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My name is Venessa Cross.I'm a Detroit DJ with issues. I know it, my friends know it, and even the enemy knows it.The problem is, now the Detroit Police Department knows it, too. I was wrong to think my nighttime activities would go unnoticed. Eventually I wound up on his radar.He lives for the law, I exist outside of it. I expected the rules to change, but I didn't expectMy name is Venessa Cross.I'm a Detroit DJ with issues. I know it, my friends know it, and even the enemy knows it.The problem is, now the Detroit Police Department knows it, too. I was wrong to think my nighttime activities would go unnoticed. Eventually I wound up on his radar.He lives for the law, I exist outside of it. I expected the rules to change, but I didn't expect that one simple handshake would also change… everything else. When he's assigned to protect me, he gets a back stage pass to my world.Now I make him question the very oath he stands for, and I hate myself for it. I’m convinced I’ll ruin him.Yet, he wants to save me.If you thought the streets of Detroit were brutal, you haven’t seen me in action. Follow me and watch me do what the police can't: deliver punishment.My name is Venessa Cross.I am justice....

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brutal Reviews

  • ~Dawn~TUG
    2019-03-31 10:36

    Loved it..full review to have to read this book so different and alpha male and kick ass alpha female! Got my arc!! Woo mutha f-n excited!!I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS FUCKING BOOK! HANDS IN PANTS [image error]I am going to start with this book isn’t for’s raw, gritty, emotional and over all brutal. That being said it is also poignant, selfless, and loving. Encompassing all of these emotions in one book is not an easy feat but done brilliantly by the author in a way that doesn’t come off contrived or rushed, just real.[image error]Venessa is one of the baddest bitches I have ever had the pleasure to read..she is definitely on my list of top Bad Ass Heroines of All Time. She had a great life that in one night was ruthlessly and savagely taken from her. No warning, no thought just vicious and final. Years pass and she has taken the law into her own hands. Not waiting for someone to find the people responsible for her once “normal” life ending..she paved the road of redemption with bodies. Finding and finishing those involved wasn’t enough and she works to keep the streets of Detroit clean (ish) one dirty rotten bastard at a time. She hides behind her persona “Kharma” a popular DJ in the middle of the mean streets of Detroit, she could have taken her self out of here but she is determined to make a difference. Detroit is as much a part of this story as the love between Rogan and can feel the pulse of the city through out the book..[image error]Cops haven’t been able to nail down the vigilante, that gets the bad guy ties them up with enough evidence to nail them for years to come. This doesn’t sit well with Rogan and he is determined to find out the face behind the player. His job is his life and all he has..until he walks in and comes face to face with Venessa..Rogan is described as ugly and alone, but to me as a reader he was beautiful and intense. Great thing about reading you make what you want..[image error] Feeling conflicted between right and wrong, Rogan and Venessa draw lines that seem to be crossed and moved until they all but fade..The way music and words were brought together to tell this story really spoke to me. Being someone that lives life through a soundtrack so to speak. The overall feel of this book is one of redemption and finding the life you were born to live, rising above the ashes and never, ever being a victim.For more reviews come and hang out with us at

