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Home from their unexpected deployment, the former members of Marine Force Recon team Sidewinder rejoin their loved ones and try to pick up the pieces of the lives they were forced to leave behind. Ty Grady comes home to Zane Garrett, only to find that everything around him has changed—even the men he went to war with. He barely has time to adjust before his brother, Deuce,Home from their unexpected deployment, the former members of Marine Force Recon team Sidewinder rejoin their loved ones and try to pick up the pieces of the lives they were forced to leave behind. Ty Grady comes home to Zane Garrett, only to find that everything around him has changed—even the men he went to war with. He barely has time to adjust before his brother, Deuce, asks Ty to be his best man. But that isn’t all Deuce asks Ty to do, and Ty must call for backup to deal with the business issues of Deuce’s future father-in-law.Nick O’Flaherty and Kelly Abbott join Ty and Zane at the wedding on an island in Scotland, thinking they’re there to assuage Deuce’s paranoia. But when bodies start dropping and boats start sinking, the four men get more involved with the festivities than they’d ever planned to.With the clock ticking and the killer just as stuck on the isolated island as they are, Ty and Zane must navigate a veritable minefield of family, friends, and foes to stop the whole island from being destroyed....

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Ball & Chain Reviews

  • Baba
    2019-04-16 12:25

    3 stars. Review posted March 12, 2014Me before reading Ball & Chain…Me after reading Ball & Chain…(I'm talking about my frame of mind) *Baba raises eyebrows*“I don’t know who the fuck to trust out here. I’m at the ‘shoot first and feel bad later’ stage.”Shoot! I feel bad for saying this installment didn’t wow me at all. I enjoyed certain parts of it, however, I have more than a couple complaints. It’s more pleasant to begin with the stuff I enjoyed. So let me cut right to the chase of the matter.The (view spoiler)[welcome home (hide spoiler)] lovey dovey mayhem right at the beginning of Ball & Chain was great! It gave me the warm fuzzies. <333I also loved a lot of the scenes between Ty & Zane and Nick & Kelly, i.e. Ty & Zane (view spoiler)[at the beach dancing and talking. (hide spoiler)] On the other hand, I was wondering if it’s realistic that Ty (view spoiler)[proposed several times and after having been blown off for the nth time he still laughed it away. (hide spoiler)] Oh well, that’s Ty, right? I don’t really complain because I enjoyed the (view spoiler)[proposals (hide spoiler)] very much, yet it’s just a (justified?) observation. As expected the smexin’ was hot and I loved all their good-natured bickering. I got some good laughs out of it, for sure.My favorite quotes:“Scotland?” Zane echoed, perking up. “Does that mean Ty has to wear a kilt?” I wish!“You’re the only person I’ve ever been with who made me want to try things like that.”(…)“I mean that all the experiences I’ve ever heard of in life…I want to have them with you.”Chester began to cackle at the end of the table.“I’m the only Grady who didn’t get lucky last night!”Nick dropped his fork and put his hand over his eyes.Chester grabbed his arm and shook him. “You want to bang something too, sonny, you can borrow my shovel!”“Tyler, come on!”“This is police brutality!”Now let me address the not so good stuff.The way (view spoiler)[Touch & Geaux ended (hide spoiler)] I was expecting hoping (emphasis on hoping) that a part of book 8 would be set in the Middle East. Stupid me, that’s just wishful thinking. Why would something like that happen when we don’t even get to see how the guys in Ball & Chain have been murdered? There’s talk about how awful it was and all that but it’s actually rather harmless coz the guys are dead already when we are confronted with the gory details. And no, I’m not a blood-thirsty reader but it could have helped to enhance the plot, make it more…thrilling? That’s the crux of the matter, I didn’t particularly care about the mystery and plot. It was ‘meh’, somewhat messy and bland in my opinion. Besides, my interest petered out during the second half of the story because it wasn’t engaging. Also, I found it mighty convenient how every (view spoiler)[means of transportation and communication tool were out of order. They were totally cut off from the outside world in the middle of nowhere. (hide spoiler)]The frowning, scowling, winking, chuckling, smiling, laughing and giggling and raised eyebrows were all over the place. I guess it’s time for me to check in with my sons, they love to read cartoons on a daily basis. They could update me in that regard because I’m pretty sure cartoon characters frown and chuckle all the time with the occasional twack and boom thrown into. *Baba frowns and scrunches nose* BTW, Nick and Ty freaking out made me raise my eyebrows for once because that felt a bit stilted. Plus, some TSTL moments made me roll my eyes but that’s probably irrelevant. And dare I say that a few scenes bordered on being cheesy? Come to think of it, I’d say Ball & Chain escalated in a weep fest somewhere along the line.We all know that everything has to come to an end. And even though the prospect of letting Ty & Zane ride drive into the sunset is upsetting and sad, it’s going to happen nonetheless in the next and final installment of the Cut & Run series. I think this story reads like a prolonged goodbye for Ty & Zane, but at the same time it’s also a transition to the Sidewinder series because Nick and Kelly acted as the second main couple in Ball & Chain. Since I enjoyed Shock & Awe (and Nick) very much, I’m excited to tackle Cross & Crown and I really hope that Abigail Roux will deliver a couple great and fresh stories.All in all a decent enough read but it left me underwhelmed. In fact, Ball & Chain is my least favorite in the Cut & Run series.„Unfuck your shit, Scotland!“["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Susan
    2019-04-22 14:01

    Let’s be clear: I am a BIG fan of this series. I loved every book. I’ve reread many times. Zane is my #1 book boyfriend, hands down. I even defended w/ all my heart what some called the sap-fest of S&S2 and what others called the angst-fest of T&G. Loved. Them. All. Without apology...**NO plot spoilers**(view spoiler)[I, however, did not love this book.My personal opinion (my opinion...) is that it’s the weakest of the series. It’s not that I didn’t like where the author was taking the story. I was just…bored. And confused…lost sometimes. And my need for Ty & Zane was unsatisfied. I thought the story in book 8 lacked any emotional pull. Yes, there were some brief romantic moments that had me “awwwww”ing. But those were just quotes…just bits. And though I know we’re moving in a direction towards the eventual end to the series (*sob*!!!), it felt (and this is, again, just my opinion) kinda like the author is taking us there quicker than I had hoped...that Ty & Zane were kinda already written off...There were far more Nick & Kelly parts than I would have wanted in a…Ty& Zane book. AND their parts were actually more interesting/funny/charming/sweet/fresh. Which, YAY, because up until this point, I wasn’t that interested in them. But, BOO, because…ya know…I want Ty & Zane!The plot itself felt ALL over the place and I was honestly lost (me not so smart) for most of it and disinterested enough to not even want to go back and try and figure out what I might have been missing. I had totally given up caring about whodunit until the very end and even then, I was frustrated about how the effect this should have had on the characters wasn’t actually even dealt with. And if I was being truly truly honest……well……by the end of this book, I was just tired of Ty’s same old excuses for lies, Zane being pushed off to the side as a supporting character, Nick’s out-of-nowhere behavior change, and Kelly’s…well, I don’t even know what purpose Kelly served to the plot. And there was just SO MUCH chuckling and snorting and suppressed smiles…and (again, me not so smart) too many not-funny/I-don’t-get-it puns…that I was frustrated. All the inside jokes from throughout the series were just thrown out there and felt like overkill.Now the best parts of the book were any and all “I love you” moments. Those continue to tug at my heartstrings because I LOVE TY & ZANE. And I even loved the “I love you” moments from Nick & Kelly, Deuce & Livi, family, friends. All of those worked for me. But, I think that was about it. And the ending set us up for the next Sidewinder book, but didn’t do much for what might happen next in the Cut & Run series except…clearly that they’ll soon be riding off into the sunset towards their “the end”…(again…*sob*).The very zealous fans of the series will, of course, no matter what, read this immediately and most will love it simply because it's Ty & Zane. And yay for that! Just for me personally, this one fell short. So now, I'll have to begin my countdown of the days until Book #9! (hide spoiler)]What I do know is that I will probably have to reread this sometime soon to just make sure my initial reaction to it wasn’t due to hormones or sleep depravation or real life stress or aliens invading my body. Check out Sheri's full review of the book on March 10th at: ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Jenn
    2019-03-27 08:28

    So, Ty and Zane are back again and I was curious how this 8th book would go considering the ending of the last book, the new side series with Kelly & Nick, and the book before the series finale. And I have to say I’m seriously disappointed in the wasted opportunity and poor editing. It didn’t make me enraged like the last book did, but it did sadden me with how Ty and Zane have just been pushed to the side, in a way, and become that series that perhaps has gone on too long. This series most certainly wasn’t my first in this genre, but Zane is probably the first character in m/m that I deeply fell in love with and I wanted so much for this to end on a high note. I didn’t hate it by any means, but it lacked any emotional pull and I was quite frankly bored to death. There were also quite a few choices in scenes that left me questioning the reason and the plot felt too fanfiction-y and convoluted.This is the thing about series or even standalones for me in romance. Sure, I’d love it if both characters and plot were outstanding, but if both aren’t, I really need one to impact me in a large way. The author isn’t really great, in my opinion, with plot, but I’ve always enjoyed her characters, intimate scenes, and dialogue. But…this book lacked all of that and I was left with a big Nothing Burger. In my opinion, this is the weakest book in the series.First off, the editing in this is SO bad. Seriously. The repetition killed me. For example:Smirk – used 26 timesSwallow hard/Swallow past the knot – 24 times Chuckle – 25 timesLaugh – 100 timesLicked/Licked lips – 21Narrow/Narrowed eyes – 39 timesIt was so incredibly distracting and felt lazy. But here’s the other thing about the editing and then consistency. It’s mentioned several times that Ty is a changed man after his deployment. “Ty hadn’t come back the same person. The more time they spent together, the clearer that was to Zane. He smiled less, he joked less, he was quicker to strike.” He’s come back haunted, the light in his eyes diminished, etc. But that makes NO sense in regards to what the reader is given because he is constantly smirking, laughing, chuckling, snorting, what have you. How am I supposed to believe he’s been greatly affected by this last deployment when you haven’t written the character that way?There were also a lot of corny phrases that made me laugh and I’m sure that wasn’t the author’s intention. "…like a balm on an open wound he hadn’t realized was there." "…like a drop of water to a dying man"“No one had lifted Zane’s burden for him; he had shed it himself, like a caterpillar unfolding its wings to become a butterfly. Ty would never tell Zane he thought of him like a butterfly, of course.”“He was on the edge of completely falling apart. Thank Christ Ty was there to keep him together, just like he’d always been.”“Ty was wearing a red Santa hat with a white fluffball on the end, and the fluffball hit Clancy in the head when they hugged, but she didn't seem to care." ***Because being hit by a fluffball is reason to break down and cry? The paaaain! Fluff in the face! Fluff in the face! Now let’s get back to another wasted opportunity that I felt would have helped me enjoy this book more. Ty and Zane were separated for 6 months. And 6 months after a huge bomb of coming out on Zane’s part and him alone without Ty OR any of the Sidewinder guys he’s grown to love as friends. I needed those 6 months described to me in some way, something to give me an emotional connection to what he went through and to what he and Ty felt during those 6 months apart. Everything runs so smoothly for these guys when they are reunited it just felt…meh. Even the small amount of intimate scenes didn’t do anything for me. There was one that I guess was fairly hot, but because it felt like a show and a little Sex A,B,Cs I kept waiting for something more interesting to happen between them sexually. And you can’t keep writing Deuce calling during sex. It’s not cute anymore. These guys used to have personalities and they felt very cardboard cutouts in this book. Lots of reminiscing about past experiences with nothing new to the table. They were going through the motions and I didn’t feel Zane in this book. Just a name with some dialogue. I truly didn’t feel anything while reading Ty and Zane, and I used to in the earlier books, and I imagine that’s largely due to the lack of tension between them now.I did think some of the scenes between Nick and Ty were great, but the lack of consistency with Ty read very strange to me. He seemed extremely needy, downtrodden, whiny, etc. and it threw me honestly. But when they were discussing their friendship, I liked those parts. That felt genuine.Then there’s the plot. I think I got what the author was going for in that regards. It felt very Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, mixed with Clue, and a whole lot of the TV miniseries Harper’s Island. And inspiration is one thing, but this felt like fanfiction. Hell, even on Harper’s Island the guests all arrive for a wedding. It felt so much like those three stories that it became distracting rather than fun. And for the love of holy why, why did that plot go off the rails like that? Just why? If it had been a fun little weekend murder mystery caper, I really could have enjoyed myself. But with every reveal it just went further into Stupid-ville. Sometimes restraint is a beautiful thing. Just saying.By the way, side note: the reason for picking that Maid of Honor was quite possibly one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read.And also, wasn't this book set in Hawaii and then changed to Scotland? Is that why the characters were all wearing Summer clothes in the middle of Winter?Then there is Kelly and Nick. Not that I’m all enraged or anything, but I think it was a disservice to both couples to have them in there as much as they were in a Ty and Zane book, especially the second to last book. Another reason why I felt a lack of connection with the supposed main couple. I honestly was floored with how much Nick and Kelly were in this, and not only that, but a HUGE moment happens and it bugged the crap out of me for two reasons. One it took away from Ty and Zane’s moments and two, I can’t see how the author can’t not revisit that in Nick and Kelly’s own book, so we’ll just get more repetition. And surprisingly, Nick and Kelly were funnier, more charming, and likable than Ty and Zane, although I do feel like once again Nick has an unnerving personality change. But more than that, this felt like Nick's big shining moment. He's the one that's the hero, is struggling, changing his life. She also conveniently changed the story for him & this idea of him being a near son to the Grady's out of the blue was ridiculous. I mean if he was such a second son to the family, why wasn't he invited to the wedding in the first place? I can't understand why the author wrote Ball & Chain like this.So, overall, I didn’t hate it, I didn’t love it, and I probably won’t remember a damn thing about it in a few days. Disappointing way to start closing out a series of two of my most beloved m/m characters. I’m really hoping for a beautiful ending with the 9th book, though.

