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Christian Gossett's landmark series, "Red Star," redefined what a comic book could look like, while the story's rich history and brutal world brought motion picture scope to the comics page. Now the massive tale is presented in deluxe form, starting with this volume including issues #1-4 and 6-9....

Title : The Red Star: Deluxe Edition Volume 1
Author :
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ISBN : 9781613778074
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 328 Pages
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The Red Star: Deluxe Edition Volume 1 Reviews

  • Mary Catelli
    2019-05-14 20:01

    An alternative, magitech-based USSR and a disastrous battle. . . Maya travels by railcars, with roses and a letter she's writing, to her husband's -- well, memorial marker. A soldier also visiting graves asks her ("Comrade Sorceress") to light his cigarette, since soldiers thought it was good luck. She tells him of the battle of Kar Dartha's gate, nine years ago, and the disaster -- she was saved only by a friend who knocked her out so she could not look for her beloved husband, Markus. We also get scenes she did not know of, where mysterious and powerful figures appear.Her husband's brother Urik also visits. He has their orders, and suggests she could make her farewells to the grave -- or perhaps tell his brother they are about to join him.This involves a rebel girl named Marika who digs two graves; mutiny; a dream of a dead woman with a message and red roses; Urik drinking and remembering how he talked with Markus about joining the sky service; a letter oddly delivered, and another letter that first persuaded Maya to meet with Marcus; looters; a protocol (spell) that brings back the past; and more.

  • nooker
    2019-05-21 21:58

    Love this book. The art is amazing and the story is fun. The fusion of magic and tech is perfect.

  • Alex Sarll
    2019-05-15 16:18

    If you go with the theory that beneath most of our myths lie some sordid Bronze or Iron Age scuffle, given import and grandeur by generations of retelling and artistry, then imagine the legends that might one day come from the fall of the USSR, you have something like The Red Star. The wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya are turned up to 11 and recast as epic, without ever losing sight of the sheer awfulness of battle. I read the first half of this 15 years ago, and was haunted by it. Continuing now...not quite so much. It was grander, more mystical in memory (and in a sense that volume really was grander, being printed outsize). The somewhat CGI, anime-tinged art hasn't aged so well, and nor has the implicit direction of Russian history. But beyond that, in some respects this supposedly deluxe edition seems oddly lacking. The indicia and back cover believe that it omits the fifth issue, which would be senseless but is in any case untrue. And while there are loads of sketches &c in the back, missing are the quotes on art and the future from real-world revolutionary thinkers which added crucial framing, weight and resonance in the earlier collection.

  • Scotto Moore
    2019-05-02 15:59

    Totally gorgeous book in every respect. The art features pioneering work blending hand drawn pencils of foreground characters with CG backgrounds of vehicles and settings; I haven't really seen anything like it, and the character expressions are so good they're heart breaking. All in service of an epic story - a mashup of LOTR and "War and Peace" maybe? In a futuristic alternate version of the USSR, sorcery exists and has been militarized. But enemies of the state possess arcane power as well, and battles rage to keep rebellious republics from seceding from the grip of the motherland. Against this backdrop, a shell shocked sorceress begins to question the tyranny of the government she serves, whose wars cost her husband his life. But also, there is a kickass ninja ghost lady swordfighting with a soul-stealing cyborg ringwraith dude. I KNOW, RIGHT?

  • Relstuart
    2019-05-15 15:16

    Future Mythic take with a Russian analog providing the background for the characters. The art is nice but not sure it's redefining as it's cinematic look is not unusual now. Perhaps it was when this was originally released? I'm probably in for the second book to see if the main character can complete her mission to find (spoiler omitted).

  • Todd
    2019-05-15 20:22


  • Simon
    2019-05-14 15:17

    The art is absolutely glorious, the design, the graphics. Amazing.The story however left me completely cold.

  • Jan Chlapowski Söderlund
    2019-04-25 21:07

    * * * * ½ - almost amazing comic book series with lots of atmosphere & action.This is a joint review of the (currently) latest reprint of Christian Gossetts comic book series The Red Star, a hardcover deluxe edition printed in 2016. To begin with - I am in general not a fan of comic book series. And I am definitely not a fan of manga (although I presume true connoisseur would barely call this comic manga-esque?). To quantify my statement: to date, I have only found two other adult (this is not to be read as pornographic) comic series interesting (both by author/artist Ben Templesmith). The Red Star is set in Russia within an alternate historical timeline, where spirits and esoteric power is an undisputed fact. The Reds might be referring to Communists, but it might just as well be a reference to the star as something else. Although the feeling is of deep Communist Russia. I fell in love with the atmosphere of this novel and the superb imaginative new concepts that are introduced. Just enough is left for the reader's imagination to make it all the more plausible. The pictures themselves are wonderful, almost movie-like in intensity and communicate all the more feeling and urgency by their almost sensual choreography. The story's background is the only half-negative aspect - a love story which is slightly juvenile. But not so much that it put me off. When it comes to the material quality - I am not familiar with any of the other printed versions of this series, so I cannot compare the material quality. But this edition looks and feels great. So, if you can stomach occult space opera-style communism in comic book form - don't look any further, you've found what you are looking for!