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The Bad Boys of Destiny are back and this sexy charmer will stop at nothing to win the heart of the one woman who never let him down. Shelly Walker was born to be good. Raised by her deeply religious, prison guard father, Shelly was taught that good girls follow the rules—and definitely don’t sin. Just as her father announces he’s arranging her marriage, Shelly’s childhoodThe Bad Boys of Destiny are back and this sexy charmer will stop at nothing to win the heart of the one woman who never let him down. Shelly Walker was born to be good. Raised by her deeply religious, prison guard father, Shelly was taught that good girls follow the rules—and definitely don’t sin. Just as her father announces he’s arranging her marriage, Shelly’s childhood friend-turned-TV host, Levi King, unexpectedly returns. With his sexy smile and bad boy charm he’s the type of guy who has sin written all over him.Levi has been fond of Shelly since childhood, but when he returns to town, he sees that the delicate girl he knew has turned into a bombshell. Levi encourages Shelly to shake things up, but when Shelly tells him that she’s considering obeying her father and starting a family, Levi realizes that being with Shelly means more to him than just a good time. Will Shelly follow the rules or will she take a chance on the bad boy?...

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Heart of a Bad Boy Reviews

  • XxTainaxX
    2019-05-02 18:31

    This was just the cleanse I needed after a bad DNF. I was very curious about these two and I was not disappointed. Shelly and Levi have been best friends for years. Even though they didn't see each other often, they wrote, talked, sent gifts and more. Levi goes back into town after his aunt gets sick and reconnects with his bestie. Only she's not the dorky girl he left behind. She is what she always was to him at 15 and more. He definitely likes what he sees. They have been in love with each other a long time but neither of them realized. Watching them figure it out is sweet, sexy and full of awesome moments. I loved it when Levi became aware. The writing pulls you right in and doesn't loosen its grip. I enjoyed the epilogue which gives us a glimpse into their relationships a few years later. I'm sad to see this line end but I hope we get to read about more characters from the little town . Safety: No OW/OM/Sharing, though Levi gets a peck on the mouth from an old flame in front of Shelly (grrr). No rape/abuse. h was a V. Condoms sometimes. One instance of pushing away. ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

  • Ivy Deluca
    2019-05-11 19:35

    -Sweet best friends to lovers romance. Levi King is part of a trio of brother who grew up in Destiny but moved away to become high powered millionaires who own and operate a major auto business. It’s been thirteen years since Levi came back to Destiny, but he’s always kept in touch with his best friend, Shelly, through letters and gifts through the years. There’s never a doubt that they love each other, but it takes them a long time to admit that they’re in love too. Along the way, romance happens.-Idealized heroine. Shelly is a twenty nine year old schoolmarm who dresses in too-big clothes, and still sees herself as that awkward teenager she used to be, instead of the gorgeous woman she is today. Shelly’s very likeable, even when she tips into Mary Sue territory. Her complete innocence kind of pushed the boundaries (that kind of innocence without being cloistered in a nunnery was um, surprising), but I liked her and I liked her relationship with Levi.-Loving protective, slightly dense hero. Levi’s the youngest King and he’s tired of being treated like the baby, even if he doesn’t see how he ran away from the girl he loved was a dumb bunny move (they never had a romantic relationship when they were younger because Levi didn’t feel good enough for Shelly). -Third book in series, but standalone. I wasn’t aware that it’s the third book in this series, but all three books take place at the same time, so it didn’t affect my enjoyment at all. I will say that I don’t feel the need to read the other books to feel this book was complete, so that was definitely a plus for me.-Perhaps too sweet at times. Shelly’s complete standstill of a life waiting for Levi, even if not intended to seem that way, was a bit irksome. There’s no real tension except at the end, and it was an easy read, though I would have loved to have seen Shelly have a bit more fire in her, instead of basically treading water before Levi shows up. Emotionally, it’s very lovely but I would have loved a bit of kick to the overall tale.An enjoyable read if you’re in the mood for small town best friends to lovers romance.**ARC provided by publisher via netgalley for review**For more reviews, visit

  • Vashti
    2019-05-04 23:15

    What a fantastic read this turned out to be.This is only my second read by Sugar Jamison and she definitely has found a fan in me. Several of my favorite tropes are found in this delightful romance ,it has the friends to lovers and of course the virgin and the bad boy.This was book #3 of the series,I have not read the prior books,but will certainly read them after this as I want to read the other 2 brothers journey to hea.Wonderful epilogue as they are a must for me,like icing on a favorite cake.If you love a good romance,this will fit the bill,low angst,recommended.