  • ❃**✿【Yasmine】✿**❃
    2019-04-03 08:43

    'Who am I, you're asking yourself. My name is Venessa Cross, and I fight for those who can't.'VENESSA CROSSROGAN BLACKGenre: Gritty action-romance. Maybe for fans of 'Real Ugly' C.M. StunichCover: 5/10Writing: 7/10Heroine: 9/10Hero: 9/10Amount of humour: 3/10Amount of jealousy: 5/10Hotness: 7/10Romance: 8/10Ending: 9/10Extra book Details: HEA. Dual POV.What Venessa experienced at 17 years old, was absolutely HORR-IF-IC. When her families murder investigation is dropped, Venessa decides to take the law into her own hands.'No-one follows the rules here. Instead, rules are treated as options.''These days, the cops are the clean up crew, not your first line of defence. They couldn't save my family, and they can't save yours. Detroit needs a wakeup call, and I’m the alarm.'Rogan Black was raised in the system and grew up on the streets.'With no authority figure or discipline, I figured out quick that I needed rules and order in my life.''I'm crime's worst nightmare. I make women and children cry. I'm feared because I'm an asshole, and I like it that way. Detroit is MY town. I'm Detective Rogan Black, and I'm THE motherfucking law.''I'm an ugly son of a bitch. Bigger than most men. Meaner then 'em too. Women don't run to me, they usually run from me.' Only Venessa doesn't want to run from him.'He's one of the biggest, scariest guys I’ve ever seen. Only he's not scary to me. I wanted to jump on his lap.'- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Fair to say, I loved the characters. They were perfect for each other; they both love aggression, are ruthless, obsessed with each other, extremely brutal and are determined warriors.Venessa was totally kick-ass and admirable. It wasn't just the horrors of her family's deaths that she went through.Rogan was both an alpha and a beta. He's a loner, an aggressor, a virgin, a tough guy. But also innocent when it comes to women and most social situations. He thought he was sooo ugly, though he might have been, but Venessa saw him as wonderful.I adored him when he says things like; I'm thirty years old, and this is my first real hug.' and “Never had shit that's mine, got you now. Don't need nothing else.”There were some funny bits for me. The porn scene made me giggle and when Venessa said; “Rogan, I'm going to come on your face if you don't move!”I loved seeing Rogan and Venessa explore sex and love for the first time together. There was quite a bit of sex too. *wink wink*I knocked this down a star because I felt the author took on the insta-connection (not intsa-lust or love) heavy handily, causing some lines to come out a little corny and their emotions to be too much too soon. This also was evident when it came to the 'jealous scenes'; where either party would punch someone for looking/talking/generally touching their other half.I did expect this to be a cat and mouse chase, or a love/hate, crime vs criminal, kind of book. It's more about the two working together to fight something greater, something that they believe in. Expect an imperfect, gritty, sex and violence kind of read with two loveable, tough, unique characters.

  • Lady Vigilante (Feifei)
    2019-04-18 08:34

    Now this sounds promising!

  • TaraTUG
    2019-04-15 15:26

    If you picked up this book hoping for warm soft cuddles than you picked up the wrong fucking book. This is about rawness, revenge, love and also fighting for your own injustices. I started reading this book and was in awe that this was a debut novel. The writing is so real and intense, but yet so effortlessly described in detail that makes you feel like you are living in the story. This is not your everyday romance book it’s a book about tortured pasts, reasons to fight, learning to live and in the end straddling the line between right and wrong.Venessa lost everything the night she watched her family die – hoping for death as well, but forced to live a life with memories of the brutal attack forced upon her. What would have made most people stop fighting – pushed her to fight harder. That night her dreams died and a vigilante was born. Straddling the line of fighting monsters, but not becoming a monster. V only sees a future clawing for the atonement she so desperately needs. Venessa is such a kick ass lead female that she quickly steals your heart and in the end has you rooting that the hate does not suck her in. What I loved about Venessa was although she was so tough on the outside she came across caring and loyal as well. Rogan, I loved him instantly. He was a broody, growling, asshole who was all Alpha. He’s fighting on the right side of the law as it's all he knows and wants until he meets Venessa. The need to protect her is intense as is the need to make her his. Rogan was perfect in my eyes. The walls he built to keep people out crumbled once he set his eyes on V and to me that made him endearing. He would do anything for V including teetering the line of the law that he lived by. One of things I loved most about this book was feeling like I was living in the pages. I felt the need to fight along with the characters. I lived their pain, love and also the need to have revenge. I watched Rogan and Venessa heal each other and fight for each other. I couldn't put the book down once I started. When you toss in suspense, great character, a fucking awesome story line and back characters that demand their own book, you know you have an author to watch out for.

  • Sibylla Matilde
    2019-03-28 11:33

    My name is Sibylla Matilde and I loved this motherfucking book. I loved Vanessa and her kick-ass personality so much I made a new GR shelf.I'm trying to leave nicely, but if he kisses me, I'll probably stab him.I loved 'Rogue' and his imperfections and his pissing contests. You need to wake up and tell my why you're friends with that fucker.I seriously LOVED the pumpkin and the tree.This is soooooo not your typical sugar-sweet romance. It was really a wonderful story, so different and raw and bare and, well...brutal. It was hot and violent and awesome. Woo-fuckin-hoo, KS!

  • Jinx
    2019-04-07 09:39

    This couple was just too over the top for my liking. They were both unhealthy co-dependent on one another. And the story line was unrealistic to say the least. There is no way a woman who stands at 5 feet 2 inches tall and a 110 pounds can over power grown ass men. Drugs or no drugs it can't be done. Now I know that this book is fiction and not based on real life people but... A little plausibility wouldn't have hurt. Maybe just maybe it would have made this book like-able. The Heroine was bat-shit crazy and the Hero was nothing more than her enabler. This couple made Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen look normal.(And for those of you who don't know who they are Sid allegedly stabbed and killed Nancy in a drug induced blackout.)