  • Richard
    2019-04-24 09:24

    Dear Ty and Zane,Please know how sorry I am that your beautiful love story was lost to the ($)spin-off($). I loved you, I was loyal.Also know, I have no interest in the continuation of Shelly and Dick’s story that will tried to be spun in a half dozen books, undoubtedly.Thank you for the laughter, joy, tears and heartache, you will be missed.We should not have ended this way.Most fondly,Richard

  • Blacky *Romance Addict*
    2019-04-25 15:18

    New Ty and Zane book!!!!!!!!!!!March 17th, 2014.?????????????????I want an early release!

  • Kenya
    2019-04-01 10:59

    If I’m being honest, I probably would've given this book one star, because I disliked it that much. But the thought of giving a (nominally) Ty & Zane book one star literally hurts my heart, because they are my favorite fictional couple ever. WARNING: spoilers ahead. (view spoiler)[ But since last May/June, I’d kind of been dreading this book, fearing that Ty and Zane might be reduced to bit players in their own story, and sadly, I feel like that’s exactly what happened. To be clear, the Ty and Zane moments were my favorite part of the book; they were actually the only part of the book I liked. But there weren’t enough of them, and all the depth and relationship growth of the first seven books were missing here, IMO.I loved all of Ty’s proposals and Zane’s reason for saying no made complete sense to me. He was right, they did need to get to know each other again after the events of T&G and Ty’s deployment. The problem is that there was no time for them to do that in this book. The mystery pretty much swallowed up the entire book and Ty and Zane didn’t discuss anything of real importance. Zane knew Ty wasn’t doing well mentally since returning home; obviously Ty couldn’t share the details of the mission, but at some point, it would have been nice if he and Zane could have discussed his emotions and his very evident PTSD. But there was really no substantive talking at all. After some of the amazing conversations they’ve had over the course of the series, I think the lack of any meaningful conversation between them about themselves, their relationship, and how they and their relationship changed in the time between T&G and B&C is what made this book feel so hollow to me. That said, I still savored all the Ty and Zane moments, because Ty and Zane would be interesting to me if they were sitting in a room watching paint dry. And eventually I realized the only reason I was still even reading the book was to get to the next Ty and Zane moment. That brings me to my problems with this book:1. All the giggling, laughing, guffawing in the first third of the book was so jarring. When did Ty, Zane, Nick, and Kelly turn into a group of sixteen year-old girls? It felt so out of character that I started to wonder if they were all suffering from PTSD.2. The mystery was a confusing, uninteresting mess that kept zigging and zagging so much that by the end, I didn’t really care whether it got solved or who had done it — at least until... 3. … it was revealed that the Miami cartel set all the events in motion. It actually made me really happy that the cartel plot line hadn’t been forgotten. That reveal was a nice set up for Book 9, but the entire scheme and the explanation of how and why the cartel was behind it was so convoluted that, in the end, the reveal felt cheap and unearned.4. Also, I expected more of a reaction from Zane (and Ty) to finding out that the cartel is after him, especially since it was willing to kill off his lover’s friends and family to get to him. But we got nothing more than a passing mention of it (and a set up to justify Nick and Kelly’s continued presence in Book 9 too).5. Speaking of Nick and Kelly, I’ll be honest and say I never understood why they were being included in this book, especially now that they have their own series. I loved their presence in T&G, and I thought they were used perfectly. IMO, though, it’s been obvious for a while that Ms. Roux is much more interested in writing them than Ty & Zane. I was concerned that they would play too large a role in B&C, and they did, which leads me to a number of comments:a. If Deuce wanted Ty to bring one of his recon buddies along for extra security, why didn’t Ty invite Owen, the guy who’s the Vice President of security for a company? Was he washing his hair that week?b. The way the series was retconned to suddenly make Nick like a third son to Earl and Mara was embarrassing. I suppose during S&S, the Grady’s merely forgot how close they were to Nick. The fact that Zane even mentioned that Earl didn’t remember Nick’s name in S&S made it clear what a re-write of history this was, and I’m completely baffled as to why it was necessary and what it added to the book.c. Also, if Nick has always been the fifth Grady, why didn't Deuce invite him to the wedding on his own accord?d. Basically, the entire book felt like a big love letter to Nick. Every character had to join the Greek chorus of how funny, smart, strong, honorable, brave, awesome Nick is. Since this dates back to The Interrogation Room, circa last summer, I was already over it before I even started reading the book. I’ve loved Nick since his first appearance in D&C. In my review of T&G on Tumblr, I gushed over how much I adored him in that book. But all the Nick pimping for the past few months has had the ironic effect of making me completely uninterested in him as a character and him and Kelly as a couple. Candy tastes good when you first start eating it, but too much of it makes you sick.e. Also, I really hated that after literal years of fans hoping for a Ty/Zane engagement, in the end, their engagement felt totally overshadowed and upstaged by the Nick/Kelly scene that preceded it.All in all, this was by far my least favorite book of the series. It’s the first one I didn’t want to read again immediately (or ever, really), and it made me doubt whether I really want to read Book 9. I want to find out how Ty and Zane’s story ends, of course, but if I’m honest, I feel like their story ended the moment a shinier, newer couple came to the forefront. Ty and Zane are my favorite fictional couple ever, and I feel like this book doesn’t do them or their story justice, and that’s terribly sad to me. (hide spoiler)]

  • Vishous
    2019-04-22 14:05

    This breaks my heart..... To give a 3 star to any book of this series is just hard for me to do, but as much as I would love to bump it one more star... I just can't :(I am a huge fan of this series, loved all the books so much that I was sure I will love this one the same, but it's like the magic is gone, and I just want to cry...I felt like I was watching/reading Hercule Poirot (which I must admit I am addicted to since childhood), but not even close to good as that.Stranded on the island because of the wedding, bodies dropping like flies, killer among them, having 4 main characters (read = 2 hot gay couples).... But as usually the suspense part never delivers... And I am ok with that because that is not the reason why I read this series. I adore spin-off Sidewinder series too, and thought I hit the mother of hot gay book... But just no... It just lacked in everything. It was too sweet, to mild, too... meh...The only thing I seriously loved in this book is "LOUDER" scene... God that was hot as hell!Zane is my precious, I love Ty too, but Zane... Zane is my one and only love! My numero uno book boyfriend... and even he didn't deliver here... Seriosuly this just breaks my heart....

  • Monica Vidal
    2019-04-15 12:25

    Wow. Don't even know what to say...Let's just start by saying that everyone who knows me for a while knows how much I love Ty and Zane. Hells, I proud myself into having convincing a lot of friends to read the C&R books just because I couldn't stop talking about them. Ty and Zane are my babies and I lost count of how many times I've read the other books of the series. That being said, it's with my heart a little bit broken that I said I didn't like this one at all. In my humble opinion it's the weakest one of all the series. Again, IN MY OPINION, you don't have to agree with me, it's just my opinion. I am not very good with words and English is not my 1st language, so I apologize for the half ass review but I'll try to be keep it simple. Also, SPOILERS AHEAD. (view spoiler)[ ********* I think the whole issue here is that it felt more like Nick's book than Ty and Zane's. And lemme just point out that it didn't even feel like Nick and Kelly's book, just NICK. I like Nick, I seriously do. I am the 1st one to admit that I was one of the 1st to board on the Nick and Kelly ship, I was thrilled when they got their own book and I loved S&A, but when Ty and Zane got separated on T&G by Ty's deployment I was expecting this book to be about THEM! I guess I was expecting them to talk their shit out, to figure things out in their way to their HEA, because ok, Zane forgave Ty but there was shit to be talked and resolved. But what I saw instead were they not acting like themselves, they laughing and giggling all the time, Ty being blamed for pretty much everything that went wrong in everyone's lives (ok I am exaggerating but it felt like that to me) and Nick pretty much saving the fucking day. I gotta admit the few parts were Ty and Zane were alone and being themselves were great. I mean, it was them being cute and saying ILY and trying to figure out their future together and this was what I was expecting the book to be, but these parts were just a few and they didn't compensate the rest of the book. And ok, I don't read m/m books exclusively for the the sex, but no reunion sex after they were separated for 6 months? I felt robbed, I really did. And not just because of the sex, but because of what comes with the sex: the intimacy, the lovely words, the statement of what they feel for each other. And then there was the whole issue of Nick and Kelly getting engaged before Ty and Zane. Da fuck was that? I've been waiting for a that since ever, I have been imagining and picturing it for a long time and somehow it felt like Kelly's love declaration to Nick had more impact than Ty proposing (and finally getting a yes ) to Zane. I mean, seriously? Couldn't Nick and Kelly have waited their own book to do that? I felt seriously robbed there too. It's just...I don't get it...I know Ty and Zane are on their path to their final book and there is not more angst, cause yeah we've had enough of that in the other books and I also get that Nick and Kelly are new and shinning and exciting, but let's save it for THEIR books. I am totally fine reading about Nick and Kelly being lovely to each other and proposing in their book. Even when Ty and Zane finally had sex, it had to be a Nick and Kelly moment inserted there too, because yeah...Zane had to be turned on by having them listening to their sex. Wow, I guess I am more pissed off than I thought.(hide spoiler)]Ok, I'll stop talking cause this doesn't even sound like a review, it's more me ranting and venting. Sorry about that folks, but I am disappointed and I am really super sad. Book characters are not just characters to me. They are my people, they are my guys, I care deeply for them and it just break my heart when they don't get what I feel like they deserve. But hey, maybe that's just me. And again and one more time: this is just my opinion.