  • ♥ WishfulMiss ♥
    2019-04-26 21:28

    [image error]Yay! Another 5 star read!!! This is a really great friends to lovers romance. Levi and Shelly have been best friends since he was eight and she was seven. When Levi moves away at fifteen, these two unlikely people, different as night and day, manage to hold on to each other. Their friendship survives through a series of letters and phone calls, spanning thirteen years and thousands of miles. Even though they came from different backgrounds and personalities, there was something about them that just clicked into place. I loved this love story! This was a different twist on the friends to lovers trope, and I enjoyed it so much! There is very low angst (Yay!) and a lot of feel good moments. There was no pining away for each other, no one sided longing and no pushing away. This was a sweet romance about two friends that finally realize that their love is more than they’d been willing to admit.What I loved was the dynamics of this couple, they had such different personalities, I’m talking polar opposites but their differences strengthened them and pulled them closer together. You definitely feel the sparks in the air around Levi and Shelly but also the easy friendship. It has always been on a different level. They get each other - flaws and all. Its intense and more meaningful than any other relationship they have ever had with anyone else. The romance was always under the surface but this platonic side had you falling right into this story seamlessly. It was adorable to see them interacting as friends before they become more.[image error]I've read romance between friends where the love is one sided or unrequited by either the H or h, so I loved that this wasn't the case in Heart of a Bad Boy. Levi and Shelly never deny that they love each other. It's the realization that they arein lovethat throws them for a loop. (view spoiler)[ Loved that there was no long and drawn out OM/OW drama.(hide spoiler)]Loved the hilarious dialogue between the MCs . Shelly cracked me up with her straight forwardness and honesty and Levi charmed the pants off me with his sincerity. I loved both Levi and Shelly. Levi was a great person, he was kind, he was affectionate and although at times he put his foot in his mouth, he was always the first to acknowledge it. I loved that he didn’t push to change Shelly, yes there was this crazy hot physical attraction between them but Levi saw Shelly as the fun-loving wacky and funny girl she let out around him. It was more than looks for him, Levi saw the real Shelly, not the muted version she displayed to everyone else. [image error] And Shelly, Shelly was easy to relate to, she was funny and sassy around Levi but turned shy and socially awkward around everyone else. The fears and insecurities that burden her makes her a vulnerable but relatable character. She's lead a content life, kind of in limbo where she isn't unhappy but never really happy either. Then Levi arrives and his brand of wild and crazy balances her out, giving her the excitement and joy in life that she’d been missing out on by living on the sidelines. Like everyone else in Destiny, it was pretty clear that these two were meant for each other. It was a fun and steamy journey, seeing them express their love for each other in so many ways to everyone around them and still not realizing that their love was more than just friendship. This was a case of obliviousness rather than denial. They both love each other but it takes some time to figure out that theirin lovewith each other. I can’t say it enough, Levi and Shelly were perfect together![image error]I loved the humor and the easy flow/pace of their relationship. I loved the snippets of their letters at the start of every chapter. It showcased just how awesome they were with each other and really made an impact to the overall story. This was definitely a feel good romance! Would highly recommend.*** ARC provided for an honest review *** ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Alison
    2019-05-11 21:32

    Four and a half amazeballs stars!I think that this is my favourite of the three Destiny books. The three King boys were once considered trash in the small town of Destiny, Nevada where they grew up. Son of the town drunk they grew up dirt poor, the eldest Duke once got arrested as a teenager for stealing food to feed his brothers. Then Duke got put in prison for ten years for beating up the Police Chief's son and the town turned against them. One way and another the King boys left Destiny and made new lives for themselves, creating a reality TV show centred on Duke's custom car renovations and featuring the youngest boy, Levi a former racing driver, as the host. Together the King empire has made each of the men very wealthy under the direction of the middle son, Colt. When their aunt Lolly goes into hospital the boys are forced to return and face their demons.If you haven't read the first two books in the series you can easily read this one as a stand-alone - just don't read the epilogue! The USP of this series is that each book is set in the same time period, so each starts with a different King brother reacting to the news of Lolly's illness and how they react to returning to Destiny.This book features the youngest, Levi King. Living the life of a playboy from his base in Vegas, Levi is vaguely dissatisfied. The cars and the girls and the international travel are starting to become a bit same-same and he is contemplating going back to racing, even though he nearly died in a crash. When he returns to Destiny his first visit is to see his childhood best friend Shelly. Shelly is Levi's opposite; her father is a prison guard and deacon of the local church, she is an elementary school teacher, never drunk alcohol, never had sex, never even gone dancing, a woman who wears her hair in a tight bun and dresses like a nun. Yet the two of them had been best friends since they were eight years old and a little girl in a pretty pink dress and a pink hair ribbon decided to befriend a little boy with ripped jeans and a T-shirt that was too small. All the time that Levi has been away from Destiny Shelly has been writing to him and sending him little gifts, telling him the minutiae of her life - she doesn't realise how much those letters meant to Levi.Maybe the way I've described this Shelly comes across as a prudish, bible-bashing, kill-joy but she isn't at all. In her letters to Levi she lets out all the things she thinks and feels (her 'confession' about her dreams involving peanut cookies and milk made me laugh out loud), in return Levi validates her feelings. Shelly is kind of a Pollyanna (in a nice way), she is always happy and helpful to others, she volunteers for the local church and helps the elderly 'just because'. What she really wants to do is live a little, see the world, have adventures.Now I've read 100s of friends-to-lovers novels, and novels where the heroine has been in love with the hero since they were children, and lots of variations on the themes but I don't think I've ever enjoyed one as much as this. Both Levi and Shelly were just great characters. It was blindingly obvious to the reader that they were in love with each other, as one character says near the end, what twenty-something man writes letters like a little old lady to a girl unless he is in love? I just enjoyed the ride and the sassy comments that Shelly comes out with. She might be innocent but she is one heck of a fun girl, the sort of friend everyone wants. If only she liked red wine!I honestly worry that part of the reason I stopped work wasn't because I was suffering from a head-cold today but because I just couldn't wait to finish this book. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! I think Sugar Jamison has just got better with each book. Please tell me that Judy gets a book.I received a free copy of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.Bumped for release week (and spelling the author's name wrong!).

