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Palee "Tracker" Stalvik had one simple mission: Go and save Sandy, then bring her back to California where she would be safe. Little did he know that his mission would be anything but simple as he is thrust into a future he did not expect.Carl "Rex" Dreven had no goals left in life other than to seek out a meager living in his mountain home. His self-imposed seclusion wasPalee "Tracker" Stalvik had one simple mission: Go and save Sandy, then bring her back to California where she would be safe. Little did he know that his mission would be anything but simple as he is thrust into a future he did not expect.Carl "Rex" Dreven had no goals left in life other than to seek out a meager living in his mountain home. His self-imposed seclusion was lonely, even boring. He would purposely keep out the excitement, until one fateful night when his past came back to haunt him. It ripped him from one of the few nights of sound sleep and thrust him into a whirlwind of activity.Sandy Constance was trapped, strapped to a table with a maniac looming over her head, spewing nonsense to her. She had no idea how she got there, the last thing she remembered was getting ready for a surprise trip to visit her friend Elisa in California. One thing she was sure of however, she had to get out of there and fast!...

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tracking the hunter Reviews

  • Melanie
    2019-04-21 06:04

    4*sReview posted here... the Hunter is the second book in the USG Constellation series and had a very different feel to book one.At the end of book one we find that Elisa’s best friend Sandy has been taken by someone and Elisa wants her found – so Chase sends his brother & second in command Tracker to save her. Tracker sets off to find Sandy but ends up trapped in his shuttle when it crashes into the side of a mountain, pinned and with no way to get out or send an SOS to the Constellation, his outlook is bleak.Rex is guy who lives off the grid in the mountain range, he just survives, forages for food and hides away. After fighting in Vietnam and his wife was murdered – he just couldn’t face life anymore and bailed on society. Things were fine but boring until he hears a crash and he heads out to see what’s going on.What he finds is a plane like craft that has crashed into the mountain and does what any decent person would do….. look for survivors. He comes across Tracker who is in a bad way and helps free him and his ‘dog’ from the wreckage. He has no idea why he feels so drawn to this man, why his survival is so important to him and he stirs feelings in Rex that he has never had before…… and it looks like the feeling is mutual.Rex assumes that Tracker is part of a government scientific research programme, testing new planes and such but that doesn’t account for his strange furry, claw tipped ‘hand’ or the weird ‘dog’ but knows he needs help. They are ambushed on their way to Rex’s dwelling and end up finding out just what Tracker’s circumstances have all been about and also tying Rex’s past into the story….. but they still have a woman to find and an enemy to track… which brings even more surprises to all involved.I enjoyed Tracking the Hunter quite a bit but I have to be honest and say – this is my first M/M book and I didn’t know that at the start.Even though this is the second book in the series, it felt like a totally different world from what we were introduced to in book one. That is not a bad thing because I rather enjoyed the setting and premise of this book. A lot of it was set in the forests surrounding the mountain and a good part of that was dedicated to rescuing Tracker. It was good getting to know Tracker and he had an elvish feel to him for me, he was very alpha and masculine as well and has a couple of little secrets up his sleeve. I really liked Rex and thought his portrayal as a Vietnam vet was believable and endearing, I totally got why he isolated himself and lived the way he did. I liked that Rex’s training had come in handy for rescuing Tracker and showed him to be intelligent and resourceful and as we got to know Tracker, see that it compliments his assets too. Now, it becomes clear that they are fated mates and I was dumbstruck, I was wondering where Sandy was but went with it although it did feel really strange for me with them both not having any inclinations to the same sex before meeting –Yes, I know love has no bounds but it was weird ‘for me’. That’s not to say that I didn’t like them together or that they had no chemistry - because they did – they were just both so Alpha and masculine that it took some getting used to.I enjoyed all of the getting to know you that they went through and when we got to the truth of the crash…. That brought my interest even more, we have a clear enemy and a mission to get going. Again about 2/3rds of the book is dedicated to Tracker and Rex, the rescue, the getting to know you, the bonding, the coming to terms with the feelings they were having and it was really addictive, I was engrossed by this and the book had a fantasy/sci fi feel that I really liked. The introduction of the enemy brought a burst of action and also a means for them to be on with their mission as well as the progress of the relationship in which we see Rex begin to accept and act on his feelings. I enjoyed Tracker teaching Rex about the alien technology, he was truly like a child and was in awe. I also loved Tracker’s dog, it would be great to actually see one.The action starts up again once the men reach civilisation and then the investigation side kicks in, which changed the feel of the book again and kept it fresh. We are given multiple POVs from Chase and some others so that we are aware of what is happening elsewhere because obviously someone has noticed Tracker’s not responding and that lets us know what to expect and what they all think is going on. When we eventually get to the rescue of Sandy – we are in for a couple of twists and turns, spooky atmosphere and plenty of action leaving me very satisfied at the ending. I like this series, it’s not scared to be different, it challenges me as a reader and I lapped it up – so I’ll be looking out for more. 4*s