  • ~*~Brooke's Stripped Down Reviews~*~
    2019-04-08 16:21

    I loved the FUCK out of this book! I'm pondering a better review, but for now I will tell you this was a first for me. I read a lot of romance and I usually love and lust over all the male leads. This one, I did not find the male attractive at all but loved him anyway. He was perfect for Venessa and that's all I needed to fall in love with him too.Enough about that, what I really loved about this book was Venessa...serious girl crush! She was kickass and hardcore. She was so fun to read, I couldn't wait to see whose ass she was gonna kick next or what record she was gonna spin at the club (big 5FDP fan, as well as Eminem). I understood and admired her love of music, how it defines moments in your life as well as your feelings...I can totally relate.It was a fun read...I wouldn't have put it down if it weren't for having a baby to tend to ;) I can't wait for more in this series as well as by this author!

  • Pam Godwin
    2019-04-12 11:29

    DNF 50%. Looooove the H/h. Total bad-asses and very unique. The telling narrative, however, is too windy, too much explaining and not enough showing. I might've overlooked that, but the tension seemed to drop off after 30%. The external conflict didn't hold my attention.

  • Gitte TotallyBookedBlog
    2019-04-18 08:35

    Reviewed on: So, K.S. Adkins states at the end of Brutal: “hit me up and let me know if you loved it or hated it.” Well, just so you know, I bloody loved it. Sure there was a lot of wrong with it, but the unique and the interesting outweighed the bad. The hero is unlike any you’ve ever met and you fall in love with his person, the heroine is completely fucked up and the storyline is dramatic and kick arse. I think I highlighted half the book and that is a lot, because believe me this is a long one. Too long and very wordy but like I said, I loved it. The strength of the characters and the story line was immense; the execution questionable, which is such a shame! I know it sounds odd to give a book 4 stars with so much negative but the characters and their story won it for me! The connection between the characters was so intense and strong; completely believable.‘She’s a loner, just like me; she’s seen the shit side of life. She knows, like I do, if something is too good to be true it probably is.’ – RoganWe’ve mentioned raw and gritty a lot in reviews, however, many pale in comparison to this one. It was violent and graphic, horrifying and so intense I think I read with my chin on my knees and a bated breath. I must have shouted WTF tons of times throughout this story. It’s not pretty, it’s not clean and it’s not a sweet romantic bed time story. In fact it’s the complete opposite and won’t be for everyone!This story is about revenge and fighting for justice and those who are unable to fight for themselves. This story is seriously tortured and extremely messy. You agreed didn’t you Jenny?!Jenny: Absolutely Gitte! If you’re after a sweet doe eyed romance with a hot book boyfriend sporting a rippling six pack and azure blue eyes with a sweet little heroine and a smooth sailing romance….move on because you’re not going to find that in Brutal, but what you will find is a lot more! As you said Gitte, it’s the characters who are the strong point here not the physical aesthetics. This author has given us one of the most unconventional leading men I’ve ever come across and the story felt so unique in many ways. I devoured it and despite some of my misgivings in regards to plot holes and flow, I have to agree with you because I bloody loved it too.“Some days, I’m lost, and others I just don’t give a fuck…That’s my reality.”K S Adkins ripped from our living rooms, and plonked us onto the dangerous streets of Detroit and she certainly knew how to make us believe we were there and in the moment.It was as if we were witnessing the story first hand with Rogan and Vanessa and not merely reading it. Hmmm If I ever visit Detroit, I’m gonna make sure I’m packin’…yikes!!! No, this wasn’t a perfectly written story but you’re spot on in saying that what it lacked in execution it more than made up for in grit and determination and this debut novel from K S Adkins certainly delivered on its promise to shock us, entertain us and leave us gasping. It was dramatic, suspenseful, hot and at times downright uncomfortable reading – the author makes no excuses and doesn’t sugar coat her story or characters to which I was grateful. Yes, it needed work but I feel, with her imagination and a little more experience, this debut author will be kicking some major bookworld arse down the track and I’m dying to see where she takes us in book two, Brawler.Gitte: So, we have the good but scary Detective, Rogan Black.‘My name is Detective Rogan Black, and I could give a fuck if you asked. I stand up for what’s right. I make the rules, and I follow those rules. I’m crime’s worst nightmare. I make women and children cry, and grown men cower. I’m feared because I’m an asshole…’ – RoganWow, there’s not many hero’s that are so unashamedly written. He’s a self-proclaimed ugly fucker, built like a brick shithouse and lives to clean up the streets of Detroit.