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From the Author of ‘How to catch Butterflies’ books 1 & 2 comes the first book in the Dragonflies Trilogy.Be prepared to read a story that will stay with you for the rest of your life.Duncan Peters is not your typical Alpha CEO, Playboy - He is a good man with a painful past. - Ex Military (SAS) now a Senior Partner at ‘Blackcard’. He is a natural born tactician with aFrom the Author of ‘How to catch Butterflies’ books 1 & 2 comes the first book in the Dragonflies Trilogy.Be prepared to read a story that will stay with you for the rest of your life.Duncan Peters is not your typical Alpha CEO, Playboy - He is a good man with a painful past. - Ex Military (SAS) now a Senior Partner at ‘Blackcard’. He is a natural born tactician with a license to kill…We also met his naughty best friend, Rubin Miller, who he meets one night at a rowdy University weekend bender.That night a friendship was made, that would last a lifetime…Rubin Miller is a ladies’ man, through and through, with an immense appetite for life. But most of all he is a man of honor. He too joins the military serving by his friends’ side, through thick and thin.There is nothing these two men have not shared, women included.Can these wild men ever be tamed?* This book contains Drama, Heartache and Mature content, intended for readers 18+ *...

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dragonflies the duncan peters files Reviews

  • Jessica Spoon
    2019-04-15 16:11

    This story is unlike any I've read. I was expecting an amazing typical romance novel. But this story is truly The Duncan Peters Files. It is the story of his life. It focuses mostly on his friendship with Rubin Miller. The story spans more than 20 years of his life. Now, while there is romance and sex (truly hot sex that makes you have to go take a "quick break" under the sheets) the touching part is of the brotherhood that these two men share and the two women that change their lives and the way they live them.Rubin is a ladies man, through and through, but most of all he is a man of honor. A man of loyalty who just has fun through life. One woman in all of his life is the only one who was ever able to reach into his soul. Their relationship is dysfunctional and will have you screaming at Miss Fontien more than once. But if you can readjust your expectations you will see why they are perfect for each other.Duncan Peters is a good man. A solid man. He is not a ladies man (though he has his share). And his one great love is tailor made for him. A horrible tragedy will pull them apart for years. (AND I MEAN YEARS!)At the end of the book I was left heartbroken and satisfied all at once. It's an odd feeling until you realize how truly realistic it is. The story does have a bittersweet happy ending. The tragedies that occur during this story will leave you reeling, but Samantha Fontien writes in such a way that it makes sense. I had to constantly remind myself that this is a lifetime of story.I thoroughly enjoyed this story and the writing. Definitely a 5 star read.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-04-19 11:07

    I'm bewildered by the high ratings for this - did we read the same book?Unfortunately, the writing style in this didn't work for me; there were too many long run-on sentences, spelling errors and grammatical howlers for my liking. I'm afraid I found that really distracting. A little advance warning about some of the subject matter would have been welcome too - one tragedy that Duncan suffered is a complete no-go for me and not something I wish to unwittingly read about in a 'romance'. Sorry, but I struggled to finish.***I received a free copy of this book via Fiona's Book Reviews blog in return for my honest opinion***

  • Hooked On Books
    2019-04-01 12:20

    I was given this book to read in turn for an honest review!!!I have never read any of Samantha Fontien’s work before, but I was lucky enough to be asked to do a review of this book and loved it. I will definitely be reading more of her books. You will need tissues handy!!!!This is not your typical Romance story, its span out over more than 20 years. Rubin and Duncan are best friends they have served in the Armed Forces together and have always been by each others side. This is their life stories and some story it is, I loved the friendship these two men shared never letting the other down in anyway, they shared every up and down life through at them, always helping the other through it and continuing their lives, with many a good times had by them both.Rubin is a ladies man, and likes to attend a lot of parties of the kinky kind. There is only one woman who reaches his soul, however Rubin finds it difficult too accept, Can Jessica get Rubin to settle and accept his true feelings?Duncan is a kind hearted man who’s unlucky in love, just when he thinks he has everything he could ever ask for a tragic event takes more then he could ever imagine away from him sadly their broken hearts drive them apart but can they find each other again?I loved how this book was a life story rather than just a few weeks or months in the lives of a few characters, it was more true to life that way. I can’t believe how I cried at this book, there was one event that I never saw coming and it broke my heart, so much so I had to walk away breath and then carry on reading. Samantha really hits at those emotions making it true to life. I also loved all the slang in this book, being British I knew most of it and enjoyed a few laughs along with the characters. I promise this book won’t disappoint.