  • Elisa
    2019-04-21 03:08

    I was very impressed with this author's first book but this one is even better!!!HA sucked me into this story from the first page. Tracker struck me as an interesting character in the first book, but he just blossomed in this one. If 'blossomed' isn't too froo-froo of a word to describe such a sexy alien. Then Sandy was introduced and OMG, I could just feel her terror and confusion it was so well written!I loved how Rex was introduced to Tracker. Rex is just so destroyed and yet he keeps pushing forward doing his broken best. I really wanted to pick Rex up and protect and hug him. It actually brought back some not good memories of friends of mine coming back from that horrible war. I loved the interactions between Rex and Tracker so much and if you haven't read any M/M books before, this is a grand one to start with. The interactions between the 2 men are so loving and supportive and the shower scene, while short, is just so sensual and sexy!This is a very exciting story with lots of tension and action. I liked how this story, like the last one, is not a cliffhanger and yet you know the story is going to continue. I bet we haven't seen the last of the villein! My only complaint is that the love scene between the 3 at the end was not as well done as between the 2 men earlier. I'm not sure why though. Perhaps it's just me.In any event, I highly recommend this story to anyone who enjoys mysteries, suspense, romance, aliens, light sci-fi and just a rollicking good adventure. I know I'll be reading this story again and I can't wait to see what she comes up with for the next book. I wonder if she needs any beta readers???

  • Cherri-Anne
    2019-04-25 08:26

    Consider me caught! 5 starsSuch a great story!!! So many loads of awesomeness to read! I thought it flowed & followed right from Chasing Constellations beautifully! I loved that we got to find out more about Tracker and was excited when I found out that Heather was going to be telling Tracker’s story. I loved that the story had so many different twists and turns making it virtually impossible to correctly guess what was coming up or going to happen. It makes the story better because it is NOT a “cookie cutter” type of story that just follows the mainstream plots like “boy meets girl (or boy in this case), boy kisses girl/boy, they fight, lose each other, find each other, happily ever after” type of plot. In fact this story is as far away from that “typical” as it can be!!! I thought that Heather did a great job with all of the “surprises” and kept it fresh & interesting while also keeping it all straight and amazing! Loved all of the “alien” parts of it, the abilities, talents, but my favorite was Aruk! The stuff that he can do is just amazing! Although there was one part involving an owl that got me so excited that I actually squealed (thankfully I was alone at home at the time)!! Since I don’t want to put any spoilers in here, you will have to read the book for yourself to see what I mean!!! I found it interesting that this story seems to focus so much on the relationship between Tracker & Rex, yet there is so much else going on!! I actually thought that Heather did a brilliant job with this because she draws your attention to the dynamics between the two men and while filling you in on both Rex & Tracker’s back stories as well as the current timeline, you realize that what you have been reading has actually been so much more than “just” their relationship! You get bits & pieces of it here and there, but you get what you need when you need it, and just the right amount so you can understand that scene or part, but you are not weighed down with mindless chatter. Trust me, it is a very good thing! You find yourself so immersed in the men and their lives, everything that they have gone through to get them from here to there and there to here, what they are thinking, how they are coping - or not coping in the case of Rex, it all adds up to one helluva terrific story!!! The next thing you know you are at the end of the book and you realize that all of this has been such an integral component to the main story arc because you have learnt so much about Tracker’s race or species, their abilities and talents, their various positions and duties both to their ruling body as well to their missions and each other. I really enjoyed learning all of that about them! Of course, you can’t help but feel for Rex, or connect with Tracker and who can forget Aruk?!?! I want my own Chimba now! No offense to my Sheltie Piper of course! To sum it up – Awesome story with so many original and unique qualities to it that I think that this book & series will appeal to a wide variety of readers. So buy yours today and enjoy the very out-of-this-world awesomeness that is Tracking the Hunter and The UGS Constellation Series!