‘I have no family; I was raised in the system. The parents I was born to were hooked on drugs, and did whatever it took to get them, including pawning me.’ – RoganThis man was so bloody sexy in my eyes, yeah really I don’t care what you say Rogan, I fell in complete lust and love. His soul was beautiful and the passion with which he felt and how he acted was mesmerizing and addictive. He was as hard as they get but his heart was pure. He’s an ultimate intense and protective alpha but it’s perfectly balanced with that vulnerable side of self-doubt and passion.‘Watching him fight does something to me internally. His fists are like sledgehammers, and he uses them like Thor uses his hammer. It’s fucking erotic and beautiful how he moves.’ – VenessaRogan’s life changes the day he meets the fucked up Venessa. He feels immediately the impact this woman has on him, but the journey she takes him on is one he could never have envisaged. His life changes beyond all measure as Rogan grows and learns to live and love.“Never had shit that’s mine, got you now. Don’t need nothing else.” – Rogan“I want my shot at forever…You’re my forever, Angel…” – RoganNow what about Venessa, hey Jenny, what a bloody amazing kick arse heroine she was, her story broke our hearts didn’t it?!Jenny: Vanessa’s story was harrowing to say the least Gitte! The opening pages of this book certainly knocked me sideways and sickened me.‘You didn’t need death to die.’ – VanessaHow Vanessa survived what she did without being a complete basket case is beyond me. She drew strength from her ordeal and refused to become the victim, instead becoming the vigilante determined to rid the streets of Detroit of those and others like them who destroyed her world.‘I live in the shadows, ever watching. You never want to get a visit from me. Because if we do meet, you won’t remember it until it’s too late. My name is Vanessa Cross, thanks for asking. I am justice.’This little pocket rocket had the guts of ten men; she had the strength of someone ten times her size and a heart to match. This one woman vigilante had balls of steel, yet was so vulnerable at times and I found myself rallying behind her every second.Vanessa carried scars from her past and abhorred being touched in any way and she certainly never expected to feel love or be loved. That all changed when this giant, socially awkward and solitary man walked into life. Something changed and Vanessa began to feel love and passion and with the awakening of those feelings she also saw hope. In Rogan, Vanessa was able to see the man underneath, not just the exterior. I have to agree with you on Rogan, Gitte…..I don’t care what he thinks about himself…I found him to be as sexy as sin and possessing a beautiful heart. Together these two damaged souls had to find their way.‘He’s home for me, I know it, and that’s dangerous.’ – VanessaTheir relationship was never going to be smooth sailing with each living on the other side of the law and carrying baggage from their pasts. Each had to learn so much from each other as they explored new experiences and discovered newfound emotions.I did question the validity of some of Vanessa’s actions as they felt out of place for me. In my opinion, after the ordeal this woman had suffered and after living such a lonely existence of sorts for so long the sexual encounters between her and Rogan would have been very different. Her actions just didn’t resonate with me and I found parts of the story to be out of whack in that regard, but again, the story itself and the characters within the story, including the secondary characters…..oh foot in mouth Rafe….will you ever learn? LOL helped me to forgive these situations.G&J: So, there you have it. Brutal is one of those books readers are either going to love or not. There will be no fence sitting with this one.‘True Detroiters never leave. They stay and fight. Cops can’t be everywhere. Shit, they’re afraid to. The city lives by its own code. Citizens have no choice but to protect themselves.’As we said, we did have a couple of issues with the execution of the story and at times it tended to feel a little overwritten, repetitive and wordy but if you get past that and immerse yourself in the grittiness of the story, the raw emotion of the characters and allow yourself to be gripped by the neck into the deep dark and dangerous streets of Detroit, then you’ll be rewarded with some very unconventional characters, a brutal yet beautiful love story, and some very imaginative story telling which is powerfully delivered with passion, suspense, drama and heat.“You want my advice?”………..”Love her right, fuck her hard, and ruin her for all other men.” – RafeStick with this one folks; we think you’ll be glad you did! The story and the characters will consume you! We envision this series being a winner for us and can’t wait to see how this author flourishes with her unique, raw and brutal style of storytelling.**Arc provided by author in exchange for an honest review. Please note: We received an unedited ARC**

