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Claudette, an exotic dancer with the stage name Candy, is a girl with voracious sweet tooth who has become jaded by her illustrious career. She has always loved the notion of living the fairy tale, happy endings and all, but the men who frequent the club have crushed that fantasy. After all, who really wants a real relationship with a stripper? Tired of meaningless flings,Claudette, an exotic dancer with the stage name Candy, is a girl with voracious sweet tooth who has become jaded by her illustrious career. She has always loved the notion of living the fairy tale, happy endings and all, but the men who frequent the club have crushed that fantasy. After all, who really wants a real relationship with a stripper? Tired of meaningless flings, she has made her life an endless cycle of working and hanging out with her friends, Z and Britt, at their favorite dive bar until the wee hours of the morning keeping her mind occupied and away from romantic dreams. Besides, candy and desserts are far better than sex anyway. That’s what Claudette keeps telling herself. But things are not always as they seem, and Z and Britt see that. Will Claudette heed their advice? Will she go back to her comfortable ways to forget it all? Or just maybe, Claudette will be surprised by the unexpected and find that her fairytale is even better than she ever could have imagined, proving that sex, and maybe love, can be oh so sweet including candy and kink....

Title : candy kink a confectionery tale of love and tasty perversions
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ISBN : 25960402
Format Type : Kindle Edition
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candy kink a confectionery tale of love and tasty perversions Reviews

  • Sarah Reads
    2019-04-21 15:08

    DO NOT READ IF YOU HATE SPOILERS!! Can I just say that I love Jen Lassalle Edwards writing style! She has such a vivid and creative style that lets the reader get lost in her stories. When Jen asked if I wanted to read Candy & Kink I squeed with joy and fired off tons of crazy Facebook emoticons. HEHE Candy & Kink is about a woman named Claudette aka Dette aka Candy finding herself. She loved her life when she was with her friends but that was it. She did not think to highly of herself away from them. Candy longed for love. She wanted that all consumed feeling in her stomach instead of feeling empty. From the opening scene when Jen described Candy’s life, I wanted to swoop in, give her a crazy tight hug and tell her it would be okay. Even with all the humor you could tell that Candy was lonely. She loved Z and Britt like her family. They were the two people in her life that she needed most. When Candy “Dette” realizes that Z wanted more than friendship I wanted to do a happy dance. She wanted him but was scared of what it might do to their friendship. I loved how trusting and loving Z was with her. He waited a very long time to tell her how he felt. He showed her how beautiful and amazing she was a day at a time. Never judging or accusing her like so many other would do. I swear Z had me grinning like a loon often. “I placed my hand under his work shirt, over his t-shirt, on the top of his heart which I can feel thump rhythmically. The tenseness in his body relaxed. Contented Z whispers, “I’m not expecting us to go right back to normal, but I need you, want you, for us to work through this… I love you Dette.” Let me tell you about the sexy Z Thomas, this tattooed, bearded, god loved Dette more than his own life. He had me swooning like a maniac constantly. Z would fight anyone or thing for Dette. The love he showed to her and the world was downright swoon worthy. Yes, I know I keep saying that. But DAMN I cannot help it. I loooovve Z!Z had patience of steel when it came to Dette. He would not push her past what she could give… not ever. He wanted her to know that his love would always be there for her. And lets not forget how HOT Z was in the bedroom!! GOOOOOD LORD did I love Z and his KINK! Oh, and Z’s bossy ALPHA side was pretty damn hot too! When Z barked, everyone jumped. When things get a little bumpy and Dette closed herself off to the world, I wanted to kiss Z and his and his patience. That man begged and pleaded for his girl to listen to him.One of my favorite parts of the book is when Dette tells Z her feelings.“Since you… since you came and told me to leave with you that night. Since you gave me those books to read. Since you started these kinky games that send me over the edge. Since you can make me feel like I’ve never felt before.” I half grinned, “Since you made me see that sex is better than dessert.” I paused before becoming serious again, “Since you showed me what we could be like together. Since you, Z.”So, if you are looking for a story with filled with yummy candy treats (I will never look at jellybeans the same way) with some yummy kink and a whole lot of Oh. My. Goodness to it, this story is for you. Jen’s writing will consume you in a very delicious way and keep you enticed until that very last page.