  • SammiesBookBlog
    2019-04-19 13:21

    I was given a ARC for my honest review. Duncan was in How to Catch Butterflies 1 & 2 and in there we learned a lot about him and fell in love with his crazy and eccentric ways. He was a character you enjoyed and he could get the job done. This time around it's his time to tell his story and we learn what makes Duncan him and what makes him tick. We learn a lot about him. This story takes you on a action packed ride and does not disappoint. You laugh, you cry, you almost pee your pants. We also learn about his friend and these two are trouble, let me tell you. All in all it was a very good read and I highly enjoyed it and I'm sure you will also. Samantha is a very talented author and her books are genuine and from the heart. A very good read. “Do you want me to hold your hair or something Princess?”

  • Sally Orchard
    2019-03-31 13:53

    Dragonflies the Duncan Peters filesI had the pleasure to edit this book for Author Samantha Fontien. This book is one long rollercoaster of emotions. We first meet Duncan in Samantha's first two books "How to catch Butterflies parts 1 and 2We now get to know the real Duncan and his brother in arms Rubin Miller(whom I love by the way)You will laugh at what theses two can get up to and the situations they end up in.This story takes you through the years of Duncan and Rubin leaving university and making their way in the world. Their many encounters with the ladies(and there are a few)I loved this book it is well written, well done Samantha Fontien another gem. If you read this, I promise you will not be disappointed.

  • Kaye Helm
    2019-04-09 09:17

    Having read Samantha's 'How to Catch Butterflies 1 & 2' I was eager to get my hands on this book. Duncan was a stand out minor character in the other books, and one of my favourites! I was really excited that she was writing her third book about him.Let me tell you, it did not disappoint!In this book we get to find out why Duncan is the way he is. Plus there is the bonus of his crazy Scottish friend, Rubin. These two guys get up to some mischief, but there are some serious undertones, and I definitely fell in love with these two characters (and with Duncan all over again). I laughed with them, I cried with them. Samantha writes from the heart, and that's why I love her stories.

  • Sally
    2019-04-04 11:03

    Samantha Fontien has done it again. With every page you turn you are taken on a journey through your senses and emotions!! Samantha's books are like pieces of a puzzle .. They all fit together, you don't have to read them in totally the right order but together there is a much bigger picture and you are left wanting more!! Being taken through the time and history of peoples live, watching relationships grow and crumble .. Laughing and crying with them .. With the most amazing well written naughtiness thrown in for good measure!! Be warned though .. She knows her stuff .. Watch who you're sitting next to on the bus when you break this bad boy out!! Lol!!

