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A pictorial autobiography of Helen Mironov, featuring family photographs, publicity shots from her early career, and some stunning images by the world's leading photographers, all linked together with her memories of the time. Large hardback, pp272....

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In the Frame Reviews

  • Mark Desrosiers
    2019-05-07 11:29

    I found this book in my neighbor's apartment while catsitting, and between brushing fur and wet-wiping an adorably overweight cat's butt (her tongue can't reach), my lust for Helen was rekindled. What an odd career: she's starred in the worst movie of all time (The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu [oh c'mon, Caligula wasn't that bad!]) and the greatest political film ever (The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover). She was Liam Neeson's sackmate for four-odd years. (Now she's married to Taylor Hackford, the only man alive who can get away with a neatly trimmed white beardy thing on his face.) She's the hottest fiftysomething (er, sorry sixtysomething) actress around, and still has no problem taking her kit off. So, her memoir is more like a coffee-table book – glossy pages and lots of pictures, the sort of thing to flip through and pass around a party rather than read from cover to cover. Which isn't to say her words don't matter – there's a lot of great insight, wit, and gossip to be found here too. Touring Africa with Peter Brook's experimental theater: "Each of us had to make our own decision about going on the carpet and engaging in the performance, which was often an audience of three women, two kids human and three kids goat" (later, they were paid for a performance with a goat, which prompted the usual vegetarian-hippie debates among the touring cast). On making The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover: "The dog turds used in that horrific first scene were also made by our chef. He prepared them out of the very best chocolate, like beautiful chocolate truffles. The minute the dogs were let out, they ran around and ate them all up. Once again, the actors missed out!" While filming 2010 in her first Hollywood stint: "I had to learn that Americans did not go in for the kind of theatrical swearing I was used to. There is one word in particular which begins with a C and ends with a T and has an N and a U in it. This word is absolutely the pits in America. No word is worse. [...] ... the director called 'Cut!' As an amused throwaway I turned to Roy [Scheider] and said, 'Oh, Roy, you c***.' The whole studio froze in horror. Roy looked utterly shocked, whereupon I dug myself deeper and deeper. 'Oh no! I didn't mean you c***, I just meant, you know, you C***.'!"A most excellent memoir. The nude photos are after page 153.

  • GraceAnne
    2019-05-04 08:28

    This is enormously satisfying. This brilliant and sensual actress addresses her family and career, friendships and lovers, with disarming directness. It is also absolutely chock-full of photographs by famous photographers and not; family snapshots, some historical;, art and design shots; and of course, many of Mirren in her many roles on stage (and screen). I did not read every word of every essay, but Mirren is particularly kind to every man she's ever loved. Some of us will be particularly enthralled by her writing about Liam Neeson, who was hers for about four years before he was quite famous.

  • Julie Christine
    2019-05-14 04:19

    I have long admired actress Helen Mirren, so this was a treat to discover. This isn't an autobiography nor does Mirren explore her past in great depth. It's a lovely portrait of memories in text and photos of her development and experiences as an actress. There is more energy devoted to her years on the stage, rather than her more recent work in film. Mirren's voice comes through as down-to-earth and earthy, a creative soul devoted to friends from adolescence and her early years in the theatre, respectful of her many colleagues, both those with bold-face names and those more obscure. She seems like an incredibly healthy, rounded, possessed and intelligent woman who remains humble and gracious in work and with loved ones. Brava, bella!

  • Susan
    2019-05-14 10:26

    Excellent! Helen Mirren gives us snippets of her professional and personal life experiences, along with a bunch of photos, some from her personal collection.I enjoyed reading about the unusual and exciting life she has lead so far, and her jobs on the stage and screen.One little complaint - I am being greedy and would have loved to have read more about the behind-the-scene stuff while filming Excalibur. I know that John Boorman did a commentary track on the dvd, but it would have been nice to get her perspective as well. As I said, this is just a minor thing because this is one of my favorite movies and too much isn't enough! :)

  • John Neil
    2019-05-16 07:08

    I don't read a lot of biography and was given this as a gift. I dipped in and out of it over an extended period and found it mostly interesting and entertaining. Well worth a look if you also find Ms Mirren interesting and attractive.

  • Nola
    2019-05-24 06:23

    Enjoyed this book. I liked how there were so many pictures and the words are there to describe. She does not over dramatize or under dramatize her life. You can tell she just really loves her life and the people around her.

