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The cryosleep chambers are beginning to fail. Surveillance of Hocklyn space has revealed that the Hocklyns are thirty years ahead of their projected schedule and will soon reach human occupied space. War could break out any day if something isn't done. The human leaders suggest a daring plan to buy them the additional time they need to strengthen the Fleet, as well as theThe cryosleep chambers are beginning to fail. Surveillance of Hocklyn space has revealed that the Hocklyns are thirty years ahead of their projected schedule and will soon reach human occupied space. War could break out any day if something isn't done. The human leaders suggest a daring plan to buy them the additional time they need to strengthen the Fleet, as well as the defenses protecting their worlds. A First Strike deep into Hocklyn space might just buy the human worlds the extra time they need to finish their preparations for all out war against the Hocklyn Slave Empire.For nearly four hundred years, Admiral Hedon Streth has slept waiting to lead the human race against the evil from the center of the galaxy. Now that time has arrived. Can Hedon and the other sleepers lead Earth and her colony worlds to victory? If Hedon fails then the Earth and her colonies will either be conquered or destroyed by the Hocklyn Slave Empire and their masters the AIs....

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  • Dan
    2019-04-27 05:15

    Quite good, each book in this series seems to improve on the others. Kudos to the author.

  • Per Gunnar
    2019-03-30 01:00

    Yes I know, depending on where you look this may or may not be the 4th book in the series. However, if you look at the author’s own web-site you will find that it is indeed book 2 in the Slaver Wars series and that the books that preceded Slaver Wars 1 & 2 was called The Moon Wreck series. I’ll thrust the authors site more than some labelling on Amazon so as far as I am concerned this is book number 2 in the series.This is a book quite in my style. It might not be as detailed, have as deep characters or have as elaborate world building as some books but what it does have is a good adventure story, plenty of likable characters and lots and lots of space battles. Maybe my appreciation of this book have been tainted by the fact that many of the books that I have read lately have been lacking in this area so I was really wanting some space battles. But then Sci-Fi with nice space battles with big capital ships slugging it out have always been one of my favorites.The book advances quite a few years into the future from both the previous Slaver Wars book, which is natural since it was a prequel, and the Mon Wreck books. Normally that would have its drawbacks in that a lot of the characters that was introduced in the previous books would be gone. In this book the author solves that little issue with the cryogenic technology that was a key element of the Moon Wreck books as well.This book can really be said to be the starting point of the real action of the series. The first book was really mostly explaining the background of the entire set of previous and future books, both the Slaver Wars and The Moon Wreck series. As I mentioned before there are plenty of space battles in this book. The humans are indeed giving the both Hocklyns and the AIs the finger big time. That being said, it is just the opening salvo of a long war.The book is of course not just one battle after another. The humans get a few new allies. A mysterious race is briefly introduces which I assume will play some role further on. We get to know some of the Hocklyns more in-depth and some of them are more than likely to continue to play a major role in future books. Then there is the mysterious relation between the AIs and the humans. Why do the AIs seem to fear the humans and how is it that they seem to even know about humans already before the Hocklyns attacked them the first time?I found this book to be very enjoyable reading and needless to say I am really looking forward to the next book in the series.

