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New York Times bestselling author Jeffery Deaver has long thrilled fans with tales of masterful villains and their nefarious ways, and the brilliant minds who bring them to justice. Now the author of the Lincoln Rhyme series has collected for the first time his award-winning, spine-tingling stories of suspense -- stories that will widen your eyes and stretch your imaginatiNew York Times bestselling author Jeffery Deaver has long thrilled fans with tales of masterful villains and their nefarious ways, and the brilliant minds who bring them to justice. Now the author of the Lincoln Rhyme series has collected for the first time his award-winning, spine-tingling stories of suspense -- stories that will widen your eyes and stretch your imagination. A beautiful woman goes to extremes to rid herself of her stalker; a daughter begs her father not to go fishing in an area where there have been a series of brutal killings; a contemporary of the playwright William Shakespeare vows to avenge his family's ruin; and Jeffery Deaver's most beloved character, criminalist Lincoln Rhyme, is back to solve a chilling Christmastime disappearance. Diverse, provocative, eerie and inspired, this collection of Jeffery Deaver's best stories exhibits the amazing range and signature plot twists that have earned him the title "master of ticking-bomb suspense" (People). With nods to O. Henry and Edgar Allan Poe, these beautifully crafted pieces, never before compiled in one volume, pulse with subtle intrigue and Deaver's incomparable imagination. ...

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twisted the collected stories of jeffery deaver Reviews

  • Rebecca McNutt
    2019-03-30 11:45

    Strange, shocking and superior, Twisted is like The Twilight Zone and Stephen King throwing a party. :)

  • John
    2019-03-23 12:44

    Each story in this collection has a surprise twist, as though Jeffrey Deaver is trying to position himself as the O. Henry of the macabre. But knowing a surprise twist is coming tends to put you on the lookout for it, and I was able to predict the conclusions to several of these stories by simply asking myself, "What's the most unexpected thing that could happen?" And, because most of these stories rely on the surprise twist in order to work, predicting the ending pretty much ruins the entire effect.Only a few of these stories really deliver. A couple of them have so many twists that they become preposterous. Others feel like a cheat, with Deaver creating the twist simply by withholding a description of the main character (leading us to make inaccurate assumptions about them) or by selectively revealing their thoughts in order to mask their true intentions. I enjoy being misled when reading a good mystery, but I insist that the author play fair. I don't enjoy, for example (using a scenario that does not actually appear in this book), reading about a character I think is a woman only to be surprised to find out later that she is really a gay man--especially when a one-sentence description would have cleared the matter right up. It's the easiest thing in the world to come up with a surprise plot twist when all you're doing is withholding rudimentary information.Still, there were definitely a couple of gems in this collection, and Deaver is a talented enough writer to make even bad stories moderately entertaining.

  • Miloš
    2019-03-27 11:42

    Astonishing. Every story is good. I can't pick which I have liked the most. Recommend it to anyone who likes good stories.

  • Wari Singh
    2019-04-14 13:45

    3.5 starsInteresting enough to take my mind off my fear of flying. Quite a few stories were brilliant. A couple of them were just okay. Overall a good read. :)

  • Viji(Bookish endeavors)
    2019-03-26 11:46

    Twisted,again..!! Deaver seems to be practicing on inventing twists.. The story,like the previous one,seemed to be going in an entirely different direction from the one it really took.. The curse of ethereal beauty,an oft-used plot but mostly in fantasies.. An entertaining read..

  • Miriam Smith
    2019-04-21 10:43

    Loved these short stories by Jeffrey Deaver, interesting, intriguing and were a pleasure to read. Would recommend.

  • Margaret
    2019-04-11 16:30

    Short stories with a twist. The title puts the reader on notice to try and figure out the twist and for some of them you do. The problem with short stories they can't allow for the complex details which are such an important part of Jeffrey Deaver's novels, although this is the nature of the genre; even so this is an entertaining read. The stories start with a bang and end with me still trying to catch my breath. Each story can be read in a few minutes. Jeffrey Deaver is one of my favorite authors. He can't write them fast enough for me.