  • Esther
    2019-05-19 16:23

    ARC from Netgalley for an honest review.First time reading this author and will look for future books. Enjoyable read.Levi and his brothers are well to do bad boys. The King boys came from a small town where their Aunt raised them, Dad was the town drunk. They left town when Levi was ten, his brother Duke had run into some trouble and everyone turned against them. Well the three brothers made something of themselves and became well known and well off.We open the story with the brothers getting word their Aunt is ill and in ICU. They all three know that they are headed home to be their for their Aunt Lolly.Shelly was Lolly's next door neighbor and Levi's best friend growing up. Shelly is a good girl, her Father was a Deacon at the church, she's shy and now a teacher. Through the years Levi and Shelly have kept in contact and sent gifts to each other. When Levi returns and see's his best friends, after fifteen years, he's very surprised at seeing the grown up Shelly. Shelly has always adored Levi and is thrilled to know he's back in town. The story is a sweet, sexy best friends to lovers. The development of these two characters and their relationship was a fun, sweet, hot read. The two become reacquainted and realize that there is some major chemistry that's been added to their friendship that the two want to pursue. Levi was a sweetheart in his pursuit of Shelly. Shelly was a good girl but strong and determined to live her life. Love both these two characters and how their relationship developed in a manner that was fun to read, with some good emotional depth added to it. Secondary characters were just a likable and looking forward to the next book. The writing was good and well paced.

  • Emily (Mrs B's Books)
    2019-05-15 18:20

    Again i cannot give this book a higher rating as a lot of this just overlaps the previous books, but from Levi's perspective as all the books happen over the same time period.Levi is the joker of the brothers, but we also see that he wears his heart on his sleeve a little more and is not as jaded and closed off as his brothers, although he uses flirting as his shield.Michelle, often just called Shelly is a woman who has not experienced much and has kept herself very sheltered. She is the towns good girl and has been best friends with Levi for most of his life.They make a very sweet couple, and Levi shows great patience with her and slowly helps to get her out of her shell and experiencing things in a way that is not too out of her depths.Levi is my favourite out of the brothers, but the overlap in the writing in all the books really pulled things down.

  • Danielle
    2019-05-07 22:20

    The King Men are definitely on the map. This is the third book in the Destiny series and I really enjoyed getting to know the youngest King brother, Levi better. If you haven't read the previous books fear not this could be read as a standalone but I do suggest starting from the beginning. While each book is about a different brother the stories all take place at the same time when they return to their hometown of Destiny, Nevada. For a bit of a background on this fine and successful men they were once considered trash. They were the sons of the town drunk and when their father left they went to live with their Aunt Lolly who raised them. Now they are more then successful but are asked to return to the town who turned on them because Lolly is in the hospital and they owe her a lot. As soon as Levi returns to Destiny his first stop is to see his childhood best friend Shelly. While they have kept in touch through gifts, letters and phone calls they haven't seen each other since Levi left town. What Levi didn't expect was his best friend to be a knock out and oh boy is he surprised. I really liked how shocked Levi was to see Shelly and to actually notice how grown up and beautiful she has become. At first I was thinking Shelly came off as prudish but during the letters that she wroteLevi I really enjoyed how open she was about her life. While Shelly has always loved Levi she knows that nothing will ever become of them but the more time they spend together and the more Levi has her trying new things and opening up the more I could see how close and meant to be they actually were. Levi right away knows that he is attracted to her and wants her but I love the fight he gives himself until he can't handle it anymore. These two had not only great chemistry but a real long lasting friendship. With each book the stories get better and I love the humor that Jamison brought to her characters. I'm hoping this isn't the end to the Destiny series because their are some more characters that have captured my interest and I hope they get a chance at a HEA.

  • Alyse
    2019-05-01 16:25

    Heart of the Bad Boy was my favorite out of the three Destiny series. But that isn't saying all that much because I didn't really like any of these. I found (ALL) these characters to be whiny, entitled, and just annoying. I honestly don't know why I continued reading the King brother's stories. But once I rad the first two, I figured "Why not?! Maybe Levi will win me over!!" Sadly, Heart of the Bad Boy was just an "ehhh" kind of read for me.While Levi was the nicest and most personable of the three King brother's (by far), I found him kind of whiny. Definitely the "youngest" sibling stereotypical behavior to me. Rating: 2.5 out of 5**I received an ARC through Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.**OTHER PLACES TO FIND ME: Blog: http://alysenovak.blogspot.comFacebook:':

  • Bette Hansen
    2019-05-15 16:06

    An amazing read! By far my favorite of the 3 Destiny books. While this one is easily read standalone, treat yourself to the other two as well. This is Levi's story. The youngest of the King Brothers and the one with the best memories of Destiny. That's mostly due to his best friend who happens to be the girl next door, Shelly. When he left Destiny the always stayed in touch and now that he's back she's the first person he wants to see. He's shocked to see she's not the young girl he left behind though. Although she hides behind too big and frankly ugly clothes, he can see the beautiful woman beneath. He's determined to get her to shake things up in her life and have a little fun. Will she find the man of her dreams when she does this or has she known him all along???Definitely a book you want to read. I highly recommend it.

  • Deb
    2019-05-10 23:19

    Heart of a Bad Boy is the latest installment of the The Bad Boys of Destiny series, which I am sad to say so far is the last in this series. We get Levi’s story, and the conclusion of all the King brother’s stories.