  • EroticaAfterDark (Lilith)
    2019-04-14 08:42

    FREE: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

  • Lorie
    2019-04-01 16:38

    ATTITUDE!!! This book has attitude! And, lots of it!This is not your typical romance. It’s really not. It’s not a dark romance, but it’s certainly not light and airy with puppies and rainbows around every corner either. It’s gritty, raw, emotional and has………… HEART. I seriously love it, love it, love it.KS Adkins kicks ass with words! She’s brutally honest and uncensored. I love that she writes without a filter. If you are okay with swearing and vulgarity, edgy characters, shady happenings, sloppy sex, and uncensored dialogue keep reading. If not, keep reading anyway because you might just change your mind and read an edgy, different, and totally kick-ass “romance”.Venessa is the biggest bad-ass heroine ever!! She is a club DJ by night and vigilante (or, Good Samaritan as she prefers to be called) by day. She hangs out on the seedy side of town, keeps to herself (for obvious reasons), and lays low. But, when she ends up on the radar of the DPD she’s forced to work with Detective Rogan Black. Rather, he’s supposed to “protect” her. How ironic…… the Detective protecting the vigilatine!?!Venessa and Rogan have less than ideal pasts. Both have put up walls to protect themselves and shut others out; but, when they are forced to spend nearly 24/7 together those walls firmly cemented in place start to crack. There’s an undeniable connection between the pair neither has ever experienced before. But as a cop, Rogan struggles with the fact that Venessa has her toes over the line of right and wrong. He wants to save her, but does Venessa want to be saved?Venesssa and Rogan are lovable characters. The way they are written makes you instantly like them. I didn’t need to warm up to them; I liked them both from the start. It’s written in the first person with alternating POVs – which is all time my favorite format. (So Kelly, you scored extra points right off the bat.) I don’t know…. I didn’t feel like I was just reading a book though. I feel like Venessa and Rogan aren’t just telling a story – they’re sharing their feelings that just happen to be part of their story. Dialogue. This book has great dialogue and lots of it! That’s what makes or breaks a book for me – it’s what carries the story. I loved everything that was said between Venessa and Rogan. They were so honest with their feelings. And, it’s a nice change. Most books have characters hiding their true feelings or holding back which leads to a “misunderstanding”, the relationship goes south, and then we’re left with the angst of “how is this going to be made right by the end of the book”. Not here – full disclosure and brutal honesty. Oh!!! I almost forgot to mention....... Want to know the absolute best part about Rogan? He's ugly. Yes, I said ugly. I'll spell to make sure you heard correctly...... U-G-L-Y! When was the last time an author described the hero as ugly? NEVER! So for that fact alone, you need to pick up this book!!!It’s definitely a book you can get wrapped up in – I sure did. This book has a totally fresh and new vibe to it! This was my first read of the New Year and couldn’t have asked for a better way to start it off!!!(ARC provided in exchange for an honest review)

  • Brooke
    2019-04-01 13:30

    First book that has been a DNF for me. After reading the blurb and some of the reviews I was sure I would love this book but I was sorely disappointed.First of all, I can't get over the fact that this chick who is quite small seems to be able to control so many seemingly huge tough men without help.Something that pissed me off so much I was ready to throw my computer across the room was that before Venessa and Rogan even spoke to eachother, they somehow knew they needed eachother, they cared about eachother, saw eachother for who they really were and just knew that they were similar in so many ways. They picked all this up from looking into eachothers eyes. I call bullshit.This book was confusing. I had to re-read things about 3 times before actually understanding. There was too much detail with things that didn't contribute as much with the story. There wasn't enough character build up. For a girl that has severe trust issues and absolutely hates to be touched, ( even by her closest friends mind you) had no hesitation in touching Rogan because as I said before, she looked into his magical eyes that told her he was perfection.Rogan didn't sound very swoon worthy at all. I can understand that the author probably wanted to portray a guy that wasn't undeniably sexy, but bald, with a beard and no muscle but being huge?? I tried to put those details from my head and picture him a little differently but Rogan constantly kept telling himself how ugly he was. I don't think I've ever even heard a girl sound as insecure as him.Sorry, but a guy who is constantly thinking and stating how unattractive he is is definitely a turn off.I had to stop reading this before they admitted their undying love for eachother before even saying hello.