  • Eva Millien
    2019-04-19 00:10

    Three lives, two males, one female, two humans, one alien – one trying to rescue a woman, one hiding from the world and one trying to escape from a madman – all on a collision course with destiny in this mesmerizing erotic sci-fi romance.Tracker sets out to find and rescue Elisa’s best friend only to crash and land in Rex’s back yard. Rex was shocked with all the unfamiliar things at the crash site but the pilot and the strange looking animal needed help. Rex is also shocked by the instant attraction he feels for Tracker and the reader can’t help but get caught up in the story as Tracker and Rex struggle with their attraction while trying to stay alive so they can go rescue the girl. The characters are strong compelling and captivate readers from the very beginning and the fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers on their toes with lots of suspense, excitement, emotional turmoil and passion.Spine tingling excitement builds as Tracker and Rex are attacked and discover some shocking revelations about the murders happening on earth and anticipation climbs as Rex and Tracker set off to find and rescue Sandy. The well written scenes and details capture the imagination and the well orchestrated events ensure that the reader has to know what happens next while the emotional turmoil of the characters, especially Rex, capture the heart and adds depth to the story. The attraction between Rex and Tracker is instantaneous but that doesn’t mean that Rex will accept Tracker as his mate and then there is the attraction that both men feel for Sandy which spices things up quite a bit.Rex’s and Sandy’s reactions to Tracker and his out of this world gadgets and “dog” provide quite a few chuckles to the story as well. I was a little disappointed that Sandy didn’t have as big a part in the story but I enjoyed the story from the very beginning and I can’t wait to read the next one.

  • Roxie's Reviews
    2019-04-24 00:19

    "This book is Amazing!" "Warning that there are some spoilers in my review"The characters are fantastic . The story line is incredible :) . I usually do not read books with M/M action in it , but the way HA Fortman wrote this one I ended up loving the book! . I just love the story line!. And I fell in love with Tracker in book one lol . Tracker is such a hottie no wonder both sex's want him lol . Tracker is sent on a mission to rescue his adopted Brother Chase and Commander's mate's best friend Sandy. On the way Tracker's ship crashes and Tracker is rescued by Rex a ex. war vet. who turns out to be Trackers mate. Then Tracker's ex. lover shows up and tries to kill him! It seems she is behind not only Tracker's crash but kidnapping Sandy and killing Rex's wife years before. Now Rex and Tracker set off to rescue Sandy Who is being held by Mestrock Tracker's adopted Brother and a evil twin to Chase. Mestrock is holding Sandy hostage to lure Chase to him so he can kill chase. So you see this book is full of suspense,Action and lots of surprises! LOL. You will love this book!. Once you start reading it you will find it very hard to put down! HA Fortman is such a talented writer you will be begging for more books to this series lol . This is not only a 5-star book but should be a 10- star book instead!

  • Sassy Beta Reading & Review
    2019-04-16 02:07

    3 1/2 starsThis is book 2 of the series and can be read as a stand alone, but if you do so, you will miss the key component that this book takes place in the 1970's. I had forgotten that part between reads and was thrown for a bit before I remembered that this takes place in the past not current or future.This is M/M/F read but the F part doesn't come until the end. I found myself skipping a lot through this book. Especially when it was rehashing the past. It was over detailed and become boring so I would skip pages at a time. I did this a few times actually. A lot could have been cut and it would not have taken away from the story.I liked Tracker and Rex. They were a good pair together. Their dialogue was good. All in all this was okay. Between book 1 and book 2, I liked book 1 better. I loved the concept of M/M but could have done without Sandy to be honest. Everyone was so excepting of their situations so quickly with no "freak outs" and it just didn't seem beleivable. Yes I know it's Sci-Fi, Paranormalish. But anyway.......Would I recommend this book? If you have read book 1 then yes...but as a stand alone, probably not.Would I read more from this author? I am curious to see what happens next.Sassy Beta Reading &

