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An old love whose kisses make her weak, but whose secrets threaten to destroy all she holds dear...Fresh out of college, Katie Parker had it all—a charming romance, a role in a famous stage production, and an idyllic life in London. Until she found her boyfriend cheating and got herself fired from the play. Leaving everything behind, Katie hops a plane home, only to run inAn old love whose kisses make her weak, but whose secrets threaten to destroy all she holds dear...Fresh out of college, Katie Parker had it all—a charming romance, a role in a famous stage production, and an idyllic life in London. Until she found her boyfriend cheating and got herself fired from the play. Leaving everything behind, Katie hops a plane home, only to run into her first love, Charlie Benson. As the couple returns to In Between, Katie questions everything she ever thought she wanted—including a renewed romance with her high school flame.While she attempts to rebuild her life, Katie's plan to manage the family’s theater meets a devastating obstacle, dragging her into a legal battle that will rock her small town. And the boy who once broke her heart seems to have the power to do it again. As Charlie’s secrets unravel, Katie must make a choice. Can she overcome her past and trust Charlie with her heart again?...

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  • Tressa (Wishful Endings)
    2019-03-31 15:11

    Originally posted on Wishful Endings.Can't Let You Go picks up several years after the third book in this series, The Big Picture. A lot has happened during those years, including that Charlie and Katie are no longer together. That about broke my heart from the beginning because I loved them in the third book. They weren't, nor are, perfect, but I thought they were perfect for each other. It was fun coming back to the town of In Between. Rather like coming back to old friends. The best stories are the ones that feel this way. Even if you haven't read the other books in this series, the story was written in such a way that you could read this one alone.I'm going to insert here my love of the cover. It is gorgeous and perfect for this story! Really, really love it! They got her hair that strawberry blondish and his dark and the airplane in the background... An airplane and flying was quite significant in this story. The cover also continues the newer covers' more vintage look. I love the sunny-ness of it as well.Okay. So the story...Katie was in really deep this time in so many ways! So much was going on and she had a lot of concerns for herself, for her best friend who was rushing to the altar, for Charlie, for Ian, and for her beloved Valiant Theater. Some of her choices were upsetting. Emotions were high and intense, both in very sweet as well as in some ugly ways. The author always has this great wit that comes across in her stories and it's no different here. There were a lot of zingers, humor, and sarcasm. I especially enjoyed a lot of Katie's grandma Maxine's lines. Her and those other home town folks always add so much to this series.I loved that the story was messy. Not in the way it was written or the characterization. The author let her character's make choices, both good and bad, or not make them sometimes. She let them cry and hurt, be angry, fall in love, be unkind, and be the best friends. It made me really cheer on and connect with these characters. And really, Charlie is the best sort of man in so many ways and Katie has so many insecurities and lashes out sometimes, but Charlie tries to be there for her regardless. The biggest question was if Katie would figure things out and let Charlie in, or if someone or something else would feel that roll.Can't Let You Go inspired and sucked me in with these fabulously familiar characters, sweet and intense romance, lots of humor, and Katie's struggle to face her fears, to accept love, and to learn to let go. It was a beautiful, heartfelt story. A story I loved. I'll definitely be visiting these characters and the town of In Between again when I reread this series in the future. If you enjoy YA, NA, or Adult contemporary romance (Christian or not) then I'd definitely recommend Can't Let You Go.Content: A little innuendo, but otherwise clean.Source: Purchased.

  • Leah
    2019-04-15 16:26

    I LOVE the katie parker series, but this book was seriously...meh. What happened to the Katie from the last 3 books? She became obsessed with guys, like not getting over Ian and mooning over Charlie for the whole book. She was also a total bitch to Charlie. I liked the format of the first books, where it was more about her relationship with G-d and her family than romance, but this book is solely about her and Charlie. Alot of loose ends are tied up, but in unsatisfactory ways. I was always more of a Tate fan than Charlie, but her and Tate were broken up. The family dog had died, Frances was being married off to a random guy we'd never met, and for some reason Katie's in london. There was alot of flashbacks that seemed to take place between book 3 and 4 which was strange. So yeah, book was just okay. Worth a read because Maxine's in it and she's my inspiration. Better to just skip any scenes that she's not in.

