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Only the most damnable curiosity could compel Fredrick Smith to seek the truth about the father who abandoned him. And only a torrential storm could force him to stop at an inn en route. But what a treasure he finds there-a raven-haired beauty whose drab attire can't disguise her latent sensuality. And soon Fredrick's most pressing need is to melt Mrs. Portia Walker's icyOnly the most damnable curiosity could compel Fredrick Smith to seek the truth about the father who abandoned him. And only a torrential storm could force him to stop at an inn en route. But what a treasure he finds there-a raven-haired beauty whose drab attire can't disguise her latent sensuality. And soon Fredrick's most pressing need is to melt Mrs. Portia Walker's icy reserve, and make her smile, sigh, and cry out with pleasure.AND A KISS THAT WOULD TEMPT THE DEVIL.From the moment Fredrick enters Portia's inn-wet clothes clinging to sleek muscles, angelic features, shimmering gray eyes-she is vibrantly aware of the danger he presents. Portia was almost ruined once, and swore that no man would control her destiny again. But vows are no match for a desire that could be pure folly-or the most exquisite bliss....

Title : Bedding the Baron
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ISBN : 9780821780442
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Bedding the Baron Reviews

  • Julie (jjmachshev)
    2019-04-07 04:26

    What a great historical romance. I picked up Deborah Raleigh's first historical "Some Like It Sinful" and found it to be quite a merry read. I read the rest of that series and enjoyed every one, so I was pleased to see her newest "Bedding the Baron" on the bookshelf at my local bookstore. Frederick, Ian, & Raoul are the acknowledged bastards of 3 different peers of London society. They were also the first three students of Mr Dunnington, a teacher who ran a school for boys of quality who were not quite legitimate; and the 'boys' are now men. Mr Dunnington has died and left these three an astonishing inheritance of L20,000 pounds each! If that wasn't enough, his will reveals that he amassed the money for each by blackmailing their respective and respected fathers. Now, each must decide if he wants, and is willing to risk the consequences, of finding out just what information was worth paying that much blackmail.The first story belongs to Frederick. A beautiful and brillant inventor who has made of himself a brillant success in business. He has plenty of money and is always looking for new ventures. He decides to take a break and investigate his real father's dark secret. Taking cover from a rainstorm at the nearest inn, he encounters a beautiful, young, but atrociously dressed female. Apparently, she is the innkeeper! It doesn't take Frederick long to realize she is 'the one' he's been waiting for.Portia, on the other hand, has no love for London 'gentlemen'. Badly betrayed by both her father and her fiance, she spent several months terrified and alone. Then the local innkeeper saved her. He's long dead and she now relishes the freedom of ordering her own life and running the inn as she sees fit. It will take some serious effort's on Frederick's behalf to convince her that not all 'gentlemen' are rakes and rogues!The story is by turns, sweet, silly, and sexy. The passion between the hero and heroine is fairly hot for the time depicted and quite satisfying. The amazing coincidences necessary to advance the plot don't take away from the sheer reading pleasure. If you like your historical romances with a bit of heat, not a hint of danger, and a truly happily-ever-after, then definitely pick up a copy of "Bedding the Baron" by Deborah Raleigh. She'll probably end up on your must-buy list too!

  • Theresa Brandt
    2019-04-21 07:05

    Well done!You get what you pay for, right? I think I got 'Bedding the Baron' free or very lost cost on BookBub. I'm glad to say that it was worth the investment in whatever money I may have spent as well as the time I spent in reading it. In BB's description of the book, Alexandra Ivy indicated that she wrote romances before she turned her talents to writing paranormal novels. Too bad, she's not writing more in the romance genre because I think she does a fine job of it.I like my characters to be believable and their problems realistic. Such was the case with Frederick and Portia. In addition to well developed and believable characters, Ms. Ivy gives us a period romance that is mercifully missing the ridiculous 'misunderstandings' and resultant bitter feelings that so often litter period romance novels. Both characters had fairly straightforward problems requiring thoughtful resolution. The best news is that they sought comfort in each other even as they struggled with issues of their pasts as well as their respective present. They have each experienced terrible heartbreak but are not so irrevocably broken that their relationship is more about triage than love. I really liked these two and, while the HEA was a foregone conclusion, the journey to get there was a really good read.So, why 4 stars rather than 5? Mostly because Amazon doesn't allow half stars. I have deducted a half star because I felt that the incessant descriptions of Frederick's masculine beauty were excessive. I didn't need to be reminded of it on nearly every page whenever Frederick and Portia were together. Bedding the Baron is book one in the Illegitimate Bachelor series. Will I continue to book two? Most definitely.

