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He’s a relentless homicide detective. She’s an uncompromising journalist. Neither desires to work together—but they’ll never uncover the truth alone. Landing a front page headline isn’t why reporter Caitlin Sparks is investigating a string of suspicious deaths connected to the U.S. State Department. She has a personal stake in finding the killer. Detective Blake Madison haHe’s a relentless homicide detective. She’s an uncompromising journalist. Neither desires to work together—but they’ll never uncover the truth alone. Landing a front page headline isn’t why reporter Caitlin Sparks is investigating a string of suspicious deaths connected to the U.S. State Department. She has a personal stake in finding the killer. Detective Blake Madison has a connection to the murders too, and will risk anything to uncover the truth. But a journalist is the last type of person he’d rely on to help him solve a crime—especially one whose trail of evidence leads back to him. Joining forces becomes essential as the body count continues to grow. Someone powerful doesn't want the truth to come out—and will stop at nothing to make sure no one talks. On the run with nowhere to turn, the couple devises a plan to expose the killer. The risk is great and the chance of success small, but the ultimate outcome is something neither one of them envisioned....

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deadline Reviews

  • Irene
    2019-03-25 17:34

    If you're looking for a book that will keep you guessing about who is the person calling all the shots, or a government conspiracy book. This is it.Caitlin who is a reporter lost her fiance. It was ruled a suicide but she new better. She knew he stumbled upon something at the state department that he shouldn't have. While trying to get to the bottom of things she runs into obstacles. One is Detective Madison.Blake Madison a police detective some how gets sucked into Caitlin's conspiracy theory. At first he seemed like a hard ass. However when things start to get uncovered he is a softy, only looking out for Caitlin's wellbeing. I was glued to the book. I was really trying to figure out who was calling all the shots at the state department. They did whatever they could to throw Caitlin from the truth. Once Blake and Caitlin figured it out, it got ugly. The ending was great however........I can't wait for book 2 to come out.

  • Diana H.
    2019-03-24 18:13

    I mostly enjoyed this book. The main story was good. The plot was a little heavy and plodding in some areas. One thing that definitely needed work though was the throw away references to some characters. The author would introduce a seemingly important person in the story but then we didn't learn anything more about them - they died without any further mention or they were a betrayer to the main characters, etc. That is very frustrating. Also, when an author introduces the paranormal into a story, make it tie in with the rest of the story - the paranormal should never be a one-off event in the plot. It makes no sense.For all the criticisms I have of this book, I will be reading the next in this series. I have to find out if the author clears up some of the hanging plot points or not. Here's hoping!!

  • Dbl
    2019-04-21 12:40

    A Romance NovelNot at all what I expected. The characters are too perfect and the villain is too simple. Almost stopped reading this book and finally finished by scanning the remaining third.

  • Indiebrag
    2019-04-12 14:15

    We are proud to announce that DEADLINE by Jessica James is a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree. This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money!

  • Fred Fanning
    2019-04-05 14:28

    Really good book that is well written and very entertaining. I couldn't put it down.

  • Gary Bourget
    2019-04-09 13:34

    Keeps one on the edgeStory builds and builds, adding new characters and twists and just when you think you have a grasp on what's going on, Boom you can't put this down....

  • Kristy K
    2019-04-02 13:26

    Read as part of #30DayReadingIndie ChallengeCloser to 3.5 starsEven though Deadline is billed as a romantic suspense novel, it really veers more toward straight suspense for which I am thankful. I initially worried the romance would take front seat and hinder or diminish the mystery, but instead, the angst comes from the not knowing and the scariness/uneasiness of a "who's behind this?"I really like both main characters, Caitlyn and Blake. Caitlyn's portrayed as one of the few honest, hardworking journalist out there, whose drive for knowledge and truth lands her in hot water within the political arena. Blake, a seasoned detective and veteran, has obvious hesitations toward journalists, but soon comes to realize that Caitlyn wants not to exploit him or his cases, only to provide the truth. Together, they embark on a fact finding mission to uncover a political conspiracy that has them both running for their lives. Deadline is not constant action, near death misses, and never a moment's rest; however, I don't feel this hurts it. It is a slow build that holds your interests as Caitlyn and Blake swift through information and deliberate (and have a few close calls). They work well together, and while they occasionally butt heads (especially in the beginning), they form a cohesive relationship that starts as a joint desire for justice, but ends up being more. The whole time I read this, I kept thinking these two characters could result in a good series, so I was happy when I got to the end and saw they have another book coming out this year. As a side note: the backstory, or subplot, feels reminiscent of recent historical events (think the real life turned book turned movie, 13 hours).

  • Karen
    2019-03-24 10:20

    Deadline, by Jessica James, is the first book I've read by this author, and I was not let down. This book literally had me guessing until the very end! Every time I thought I had it figured out, the author threw in another unexpected twist, which made for a captivating read! The main characters work well together while trying to solve these crimes, and that made for an easy read. They also have amazing chemistry together. Detective Blake Madison and reporter Caitlin Sparks are both investigating suspicious deaths that are somehow connected to the US State Department. Both have personal reasons for becoming involved in solving these crimes, and once they join forces, both their lives are put in danger because someone doesn't want the truth to come out. Overall, this book had a great storyline, a lot of suspense throughout , and great main characters! I felt it started a bit slow, but quickly picked up the pace. Before I knew it, I finished the book. I felt the premise of the story was definitely believable, and the author did a great job telling the story. I know I will definitely read more by this author, and would highly recommend this book.I was given an advance digital copy of this book by Jessica James and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • V Forr
    2019-04-08 15:24

    This novel was an absolutely fantastic read. The plot is a fast moving, twisting political suspense thriller that caught me by surprise several times. It is certainly not a predictable political thriller for mass production. Deadline follows two dynamic characters who form an unlikely alliance on a political scandal for the ages. Jessica James writes such a realistic and compelling story. The novel is better than most action movies and James's writing is strong enough that graphic violence scenes are completely unnecessary. The plot and characters are much too strong for cheap tricks. When read at a steady pace, you, the reader, can fully visualize the scenes laid out on the pages before you making the novel impossible to put down. I read it in a little over twenty-four hours because I had to know what happened next. I simply could not stop reading it. I strongly suggest you read this novel because my review does not do it justice. Happy reading!