  • Nicole
    2019-04-12 13:22

    Jenny B. Jones has done it again. (No surprise there, folks!)From witty dialogue to heart-zinging romance, Can't Let You Go is a second-chance love story you'll want to read on repeat. Charlie and Katie will keep you turning pages late into the night. I laughed (duh), cried, and highlighted several sections that I absolutely adored. Jenny B. Jones is a permanent one-click buy for me from now until eternity.An excerpt I loved:There weren't a thousand uncertainties.Only two.Either Charlie was enough...or he wasn't.I could put my hand in his forever and step over that precipice, not knowing where we'd land.Or I could walk away.From a man who couldn't give me any guarantees. Couldn't even give me all the answers.And spend the rest of my life looking for someone who could.HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • Faye
    2019-04-09 11:08

    Katie Parker is back in this great follow up to Jenny B. Jones' hit series that follows Katie and her new found family on their many adventures in In Between, Texas.Years later Katie has finished college and been living in London, acting on the theater stage. But when she hears that her best friend, Frances is marrying Joey Benson, and her acting gig in London goes down, she knows that it is finally time to return home to In Between to her family.One the return flight home, Katie runs into her high school flame, Charlie Benson. When they return to In Between they find that it is on the verge of being bought up by a huge cooperation called Thrifty & Co. Will Katie, Charlie, and their many families and friends be able to save In Between and Katie's beloved Valiant Theatre before it's too late?A fun filled novel, that catches up with Katie as she makes her way in life as an adult, returning home to her family and the place that she fell in love with as a teenager. Maxine is back with her typical outspoken sass, and Katie narrates with her wry, sarcasm, and all-to-honest observations that made me literally laugh out loud. I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to see Katie's parents, and Maxine's husband, Sam as much as I hoped. Also I was a bit disappointed in how Katie and Charlie communicated pretty poorly throughout much of the book, as well as Katie's waffling in decision.It's interesting to see how Katie has grown over the years not covered in the books, and is still growing into a confident young woman. While the faith elements didn't come through quite as strongly in this book, I liked how this story served more as a coming of age tale about Katie facing her fears and embracing her life as an adult.Overall, this was a fun read. It was great to see In Between and Maxine again, and that while some things change, there are things that never will. Definitely a book to look into if you are a Katie Parker fan.I bought this book with my own money, and reviewing it simply because I liked it.

  • Courtney Wallace
    2019-04-26 13:27

    I love Maxine! This book lingered on the romance stuff a little too much for my liking, but it was still good. Love the sarcasm and wit.