  • Laura
    2019-04-22 05:25

    "Deep within, he had always known that she was out there. That one special woman who would alter his life forever." ~Fredrick Smith The story begins with the death of Mr. Dunnington, a man who opened a school for the bastard sons of the nobility to give them a purpose in life and a family- of sorts. Three of these students, now grown men, Raoul Charlebois, London's most celebrated actor, Ian Breckford, a very successful rake and Fredrick Smith, an engineer have each just leaned that Mr. Dunnington had extorted a very large sum of money for each of them from each of their respective fathers, and has left the money to each of them. Being curious men and wanting to know what Dunnington could have on each of their fathers they each set out to find the secrets that led to the extortion. On his way to Oak Hill, his fathers baronial seat, Fredrick is forced to take shelter, because of a storm, and finds his way to the Queen's Arms owned by Mrs. Portia Walker, Along with finding out all his father's secrets Fredrik is determined to find out why such a beauty, whom he describes as "tiny enough to fit in his pocket, and yet, manages to fill the room with her feminine power", is hidden away in the country. Portia, on the other hand, is determined to resist her attraction to the angelically beautiful Fredrick. I like the way Ms Raleigh handled the tension between the two. Neither was to overpowering or dominant, which I found refreshing. I actually found myself liking the characters! I also like that what they each had to overcome wasn't so devastating that the weren't each able to function...or maybe they weren't but it was just so well written that it seemed that way. After reuniting with his father, which did go quite as he expected, Fredrick begins the hunt to find the answers to his past and possibly, with Portia, his future. Despite having put this on my "maybe" shelf, which means that at the time I bought it I wasn't too fond of the story, I found that I really liked it. The story is well written and has a certain flow that makes it hard to put down. I'm going to have to find out if Ms. Raleigh has written adventures for Raoul and Ian now and read about them. Needless to say I would pick up another book by this author and know that I would, most likely, enjoy it immensely.

  • Debbie Saraceni
    2019-03-29 06:24

    Wonderful romantic story of loveWonderful romantic story of loveWhat a truly enjoyable story. I do love a good historical novel and this one was such a sweet romance. Fredrick and Portia were an adorable couple and even though they lived very different lives they both had more in common than either realized. Portia comes from a background of betrayal and mistrust. She was working hard to make her business a success so she never had anyone telling her what she could do anymore. That is until the very handsome Fredrick comes to stay at her inn while he is trying to figure out his father's secrets. Since Fredrick is a bastard he just wants to know more about why his father paid a lot of money to keep those secrets hidden. He was also a romantic at heart and feel hard for the beautiful young widow Portia. The author did a great job of telling their story and bringing it all together at the end. I enjoyed the surprises learned from both along the way. Great start to this series. Can't wait to see what happens with the next book. Highly recommend

  • William
    2019-04-14 00:11

    Double deceit by the BaronAn innkeeper who knows how to run her own inn, but never imagines that a bad boy bastard is all that she could wish for.

  • Lindy
    2019-04-03 00:03

    I'm picky about my heroines. I know this. When Portia takes an instant dislike to poor Fredrick just by looking at him, that should have been my clue. I just don't like prickly, bitchy heroines, unless they have a darn good reason. Maybe Portia does, but I'm not really interested in finishing the book to find out. Bummer, because I really enjoyed the other two books in this series. 2 stars because I'm guessing it does get better when Portia finally thaws out a bit.

  • Gskm
    2019-03-28 04:07

    Sweet RomanceThis sweet historical is the first in a trilogy. It sets the stage as three brothers by choice search for answers from their birth fathers. This one tells a sweet romance as two lovers who have been betrayed by family find a way to open up to each other and to their future. Nice way to spend an afternoon.

  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    2019-04-23 07:08

    The first book in the Illegitimate Bachelor series by Deborah Raleigh. Frederick Smith stops at an inn to get out of a rainstorm. There he encounters Portia Walker.I was pleasantly surprised over this one. A fun and entertaining delight. I will most definitely have to continue the series.

  • Dancer
    2019-04-11 08:30

    Fredrick Smith's character is very HOT! He is the perfect Regency hero. He has the right amount of angst mixed with the perfect amount of sex appeal.

  • Lynette Lazaroff-Carson
    2019-04-24 00:05

    Really enjoyed this book, now on to the second one in the series.!

  • Fay Ann Hollcroft
    2019-04-11 06:04

    Enjoyed the book, just enough to continue with the series.

  • Varied Books
    2019-03-31 06:10

    12/25/16 on sale for .99.

  • Michelle
    2019-04-24 04:30

    Frederick and Portia. He's searching for the truth of his birth. He's staying at an inn owned by Portia. I skipped through an awful lot of this book because I didn't find it too interesting.

  • ChloeLeeNH
    2019-03-28 08:20

    Good start to Raleigh's next trio series. This one didn't move quite as fast as I would have liked but both h/h were likable. I will keep my eye out for #2.