  • Jessica
    2019-05-03 06:11

    a heroine of mine: queen, star, foxy lady & all that...

  • Purlewe
    2019-05-18 09:09

    A very interesting read. I also loved the photographs.

  • Sammy
    2019-05-11 09:26

    I started this book a couple of years ago, but misplaced it when I was about half-way through. After re-arranging things recently I stumbled across it again, so took the opportunity to finally finish it.What can I say..? Helen Mirren is simply a delight. The book is less of a proper auto biography, and more of a photo album with commentary. But this is what makes it charming, I think.It was a fun enough read, and I enjoyed reading about the life of this incredible actress - some real surprises there! - I will probably pick up a proper (auto)biography in the future, but this was a lovely read in its own right.

  • Jenny
    2019-05-05 08:12

    Though there is not much text, this is a finely balanced autobiography which combines a fascinating array of photographs alongside her prose. It is a very engaging book that documents what many would now see as a golden age of acting but in a visceral way that shows the hard work involved in such an industry. At no point does she comes across as egotistical or arrogant, but there is a real honesty and admiration for her fellow industry workers. I loved it from start to finish.

  • Lindsay
    2019-05-14 04:14

    This was fun, especially the parts about Liam Neeson. Now I only hope she makes a second book taking her life up to the present day. Fun side note, my mother picked the book up for me and while talking to the librarian about it, randomly opened the book up to a naked picture of Miss Mirren while my ten year old son walked up to them. Good times!

  • Dennis Lynch
    2019-04-26 11:21

    Chatty and informative autobiography with copious photographs of her.

  • Pris robichaud
    2019-05-09 10:08

    The Tits, Tiaras and Toils of the Queen, Helen Mirren, April 19, 2008 "The tiaras and silvering hair of Britain's sexiest sixty something - it's all here, in In the Frame: My Life in Words and Pictures, a glossy hardback scrapbook of photographs extensively annotated by Helen Mirren. Born Ilyena Vasilievna Mironov in Chiswick, London, in 1945." Eva Wiseman Helen Mirren, my image of the perfect woman and actress, warts and all, beautiful to look at as she ages and beautiful in mind and soul as I got to know her a little better. I think she will love the title I chose for this review, like me, she's a little bit raunchy and rock 'n roll. Helen was asked why she wrote this book. It seems that she has been asked many times to write her story, but could not think it through. A good friend suggested she write it like a scrapbook. Helen has always been surrounded by pictures of herself, her family and what is important to her. She started with the pictures, and the words came pouring out. This is a lovely way to write a book, the gorgeous pictures give you a mind's eye picture of Helen at the time. One of the more innovative methods of writing about yourself. Helen's father was from a royal Russian family who came to the UK and ended up as a very well educated cab driver. Helen loved this part of her life,getting to knwo her Russan ancestors. She explains the history of the family, and along with the pictures we get a feel for what life was like. At 23, Helen visited a palm reader in the UK who told her that she would see her greatest success after the age of 45. How right she was! She began her career with the National Youth Theater in the UK in 1965, and forty years later won an Academy Award for her role as Queen Elizabeth II in the 2006 feature film "The Queen," She tells us of her many experiences in these past forty years, the memorable plays and movies and people that she met along the way. She has had one hell of a life, and she has worked very hard for every bit of it. Strangely, her role as Detective Tennison in 'Prime Suspect' on BBC TV helped to show her veritable talents. She signed a contract for one season and ended up playing four. This series became a 'WATER COOLER' series- everyone was talking about it. And then the same year that she ended her reign as Tennison, she played the Queen, and won the top coveted prize for her acting. The years in-between were filled with a busy career in TV, film and theatre. As Max Holmer says when he interviewed her, "She has won acclaim for 'The Madness of King George' and 'Gosford Park', took her clothes off for Calendar Girls, then came the damehood, The Queen and the Oscar." Helen shares her version of her first lovemaking and other areas of her sexual history, but it is the photos that you will love. She has indeed had wonderful luck with her photographers and some marvelous pictures grace this book. Like me, I can see you looking at the photos before you start reading. Helen talks about her family, her loves and losses. And she introduces us to her husband, Taylor Lockeford, an acclaimed director in his own right. He brought two sons into the union, and a ready made family with its trials and tribulations is in the fore. Her subsequent marriage in Scotland, and their stay in an old castle completes the story of her life thus far. It is not the life of a princess grown into a queen, but that of an everyday young girl who has become one of the best known women in the world. "Actress Helen Mirren began her career with the National Youth Theater in Great Britain in 1965, and four decades later is still packing in audiences at cinemas and playhouses around the world. Best known to American audiences for her Academy Award-winning turn as Queen Elizabeth II in the 2006 feature film "The Queen," Max Follmer A wonderful rollicking look into the life of a woman many of us emulate. Helen Mirren is a woman that could be my best friend. I feel like I know her as a person through her writing and her photos. This is a woman to be admired and loved. I have seen most of her films and television series, and I have never been disappointed. Highly Recommended. prisrob 04-20-08