  • Smith Barney
    2019-03-29 15:25

    DNF 50%. This series and I have come full-circle. Time to cut & run. I cannot say I'm overly surprised. I think my poor response toShock & Awe somewhat prepared me for where I thought this series was headed even back then. I remember giving that only ★2★ stars and doing so for Ty & Zane. I didn't want to. But I did. I figured it wasn't their fault their writer drove them off such a short f'ing pier. But this..this..was such a sad state of affairs and an even bigger disappointment..than I could have imagined. Poorest excuse of a follow-up to this long-running series than I can even express without being brutal. And it pains me to say but not half as much as it would have pained me if I read it to the f'ing end. I think that would have been like witnessing their executions. Page sharing in an established series with the new character dolls of 'Nick & Kelly' just felt so appallingly-transparent and market-driven. My issues were much of the same share with many of the other reviews. Writing and character material should improve with time over a series development. Characters should enrich and not appear as just side-props and or afterthoughts. Many readers can sense written priority shifts, divided attention spans, and fragmented focus. Ball & Chain had to be the biggest black-bottomless-mess-of-a-rabbit-hole I think I've ever witnessed a writer fall down. It's always disappointing and difficult to pull the plug on a series I've enjoyed supporting. But when my dogs start bailing and leaving the room..there's a problem.For my own self-preservation and rather than settle for literary crumbs of starvation I'm going to remember the Cut & Run/Ty & Zane of yesterday and get off this manic-merry-go-round series. This writer won't miss one less reader, as I have no doubt many others will replace me along the way and I salute them. It was a Hell of a ride while it lasted.

  • Buda
    2019-04-19 13:10

    This is a difficult review to write because I have so many disjointed thoughts on the book. First I'll say that as Sidewinder #1.5, it's a massive success; but as Cut & Run #8, it's a tragic failure. When I start to write a review, I remind myself to review the book I read, not the book I wanted to read. That's particularly troubling here because of all the wasted opportunities and silly inconsistencies.The penultimate book in any series should leave readers breathless for the last installment, the final time we get to spend with heroes (and perhaps villains) we've come to love over the course of the series. It should build tension in the relationship (I'm not talking about angst) and make us fall in love with those characters all over again. We should be counting the moments until that final adieu. For example, Death of a Pirate King (Adrien English #4) accomplished this perfectly. Ball & Chain does not.As anyone who read it knows, Touch & Geaux opened up a world of hurt in Ty and Zane's relationship. None of that was adequately resolved at the end of that book. But absolutely none of it is touched on in this one, not by Ty and Zane. Roux mentions repeatedly that Ty returns from Sidewinder's last deployment (the return opens this book) as a different man. Yet that isn't shown. It's told. In fact, it's here that things start to go awry. Strangely, there is no welcome home sex. There is no welcome home conversation. Ty comes home and basically the next T&Z scene is two weeks later. Missed opportunities for both.Roux uses this book as a launching pad, of sorts, for the forthcoming Sidewinder series, with Nick and Kelly having expansive narrative time. I like Nick. I like Kelly. I like them together. (Full Disclosure: I read the free version of Nick & Kelly getting together but have not read Sidewinder 1.) And Nick's background with his father does come into play near the climax of the island mystery, so I see why it's included early. However, Roux does an enormous disservice to Ty and Zane fans by focusing so much on Nick & Kelly. Ty & Zane are almost secondary characters in their own series book. By 13% into the book I was irritated by all the forced levity being told to me. These boys were laughing like a pack of demented hyenas high on nitrous oxide. The sad thing was, most of what they were in hysterics about was not funny. It continued unabated throughout the first third of the book and then reappeared often enough in the rest of it to annoy me again each time. Here are a few usage counts:laugh 148snort 42snicker 14smirk 26swallow (a lump, etc) 24chuckle 28howl 8, (with laughter) 5double over 2cover/hide his/her mouth (sometimes to hide a laugh but not always) 15cover his eyes 3"covering the words with his mouth" HUH?? 1When the boys get to the island for Deuce's wedding, all sorts of issues crop up. Not just for them, but for the reader as well. When have Ty & Zane not packed? When in eight books has Zane not had his knives? In this one. If Ty has just returned from a traumatic deployment, wouldn't it be even more imperative to him that he be armed, especially when his brother specifically calls to tell him he needs help and asks him to bring one of his Force Recon buddies--and his gun? Apparently this escapes Roux. Ty & Nick actually share a gun. I am not kidding.At the risk of putting too fine a point on it, the mystery is a clusterfuck of clusterfucks. There seem to be two or three separate operations going on at the same time, all getting in the way of each other. The "bad guy" reveal might sort of make sense in the grand scheme of things if it didn't seem like something dreamed up in the middle of writing the ending of the book. Honestly, it makes less than zero sense. Why would this bad guy go through all that trouble when one simple bullet would do the trick? Am I forgetting something crucial from Touch & Geaux?It is perhaps the final scenes that are the most frustrating, including the bit where a 10-year-old child snickers about something he most likely wouldn't understand IRL. The last three or four scenes are huge, life-altering scenes. For Nick & Kelly. They're well-written and emotionally charged. For Nick & Kelly.Ty & Zane do get the final scene in their own book, but only just. And frankly, I found it to be a mere shadow of what it was supposed to be. These two men have been through so much together that the final scene in their penultimate book should have had me in tears. I skimmed. Again, I am not kidding.Finally, when the hell did Ty become an 8-year-old girl? He says a variation of "Ew, gross!" six--SIX--times. Also, in what world would a badass Force Recon Marine say to other badass Force Recon Marines, "You stay away from his heart, that's mine."I'm leaving out a lot, but I'm getting irritated again so I'm going to close this review. As for the rating: I didn't actively hate it, so a 1-star is inappropriate (besides which, my heart just can't stand the thought of rating Ty Grady & Zane Garrett that low). It is a solid 2-stars and absolutely no more. If you have not read beyond book 6, please do yourself a favor and stop the series right there. It's the perfect ending. If, like me, you have crossed that magical divide, we're in it to the end. I will read Cut & Run #9 because I have to, not because I want to. I can only hope and pray it's better than this.I think I'm going to read Cut & Run again so I can remember the real Ty & Zane.(*Edited to add the count for snort. How the hell did I forget that? Christ on a cracker.)

  • Catherine
    2019-03-26 14:25

    I woke up yesterday morning to find a veritable barrage of messages from friends in my email inbox, on Facebook, and all over Goodreads. All of these messages were variations on a theme of:“OH MY GOD! IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! BALL & CHAIN HAS BEEN RELEASED EARLY! OH MY GOD! TY AND ZAAAAAANE! *SQUEEEEEEEE!!!*”And, because I love Abigail Roux’s Cut & Run series probably more than is healthy and I’ve been waiting almost five months for this moment, my reaction went a little something like this:“OH MY GOD! IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! BALL & CHAIN HAS BEEN RELEASED EARLY! OH MY GOD! TY AND ZAAAAAANE! *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!*”It was completely undignified (and I don’t care in the least). I’m not ashamed to admit that in that moment of discovery, had I needed to, I would have pushed small children, the elderly and even my own mother out of the way to get to my pre-ordered copy of Ball & Chain as soon as humanly possible. Thankfully, my Kindle is almost never further than arms-length away and a few clicks of a button later, Ball & Chain was mine.Unfortunately, while I enjoyed the book and the opportunity to revisit two of my all-time favourite characters in the M/M romance genre, Ball & Chain didn’t quite manage to live up to my expectations.Going into this book, I had high hopes for the mystery plot. I know that a lot of fans of this series merely tolerate its over-the-top mysteries and conspiracies because they provide a colourful backdrop for Ty and Zane, but I’ve always secretly loved them. They’re ludicrous, but that’s what makes them the perfect guilty pleasure. So, when the first dead body was discovered on the island, I was practically rubbing my hands together with glee and mentally preparing for all the snark and puns that were going to come my way.But there’s no way to sugar-coat this one.... This plot completely jumped the shark. Even I couldn’t suspend disbelief this far. The body count? The reactions of the main characters? The motivations of those involved? The sheer number of those involved? The utter absurdity of who was behind it and the Machiavellian levels of machination and foresight it would have taken to pull off something of this magnitude?!? Good God! I felt like I was in a bad episode of Murder, She Wrote.My brain just kept crying, "Abort! Abort! BAD plot bunnies! BAD!"Thankfully, Ty and Zane still have insanely good chemistry together. When Zane and Kelly were standing at the docks waiting for the Sidewinders to disembark at the beginning of the novel, I had butterflies in my stomach because Zane had butterflies in his. His excitement and uncertainty and love were tangible and I couldn't wait to see how everything played out. In the end, their reunion was sweet and cheesy and exactly what I was looking for from that moment. And that first sex scene in Scotland?! HELL-O! When I finished reading it, I had to look around see if I could bum a cigarette from someone. That shit was H-O-T.But beyond that bedroom scene and a whole lot of truly adorable hand holding and shoulder nudging that made my heart happy, Ty and Zane's dynamic fell a little flat for me in this one. There were some serious emotional landmines stepped on in Touch & Geaux that got roughly shoved to the side when the Sidewinders were suddenly recalled to duty. Ty and Zane had had six months without any communication; presumably they'd both done some serious thinking about themselves and their relationship and their future together while they were apart. In fact, Roux told us that they had. She also told us that they'd both changed, that Ty's temperament was different now than it had been before his deployment. And yet... I didn't really see any evidence of any of this. As far as I'm concerned, it was a whole lot of tell with very little show. I mean, heaven forbid the characters have a conversation about something this important.One thing that I was really happy to see in this novel was the significant strides Roux took forward with Nick’s character. When we were first introduced to Nick in Divide & Conquer (Cut & Run #4), I actively loathed him for trying to come between Ty and Zane. I thawed towards him a little in Armed & Dangerous (Cut & Run #5) and a little more in Touch & Geaux (Cut& Run #7), but I still didn’t actively like his character. I read Shock & Awe (rolling my eyes at how Sidewinders turned out to be the most gay Marine Force Recon team in history) and thought that he and Kelly made an adorable couple, but I could really take them or leave them.But Ball & Chain changed all that. It gave me a glimpse into Nick’s family history, his flaws, his fears, his demons, and a little about how dark and capable of destruction he really is. It shed more light on the complexity of his relationship with Ty, and filled me with warm fuzzies every time he looked or touched or even thought about Kelly. He’d finally become a three-dimensional character to me and demanded that I become invested in him. And I am.Unfortunately, Ball & Chain is a Cut & Run book, not a Sidewinders novella. And although I enjoyed every moment that Nick was on the page, I couldn’t help but feel that the emphasis Roux put on his character in this novel detracted from the heart and soul of this series – the relationship between Ty and Zane. I felt that this was especially true given that the most emotionally stirring and tense moments in the books  – those moments that most connect me to the characters - happened between Nick and Ty, leaving Zane to feel like a third wheel in his own story.And don’t even get me started on the final few pages of the book! I could hardly believe how Roux sabotaged the drama and emotion of Ty and Zane’s final scene in the book by prefacing it with not one, but two Nick-centric scenes. Individually, they were good scenes, but HOLY STOLEN THUNDER, BATMAN! :(Let’s be real: Roux’s books are always fun to read. I love the characters. I love the universe they inhabit. I even loved that Roux threw in practically every inside joke that this series had into Ball & Chain. Any time a character tried to utter the word "vacation" (the "Lord Voldemort" of the Cut & Run series) or when Ty had to get on the horse, I felt like Roux was sending her fans a cheeky little wink - like every joke was a "thank you" for sticking with the series and supporting her work. I thought it was sweet. But I can’t lie, even to spare feelings. Ball & Chain is the weakest book set in the Cut & Run universe and Roux needs to seriously up her game if she’s going to end the series on the high note it deserves.*** 2.5 Stars ***

  • Lena♥Ribka
    2019-04-15 12:15

    1,8 stars.If I have to describe Ball & Chain in one word, it would beRIDICULOUS .I'm so pissed off with this book, I'm angry, and I'm sad, and I'm disappointed, everything at once. AND I HATE WHAT THE AUTHOR DID TO TY AND ZANE.Who else has the same feeling after finishing it?I knew, I'm not alone.I can say NOTHING positive about this book. Except that I managed to read it to the end. I could start my review with:First of all I would like to say how I adore this series...blah-blah-blah...Ty and Zane are my favourite couple...blah-blah-blah...BUT...The sad truth is that this book has nothing to do with my favourite series and with my favourite couple. If it were the first book of the Cut & Run-series, it would have been the last one for me.It has never been a suspense part that attracted so many readers to this series - it was actually the weakest point of it - but we all knew it! The suspense part has never played a big role here, it was always secondarily.We loved this series, I loved this series, because of Ty and Zane.They were the central magnet, the main pillar, the most important essence of the series. Well...they were not present here. And if, then I didn't recognize them. Somebody replaced them with their doubles that maybe looked very similar to Ty and Zane but they didn't posses their skills and charm. It is why they were downgraded to the supporting actors by the scriptwriter. And it is why I'm so disappointed.They deserve more. They are more. about Nick and Kelly!If the last book of the series is supposed to promote Sidewinder, then I'm over here. You can do it, but without me.I am not going to read it. If you want to know more, read Christina's review and Rachel's review, they got right to the heart of the matter. P.S It's time to say Goodbye to Ty and Zane...Guys, I will always love you.

