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Title : My Story: An Autobiography
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My Story: An Autobiography Reviews

  • Philip
    2019-04-12 14:46

    Mary Astor is one of my favorite actresses from the Golden Age of Hollywood - she's best-remembered today for her iconic performance as one of the screen's great femme fatales, Brigid O'Shaughnessy, in THE MALTESE FALCON (1941), as well as for THE GREAT LIE (for which she received a Best Supporting Actress Oscar) DODSWORTH (1936), MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS (1945) and ACT OF VIOLENCE (1948). She all but ran away with RETURN TO PEYTON PLACE (1961), neatly showing the rest of the cast the fine art of rising above inferior material.Astor's private life was difficult, and this autobiography wouldn't be out-of-place on the same shelf with Lillian Roth's I'LL CRY TOMORROW and Diana Barrymore's TOO MUCH, TOO SOON - she was a beautiful young woman whose beauty and earning-power was exploited by her parents - she co-starred with John Barrymore in her teens, and this was the first of several turbulent relationships which eventually led Astor to a dependency on alcohol with which she struggled for many years (though aside from blunting her good looks in the late 1940s, leading MGM to cast her mainly in motherly roles, it never interfered with her performances). And she was at the center of a highly-publicized divorce/custody battle in the mid-1930s which became scandalous due to rumors of her diary entries which supposedly gave some very intimate details of her romantic affairs - as it turned out, some people were more concerned with what Astor might have known - or written - about their affairs than hers!). She weathered the storm of publicity and emerged more popular on the screen than ever.If one seeks a detailed overview of Astor's film career, this isn't it - she gave us that years later with A LIFE ON FILM. MY STORY is the story of a woman who finally gains emotional independence.

  • Susan Molloy
    2019-04-01 13:39

    Mary Astor lays it all out there for the reader: this is a confession of sorts. We learn that her parents were controlling moochers. We learn that Astor couldn't maintain a relationship with a man. We learn she liked to booze. We learn she was the focus of a very public scandal. Eventually she finds God and tries to clean up her life. In a nutshell, she was a mess. And between all the tribulations, she managed to knock out a bunch of films.

  • Graceann
    2019-04-01 10:48

    Please see my detailed review at Graceann's "Mary Astor" Review"Please click that the review was helpful to you at Amazon so that my rating continues to climb! As I just said to a friend of mine earlier today (here on Goodreads, as a matter of fact), I think I got a lot more out of reading this at age 40 than I might have if I'd not yet had some rough experiences. Now I'd love to read an objective biography of Mary, if one has ever been written. She seems as if she might have been a very interesting woman.

  • Marsha
    2019-03-31 14:43

    The book was ok, but not a humdinger of an autobiography - I did not know some of the people who she talked about because they were of the 30s and 40s. This book would be good for someone who went to a lot of movies back then and would know who she was referring to.

  • Tom Schulte
    2019-03-22 10:33

    Thinking about this honest exposition of Marty Astor's love life, drinking and pills addiction, and hatred of the movie & TV treadmill makes me consider My Wicked Wicked Ways. Is the salacious, tell-all autobiography a Hollywood invention of the mid-Twentieth Century?Mary's story starts with parents, especially her father, that was incredibly ambitious for her; even maniacally so. Their plan succeeds and an incredibly sheltered Mary Astor becomes a contract player and has to individuate under artificial and extreme circumstances. Marriages and mania follow until Mary finds a path to peace through Catholicism and psychology. Both come from caring and competent priests. A divorce makes Mary's diary both a legal and public issue, but writing that caused so much stress is also an answer as this autobiography is the result of a therapeutic writing assignment.Mary's honest and direct delivery makes this an engaging read. The only thing that keeps it from four starts for me is the architecture. The chapter divisions, for instance, seems just to segment material into even buckets. A little editing could have nudged this from very good to great.

  • Benjamin
    2019-03-23 15:35

    Actress Mary Astor is brutally honest in her autobiography about her life, her marriages, and her struggles with alcoholism. Published in 1959, Astor doesn't actually talk that much about her film work; this seems to have been more of a therapeutic writing exercise for her. She followed this bestseller with a book on her film career in 1973, called Mary Astor: A Life on Film.

  • Susan
    2019-04-17 18:26

    Focused on her personal life, not nearly as interesting to me as her A Life On Film, which details movie-making in its early, and golden years. Very troubled life, one wants to hug her after reading accounts of a lonely childhood, early widowhood, alcoholism and suicide attempts. Such suffering and turbulence makes her letter-perfect on-screen portrayals even more astounding.

  • Creolecat
    2019-04-11 11:22

    Excellent autobiography by one of my favorite actresses; brutally frank about her alcoholism, her men, how she came to peace with her parents, and more inportantly, herself. Ms. Astor briefly speaks of the films she was making at the time, but does not go into detail on the craft of filmmaking (I need to read A Life on Film for that). This book is strictly about her life.

  • Kathryn
    2019-04-10 10:38

    I didn't really know anything about Mary Astor except that she was an actress, but now I know all about her horrible parents and her alcoholism. She's a pretty good writer, but the book was originally written as part of a therapy program and you can kind of tell. Really interesting peek into the early days of the movie business though.

  • James Chambers
    2019-03-24 14:52

    Good read with a heavy dose of catholic guilt and alcoholism thrown in. Very different movie star Cinderella story. Would have liked a little more dish about the studios and such but overall entertaining.

  • Samantha Glasser
    2019-03-23 16:50

    Read this book for free through the Internet Archive:

  • Dar
    2019-04-08 14:32

    I have long thought Mary Astor was a wonderful actress and never understood why she was usually not the lead in a movie. This book explains why. She was a remarkable woman.

  • Greta
    2019-03-29 15:33

    I remember reading this one in high school, and thought it was very interesting--some of the stories she told still stick with me after all these years.

  • MrsSunflowers
    2019-03-26 11:23

    One of the best autobiographies I've ever read.