  • K. Velk
    2019-04-28 07:29

    [N.B. I am posting a few reviews that I wrote back in 2008 for my blog. I wrote them contemporaneously with finishing the books, long before Goodreads. I thought they might be of some use here so I am reposting with slight edits to fit the Goodreads format].I have written about Mirren and my general admiration for her before. After I saw the movie "The Queen," I was in one my periodic bloggish raptures. (, It is interesting to hear from her directly and unmediated in this book. (It feels like she actually wrote this herself and that it was not ghostwritten). The book is not a tell-all, thank goodness. It is an older woman's loving look back at the places and people she remembers - an older woman who has had a remarkable career, obviously. Her manners are too good to bash people or to trumpet herself. What interested me particularly were her Russian origins. Her grandfather was a Russian aristocrat stranded in England by the Russian revolution. There are some striking pictures of her Russian ancestors in the first few pages. She had the most beautiful great aunts...Also of interest, and a bit of a surprise, was that she was her English hippy phase. I got to know about Mirren only in the 90s with Prime Suspect. I knew, vaguely, that she had been a famous stage actress and had some history as a sex bomb in the sixties but I had no details. It turns out that once upon a time she actually travelled around North Africa with a crew of actors who performed for the locals some kind of experimental dumb-show theater. Even when I was 19 this would have sounded like a complete horror to me. Artsy fartsys from France and England and Japan torturing tiny, bewildered audiences, sleeping in tents, jouncing over bumpy desert roads. Mirren hints that this was not all such a great experience but is also clear it had its rewards. She had a lot of boyfriends; she took off her clothes (there are some topless shots here). Who knew? I think of her as The Queen or Jane Tennison but she had a life those characters would not hint at.I also found myself wondering, noting her obvious restraint about her own success, what her peers would say about her as she was way back then. I expect the hippies she remembers so fondly would have been jealous of her. I also expect they would have been impressed, maybe even put off by, her ambition. She could not have got where she is without a lot of that.She writes a little soupily but with feeling at the end of the book about her extended family. She married Taylor Hackford, an American producer, rather late in life. She never wanted marriage and a family as a young woman but she has one now - albeit of the stepson and niece and nephew variety. It seems that they mean a great deal to her.

  • Ann Keller
    2019-05-20 07:25

    Incredible biography in both photos and words. Helen's story begins with her Russian grandfather, who was sent to London by the Czar. The Bolshevik revolution unfortunately cut off Pyotr Mironov from his homeland and family estate. The family settled in their new country and Helen's father found new outlets for his creative genius in music, painting, photography and finally, in writing.From an early age, Helen liked being in the limelight. She loved ballet and often practiced at home on her own, too. Helen then settled in the Southend and endeavored to learn all thing French. The role which launched her acting career was as Cleopatra in the Youth Theatre. From there, Helen joined the Royal Shakespeare Company and was then cast in her first film role in Age of Consent. She continued to like theater roles and her favorites were Duchess of Malfi, Orpheus Descending and Mourning Becomes Electra.Helen's career in film continued to beckon, leading her to Hollywood, the movie 2010 and to her award as Best Actress at Cannes for Cal. The movie Prime Suspect was one of her successes and Helen realized that she was suddenly one of the chosen to be first cast in upcoming films. Helen's roles as Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II were stunning. Helen herself admitted that she was surprisingly comfortable playing the current Queen of England. Helen won an Oscar for her brilliant portrayal in The Queen.There is also another, private side to Helen Mirren. Her relationship with her husband, director Taylor Hackford, didn't begin with moonlight and roses. Helen often placed romance second to her career and she would have bet that nothing would have come of their association. Taylor also came with a ready made family, son Rio, who would live with them, and Taylor's joint custody of a second son, Alex. This was a difficult time for Helen. Not only did she have no experience dealing with children, but in Hollywood, she was considered very far down on the "Y List", as she called it. She couldn't seem to get started. Thankfully, Prime Suspect was a hit and Helen hit her stride.In her innermost heart, Helen shall always be an English girl. Her family consists of a motley crew of Scottish, English, a handful of Russians and Welsh, as well as a smattering of French thrown in for good measure. Now, Helen turns to her sons, her grandchildren and her indulgence in extreme photography. Outstanding biography about a strong, compelling woman.

