It's not a cliff hanger, but with some loose ends that make me curious if the authors will come up with a next book.A satisfying romance with mystery context. Hunter is fab and a serious brat and a little hard for Cal to wrap his head around. The bad guys need rounding up, there are very brief family and FBI interactions to enrich the story. Some insight provided into the risky ways Hunter has been making a living prior to following the righteous FBI path.Some things are a little simplistic in the story (e.g., why do the FBI need Hunter's help?), and the bad guys aren't so very tricky....but I enjoyed the romp, the hacker inside look and Hunter and Cal together.Recommend: sufficiently edited with a few words missing. Some times when I needed to look up hacker terms (I like when context gets beyond my ken) and a comfortable sense of these two being members of the gay community (not explaining their lives and who they are to the reader, not spelling things out, just living it). Some things I consider about mm romanceSmexy scale 1-5: 4These guys gradually build up heat over their few weeks together...and rocket off the page in their few detailed explicit mm interactions. Lots of cuddling, too.Likable MCs 1-5:3Hunter does brat very well and Cal is stoic cool on the outside (for a while). Third person point of view switches from chapter to chapter. The two share some brief personal history with each other, but a lot of things are hinted at for the reader that the two characters don't share with each other. Liked them as a couple."I can't imagine going back to my life like it was before you came into it.” “You say things like that to me… It’s like feeding a stray cat, man.” Tears welled in Hunter’s eyes.Angst 1-5:3One MC assaulted (see possible spoilers/triggers at bottom of review). There are a few scenes where we feel Hunter being pretty down on himself. Otherwise, the little personal history shared is not emotionally dense.Humor scale 1-5: 3There is a small dog...and the two guys are snarky cute together. No Lols, but some chuckles. And these are good guys being good to each other, so positive vibes.Like the sound of the Phisher King? For FBI mystery romanceI recommend the All's Fair series by Josh LanyonAlso recommended, for action mystery/adventureCut and Run Series by Madeleine Urban and Abigail RouxPossible spoiler triggerAttempted date rape with roofie, of MC.

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-04-28 23:01

    2017 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: The Phisher King Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid1)  The author really created well rounded characters who stayed true to their natures. Also, the extensive knowledge of hacking and the work of computers and the dark web impressed me. I also believe the author created brilliant suspense as well as sexual tension between the heroes. 

  • J
    2019-05-07 22:18

    I didn't connect fully with the MC's so this was just an okay read for me. A pink haired hacker and an FBI agent should have been a 5 star coupling for me but unfortunately I just didn't feel the love between them. Also, a lot of the book was written in a "hey dude" dialect (presumably how our hacker would talk) and it was a little confusing at times.

  • Lily
    2019-05-04 16:04

    3.5 stars.

  • DeWanda
    2019-04-25 23:20


  • Simetra
    2019-05-02 15:18

    For a terrorist-plot, I was kinda hoping for a little bit less fluffy, a little bit more thrilling. But I mean. There was a dog. A. DOG.

  • Lucrecia
    2019-04-25 15:16

    The Phisher KingNice, solid story.I loved the MCs, day and night those two. But when it's right, there's nothing else...It was sweet, sexy and fun but in all honesty it felt too long, I struggled a little to get to the HEA ending.And I want a grumpy Pomeranian now ^^