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A dangerous man from her past.A handsome duke in her present.Secrets that threaten their future.Discover the Aether Psychics series, in which science has no limits and love overcomes the highest boundaries, in this 94-page prequel novella (no cliffhanger).After tragedy hits and danger moves in, Pauline Donahue flees London, searching for sanctuary and a way to start over.A dangerous man from her past.A handsome duke in her present.Secrets that threaten their future.Discover the Aether Psychics series, in which science has no limits and love overcomes the highest boundaries, in this 94-page prequel novella (no cliffhanger).After tragedy hits and danger moves in, Pauline Donahue flees London, searching for sanctuary and a way to start over. A job at a small university provides the escape she needs. Keeping recalcitrant professor Edward Bailey on task after a shattered heart renders him broken and destroyed becomes her daily routine. But when the same vicious man from her past sets his malicious sights on Pauline, her safe haven comes crashing down.Duke of Waltham, Christopher Bailey, never counted on the gentle commoner, Miss Donahue, to save his brother--and himself--from broken pasts and a lifetime of mistakes. But she does just that. As their love blossoms, danger closes in, threatening Pauline and Christopher's lives. Together, they are forced to face their biggest fears, revealing secrets that could ruin them both....

Title : Noble Secrets (Aether Psychics Prequel)
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Noble Secrets (Aether Psychics Prequel) Reviews

  • Riley
    2019-04-23 10:00

    Edward Bailey is my favorite character in the Aether Psychics series, so in this prequel novella, Noble Secrets, I enjoyed getting a little insight into the beginnings of his aether research. And also into the unfortunate relationship with the woman who broke Edward’s heart. But, enough about Edward. You can read more about him in Eros Element.If you have read Eros Element, you will have met Edward’s former assistant Pauline and his brother Christopher. Noble Secrets is their story.Pauline Danahue is assigned to watch over Edward Bailey to keep him on track in his aether research as opposed to dwelling on that terrible woman that broke his heart. Christopher Bailey, Duke of Waltham feels obligated to check up on his brother to make sure Edward is okay and keeps his mind on his research. But perhaps ‘obligated’ is not the correct word. Since Christopher met Pauline, he is happy to check up on his brother.There is a connection between Pauline and Christopher. But he is a duke and must marry the proper woman. Pauline grew up with her mother in a brothel, so she is well aware she is not the proper woman.Pauline witnessed her mother’s death in the brothel she grew up in. Although she did not see the killer’s face, she has a special psychic talent to recognize a the intentions of a person, which would enable her to recognize the killer.Noble Secrets is the story of two people, intensely attracted to each other, knowing it could never work. All along, a killer is hunting for Pauline. She is ready to run. Even before Christopher knows why, he wants to protect Pauline. And he certainly does not want her to leave, though he doubts she has a proper place in the life of a Duke. Emotions conflicting with intentions are what pulled at my reader’s heart and kept me engrossed in the story.The romantic trope in Noble Secrets is not uncommon in historical romance and it is what I expected. This made the ending a bit predictable, but the path to that ending was well worth the reading. See the previous paragraph!The novella length makes Noble Secrets a nice read for a rainy evening. The short novel lacks nothing in terms of character development and interesting plot. As steampunk goes, there are not a lot of genre elements. In the story, Christopher likes to travel by steamcoach. And there is Edward’s all important aether research which is the connecting theme between all books in the series, and one of the draws of Aether Psychics. As a prequel, Noble Secrets enhances the series and is a very satisfying and recommended steampunk romance/mystery!The author provide a copy in exchange for an honest review.Originally posted at Smart Girls Love SciFi Romance.

