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Love...with a side of murderCelebrity chef Jordan Kelly wants to marry the love of his life, Tilly Danes. Unfortunately, the proposal isn't going quiteas planned. For starters, the Culinary Channel just hired his ex-lover as their new chef-and now she's been murdered.Tilly might have a tiny problem with commitment, but she knows for a fact that Jordan is hiding something.Love...with a side of murderCelebrity chef Jordan Kelly wants to marry the love of his life, Tilly Danes. Unfortunately, the proposal isn't going quiteas planned. For starters, the Culinary Channel just hired his ex-lover as their new chef-and now she's been murdered.Tilly might have a tiny problem with commitment, but she knows for a fact that Jordan is hiding something. Something big. And if he doesn't spill it soon, their future happiness is definitely on the chopping block... Someone at the Culinary Channel has an appetite for killing, and no one is safe. All this danger might just bring Jordan and Tilly's relationship closer...if they can manage to survive....

Title : Murder Love on the Menu
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Murder Love on the Menu Reviews

  • Julie
    2019-05-08 09:15

    Murder Love on the Menu by Dyann Love Barr is a 2015 Entangled Publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at one of those cooking networks? Ever imagine there is a lot of infighting, gossip, backstabbing, and jockeying for position? Well, at the Culinary Channel there is all that, but murder? It seems someone is targeting the Culinary Channel and once more Jordan and Tilly are in the thick of things. Tilly and Jordan are back with another culinary mystery when a new TV chef is found dead, a woman Jordan new better than he would care to admit, especially to Tilly. But, the fun is just getting started when a murder occurs and Tilly is once more determined to play amateur sleuth.When I got a few chapters into this book, I had the feeling I was missing some significant information, as though this story was picking up where another one left off. So, a quick search on Goodreads confirmed my suspicions. Jordan and Tilly were featured in a book called “Recipe for Love”. So, yes, this story picks up several months into Jordan and Tilly's romance, and we find Jordan about to pop the question. But, when Tilly gets a case of cold feet, his plans are put on ice. In the meantime, Jordan will have to find a way to tell Tilly his big secret and try to convince her to stay and move in with him. But, matters become complicated by Tilly's daughter, Sarah, who is going through the pangs of being a teenager and missing her mom, plus Tilly is feeling a little homesick herself.Can they work out their differences and move on with their lives as a family, or is Tilly still hanging on to her bitter past? Although, the book started off with the presumption everyone had read the first installment in the series , once it got rolling, I was able to get the gist of things and learn the traits of the main characters. Mostly this is a light romantic suspense novel, with some high angst and drama, plus a couple of very colorful characters, and a few murders to solve. I thought the set up for this one was fun, and made a great backdrop for a murder mystery. However, the contemporary romance part of the story took center stage with the mystery bringing up the rear, for the most part. Sadly, for me, none of these characters spoke to me in any way and try as I might I couldn't relate to Tilly or Jordan. Jordan was rather bland, I thought, and his dialogue often felt stiff and unemotional.As for Tilly, a woman approaching thirty with a teenage daughter to think of,she was at times a little immature, and she was too old to still be dwelling on her youthful mistakes. The angst of teenage Sarah was vividly written and was pretty realistic. Sarah will try the patience of Job though and I can't say I liked her all that much, although her character may have grown more than any of the others in the story, and she seemed to have her priorities in line better than Tilly who would rather solve crimes, something NOT in her job description, than be a good parent.Ruby was a larger than life character, fun, and of course provided some comic relief, but I had to question Tilly's judgment about leaving Sarah with this character, and one situation described in the book, proves my point. They mystery was the best part, and saved the story for me, although it too was rather predictable even though I did think the red herrings were well placed and I did enjoy reading about what happens behind the scenes of the Culinary Channel.Overall, this book was okay, but and I can see how some might find it charming. This one is gets 2.5 rounded to 3