  • Hannah
    2019-05-14 23:25

    ARC REVIEW Sugar Jamison wraps up the Destiny series with Levi and Shelly's story. Until you get to the epilogue of this story it doesn't matter in which order you read it. Bad Boy CEO and Betting on the Bad Boy are pretty much reversible and I would say it about Heart of a Bad Boy but the epilogue is kind of the piece de resistance, it was the closure for the series. However can I see another Destiny book outside the King family, yes; and I hope we get one.Levi and Shelly have been best friends since Levi moved in next door. Two unlikely friends one of those bad King boys and the Church Deacon daughter. But never the less, through thick and thin and although apart for the last 13 years they have been close. Shelly know Levi is a playboy all she has to do is look in the media and see he's with a different girl, girls who are the completely different from her, but it doesn't stop her from loving him. When Levi gets called back home the first place he goes is to see Shelly. Shelly's father is out of state on a much needed vacation while he is gone Shelly decides that she is going to do all the stuff she could never do with her father here, and lucky enough Levi is here to help corrupt her, I mean help her.Thirteen years with out seeing his best friend and Levi is stunned by how beautiful a woman Shelly has grown into. Helping her find her true self without the watchful eye of her father and Shelly blossoms into a confident young woman. Levi just needs a little push to realize that his friendship with Shelly has always been love. Overall, I love these brothers. Levi however managed to be the sweetest most romantic of the three, I mean what he did to prove his love to Shelly... happy cry, ugly cry but a happy one.

  • Mariel Hoss
    2019-05-07 17:10

    *ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review* The last book in the Destiny series flows along the same timeline as the first and second books but concentrating on Levi, the youngest.The King brothers were the lowest of the low in Destiny, NV before they hit it big with their custom car empire under the bright lights of Las Vegas. Duke, the oldest, is a hard and taciturn man who lives and breathes his custom cars. Colt, the middle child, is the brains of the operations, turning Duke's custom car business into a billion dollar company. Levi, the youngest, a fun loving playboy is the who face of King's Customs.Nothing would make them come back except for the failing health of their grandmother, Lolly. This a friends to lovers romance that feature Levi King and his best friend Shelly. Though apart, they've always kept in touch - letters and gifts through the years. There’s never a doubt that they love each other, but to transition to being in love? Hmmm...that's going to take a little...pushing...Shelly, a 29 year-old school teacher, still sees herself as the awkward teenager she used to be, instead of the woman she has become. Innocent (!!!) and spunky, she is very likable...but I felt like she was in a holding pattern waiting for something to happen to her. Kind of like a sleeping beauty waiting for the Prince's kiss. Enter the Prince er Levi, loving, protective and loyal. He comes back and challenges Shelly's comfortable life. No real drama or tension, just a slow awakening for passion for Shelly and to finding out what he really was missing for Levi.Sweet.

  • Cathy Geha
    2019-05-02 19:24

    This is a story of first times and Levi’s desire to give quite a few firsts to his best friend, Shelly. Levi, Duke and Cole were taken in by their Aunt Lolly when their father abandoned them. When they are called and told she is in ICU they head home to see her. Lolly has an agenda for each of them that is revealed in the Destiny trilogy. I have not read Duke’s story (book 1) or Cole’s (book 2) but Levi’s story is complete in and of itself without having to read them. Levi has been friends with Shelly, Lolly’s next door neighbor, since childhood. Her father works as a prison guard and is a very religious man…as is she. Her mother dying when she was young has left her feeling she must be perfect and reflect well on her parents. Levi left 13 years before this story begins and has kept in touch with Shelly through mail, e-mail, phone calls and gifts he sends on holidays and her birthday. When he gets home she is no longer 15 and is quite a bit different looking than his memories of her. With her father away they are freer to explore one another - in more ways than one. Shelly develops a bucket list for their summer month together – and what a list it is – thus the firsts that are sprinkled through the book. Levi and Shelly are interesting together. Both have known childish love and have cared for one another for many years. Their move from friends to lovers is appropriate and the story well told. More fantasy than reality in some ways with three down and out brothers becoming multi-millionaires BUT what is a good romance without some fantasy? Thank you to NetGalley for the copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. 3.5 Stars

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-05-11 16:12

    Shelly's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsThis is the third book in the Bad Boys of Destiny series, these sexy men who start life hard and find peace back in the town they thought they would never return to. Shelly is the good girl who followed the rules and didn’t walk on the wild side, until her long time friend comes back to town and her rules are throw out the door.Levi has returned to his childhood town to see his ailing Aunt or so it seems. But when he sees his long time friend and sees what she is hiding behind her shy, quite facet he sets about to shake things up for them both.I had a hard time starting it as it overlapped the first two books. I enjoy a little overlapping of books, but this one seemed to have more in it than normal. I enjoyed the book, but would have liked to have had the story move forward instead of forward and then back to taking up where the previous books were taking place. Review copy provided for an honest review.

  • Isha Coleman
    2019-05-04 16:11

    Ms. Jamison knows how to create a heartthrob. I received an ARC of Heart of the Bad Boy by Sugar Jamison in exchange for an honest review. The King brothers are worthy of some serious salivating. Tough on the outside but marshmallows on the inside. What woman wouldn't love that?Add the complicated history between these alpha men and their hometown of Destiny, you get stories of redemption and triumph. Heart of a Bad Boy is baby brother Levi's story. With the many upsets in his life Levi's sense of stability was almost non-existent. Family tragedy, physical abuse and prejudice were abundant fixtures within his childhood. There was a bright spot though. His best friend Shelly who looked beyond the renegade and saw the heart of a lost boy. Circumstances separated them but the ingenuity of a shrewd old woman and the pull of family bonds make for a love story that proves to be a combination sweet and salty good time. Have a soft spot for those bad boys and Sugar Jamison delivers.