  • Christina
    2019-04-16 13:22

    1.5 StarsOk, here we go. Time to review Ball & Chain, book 8 of the Cut & Run series. Oh wait, silly me, this wasn't part of Cut & Run, this was Nick's book and clearly should of been part of the Sidewinder series. I'm not even sure what to say because I like Nick and I liked Shock & Awe and even though Nick completely stole the show in Ball & Chain, I didn't think his role should have been as substantial as it was. Kelly is still a mystery to me and was kind of boring. Trying to have two couples in the forefront only served to bring both couples down.How did Ty and Zane become side character's in their own series? This is a clear indication that this series should have ended. Zane completely disappeared in this book. Granted, I saw this coming within the last few books but sadly he was reduced to being placed in Ty's back pocket and only came out to play when Ty needed some companionship. GAH! Zane was such an amazing character. That leads me to Ty. I am so sick of hearing about Ty and his family's little quirks. Yes, we already know he has a fear of horses and heights. Do we have to be reminded in every book? It was cute and funny the first time but it got old fast. I guess that's all there is to Ty now. Then we have the fact that there was nothing going on between them as a couple. Ty was gone for 6 months and supposedly he and Zane both changed, but we got no development on this front. We were told this but you'd think since this was supposed to be their book we would have gotten one conversation, anything to support what these big changes were and how they got through them. Nope, nothing. All we got was them laughing, smiling, and grinning. Grrrrr.....I felt very little connection between them. Even (view spoiler)[ the big marriage proposal was shot to hell by Nick's proposal to Kelly.(hide spoiler)] I felt more between Nick and Kelly than anything between Ty and Zane.Now, let's get to the ridiculous plot. I never read this series for the mystery plots because they were always secondary to the strong characters of the earlier books. The mysteries always had plot holes but I could typically ignore them because of the characterization and the strong connection between Ty and Zane. Now since the characters are brought down to a fraction of what they were, what do we have left? Nothing! The mystery was so convoluted that I really didn't care how it turned out. I can't tell you how many times I had this dumbfounded look on my face because of some of the absurd logic in this book, like (view spoiler)[ Kelly needing written instructions to figure out time of death and Livi's reason behind choosing her maid of honor. Why would Nick and Kelly assume that the ferryman was a dope smoking kindred soul? Also, if Nick was like a third son to the Grandy's, why wasn't he invited to the wedding? And don't get me started on how anyone would believe that Zane would be behind the "big theft". Please, that would have been merely a distraction, especially after all the bodies dropping everywhere. Even though De la Vega's plan wasn't convincing, I really wish we saw more of Zane and Ty dealing with this issue. It got quickly brushed aside. Another wasted chance for Ty and Zane. I could go on and on.(hide spoiler)]Now on to the things I did enjoy. There were a few :) (view spoiler)[ I enjoyed seeing Nick's problems with his father and Ty come to light. I felt his struggle and strength. At first, I thought that the added drama between Ty and Nick was pointless but by the end of the book I thought we got to see another side of Nick and I thought it was believable. I also loved seeing the comeback of Liam. It wasn't much, but hopefully he'll play a big part in the future.(hide spoiler)]I'm more than ready for this series to end.

  • Heller
    2019-04-20 15:05

    2.75 Well. I don't want to say that I'm disappointed but well...I'm disappointed. I have more questions than answers after reading this one and it just felt disjointed. Ty and Zane have been apart for six months. Zane has changed since that time and he wants Ty to see it but it's never really addressed. Ty has issues since coming back but it's glossed over. Sure there's a couple of nice hot sex scenes and an some intimate moments but where's the conversation? I know it's been said in other reviews but this felt like a Nick/Kelly book. I like Nick and Kelly. I like their dynamic and I'll read their stories but I just felt like there was too much of Nick's backstory here. Way too much. I get this was a destination story but I missed the FBI team and how they got just a brief mention and then it was Scotland. I was looking forward to those conversations and they didn't happen. We didn't even get reaction to Ty's retirement. I craved this part from the ending of the last book and it was a non-issue here. I was just left wanting more from Ty and Zane and I didn't feel like I got any payback at all. I love Ty and Zane, love them. I don't feel that I got to know them any better after I finished this story. I would have been happy with just the first few pages and the last few pages, those gave me joy and a real feeling for the characters. Of course I'll be reading the last book in the series but comparatively this was, for me, the weakest of the lot and I put it down several times and almost didn't pick it back up again. Not a good sign.

  • Ingela
    2019-03-28 08:22

    Written April 21, 20153.8 Stars - The guys are as always yummy lovely together. The adventure was maybe so-so but I can't but be glad and satisfied once againBook #8 I'm a year late to read this eight part (and then hopefully directly also the very last ninth book Crash & Burn). There were some less happy reviews last spring when it was newly published but I more or less happy danced (amazed and stunned) seven times before I picked up this one, so I simply couldn't imagine Ball & Chain to be disappointing. Or, was I wrong? I'm not stunned but this was absolutely okayI might be blue-eyed and too addicted but a book with these main characters is always, ALWAYS, enjoying. I truly wished for more Ty & Zane time here but the all over plot, the suspense parts, and all old friends together on a small Scottish island (for a wedding) were fun enough for me. — Not the very best but nearly a 4 star read without a doubt. *********************************************************Paperbacks for favorite series...I actually read an old fashioned paperback. It felt nice to pick a "real" (smart looking) white Cut & Run book from the bookcase and once again disappear into my dear old friends exciting world.These two unforgettable FBI Special Agents, Ty Grady and Zane Garrett's thrilling work life and wonderful (steaming hot and so awesome sweet) manly gay partnership is always a joy to hear more about. As more or less everyone out here: I LOVE, Love, love Ty & Zane's amazing grandly romantic story. ”You know if we get out there, I’m just going to ask you to marry me again.”Zane’s grin widened further. “I’ll risk it.”Isn't it swoon'ish beautiful and cute when Zane call Ty "Doll"? So tenderly sweet. Awww!!!**********************************************************It's not necessary to say much more. There are already hundreds of reviews to read. I'm just looking forward to find some time for the last and ninth instalment (and to order yet another stylish white paperback to my Cut & Run collection). I LIKE - always for ever and even this eight round*******

  • Trisha Harrington
    2019-04-08 13:10

    OMFG! That book was just... wow! Thank God I didn't hear any spoilers because.... UGH!!! The next book might kill me.Do not read this review if you don't want to be spoiled.I woke up this morning and saw that this came out early! Early! So I raced over to Riptide to download it and I didn't stop reading it until I had finished. My God, this book was just... I'm blown away. And I don't know how to say it without ruining this book for others. So just avoid spoiler tags if you don't want to know.For a long time I wasn't really as into this book as other ones. Yeah, I was really enjoying it. But it was staying at a 4 star rating. Maybe it was all the Nick and Kelly stuff that was mixed in with Ty and Zane, which I didn't really want. I wanted Ty and Zane not the other two. Then you add the fact most of it was Nick who I don't really like. So that was a downer, but I sort of see why it was included, although it hasn't swayed me towards reading the next Sidewinder book. I'm just going to wait and see what happens. Maybe I'll finish this series before I move on to the other one properly.Anyway, this book was so good and I was so happy with where Ty and Zane went here. This book didn't really test their relationship. And I was grateful for that. But we did get a few shocks along the way. One for Zane, two (sorta) for Ty. One wasn't exactly all Ty's, it was his family and I will admit, I was kinda sad for a while. (view spoiler)[Richard Burns is dead. (hide spoiler)] And that was connected to the whole mystery in the story and it was soooooo good. I was devouring it and trying to put two and two together. And then we got another shock and I am now thinking really hard about stuff I have wondered for a long time now.And then we get to the ending. So, as I stated in my review earlier, this was a 4 star book and it wasn't really swaying one way or the other, it was just... 4. But we had a few scenes that made me smile really hard, and I think those were part of the reason I was able to still really enjoy this as a solid 4 instead of it sinking. So when the ending came and (view spoiler)[ Ty proposed to Zane for the 4th/5th time, and Zane finally said yes (hide spoiler)] I was finally like HELL YES And I realized that it was probably going to end up one of my favorites of the series.Overall, I was so happy with this book. It was everything I wanted, but I didn't know it yet. It's kind of set up the next book already. And now I'm really excited about reading it and I hope will will get some more answers. But this is definitely a 5 star read for me forever.

  • Bella
    2019-04-11 09:27

    I thought about giving this book at least a star more because this is cut&run, because this is Ty and Zane, because I love them too much to hurt them with only a one star rating but I simply can´t. This book was the worst in the series by far, it actually reads like it was written by a fan that had only skimmed the other books. The writing style was so heavily different from the other books that I simply can not fathom how Abigail Roux would ever let this be released. I am hurting for a series that I have been following for years and that I have loved with all of my heart. (view spoiler)[I am going to start with the little I did like about the book: Ty and Nick's friendship – I loved the cliff scene and I enjoyed that we got more insight in how the two of them work. The end – Loved the final proposalThe things I didn't like are sadly far outweighing the things I did like Kelly: He is nothing but a big child with serious issues. (He ran into an police interrogation to kiss Nick and tell him he loves him? What the ever loving fuck?)The plot holes: C&R has never been known for the great plot and that had always been fine with me because the rest, the writing with the attention to detail, the emotional relationship of T&Z, the feelings that captivated me have always made up for it but not this time. There was no emotional moment between T&Z (even the proposal – every single one of them – in the end felt lacking comparing to the NK proposal). There was no real talking. T&G should have left them with a lot that still needs to be talked about, yet they have done nothing of the sorts. Ty had not talked to Zane about his PTSD (and I beg the author to do more research about PTSD the next time). There was nothing but laughing and giggling going on. Nothing in this book made sense to me. Zane was healthy and beautiful and I love that but I would have liked a bit more explaining on that front. A bit more insight. Livi making a girl she barely knows her made of honor because she can't choose between her best friends. I'm sorry, I must not be a chick cause I don´t get that “chick logic” Deuce not inviting Nick even though we find out (out of the blue) that Nick is some kind of third son of the Grady´s.Ty and Nick giggling, snickering and laughing all the damn time even though they are supposed to be obviously subdued? What? ...seriously, what? Nick and Kelly. Too much. Way too much. This wasn't their book yet it felt like it was all about Nick. I wish the Abigail Roux I know from the previous books would come back and save the last book – or write it – because I can not believe that Ms Roux wrote this book. I don't want to believe it.(hide spoiler)]

  • Stephanie
    2019-04-16 08:11

    2.5 stars. First off, I didn't like the writing style at all. It's different than the last 7 books. Too much smirking, cackling, and the characters acting juvenile. They came off more like Keystone Cops than battled hardened Recon Marines/FBI Agents/Boston police detective. We were told Ty & Zane changed during the 6 months apart but not shown. IMO, that was a huge mistake in writing. Their reunion and the subsequent weeks Ty were home before leaving for Scotland were glossed over and (view spoiler)[the issues that Ty & Zane should have started to deal with left over from T&G (trust/lies/getting to know each other again) were worked out between Ty & Nick, while Zane looked on. (hide spoiler)] THAT had me scratching my head. The mystery part of this book was weak and boring. Too much running around by the MAIN FOUR CHARACTERS while I was left wondering what the hell Burns, Earl, Stanton and the others were up to. Not once was I trying to figure out who was behind it. So by the time I got to the end, I was tired and just ready to be done with it. But I did enjoy the plot twists and (view spoiler)[ appearance of Liam Bell at the end. (hide spoiler)]This story lacked that spark that made me love Ty & Zane and this series that the previous 7 books had. I had very little emotional connection to them while reading this story. And I was left wondering WHOSE series this belonged to? Ty & Zane or Nick & Kelly? Because Nick WAS the star of this book. And I'm a HUGE Nick/Kelly fan (I SERIOUSLY LOVE NICK!) and also a Nick/Zane shipper, so I enjoyed their page time but felt that Ty & Zane were side characters and the only time they got first billing was when they had sex.Overall this was a huge disappointment.