  • Julianne Redmon
    2019-04-23 06:13

    Great sequel to Chasing Constellations. I really enjoyed Tracker's story and the very enticing twist that it took toward the end. The characters were very well developed and described so that I could picture each of them in my mind. Tracker we knew from the previous book but it was wonderful how his character progressed throughout this story as well. For me the star of this story was Rex. He captivated me from the beginning and his inner struggle literally made me tear up. Sandy we knew a little of from the first book but I love how her own inner strength makes itself knows. I really became involved with these characters. OH and Aruk...I want him! The settings were also wonderfully detailed. Rex's "home" was honestly my favorite, although the story does not linger there. Perhaps it was because I liked Rex so much that I was attune to the sights/smells/sounds that you would find in such a place. I also appreciated the way that the shuttles and the way that everything worked was described down to the minute detail. I'm not a mechanically inclined person so having the inner workings of something fully explained really help me picture how everything would operate. I truly enjoyed getting lost in the word of the UGS Constellations series.

  • Pamela Kacmarynski
    2019-03-30 03:32

    • Hot Paranormal Romantic Thriller!!• Tracker is Second in Command of the UGS Constellation. He is on a mission to find a missing woman. His ship is sabotaged and crash lands. Rex a Vietnam vet avoiding life in the Montana mountains comes to his rescue and an unexpected bond develops and surprises Rex pushing his beliefs. Tracker and the bond help pull Rex out of his tunnel and into Trackers mission.• They leave together to save Sandy the missing woman. Tracker and Rex save Sandy and the trio are united. Their mission is completed and a relationship blossom’s for all• This is the second book in the UGS Constellation series. I loved the heat in this book. I received the ARC from the author for a review. I am happy to say I loved it and hope there will be a third book. The author develops the relationship between the two male leads superbly. The book recognizes that an ultimate love surpasses what society may or may not accept. When they add their third, the lead female you feel the connection is complete.

  • Rhonda Jones
    2019-04-04 02:18

    Fantastic Book!This book has everything I look for in a sci-fi paranormal romance. I loved the characters. Rex was a broken man, isolating himself because of grief and guilt. But he is also very masculine, one of those men who can not only protect you but who knows how to do everything. Tracker is an alien officer who is huge, tough, but oh so understanding and sensitive. Sandra is a woman who is terrified because she has been kidnapped by a madman, but she is also spunky and outspoken. And I absolutely loved the storyline. It was action from the beginning to the end. I was surprised several times when the unexpected happened. Several plot twists kept me reading until I finished the book within 2 days of starting it. And of-course the last but most important is the romance. Sigh... I was not disappointed. Great book!

  • Nikki Brooks
    2019-04-18 03:05

    Tracker is Second in Command of the UGS Constellation. His mission is to find a missing woman. His ship was sabotaged and he crashes. Rex, a Vietnam vet, is avoiding life in the mountains and comes to his rescue. They bond and Tracker helps pull Rex out of his rut and into helping him on his mission.Sandy, the missing woman, was on her way to visit Elisa (book 1) in California She wakes up in the clutches of a madman. It's upto Rex and Tracker to save Sandy and perhaps make her a part of their burgeoning relationship.This is the 2nd book in the UGS Constellation series. I'm not a lover of M/M books usually but you just get swept up in the story. The love between the characters develops at a good pace and the point is made that love comes in different shapes and that there is no one "right way" to find/accept love. Looking forward to the next in the series!!!

  • Linda Quick
    2019-03-30 03:13

    This is a well written sequel to the first book in the UGS Constellations series, Chasing Constellations. This picks up where the first book ended, with Tracker searching for the kidnapped Sandy. In his search, he first meets Rex. While this is a syfy book with spaceships and aliens, it is really a story about the relationship between damaged individuals. This involves explicit M/M and M/F/M scenes. I only wish that the blurb had disclosed this.The reason for 4 instead of 5 stars is, for me, the sexual portion of the book almost seemed to overtake the story line. It's really just a matter of taste - I prefer more story and less sex.The author is very talented will (hopefully) have a long and successful career. Thank you to the author for providing a complementary copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Niki Driscoll
    2019-04-12 03:15