  • Connie
    2019-04-24 17:12

    The hot King men are back in town! I love this awesome story told from Levi's point of view. Shelly and Levi have the best friendship and have helped each other through lonely, painful and often heart-breaking times. Both are afraid to ruin their friendship with romance. Also Levi will only be in Destiny for a month and Shelly is not willing to risk her heart on a "maybe". Or will she?

  • Jenn Cunha
    2019-05-05 23:21

    Received an ARC from NetGalley.Is there anything better than best friends to lovers? Not the way Sugar Jamison wrote it. Shelly and Levi have been friends forever but have been separated by time and distance. That didn't stop their friendship though. They kept up with letters, emails, and the occasional phone call. When Levi is called back to town to take care of his aunt, he's surprised that his best friend has become quite the bombshell.I loved watching Levi and Shelly give in to temptation. What started as a kind of innocent fooling around turned into something so much more and it was so great going along for the ride. Shelly had been so sheltered her whole life and Levi helping her explore the world and all those things she didn't get a chance to do were wonderful. Not to mention that the love scenes between them were so innocent yet so insanely hot. Now that I've read Duke and Levi's book, I understand that all three brothers' stories are happening simultaneously, which makes much more sense. And that epilogue is the perfect way to end this series.

  • Shelly
    2019-04-23 23:24

    I was more than curious to read this. You see fellow readers, I am always fascinated how authors, regardless of genre, will portray the 'deeply religious' person and the people who are raised in their household. So my curiosity was peaked with Shelly. Will she be the stereotypical rebellious wild child who sees the need to break every household rule and societal law or will she take the teachings of her father and her father's religion and use them for good.It's really not a hard decision, but then again I think that if Shelly Walker's life was influenced more by Levi King she wouldn't have turned out to be the amazingly wonderful and giving person that she is. Shelly was one of the few people who befriended Levi when they were both much younger and he was still living in Destiny with his older brothers. It’s that same ‘deeply religious’ father who allowed that friendship and thought Shelly the value of not judging others. But I digress. Race-car driver Levi King is the youngest of the King brothers. Levi’s on a bit of a break after a very bad car accident the year prior. He hasn’t decided his future in racing but in the mean time, he’s hosting a TV show that showcases his brother Duke’s custom cars. On a mundane day the brothers are notified that the woman who helped raise them, after their father left, is in the hospital and she’s requested that they all come home to see her. Levi’s best friend, Shelly, still lives in Destiny. She writes him quite often (weekly) and he’s writes back when he gets a chance. There’s a lot about these two that I really enjoyed. But there’s a lot that makes Levi a pretty crappy best friend. Hear me out. Levi has money. We know he’s got money from his wins, sponsors and his TV hosting gig. Shelly’s a school teacher in a small town. Who do you think has the most money between them? Who has the more disposable income? I deduce that Levi’s the answer to both my questions. Here’s why I think Levi’s not so great - why would you NEVER have visited your best friend, when you have the means to do so, in the last 13 years? If you won’t visit because of some slight done against you by some people in Destiny how about sending a ticket to your BFF to come to you? Shelly didn’t seem to mind but I did. Once Levi gets back to Destiny, he starts realizing all the things that Shelly’s never said in her letters. All the things she does without asking for anything in return. All the things she does for others without saying that she’s doing them. All the things that Levi doesn’t know about her because he really doesn’t know Shelly as well as he thought he did. Heck, he didn’t even know what she looked like because he’s not seen her in 13 years. Once he sees her, he gets a visceral response and it’s such a surprise because he can’t believe how attractive his best friend is. Shelly knows a lot about Levi. She follows him online and she sees what he’s been doing. Unfortunately for her, she gets the majority of her news about Levi from whatever online presence before she gets it from him. But even with all that she still considers him her best friend because she tells him her private thoughts, things she wouldn’t tell anyone else and he doesn’t judge her. Once Levi is back in town, their friendship flourishes. Shelly knows that she’s on borrowed time with him being in town so she’s open for new adventures with Levi. Their friendship goes to another stage, lovers, pretty quickly but it worked. Shelly’s realistic in her expectations of Levi - she’s seen his life unfold so she knows his type and she knows she ain’t it. But even with that, she’s not holding an internal grudge, she’s getting out and doing things that she normally wouldn’t do. I really enjoyed seeing their relationship grow - there were moments of angst from both which were pretty credible. When Shelly stood up for herself I was thrilled but then she kind of ruined that moment for me when she gave in to Levi too quickly at the end. There’s a lot of like in this story - it flows well, there’s character development for both H & h. The relationships between Levi and his brothers were fun to read and very touching; Duke is a bit too hard for me but I guess if you spend 10 years in prison you end up like that; and I’m not really sure what Colt’s story is. I really liked Shelly and Judy’s friendship and I especially enjoyed Shelly and her Dad’s relationship. There’s much more to like than dislike and the epilogue was quite nice. Happy reading folks! Rating: BARC provided via NetGalley Also posted at