  • Romance Readers Retreat
    2019-04-12 16:28

    Whew, well, first off this book isn't for the faint hearted. I was warned before reading that the book title is a literal description of the story, and that it contains violence and strong language. Needless to say, I definitely wasn't put off, in fact this intrigued me more! The female lead, Vanessa, and her alter ego Karma, were my favourite thing about this book. She was just freaking awesome! Although she has issues she's loyal to the bone when it comes to her friends. She is a controversial character but I don't have a problem admitting I would love to have a friend like her on my side! And I think if everyone were honest with themselves, they'd agree! The male lead, Rogan, was a breath of fresh air. He wasn't your average floppy-haired, clean cut, six-packed hunk. He's a giant of a man, all solid muscle, tattooed, bearded skin-head. He's a man of few words but I hung on every one of them. This is not your average romance novel, I would say it's more of a crime thriller with a side of sexy. It's action-packed and fast-paced, you won't be able to put this one down!

  • AnnetteDahl
    2019-04-20 16:39

    Although it took me some time to get into the story I ended up enjoying it. I've been wanting to read a book about a take no prisoners kick butt heroine for a while. I actually found myself trying to figure out how ugly the hero could be at 6'4" and 275, have tattoos, and built like a tank. All I can visualize is Bill Goldberg...Yummy, Not too ugly to me! Story line of two broken people that find each other, and the chemistry is immediate. I know that happens in fiction romance, but in this fairy tail I really wanted these two broken souls to find happiness in each other. So, the story had a kick ass heroine, a huge hunky alpha hero (that cried, I loved that), jealousy, bad guys, fighting, and death at the hand of justice (Oh, I can't forget a spanking...LOL). Good Read!My one big problem with the book was the editing. Whoever K.S. Adkins had helping her should to shot. Worst typo's and words missing I've ever seen in a self published book.

  • Angela James
    2019-03-30 09:32

    Cliffhanger: NoHEA:(view spoiler)[Yes(hide spoiler)]Cheating: (view spoiler)[ No(hide spoiler)]Rape: (view spoiler)[ Mentions of rape but nothing on page(hide spoiler)]Violence: (view spoiler)[ a lot of violence, both towards heroine and also the heroine is violent(hide spoiler)]POV: 1st person alternating hero/heroineSensuality level (1 being kissing only and 5 being Penthouse Letters graphic:: 2.5, some explicit words but not overly explicit sex, not titillating. Grammar errors/typo level (1 being what you'd see in any book, 5 being this read like a rough draft):(view spoiler)[ 2-3(hide spoiler)]

  • Rachel
    2019-03-26 11:23

    5+++++++++ Stars for me. I fucking LOVED this book. It makes me want to demand everyone read it now!!

  • J
    2019-04-17 16:38

    Ohhhh me like the look of this one!!!!

  • The BookWhisperer
    2019-04-09 15:21

    This book has me twisted up in knots. Brutal is a story of pure raw justice and violence. First, I would like to say that I absolutely loved the introduction chapters. Just like the book description above which just happens to be taken from the first chapter. Our two main characters have introduction chapters. This nicely laid the ground work for who we will be working with for the duration of the story. Venessa’s is our first introduction, and we soon find out that she is a ruthless hunter. Little do we know that shortly after we would uncover that she is also a victim. Having suffered the absolute worst experience any woman or child should; she has somehow still managed to have grown into a self assured and independent individual. She is the face of justice, and is doing everything in her power to protect those whom can not protect themselves. Let just lay it out, I LOVE HER CHARACTER. She is the ultimate heroine, and someone that fans of strong female leads will tremendously enjoy. Rogan is the second chapter, and is the definition of an Alpha Male. According, to the story he is not all that great to look at, but in the eye of someone looking for a genuine soul he proves to be utterly beautiful. I like the honesty and integrity that comes with both of these characters personalities. Now, this is where I must lay out all of my concerns, because I thoroughly enjoy the character and the perfect story outline. This is a book not for the faint hearted, but it is real and extreme. The combination of all of these aspects had me on the rollercoaster anticipating an earth shattering story. I was not entirely disappointed with this prediction, but there are some telltale signs that I was dealing with new author and it caused me some concerns. As the story takes off, I was immediately concerned about the development between Rogan and Venessa. Yes, she was a victim ten years ago, and yes she has obviously had time to deal and even possibly received assistance in overcoming her past, but we need to have support for this. This is entirely my opinion, but I feel from experiencing stories with such taboo and shocking topics that you must incorporate the follow up. It is like cause and effect. Author’s needs their character to be reliable, and this needs to be accompanied by showing them as logical and mentally sound characters. There is absolutely no way that young girl could experience such destructive behavior first hand, and just walk away unscathed. More importantly, while the story goes on to say that she moved in with a loving family they still had issues there as well. So, where did she have the support to overcome such a tragic past. More importantly, where did she learn to trust any men what so ever. Now, please don’t label me as a debbie downer, because I don’t want to give the impression that I don’t like the story. I am not asking for years of detailed therapy or anything like that, but I do believe that we need to see why she would not naturally develop a fear of men, and more importantly a fear of intimate relations. My hackles only seemed to rise a bit more when we develop a love a first sight for Rogan. Now, I have no problem with the instant attraction. What I do not, however, feel was totally fitting was the willingness for immediate physical touch. So, now not only did we not deal with the victim’s issues, but we are also throwing her into a physical relationship that she seems to have no problem touching or being touched. This really made me incredibly leery. This bit of detail caused a friction in the beginning of the story, but the thread of doubt twisted me up so tight that I felt it left me question the story all the way through. While I was so devoted to the story for the characters and the storyline I was constantly rationalize every bit of the story.This story has everything for a five star read. The only thing it is lacking is some detail, and support that would have shaped the beginning to the story more effectively. ~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~