    Most times the second book in a sequel is lacking or falls short. This was not the case in Tracking The Hunter. I thought this storyline was well developed and I loved the characters. Tracker seems to be an easy going male with a big heart. Rex is damaged from losing his loved ones and his time in the military. They complement each other as Rex needs to heal but is a strong warrior and Tracker is a fixer who needs a strong mate. Sandy is the curve, she is the softer side needing saving by both warriors but holding them together. This story was more of a love story then book 1 even though it was a based on a rescue mission. Several unexpected twist and turns keep you glued to your seat but I was still left with some unanswered questions. I hope the author left it this way so a third book could shed some light on some of the loose ends. I look forward to seeing what comes next.

  • Rebecca Johnson Dye
    2019-04-17 05:25

    We met Palee "Tracker" in Book 1. Chase's blood brother, who took off to find and get Sandy back Elisa best friend when she disappeared. What he wasn't expecting was to crash far from his destination and wake up to find Carl "Rex" helping to remove him from the wreckage. Tracker sure the heck wasn't expecting Rex to be his Anare. Carl doesn't understand what is happening to him. He is still grieving for all that he has lost and feels unworthy of the feelings Tracker's body makes him feel. While Tracker & Rex explore their new feelings they take off to get Sandy back Sandy is being held captive somewhere but she isn't sure where and why she is being torture she has no clue til he asks about Elisa. Someone else is stalking Tracker and what will happen when they come face to face.

  • Tammy Zimmerman
    2019-04-14 03:04

    This is her second book in the USG Constellation series It has second in command Palee Stalvik -Tracker who is sent to find and rescue Sandy Constance from a madman. His ship crashes and he meets Carl Dreven -Rex. this is a M/M/F But you get to see the men fall in love before they find the third of their love their shared mate. Rex has given up on life after several heart braking events in his life and Tracker pulles him from his shell with love and understanding. this is a great read and well worth the money she is such a good story teller you fall in love with them and don't want it to end you want to know what is next for the crew of the USG . the other charters are a great back up and you get a look at them and think so who is next to find love on Earth great job...

  • Kiki Sidira
    2019-04-17 01:02

    So.... This series started from book #1 which is an M/F (in terms of romance) and goes on to book #2, which is M/M/F. And yes, it could get confusing and things sometimes would go faster than you would expect BUT! the characters had been developed so good, that their thoughts echoed mine. The would see the problematics of each situation and turn it to a logical explanation!The only thing that bothered me, is the fact that I have an unaswered question. Then again, even if the major plot ended, there was an opening for the next book, where hopefully my question will be answered. It is a book I enjoyed very much, 'cause it kept the surprises coming, in a very satisfying rate!

  • SiKReviews
    2019-04-23 07:18

    I love Tracker. I really do. He gave comic relief in the first book, but yet knows when to be serious. He is totally book boyfriend material to me.Brother of another mother to Chase, Tracker is enlisted to help find Elisa's friend, Sandy, and save her from the clutches from someone from their home planet. If Tracker can't find her, then who can?Along the way he finds his soulmate. Rex feels that he loses everyone he loves. To find he is so attracted to this guy he saved, shocks him to his core. Once they connect, it is hot.They both go after Sandy, and find more than they reckoned with.A great sequel, now is the twins next? Can't wait to find out!

  • Ani'sReviews
    2019-04-15 06:30

    So this book was actually easier to follow than the first since I already knew some of the details. I just have a different remark this time. There should not be so many changing positions. He oges this way, then the other, then again something happens before they reach where they are going. And the one when they free Sandy and go into the house then change their mind and move. It was all done unneccesary so this is what bothered me. In the first book I didn't notice things like this.Nevertheless the book was very good. Again, the author has a great story here.

  • Gwen Sargeant
    2019-04-22 02:23

    This book was amazing. I found it quite different than my other type of books I generally read. The way it was written, the love between two men I would have felt uncomfortable reading, However the writer handled the love story beautifully. Tracker and Rex are wonderful, they are searching for a kidnapped woman of their commander Chase named ELISA. The book/series is fascinating and kept my interest throughout. I am looking forward to starting book 3. Thank You Heather for another lovely book. You have turned out to be quite an author and I will continue to read your books.