  • SusanBurgess-Ryan
    2019-03-28 12:22

    Cecilia Dominic took a different approach to her book by writing a book with no explicit sex scenes. Have to say that I found that a refreshing touch that will not limit the readers. The violence is also held at a minimum. Have to say that I truly enjoyed the story line and the characters in the story. I thought Cecilia Dominic did an AWESOME job in working her her characters into the story line. You have two main male characters.. The Duke and his brother a professor of Aether Physics. Then there is the heroine of the story a woman running from her past to save her future. Awesome work and you will truly enjoy the read. (I had to look up Aether Physics, had no idea what it was). Felt like it should have been explained in the book. This is a book that most any age can read. I gave the book 5 stars because I felt it met all the criteria that I am looking for in a book when I read it. Pauline Donahue has fled London in search of sanctuary from the danger that is after her after witnessing the murder of her mother. She also feels that this is a way for her to start over and work to save money so she can flee Europe. After accepting a job at a small university that provided the escape that she needed Pauline found that it was a bit more than she bargained for. She was hired as secretary for the Dean then she finds out that she will be keeping recalcitrant professor Edward Bailey on his toes, because he is suffering from a shattered heart that has rendered him broken and destroyed. Now watching after Professor Bailey has become her daily routine. Nor did she count on meeting the Professor's brother who is the Duke of Waltham and that in itself makes things harder for Pauline. She begins to feel that she is no longer safe and the murderous and vicious man from her past finds her, he has set his eyes on her and now her new world has come crashing down around her.Christopher Bailey is the Duke of Waltham and the last thing he expected was the gentle commoner, Miss Donahue. Christoper never expected that not only would she save his brother and himself from broken pasts and a lifetime of mistakes, but he would feel something for her. As love blossoms between Christopher and Pauline, and a friendship develops between her and the Professor, danger is lurking close by and is threatening Pauline and Christopher's lives. With all of this going on Christopher and Pauline must come face to face with their biggest fears by revealing secrets that could end it all for them. Will the secrets that Christopher and Pauline hold keep them apart? Will her friendship with Christopher's brother come between them? Will the Duchess, Christopher's mother find the love she is looking for before she dies?No Spoilers. A definite must read.

  • Maureen
    2019-03-26 13:18

    This is the second book I read by Cecelia Dominic. The first book I read was ‘Eros Element’, and this book it it’s prequel. Since I really enjoyed ‘Eros Element’, I was super excited to be a part of the ‘Noble Secrets’ blog tour and couldn’t wait to start reading.In ‘Noble Secrets’ we read the story of Pauline and Christopher. Pauline is a ‘normal’ woman with a dangerous past, and Christopher is the Duke of Waltham. Soon after meeting each other there begins to grow something between the two opposites. But there are a lot of reasons why a relationship between these two would never work. For one he is a duke and must marry someone with status, and she is a woman who grew up in a brothel. But somethings are just meant to be. Unfortunately there’s danger waiting just around the corner.The romance between Pauline and Christopher is very nice to read about. It’s slow, intense and definitely makes you want to keep on reading. From the very beginning Pauline’s character fascinated me and I loved getting to know her better in this story. And although this story isn’t very long, I did feel like I got to read a full story. There was enough going on to keep me hooked to each and every page.Yes, I definitely liked this story. It was nicely written and intriguing, and the romance had this Romeo and Juliet kind of feel to it, which I really enjoyed. The thing this book also does, is make the reader interested in Edward’s story, the main character in ‘Eros Element’. I say, Cecilia Dominic, did a great job writing this prequel!