  • Meeka
    2019-03-23 18:39

    good read

  • Mark Soone
    2019-04-20 12:37

    I will read and rate each story on its own merit and then come back at the end and rate and review the book as a whole.I love short stories, and particularly dark ones with demented twists. If you are a fan of what I call Hitchcock endings where the ending is many times not given and you need to add your own you will like these. If you hate an incomplete story you may not quite enjoy the endings here. This is a great diversion for short story lovers and those looking for diversions between novels. I like Deaver's novels and now have quite enjoyed his short stories as well. Some people don't like short stories and they seem to be a dying or at least dwindeling art form among writers...and I for one am thankful for those who keep refining their skills with their forays into this realm.1.Without Jonathan- 3 stars- A nice little read, a red herring (for me anyway)...I thought I was reading a sad story, combined with a romance...but got something much more.2. the weekender- 4 stars- haven't we all wanted to take revenge on those who have hurt us or loved ones...Here is a diabolical twist on that theme.3. For services rendered- 4 stars- a wicked little read. I thought I knew what was going on and who was who...then Mr. Deaver turned it all around on me.4. Beautiful- 4 stars- A classic case of obsession, a deranged and demented stalker, a murder plot? and an unexcpected end..what more can you ask for?5. The Fall guy- 5 stars- What a brilliant story filled with deception! Jilted lovers, muggers, convits and a surprise! Great story6. Eye to eye- 3-4 stars- A nice story of bullies, crooked cops, frame jobs and, oh yeah...revenge. 7. Triangle- 3 stars- I hate getting fooled, but all the way up till the last page, I did not realize what was really going on. So-so story, but brilliant deception by the author at the end!8. All the world's a stage- 3 star- An interesting tale of revenge.9. Gone Fishing- 3 stars- What an interesting take on an old idea. The best thing about these short stories, are the way we jump to wrong conclusions.10. Nocturne- 3 stars- What a cool story that almost reinforces the idea that there is still good in humanity, and much about mankind is redeemable. 11. lesser included offense- 3 stars- All to often we think that the rich can get away with is a story that tackles that head on.12. The Blank card- 3 stars- Jelousy can make a man do the craziest about betrayal???13. the Cristmas present- 4 stars- I love this series...Just when you think there is a case there isn't than there is...just when you think it's over it isn't then it is.14. Together- 5 stars- What a great and twisted story where I never even at the end knew what had truely transpired...A beautiful love story or a twisted stalker...A loving father or a deranged overprotective parent...a brutal murder or a beautifu sacrifice...a dead body or an unexcpected twist (This is how it plays out in my mind).15. The Widow of Pine creek- 4 stars- Another story where nothing is quite what it seems! A widow, an affair, a brillant scheme, layers upon layers of duplicity, a murder...and has justice truely been served????16. The Kneeling Soldier- 4 stars- A demented stalker or is he??? Another story where there are so many layers given in a short period of time.