  • Rainbow (Realm of Stories)
    2019-04-18 10:26

    Can't Let You Go is quite different from the preceding novels in the series. It takes place a few years after The Big Picture in which the author skips from Katie Parker's story at the age of sixteen to the age of twenty-three, and because the transition is so sudden and dramatic, I found it hard to get into it and adjust to the big jump in first. As the storyline progressed, however, I ended up anticipating it, especially the conversations between Katie and Charlie. I'm not going to go into the details, but I've enjoyed reading every moment the two of them have spent together. Every argument, every tease, every obstacle. Katie and Charlie are destined to be a couple. It's almost like fate. The will of God. Despite Katie suffering a betrayal and having her heart broken more than once by this guy, I am so happy she reunited with him, found her way back to him, and rekindled that old flame. That scene where Joey Benson pours out his heart to Frances Vega about how much he loves her was touching and emotional enough to bring tears to my eyes. I don't think any other scene touched me like that! Frances stopped trying to be like the rest of the American folks, finally embraced her cultures, and learned to be proud of them, which is remarkable and splendid. My only issue is that Nash Griffin, the boy Frances fancied in high school, is completely out of the picture for some reason. That's too bad. It's fantastic Frances got married to Joey, but it'd have been good if Nash had returned in the last book. My gosh, it's amazing how sophisticated Jenny B. Jones could write dialogue. It is the most fabulous thing I've noticed in her works. I actually happen to have a favourite line in the final book, and it is this quote by Maxine from the conversation she had with her foster granddaughter when they were lying on the floor of the Valiant theatre: "Logic doesn't always lead us down the right path. Logic tells us not to take chances. Not to chase after that risk. To ignore the what ifs. I guess part of growing up is deciding when to listen to your head...and when to listen to your heart."I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with what she said. If there's one lesson I learned from reading this book, it is to overcome the fear that gets in the way of what you want and what you know will make you truly happy. If you have a dream or passion, don't let your fear of rejection, failure, and the thought of not being good enough stop you. Go and pursue it, and live the life you want to live. Because every single moment of it is going to be worthwhile. Katie jumped on those planes to Chicago and New York and took the opportunity to restart her acting career and become a star. She did exactly the right thing. The ending of the book is satisfying, content, and just...perfect. Every problem or difficulty that arose throughout was rectified. Everything was made right. If you haven't read the finale of the Katie Parker Production series Can't Let You Go, I suggest that you READ IT, because you will not be disappointed. You will love it.

  • Amberle
    2019-03-28 08:02

    This book was disappointing. I love reading Jenny B. Jones. Her sass and wit are amusing and the deeper meaning of her books usually leaves me feeling thoughtful as well as entertained when I finish. This book had sass, it had a poignant message but if just fell flat. Sometimes I felt like she had taken aspects of her other books and put them in a blender to see what would happen when she combined them. I felt little real connection between the characters and only frustration at how dense the main character was up until the last 2% of the book. I think what really brought down the book for me though was the typographical and grammatical errors. Reading this book felt more like reading a rough draft than a finished product. It was not bad enough to make me regret reading it or put me off this author's future works. However, I sincerely hope her next book is better than this.

  • Cynthia H. Caillouet
    2019-04-15 10:11

    A little disappointed in number 4I really loved all four of the books, but I was a little bit disappointed with this one because the story skipped six years of the character's lives. I kept waiting to find out what happened to Frances's high school boyfriend, Charlie's ex-girlfriend, and how long Katie's mom was in prison. Also, I noticed that with this book and number 3, there were a lot of editing errors. It was almost like the author was tired of the story by the time she got to this book and just wanted to get it over with. I loved the character of Maxine and this book lacked in the relationship between her and Katie. I laughed out loud so many times with the other books!

  • Cathy Daniel
    2019-04-23 09:01

    Thrilled to have another Jenny B Jones book out! That said, I really didn't connect with this book. It may be partly personal preference as I'm leaning more towards suspense with some romance or women's fiction with some romance etc. get what I'm saying? This is straight romance. I don't like kisses too early in the story (even with their history) and I don't like lots of making out especially without benefit of relationship or resolving things first. That doesn't work for me. I also found myself a little bored with the characters except for mad Maxine! I want a book centered on her alone!!

  • Marklessgirl
    2019-04-06 11:03

    I have tried to reread this so. many. times. to have a better view on what I think of it, I just can't I give up on this reread. I will say that I love that she is an actress and I remember thinking this book was like a Hallmark movie, but I think I liked the end when I first read it.

  • Laura
    2019-03-28 09:08

    Great book! I love the town of In Between, and it felt like catching up with old friends to read this book. It's full of quick-wit and tender moments. A must-read for any fan of the Katie Parker series.

  • Sandra Barnett
    2019-04-14 15:17

    Wonderfully writtenThe whole series was so good. I laughed so loud and at times it was so funny! This author missed her calling as a comedian. These four books were the funniest reading material I've ever read. Thank you for the blessing

  • Tali
    2019-04-03 14:11

    Usually in a series the first book is the only good one, but this book was so touching and definitely one of my favorite books! The ending was predictable, but it was so well written it didn't matter that I knew what was going to happen. I LOVE this book!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Richard McDowell
    2019-04-21 09:20

    Loved this storyI started out with the 1st book about Katie Parker and enjoyed every one. I laughed, I cried. These characters are so human and we can relate to every situation.