  • A.K. Michaels
    2019-04-20 00:31

    This is the second book in this series and it's just as good as the first! I LOVE Tracker and Rex! Can't wait to read more about them in, hopefully, book 3! I love a bit of sci-fi and throwing in HOT males and love is a plus for me. It's not too complicated a sci-fi that you can't follow it, like some I've read, but it's still got some surprises in store aka Tracker's 'Chimba' - I want one! Good job Ms Fortman for another fab read!

  • Denise Mcnamara
    2019-04-26 00:20

    Heather takes you back to earth in this book with Tracker trying to find Sandy. What Tracker don't expect to find is his Anare. Rex is hiding from the world and his past and want's to be left alone, but agrees to go with Tracker. This is a good story with the mix of two worlds with love, loyalty and a little sex. I'm looking forward to reading book 3 and seeing where this adventure takes us this time

  • Lauren Avenido
    2019-03-30 00:10

    The author shows great potential, and you just have to get use to her writing style, but other than that I really enjoy the second book in the series. It is really good, and I could not put the book down the whole time. The book was very suspenseful, and right now I am still wondering how the hell did Chase brother is still alive and who is the guy they killed in the first book? Hopefully, it will be answered in the next book, but I truly enjoy this paranormal romance book.

  • Sherri Malia
    2019-04-10 00:31

    This second book in the series was even better than the first. I love the mystery & adventure while adding in some romance. This was just very well written and I think the M/M & M/M/F relationships in the book was handled with great finesse. This was just overall a great read and an excellent second installment in the series.

  • Kara Meeks
    2019-04-26 02:13

    This is soooo good. Totally not what I was expecting. This is fast paced and action packed with heroism and romance!I loved the storyline of the first book, but it left me wanting. But man, oh man, did this one fix me up just right! Definitely recommend it.

  • Ruth Hambley
    2019-04-07 07:25

    Wonderful story. Well written and truly enjoyable to read. If you enjoy reading futuristic sci-fi romance with an animalistic twist then you will adore this series. I can't wait to read the next instalment.

  • Amy
    2019-04-09 08:13

    Excellent sequel to her first book! Loved the characters. The story flowed really well! This author just keeps getting better and better! I can't wait to see what's next!

  • Tanja
    2019-03-30 08:09

    rex is living on his own on "his" mountain. his wife and unborn baby killed, him being unable to protect them, him losing his baby brother during the war, also unable to protect him, has left him isolated and afraid to feel and care. his training and background makes him a strong survivor and skilled trapper but when an alien ship crashes on the slop of his mountain he isn't prepared for what his heart and mind are telling that chase's brother is killed they had one last thing to do, track down and rescue sandy, the last victim of chase's brother. it was up to palee "tracker" to find her. the crash wasn't something he thought would happen, trapped and barely alive tracker tries his hardest to get free but nothing is working.when rex enters his ship he finds something new to god on to, something new to fight and stay alive for, something he thought would never happen. the handsome human man is the one he's dreaming about, his fated mate. he also knows that now he recognized the human for who and what he is, the time started ticking because he had to claim him within 14 days or he'll go mental and die. rex is confused with what he finds, the ship doesn't look like anything he knew, it must be something top secret. the pilot he finds inside is something else too, he looks somewhat human but the hair, the eyes, it all creams alien to him but he's not believing it. seeing the man trapped under the console he tries his best to get him free. what rex also didn't expect was to find the strange man captivatingly handsome, wanting to touch him all the time.things between rex and tracker keep developing but not always at the pace tracker would love them to go. as rex reveals more of his past and why he lives up on the mountain it's clear for tracker he can't just jump the poor mans bones. rex needs to want this too. a surprise attack by an old familiar face to tracker, starts moving things along. on a swift road to recovery, tracker, has a hard job stopping rex from killing the one person who can lead them to sandy. locked in a desperate argument, both men lose track of their surroundings and their target manages to escape. this turns out to be a cat and mouse game but eventually they find her again and are able to get back on track finding sandy.will they be in time to find her?will rex figure out what tracker is to him?how about the curve-ball that is thrown at rex later on?the second book in this series picks up nicely where the other left off. with twists and turns we're treated to a thrilling ride of acceptance and grievance and commitment. can't wait how the next part is turning out to be!free copy given in exchange for an honest review.