  • Aaron Anderson
    2019-04-10 02:24

    I think I continue to read this series just so I can enjoy the horribly cheesy parts and later complain about them on reviews like this. Well, and I like the genre.Like the legend of King Arthur, all of the old gang from prior books are around, frozen in cryosleep so they could ride in to save the day. For purely dramatic purposes the author decides to act like Katie isn't one of those coming back, until good old Jeremy can be surprised by her being there.Hmm, it seems that Admiral Sheen didn't export the new tactical invention of the seatbelt to the entire fleet. Humans may be doomed. There's a lot of people falling down and breaking things again in their command centers in this novel.They still act like they can't just jump into interstellar space. Based on how the technology is described this just doesn't make any sense. Hell, I guess I can't be sure, this author definitely errs on the side of explaining zero about how his advanced tech works. I don't mean the science behind it, I mean the practical effects of it. Lots of people bitch if authors explain too much, babbling about widgets and such. I prefer knowing a bit more, but that's just me.All these boring love affairs. The characters aren't really developed enough to care about the various affairs. It's also a little amusing that we still haven't really seen any non-Caucasian people, ever. It's supposed to be a relatively united Earth. Also we've never ever seen a non heterosexual. I guess it's similar to the misogyny the author has his world display. Perhaps gay/lesbian people don't exist in his universe. Perhaps one of the medical improvement from the Federation was a way to get rid of them(sarcasm alert). Ooh ooh, I finally read of a ship Commander Susan Marks! The author finally made a girl in command that wasn't from cryo. Women's rights have been advanced!It weird that Admiral's ships don't have their own commanding officers, as is often the case in other space opera. Some of the ships do seem to maybe have their own commanding officer perhaps, but the Admirals still seem to always be trying to fight their own ship, I have my doubts. In lots of other series you'd even have a separate flag bridge for Admirals. When you get above a few ships it seems odd that Admirals have to fight their own ship along with trying to coordinate fleets and the overall attack. Do not bother reading the spoiler unless you enjoy me mocking/complaining about this series (even more than I already have). You've been warned. :)(view spoiler)[No more Federation AI's were created because humans were worried the Evil AI's would be able to take them over. But somehow this doesn't apply to the two AI's already in existence from before. Apparently their long contact with humans will protect them. Oh and some new special firewalls. As usual for this series, all of this makes no sense. Either use AI's because they're so amazing at fighting, as has been said many times before, or don't use them period, for the reasons given.So many exclamation points! This author loves them! Also Kesley is the best navigator in the fleet, even though there's no way her and her buddies could know that, seeing as they've been in cryo for hundreds of years and they don't know 99% of the fleet. Of course now we find out that Ariel is controlling portions of perfect Jeremy's ship, and improving on his various actions. She does this without telling them, which sure is great! We're basically given info that she can always fight better than humans, and she runs constant simulations blah blah blah. If this was the case, gee whiz, it sure would be better to have decided to make more AI's to fight their wars. They really don't seem very reliable though, so it's probably best they didn't. Otherwise we'd eventually get an AI that wasn't as NICE as Ariel and they'd take over, like the Evil AI's in the galactic core. Even nice Ariel constantly does shit they don't ask her to.Computer Expert Katie suspects Ariel is doing this stuff, but hey, she isn't going to tell anybody there's a semi-rogue AI around, because Ariel is nice! Ariel also promised the famous parents of her favorites that she'd keep them save from all harm! No worries if she has to abandon a battle to keep that promise, and perhaps screw up a fleet action! At least she'll keep her favorites safe! Granted the abandon battle stuff I made up, I wrote that far earlier when I was reading the book.Oh joy, Katie our favorite computer expert decided to make a holo version of Ariel. Obviously this will increase their fighting capability somehow! Ah, I just read the first thing that the holograms will help the fighting effort with. AI Clarissa decided to make her hologram have bigger breasts, obviously this will increase morale of the male crew members. AI Ariel turns out to be more subtle, she only makes her hips more curvy. I sometimes have to wonder if this author is still in his teens.The Special Five have their own unique communication system. It's great they aren't integrating with their fellow crew. Having special exclusive clubs must be great for morale.This author comes up with the best cheesy lines. Most often when people are thinking to themselves (which is often). Kelsey thinks: "Besides that, Jeremy was great in bed, and she really needed some of his loving attention." Marine Captain Lucy Krandle thinks about Lieutenant Simmins: "For some reason, Lucy felt more secure when he was in the room." Why does this author make every woman, including Marines, helpless little girls?Ah, of course the Good AI's basically save the day in the end battle. Though luckily Computer Expert Katie will write a program to mimic their solution for the rest of the ships for the future.(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]

  • Nancy M Davis
    2019-04-17 00:18

    Bubble GumEntertaining, if shallow. Sloppy editing with run-on sentences, syntax errors and misspellings. No explanation of why, if humans of the Old Federation had never encountered an alien race prior to the Hocklyns, did they have such an established fleet of warships. I read, "Tom Corbett, Space Cadet" when I was 12. It was better. Even at free, I'm done.

  • Dennis
    2019-04-23 00:05

    Wow! This book series is turning out to be great page-turning reading! If you want a good story line and awesome space battles this is the series for you. I'll continue reading to see what happens next.

  • Wayne Palmer
    2019-04-13 02:03

    I am slowly going through every book written by Mr. Weil and I am enjoying every one of them. He allows me to feel as I am part of the action that might be going on at the time. I hope he hurries up and writes a little faster or I might run out of his books to read.