  • Corielle
    2019-05-23 06:22

    I admit that I primarily know Helen Mirren from her work in Hollywood over the last 15 or so years (I remember seeing her for the first time in Teaching Mrs. Tingle, which I watched approximately 400 times in 1999, although I could not tell you why). She also pops up a lot on GoFugYourself, usually wearing something classy and cool. She, herself, seems classy and cool. This book? Classy and cool."When I read an autobiography, I am always drawn to the pictures. To me, it is what lies behind a photograph that makes it interesting. As you read and discover more about the personalities involved, the photos become more telling. The body language, the clothes, the background all take on a far greater meaning, and I find myself returning to the same photo again and again."Written in the early 200s, before she truly got Hollywood famous (the last major movie mentioned within is Calendar Girls), In the Frame covers Mirren's life from a small child who grew up in a very poor but loving family, to her time in theater, to her introduction to TV and film. She fills the book with pictures, which I love -- pictures of her friends and family and self. I was sad at first that I couldn't listen to it as an audiobook, because I love her voice, but the pictures really make the book.You will come away from this thinking that Mirren is even cooler and classier than you could have dreamed. She traveled the world with an acting troupe and slept on the savanna in Africa. She dated Liam Neeson before he was Liam Nesson. She stood up for herself when others tried to put her down. She married a wonderful man after decades of saying she'd never get married, and has been with him since 1986. She talks freely and intelligently about politics, sexism, drugs and the theater. She can also write really, really well, and I'm totally in awe of her.

  • Liralen
    2019-05-14 08:27

    Tom and Lorenzo refer to Mirren as the Queen of Fuckinfantastica, which generally feels about right, and In the Frame does nothing to change that. It's very much the sort of thing that only got published because Mirren is famous, but she does a pretty bang-up job of knowing what she wants to do with the book. It's no tell-all but rather a swoop through a rather illustrious career on stage and on film, illustrated with a liberal dose of photographs.I (choosing to live largely under a cultural rock) haven't actually seen most of Mirren's work, and I knew nothing of her career arc before reading this, but it made for good food for thought. Not that there are hard-and-fast right/wrong ways to go about an acting career, but it does seem that Mirren got it right: for years she worked exclusively, and then primarily, on stage, often doing the sort of work that only barely pays the bills. She did it because it was her passion, and frankly it sounds like a much more interesting industry introduction than those who break into Hollywood early get—largely because she seems to have been using 'interesting' as her definition of success, doing things like stepping away from her promising stage career in London to join an experimental company in Paris and living in a not-commune. It sounds enviably adventurous, and the book is put together in a satisfyingly classy/unapologetic way.

  • Mindy
    2019-05-12 06:12

    I've always found Helen Mirren to be captivating. I love the way she carries herself and the way she interacts with people. More than that, I love her sense of humor. As an introvert, I have never been very gifted at communicating with people. As a teacher, I feel that each day is a new day on a stage. As a result, I am often captivated by people who have studied theatre. I do not believe there is enough Imodium in the entirety of the United States to get me on a stage, and I am in awe of people who do this for a living. This was really a wonderful read. Helen Mirren's life has been so amazing and her recounting of events is delightful. I was smiling to myself through many of her stories and inspired to do a better job of experiencing life. I love her outlook and her adventures. I highly recommend this book. ***One slightly strange thing that happened while reading: I had finished the part of Helen Mirren's travels through the dessert where she mentions a photographer, Mary Ellen Mark. This photographer sounded like a really neat person and I made a note to look up more of her work. That night, I saw a photo of her on an instagram account that I follow. She passed away that same day. It made me stop and think about how life works with all of the little intricacies and connections.