  • Claire
    2019-05-10 08:12

    What do you get when you find a dead body in the prep kitchen of a foodie channel studio? Love on the Menu by Dyann Love Barr, that's what!This is a cozy mystery with a bit of romance and family drama thrown into the mix. But the core of this story is the deaths that are occurring at the Culinery Channel. Tilly and Jordan are thrown into the murder investigation as consultants to the police much to the investigating officer's annoyance. I found this read entertaining, lighter than my normal crime read but sometimes you need something not so dark and twisted. I do like the cover; it sells more of the crime side of the story to me compared to its predecessor which makes the book look more of a romance novel. I'd recommend it to someone who wants to dip their toe into crime fiction. Many thanks to Entangled Publishing LLC, Entangled Select Suspense and Netgalley for my ecopy of Love on the Menu.

  • Artemiz
    2019-04-25 10:17

    You know those paranormal romance/erotica stories, where the protagonists have to have a lot of sex to save the world/mankind/universe ... well this murder mystery in a romance sauce is exactly the same and if the protagonists could get their heads out of their own adolescent problems, the "mystery" would be solved in a first couple of chapters and there would not be the following two murders.Basically its a NA criminal romance, that sounds like YA criminal romance about "world famous" chefs who talk about food like they do not know a first thing about it and they would fail when they boil water and their favorite food is plain meat and potatoes. And our contemporary Miss Marple spends most of her time whining about hes ex boyfriends, about lying and about how hot her boyfriend is, so the criminal investigation she and her current maybe ex boyfriend should help police to solve is basically forgotten. I truly do not understand what kind of expertise could two chefs have about criminal investigation, especially when their own thoughts are all the time either about having sex with each other of about reasons why one wants to get married and other doesn't. The mystery in this book is no mystery at all, the culprit is obvious from the start.This wasn't really a criminal mystery, it wasn't really romance novel nor erotica, there was just a bit of everything and the end result was not edible. Unfortunately it was insult to readers.

  • Julie
    2019-05-22 11:37

    Check out more reviews at Little Miss Bookmark!Love on the Menu was a rough one for me. Super rough. Honestly, it was on the verge of being painful. Gosh, that sounds really horrible but dude. Dude. I wouldn't say that unless it was the absolute and honest truth. I'm a straight shooter and this review is going to be difficult to write. As horrible as I feel to have to write a less than flattering review for a book, sometimes it just needs to be done. I hope that it reads as constructive criticism ... that's how it is intended. Well, let's get on with this. I'm just going to start at the beginning and work my way through the book. From the very start, there are switching POV's. Hey, this is a good thing! I enjoy reading a book and experiencing two different view points. It seems to be the new "thing" these days. Anyhow ... Jordan Kelly ... that's the male lead in this book ... when I was reading, I could have sworn that it was Tilly (the female lead) who was talking. I found Jordan to come off as super feminine. Before someone twists this and makes me sound like some kind of hater, let me clarify. When you're reading a romance novel and you're getting the male and female POV flip-flopping throughout the entire book, it's helpful for the characters to just ... sound ... different. I was constantly getting Tilly and Jordan mixed up and I would have to go back and check to see who was talking. That isn't a fun issue to have with a book. Hell. The dude can sound girly, I don't give a crap but I need to be able to tell the difference between the characters otherwise, I'm just getting pissed off because I have no clue what the hell is going on all the time. Also right from the start, I felt TOTALLY lost. Like there was another book I should have read to know what the hell was going on. I checked numerous times all over the web looking to see if this book was listed anywhere as a #2 but it wasn't. Dude. It is a freaking number two. I know that it has to be. There was just too much back story that wasn't being explained for there not to be. Let me tell you, that needs to be clear SOMEWHERE. It's not fair to readers to pick up a book and not realize that your reading experience would be so much more pleasurable if you read the beginning of the series. It was like going in for a kiss and someone kicking you in the stomach. I was totally disoriented throughout the first (massive) portion of the book. And that takes a lot away from my overall views of the book because I was so damn confused. So please (authors, publishers, editors, whatever), if it's in a series, make that crystal clear. Go grab some paper and crayons and write that shit out like I'm stupid as hell, I don't care but let the readers know. After the issues that I had with the beginning of the book, maybe I just checked out. I found the entire to be disjointed and flat. I just didn't get that rush of excitement that I get when I read other romantic suspense novels. I should be on the edge of my seat with wanting to know what is going to happen but the only thing I was on the edge of my seat for was in anticipation of the book being over. I couldn't connect with any of the characters or the plot or the writing. Nothing. It was like a bad out of body experience. Not that I've had an out of body experience but maybe you get my point. I don't think that I will read anything by this author again. Kick me in the stomach once ... shame on me. Kick me in the stomach twice ... I don't have anything to say to that because I haven't thought that far since it won't be happening again. Now, please ... keep in mind that this book has received high ratings so far on Goodreads and Amazon. Maybe I'm soft in the head. I've got two school-aged boys and we're at the tail end of the summer, so that very well could be the case. I'm in the minority on my feelings for this one. So find a reviewer that you trust or go with your gut but this one isn't for me.Oh!! BTW ... you'll find this book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Goodreads with a different name. The name that I received from NetGalley was Love on the Menu but everywhere else has it as Murder Love on the Menu. Which makes no damn sense. So if you're having trouble finding it online, maybe try that name. That would be another issue that could be corrected, whichever is wrong needs to be fixed ... FOR THE READER!* I received this novel in exchange for an honest review *