  • Ben Miller
    2019-04-06 02:10

    Great read!I really enjoyed this book! I hope to read more of this great scific series! Keep up the good work and write more!

  • Simon Sobo
    2019-04-19 02:28

    UnputdownableThe title says it all. What a perfect blend of suspense and drama. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. Reading this is like riding on a roller coaster.

  • Constance Dady
    2019-04-14 08:25

    EXCELLENT, WONDERFULVERY ENJOYABLE! liked everything about it! i do not know where to find 14 more words to give this series the praise it deserves.

  • Jim
    2019-03-28 02:03

    15 September 2014 5 Stars out of 5What an exciting series! This is the series that every avid science fiction fan should read, with out a doubt. This is what science fiction is all about. New worlds, aliens, high tech, military action and extremely fast paced. The fourth book in the series delivers on everything!It’s now close to 300 years since Admiral Strong and Greg Johnson found the Federation of Humans inside the Asteroid Ceres. Things have change much over the centuries as they must have in order for the new Federation of Humans to stand up to the Hocklyn threat. One thing that certainly has changed is the knowledge that cryosleep will only keep a person tucked away for a certain number of years. It appears that Admiral Hedon Streth and Admiral Amanda Sheen and all the former Federation of Humans and humans that chose to sleep until the day came to attack the Hocklyns, must be awaken. There timing couldn’t be better. It is believed the Hocklyns are arriving sooner than expected.Jeremy Strong, Kelsey, Angela, and Kevin all chose to be put into cyrosleep so they are being awoke also. Now 300 years later they realize there is only one reason they would be awoken now. It’s time to fight the Hocklyns. While they were not part of the original Federation of Humans, these four and one other, were the only survivors of the New Horizon, earth’s first interstellar spaceship. That ship had to be self-destructed before it fell into the hands of the Hocklyn. Jeremy and his friends soon found out the entire story of the Federation of Humans and they all elected to go into cryosleep to get payback!I can’t stress how exciting these books read. The writing is just superb. It flows well from one scene to the next and you really never get lost and wonder what’s happening. There are some slightly ridiculous parts like where Jeremy is promoted to Rear Admiral right after being awoke but so is everyone else it seems (except his friends)! Some how Jeremy has been a tactical genius after only serving 6 years on a cruiser. It’s a little strange that none of the other three are promoted or anything and they just happily accept that fact. I don’t think so.If you found this book and haven’t read the series from the beginning, you need to stop and go back to the start. There is too much great reading to miss and this book could be confusing if you started right here. I wonder if the humans have grown enough over 300 years to defeat the Hocklyns? Read this book and find out!

  • Don Viecelli
    2019-04-01 03:29

    From My Newsletter Number 66:This review is on The Slaver Wars: First Strike, which is Book Four of The Slaver Wars series by Raymond L. Weil. I have been reading each book in the series as soon as they become available. This story starts out with two Hocklyn Slave Empire warships jumping in space very close to the Human Federation of Worlds home systems and finding a human mining colony. A Federation ship discovers them and realizes the Hocklyns are ahead of schedule in finding them. The Hocklyn thought they had exterminated these humans hundreds of years ago. The discovery causes alarm back in the human Federation.Time has passed and the story has jumped forward two hundred years since Lieutenant Jeremy Strong and his four friends were saved from the Hocklyns in Book Four. They all went into cryosleep to wait for the final war with the Hocklyns. In this story, the Federation is ready to go on the offensive to try and slow down the arrival of their mortal enemies from the past. The Federation decides it is time to reawaken Rear Admiral Sheen to take the war to the Hocklyns.The action in this book continues to escalate until the final battle of the book. More background on the Hocklyn aliens and their Masters are exposed. It will be a battle to the death for all involved. There can be only one winner in this part of the galaxy.I give this book a strong four stars because the story and characters continue to grow, the ships and weapon technology are well thought out, the space battle scenes are intense and the results are devastating to both sides. I considered giving this book five starts, but decided the story and dialog were not quite at that level yet. I look forward to reading Book Five next.