  • Sara
    2019-04-25 13:58

    I can officially mark this as read and that's the most positive thing I can say.Taking a year off before reading this again did help, I admit I wasn't as grumpy, but this is Ty & Zane and I was bored. The mystery started out decent but about half way through I started skimming to get to the "big deal" I already knew about.Nick & Kelly didn't bug me as much this time 'round and I like that Ty figured out how to get his answer.There were a few surprises at the end that will make the next book interesting.At the end of it all; I had to read this. I owed it to one of my favorite couples who I fell so hard for in the first book and continued to adore... I mean, this IS TY & ZANE after all.So... here is to finishing and hoping the next book unfuck's its shit and ends with the biggest HEA these two deserve***** Original Review - 3/11/2014 *****Putting Ty & Zane in a time out for now. I can't keep reading and feeling this way about my boys. My boys...what happened to one of my favorite couples EVER? Ugh. I am stopping at 41% and frankly I skimmed most of that. I am sad. I am beyond upset. I am quite frankly pissed off right now. Maybe I will come back to it when I feel like trying again, maybe I won't. I agree Nick, "It's like a bad joke."This sucks.

  • ¸. • * ° *❧Gwendolyn❧°**★•°**★
    2019-04-23 15:13

    Oohrah! Man ooooh man....this was fun!Gosh, I Love me some Ty & ZaneAnd, gosh, here is some of the guys, yummy, yum hotness! After The Read~In the beginning, I pondered between 4 or 5 stars, because in this, there were a few rocky spots and use of my dreaded pet-peeve; the use of weed/blunts, ugh. ButGosh I love that there is so much action and adventure these guy take me on that I have no choice but to suck me to the love I have for these guys.and, omg the ending was sooo sweet, and yes expect a cliffhanger......not what I was expecting, and not what I wanted....sigh....but I'm thrilled that I get more! And, it can be no less than five full stars. Cuz, I loved it.5 Fantastic Stars!

  • Deborah
    2019-03-31 08:27

    With all the previous books I've had them on pre-order or bought them as soon as they came out, time got away from me this time and before I knew it reviews had appeared and they were definitely mixed so by the time I started reading I was a little concerned that this wasn't going to be the book I'd been waiting for.But it started well and I was loving it, after a few pages I was fully back in the Ty and Zane zone and loving every minute of it. The last book Touch & Geaux wasn't an easy read and the same could be said for this one to a certain extend especially Ty and Nick, parts of this book are heavy and not always easy to read but it's there for a reason. I've read several of the reviews and agree with all of them, this isn't the best book in the series and in my opinion there's too much plot, which in most books wouldn't be a bad thing but the strength of these books on top of a solid story is the relationships, humour and interplay between the characters and it gets a little lost amongst all the murders and mystery. When I discovered the storyline for this book was Deuce and Livi's wedding set in Scotland I couldn't wait to get back in touch with the Grady's but the humour that surrounded them in Sticks & Stones wasn't present here and again, although I appreciate it's a different book I think the plot overpowered the characters to a certain degree. It's a difficult call since we complain if a book doesn't contain enough plot to keep us interested but I personally, with these books especially like the characters, relationships and humour more and I have to say I can't be the only one that missed Ty's T-shirts.Another complaint was that these are Ty and Zane's books firstly, we love them and read these books mainly for them, or at least I do but I did feel that they also got lost a little in this book. Nick and Kelly while great had too much of the book for me, they have Shock & Awe I want more Ty and Zane.Giving a star rating for books like these can be difficult since the standard is so high and all the previous books have been so good, if I was just rating this in isolation compared only to the other 7 then I would give it 2 but if I'm being honest this isn't a 2 star read.

  • Krissy
    2019-04-21 08:03

    I finished my read of Ball & Chain late last night and have been carefully considering my thoughts and feeling ever since. To be honest, I was in tears about 75% through the book. Not because of all the angst and characters feels but, because I felt something precious had been lost. This was not the Cut & Run books I had fallen in love with. Spoilers Below...Ty and Zane were a disappointment. The chemistry between them seemed gone. Their interactions lacked the depth and meaning that they had in past books. They had been apart for 6 months, both recognizing that they had changed during that time, but neither really addressing the hows and whys of those changes. There was almost zero attention paid to what should have been a major transition in their lives. Then there was the mystery. It was overly complicated and poorly constructed. The main characters, Ty and Zane, seemed to have forgotten how to FBI. Everyone acting like Nick is the only reasonable choice for investigating these murders was ridiculous. Ty and Zane are trained FBI agents. When we met them they had been sent to investigate a serial killer. They solved this case no one else could and lived to tell about it. But they are next to useless in this situation. Ty is a trained profiler and one of the best agents the agency had, yet he offers little more than back up and complications here. No wonder Nick was so pissed and aggravated. Things would have gone about the same (if not better) if Nick would have locked Ty and Zane in their room after the first murder. Next up is the Nick factor. This is a character that I had liked until this book. I lost track of how many times I threw my hands in the air and shouted "really, Nick again." This plot depended too much on Super Nick. Really there was nothing this guy didn't do, including making breakfast then doing the dishes. Every major plot twist or break in the mystery came from Nick. You could have edited Ty and Zane out and it would have little to no affect on the out come of this book. Perhaps my biggest disappointment comes from the ending of this book. The one bright spot for me in this plot was Ty's proposals and Zane's rejections. This is what kept me reading, the hope that Ty and Zane would address Zane's reasons for saying no. This, too me, would have been a sign that they really were ready for the next step, proof that they had finally learned to communicate as a couple. In the end, if this happened it was off page and never alluded to. Then to make matters worse, we are cheated out of the moment we have been waiting 8 books for, really 2 big payoffs moments. First, there is the Nick and Kelly proposal. This is obviously an important moment for this couple but, it happens way too soon in their relationship and really should be taking place in their own book series. Why do I want to read their series now? That leads me to the biggest cheat of all. The on ship wedding (both badly timed and in poor taste) and the Nick and Kelly proposal completely stole the spotlight from Ty and Zane's big moment. By the time I reached the final proposal scene I was tired and wanted Zane to say no (but getting warmer) just so that I had something to anticipate in the next book. Will I read the next book? Yes, but a mostly in hope that Abigail Roux brings back some of the magic from previous books and perhaps explains the travesty of this one.

  • * Meli Mel *
    2019-04-20 08:04

    ♥♥♥ 4 "Never a quiet vacation" Stars ♥♥♥●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●How did this always happen to them? Every single time. Another vacation, another psychopath.●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●So when I heard this was released early, My inner Ty and Zane creeper was SO FREAKING HAPPY!! Then I saw reviews left and right, and many not so good. So, I began to worry that I would end up hating this book. That was not the case, it wasn't perfect and a few things bothered me, but I really enjoyed this one.●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●"I just mean..." Ty held a pent-up breath as he met Zane's eyes again. Zane's face was so sincere, looking at Ty in that way that always made Ty feel warm and loved. "I mean that all the experiences I've ever heard of in life...I want to have them with you." ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●We all know what happens at the end of Touch & Geaux, and if you don't know, stop reading this review. Time has passed by since then, where Ty was deployed. This book begins where Zane and Kelly are awaiting Ty and Nicks return. I melted when Ty and Zane reunited. Ty has changed, though. But then so has Zane, they are getting familiar with each other after so much time apart. This had me worried.Deuce calls Ty to invite him to his wedding in Scotland and to be his best man. This is where the fun suspense parts happen. I will admit, I usually don't really care about the mystery of this series, because I was always to obsessed with Ty and Zane's relationship, but in this one, I really enjoyed it. I was hooked to the murders and suspects, and plot twists. It was awesome. What I also really enjoyed was that Nick and Kelly were apart of it too because I love these guys. Having said that, I was still a bit bothered by the fact that this book seemed to be shared with them. I love them...I do, but I really wanted more of Ty and Zane in this book, especially with it being the second last book in the series. This is why I didn't give this one a 5 star.Still, it was hard not to enjoy this book. I loved all the hilarious and dirty banter. How I missed them all. Not only them, but the rest of the Grady family as well. Can I just say I freaking melted because of how Ty and Zane interacted with Deuce's daughter. SO SWEET!! And of course I was tingling with excitement any time Ty and Zane shared any alone time. It was hot! And it's during these times that my creeper-ness it bursting with joy. Seriously, it was panty melting HAWT!!●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●"Ty...Ty, oh fucking God, please," he whimpered, his entire body shaking. "Please..."Ty pushed at his head to turn him into another brutal kiss. "Louder," he snarled."Please!"●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●I liked the fact that I got to know more about Nick and Kelly. There was some beautiful romantic scenes between them which I really loved. But again, I just wish that all of this would have been put into their OWN book instead of in Ty and Zane's. There was one part in particular where I felt so conflicted. I didn't know whether to feel happy or annoyed. It was right before the ending. Something big happens between Nick and Kelly but I couldn't be 100% happy for them. Especially when the ending had something big happen between Ty and Zane also. THAT, I felt could have waited for the next Nick and Kelly book, instead of putting it in this one.●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●"I love you," Ty whispered against Zane's lips. Zane smiled and pressed his nose agianst Ty's cheek. "I love you, too." ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●The ending, as in Ty and Zane's ending, was so amazingly beautiful!! I was so blissfully happy. I just loved it. It came to the point, where I was reading with this big goofy grin and tears in my eyes. It was so perfect. I am sad to see this series coming to an end. Ty and Zane will forever be one my top favourite couples EVER. I just can't seem to get enough of these guys. Overall, I thought it was a very good read. After all the mixed reviews, I guess I had lowered my expectations which is probably why I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. I am hoping that the last book will be more solely about them this time. I NEED as much Ty and Zane time as I can get. I can't wait to see how Ty and Zane's happily ever after ends up being like. I just can't wait!

  • Gina
    2019-04-11 09:59

    This book was a complete disappointment. Two sad and disappointing stars.I preordered this book the day it became available to do so, that means I paid and have been waiting for this book for a year. I have never before preordered a book a year in advance. I write this to show how much I loved this series and Ty and Zane. When I finished reading Touch & Geaux, i absolutely thought waiting a year for the next one just pure torture. I have even gone so far as to order a couple of these books on audio because I love them so much. (view spoiler)[The first thing that bothered me about this book was the lack of Ty and Zane time. It appears to this reader that Ms. Roux has already moved onto her next fav couple, Nick and Kelly, and is using this Ty and Zane book to push her fav couple on us. Now, don’t get me wrong I like Nick and Kelly, but they are getting their own books and i doubt Ty and Zane will be the main focus on that new series. Obviously the author has already moved on, so she is making us do the same. And honestly, I could deal with that if the rest of the book was great. Secondly, this story was ridiculously silly and made no sense. I lost count of how many people died and who was who, and in the end they all died for no reason. And i am going to throw in that apparently even working together Ty, Zane, Nick, Kelly are all just as bad as I am when it comes to figuring it out, because in the end they never had a clue either. Thirdly, there were the missed emotional opportunities, the ones that grab my heart and make me love Ty and Zane all over again, (well especially Ty and his many issues). Ty returning after being away for 6 months, the reunion scene I was waiting for that never happened (quite irritating). He simply came back to Zane and they immediately resumed their lives. No tender moments really to speak of, no hot reunion sex time? WTH? Zane talking about how much they have both changed and they need to get to know each other, well that was never discussed. Fourth, affects of Ty’s lies and omissions surface, honestly it is getting quite tiresome listening to Ty apologize for his behavior and his lack of honestly to everyone he loves. Nick coming across as some type of unstable torture loving psycho and Zane getting regulated to the smart tech guy. And let’s not forget they were all gathered together for the wedding of Ty’s brother Deuce, love, romance, till death due us part? Was this an MM book or a tv sitcom?The few tender moments between Ty and Zane are the reason for the two stars. And honestly, the ones between Nick and Kelly were wonderful as well. Like i said earlier I like Nick and Kelly together. (hide spoiler)]In the end I will say this felt like a vehicle for Ms. Roux to push her next series, it also read like a cheesy one hour t.v. show where they kill off as many people as possible. Not that it matters to anyone, but I am no longer eagerly waiting for what I understand is the final book in this series. I don’t care.