  • Shari
    2019-04-27 21:23

    This review was originally posted on Delighted ReaderFinally we get Levi's story. The Bad Boys of Destiny is a series about the King brothers and their return to Destiny. The first book started with Colt, Duke and Levi returning when their aunt is put into the hospital. The stories happen at the same time as you get bits and pieces of them all together and their own story on their own. Levi is the youngest of them all. While you don't have to have the other two brothers' stories, it does help at times when you have read the scene from a different perspective.Levi King has always been the protected younger brother when the King patriarch leaves town after he causes a drunken accident that almost kills someone. Until they are taken in by their aunt, Duke and Colt went without to give Levi somewhat of a normal life. That doesn't mean he didn't know what they were doing. Nearby there was a neighbor girl who decided one day they were best friends, Shelly. The two were inseparable up until Duke is sent to prison and Colt takes Levi away from the town that always looked down on the King family.Through the years, Levi and Shelly remained friends, writing and calling each other, but Levi never makes an attempt to come home. He takes on car racing until a bad accident throws him out of the circuit. His brothers have built a dynasty on remodeling old cars, custom work Duke does, while Colt runs the business side. They take him in and make him the face of their television show.Now Levi is back in town and the first person he goes to is Shelly. Shelly lives with her widowed father who works at the prison and is a deacon at the local church. While I don't think he pressured Shelly, he did raise her strictly. Covering up her body in two sizes to big for her, she pulls her hair back into a strict, tight bun. As a teacher she is gentle and firm, but with Levi back in her life she realizes she hasn't truly lived, but instead has waited on him to come back to her.The two form a bucket list and start the slow draw to falling in love. I guess I felt awkward that they were best friends, but also going at it like bunnies without talking about the future or their feelings. How to you exit this relationship still friends and move on? Shelly is a virgin and naive in ways, but don't mistake that to mean she isn't adventurous, she just needed the right person to branch out with her sexuality.I loved Levi and his need to come back to his best friend always even if not in person. He fustrated me with not fully admitting his feelings even to himself at one point. Growing is what he needed to do before he could grasp what he was losing. I loved that Shelly wasn't just a sweet submissive thing. She baked, took care of other people, but she finally puts her foot down when she feels she is being used.This was a sweet way to end the book with various different types of bad boys all in one family. Colt was the corporate shark with no feelings (or just bottled up), Duke is the ex-con who has the gentlest of hearts (and a secret son he didn't know about), along with Levi who is the bad boy of women learning love was right in front of him. I highly recommend this series to anyone wanting a little King in their bed. Catch up on the series! Challenge Info:Literary Pickers: American Muscle CarBooks 'N Tunes: Staying Alive by the Bee Gees review was originally posted on Delighted Reader

  • ✰BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰
    2019-05-23 20:12

    Copy received via Netgalley for an honest reviewThis book again follows the same timeline as the first two books, so if you haven't read them you will be fine.This is the brother's story that I have really been wanting. With the glimpses of Levi and Shelly's relationship through his brothers eyes, I just knew that this was going to be the one that got me in the feels.I loved that how through everything, they never lost contact - sure they might not have seen each other in years, but still there was that connection that only best friend have, that only those you truly care for can keep.This really was a summer of first for Shelly,and at times I laughed out loud, at other times my heart ached for her as we saw what she had been missing. Her story is like a butterfly coming out of it's cocoon.There really was so much more to Levi's story than one would think, and I felt for him as we learn more of his childhood (which if you have read the other books you know about)Heart of a Bad Boy was definitely my favourite book in this series, and even though I am sad to see the series come to an end, I am looking forward to seeing what Ms Jamison brings us next.

  • Swanangel15's Book Review
    2019-05-22 20:33

    This was one of the sweetest romance stories I've read in a while, it was beautiful.We've finally arrived at the last book of the Destiny series and the leading man is none other than Levi King. The baby of the King brothers.At least that's what his brothers think of him. Levi is no longer a baby, but his brother can't help but treat him like he is since they protected Levi from most of their father's rage and neglect. Now that the King brothers are back in town, Levi is thrilled to see his best friend Shelly again, only Shelly does not look the way that he remembered.Levi was not a Bad Boy in the traditional sense of the world, he was more of a playboy. After he gave up racing, he became the face of King's Customs and the women loved him for it.Out of the three books, this book felt the most complete, when it comes to the romance between Levi and Shelly, but not the series, in general, the series was poorly wrapped up.After the struggles that the King brothers went through, how the book ended was too much sugar, spice and everything nice. I was truly disappointed with the ending of the series, but the love story, I approve.Shelly is a people pleaser. She wants to please her father so much that she suppresses what she wants to do for herself and goes along with whatever her father wants her to do. Shelly wants to be free and experience new things, but that little voice in her head always stops her.Her life took an 180 turn when her father goes out of town and Levi comes back. Now Shelly is doing what she always wanted to do with Levi giving her the push she needs. And the best part is, it has a deadline and then Levi can go back to his life, and she can settle down and start a family. Just as her father wants her to do.Shelly was not so hard to figure out Her entire life she has surpassed what she really felt in order to please her father. So her character was totally believable and likeable. When you deny yourself for so many years, it will be almost impossible to realise what you actually want. And Shelly wanted Levi, she just did not realise it yet.It was fun to read about Levi and how he realised that he's always been in love with his best friend. He also had to have a good talk about his brothers about protecting him all the time, which he did. Now you have to read and see if his brothers would actually listen to him. Something I wanted to say since my first review, I absolutely despise the covers of these books. If I did not like Sugar Jamison I was not coming anywhere near these covers for the lack of thought that went into these covers. I can't wait to see the reprint of these books.