  • Lashay
    2019-04-25 15:08

    Loved this series.

  • Lindsey Carney
    2019-04-15 09:06

    Amazing. I wish there was another book in this series. I loved it.

  • Connie Funk
    2019-04-24 11:14

    GreatCould not put it down. All four books were great. I was actually, Katie and very involved with the story.

  • Gabrielle Rick
    2019-03-26 12:02

    LOVED that Jenny B Jones continued one of my favorite series! SOOOOOO GOOD

  • Francis Daniels
    2019-04-17 11:23

    wished there was more….

  • Stephanie
    2019-04-03 15:11

    I loved this book!!! I was rooting for Charlie and Katie the whole time!!! It was a great end to the series!!!! Highly recommend this series!!!

  • Steph
    2019-03-27 09:17

    There was so much drama in this book with Charlie and Katie. Together, not together, together, not together. It kind of drove me crazy. I prefer the first three books in the series.

  • Juli Hoffman
    2019-04-19 14:17

    The Final Curtain Call For Katie Parker??? Maybe...While I felt Katie Parker's story SHOULD have ended at Book 3, this is Katie's continuing story set 7ish years after Book 1. Katie is all grown up. She's finished college. She's been on stage in London. She's trying to figure out her future.After binge reading the first three books in the series, I have to say I didn't care for this one as much. It's written more like a typical romance story. The first three books were all about Katie, her relationship with her bio mom and foster family, and her ability to turn her life around after being put in the foster care system at sixteen. Although Katie is back home in this book, her foster parents, now adopted parents, are not. Sam, is mentioned, but not in this book. The youth pastor that was so important in the previous books, isn't there. Maybe these characters got dumped on the editor's floor? They were certainly missed by this reader!*Spoilers*This book is 90% about Katie and Charlie, will they or won't they get back together. Not really my type of story. The Christianity thread from the first 3 books was almost lost, although the author still kept the story clean. Also, I felt like I was missing MANY stories between Book 3 and Book 4. I actually checked to see if I ordered the wrong book. References were often made to events that occurred after Book 3, but before Book 4. Where were those tales, besides rolling around inside the author's head? I would have liked to have read them. And unlike the previous 3 books, not a single tear was shed in this reading. Nor were there any memorable giggles. This book had NONE of the heart wrenching elements of the first three books. No highs or lows. It was relatively flat and mediocre by comparison.The bottom line is this:The first 3 books were coming of age stories written for a YA audience. Book 4 is a romance story for New Adults, recycling some favorite characters from a pervious storyline. It's a, "Hey, whatever happened to good old Katie Parker..." novel. It's as if the author was writing her own fan fiction. Which is fine...but also disappointing for this reader. It's like signing up for the chicken dinner, but getting ham instead. I like ham, but I was really hoping for chicken. I was hoping for a story like I'd read before, like the previous 3 books. The writing was fine, better than most romance stories, but maybe this tale shouldn't have bothered recycling characters from Katie Parker's universe. If it was written merely for the sake of getting Charlie and Katie back together, and had I known this, I probably wouldn't have bothered reading this book. I was satisfied with the way things were left in Book 3, but that's just me. I would like to give this book more stars. The first three Books were worth at LEAST five stars. But this book's message felt like it got lost on the traditional romance formula. I would recommend the first three books, wholeheartedly. Not this one.

  • Amy Kanost
    2019-03-29 15:05

    Another Sweet StoryThe Katie Parker series wrapped up just as you might have hoped. No spoilers here though. A really sweet story filled with all the fun characters from this story.