  • Catherine (The Sassy Bookster)
    2019-05-06 08:26

    Celebrity chefs Tilly Danes and Jordan Kelly are back in another murder mystery. Jordan is ready to settle down with Tilly, but their almost legendary ability to find dead bodies gets them drawn into consulting on another murder at the Culinary Channel. The deceased chef is Jordan's ex, whom he never mentioned to Tilly and he's not very excited about the investigating gig, particularly because they almost became victims the last time, but Tilly is all in. However, the killer has gotten a taste for murder and soon the bodies are dropping at a very alarming rate and all their sleuthing skills are required, especially as the killer's sights are set on Tilly - again!This installment of the series does not limit itself to the murder investigations. Tilly and Jordan's relationship is front and center and we get to see how they manage their differences. Tilly has been very wary of commitment since her experience with her ex and her insecurities affect her ability to take the next step in her relationship with Jordan. Jordan's lie of omission does not help, either. Further complicating issues is the arrival of her fourteen-year old daughter and her foster mother in New York. Tilly has a lot on her plate - her family, her relationship with Jordan and the investigation and she has some tough decisions to make. Will she make the right one(s)?MURDER LOVE ON THE MENU is an interesting and humorous follow-up to Recipe for Murder Love and I really enjoyed it. The mystery was well-written and even though I guessed whodunnit halfway in, there was enough to keep me guessing. Any lover of romance and mystery will enjoy the combination of love, food and murder.Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Want more? Subscribe to my Newsletter on The Sassy Bookster.Follow me on Twitter | Tumblr | Bloglovin’. Like my page on Facebook.

  • Crittermom
    2019-04-23 03:27

    Love on the Menu serves up a hearty helping of sexually charged romance with mystery and angst as garnish. Light on mystery, this novel will appeal more to romance fans than mystery buffs. (I knew whodunnit within the first third of the novel) Still, Love on the Menu is a fun read, so long as you don't mind heavy quantities of drama created by miscommunication between the two main characters, Jordan and Tilly - a romance novel staple.The main characters are a charming pair, and interesting to watch after the first couple chapters. I thought Tilly's Southern character was cartoonish and overdrawn initially, but after the first murder she mellowed into a more realistic character. Jordan puts up with a lot from his volatile and commitment phobic love, but he has his own flaws. When you add Tilly's 14 year old daughter (fairly typical teen drama) and Tilly's irascible foster mother, it is no surprise that the romance has its share of challenges. The mystery aspect is used more to keep the duo working together and to remind them of their love for each other. After all, there is nothing like a murderer threatening your beloved to make you realize you don't want to lose them. Despite this being a romance (not my favorite genre), I truly enjoyed Love on the Menu. I liked the culinary backdrop, and was tickled by their friend Hank being a mystery writer as well as a police detective. If you like your romances seasoned with a bit of mystery, you will have fun reading Love on the Menu.4/5Love on the Menu is available for preorder and will be released August 18, 2015.I received a copy of Love on the Menu from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.--CrittermomLove on the Menu is a delicious romance