  • Arys
    2019-05-01 15:07

    Heart of a Bad Boy by Sugar Jamison is book three in her Bad Boys of Destiny series. Though in a series, I actually read this out of order, reading this book first, so it can be read as a stand-alone. However, if you can, I'd suggest reading the other two books first because the previous books happen simultaneously and are mentioned in this book. So if you don't want spoilers, it might be better to read in order.Going back to the novel itself, it is such a heart-warming, romantic, and feel good novel that had me smiling at the end. It's a very sweet friends-to-lovers romance with family drama and bonding mixed in. I loved it and couldn't put it down.Former race-car bad boy, Levi King, has been out of racing since his crash. Working now as a tv show host showcasing his brothers' custom car designs, his life is fast-paced and in the spotlight. The only steady thing, or rather, person in his life is his best friend since he was eight years old, Shelly Walker and the constant letters she writes to him.When Levi and his brothers, Duke and Colt, learn that their Aunt Lolly who took them in when their father left is in the hospital sick they return to their hometown of Destiny. This is when the story of the novel really takes off.After thirteen years of only writing as pen-pals and not seeing each other, Levi and Shelly meet again and their chemistry from their reunion is hot. I loved their story and how sweet they are to each other. They understand each other so well and it's so easy to see how very much they care for one another. It was fun to read about these two characters exploring their relationship now that they were adults, especially when Levi starts helping Shelly experience things off her bucket list. I also enjoyed the relationship amongst the brothers. So much so, I plan on going back and reading Colt and Duke's books too. We only get glimpses in this book what happened. Need to find out the juicy details.

  • Hilda
    2019-05-18 21:20

    Heart of a Bad BoySugar JamisonI have read the entire series and I believe that this is my favorite book of the series. Sugar Jamison has done an outstanding job of bringing a fast paced, emotionally gripping story to life. The King boys are back! Heart of a Bad Boy revolves around Levi King the youngest of the three boys from Destiny. Life now for Levi is the face of King Customs, a racer car driver and the public perceives him as a bad boy. But deep down only 1 person knows who he really is, Shelly Walker. This book takes place simultaneously to the other two books in the series, during the 30 days they return to Destiny per the request of their sick Aunt Lolly. I love that woman. She knows how to get these boys to do things, without their knowledge, she is still looking out for them even, from her hospital bed. Levi’s return to Destiny brings back emotions and memories that he didn’t expect. But the one thing that has always been constant in his life was Shelly Walker. His best friend since childhood and the girl next door. Shelly is a fifth grade school teacher that sees herself as boring, stable and unadventurous. Levi’s return brings out her inner desires for life and for Levi. Truth be told they have been in love since they were young but never acknowledged it. Will the words “I love you” come too late? Sugar Jamison has done it again. She brings the reader a novel with well-developed characters, twists and turn, passion and lust, love and hate. It’s a well written novel that I couldn’t put down. Levi is so sweet and sensitive when it comes to Shelly and she is very lucky to see that side of him. Shelly underestimates herself but believes that she is complete. That is until Levi brings what she has been missing. I received this book via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

  • ItsAboutTheBook
    2019-05-17 16:25

    Review can be read at It's About The Book4.5 starsI loved Sugar Jamison’s previous two books in this series but this book really knocked it out of the park for me. It was funny, sexy and sweet all at the same time as these two old friends discovered feelings way beyond friendship for each other.Levi and his brothers had had a hard time living in Destiny. Their alcoholic father had been drunk at work and caused a horrible accident that had hurt several people. After he’d left town and basically abandoned the three boys, his older brother Duke had taken care of Colt and Levi. But when Duke had been imprisoned for a crime he hadn’t really committed, Colt and Levi had luckily had their aunt to help them stay out of foster care. So when she called all three boys to come back to Destiny because she was in the ICU, they all came running to help. But what all three found there was anything but what they’d expected.Friends since they were young, Levi and his neighbor Shelly had formed a lasting bond through the thirteen years he’d been gone with letters and phone calls. Now that Levi had returned with his brothers to take care of their sick aunt, he’s going to get reacquainted with his best friend. Except she’s NOT what he’d expected! When had she grown so gorgeous?I loved reading about how Levi could see the beauty within Shelly that no one else could, even before she had her makeover that he’d insisted on paying for. It was funny that he loved yet hated her new look–because he didn’t want anyone else seeing her and lusting after her. Ms. Jamison took a friends-to-lovers story and tied it up with redemption in a small town and made it sizzle.Thanks for the great, sexy read! I really enjoyed it and recommend it and the whole series. Thanks!