  • Maddy
    2019-04-15 16:24

    RATING: 3.5An accomplished and noted suspense writer, Jeffery Deaver is best known for his thrillers and Lincoln Rhyme series. It may come as a surprise to many of his fans to discover that he is also a very talented short story writer. For the first time, Deaver's best stories have been collected in an anthology called TWISTED, an apt title if there ever was one! As an extra bonus for Rhyme fans, Deaver has written an original Lincoln Rhyme story just for this volume.The first story in the book, "Without Jonathon", concludes with an unexpected and clever plot twist, and that is typically the case for each of the 16 stories in this collection. My favorite is "The Weekender" which is told from the point of view of a man robbing a drugstore with his friend, who irrationally shoots some of the people in the store. They take one of the customers hostage, who proceeds to play some mind games with one of his captors. There's a nice contrast between the civilized yet conniving persona of the hostage and the sensitive but violent robber who really wants to live a normal life, the possibility of which the hostage dangles before him. It's not evident until the final page of the story whether either one of them can trust the other.Normally, I'm not a fan of short stories; but this collection definitely held my interest due to a wide variety of themes, settings and ingenious plotting. I did discover that I had to spread my reading out over several sessions, as I found myself anticipating the clever twist or double cross that was typical of the stories. Although always well done, the expectation of the plot twist lessened my enjoyment when reading stories in sequence. I particularly liked Deaver's Introduction in which he explains his fascination with the short story form and how it compares to the writing of a novel. As a boy, he was drawn to reading and writing and invariably wrote short stories for his writing assignments at school. As an adult, he finds himself challenged by the constraints of the form, ultimately delighting in being freed of some of the strict conventions of novel writing. I've never read any of Deaver's books, but on the basis of his writing ability in this collection I am convinced me that I need to address this oversight soon.

  • Mrs. S
    2019-03-22 16:44

    I have never read any works by Jeffrey Deaver, even though I have a couple of his books sitting my shelf. I had no idea what type of stories were contained in this collection, but after reading the first two stories, I got it. Of all the stories, I only guessed the ending on one of them, which makes this collection a good read. Like another reader, the Lincoln Rhyme short story was a miss for me.These are mainly mystery stories that have a twisted ending. It always amazes me when someone can write a short story and in such a few words really TELL a story. I have bought 2 copies to give as gifts.This book would be a good starting book for someone who does not normally read the genre or who may have a shorter attention span. I gave it to my husband to read, but he didn't like it as much as I did. I think it's more because he likes alternative history-type books versus mystery and suspense. Definitely a keeper.

  • Charlotte
    2019-03-26 12:23

    I loved this collection of short stories by Jeffrey Deaver. Each story, from first to last, epitomizes why Deaver is the master of the whiplash twist in storytelling. Each story was littered with clues that gave things away, but you only realized it once you came to the very end and were startled into thinking, "Wait, what?!". The stories also ended in such a way that left you to imagine what would come next, were it a full-length novel. A surprising reverie would descend on me from time to time as I read each story in turn, and I would have to shake myself out of my fascination with the last story and become immediately enchanted by the one following. Deaver lulls you into a state of fascinated curiosity before springing the denouement in a such a way that you are completely thrown off, then ties off the story in a way that begs you to continue it yourself.All in all, an excellent read!

  • Rai
    2019-04-06 15:31

    I have a strong feeling that Jeffery Deaver has some sort of problem with women. In this collection of 16 short stories almost of every single female character is either cheating on her husband, is planning his murder or has killed him. The only other female character has plastic surgery because she suffers from a curse of being 'too beautiful'. It was also slightly irritating knowing that a twist was coming with each story as I found myself trying to guess what the twist was instead of focusing on the actual story.Despite its problems, for the most part 'Twisted' featured some enjoyable short stories with some good twists and a couple of fantastic hidden gems, mainly the amazing 'Without Jonathan'. However I doubt I'll be reading any of Deaver's full length novels.3 / 5

  • LionAroundWriting
    2019-04-05 15:34

    These stories are like a fine spirit, take a few sips, dip in dip out.Twisted is my first Deaver read and I had no expectations coming in. And in fact it is one of the best short story collections I have read. Deaver knows all about pacing, twists and entertaining yarns usually around 25 pages long. Of the 16 stories I would say two are duffers the rest are great, not a bad hit rate at all.Unlike some contemporary short story writers, Deavers have a point, a payoff and he doesn't indulge in pointless writing, every sentence tends to be necessary and the stories are driven to a conclusion with no place for prtentious literary bs.If you like twists and pacy storytelling, get a copy.