  • J *deep in the heart of Texas*
    2019-04-12 10:17

    I liked this. But I didn't love this one. It took me longer to read this one than any of the other books in the series. I really wasn't too bothered by Nick and Kelly being so present in the book. Yeah, I would have preferred more Ty and Zane and less Nick and Kelly. Until about the halfway mark or so, I thought this one was rather subdued compared to the other books in the series. And then......I mean everyone was dying. Again, this one was very different from the other books which I can certainly appreciate. The lack of book time for Ty and Zane meant little steam. But I loved all of Ty's proposals. And I kind of loved that Zane kept saying no. I've reached the last book of the series. I'm not sure what I'll do without some Ty and Zane in my life...

  • Shurrn
    2019-03-31 12:11

    (All spoilers are hidden) ...who would have expected dead bodies at a wedding? Ty and Zane, that’s fucking who. This story-line had a Clue vibe to it...You know, Colonel mustard, in the library, with the candlestick?As soon as Ty and Zane got the call to fly out to Scotland, alarm bells were ringing. We all know how lethal "vacations" are for our boys... And that was before Deuce told his brother to bring backup and guns. It was a particularly dangerous combination:A wedding,A secluded island,A threat against the family,In-laws with defense contracts,FBI agents,Green Berets,...and murder. I've always had an aversion to reading series which are unfinished. Basically, I read too fast... By the time a new book is published, I've already gone through several other books and my memory is hazy. With the Cut & Run Series, the fine details which weave through each book are part of my enjoyment, and I know I'll have to re-read in preparation for any new books... I'm completely OK with that. This series is so well written, I think it justifies multiple readings.HIGHLIGHTS: 1 - Ty & Zane were joined by Nick & Kelly! (view spoiler)[I loved that there was callback to Divide & Conquer when Nick was finally forced to tell Ty that he and Kelly had formed a relationship... “I love him, Ty.”Ty stared at him, then looked down at the bar top for a long few seconds, then back up at Nick with narrowed eyes. “Are we talking with the heart love or with the dick love?” he asked, echoing Nick’s words from so long ago.Nick merely grinned. (hide spoiler)] 2 - Kelly is steadily becoming my favorite character in this series. (view spoiler)[His twisted sense of humor is becoming more evident and I just adore him. “I’ll kill him.”“He’s already dead, Ty,” Nick reminded him. [...]“I’ll kill him again, then!” Ty shouted.“Yeah, someone already did that too,” Kelly pointed out. “You want to go step on his intestines? They’re still in a bag on the freezer floor.”“Dude,” Nick muttered.Kelly shrugged, unapologetic. Yeah, of all the characters we've met over the course of this series (and the spinoffs) I think I identify with Kelly the most. (hide spoiler)] 3 - The conversation between Ty and Nick at the 40% mark: (view spoiler)[Ty was lamenting the fact that Zane had repeatedly turned down his marriage proposals... Ty looked almost desperate when he realized Nick was willing to give him advice. He leaned forward. “What do I do?”“Well . . . he said you hadn't thought it through. So think it the fuck through for him. Let him know you’re serious and you’re thinking about life instead of just wearing a ring. You know him. I mean, think about it, how would you propose to me?”Ty waited a beat, then said, “Season tickets at Fenway and a ring in your beer during the seventh inning.”Nick waved a hand. “And I’m yours.” They both laughed. Nick was still smiling when he dropped his voice to a more serious note. “What are Zane’s season tickets? What’s the thing that will tell him you’re in it for the long haul and you want him there with you? It’s sure as hell not a beach in Scotland.”Ty nodded, his gaze losing focus. Nick let him ruminate for a few seconds, until Ty finally snapped out of it. “Thanks, Irish.”“He’ll say yes eventually.” This conversation was one of my favorite from the entire series... It perfectly demonstrated the evolving friendship of Ty and Nick, Ty's deep love for Zane, and it was absurdly adorable in the midst of all the killing going on.That's an amazing talent that Abigail Roux has cultivated: the ability to insert romance in the most unlikely of places. It helps to keep the balance. (hide spoiler)] 4 - The Ending (Part One) (view spoiler)[How the fuck does Liam get into these hospitals?Nick is confined to a hospital bed (he decided to donate part of his liver to his asshole father) and is accosted by Liam (the assassin/spy from Touch & Geaux). Liam has something in store for Nick, and he's blackmailing the smitten Sidewinder with Kelly's safety... I can't see that particular brand of extortion working out for Liam, but It got me excited to see what happens next! (hide spoiler)] 5 - The Ending (Part Two) (view spoiler)[ENGAGED! That's right... We all knew that Ty liked it, and he tried four times to put a ring on it... “...we could sell black market orchids from the back.” Apparently the fifth time is a charm. *sigh* It doesn't happen often... But I actually cried a few happy tears during the final proposal & Zane's emphatic "yes" it was perfect. (hide spoiler)]This whole book was a fantastic addition to the series and I can't wait for the next installment!Some of My Favorite Moments:(view spoiler)[Both security men chuckled. “Best watch out, Sidewinders. Don’t want to get eaten.”Nick barked a laugh. “I appreciate the offer, Hoss, but I got someone taking care of me already.”Hardin squared his shoulders, his face growing ruddy.“Don’t worry, you’ll find that someone special,” Kelly assured him, his voice sincere.Zane turned to Ty, grumbling under his breath. “They’re going to get us killed.”“I mean that all the experiences I've ever heard of in life . . . I want to have them with you.”Zane’s smile grew more tender. He ran his knuckles down Ty’s cheek. “Ty—”“Marry me, Zane.”“Is it wrong that I’m turned on by the idea of forcing your friends to listen to us having sex?” Zane asked with a frown.Ty laughed harder. “Just don’t tell Nick that. He’ll offer to critique your performance. Or worse, join us.”“I’m the only Grady didn’t get lucky last night!”Nick dropped his fork and put his hand over his eyes.Chester grabbed his arm and shook him. “You want to bang something too, sonny, you can borrow my shovel!”Ty and Zane stood staring at each other for long moments. How did this always happen to them? Every single time. Another vacation, another psychopath.They were trapped on the island with no way to communicate with the outside world, possibly for days. And there could very well be a murderer among them.“You’d make a really scary serial killer, Irish.”“Don’t try to confuse me to get a confession, damn you!”“Tyler, come on!”“This is police brutality!”“I love him, Ty.”Ty stared at him, then looked down at the bar top for a long few seconds, then back up at Nick with narrowed eyes. “Are we talking with the heart love or with the dick love?” he asked, echoing Nick’s words from so long ago.Nick merely grinned.Deuce and Kelly had drifted away, their heads bent together in a conversation Ty was pretty sure someone should arrest them for having. Take Deuce’s medical-grade weed and grow it with Kelly’s homemade mountain blend, and they could probably occupy small countries with it.“Nobody’s safe on this island as long we’re out of touch with the mainland. Everyone’s going to die in Scotland if we don’t stop this.”“Did you two walk through the Sleepy Hollow woods in the dark?” Kelly asked.“Yes, and it was scary!” Ty shouted.”“We probably spent six weeks on horseback altogether.”“Oh Jesus, Digger on a horse,” Kelly said. “He kept threatening to make his horse into stew.”“He named his horse Stu,” Nick added.“And Ty’s kept biting him. I even switched with him after a few days,” Kelly continued. “But then it would gallop to catch up to him just so it could bite him.”He sat gazing up at Ty in the moonlight, unabashed devotion written all over his face."...What are you going to do, play Mr. Green and Colonel Mustard and round up all the candlesticks and lead pipes, too?”“Ty pointed at him. “Keep him under control,” he hissed. “Don’t let him get his hands around Dick’s neck.”“Are we talking figuratively or literally?”...who would have expected dead bodies at a wedding? Ty and Zane, that’s fucking who.Kelly sniffed and smiled against his neck. “You do you, boo boo,” he said, his voice shaking with laughter.Nick pushed away from him, fighting back tears with a surprised snort. “There’s something so wrong with you.”“That’s why you love me.”Nick gaped at him. “How the hell did you ever pass your psych evals?”“I cheated off your papers.”Nick rolled his eyes and started up the stairs.“The Navy gives bubble tests. When in doubt, go with C.”“Kelly.”“Get it? Navy? The sea?”“Kels, shut up.”“Oh, come on! You love puns.”Nick laughed, unable to stop himself.Ty gritted his teeth. His entire body began to shake, and he had to take a deep breath to keep himself calm. “I’ll kill him.”“He’s already dead, Ty,” Nick reminded him.Ty stalked back and forth, fuming as he thought about the innocent little girl upstairs being stolen from her bed, taken by strangers, all so someone somewhere could make a buck.“I’ll kill him again, then!” Ty shouted.“Yeah, someone already did that too,” Kelly pointed out. “You want to go step on his intestines? They’re still in a bag on the freezer floor.”“Dude,” Nick muttered.Kelly shrugged, unapologetic.“We’ll be fine,” Ty insisted. He shook himself out, squaring his shoulders. “Nick’s calm. I’m calm. Everybody’s calm. Murderers to find, kidnappers to kill.”They were almost to the kitchen steps when the lights flickered around them and went out.“Unfuck your shit, Scotland!”“That’s Force fucking Recon to you,” Nick said to the dead woman. “Bitch.”“...I’m at the ‘shoot first and feel bad later’ stage.”“You’ve got to be five-finger fucking me,” Ty muttered.He really hoped none of them turned out to be bad guys, because he liked all three men, and he hated killing people he liked.Zane would have really enjoyed a blackout like this, in a place like this, if it weren’t for all the dead bodies piling up in the freezer.“Got anything we can cull the herd with?”Nick stared at him for a few seconds. “I never realized how disturbing your accent is until you use cow analogies.”Zane fought hard to keep his face as deadpan as Nick’s. “Yeah okay, say car.”“Zombie rounds,” Zane told him, tongue in cheek. “In case you came out of the surgery mostly dead.”This time Nick laughed even though it hurt. He held to his side gingerly, trying to keep from laughing harder. “These should come in handy, Garrett. Thanks.”“I also brought you season one of The Walking Dead. We’ll sit and watch while you recover.”“Is this . . . zombie bonding?” Ty asked.Nick grinned up at Zane, nodding. “A man after my own heart.”“I thought zombies were after brains,” Kelly said wryly. He pointed at Zane. “You stay away from his heart, that’s mine.”“...we could sell black market orchids from the back.” (hide spoiler)]My Other Reviews in the Cut & Run Series:Cut & Run - My ReviewSticks & Stones - My ReviewFish & Chips - My ReviewDivide & Conquer - My ReviewArmed & Dangerous - My ReviewDine & Dash - My ReviewStars & Stripes - My ReviewTouch & Geaux - My ReviewBall & Chain - You're Reading itCrash & Burn - My ReviewMy Reviews in the Cut & Run Universe:I will update the list as more books are published.Warrior's Cross - My ReviewShock & Awe - My ReviewCross & Crown - My Review["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Itsjustplayingthegame
    2019-04-04 08:16