  • OrchardBookClub
    2019-04-18 16:00

    ~By Nicola~I have a home run with Samantha’s books :) 4 for 4 now! So when Sam told me she was writing another book i instantly thought “Oh, another Butterfly book!” How wrong was i!?We first meet Mr Peters in the Butterfly books, not that you have to have read them to read this. So i knew what kind of guy i was getting involved with when i picked my kindle up. It reads completely different from Sam’s other books, is this a bad thing i hear you ask? Not completely, No. Once you get your head round reading from a blokes bloke POV then this book is addictive!I did struggle with the first chapter or so, not knowing anything about the army, missions, not to mention i totally suck at locations, just ask my other half about that…….. in fact, don’t!!So the army aside, OMG! My first few messages to Sam, yep, I’m one of those readers…… read, message, react….. and might i add poor Sam got a LOT of these messages! In fact I’m surprised she hasn’t blocked me on Facebook lol“OMFG poor Duncan! Spends all that time getting back to his loving wife to discover that! What a total b***h!!”“You have to be kidding me! You can’t do THAT!”“OK, just spat my drink across the room!”These are just a few of my messages :PSo back to my review. The story revolves around Duncan Peters and his BFF Rubin Miller *swoon* These two blokes do everything together, and i mean EVERYTHING! They have each others back in the army and in the real world, in fact there’s not a single thing they won’t do for each other. It was nice to see this from two blokes, you saw the tough guy parts and the more sensitive sides too. You get to experience their joys in life *cried* as well as the heartbreaking moments that they experience *cried and kindle had to spend time in the freezer* you wouldn’t wish these things on anyone. To say Sam hit the emotional nail on the head would be an understatement……I’m yet to pick my kindle back up after reading this, and that is sooo not like me :/This book is very fast paced. It has hold your breath moments, I can’t believe they just did THAT moments, laugh out loud moments as well as sob your freakin heart out moments! In fact i woke my other half up SOBBING in the middle of the night…… you know what I’m on about Ms Fontien!!!!! Its a roller coaster for the emotions that’s for sure.I enjoyed this book far more than i thought i would, what with the whole army spin. I’m a little sad that it had to come to an end with just one book :( but i can see why Sam decided to do it this way. I will miss Duncan and Rubin, and looking for those picture quote pics for you Sam…. But all good things must come to an end.That just leaves me for the whole golden apples part,The emotional roller coaster 5 APPLESThe LOL’s 5 APPLESThe “He didn’t just do that, did he?!” 5 APPLESFor bringing Rubin and Duncan, but mainly Rubin into my life 5 APPLESI will leave you with my most favorite quote from the book, and YES, this really happens ;)~~~~~~~~~By Simone~I absolutely loved reading Dragonflies!!But then I knew that I would – I totally adored the Butterfly Series before it – so the natural expectation was for me to be hooked with this…and true to form, I was.Samantha Fontien knows just how to incorporate the right amount of laughter, pain, love and smut to keep you totally hooked from beginning to end.Dragonflies delves a whole lot deeper in the life, the loves and the heartache that is the world surrounding Duncan Peters.We first met him and his take-no-rubbish attitude in the Butterfly series, where his demeanour and character have you wanting to know more.And “more” is here, within this story, where we discover exactly how and why Duncan has shaped himself to be the man that he is.And I have to say – what a man he is too!Driven, caring, loving, strong…with a few important plus points gained in those “important areas” too ;) …how could you simply not love this man.His amazingly strong relationship with his jaw-droppingly charming best friend Rubin is one to be envied too. The two men are tighter than brothers and know just how to bring the best out in each other, whether that be at work, during socialising or when they are at play, Dragonflies shows just to what extremes people will go to in order to properly help, take care and love a friend – a friend that is closer than blood.imageDon’t get me wrong, this story isn’t all hearts, flowers and comradery, there are some pritty steamy smut scenes in and amongst – which are very well written – and they certainly score each of the leading men an array of adoring females – both in the book and in “real life”.We have some absolutely devastating issues to contend with too – issues that kind of broke my heart a little if I’m honest…I was certainly reaching for the tissues anyway.Samantha delivers every one of the issues presented in a fantastic, descriptively rich, very detailed, well put together package.I was hooked from beginning to end and even had to give myself a few days grace once I had finished before I could even face another book – all the signs of a brilliant author and an amazing story if you ask me.And yes – I totally loved seeing the name “Simone” featured in there, I won’t lie. :)This is a fantastic, stand alone read – you’ll fall in love with Duncan – & Rubin – even if you haven’t been previously introduced by Butterflies.However, if you have had the pleasure of reading Butterflies, then you really do need to read this to fully appreciate and fully experience the Total-All Round-Duncan-Package.The man you think you know simply scratches upon his surface.You absolutely need to welcome both of these astounding men into your life properly – you will not be disappointed.Amazing!5 Golden apples~~~~~~I had the pleasure of beta reading this book for Samantha Fontien and OMFG, WOW, WTF and all those other words that came out of my mouth whilst reading this. Samantha takes you on one hell of a roller coaster of emotions so make sure you have the tissues ready because you are going to need them!Dragonflies is a standalone book about Duncan Peters. And for those who have read “How to Catch Butterflies” Book #1 & #2 (and I hope that’s the majority of you!), will know exactly who I’m talking about!Now it’s Duncan’s turn to tell his story and boy what a story it is. In Dragonflies you finally find out what makes Duncan tick and he is finally understood. You also get to meet Duncan’s best friend Rubin Miller *Swoon*, who together have shared many a tale and a hell of a lot of women! I have to say the sex scenes were very HOT and very descriptive so you might need a cold shower after certain parts ;-)This is far from just a smut book. Yes it has some quite explicit sex scenes in but the author takes you on a journey that is far more than just sex. Samantha Fontien delves into some quite hard hitting topics that will have you reaching for the tissues.Duncan and Rubin have been through it all and remained firm friends through everything that life could possible throw at them. Work, women, heart ache etc….This has to be one of the best standalone books I have read in a very long time and I am soooo looking forward to seeing what Samantha Fontien has in store for us next.A very well deserved 5 Golden Apples ~L~