  • Emily Eck
    2019-03-24 08:43

    This book rocked my damn world. I'm not sure where to begin. I'll start with the not so great, because there is very little. There were a few areas where the writing was a little off. I followed it, but it could have been punctuated different to flow a bit better. I get it, though, that when we are writing, it makes perfect sense to us, plus we're caught up in the mix so it's hard to realize. Thank God for Carol or all my sentences would be short and choppy. The good, dude, where to start. So despite the odd writing at times, I loved how there were moments where the characters spoke to you. It could have seemed out of nowhere as the book was not written entirely like that, but it didn't. When Venessa spoke to me, I was all good with it. I highlighted the fuck out of this book so let me go back and see what I got..."Where's my gun? When you find it, shoot me with it, kay?" That one made me laugh. It was the "kay" part that got me for some reason. This is what I meant about feeling like she was talking to me.Then there was "I will always come for you." Really, who doesn't want to hear this? This is so Edward, that unconditional type of love. (And fuck you Twilight haters. Yeah, I just referenced it. And?)Rogan may not have been portrayed as a hottie, but the words that came out of his mouth were heart melting, in the most grittiest of ways. Just how I like it :)"Never had shit that's mine, got you now. Don't need nothing else."" long as we can see each other, neither one of us will be lost ever again.""...yells 'Angel!' so loud, that the cherubs probably dropped their harps and dove for cover."OK, that last one was just funny cuz they were doin' it.Now Venessa:"He wants me to leave the heavy lifting to him, while I sit in a corner and knit, and that isn't me."Hell Yeah! She was so hardcore, with just the right amount of soft to make your heart bleed for her, with her. What did I love most about her? That she didn't apologize for her need for vengeance. She was who she was and she didn't say sorry. Rock out with your cock out, sister. Oh, and this, but I guess this is more giving props to the writer, not the character for writing what so many are afraid to say for fear of being judged:"Just because you're given a womb doesn't mean you have to fill it."Amen!Thank you Ms. Adkins. I read your bio and I fell in love. No, I'm not turning into a lesbian, but you seem cool as fuck. Someone who'd tear up the town with me, get a lil crazy, and not judge me the next morning.I think I am done gushing for now, but if I come up with more I'll let ya know. My Venessa:My Rogan:

  • Anja ~ Once Upon a Page ⚜️ Books and Tequila
    2019-04-02 08:50

    4.5 Brutally Fantastic Stars Every once in a while, I stumble across a book ad while on cyber space and decide to check it out on a whim. Sometimes it’s disappointing and sometimes I discover a book that ends up taking me by surprise and leaving me speechless. ‘Brutal’ was one of latter ones. I’m pretty sure it will be with me for a long while.‘Brutal’ was so very different than any other book I’ve read in a long time. From page one I could not put it down and I was ignoring everything around me; friends, work, school. I have to say though; I love when awesome books do that to me. Yet I have to say, this book might not be for everyone; it was dark, raw and was full of violence and aggression. Though, it’s also full of love, friendship and selflessness.“Who am I, you’re asking yourself. My name is Venessa Cross, and I fight for those who can’t” ~ Venessa Cross Venessa Cross is one badass chick. I’ve never met another heroine quite like her and I doubt I will anytime soon. She quite literally kicks ass! Growing up, Venessa is your average girl, with a stable family and big dreams for the future. All goes according to plan, until one horrific event changes her life drastically at the age of seventeen. After that, the girl she used to be is forever changed, and she takes the law into her own hands; not only seeking revenge but also keeping the streets of Detroit clean. This however, puts her on the Police Department’s radar, as well as Rogan Black’s. The instant connection between them is palpable from the first moment they meet.“He’s built like a Buick and everyone know they make one hell of a car.” ~ Venessa Cross Rogan Black is a detective at the Detroit Police Department and lives for his job. He has had a rough childhood and doesn’t have much of a live for outside of work and his partner is the only friend he seems to have. He’s one strong, but also hard, alpha male. When he meets Venessa, however, he changes. He starts to care about something other than just his job. He is very protective of her in his badass alpha way, sometimes over the top so. I loved the connection that Rogan and Venessa shared. You could see the love they had for each other. Yet, they didn’t expect either one of them to change, but in the end accepted the person the other one is; flaws and all.“Jesus, we’re beauty and the god damned beast, and I’m one lucky beast.” ~ Rogan Black I love this story from start to finish and every heartbreaking turn it took. The only thing that has bothered me every now and then during the story were the typos and grammar mistakes. Granted, this is a pet peeve of mine and probably bothers me more than other people. However, this did NOT, in any way, take anything away from the story itself and my immense enjoyment of it. I can recommend this to everyone who likes a badass heroin and a gritty, unconventional story.