  • Em
    2019-05-08 08:18

    Enjoyed this book enormously for a couple of reasons:1. more photos than usually included in such a book, illustrating not only her more famous roles, but the earlier and experimental period of her life in radical theatre, her family roots and her edgier experiments in style2. this was clearly her voice, which is why I've taken off one star for the poor editing that let her down, e.g. in the first third of the book I found myself reading the exact same sentence twice, on at least two separate occasions. This is the kind of 'cleaning' a good line editor does. Also does anyone say 'I was overhung?" Don't we say 'hung over' on both sides of the pond? On the other hand, I didn't feel the heavy hand of a ghost writer here and the chatty candor of her downs as well as ups made the writing just flow. Wouldn't we all like to enjoy one of her 'breakfasts' on set, i.e. a quarter cup of champagne at dawn?3. you got the feeling that she is someone who can live with herself without apology, for her love of dressing up, for her string of fabulous lovers, for her forthright manner. H.M. comes off as someone anyone would want to know which is no mean feat, given her fame and perfectionism on the job. Too bad this was written too soon because I'm sure she had a lot of meaty work ahead of her.

  • Ana T.
    2019-05-23 05:22

    I seldom read autobiographies but last week I was offered the chance to read Helen Mirren's autobiography and just couldn't resist.I have enjoyed her work as an actress and always thought she might be an interesting person. But the truth is that with actors you never really kno, sometimes they are so well hidden behind their parts that it may be the character instead of the person that makes you curious.Besides the book is filled with beautiful photos. Some pages even look like they came out of a scrapbook album. They are lovely to look at!Mirren writes about her russian heritage, her childhood and teenage years, her beginnings in the theather world, her experimental acting on various parts of the globe and achieving world wide success with roles like Jane Tennison in Prime Suspect and Elizabeth I and II. She also tackles her personal relationships with friends and lovers and especially her relationship and marriage to Taylor Hackford. She doesn't follow a strict chronological order, which can be a bit confusing at times, but her writing was interesting an engaging. In the end it was a book I enjoyed. It made me feel that I knew her a bit and that she is a good, down to earth person.Grade: 4/5

  • Lize
    2019-05-03 07:26

    This one is for fans of Dame Helen and film and theatre addicts (I qualify as all three), and takes you on a tour of her life, from her background (a Russian émigré father, East End London mother and growing up in Essex) to her early years in the theatre (including a wild trip through Africa with Peter Brook) to her marriage to director Taylor Hackford and winning the Oscar for "The Queen". Her life is so fascinating, and she is so completely cool and modest and funny that I found myself even more in love with her after reading the book than I was before. The photographs are always my favorite part of any biography, and this beauty is simply chockablock with them, from every stage of her life, including some wild, experimental shots . Those looking for gossip and dirt, though, will be disappointed; Ms. Mirren does not dish. (Which I totally respect and adore, although I do wish she had provided some illumination on the supposedly legendary 'endowment' of Liam Neeson, whom she lived with for four years. I've heard the rumors, and I keep freeze-framing my DVD of "Rob Roy", but I can't quite be sure.)

  • Sandra
    2019-05-02 06:22

    I found this book delightful and one of the best autobiographies I've read. As she states in the beginning, 'When I read an Autobiography, I am always drawn to the pictures." Helen Mirren tells her story in photos, which is absolutely fabulous. Starting with photos of her parents and Grandparents, you learn of her Grandfather's life in Russia, and that she finds letters in Russian after her parents die. She finds someone to translate them and she learns her families history. She has someone research her family and they find 90 year old photos in a family apartment in Russia, of her family. It is astounding to see. Then she tells the story of their life while she is growing up in England. And of course, goes on to take you through her life and career in photos. I wished all autobiographies were like this one. Helen Mirren is a wonderful talent and human being. I am really glad I read this.

  • Louise
    2019-05-14 07:29

    I wasn't looking forward to reading this book for my bookclub, as I didn't think I'd enjoy reading about the acting world (all those big, dramatic egos!). However, I ended up finishing it and enjoying it more than I imagined I would. Through Helen's descriptions of her work and the theatrical community as well as the great admiration she has for her colleagues, I gained a new respect for actors and the work they do - especially stage-trained actors (not sure about those who've only worked in the Hollywood movie scene...). I admired Helen's dedication to her chosen career and was a bit amazed at the lengths she went to in order to hone her acting skills (i.e. the experimental troupe she performed with in Africa). Of course, no actor's life is complete without a good dose ofbohemian life-style experiences!