  • Sarah-Jane
    2019-04-08 14:54

    First Impressions ***I was skeptical about this book in the first few chapters, Duncan is a nice, decent, sexy guy who returns home from war only to find his Wife in bed riding some other guy.. gut wrenching for him but it isn’t long before he finds his ‘one’ so at this point I am thinking…. ‘Hmmm well this is going well, he’s found his girl & now they will live HEA’...WRONG!!Final Impressions - Review *****I ALWAYS write a first impressions chapter but i generally don’t post it in my final review because it normally isn’t far off the mark but this time I was HUGELY wrong & I’m happy to admit it.Firstly. One thing I was write about was the fact that Duncan is a nice, decent, sexy guy but what I missed out was he was a true gentleman, a heart of gold & a friend any person would wish for. He was loyal, trustworthy & honest.Rubin was his best friend, but not only that, his Brother in arms. They tours together, they lived together & they played together ;)Rubin is one funny son of a bitch. A randy bugger but a funny one. I called him Randy instead of Rubin, he was always sticking his wick wherever he could find that was willing.Jessica & Simone. Sisters by blood.Rubin & Duncan. Brothers by love.Duncan & Simone, hit it off from the get go. They both had the sensitive, caring, i’ve been hurt before air about them whereas Rubin & Jessica had the ‘let fuck’ air about them.Both couples were ridiculously matched & I loved them.Fast forward through time and there are plenty of bumps in the road for both couples… well if you can call what Rubin & Jessica are a couple…Can either couple withstand the bumps?Will Simone & Duncan put on a strong front and stand hand in hand together?It’s Fate’s choice but path you take but it’s your choice what you do with that path.Duncan may have had his heart broken but it put him in the best frame of mind he has ever been in. Not only is Rubin his Best Friend & Brother but also his Business Partner.The story in this book was fab, not to predictable but not to shocking. I did at time sit there and think ‘this will happen’ & was gutted when it didn’t but it kept me on my toes.This book was well written, and the timeline.. worked. Even though normally I don’t like books that skim years & span over a long time but this work, it wasn’t all happening in one year it happened over a long period. I would definitely recommend this of a friend that was looking for something different. I liked how the book wasn’t based around the typical Male & Female meet, fall in love, get married, have babies, have a few hiccups & live HEA… this book was more based on the friendship between Duncan & Rubin. Different, not the usual. I love an Author not afraid to do different & I can’t wait to get my hands on Rizzo’s story!

  • Erin
    2019-04-03 13:59

    I’m completely in love with this story of Duncan Peters and Rubin Miller! Although Rubin’s name is not part of the title, it is as much his story as it is Duncan’s. They are best mates, ever since they met at university. They’re academically gifted and take the same paths of study. They both go through officer training together for SAS. They serve side-by-side in the military. And they always have each other’s backs. Best. Friends. When one is down, the other one picks him up. When one experiences highs, the other one leads the celebration. When something happens to one, the other feels it just as deeply. Brothers from different mothers. But even though they walk parallel paths, their personalities are quite different. Duncan is more reserved, solitary, cerebral and understated. Rubin lives outloud. He embraces life by the balls and wrings every last drop from them. He works hard and plays harder. There’s nothing that can’t be solved by a good bounce between the sheets, multiple times if possible. And with his hard body, blue-eyed good looks, Scottish brogue and roguish ways, women don’t stand a chance around him. Throw into the mix Duncan’s dark and brooding good looks, and many a hot sex-filled night ensues. Seriously. These men are freakin’ hot! I kept wishing for an invitation to attend the same parties they did, just to catch a glimpse of them in action. But even for as much as they play together, there is so much more to their story.Dragonflies is ultimately a story about deep friendship. Think about the most meaningful friendship(s) in your life, and that is what Ms. Fontien provides with this story. You are beautifully swept along from point-to-point in their lives, and I am grateful that it isn’t all hearts and chocolates along the way. There’s grit and heartache and aggravation. Sometimes I wanted to shake them stupid to get them to see their mistakes. But that’s kind of how real life works, too, so I cheered for those feelings. There are always bumps and potholes to navigate in life, but that’s what makes experiencing the happiness and love that much sweeter. This book gave me an overwhelming case of the feels. Absolutely loved it! I give this 5/5 stars.

  • Kia-lin Klink-holmes
    2019-03-28 08:14

    Ok so can I say HOLY SEXNESS (ok that might not be a word but I wish it was) Well lets put it this way if you like hot military men , action, and sex this is a book for you. Samantha also know for How to Catch Butterflies book 1 & 2 has come with her third book Dragonflies and for those of you who have already read How To Catch Butterflies have already got a glimpse of Duncan. Now let me tell you this is nothing like HTCB at all this is a male POV and its HOT. We all know ladies what males really think with and with Duncan and Rubin on the prowl lets just say they know how t use it. Oh did I just mention Rubin, well ladies get yourself geared up for him he is Duncan's best friend since college and boy does he make you want to crawl in bed with him at night and feel all is effects/affects whatever he is just that good.These two have been through a lot together they were almost always stationed together in the military. They had each others back in and out of uniform no mater what they were there for each other even when it came to females. They even opened up there own company together when they finished the military. So when reading this book its like you are reading a military action film with some hot men as the main characters that know how to enjoy themselves when they are "off duty" you will sure learn about "kinkster parties" and what goes on at those "special parties" and you will also find out about how the military operations work when they are needed to get the job done. with this book that Samantha wrote you can see as you read this book that she has done some phenomenal research that makes this book feel as real a real can be. Me being a military spouse I was so going trough the motions reading this you can tell that she truly wrote this book from her heart and I loved I. With that being said go get your copy today so you can be on of the hottest, sexness rollercoster rides of your life.