    2/5 Stars. To be honest I'm really disappointed and kinda peeved off. This is my opinion. I'll hide the rest of the review because there are mentions of spoilers - I'll try to be vague-ish for those who haven't read it yet. (view spoiler)[ To me this book felt like Nick's. Ty and Zane were like ships passing in the night in how many times we were lucky to see them. Honestly... the book should have been called - this is how much we love Nick: in 101 different ways. Nick this, Nick that has led me to hating the character - something I rarely do. I wasn't his biggest fan before this book. I found him as an interesting side character. Ever since Touch & Geaux, I found him more interesting and then the Nickels thing - I admit I was intrigued. Then Shock & Awe did nothing for me; I realized I wasn't as interested in them as I was for Ty & Zane. I think he just rubs me the wrong way. Which cool, no worries, I thought I'd stick with Cut & Run. That'll be safe... right?WRONG *cue dramatic music*The book started off well and there was some funny interactions with Nickels being at the wedding. But that's where my enjoyment for the book ended. Suddenly all the characters were wearing masks and acting as if they were inside a high school play. The boys were like giggling school kids on a vacation. The focus shifted - and stayed - on Nick. I found myself skimming his sections in desperate need to get back to Ty and Zane only to recognize they weren't the Ty and Zane I had come to adore. I swallowed down my disappointment and continued on though. I stayed through the mystery, I stayed through the cat fights and tears, and I even stayed through the black pearl subtle hints. Hell I even stayed through the Grady's love fest for Nick. It got to a point where suddenly everything was Ty's fault (note: everyone thought so too, including Zane). Suddenly Ty was the bad guy for things that happened ages ago. Nick had a grudge, Zane offered to hold Ty down for him and even Kelly was doing some bitch-facing at the poor bugger. Ty even went through the seven levels of hell to find his niece only to get a pat on the head from Zane at the end. Suddenly it felt like Ty and Zane were only work partners. Then Nick swooped in to save the day. Every one celebrated in his epicness and the Vega cartel wasn't far away from all the action. For those of you who haven't read the book - I'm trying to be as vague as possible so I don't ruin it for you. In case you forgot the name of the book, don't fear because Ball & Chain was quoted big time in this book. Some big things happen in this one and one of them was foreshadowed by yet another Nickels scene. Livi and Deuce were like bystanders at their own wedding (ha-ha). The mystery had too many sides of the story that I eventually gave up on following. Nick was the lost Grady son, who didn't even get an invite to the wedding! (shame on you Deuce). Liam Bell made an appearance (cue sighs of happiness). Cross & Crown was set up nicely for those of you who are reading it. The Vega Cartel was really after Zane the whole time (Something I thought was a bit outrageous). But Zane didn't appear to be that pissed off - I mean only the love of his life and family were going to be killed... no biggie. To be honest I thought they'd be more pissed off at Ty because wasn't he the one that's been killing them all off? I dunno, Ty and Zane changed in this book and they didn't feel the same. All in all, if you aren't a big fan of Nick or thought he was alright then you are going to hate this book. If you are just in this series for the mysteries then you may well enjoy this book. If you are in it for the amazing love romance that is Ty and Zane then I think you'd be just as disappointed as me. Or maybe not, judging by the glowing reviews.At the end of the day it was the weakest book of the series to me. The writing felt different. Ty and Zane weren't the same. The feeling of epicness for Nick was just too much for my muggle eyes to read. Maybe it was the hype that had me thinking of grand adventures to be. But I did have a fear that Ty and Zane were going to be minor characters in their series, yet I kept telling myself that I was overreacting. Maybe I wasn't. For those of you who 100% disagree that's cool because we're all allowed opinions, this is just mine. I'm not saying it to be hurtful or vindictive this is just legit how I feel. Some may think so too.(hide spoiler)]

  • Jess Candela
    2019-04-20 09:59

    This book is NOT Cut & Run #8, it's Sidewinder #2, so the labeling is deceptive marketing. Read as a continuation of Nick and Kelly's story from Shock & Awe, this book works nicely, but Ty and Zane are secondary characters. Actually, even Kelly is a secondary character in this book. It's really Nick's story, and I enjoyed it as such.However, I really missed Ty and Zane. Zane in particular was almost invisible in this book, as Ty at least played a significant role as Nick's Best Friend. In fact, Zane was so diminished in this book, the physical descriptions of him made me question my memory of him as 6'6" to Ty's 6'3".Sure, Zane was described as having more lean muscle, like a swimmer or runner, so I could believe plenty of other guys are broader and beefier than he. But there was so much emphasis on how BIG one of the Snake Eaters was, apparently so much bigger than anyone else around. Was Mr. English seven or eight feet tall? Even a lean 6'6" man tends to be noticeably larger than the majority of people around him, unless he's on a basketball court.Another difficulty I had with the (too minimal) Ty and Zane storyline was that (view spoiler)[while I thought Zane was absolutely right that he and Ty needed to get to know each other again, and so turning down Ty's proposals made sense, in the end he accepted without that having happened. Ty finally made the right "big gesture" and Zane's good intentions and common sense vanished. It made it possible for this book to end with them planning to get married, without having done the work necessary to make that an appropriate place to be. Nick and Kelly's proposal and marriage plans actually made more sense. That didn't make me a happy camper. (hide spoiler)]In fact, overall it seemed like content editing was completely absent from this book. I have to wonder what happened to all the beta readers and editors who presumably edited it. Were they all high when they read it? The very first few pages, we're told over and over (and OVER) again how Ty was the only man Zane really wanted to see. No shit, Sherlock. We could've figured that out for ourselves without being told once, let alone fifty times. And the "ball & chain" metaphor was so over-used throughout the book, I started huffing and smirking myself at each new mention of it.And while I read the Cut & Run books expecting a fun romp - which this was - rather than realism, this was one of the most ridiculous mysteries ever and there were a number of things that really bugged me. The "big reveal" was so over the top and convoluted, I just shrugged and was glad I hadn't been too invested in it. I was glad that at least it turned out (view spoiler)[to be based on Zane and the cartel, and I look forward to seeing where that goes. But Zane and Ty had so little reaction to that information, it was like they'd been body-snatched and replaced with clones. The Zane of old would have gone on a mad rampage or something upon learning something like that. And Ty would have restrained him, even while completely understanding and agreeing with him, and then maybe distracted him with sex. But in this book, they barely batted an eye and the story rolled along to give us MOAR NICK.Plus there was the implication that someone had actually accessed Zane's computer. Not just turned it on and got frustrated by their inability to get past his password, but apparently actually logged in. No. Nope. Nyet. Nein. There is NO WAY Zane doesn't have both password protection and encryption on his laptop. How do I know? Because I do, and I'm pretty sure Zane is even more aware of and paranoid about such things than I am.I bet Zane even has autorun turned off, so the flash drive wouldn't have been able to spread its malware automatically. I wouldn't be surprised if he had a dummy partition for the operating system and another, hidden one for his real stuff. And maybe a few more hacks that I'm not savvy enough to think of. In other words, that entire plot point read like complete and utter bullshit. And it was pretty pointless, so why even bother to include it?There was also a big deal about Milton's watch having stopped at a particular time. They ultimately concluded he set the time himself, to give them the information. However, the watch wasn't smashed until hours after his death. There's no way he could've known when he died that someone would smash his watch later. It's unlikely he even had a chance to tinker with it right before he died. So how/when did he know to set it like that and how did he get the watch to stop at the particular time he set it for, when that is apparently not a functionality built into it?And why was it so difficult for Ty and Zane to figure out that the mole they'd been looking for was likely the person framing Burns? And that this person's ability to do so, and do it so well, probably gave some significant clues as to who the mole must be. I assume that will be dealt with in the next book, but it seemed bizarre to me that they didn't at least speculate on that.I also would have liked some explanation as to why Nick had such a bad feeling about Burns way back when. If Burns had turned out to be a bad guy, it'd make sense. But my understanding is that Nick has a well-honed and trust-worthy gut, so if Burns is actually who he seemed to be, why did Nick's gut give him a false impression? (hide spoiler)]Lastly, it's a big pet peeve of mine when books set up sequel-bait at the end. And this one did that in a big way with the reappearance of Liam Bell. Clearly, he's going to be significant in Sidewinder #2 and/or Cut & Run #9, and this was set up as a teaser to make us want to read it. Unfortunately, obvious setups like that don't make me more eager to read the next book, they just cause me to finish the current one with a lot of eye-rolling.And those are all issues I have with the book even reading it as Nick's book; don't even get me started on the issues I have with THAT when this is marketed as Cut & Run #8. But with appropriate expectations and suspension of disbelief and logic, it was still quite enjoyable.ETA: It just clicked, I just figured out what the mystery reminded me of: Scooby Doo!

  • Jennifer☠Pher☠
    2019-04-24 14:16

    I am probably one of those crazy fan girls and I know it. Well, I know I am but I don’t for one second believe that I loved this book because of that. I am sure my love makes me more forgiving but I didn’t really dislike anything about this. I can see the things that could have bothered me. I can see how this almost seemed like a Cut & Run book AND a Sidewinder book, I really can. But again, it did not bother me. Maybe I’ll take what I can get? Maybe I love all these boys so much that something is better than nothing? I am sure that is some of it but really, I think my love, to me is completely justified. So, let’s break it down.Ty and Zane, every single look, touch and conversation to me was beautiful perfection. It was a relief, it was a comfort and it was just so beautiful to see them together again and happy. So very happy. The reunion scene was so fucking beautiful and I read it a few times before moving on. The end? My God, the end. I keep re-reading that too. So, why was it enough for me and not for others? I guess because this to me is the calm before the storm. I’ll get back to that thought.Nick and Kelly, I love these boys and I know, I know, I know, they have their own series, they have their own pages to fill, I know and I get it, but…to me, with what I think is coming in the last book, this was very, very necessary. I honestly think what is going to happen in the last book is going to be an epic battle and we needed to understand the depth of Ty and Nick, it needed to be put out there and it needed to be resolved because all these guys are going to need to be together, with trust to fight what is to come. But yes, Nick had a lot of pages, I just was ok with it and was thankful to understand him and Ty better.The mystery…Clue anyone? Now, this I wavered on. There was a shit ton of people and a Hell of a lot going on. It was slightly confusing and again, there was a lot going on. I felt as if a lot of these people weren’t as shocked as they should have been? So yeah, this wasn’t the best mystery of this series but I didn’t hate it and as long as I paid attention and really cared mostly about the boys I was good with this too. It really did shock me. I had it seems a different suspect for every murder and in the end, wow, I had it all wrong. So ok, good.All that being said, I truly believe this is just one of those books, it is as I said, the calm before the storm. As a fan, I needed to see Ty and Zane at the place I wanted them. I needed to see the depths of the devotion Ty has with his team. And really, I needed to see that the depth of that devotion was going to cover Zane too. What is coming, well, Sidewinder is going to have to be there for both Ty and Zane in what I think is going to be a crazy, crazy conclusion to the series. There is a lot to be done before the series ends so there had to be a lot of extra in this book. There are a lot of connections that have to be made and real, freaking serious foundations built. Through the entire series we knew Sidewinder was Ty’s foundation but as the series moved on we all learned that foundation wasn’t quite as solid as it needs to be for what is to come. So, this book may have been focused on a lot of things that weren’t just Ty and Zane but really, all of it revolves around them. Of course, I am just hypothesizing but really, this series only has one place left to go to get to the HEA we all deserve and everyone is going to have to be on the same team in order for that to happen. So, I loved it. All of it. It all mattered to me, it all made me smile or made me cry and I have no complaints. I am leaving out all the things I absolutely LOVED about it so I don’t spoil anything but for those of you who have read it, you know what all those things are because I know, if you love Ty and Zane the way I do you loved all that too. Read.