  • Kerry Callaway
    2019-04-22 14:06

    I was over the moon when I was given the opportunity to read an ARC of Candy & Kink, I had previously read Ripped & Twisted which was Jennifer's debut novel it was one of my favourite books of 2014.I love Jennifer's style of writing her storylines are just as captivating as her book covers.Claudette aka Candy has always been independent, she keeps herself busy with her work as a stripper in a club and after work spends some time with her couple of friends relaxing in the bar that is situated below her flat. Day in, day out her life follows the same pattern. she does have those moments of day dreaming about some guy whisking her away from her monotonous life she leads!What if the right guy to turn her world upside down is staring her right in the face?!Candy & Kink certainly gives you a good dose of kink and one hell of a hot guy!!! Z is tattooed, hot and available but Claudette jokes about him being like a father figure, I lost my heart to Z when he shows his protectiveness over her. Can he convince her to see him in a different light!! All the way through reading this book I was praying for a HEA for them. Candy & Kink gives you heartbreak, hot kinky scenes and had me laughing at the descriptive terms Jennifer uses during those scenes.Thank you Jen Lassalle Edwards for the opportunity to read you amazing work, you have given us another hot man to drawl over and an independent woman who just needed to learn to live and love. I can not wait to read more of your future books.

  • Di Anne Sandvik
    2019-03-29 13:14

    Finally a real man we can fall in love with! This book was a 5 star for me the minute Jen introduced us to Z! He is a character that is not the typical 20 something billionaire. So thank you Jen for giving us readers something different. I fell in love with Jen's style of writing when I read her debut book Ripped and Twisted. After reading her first book I knew not to get comfortable because just as I did I knew she would do a flip on the story and make you scream out loud, NO!!! Well, she did not disappoint her readers. Her amazing writing style has you imagining and seeing in detail everything she is describing and it's all in fabulous color! You can't help but cheer Claudette on as she searches to discover who she is and figures out she deserves to have her happily ever after, even if she is a stripper. The sex scenes are super hot and it's sexy as hell following along the story as Claudette uncovers and explores her kinky side. I promise you one thing before this book is over you will be visiting a candy store to pick up your favorite sweet. It maybe jelly beans, skittles or sour gummy bears. Whatever it is do yourself a favor, grab a bag, sit back enjoy a few treats while you read this sweet little confection. This story has it all. It's hot, sexy and romantic!

  • Poe O'neill
    2019-04-10 09:19

    Candy & Kink is the authors second book, after reading her first book Ripped & Twisted i knew i had to read this. The story follows the main character Claudette who is a stripper, after being a stripper for a long time now she has the same routine more or less everyday, goes to work at night which she hates then ends up in her local for some much needed alcohol and candy which her friend keeps behind the bar for her, this is why her stage name is Candy she loves it, she also enjoys the company of her friends Britt the bar owner and Z who owns a garage, until she goes home to her flat above the bar. Claudette comes across as a very lonely person just looking for love, she meets a very handsome guy who lives in the flat above her so she decides to give it a go, will he be the one she's been waiting for? or has the right guy been there with her all along? I'll let you find out for yourself.Just like her first book this one didn't disappoint either, I loved it so much so i couldn't put it down once i started reading it. Fantastic story which runs smoothly and pulls you in so you can't help but imagine it all, and you have just got to love the kink in it!! Oh and she also has a great name for a cat!!

  • True Texan
    2019-03-28 12:24

    This book has it all! It's sexy and funny, serious and sweet, kinky and playful! I couldn't get enough! Claudette is a stripper with a heart of gold. She has resigned herself to believing this is the best she will get out of life. Yes, she dreams of more but is jaded by hallow relationships with men that only have one thing on their mind. Will she ever find the 'one' that sees her for the person she is off-stage and not who she portrays on-stage? Will she ever be able to truly satisfy her craving for candy and kink? Z is a simple man. Hardworking. Quiet. Steadfast. He only has eyes for Claudette. Will he ever stop just waiting and watching from the sidelines or will he take control and get a second chance on love? This is the second book I have read by Jen Lassalle Edwards and it won't be my last! I will one-click anything she hits publish on and you should too! I fell in love with Claudette, Z and Britt. I hope she continues this story and maybe just maybe we will see Britt again too!