  • Sophie
    2019-04-22 15:06

    As far as I know, this is the last book in the Katie Parker series and as soon as I heard about it I had to read it. I developed such an attachment to this series after reading the first books that I was both excited to read more about these characters and sad to be reading the final book in the series.I love everything about this series and that did not change in the fourth book. I absolutely love the characters. They are all very relatable in their own individual ways. Katie, our main character, is one of the most relatable characters I have read about. In many ways, I am exactly like her, which I think makes me love this series even more. The side characters are all great as well, with many of them, Maxine for one, being truly hilarious characters that I would love to have in my life. I also loved the setting. There’s something about a small town setting that I really enjoy and when a small town comes together for one purpose, I love the sense of community portrayed.Though I loved Katie in the first three books, it was great to read about her as a young woman rather than a teenage girl. Being in my twenties myself, I could relate to her even more. It was, however, great to see that ‘grown up’ Katie was still very much like the Katie I have grown to love. Characters are forever becoming magically mature overnight, and as a twenty-year-old who still feels like a sixteen-year-old, I appreciate the fact that this did not happen to Katie, it felt much more realistic.I would like my own Charlie Benson please. I love Charlie, both in earlier books and in this one, and think his inclusion in this book made it even better for me. If someone could find me one, that would be great.Besides the great characters, setting and plot, Jenny B Jones’ writing style really makes this book, and series as a whole. It takes someone very special and extremely talented to make you laugh that much, yet still have the ability to make you cry. Her writing is so witty and laugh-out-loud funny but the emotional, touching moments are also done so well.I really did not want this book to end. I love this series and these characters as if they are old friends, which made it very hard to accept that this series, as far as I know anyway, is over, at least for now. However, as difficult as it was to see this book end, the ending was great and, I think, the perfect conclusion.Overall, I loved this book just as I did the rest of the series. Not only is this just a great series, but also it is a very good introduction into the Christian Fiction genre. This is the kind of series I would happily have in my life forever and has introduced me to an author whose books I would pick up without question. Katie, and the side characters in the book, has become like a friend to me and that itself is evidence of just how well written these books are. I would recommend the Katie Parker series to anyone, and this fourth book simply added to the greatness.

  • Susan Snodgrass
    2019-04-07 14:04

    I desperately wanted to give this book more than just 5 stars! This conclusion to the Katie Parker Productions series is absolutely outstanding! Katie Parker is back in In Between and so is Charlie Benson; actually, they take the last leg of their flight to their hometown together. Some of the things Katie holds dear in her hometown are in serious jeopardy. Can she trust Charlie Benson? Or will they have to say goodbye forever?The first 3 books in this series were wonderful; sassy, fall on the floor laughing hysterically. They also had a serious spiritual tone as well. I have loved watching Katie Parker grow from a sassy, mean 16 year old to her grown up self. Katie learns, eventually, that God has been right there all along, through all her pain, her disappointments, her problems, paving the way to what He had planned for her from the very beginning. Katie Parker comes from a dysfunctional home and drug addict mother to being part of a loving family and town. God loves Katie Parker and He has plans for her!This book was also funny, as Jenny B. Jones books are, but there is an intense, heart grabbing emotional depth to it that really pulls the reader in and causes them to actually feel what's happening in the lives of these characters! I wept and laughed and sighed and just hated to say goodbye. The title is Can't Let You Go and I surely didn't want to let go of the wonderful folks of In Between, Texas: Mad Maxine (I adore her!) is forever etched on my heart.Read this series and start at the beginning: In Between, On The Loose, The Big Picture and finally, Can't Let You Go. I devoured these books one right after the other and now I'm depressed because they're finished. These books made me feel so good.