  • Jen
    2019-05-13 04:23

    Read the full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.Note: This ARC was provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.Ah, it appears as if one time wasn't enough for these celebrity chefs, especially since they seem to have a bad habit of finding dead bodies of people they know. While Tilly is more gung-ho about providing consulting on the murder cases, Jordan isn't exactly thrilled about the idea, especially since he remembers what happened to Tilly the first time they tried to be amateur super sleuths. The prime suspect I had in my head from the beginning turned out to be the right one because it simply made the most sense and their was motivation on that person's end for each of the murders. There wasn't a detective wreaking havoc on their relationship, though Tilly wasn't above using Jordan's best friend Hank Tapper to make him jealous. With Jordan and Tilly being a couple in this story, readers are able to see more of their dynamic when they're together. Their relationship is complicated by the fact that Tilly has a daughter and has been burned twice by men she was with. Jordan had his own heart trampled on by another woman in the past and insecurities she instilled in him come into play. I'll admit that my opinion of Tilly did falter a bit in this sequel, and while I understand her reasons for pushing Jordan away, it was clear that she was looking for an excuse to put some distance between them. Still, I quite enjoyed Murder Love on the Menu, both the story and cast of characters and would welcome another addition to this entertaining series. Four stars. ♥

  • April Symes
    2019-05-03 09:13

    ***A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for my honest review***They are back-Celebrity chef Jordan Kelly & the love of his life, Tilly Danes. This is book 2 in the “For Love on Menu” series and in this book, Jordan knows he wants to marry Tilly but finding the proper place to propose marriage to his lady love Tilly but he is having trouble getting the marriage proposal going. First place- Culinary Channel just hired his ex-lover as their new chef and guess what? She’s been murdered—there start’s another murder mystery. Another thing, Tilly’s 14 yr old daughter and Tilly’s foster mum to the mix, they add to the drama of the proposal. And 3rdly, Tilly is a bit marriage phobic- with all this going on, how can Jordan get his lady love to accept his marriage proposal? This is a great story within a story. There is a murder mystery along with a will she or wont she with Tilly- Jordan is a hunk of a man with a fiery Tilly who is a delight to watch in action. Who doesn’t love a foodie murder mystery ? I loved how there is a murderer out there who is threatening everything Jordan loves and he is going crazy trying to protect everything he holds dear. Awesome!! What a great book. I hope there is a book 3 with my fav couple-Jordan and Tilly. You have to read to figure out who the murderer is- there are several good twists and turns in this story. My rating: 4.5 stars ****

  • Elaine
    2019-04-26 11:37

    This is the second book in this series but I don’t think you need to have read the first one to appreciate the characters, humour and events in this one. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading both books and have no hesitation in recommending both to anyone who enjoys a great murder mystery with fantastic ingredients mixed together by a skilful author with a great sense of humour!Celebrity Chefs, Jordan Kelly and Matilda Jane Danes are in love with each other but she has serious commitment issues and his plan to marry her are definitely on a back burner as she’s concerned even after he organises a romantic proposal. Unfortunately this is swiftly followed by them discovering the first murder victim and so begins another fascinating mystery for them to help the police to solve whilst trying to sort out their relationship and keep themselves out of danger. Someone at the Culinary Channel where they work appears to have developed a taste for murder and no one is safe.The characters are well developed, the plot full of twist, turns and surprises and the novel a brilliant book to escape into. I hope there will be a sequel and that some love interest will be found for Hank in that, he deserves it!Thanks to the authors, publisher and NetGalley, too for letting me read an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • DawnMarieCarpintero
    2019-04-28 10:30