  • Margaret Smith
    2019-03-30 08:03

    This was one of the most fun books I have read in ages. Candy or Claudette - erotic dancer and seeker of true love - not had much luck in that department - could she find her man to love or only ones attracted to her because she is a stripper. This girl loves her jelly-beans too - but can't seem to find her candy-man!!!Along comes a friend to help out after a disastrous. Liaison and takes her off with him to look after her. He is fun - but can he be really serious??? She will go along for a while to see what happens. The results are great reading with fun, laughter but some drama thrown into the mix. Add a bit of the kink as well and you have a super, very easy to read and very sexy scenes to enjoy and you have it all. Excellent - five stars plus for this one. Review by Margaret Smith.

  • Jaycee Daltrey
    2019-03-28 12:05

    Once again, in a Jenifer Lassalle Edwards book, I fell in love with the main character, her name is Claudette. Or affectionately known as Dette. She’s a stripper, and for me, the writer gave realistic insight into that occupation. But beyond that, it’s a story of learning to grow, standing up for yourself, believing in yourself and having the courage to change. Sometimes we have to give love a chance, let it in and trust in our instincts. Watch Dette move through relationships and dare to create a life on her own terms. The kink was a BONUS!Life's a journey, read this book and follow Claudette’s.

  • Amanda Gillespie Shock N Awe Book Blog
    2019-04-03 14:13

    The funniest naughty book you'll read! This says it all. “You men and your girl on girl fantasies, sorry to burst your bubble, but I’ve never delved into tongue tickling the ole tuna taco. The furthest I’ve gone is sampling the sweet gumdrops upon some lovely mammary mountains.”What a way with literary devices and words Jen has about her. She never disappoints.

  • Diane Laferla
    2019-03-26 13:06

    Loved this book!!! In fact I need more...Well done Jen, A well written story which had me giggling at times. Love the connection between Candy and Z... Hot -steamy scenes too.

  • Kathy Mckee
    2019-04-09 15:14

    I liked this book feel in love myself.

  • Serena Worker
    2019-03-27 16:15

    I loved watching Claudette go from having nothing, to seeing that she has everything, and realising that the very thing she wanted was right in front of her waiting for her to see it. Claudette hangs out at The Hideaway with her friends Britt and Z, they know her well, Britt makes sure there is always candy behind the counter for her and Z looks out for her.After staying away from meaningless flings, Claudette see a gorgeous man and decides that she can have one more fling, although this ends badly when her friends, Britt and Z find out that he has a long-term girlfriend and tells Claudette who feels worthless after finding out.Leaving her life as a stripper and starting to work for Z, Claudette is happy and realises that Z is everything that she ever wanted in a man. Z also shows Claudette that sex is better than any dessert using her favourite desserts.The two encounter some challenges when Claudette’s fling turns up at the Hideaway and has never seen Z so mad at anyone, and a mystery woman turns up at the shops wanting to see Z and saying he will always come back to her, when Claudette sees that she has on Z’s necklace and pregnant, she heads back to Z’s to pack up her stuff and grab her kitty, Poe. When her friend Britt finds, her she tells her that she needs to listen to Z, that things aren’t always as they seem.With everything working out for the Claudette and Z, Claudette realises that she has everything that she could want and more.

  • Missy Harton
    2019-04-08 08:04

    " made me see that sex is better than dessert"*****5 Sweet "Candy" coated STARS*****"Who wants to date a stripper?" No one, as far as Candy is concerned. She "muse(s) of romantic interludes and rendezvous, the fairy tale..." Candy and Kink is a romance, but it has witty writing; it definitely has a romantic comedy feel, yet has drama with hearts and flowers. Oh...and there is definitely some kink..."Meow!!!" Lines like, "...a waltz between his royal rod, my kitty cage, and the magic bean;" had me giggling like a school girl! Could she have actually found her "him?" The one that possesses all those qualities she's looking for? As Candy's walls are broken down, a harsh reality sets in. Can she live a life as (her true self) Claudette? Or is she doomed to "continue (her) life as a whore," as Candy? Candy and Z's story will have you cheering them on for their happily ever after.