  • William
    2019-03-22 11:46

    The name is a just one....Twisted. What a fantastic volume of twisted stories. I can only think of one story in this collection that I didn't care for. He toys with your imagination and the mind's eye that allows you to watch these tales unfold.....but then there is the twist. The tale does not go in the direction you foresee. All these stories are built in that manner. There is always a twist!

  • Steph (loves water)
    2019-04-08 14:30

    Excellent, I'd forgotten how well Mr. Deaver does short stories. I keep think (incorrectly) that he's just about Lincoln Rhyme, but there are so many levels to this man's talent.

  • Kimberly Orr
    2019-04-17 12:20

    Echoes of Hitchcock...Life Without Jonathan: Turned from a cliche into an amazing twist.The Fall Guy: Another story with a great twist.Triangle: Definitely a theme here of women killing their husbands... Interesting how one can twist facts to make things fit when they actually don't.All the World's a Stage: Really different for Deaver, Shakespearian times The Christmas Present: Second story didn't fit with the first part.Pretty enthusiastic about this book at the beginning but a note that I only commented on stories that stood out. Overall the surprise element got thin as the book went on.

  • Mary
    2019-03-29 12:20

    What a delight. Most books with short stories lack content. Not Jeffery Deaver in Twisted. Most were only about 30 pages or less. Have no fear, there will be a surprising twist in each one. He included one with my favorite Characters, Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs. This was published in 2003. So glad I had it in my collection of unread books purchased with the intent of reading when i had the time. Also that I now have the time to enjoy them.

  • The Cats Mother
    2019-03-30 16:44

    Collection of short stories, each averaging about twenty pages long, and each featuring a signature Deaver twist. There is a nice variety here, although most do feature some kind of crime. One is a Lincoln Rhyme story, and one stars Will Shakespeare! I didn't guess any of the twists in advance, it seems amazing that he can keep coming up with original tricks.

  • Arlingtontexican
    2019-04-05 14:39

    A new least to me...and I must say, I'll probably reas ome more. Probably because there is just so much out there I cannot promise I will get back to this author any time soon. Loved the stores.

  • Jonathan
    2019-03-21 10:17

    There are some very good stories and some that are ok. The title of the book does cause you to think of outrageous 'twists' which often end up been correct guesses! Very entertaining though, well worth reading.

  • Сибин Майналовски
    2019-04-12 11:44

    Разкошно. Особено последният разказ. Уилиам Шекспир... сериозно?!? :) :) :) Майстор!!! ❤️

  • Rachel Scamardella
    2019-04-17 12:22

    Great collection of short stories. Jeffery Deaver delivers pointed, snappy stories with a twist.

  • Nadine
    2019-04-01 11:30

    Fixing my lists with Amazon

  • Dawny Osborne
    2019-04-07 13:44

    Loved this book ! Each story different s touch of 'tales of the unexpected ' would definitely recommend and will be reading more of Jeffery Deaver soon

  • Aries
    2019-03-25 16:18

    Ormai ho già scritto decine di volte quanto mi piace Deaver e quasi altrettante quanto ritenga difficile per un autore saper scrivere bene sia romanzi che racconti, per cui soprassiedo.Ero molto curioso di avvicinarmi a questa raccolta del buon Jeffery, proprio per valutare le sue capacità e perché ero intrigato dal suo stesso annuncio, ovvero che mentre nei romanzi si sente costretto a non “tradire” il lettore, nei racconti si sente molto più libero di spiazzare portando la narrazione su binari imprevedibili.Che dire? Sulla carta la soluzione è assolutamente intrigante e degna di un autore del genere e senza ombra di dubbio viene messa in pratica bene fino in fondo…Eppure…Eppure non sono entusiasta come avrei sperato.Sì, i racconti sono originali, senza dubbio e sono scritti con le capacità ben note di Deaver, il problema è che sono spesso e volentieri “prevedibili nell’imprevedibilità”.Mi spiego meglio: in buona parte dei racconti la vicenda prende una piega piuttosto evidente, fin troppo evidente oserei dire, tanto che ad un certo punto ci si trova a dire “beh, visto che l’autore ha detto di voler stupire, la cosa più particolare sarebbe questa”, col risultato che spesso si indovina togliendo il gusto di essere realmente stupiti.In sostanza, proprio per la voglia di stupire e spiazzare, Deaver ha fatto l’autogol di annunciare le sue intenzioni, un po’ come un mago che racconta al pubblico cosa sta per succedere: provateci e vedrete che vi toglierà buona parte del gusto Quindi in sostanza abbiamo dei racconti sicuramente ben scritti, sicuramente divertenti da leggere e mediamente appassionanti: sarebbe una gran conquista per molti autori, ma da Deaver mi aspetto di più.Piccola chicca: tra i vari pezzi trovate anche un racconto inedito con protagonisti Lincoln Rhyme ed Amelia Sachs, nel caso vogliate leggere tutto (ma proprio tutto) dei due protagonisti.