  • Karen's Book Haven
    2019-04-08 11:12

    I love going blind into a book – no expectations, no disappointments, just get taken away with the story. I feel like there were ten stories within this book as there is so much happening and I felt wrecked when I finished it but in a good way. I originally had trouble keeping up with all the characters but that’s because Duncan and Rubin are such lady’s men that they have a lot of women’s names to remember. This is the first in the Dragonfly trilogy. I was instantly on Duncan’s side – he comes home from serving in the armed forces to find his wife has moved on. He wastes no time in getting himself out there. There’s part of him that’s a lost soul that I love but then that frustrates me. He flits from woman to woman until he meets Simone and then his whole world opened up. Rubin, the other main character’s story, is a wonderfully painful story. He’s upfront, he knows what he wants and what he doesn’t want and sometimes –those things can be polar opposites. I actually have pity for him – for a life that he chose not to take on and missed out on so much. These boys love hard and fierce and they are struggling with their own demons but they know they have, and always will have each other’s backs. It’s refreshing to read a story like this without losing a shred of masculinity. Their relationship is as strong as they come. The sex scenes are not for the faint of heart. They will certainly get you hot under the collar and they add to the story rather than distract. The tragedies within this book left me jaw slackened. The feels. Oh, the feels. There’s heartache like no other heartache in this book but the ending is just divine. This is a tale that lasts long after you’ve finished it. I was kindly provided with a free copy of this book from the author to provide an honest review. Receiving this book for free did not influence my opinion nor review. BUY THE DUNCAN PETER FILES VIA AMAZON

  • TLBC
    2019-04-03 12:57

    My Review: Review copy provided (tour host 2/6) (blitz 1/26)4-4.5 heartbreaking stars!I had to sit of this one for a while before I could review it. It really had me messed up but in a good way.Gosh where do I begin? My emotions were all over the place with this book. Poor Duncan…couldn’t the guy get a break? This book starts off with Duncan being completely shattered and his best friend and essentially brother Rubin helps pick up the pieces and try to get him back together. This seems to be a common theme among the two. You get to see a friendship and bond grow between Duncan and Rubin and really get to know the two of them. Duncan throughout this book experiences pain and heartache that noone should ever have to endue. My heart literally broke for him on more than one occasion. He was a good guy but by no means perfect he had his flaws just like anyone. When Duncan falls in love or loves he does it with every fiber of himself whether it comes to friends or family. Yes this book is heartbreaking but Rubin his “playboy” best friend brings a lot of light to this book so it’s not like you’re crying constantly. And get out a fan or something to cool down because this book is hot hot hot. Wow does Samantha know how to write a sex scene. I have to say towards to end I was getting very nervous and was like NO Duncan can’t go through anything else Samantha wouldn’t do that to us she’s not that sadistic? I was happy to not have to endure the heartache I thought I was going to.This book follows Duncan’s life in the span of twenty years and you truly got to know who he was. It was well written and so very tragic; I fell in love with our Hero.I recommend, but beware and grab a box of tissue because you’ll need them. Fall in love with Duncan like I did.

  • Michelle ♥ The Romance Vault ♥
    2019-04-22 11:21

    This is the 1st book I’ve read from the pen of Samantha Fontien and after my initial settling in period I can tell you it won’t be the last.I have to say it took me a good 30% of the way in to get into Samantha’s writing style. Especially when I usually read first person, to then be suddenly swept up in 3rd person and done the way Samantha does it took me a bit of settling in. It did take a while to feel fully at ease with the text and be swept up in the story.I also had images of ‘Biggles’ at the start. I couldn’t quite understand two twenty year males going around calling Old Chap and Old Boy and acting like private club blue blood British aristocrats. But once I got used to Duncan and Rubin’s characters – POW - I was then fine, invested and fully involved.I was not keep on the character changes and then re-doing timelines with another character. I’ve always hated that, it is in fact a pet hate of mine. I honestly don’t always ‘need’ to know both sides fully. Some of it can remain in my imagination. So Ms Fontien sorry, but it really is a niggle of mine but I do kinda get why authors do it.All in all I am so glad I got to read this book 1, I am certainly hooked, Samantha ‘weaves’ a story, so if you rush it you’re probably gonna to miss a clue or a piece of information that will become part of a bigger picture later on. So read it ALL because all the splinters come from a solid foundation and Samantha writes to a conclusive whole picture that falls into place as you make your way through the chapters. I cannot review without saying this has a saga feel about it, it’s bigger than a mere novel, it’s all encompassing the lives of the characters and I really enjoyed that as I don’t get to read that many sagas nowadays.I received a copy of The Duncan Peter Files in return for an honest review, my reviews are my own and 100% honest.