  • Ashley
    2019-04-14 10:07

    I adored this book! So much fun, and lots of heart. I wasn't sure if I would enjoy this much, having read the others in the series a few years ago. Clearly it's been too long since I've read a Jenny B. Jones book if I thought I was going to do anything besides laugh, cry, and swoon my way through it. She is such a talented writer and each of her books is such a joy. This can definitely be read as a standalone or with the rest of the series. So we got to revisit some our old friends in In Between. I love them all so much! I also kinda want to be Maxine when I grow up, because she's basically made of awesome. It was so great to see her again. These characters feel like real people I just hadn't seen in a while. This book honestly felt like the fun chick flick you go see because it's supposed to be light and flirty and quirky, and then you end up needing tissues because it's way deeper than it was advertised to be, but it's also completely genuine and awesome too. That is this book. There is SO much swoon and I literally laughed so loud people probably thought I'd lost it. But I was also in tears several times through out the book. Katie's struggles were written in such a down to earth, accessible style that they truly resonated with me. I was totally swept away by this book. This is the type of book that reminds me why I love to read.

  • Tammi
    2019-03-29 09:07

    Wow. Just wow. I knew this book would be wonderful but it far exceeded my already high expectations. Let me start by saying this is the 4th book in the Katie Parker Production Series. I read books 1 through 3 from July 27th through July 31st. They were that good. I couldn't get my hands on Can’t Let You Go fast enough. I was forced to exercise my patience and wait for the 4th book to release. In the meantime, I read 45 other books but I will tell you, my heart did not forget Katie, Charlie, Frances, Maxine, Sam, Millie, James, or In Between, TX. I was so happy to finally fully absorb back into Katie Parker’s life in this 4th book. I missed these characters so much it was like a wonderful homecoming. I greatly loved this book and the entire series. So much so that I’m ready to start the series over again. Jenny B. Jones is one of the wittiest, if not the wittiest author I've ever read. I love her sense of humor and this entire series had me laughing hysterically. I can’t lie, there are some tearful moments in every book too. The star ratings do not go high enough. Can’t Let You Go and the entire Katie Parker Production Series far exceeds 5 stars.

  • Lyndi
    2019-04-01 10:19

    I have loved every book in this series. While this author is newer to me than others, I am so going to be on the look for more books by her. She makes her characters, witty, funny, lovable, vulnerable and flawed. Just like most of us, I take that back, not everyone is funny. But flawed, yes defiantly. While so many "Christians" have jumped on the band wagon to read filth like 50 Shades of Gray, I am not willing to compromise on certain things. And if I have to always read actual Christians novels or young adult to get away from the secular books, I am cool with that. Especially if books like this are still being written, and well written. I know some people that would never read a series about a high school girl. But I rather enjoy them, particularly if they are not whiners. While the main character in this series started out in high school, in this book she is now out of college. Her grandmother is still up to her crazy antics and Katie is still caught in some sticky spots. Quick, fun read that I would encourage parents of especially tween and teen girls to read. And if you read, you would enjoy as well. Would be fun to talk to your daughters about as too.

  • Laurel A.
    2019-04-22 12:16

    I really enjoyed this series!I loved the story portrayed in these books, which were both witty and touching. The only reason for the four stars, instead of five, is because I felt that this fourth book maybe focused too much on physical attraction in the relationship. Not that that isn't a part of love or was necessarily expressed inappropriately. It just struck me as imbalanced. That is rather a subjective thing, though. Different people have different standards and I completely understand that. Just wanted to give the heads up for moms of teenagers to maybe read it yourself and decide what you think about recommending it to your teenager or not.

  • Lauren Ponte
    2019-04-20 13:15

    In a few years after the third book, Katie Parker returns to In Between from an acting job in London. A lot happened in the years before the book started, and the holes become filled. As the book goes home. Usually books after the previous book are not very well developed, but Jones does a good job of answering the questions we started asking as we read on. The book has a well-thought plot, and gives us an optimistic ending in the book, with Katie's life having a turning point. Of course, another highlight for me is the Christian faith displayed through the book and series. I am a Christian, and sometimes teen books including Christianity are hard to find. I am so glad that I found this series and am very sad that it ended. Luckily, Jones has more books for me to read, and hopefully she writes more for everyone to enjoy!