  • Clarice
    2019-04-07 11:26

    So Claudette is a stripper who is tired of the way her life is. She's very unsatisfied with it and with the kind of men it brings her way. These men seem to only want one thing from her and don't really care about her. She has her friends Britt, Z, and Derek. Now, they are an interesting group and not normal in any way. When she and Z finally get together, things aren't exactly vanilla. And this book is very steamy. Now Z, when his character speaks, all I can hear is Sam Elliot. I'm not sure who the author had in mind, but I cannot seem to see anyone else except Sam as being Z. A youngerish Sam that is. It was entertaining and if you want something hot, look no further.

  • Jamie
    2019-04-13 15:12

    Candy & KinkCandy & Kink, the names says it all. I found this book on a blog on FB, the teaser intrigued me, so I thought WTH. Read it, loved it. I don't write spoilers, and I don't write book reports, so here is what I'll give you...She is candy to everyone but him, he sees her. She's Dette. The beautiful girl with the insatiable sweet tooth. Sometimes the things right in front of us is the hardest see... Will Z get his chance?I loved this book, it was different because it wasn't lots of back and fourth. It was sweet, swooney(yes, damn it, that's a word) and just enough kink. Well done, Ms. Edwards!

  • Denise Van plew
    2019-04-04 13:22

    This one drew me looking like it would be fun one to read. Sure enough this author delivered that and more. Claudette or Dette who was a dancer known as Candy takes you on this wild fun ride. Needless to say though there will be some bits of drama here and there also. When she finds out she thinks that love and life are a fantasy she gets to work at something else. She also has two friends -Z and Britt with one of them becoming more than just a friend. Heat included in this tale that will curl the toes you will also get a ending that will melt your heart.

  • Stacy Stewart
    2019-04-06 08:57

    This was the perfect quick read. I immediately fell in love with Candy and Z. Candy was unhappy with her life and just went through the motions. She felt that because she was a stripper that no one could ever love her. That was until Z finally made his move. There were complications such as Elliott and Pamela. The title says it all. And now I have a sweet craving after reading this book!! I cant wait to read more.

  • Polly Barreto
    2019-04-26 08:13

    A Treat for all!Get your sweet tooth and kink ideas fulfilled in this book! Candy will never be the same again. Laughed my butt off in regards to the cream horn scene. Those are my favorite treats, and I will never look at them in the same way again!! Z and Claudette are just awesome and I absolutely loved their story!

  • Gemma
    2019-04-14 15:23

    I wasn't to sure what to expect from this story hen is tarted and was very surprised with how much of an enjoyable read this was. I found that the main characters were very enjoyable and I liked here storyline very much. This was a enjoyable read thatI recommend as your next read.

  • Lori Hammons
    2019-04-05 14:22

    Claudette/Candy and Z's story is not only hot, but it the realization you can have more than you thought you were capable of having. Even with a few bumps in the road along the way. This book is more than it appears. Never judge a book by it's cover!

  • Chrissi
    2019-03-29 13:10

    This is definitely hot and heavy. I loved Z ! The storyline moved fairly quickly, and this probably would have gained 5 starts if it wasn't for the weird words the author chose to use for pussy and penis. I did not find them cutesy and found they detracted from the story.

  • Becky
    2019-03-30 11:20

    Really pulling for Candy to get her life on track and good things to happen.

  • R yatsko
    2019-04-17 14:09

    An interesting read,That is intriguing from beginning to end...Enticing enough that you can't put it down...Sweet and titillating at the same time...

  • Lainey Da Silva PA
    2019-04-25 14:11

    I loved this book! I had tears rolling from laughing in someParts and let’s just say I will never look at candy the same way again. Fantastic read!!

  • Faith
    2019-04-16 14:56

    Sweet Read!This was such a good quick read! Friends to lovers with a couple of ups and downs along the way. You will love Dette & Z! I know I did!

  • Brenda
    2019-04-06 15:56

    What can I say... I seriously loved this book hard. I have been looking for someone who writes a bit differently and JLE nailed it to a T in this book what I was looking for. I think it adds to the feel of the story that is more down to earth and just feels more real. All around a fun, steamy and kinky book with pretty awesome characters and honestly would love to see a story with Britt (hint, hint) I am gonna giggle my butt off eating jelly beans now.