  • Steph
    2019-04-20 12:30

    Whew, well, first off this book isn't for the faint hearted. I was warned before reading that the book title is a literal description of the story, and that it contains violence and strong language. Needless to say, I definitely wasn't put off, in fact this intrigued me more! The female lead, Vanessa, and her alter ego Karma, were my favourite thing about this book. She was just freaking awesome! Although she has issues she's loyal to the bone when it comes to her friends. She is a controversial character but I don't have a problem admitting I would love to have a friend like her on my side! And I think if everyone were honest with themselves, they'd agree! The male lead, Rogan, was a breath of fresh air. He wasn't your average floppy-haired, clean cut, six-packed hunk. He's a giant of a man, all solid muscle, tattooed, bearded skin-head. He's a man of few words but I hung on every one of them. This is not your average romance novel, I would say it's more of a crime thriller with a side of sexy. It's action-packed and fast-paced, you won't be able to put this one down!

  • J
    2019-04-18 15:31

    This book was like reading a superhero comic book with larger than life characters trying to save Detroit from itself.In this case our superheroes are a police detective who's never had a relationship with a woman in his life and feels that he is an ugly "Incredible Hulk" that nobody could love. The other superhero is a girl, the daughter of a police captain whose whole family was executed in front of her and then she was terribly, horribly brutalized. Revenge and vigilantism is the name of her game. She has also "never been kissed" in a loving relationship before.The best part of this book is these two "misfits" learning the basics of love, sex and making a relationship work. Its funny, sad and heartwarming all at the same time.Some of the violence in the book is over the top, especially at the end. But we are obviously set up for a Book #2 and I look forward to it.

  • CharlieB
    2019-03-30 13:36

    This book was pretty damn good!! This is the first book I've read of this author (even though I seem to own all of her books lol). I was in the mood for a strong kick ass female lead and I sure got one. Rogan was a alpha Male but still let Venessa do her thing! I enjoyed the fact that Rogan wasn't the most attractive hero but still was intense and possessive as hell. Well...maybe I should say they were very possessive of each other:) Their relationship was very instant love but it felt raw and emotional at times. The writing was good but something was missing...maybe the flow of words was off? But that didn't subtract from my reading whatsoever. Will definitely be reading the next book in the series.

  • Tobia James
    2019-03-28 15:25

    Holy shitballs!!!!Badass chick, shooting guns, falling in love & stuff????This is gonna be good, I just know it!

  • Pamela
    2019-04-13 11:46

    30% in and I had to stop. I really tried to like this novel but something, I don't know exactly what, wasn't working for me. The weird thing is book 2 actually interests me more. I don't know if I should read it or just forget about this series altogether. Eh, whatever. Not losing sleep over it that's for sure.

  • J.E.
    2019-03-27 15:23

    This is a must read. Refreshing change of pace for the romance genre. Gritty, Raw Alpha male meets his match Alpha Female. I have nothing but love for these two Rogan and Venessa. Looking forward to Rafe and Macy's story.

  • Katja
    2019-03-24 16:42

    I loved this book because it was so great. I really liked Vanessa and Rogan won me over pretty soon. Also I liked Rafe and I so wanna get his story. :)

  • Nikki
    2019-04-03 13:34

    Awesome! Full review to come!

  • Maria
    2019-04-07 09:44

    Fantasticccccccc, what a rushh !

  • Maayan
    2019-03-21 14:31

    “ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review”