  • Charlie
    2019-04-14 12:10

    This is the prequel to the series and starts in 1862. Pauline is simply a secretary – who wants to learn, something taboo – and winds up being hired by the Duke (and ultimately his mother) to watch over the Duke’s brother, Edward, after suffering a devastating end to his engagement. They are concerned with his “mental welfare.” Since this is the beginning of Edward’s work with the aether project for the university, they are very interested in it being completed, so they agree to allow Pauline to change roles and act as Edward’s personal assistant.Meanwhile, Christopher does not agree to his mother’s meddling in his marriage – or lack thereof. A ball to host all of the most eligible ladies of the land will be thrown, and as the date draws nearer, Christopher finds every means of escaping it. Even if that means checking in more frequently on his brother and his pretty secretary.Pauline is working her tush off to pay for her accommodations at a boarding house, a place where she is safe from the goon who attacked her. Previously she worked as a maid to the prostitutes in another town, another place, another life. This is also the place where her mother entertained and eventually lost her life “at the hands of a jealous man.” After that, she ran away.But there have been murders – of women very much resembling Pauline. And now someone is looking for her…The PlayersPauline – a young woman on the run from her pastEdward – a young professor working in an entirely new department, recently heartbroken and not faring wellChristopher – Edward’s older brother, the Duke; he hires Pauline to look after Edward whileJohann – Edward’s friend, a violinist at the universityDuchess – a stronghold of a woman in a fragile state of health; insists on Christopher marrying (and encouraged by the housekeeper on this topic)Horace – Christopher’s townhouse butler, very opposed to Pauline’s presence in the Duke’s lifeInspector Davidson – a London detective investigating Pauline’s mother’s murderThe QuoteIf only her mother’s murderer hadn’t been wearing a mask. He had been someone important, and the madam had humored his desire to keep is identity obscured. He had visited her for months, and rumors swirled around him, some that he was the crown prince himself.Either way, it was the same. Wed or bed, women didn’t see him, only his title.The Highs and LowsPauline. Poor Pauline has been running ever since that fateful night when she lost her mother. Little did she know she’d wind up in the best and the worst of situations. Hovington is a good enough place, small but still has a constant flow of people due to the university. She’s hired on and then given special duties to watch over the Duke of Waltham’s younger brother, aiding him along in his project work for the university. However, the life she’s lived she can’t outrun. Although she’s avoided the murderer these few years, she can’t outrun him forever. Now there is someone around circulating flyers looking for her. Her land lady puts her in a terribly bad position – spiked rent or a sure bet the madman will find her.Social Station. Given the era, the social standing of the Christopher and Pauline play a very big part in the book. While the Duchess is pushing him to marry, he can’t just marry anyone. He must, of course, marry someone of his station. And it is getting more convoluted for him trying to discern the truth of Pauline’s background. While she claims to be from the city, small things continually indicated that she is from the lower class. Due to the mystery surrounding her heritage, Christopher makes some inquiries. It’s not entirely impossible for noblemen to marry commoners, as long as they come from reputable families.The Strange Neighbor. After hiring Pauline to act as Edward’s babysitter, a strange man moves in next door to Christopher’s townhouse. Christopher thought it still under renovation, and nothing is known of this new neighbor. Indeed, it’s rumored he is of the peerage, but that is all. Christopher, though, takes an odd interest in the odd neighbor who is keen on sticking to the shadows and hiding in the alley, avoiding Inspector Davidson.The Duchess. She surprised me. Although she is pushing strongly for Christopher to marry, when he reveals what little he’s learned of Pauline, he is shocked by his mother’s suggestion. Other arrangements could be made, as he is very taken with Pauline, just as his father was taken with another. His mother seemed so stodgy and pretentious, I never expected to see that coming.Edward. He is so oblivious to anything besides his work. Unless, of course, you count that stupid Lily who crushed him. While danger is afoot and tension runs high for both Christopher, his mother, and Pauline, Edward is just happy as a clam once his work shows progress.The Twist. There is twist so unexpected that I had to really work to piece things together properly. It explains all the reasons why Pauline can’t answer any of Inspector Davidson’s questions about her family when he inquires. Who doesn’t know if their parents were even married? Pauline. The Duchess once made the comment that Pauline looked familiar, and it all wraps up nicely with the twist. Of course, involving the killer.The Take-AwayI loved Pauline’s attitude throughout the book. She is bent on making a little niche for herself and staying afloat while outrunning her mother’s killer. There are a few moments with both Christopher and Edward that she has to be strong and firm – in different respects – as well as with the Duchess and Horace. I don’t think I would be as kind or thoughtful if a killer was after me. I mean, it’s only a matter of time and she already suspects someone nearby. I would be on high alert.Recommendation – Buy, Borrow or Skip? Borrow. This installment isn’t intregal to the series, but it does explain Christopher’s ties to the storyline, as well as the beginning of Edward’s aether work.

  • Kathy Carlson
    2019-04-12 11:02

    I received a copy for a honest review of the the book. I enjoyed Cecilia writing style. I was easily taken in by the characters. My main issue with this book was that in the time period the book was set she never really explained how the main character came into the position at the University and later in the book she kept switching between fist and last names which made it hard to follow. Over all I did enjoy the book and look forward to reading others by Cecilia.

  • Slb
    2019-03-29 10:21

    This is a well written historical suspense with dangerous undercurrents and with a romance that wins out to HEA at the end. The plot is good and has some complexity. The characters are developed into realistic people. The villain is in the shadows except at the end. Just a well done book. I am glad I read it and it hints to the books about a physic which I am looking forward to. A suspense romance book.