  • Reading Write
    2019-03-30 12:12

    4 1/2 Stars from Iva for Kota's Book Kollection"The timeline spans over 20 years so there are jumps in time. These are all well documented by the author and only once did I backtrack trying to work out what had happened and where the characters were at. I believe the author needs to be applauded on successfully writing a book that covered so many years without the characters or the story becoming tiresome. Not many authors can do that.The sex scenes exhibit a beautiful flowing prose that make you drool at the sexual prowess of both these dynamic men and wish you were the woman at their mercy. In contrast there are some definitely well researched historical facts that come across as a report rather than a story. The change in style is distracting, but the facts are interesting and appropriate to the story. At about the 55% mark in the book, the pace of the story increases with some intense plot points that have you glued to the page. This is where the story goes from good to fantastic and the writing picks up its pace to stride confidently alongside it. You will be completely caught off guard by how much you have come to love these two men and that is purely due to the talent of the author.This is one book that really captures the essence of friendship and reminds us how valuable it is. It tells us to never walk away from something or someone when you or they are at the lowest points in life, and to open your heart to the wonders of love lest you never get a chance to do so." ~ IvaFor the full review visithttp://kotasbookkollection.blogspot.c...

  • Laura Smith
    2019-04-18 16:17

    I had the pleasure of beta reading this book for Samantha Fontien and OMFG, WOW, WTF and all those other words that came out of my mouth whilst reading this. Samantha takes you on one hell of a roller coaster of emotions so make sure you have the tissues ready because you are going to need them! Dragonflies is a standalone book about Duncan Peters. And for those who have read "How to Catch Butterflies" Book #1 & #2 (and I hope that’s the majority of you!), will know exactly who I'm talking about!Now it’s Duncan’s turn to tell his story and boy what a story it is. In Dragonflies you finally find out what makes Duncan tick and he is finally understood. You also get to meet Duncan's best friend Rubin Miller *Swoon*, who together have shared many a tale and a hell of a lot of women! I have to say the sex scenes were very HOT and very descriptive so you might need a cold shower after certain parts ;-) This is far from just a smut book. Yes it has some quite explicit sex scenes in but the author takes you on a journey that is far more than just sex. Samantha Fontien delves into some quite hard hitting topics that will have you reaching for the tissues. Duncan and Rubin have been through it all and remained firm friends through everything that life could possible throw at them. Work, women, heart ache etc....This has to be one of the best standalone books I have read in a very long time and I am soooo looking forward to seeing what Samantha Fontien has in store for us next.

  • My Secret Book Spot
    2019-04-12 16:18

    Dragonflies- The Duncan Peters Files by Samantha Fontien1 of 5 StarsLet me first begin by saying that my taste in literature is very broad and I have a very open mind when it comes to reading and reviewing, regardless of my personal preferences. The Duncan Peters Files has bored me from page one. I usually read at least one book per day but this one has had me stymied for quite a while. I've tried reading in many different situations and even attempted to force myself to finish reading it so that I could give a completely educated opinion and review. That was impossible for me. The characters seem very one-dimensional, shallow, and easily swayed by the thoughts and actions of others. I understand that friends tend to follow friends, but Duncan and Rubin seem to have an unrealistic companionship, therefore raising eyebrows at their ability to function independently as opposed to both of them functioning as a single unit. Secondly, the situations did not seem to flow together very well. There were many questions that came to mind in the bit that I did read and they didn't show any sign of being answered. The story line seemed to jump from place to place and time to time without too much of a steady direction. I guess that what I'm trying to say is that Dragonflies makes no sense at all and it was difficult for me to follow. I truly hate giving a negative review for any book but this is one that could not be avoided and this is my first DNF.Complimentary copy given in exchange for an honest review.Meagan, My Secret Book Spot

  • Eye Candy Bookstore
    2019-04-14 10:06

    The Duncan Peters Files was a brilliant read. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey I took with Duncan and his best mate Rubin (yes, I am British now). The book follows the two through their years, with a beautiful story of love, loss, and friendship (with a lot of hot sex in the mix too). I fell head over heels for these two military men. Their friendship was just amazing to read about. The ups and down they each had (especially Duncan, I was completely heartbroken for him) were written so well, I felt the words. Don’t worry, it isn’t all sad… there are some funny moments that made me laugh, a lot of hot, smexy scenes that made me weak in the knees and in need of a cold shower, and even some action pack scenes that made me sit on the edge of my seat! This is a great story of brotherhood and true love. I was very impressed with the writing (especially the fact that it was not an U.S. based story) some of the British slang was a little hard to follow at times, but the story is so well developed, that it did not affect the outcome. I definitely would recommend this book and am looking forward for book two in the Dragonflies Series. Reviewed by Tonya Nichols @ Eye Candy Bookstore