  • Amy A
    2019-05-06 17:13

    Heart of a Bad Boy concludes the King brothers' stories started in The Bad Boy CEO. This time it's Levi in the spotlight. We've seen things play out between him and his best friend Shelly in the background for two books now, and I'd have to say their conclusion to the story is probably the most satisfying. I think I liked the build up and the little glimpses we got of their relationship in the other books, and when we finally get to see the way things play out, it was pretty much perfection. Their relationship was a really good showcase of the friends-to-lovers trope. I really liked Levi and Shelly's established friendship. Until Levi's return to Destiny, they have seen each other in thirteen years. They've only corresponded via letters, email, text, etc. but even without any physical contact in all that time, they're connection just jumps off the page. The progression to love just felt so natural. Levi and Shelly's story really rounds out the series quite nicely. I liked, again, how Heart of a Bad Boy takes place concurrently with the other two books, kind of filling in the rest of the blanks, yet each one would work perfectly as a standalone. However, with that said, I think one of the things that makes Levi and Shelly's story so good is the fact that it gets a little bit more build up when the other two books are read before this one (in either order). In that regard I think it's good that this one came last. The stories compliment each other so nicely that if you pick up one you'll most assuredly want to pick up the other two. Overall, I've really enjoyed this series of three bad boy brothers navigating through issues in their past in order to find love. *ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Monica Cardoza
    2019-04-27 15:14

    Fourteen years is how long they had loved each other but they each need to realize that they are in love with each other.This is the finally installment in the Destiny series and one that made me cry because you had two wonderful characters that were made for each other but in the end Levi did wrong. They both needed to realize that they were in love with each other they were so in sync with each other but they had to open their hearts. Shelly and Levi were best of friends since the day they saw each other. She was the one that wanted to be his friend and from that day forward they were inseparable until the day that Levi left Destiny. Now he is back and it seems like things never changed between them. Levi still sneaks into her bedroom window and spends the night but that will be changing pretty quickly. Shelly is no longer that young girl that he remembered she now had curves and he couldn’t stop looking at her. Now as for Levi he was handsome and he was a big time flirt and at times Shelly didn’t know how to take it. Levi was going to show her how to have fun and let her check things off her bucket list. Only that as time passes feelings come into play but by the time that he finds out that he loves her and he professes his love things don’t go the way he thought.Heart of a Bad Boy was a great read that I loved reading. I know that I will be rereading this series. I loved the epilogue because all the brothers were featured. The chemistry between Shelly and Levi is sizzling hot. I loved Shelly’s character she was quirky and just fun. Then there was Levi he was a big softy that cared about everyone he loved. I totally recommend this read!!Received ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an Honest Review

  • Vânia Nunes
    2019-05-15 22:27

    Levi King should stay for 30 days in Destiny, at aunt Lolly request, just to keep his two brothers, Duke and Colt, away to kill each other. While there, he could enjoy the company of his best friend, Shelly.Shelly and Levi were neighbors and knew each other in childhood. Levi grew up and left town with Colt. They continued to communicate but he never came to visit her.Finding her, he took the first shock: she was no longer the girl he met; She was a woman of 28 years old, beautiful, but hid behind baggy clothes.He makes shopping clothes for her and takes the second shock: she was really beautiful. Now all the other guys in town were noticing it too, which began to annoy Levi.While Colt trying to save aunt's hair salon of the bankruptcy (and fell in love with Zanna), while Duke discovered that he had a teenage son (and fell in love with Grace again), Levi took Shelly to be inconsequential for the first time in her life.Levi was handsome, rich and famous. He traveled the world being a race pilot. His achievements - racing and women - were spread in the newspapers. Shelly just wanted to have that freedom. And decide she would leave Destiny to live her life.And Levi takes the third shock: now that he finally had Shelly, he would lose her.What could he do to prove to her that they were better together?The last book of the King brothers ended wonderfully. It would be great ahead have a new series with the next generation.*ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange of an honest review

  • P.e. lolo
    2019-04-22 21:26

    This is the third and last book in the series with the King Brothers. The story begins as the last two books do with the brothers driving to the town they grew up in, Destiny. There is a little more talk between Levi and Duke, before the phone call about their Aunt. Once back in Destiny you pick up Levi’s story and how he became friends with Shelly at the age of eight. He takes you through different times of their lives together growing up and now how he is trying to move forward in his life on his next journey whatever that may be. Shelly is home alone for a month during the summer after taking her father to meet his brother, so they may vacation in Florida. She has no idea that Levi is coming home or that Lolly is in the hospital. Shelly has decided that she wants to make this summer a summer of firsts and Levi is just the right person to help her. With the summer winding down and both of them confused in how the relationship is going it is up to Levi to make Shelly realize that she is more than just a friend, and her father who surprises her tells her to allow herself to be open for love and not to be scared. Both surprises. This is a fabulous story and one that I was wanting to read. There are a lot of good moments especially when Levi finally write her letters and the way he delivers them is very romantic. Also the epilogue brings a close to all three stories. A very good book. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

  • Stace
    2019-05-03 19:12

    Received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 3.5I love Sugar Jamison. She's turned into an auto-buy author for me. Although I find her Perfect Fit series funnier than these in the Destiny series they are all solid enjoyable romances. Levi is the "baby" of the King brothers and Shelly has been treated like a baby since her mother died so the majority of the story is them trying to find out who they are outside of family expectations and demands. I loved the fact they were best friends from childhood and had that foundation to build their new relationship on even though it caused a lot of stumbling around wondering what they were now versus what they've always been. The only minor issue I had was how sheltered Shelly was at the age of 29. I found it hard to believe she had never had one act of rebellion even when she went off to college. Despite my disbelief I couldn't help but love her and Levi together. They were both sweet and incredibly hot together and the love just radiated off the page even when they weren't ready to admit it.Although this is the 3rd book in the series, these can absolutely be read as a stand-alone, or in any order, except for this book has an epilogue that gives you a peek into the future of all the King brothers. All these stories are happening simultaneously so there is some repeat scenes from book to book just seen in a different POV.