  • Teresa
    2019-04-10 13:25

    **I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for ah honest review**I have read Meant To Be by the author and thought perhaps this book would be the same genre but this is a thriller with a homicide detective, a reporter and a murder to solve. The beginning started a bit slow but the story picked up and before you know it you've read the entire book.Caitlin Sparks is a new reporter looking for her first big story and when she sneaks onto a murder investigation being conducted by Blake Madison, he allows her three questions. When they have to join together to help solve the mystery and murder. The author throws in a person of interest that doesn't want anything to come out and if they has to commit murder again that wouldn't be a problem.The story line was good and the main characters were likable but I found that there ending left you with a cliffhanger and no final wrap up. All in all Deadline was a good read and I look forward to the next book.

  • Lynn Hallbrooks
    2019-04-19 15:27

    I received this book via Reading Deals Review Club in exchange for an honest review.This is a mixture of Political Intrigue and Romantic Suspense genres.Caitlin Sparks was trained in the old school journalistic ways. A late night drive has her crossing paths with police cars and her instincts urge her to the scene. That's where she first cross paths with hard-nose Detective Blake Madison. It won't be the last time they butt heads. I love how Ms. James shares the viewpoints as well as the inner turmoil of the main characters. She leaves just enough breadcrumbs to the reader without giving too much away at one time. In some ways she reminds me of Dee Henderson's writing especially with the interaction between Caitlin and Blake. Warning: This book is for Mature Audiences due to Violence and Adult situations.

  • Patricia
    2019-04-21 14:39

    As is sometimes the case, this book's rating benefits from a comparison with the last book (by a different author) I read, and this one stands head and shoulders above that one. The writing in this story did not snag my reading eyes with awkward phrasing or stilted conversation. Ms. James wrote so flowingly and compellingly that this was a joy to read. Also, I did not have to pause to roll my eyes in this one, either. No illogical or ill-conceived bits in Deadline. This was well thought out, interesting, convincing, and compelling. I cannot wait for book 2. I know it does not say on Amazon or Goodreads that this is book one in a series (at least not today) but in an afternote, the author said one would be forthcoming this summer (2016). I am really looking forward to that one (with fairly high expectations).

  • Beth Rhodes
    2019-03-22 17:42

    What I liked about the book: Even with the slow start, the story picked up the pace, and there were twists and turns that kept the ending from being revealed too soon. I liked the hero and heroine together. Once they started working as a unit, the ebb and flow of their budding relationship brought much needed emotional relief to the mystery. Some things to consider: Unfortunately, I had a hard time fully enjoying the book. There was an unpolished element to the writing that made me wonder if the author could have used a better editor. Even so, I am grateful for the chance to read the book. If you like mystery and political thrillers with sweet and conservative values, this could be the book for you.

  • Darlene A. Ford
    2019-04-16 12:28

    This was a great read. It had everything.....a suspenseful plot, a bit of humor in the mix, a male character who was strong but had heart (a divorced dad with young children!!!), a high strung female character who was into her career but could change her approach when convinced by the right person. Of course she wasn't beyond changing the approach of the strong male either. And sparks flew when they were forced to work together to save their lives. Best of all, the book left you wanting more of Blake and Caitlin and the author is going to give us Fine Line in July. Let's see, that's about 4 months to wait.

  • Taylor B
    2019-04-09 15:20

    ARC provided by Netgalley. This book was a good and entertaining read but it was a little difficult for me to get interested in the actual story. The main characters were well written and dynamic, however, the story is a very slow build up and almost like a straight up suspense novel rather than an action suspense or romantic suspense (which this is labeled as on Netgalley). So while I would have preferred more action and maybe a little more romance, still glad I read the book.

  • Barbara Tsipouras
    2019-04-21 16:15

    The mystery isn't that difficult to solve and it isn't surprising that the reporter and the detective will find love - after surviving dangerous moments and publishing the scandal.It was quite entertaining.No graphic descriptions of violence or the romance.Thanks to Netgalley for this free copy.

  • Memphistigergal
    2019-03-26 14:33

    This is an artfully written suspense thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed. What happens when the government is trying to cover up murder and a small time cop and reporter want the truth? Read this book to find out. I have not read any other Jessica James writings, but they will definitely be added to my queue.

  • Lisa
    2019-04-14 18:40

    I gave this book a 3 because while it seemed to read well for me there was something lacking. The suspense was there but It just seemed to drag on a bit.I really cant put my finger on why I didnt like it more. I loved the premise as it sure sounds like something that has/could happen in our country. Try it you may really like it.

  • InD'tale Magazine
    2019-04-04 12:16

    4.5/5.0A brilliant start for a new mystery series!Read full review in the 2016 June issue of InD'tale Magazine.

  • Melanie
    2019-04-04 11:21

    Wow. It's hard to find a great political thriller, but I was wrapped up from the start. Caitlin finds herself following a huge story full of coverups, murders, and seemingly back door deals. Blake is the lead detective of a double homicide, before it is abruptly taken over by the FBI... who can they trust? Can they trust each other?