  • Mike Nemeth
    2019-04-02 08:27

    Author Raymond L. Weil takes his readers several hundred years into the future with First Strike. In the previous book in the Slaver Wars series, Jeremy Strong and his band of friends find the Hocklyns and launch a new era in human paranoia. Yes, there are other alien races out there, and they want to kill us all. It wasn't pleasant news. Jeremy and his friends decided to go into cryosleep, joining legendary Admiral Hedon Streth. They'll be awakened when needed. First Strike is that time. Weil ramps up the pace for this book and keeps it high. He doesn't have any problems killing off his characters. Death and destruction permeate the battles. The humans take the fight to the nasty reptilian Hocklyns, who want to annihilate the entire human race. There's no negotiating. The admiral shoots first and lets higher powers sort it out. It's a black and white cautionary tale. And it's quite entertaining. I had to read it every moment I could squeeze in. Makes me a little sick and strange. Right? I don't care! Had to do it. Reminds me of how I consumed Edgar Rice Burroughs when I discovered him at 14. You know the good guys are going to win. But will they survive? It's certainly not easy. And it comes at a high price.

  • Diann
    2019-04-10 04:02

    Interesting, but a little unimaginative. First Strike continues the story of the Human Federation versus the Hocklyns and AIs. I like how the author keeps your interest by carrying the main characters through the series by keeping them in cryosleep. However, the plot was fairly predictable. Also, I sometimes struggled to enjoy his writing style. It felt forced and choppy at times. Further, there are numerous typos (which reporting to Amazon has no effect, according to forums) which, at times, distracted me. I will continue with the series, however, because the story is overall interesting and I am invested in the characters.

  • Shawn
    2019-04-20 06:05

    I loved all the books in this series and this one was no different. I felt myself getting excited with anticipation over what was going on and what would happen. The author keeps this story clean and easy to follow. This book begins a few hundred years after Fleet Academy. It has some familiar names and lots of action. My only single gripe is how often the exclamation point is used . This was my complaint with the previous novels in the series. After seeing so many it kinda cheapens it when they should really be used . Other than that this was my favorite book in this series. Great Job !!

  • Shawn
    2019-04-26 03:25

    I loved all the books in this series and this one was no different. I felt myself getting excited with anticipation over what was going on and what would happen. The author keeps this story clean and easy to follow. This book begins a few hundred years after Fleet Academy. It has some familiar names and lots of action. My only single gripe is how often the exclamation point is used . This was my complaint with the previous novels in the series. After seeing so many it kinda cheapens it when they should really be used . Other than that this was my favorite book in this series. Great Job !!

  • DeandreaBrian
    2019-04-22 04:09

    Good read...This series so far is good but to me there seem to be some holes in the story, it doesn't take away from the overall story but it does leave you guessing just a bit, but I do like to know the backstory, and would like to see that filled in more but that's just me personally. Otherwise a good read with decent characters and a fairly solid foundation, definitely am going to keep on with the series.

  • Connie Garvie
    2019-04-01 04:17

    Wonderful storyThis volume in the"lang Slaver Wars" series is another terrific story. It was quite difficult to put kept me reading until 2:30 in the morning!I would have given it a resounding five stars ere it not for the apparent lack of good proofreading. There were far too many missing punctuation marks, .and missing words.

  • Anton
    2019-04-13 02:04

    Excellent - well, at least pretty good - military sci fi, space operaDespite somewhat cardboard characters, i love this series of books and will buy the remaining three eventually. I did lose a night or two trying to finish the books from this series. Plot and the world setup is great!

  • Mick Bird
    2019-04-03 07:21

    Another good oneI have fully enjoyed reading the continuing adventures, that the human federation of plants series gives. I am looking forward to the next book. I am sure that their enemy's will look to strike back soon.

  • Gregory
    2019-03-28 02:05

    HomerunIndeed. These series of books have captured my attention. Well paced. Good character development. Great action. Little much on hyperspace sickness, but since each book can stand on its own it's understandable. This book is a good read.

  • Erik Dionne
    2019-04-16 03:29

    Three books in and what a great series of books.

  • J.
    2019-04-24 05:01


  • Janetta Bitting
    2019-04-25 08:27

    Great action in this readI have enjoyed reading this book. The series is great for the science fiction fan. I look forward to the next volume.

  • Dominique
    2019-04-21 08:21

    I am really enjoying this series. The characters are interesting, the space battles are believable and the author does not get bogged down with too much technology.

  • Brian
    2019-03-28 07:13

    Keeping up with a good story. I absolutely cant stand the way the author is handling the A.I.'s on the human ships. Way too fluffy with old school ideas of wanting them to be..... no spoilers. :)