  • Jeanette Oglesby
    2019-04-21 15:03

    5 Blow Me Away StarsI didn’t know what to expect from this book, all I knew was that while reading the synopsis the mentioning of Alpha, CEO, and Playboy caught my eye. I knew I had to give it a try. Dragonflies is unlike any book that I have read. It took me on such a rollercoaster of a ride through so many emotions. I was fanning myself one minute because of the hotness, laughing another minute and crying the next and this was an ugly cry at that. I usually try to stay away from the ugly cry books, but I am so, so, glad that I didn’t skip over this one. Don’t think that this is just an ugly cry book because it is not, it is so much more with every emotion possible and it’s not just centered on any particular emotion. I still feel so many emotions while writing this review. I have to say that I loved everything about this book. This is a very fast paced story about two really HOT best friends Duncan and Rubin. They are more like brothers than anything. I had a lot of OMG, WTF, WTH, NOOOOO, MMMhhhmmm moments. Author Samantha Fontien has written this book so good that I felt like I knew Duncan and Rubin. I felt their every high and every low with them. This book will always be on my to read again shelf.

  • Tanya Rae ~ TaSTy WordGasms
    2019-04-20 12:08

    OMG The Duncan Peters Files the story hit so many emotional chords. There are tear jerking and heartbreaking moments for sure. I usually avoid books that make me cry but, wow I loved this book and it meant that I was fully invested. I couldn't put the book down and finished reading it in one long setting. The Duncan Peters Files is listed to have about 592 pages. Samantha Fontein even gives you a playlist at the front of the book. (I love playlists that's how I find a lot of my music) I don't give you a synopsis of the story because I feel the author does that already I like to tell you of my feelings about the books that I read. This story takes place from 1991 to 2014 over a 23 year period. And, I loved that because we got to see the lives of the people in this story. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. Oh did I say that the sex in this book is HOT!The authors warning: * This book contains Drama, Heartache and Mature content, intended for readers 18+ *This ARC was received for an honest review.

  • Samantha Roberts
    2019-04-23 11:01

    Wow firstly I think every book this author writes is going to be a 5 star book for me!I have very puffy eyes so you will definitely need tissue or what ever helps you with ugly cry books! This book is about Duncan Peters. You read about Duncan in How to catch butterflies book 1 & 2....but this book you get to know him and you see over 20 years of his life. From the friendship with the "Fucking Legend" Rubin Miller to the love of his life. There is twists and turns you don't see coming at all. This book will have you laughing so hard to Crying like a baby.There is A LOT of very hot really HOT sex!This book took me on an emotional Roller coaster of a ride, every emotion you can think of this book gave me. I love Rubin he is one funny fella! You get to see Rebecca and Jackson from How to catch butterflies it was really nice to see what they was up to. It's beautifully written and my gosh it's a page turner. Samantha Fontien you have done it again. I can't wait to read the rest of the Dragonflies they are already on my kindle waiting for me.

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-08 12:56

    I must say I’m really bad I haven't read Sam’s other book’s so I did not know what to expect. But what I did get was a whole lot more..!!We look,feel all that good stuff as we read the carrys on with Duncan and Rubin 2 best buds who are more like brothers who fight for their country.I must say MineMineMine lol I loved these 2 they can come and take me out whenever they want lol. you have Duncan who likes the women but not a big player, then you have Rubin who is a big tart lol, The sex hell the sex in the this book is hothothot.I so did not see some of the twist coming in this book really did bring tears to my eyes. I completely loved the writing Sam take’s a hard subject matter and wrote it perfectly the passion, the emotion, was well balanced.In the end just what I needed. I needed a change and I got it!!.If you’re looking for a book that is steamy, you don’t see the twists and turns coming, and will keep you guessing and leave your mouth hanging open until the very end then I would definitely recommend this book!!.

  • Marissa
    2019-04-21 15:03

    Kindle Copy for ReviewThis is not a typical straightforward story line. It’s about a lifelong friendship and their struggles along the way and the females they left along the way.We meet Duncan Peters at first still in the military when he returns home to find that his wife wants a divorce and is pregnant with another man’s child. He turns to his best friend Rubin Miller and ends up drinking and ended up in a threesome due to Rubin lifestyle.Out of military they end up forming a successful business where danger is part of the game. Using their ex-military training they risk their lives to save others in dangerous situations.They shared a close friendship that lasted a lifetime together. When things go wrong in a mission Duncan soon realizes as much as they know each other that his friend has kept things from him as well.It takes years later for Duncan to realize what he was missing, can he find her and make amends. Will they be able to get past their past and find a way to be together?