  • Miranda
    2019-04-13 11:17

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.This was my first read by Cecilia Dominic. I enjoyed reading this prequel for the series. Pauline was a very interesting character, especially how she could sense things about people and judge just what they need. I was honestly not expecting the twist at the end about her. Christopher, although a bit of a rouge in his past, was a genuinely a good guy. I enjoyed every aspect of this book and look forward to reading more from this author.

  • Danielle Carpenter
    2019-04-11 10:55

    I throughly enjoyed this prequel novella. Pauline is perceptive, uniquely so. Christopher is a young duke who learns a life lesson. He falls for Pauline when he hires her to help his young brother get through a heartbreak by making him find order in his life past all his emotions. There's a murderer on the loose and he is after Pauline. Why? Read it and find out.

  • Caroline
    2019-04-05 08:21


  • Nikita (NjKinny's World of Books & Stuff)
    2019-04-19 16:22

    Rating:3.5 out of 5 Secrets by Cecilia Dominic is the prequel to her Aether Psychics series and the first book by the author that I have read. I got attracted towards this book because of the cover which is mysterious and intriguing. Add the alluring title and I knew I had to read it.The plot is attractive and executed well. The author had me intrigued by the heroine right from the start. She is running from her past and from a murderer who is after her. The hero, a Duke, is worried about his brother who is dealing with a recent heartbreak and not himself. Circumstances bring them closer and soon sparks fly along with plenty of danger chasing them, I enjoyed how the author sketched the settings. She had me visualizing the world then easily, feeling as if I was there.The characters are well developed and I could sympathize with the heroine's plight. Some hints are given like she has some power but nothing concrete is told, maybe the power will be disclosed in the future books. I am guessing that she is a psychic but this hasn't been established as fact in this book by the author.This is a clean story with no explicit sex scenes and had me engaged throughout. Though at some points I wanted more depth in the story like I would have loved a bit more depth in the romance between the protagonists, also the chase with the murderer looked half cooked at places. However, despite this, the story is plenty entertaining and a quick, light read that has me eager to read the next one in this series. I am definitely looking forward to read more about the Duke's professor brother who is an interesting character.All in all, Noble Secrets by Cecilia Dominic is a clean, light and quick story with plenty suspense, mystery and romance. 3.5 out of 5 to it and recommended to everyone.I received the book from the author and the tour organizers and I am very thankful to them. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

  • Bobbie Stanley
    2019-04-24 10:13

    Historical fiction and supernatural fiction are two of my favorite genres. Add a little romance and some mystery in and you pretty much can't go wrong. This novel gave me all of that and more! I absolutely loved the author's writing style and the story line pulled me in from the start. I forgot about everything else while I was reading and was legitimately devastated when I left the flash drive with the book file at work and had to wait an entire night before I could finish it! The characters are beautifully crafted and the concept is unique. The story remains true to the time period. All in all, this is an excellent book.One of my very favorite things in this novel is the way that the author used characters to explain concepts that the reader might not be familiar with. While this is a prequel to an existing series that she has begun, it is not necessary to have read the other books before reading this one. In large part, that is because the academic characters are more than happy to explain concepts that readers might not understand at first. For example, I had little knowledge of the concept of "aether" prior to reading this book. Ordinarily, I would have googled the term to gain a better understanding. However, within the same paragraph that I was tempted to do so, a character explained it. This easily prevented me from becoming distracted by the terminology and I very much appreciated it. There are concepts in this novel that are delicate, and one of the main characters grew up in a brothel. It would have been easy for that element to come off as trashy, but the author dealt with it quite well. Discussion of the brothel was honest, but never felt uncomfortable. I certainly say that was a job well done!If anything, I would have liked more. I always want more at the end of a good book, though! I highly recommend this one and I certainly plan on reading the rest of the series!