  • LisaCarlson
    2019-05-09 06:22

    Helen Mirren represents what is missing in today's Hollywood actresses; charm, elegance, intelligence, sophistication, privacy and beauty than extends beyond outward appearances. Her memoir is handled in typical Mirren style; the truth. My two favorite photos and there are many here is one where she appears to be submerged in milk and the other is at the end where she is standing before a green door without makeup.While I haven't seen all of her work as of this writing she is at the top of my list when it comes to must see.One of the more touching insights is about her brother who had died when she was filming Calendar Girls and we realize how real life intersects with even people who seem far removed from it. Helen Mirren is an extraordinary actress but more importantly she is an articulate, beautiful and lovely human being.

  • Kate
    2019-05-10 05:16

    This autobiography has proven to be an interesting read. What is so fantastic about the book is not the literature but the sheer amount of images used. Helen Mirren obviously places a huge importance on photographs and this is evident within. The only disappointing thing is that you get the feeling that Mirren is keeping the reader at bay, although she mentions embarrassing incidents at times, it does not feel very personal. For example in one chapter she suddenly says, "me and my husband.." it is not until later that she talks about getting married and even then limits it to how lovely the owners of the venue were. Perhaps this could be linked to Mirren's profession as an actress, where she feels like hiding behind facts and figures rather than being open and her own character. This said, it is an interesting insight into her profession, family history and life .

  • Nick Phillips
    2019-05-06 11:09

    I'm not usually one for autobiographies, bring able to count the number that I have read on one hand, but this one appealed initially due to the format which places pictures throughout the text as prompt points for memories. Upon reading it I was pleased to find that it actually has a lot more substance than it may at first appear and does not just rely upon a stylistic trick, no matter how appealing, as its selling point.The text is aided by Mirren's self deprecation and almost sense of wonder at her own good fortune. For an autobiography the book hardly relies on 'I' at all, being more about the times, the place, the production of the family than it is about the main subject, yet it is through all of these other elements that we really get to build a picture of Mirren and her life.

  • Stephanie
    2019-04-25 06:25

    I'm going to be completely honest and say that I didn't finish reading this book. :( Ugh. I hate doing that, but while Ms. Mirren is a well-written and fascinating character, the book just didn't hold my attention. I want a book that I can't WAIT to get home to read. One in which all I'm doing during the day pretty much is thinking about the characters and what happens next. And while this isn't a fiction book I still wanted that draw that fiction typically gives me.Now, this is just my review and I'm not downplaying the book at all in any shape or form. Ms. Mirren (by what I had read by the time I returned the book to the library) had an exciting and interesting upbringing and is actually a very well-written person. So please, if you like autobiographies, give this one a chance. I believe you would like it. However, for my taste, I just had to pass it on.

  • Marylu Sanok
    2019-05-05 06:24

    This book was largely more pictures than words. It was an entertaining book and extremely revealing. The revelation was Ms. Mirren's roots but of the revealing photos of her from her early dates right up to the present.She has lived a very varied lifestyle and I was amazed as I thought she was very British and proper and she was much more of a hippie than I would have believed.Most amusing is that in two of her movies she played a Russian character and despite being of Russian descent, her producers said her accent was incorrect. She determined that the producers had only heard Russian spoken by American actors. She then " Americanized " her Russian accents and they loved it.The photographs were okay, but I found this book wanting.

  • Cat.
    2019-05-14 09:19

    I fell in love with Helen Mirren during the first Prime Suspect series. She was the first flawed, not-young, not-perky, fallible-but-good police officer I ever saw on TV. Yes, I loved Cagney & Lacey, but they really weren't real. Tennison was treated badly, drank too much, bitched at people, made political errors with her career, and was still a damn fine detective.Mirren hasn't gone wrong since then, either. As for this book, I loved the chapters about her childhood--her grandfather was an officer in the Russian army who was trapped in England when the Revolution broke out. Her childhood was very boring and simple. Once she gets into her acting career, I sort of lost interest, frankly, and looked at the pictures with more focus than I read.I bet she's a lot of fun to hang out with.

  • Isabel
    2019-05-21 06:27

    I really enjoyed this book because it was heavily interspersed with photos of Helen Mirren's life. I really don't like it when you read a biography and somewhere 1/3 or even halfway through the book you get a batch of pages with a handful of tiny photos that are both refering to stuff before and after those photo pages. It annoys me, somehow destroys the flow of the book. Not so this biography: a few pages of text with at least the same, often twice as many pages of photos following, refering to what was just written with lovely details. This is a great visual biography and at the same time a lovely account of Helen Mirren's life.