  • Erica
    2019-04-15 10:08

    I struggle between 3.5-4 stars.This was not quite what I expected. The story had potential but I think it got lost in the length of the book, there was more filler than necessary in my opinion.I liked Duncan, but I expected more. I don't know what exactly but more of the relationship maybe and less unnecessary storyline to fill pages, at least that's how it felt to me and I'm sure judging by the ratings some will disagree with me. For the beginning of a series with Duncan as a main character I feel like we missed something, that too much was thrown into the that wasn't needed when there could have been more character building for Duncan and Rubin, though I think we basically got Rubin's character!Dragonflies-The Duncan Peters Files is heartbreaking, watching peoples lives crumble often is, and had this all been packaged into a slightly shorter read or one that kept the readers interest through out the book, I think it would have had a much stronger impact on me.

  • The Book Fairy Reviews
    2019-04-02 09:19

    Mysterious and swoon worthy that is how I would describe Duncan Peters. His Best friend loyal to a fault shares in his pain, sorrows and happiness. This book goes through a life time of 20 years. The ups and downs that make him the made is today, and through it all he has friend at his side.An emotional roller coaster this book will give you intense highs and the lowest of lows where you are sobbing at the screen of your e-reader.This is the first book that I have read of Samantha Fontien and let me tell you she has a fan for life! I am hooked to the charters in this book, Samantha left nothing out of each of their lives. The attention to detail that she brings to her characters brings them to life and brings you into the the story. You will become emotionally invested so be warned. I loved this book and I can't qwait to read the next one in the series.

  • Melissa Miller-Mattern
    2019-04-15 09:10

    This book follows the friendship and lives of Duncan Peters (who was introduced in How to Catch Butterflies 1 & 2) and his best-friend Rubin Miller. Instead of the story focusing over a short period of time, the book spans over 20 years of Duncan and Rubin’s lives. Both men are very intelligent but also trained killers. Duncan is the fun-loving guy and Rubin is the lady’s man. Both men find themselves in various situations that will leave the reader laughing, crying, and on the edge of their seat wondering what will happen next in the story. Trust me, Duncan and Rubin get into so interesting situations. The overall theme of this book is the deep friendship between Duncan and Rubin who had each others’ back no matter what.

  • Lita Thomas
    2019-04-10 16:15

    I was provided this book for a honest review. Dragonflies- The Duncan Peters Files it the first book in the Dragonfly trilogy is the story of Duncan Peters life and his friendship with his mate Rubin. This is a story filled with love, betrayal, friendship and death. Two guys who are living life to the fullest. Having met in University and forging a friendship that stands the test of time. I laughed, smiled, frowned and even cried. The story was an emotional roller coaster with many highs and lows. The life lived by Duncan was a life that many people can relate to and have experienced. By the end of the book I can say I was emotionally exhausted but was truly looking forward to the next book.

  • Stacy Skeels
    2019-04-08 09:05

    I brought this book and I'm glad I did. This book, this story it will stay with you forever, a story you will never forget and will stay in your heart forever. Duncan is such an amazing character and to follow his story is like being on a rollercoaster you won't want to get off but ride again and again, the highs are brilliant and you find yourself smiling and laughing and then you get the lows with ugly crying and I did and you just can't help it. Then you have the brilliant Ruben that will have you laughing and getting hot and steamy under the collar, together these two are fabulous. This book is a must buy it has captured my heart and mind, very well written and beautiful with an ending that'll have you crying happy tears. XOXO

  • Shay
    2019-04-01 15:56

    I just finished this story and it was just awesome! Never ever read anything like it and I think that was what I liked about it the most. This story spans over 20 years from the time Duncan gets home from the military to him him getting his HEA. As you know when he got home he found his wife in bed with her co-worker. To say the least he was shocked and pissed. He calls his best friend Rubin and they party hard! Who could blame the guy? Rubin is only showing him what's all out there. However they both didn't expect to find love. Duncan is all for it. Rubin not so much. This is their story. Trust me, you will laugh. You will cry. Most of all you will love this story. Story 5Sex 4Overall 5Reviewed by Beggin from Mommys a Book Whore

  • Candi~Dirty Laundry Review
    2019-03-30 13:10

    Recently finished Dragonflies. It's taken me a few days to form my thoughts here. I'm still feeling the effects. This book was filled with humor, sadness, hot dirty sex, friendship, strength, more hot dirty sex, and tears. Lots and lots of tears. But the hotness makes up for it.This book was simply amazing. The way Samantha writes, it just sucks you in. I've read all her books so far, and this one, by far, was the most emotional for me. I don't want to give any spoilers away so, basically, what I'm saying is that this is a must read. But make sure to have a box of Kleenex on hand. And maybe a bottle of wine too