  • Lyn Mckenzie
    2019-04-20 08:54

    This is such a brilliant book! I was seriously hooked from the first page! This is a very compelling and imaginative book written with such warmth that it pulls you into the well woven tale.I loved the storyline in this book. So much mystery and aspects of possible danger, secrets uncovered and lives moulded and changed. It really is such a well written tale and i would love to read more of this author's work after reading this book especially if the quality of writing is anything like it is in this book!!! The storyline and quality of writing makes this a must read book and a very obsessive read at that, you will find yourself just turning pages to find out what happens next.I really did love Pauline’s character, she has so much fire and vitality to her and with everything she has been through, growing up the way she did and what happened before she moved away, she is so strong and true to who she is. She knows what she wants and will do everything to get it. I loved how protective Christopher is, he has a duty of responsibility which he hates, he loves his life the way it is. He struggles between what his heart wants and what society dictates for him to do but he knows his own mind.This is a seriously brilliant book that everyone should read!!!

  • Terri M.
    2019-04-04 16:12

    I’ve been eyeing the Aether Psychics series by Cecilia Dominic for a few months. The covers are eye-catching so I snatched up this opportunity to read a prequel novella to see if I would like the world and characters in the Aether Psychics universe.I’m happy to report that I loved the world. A mix of Victorian London with a splash of fantasy, I was immediately connected with Pauline, an intelligent girl forced to hide her brains. She has a way about her that attracts the attention of the Duke. And suddenly I saw the story unfolding in front of me and I squealed with delight. (Don’t worry I won’t spoil it.)While there isn’t much exposure to the universe that is more than likely created in the full novels in the series, this novella will give you feeling for how Dominic writes, builds her characters and paints the world in which her characters live. I was enchanted and only hope that I get to see more of Pauline and Christopher in the full novels or meet other delightful characters like them when I read the full novels in the series.This review was originally posted on Second Run Reviews

  • Amber
    2019-04-09 16:10

    Yay review copies! I promise nothing to anybody who gives me books to review. There's your disclaimer.So I was a little torn on how to rate this, but it was honestly half a star's worth of uncertainty. This was a bit of historical romance, a bit of intrigue, with just a soupçon of the paranormal. I liked it because it ticked a bunch of boxes with me. I dig heroines who aren't just swooning and waiting to be rescued. I also dig supporting characters who act true to form without succumbing to plot bunnies. My one teensy weensy issue (and it really was mild) is that I really need more of the intrigue in the story. There just wasn't enough to give it a solid base, at least for me. But what are you gonna do? Novellas, man, novellas. So, would I recommend it? Definitely. It's fun, quick, and well-written. What I appreciate EVEN more after some of the books I've had inflicted on me lately is that it's been EDITED. Thank you, dear author, THANK YOU.

  • Lisa Eiff
    2019-04-26 08:00

    This book was much shorter than I expected (I paid no attention to page numbers when I started it), but I was thrilled to discover a book that just drew me in from the very beginning. Set in the year 1862, this little prequel contains just the right balance of a hint of sweet yet potentially forbidden romance (all with no explicit sexual scenes...the type I try to quickly skim past while reading other paranormal or fantasy novels). I definitely plan to follow up with other books in this series, as well as exploring other books by Cecilia Dominic. She is masterful at her craft, and seeing as how this is the second of her short works I've read thus far, I have fallen in love with her interesting and detailed characters, as well as the well researched and clearly defined progression of emotions and activities that make appearances in each of her stories.I truly believe I've just started on the road to discovering my newest 'favorite author'.

  • Mandy Parmenter
    2019-04-16 15:22

    I voluntarily reviewed an copy of this book.Pauline Donahue has left London and has taken a secretarial job at a small university. She is given the job of being a nursemaid to Professor Edward Bailey to keep him on task after a broken heart leaves him unable to function. His brother is the Duke of Waltham (Christopher Bailey) and he is amazed at her power to save them both from their pasts.When the man from Pauline's past finds her, her new life seems to be falling apart. Can Christopher save the woman he has grown to love and sort out what happened in her past?This was a great prequel for the Aether Psychics series of books by the same author and for my part has made me consider starting the series. The writing was clear and all descriptions and emotions/feelings were clearly written. I definitely felt myself carried away in the story and was hoping that there would be the ending I felt they deserved at the end.