  • Linda ~ chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny ~
    2019-03-30 12:22

    Wow. Just. Wow. Before reading this, I thought nothing could be worse than Armed & Dangerous, which I actually like despite the fact that I hate Julian and Cameron with the intensity of a thousand fiery suns. But in A&D, you can at least skip over the Julian/Cameron parts and still have plenty of Ty and Zane to enjoy. With this book, if you skip all the Nick and Nick/Kelly stuff, you’d have maybe ten pages left to read, because even when Nick isn’t in the scene, they’re still talking about him. The really sad thing is, I never would've dreamt of skipping Nick and Kelly scenes until this book because I really liked these two and enjoyed what they brought to the previous books. Everyone else has done word counts on all the laughing, grinning, giggling, snickering, smiling etc, so I thought I’d do a name count (includes all variations of their names). Ty: 1900Zane: 1509Nick: 1437Kelly: 780But wait! Let’s take out the sex scenes that add absolutely nothing to plot or character development. (I didn’t take out the hot tub scene since it never actually got that far, but obviously if I had, the totals for Ty and Zane would be even lower). Ty: 1726Nick: 1437 Zane: 1315Kelly: 780On the surface, it looks like Ty takes a more prominent role in this book, but he really doesn’t. All the Big Damn Hero moments are reserved for Nick (who reads more like a Mary Sue in this book than an actual character). Ty’s main purpose in this book was to further Nick’s character development and validate all the preposterous retconning. Same goes for Zane. Kelly is little more than a cheerleader and comic relief with no real personality of his own. I feel pretty bad for him, actually. He deserves more than this mess of a book (as they all do) and this forced relationship with Wonder Nick.The good:-Kelly had some funny moments near the end. I liked that he told Zane to shave so Ty wouldn’t lose it at the airport when he comes back from deployment.-I actually liked the scene where Ty was able to figure out how to propose to Nick in three seconds. Nick’s answer to a hypothetical question means nothing to Ty. For me, it highlighted how very important and serious Ty was about his proposals to Zane that he was torturing himself to the point that he couldn’t see his way out of a paper bag until Zane says yes. I found it sweet.-I really liked Zane’s concern for Nick when he noticed the hand tremors. -Chester and his shovel-The final proposal for Ty and Zane was sweet. The not so good:-Kelly is the first word in the book. Kelly/Nick are the first couple to great each other. In a Ty & Zane book that should be about Ty & Zane. They also get engaged first, which while a very sweet scene, is just salt in the wounds at that point.-Dark humor really only works when the characters don’t acknowledge it by laughing and tripping over themselves after everything they say.-Deuce and Livi and the rest of the Gradys become little more than filler characters. They’re there purely for the purpose of making the reader fear for their lives. It’s lazy writing and manipulative.-Yes, these are M/M books and have never been about the representation of women. However, the one and only woman on the Snake Eater team is a turncoat. Livi uses “chick logic” to pick a maid of honor that she doesn’t even know. That’s not chick logic. That’s manipulative author logic designed to make the reader feel bad for Livi when we find out her maid of honor - who should be her very best friend - is dead. This wasn’t even a necessary plot twist because the woman would still be dead regardless of the roll she played in the wedding party. Then Livi can’t go searching for her daughter at the end because eww, spiders. This would usually be balanced out by the awesomeness that is Mara Grady, but she gets maybe two lines before she’s sent to the kitchens. As a woman, I felt insulted reading this nonsense.-Speaking of representation, the one Asian dude gets two sentences in the entire book. At least one of those sentences was semi-important to the plot, and funny to boot.-Liam showing up at the end just to sell the next Sidewinder book. I seriously wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d “turned” to the audience and said, “You can read more about this adventure in Sidewinder #2: Cross & Crown, coming soon to an online retailer near you.” Let’s be real, that was the only reason to include that scene. -The in-jokes. Look, I have nothing against in-jokes. They’re nice little nods for the fans who like to follow the behind-the-scenes stuff. But the in-jokes shouldn’t be so obvious that the rest of the readers - who are also fans - are scratching their heads. I can only assume that 4:20, calling Owen Ozone, the zombie shotgun shells, and the whole “I’m dying in Scotland” running gag are all in-jokes. One of the cardinal fandom rules: If it doesn’t happen in the book (or on the show/movie), then it’s not canon. If it’s not canon, it never happened. It’s okay to wink at your tumblr followers: Zane looks at the clock, sees it’s 4:20. Nothing further needs to be said. The tumblr followers will get it. Everyone else (the vast majority) will just go on none the wiser and not have to scratch their heads wondering why that’s so funny. So have all the in-jokes you want, but expect annoyance when they become plot points and an explanation isn’t given to the wider audience.-Sloppy editing. For example: At one point, the walls are so paper thin, Ty and Zane can hear Kelly roll off the bed in the room next door, and Kelly and Nick can likewise hear Ty and Zane having sexy times. Later, the walls are thick enough that Kelly and Zane can’t hear Nick torturing a suspect in the game room even though they’re standing right outside the door. Later still, those very same walls were thin enough for people who were nowhere near the game room to hear Nick torturing the guy. Stanton knew about the hidden passages, but then he forgot because the plot required it. He remembered them well enough to keep his kids out of them when they were younger. Even though these same kids played with the same house servants who did know about the passages. Ty calls everyone into the sunroom to warn them about the passages but then doesn’t do that and instead questions Stanton in front of everyone about Milton’s activities for his company. The generator goes out and sometimes they can see just fine, other times they can’t. There’s more but I’ll stop here.-The closed room (or in this case, closed island) scenario is contrived, forced and in the end boring. There’s no sense of the environment in which this story is taking place. We’re told there are stables. We never seen them. We’re told there are caves. We never see them. We’re told there’s castle ruins. We never see them. The boats conveniently float out to sea during a storm when the action starts, and conveniently start coming back in when it’s over.The bad: -I am not typically a fan of retconning, though it can be done well. That is not the case here. This book relies on so much of it to sell Nick as the “third Grady son” and it is sloppy. As others have already pointed out, if Nick really was that important to the Gradys’ then Deuce would have already invited him to the wedding. Furthermore, Deuce has always been there when Ty goes home for visits. If Ty was really bringing Nick over all these years, Deuce would know him much better than he appears to know him here. This is after all the top-rated psychiatrist who was able to tell in one week if Ty and Zane could work together without killing each other. How could he not know if Nick could be trusted with the kids if he’s known Nick all these years?-Nick/Kelly is a forced retcon of epic proportions. The author herself has even said she never intended for these two to get together. It shows. I love their friendship. I don’t buy their romance. -The character assassination (that is, misuse of characterization) was pretty glaring. Zane’s in a better place and this apparently makes him a zombie with no personality, sense of humor, initiative or motivation. Ty’s just there to build up Nick as the best person in the world by Ty constantly being set up as the worst friend in the world. I already mentioned poor Kelly’s treatment in regards to his relationship with Nick. He’s also grossed out at one point about sticking a turkey thermometer in a dead guy’s liver but then later has no qualms playing with the dead’s guys torn up intestines. This is supposed to be the hardcore Navy doctor who’s the toughest fighter of all the Recon boys and has seen bodies blown to bits and pieces. Earl tore up the Appalachia trail in a Rambo rage but couldn’t be bothered to get in on the action at his son’s own wedding. Mara may as well not have been there. -Zane and Ty were on pretty shaky standing with their relationship at the end of T&G, and it really annoyed me that Nick’s reactions to Ty’s lies are given page time but Zane’s are not. Are we to assume that he’s a-okay with everything that Ty did now? Where’s the discussion of what is and is not acceptable to hold back from each other? Where’s the discussion of what constitutes a betrayal and what doesn’t? Zane keeps saying no to Ty’s proposals and it’s played for a joke, but why not use that to examine the rift that is still in their relationship? Or are we to assume that Zane’s “better place” mentality means he came to terms with all this while Ty was gone and now sees no reason to discuss any of these issues with him? Because Zane would only take a few months to think about something so minor like that, even though that lie is the foundation of their relationship. There is one moment near the end of the book when, once again, Nick and Ty are having it out about Ty’s lies and Zane says he wishes Nick would kick Ty’s butt. That is some passive-aggression right there. Zane has issues! Let’s address those, please.-Too many TSTL moments to count. Retreating to a remote island for a wedding when you’re receiving death threats and help is hours away if something happens is not a good idea. The boys seriously shared one gun through most of the book - even though it’s mentioned at one point that the house has an arsenal and that each guy supposedly brought their own gear that we never see or hear about again. Their investigation methods are sloppy. You have one detective and two FBI agents. Guess what? All three of them can lead the investigation. Have Nick, Ty and Zane cross examine each other first, then all three of them can question the guests. None of them think to check the victim’s rooms, none of them think about asking any of the other guests to show them any pictures or video they would’ve taken. They let the one cameraman they do bother asking to do this check his video by himself - how do they know he’s not the perp and isn’t erasing evidence off his recording? Kelly bursts in on Zane’s interview to declare his love for Nick, because apparently he has the self-control of a three year-old. I can go on but then this review will never end.-Wonder Nick. Think Jonathan from the Buffy episode “Superstar”. Nick is good at everything. He’s an awesome friend, a much better friend than that horrible Ty. He was willing to sacrifice himself to save Ty, never mind that Ty was willing to do the same. Nope, it’s only Nick’s actions that count in that scene. He’s a devoted son to a bastard of a dad. He’s so devoted, he chooses the saintly route of saving his dad’s life when our good guys Ty and Zane would’ve let him rot. He’s a good boyfriend. He’s so close to Zane all of a sudden that he has to tell Ty to stop drinking in front of Zane - which is conversation Ty’s already had with Zane at least a half-dozen times. He can torture people - while shirtless. He can save children. He can dodge speeding bullets even when he doesn’t know they’re coming. He can officiate weddings. He can tightrope walk through a ring of fire while juggling chainsaws over a pool of man-eating crocodiles. He’s da man! I liked Nick until this book. Now, I really don’t ever want to see him again, and this is going to negatively impact how I see him on rereads of the previous books. And it’s a really small thing, but it annoyed me when Nick was giving Zane tips on how to use knives when cutting up vegetables. Because we all know Zane’s never handled a knife before. No way could he have ever figured that out on his own.-I thought the security guards in my office were incompetent. At least they check people for weapons as they come into the building. Not these guys. They’ll let you all the way into the house and even then won’t check you for weapons until you’re getting near their boss. And these guys are supposed to be former military?-The mystery. I don’t even know where to start on this. So much is pinned on Milton’s actions, what he’s doing, what he’s not, what he’s capable of in terms of morality, and we never really meet Milton except for one scene where he has maybe five lines at the most. The more we find out about Milton’s involvement, or lack of same, the more ridiculous it gets. Burns had to hire someone inside Stanton’s firm to spy on him? Guess what? If Stanton’s building weapons for the military - they’d already be working with a military advisor. Several, in fact. There is no need to have someone hidden on the inside. Each turn this takes, with Burns (who’s suddenly the most hated person on the planet?) and then the final reveal that this was all de la Vega’s doings to pin this all on Zane and torture him is just… I lack words. It makes no sense that de la Vega had anything to do with it. Why would de la Vega go through all this trouble? How was Zane suffering during any of this? The only people to die were people he didn’t know or care about, and he didn’t even bother with the investigation until he was forced to when Wonder Nick couldn’t follow through with things. Not very good planning there, Jefe. I’m just scratching my head why de la Vega would chose this route instead of capitalizing on the Texas drug mule link that was set up in Stars & Stripes and go after Zane’s family instead. This is a wasted plot line, and it’s convoluted and preposterous beyond belief.-Too much telling, no showing. How did Zane get in a better place despite all the worrying he was doing for Ty? As for Ty and Nick: what PTSD? I saw no real signs of it except a couple of flashbacks used for plot convenience, then they’re miraculously cured at the end because they have a new mission now. -Other nitpicks: Would Milton really not have a password on his phone? Zane already knew the time on the watch, he just didn’t know the seconds. I’m assuming he was worried about a password attempt limit which, if exceeded, would corrupt the files and that’s why he wanted to get the seconds from Nick. Would’ve been nice if he’d said that though, otherwise, he just looks incompetent for not trying the combos himself.Overall: I expected better than this. Much better. This was clearly written not with Ty and Zane in mind but with Nick/Kelly and the TS spinoff series in mind. I like Nick (again, until this book) and I like Kelly, but they’re not the reason I read the C&R books. Ty and Zane are, and they felt neglected here. I can’t help but wonder if all those Nick-Ty scenes where they’re hashing out their issues re: Ty’s lies were originally supposed to be Zane-Ty scenes that were rewritten in a not-subtle attempt to insert more Nick and sell the spinoff series. This was a severe disappointment and I’m so glad I borrowed this instead of buying it. Edit: After further contemplation, I'm lowering the rating from a padded two-stars to the one-star it deserves. I've remembered other things that bothered me while reading (cyber-tech Zane getting his computer hacked or needing to be told what an escort receipt email looks like from Wonder Nick; the final proposal which I do think is pretty adorable is still troublesome because if Ty really wanted a place he and Zane could call their own, he really should have included Zane in that decision-making process before buying the house with no money and no job; etc etc etc). It really pains me to give a C&R book less stars than I did Warrior's Cross, but that is what the book deserves, imo.