  • Jerry B
    2019-04-14 16:24

    Having recently discovered that one of our favorite authors has three volumes of short stories, and really pleased with the just published (2014) “Trouble In Mind” collection of 13 of them, we decided to lookup the first of the three – “Twisted.” Unlike “Trouble”, which concludes with a 140-page novella, all of the 16 tales in this one are about 15-30 pages or so, which makes for a nice reading session when time is limited. As the title implies, and as Deaver claims as an important aspect of a short story (as a “reward” to the reader), each yarn indeed tends to wow us with a surprise ending. We particularly enjoyed that angle in the very first entry, “Without Jonathan”, which had us totally fooled till almost the final sentences!Obviously in a compendium like this, some stories resonated more than others; but all told, expect an entertaining few hours enjoyed in small doses – providing us plenty of motivation to try the sequel “More Twisted!”

  • Benjamin Thomas
    2019-03-23 18:42

    I had actually read the second of Jeffrey Deaver's "Twisted" collections (More Twisted: Collected Stories Vol. II) a few years ago so pretty much knew what I would be getting here. All the tales collected in both volumes have a twist of some kind involved, like a sympathetic protagonist victim who turns out to be the bad guy or something along those lines. Both volumes also include a Lincoln Rhymes short story as well.I enjoyed every one of these short stories but must say that I think it is better to read other material in between each of these stories. Knowing that each tale involves a twist makes the reader prepared for such a twist and it becomes more of a game to figure out what the twist will be rather than just enjoy the story on its own merits. I found myself doing that with these stories and often saw what was coming before I should have.

  • Jen
    2019-04-02 14:31

    Meh. The first story actually had a good twist. A few of the others do too, but a good portion of them don't really make me care enough about the characters to care about the twist, or I can see the twist coming a mile away. I've been skimming a lot of the stories, just to get through the book faster. I'm pausing on the Shakespearean one though. It has promise and I want to take my time on that one. We'll see.Without Jonathan, Lesser Offense, the Shakespeare one, the Lincoln Rhymes one and one or two others were pretty good. The rest were just rotten and on further thinking after the story ended, it was obvious that while the twist was nifty, the bad guy wouldn't have gotten away with it in the end, just at the moment of the ending of the story. Not highly recommended. I'm going to try the "sequel" of "More Twisted", but I don't have high hopes.

  • Danio R
    2019-04-21 15:26

    This is an excellent set of shot stories. However, at the same time the way the plot twists at the end is really the same- there is some buildup of character in the earlier part of the story that sort of matches things "you would expect"- happy couple, sad widow, loving wife/husband. etc- and then at the end of the story, bang- Mr Deaver reveals the truth. They are written very well and the "twists" are not forced at all, but after reading half or so of the stories, you kinda start expecting how the story is going to twist. It might be even more enjoyable if you read this book over like two or so months, one stories per week so that the trick Mr Deaver pulls does not become too repetitive. Having said that, it does not change the fact that they are still immensely enjoyable set of stories.