  • Barbara Watts
    2019-04-20 14:02

    This is the prequel novella of about 94 pages to the series Aether Psychics. Pauline Donahue flees London after the murder of her mother and danger is stalking her, because she could find the killer with her abilities.She feels that this is a way for her to start over and work to save money so she can flee to Europe. She accepts a job at a small university but she finds that it is not quite what she thought it would be. She was hired as secretary for the Dean then she found out that she will be keeping professor Edward Bailey on course with his Aether research , Edward is suffering from a shattered heart that has rendered him broken and destroyed. She did not count on meeting the Duke of Waltham Christopher Bailey, Edward’s brother . Pauline is not safe the murderer has found her .What happens? I was gifted a copy for an honest review [email protected]

  • Stephanie
    2019-04-11 13:22

    Noble Secrets is the prequel novella to Cecilia Dominic’s Aether Psychics series, which was written after the first two books. Fluid and quick, the story developed nicely, even character growth. As, I am a huge steampunk fan, I was slightly disappointed by the lack of steampunk elements. I am however, looking forward to reading the rest of the series.Leaving London, Pauline Donahue wants to start over. Taking a job at the university seems to be the perfect way, that is until her past comes creeping up on her. Christopher Bailey, Duke of Waltham, never suspected he would fall for someone such as Pauline. Can they face their fears together or will they both be ruined?I received an ARC copy from the author for an honest opinion. 4/5 stars

  • Fiona Leung
    2019-04-03 12:56

    Noble Secrets is the first book I've read by Cecilia Dominic and I'm pleased I got the chance to pick this up.This is also one of very few historical romances I've read in a while so it's refreshing to read a novella from this era.Noble Secrets is a prequel to the Aether Psychics books and a good introduction to the characters.I like the strong and independent Pauline who's also intelligent and has a thirst for knowledge. The attraction between her and Christopher (the duke) is pretty much instant and I enjoyed reading how they gradually grew closer.I'm also happy to report this novella has no cliff hanger and is pretty much a HEA ending :)(I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book)

  • Debbie Herbert
    2019-04-12 12:14

    Imaginative and fun!I had been hoping to see more of Pauline's character, and Cecilia Dominic delivered in this prequel to her imaginative Aether Psychics series. Dominic's blend of historical with paranormal romance is unique and intriguing. She captures the dialogue and mannerisms of the time while providing a modern, strong heroine. In this work, the heroine is fighting against social conventions that say she is unsuitable for the duke. I cheered for Pauline all the way for her to find love with the handsome and charming duke!

  • P
    2019-04-12 08:00

    Pauline is an independent strong women in an era when women are not. Christopher is progressive, where Pauline is concerned, in an era that is not. These elements add to their unique characters - I really enjoyed their story which is sweet with ancillary elements of danger & greed. Disclosure: I received this book free and voluntarily reviewed it.

  • Patti
    2019-04-01 10:04

    Looking for a light hearted romance mixed with mystery and intrigue? This is a great short story for you! The characters are well formed and the storyline will keep you entranced. Definitely things are not always the way they seem, and the resolution to this mystery will please you immensely! A copy of this book has been given to me in exchange for an honest review.

  • Robyn
    2019-04-26 16:03

    Noble Secrets is full of twists and turns and kept me on the edge of my seat. The character interactions were riveting, everyone had many dimensions and had a story to tell. Cecilia Dominic is a great author and I recommend this book. I received an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Karen
    2019-03-30 10:16

    I had never read any of Cecilia Dominic's books before and I'm the one missing out. The 1800's era is my favorite. The characters were very real, the storyline was fantastic. I enjoyed the fact that she gave Pauline a voice in a time were women had non. The way Christopher took care of his brother and Pauline to care of them all. I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

  • Linz
    2019-04-24 13:01

    I really enjoyed this book. It is quiet slow paced but this just allows us to really get to really know the characters and really adds to the suspense of the story. I believe this is a prequel but as a first time reader to Cecilia Dominic I haven’t yet read Eros Element (I’m kind of reading in the right order) but I have just bought it because I cannot wait to find out more.

  • Debbie Rodriguez
    2019-03-30 15:57

    This was a refreshing change of pace. I hadn't read a historical romance in forever. Ms Dominic did an amazing job. I was so into this book I finished it in such a short time I was amazed. If your looking for a great read look no further, it's right here...