    4 StarsI was given this book for my honest reviewHe hauled her up and into his arms. Together, they collapsed on the rooftop. He breathed her in, relishing the feel of her as he pulled her in his lap. “Matilda Jane Danes, don’t you ever do anything like this to me again.” He ran his hands through her hair and cupped the back of her head before kissing her. JordanJordan-hunky chefMatilda-smart and sexyThis journey between Jordan and Matilda is a long time coming but with a mystery on the rise the two must combine forces with a bunch of their friends to find the outcome. As they embark to find each other they not only combine as well as a cake in the making with the flour, water, eggs, oil and the bit of flavoring to make the combination complete. Will they be able to find the one that has hurt Matilda’s ex and find their completeness at the end of their journey together? This is their true riveting journey. This author created such amazement with the mystery, love, suspense with a triangle of the torture within Jordan and Matilda’s hearts that it is simply a wonderment in the writing. The sex was hot, the drama was suspenseful and stay on the edge of your seat lifting. KudosHappy Reading

  • Denise Van plew
    2019-05-18 07:19

    Since I read the first one on these two I thought this one was long overdue. I of course then charged forth with gusto. They are now having things heat up between them and serious is on the agenda. It just seems to follow them around though because wouldn't you know it it happens again. Tilly seems to have a knack for finding them with Jordan by her side. Quite innocently they stumble upon a co-worker who seems to have met a fatal end. This is the beginning of a delirious fun loving mystery that ends in murder with my tow favorite people helping the police. Worry will be on Jordan's mind though because danger seems to follow Tilly. Also her daughter decides to come for a unexpected visit that will at first be tense but will come out to be somewhat on Jordan's side. The heat is on even stronger with the banter even better and this author will serve up a delicious fare that is well worth the read. It will wrap up with the reader being tickled all the way to your toes.

  • Michelle (Adventure in Bookland)
    2019-05-16 07:16

    Love on the Menu picks up where Recipe of Love left off. I loved Tilly and Jordan in the first book and my love for them continued. How these two always get mixed up in murder I don’t know, but these two tend to want to be apart of the investigation each time. Again Jordan and Tilly’s relationship was great! It is still growing each and every day, Jordan is ready to take their relationship to the next level, but Tilly still have her reservations. One being her daughter Sarah, who is your stereotypical teenager, but completely likable. Ruby is as crazy as ever and the same lady you met in the first book. If you haven’t read Recipe for Love, its okay, you can still enjoy this book. Love on the Menu was a fun read that kept me entertained. The only problem I had was the fact I guessed the murderer right away, but it didn’t keep me from enjoying this book!

  • Kelli Martin
    2019-05-16 08:13

    The cover caught my eye and the description was right up my alley. If you love 'Hannah Swensen' books you will love this one! I had no idea this was part of a series! The author have so much detail it could have been a stand alone book. Now after researching, I am going to have to read the first book. This book if full of mystery and romance, which I find to be a great combination. It also caused a roller coaster of emotions! I don't want to hash the book point by point, it's not my style. Especially when others have as well as it has a good description. But I can say I have found a new author to follow! *Received book in exchange for an honest review*

  • Lisa
    2019-05-18 05:15

    5 StarsMy Review: I really enjoyed this book. It was a fun quick read and it held my interest!! The story has twists and turns through-out. I thought one thing was going to happen and it totally went in a different direction. Great job in keep the reader guessing!!!I hope to read more from this Author!!** I was given an ARC in exchange for an Honest Review. Reviewed by Lisa for Alpha Book Clu

  • Deb Novack
    2019-04-28 04:37

    Having not read Recipe of Love I had a little trouble getting into the story. It was a little to mushy for me. and really not enough mystery.***I received this book in exchange for an honest review***

  • Rhonda Lomazow
    2019-05-16 06:35

    A really fun read with a mystery thrown in.looking forward to next in series,