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Adult Contemporary Romance She’s his boss. He doesn’t care. This office isn’t big enough for the two of them…When Rory Clarke ends up hiring the guy she spent one steamy night with to be her administrative assistant, she's determined to keep things professional.Lucas Blaine has other plans for her. He wants Rory, and it’s hard to resist his stunning blue eyes, chin dimpleAdult Contemporary RomanceShe’s his boss. He doesn’t care. This office isn’t big enough for the two of them…When Rory Clarke ends up hiring the guy she spent one steamy night with to be her administrative assistant, she's determined to keep things professional.Lucas Blaine has other plans for her. He wants Rory, and it’s hard to resist his stunning blue eyes, chin dimple and the way he fills out a suit. Everywhere she looks, there he is, giving her a panty-melting smile and pulling her away for the most amazing (and satisfying) sex she’s ever had in her life.What starts off as one sexual encounter turns into multiple trysts in and out of the office and the lines she’d tried to draw so carefully are blurring. But the closer they get, the more Rory realizes that there are things about Lucas she doesn’t know, things he’s hiding from her. She’ll have to decide if she can surrender to her feelings or get out while she still can....

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  • Katie
    2019-04-05 06:32

    3.75 Sweet and Fun Stars!Sweet Surrendering is perfect if you're looking for a fun, light read with lots of steamy scenes! Be prepared for:➤ Cute post-it notes➤ Funny banter➤ Hidden piercings ➤ Sex, sex, and more sex➤ A little mystery➤ A lot of flirting➤ Even more sexual tensionThe plot's simple; Aurora Clarke–Vice President of her father's company + Lucas Blaine–sexy, mysterious, and determined to work for her + major sexual tension = TROUBLE! This book was a nice, quick, and enjoyable read, perfect for a lazy day spent drinking hot chocolate."I was a goddamn professional. No guy with stormy eyes and a fuck me smile and a magic tongue was going to stand in the way of that."The characters were all likable, and they had some great dialogue. Lucas was flirty, dirty, and playful–totally cute! Aurora, who he calls Sunshine (like I said, he's cute), was smart and funny and she worked really well with Lucas. The side characters were really likable as well, and they all had potential for their own stories."He wasn't making this easy. Well, I could make it hard. That's what she said. Head in the game, Clarke."The writing was simple and easy to read, and there weren't many errors (yay!), so it was pretty good.So overall, the book was great if you want a light, steamy, fun read, but if you're looking for more than that then it falls a little flat. For me, the plot was a little simple and I just wanted more; of the mystery, the character development, and really everything else. So the rating for this book depends on what you're looking for; 4 stars for a light read, and 3.75 stars for a more developed one.*I received an ARC of this book for an honest review*

  • Brooke-True Story Book Blog
    2019-04-08 06:44

    Well, I fell in love with Chelsea Cameron’s writing after reading My Favorite Mistake and that hasn’t changed at all upon finishing Sweet Surrendering. This book is a LOT of things. Including: Fun, witty, sexy, emotional, and down right hot. The combination of all those things are what make this book and why I liked at as much as I did. My only issue with this book, and the reason it is not a 4.5-5 kisses book for me, was the editing. I know, most people hate seeing that in a review but honestly, there were enough errors (run-on sentences, grammar, punctuation, etc.) that at times, took away from the story. At first I was able to look past them but after seeing one after another it was hard to focus on the plot. With that said, had the lack of editing been minimal, I would have rated this higher. The story line is great, the character development was good, and the overall feel of the book was definitely right up my alley. I honestly hate giving low-ish ratings to authors I love, but if there is one thing I pride our blog on, it’s honesty.Okay, now that the hard part of the way let’s get down to the fun stuff. What I did like about this book.Rory Clarke-Vice President of her father’s company and she won’t let anyone undermine how hard she worked, and still works, to get that title. Just because she is a Daddy’s Girl doesn’t mean this position was handed to her. She isn’t afraid to tell you that either. Rory might be the serious businesswoman but the girl knows how to let loose. She is spunky and honestly, I want to be her best friend. That’s right, lookout Sloane, I am moving in and taking over!Wait, actually, I think I want to be BFF's with Sloane. The girl can cook, she takes amazing care of you, she is 100% supportive, and she is more fashionable than anyone I know.That’s right. I was a goddamn professional. No guys with stormy eyes and a fuck me smile and a magic tongue was going to stand in the way of that. Because I was a goddamn professional.So, if you have read the synopsis then you know that is an “office romance” if you will. Rory hires an assistant…well, “hires” isn’t really the right word. The guy isn’t willing to take no for an answer. Which turns out to be a common thing with him.Who is the “him”? Lucah “Lucas” Blaine. Want me to wrap Lucas up in three words? Okay…! Not just his looks either. Everything about this man is sexy. He is the definition of what turns women on. No one is immune to Lucas. Not even the “goddamn professional” Rory Clarke.Damn him. Damn all good looking guys and their chin dimples and well-proportioned muscles and their hair that you want to touch so bad you can barely sit still. Damn them all to the fiery pits of hell.I could feel the heat between Rory and Lucas from day one. From that very first encounter in the lobby of her office. His cocky persona might have pissed her off at first but I’ll be damned if it didn’t turn me on. The man is just that fucking amazing.Oh, fuck me. Again. His eyes were half-closed, his hair falling in front of them. And his voice. Oh, his voice touched me in places that a voice shouldn’t have access to.Okay, so do you remember me saying that this book was fun? Oh, well you have no idea until you read it. I laughed a lot while reading Sweet Surrendering. Some of the shit that came out of Rory’s mouth or went through her head had me cracking up.I am the master of hand jobs. My hands are just that fantastic when a penis is placed in one of them. I could teach a damn class on this. Probably because my blow job skills left a little to be desired. I couldn’t help it if I had a gag reflex.Now, on to the hot and steamy aspect. Wow. Just wow. Chelsea Cameron can sure write some steam. And when it comes to writing hot desk sex…well holy Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and Moses and his donkey…the woman blows it away. I love inappropriate office sexual relations. I feel like I need to experience this. Just once…okay maybe more than once but still, it needs to happen. Anyone know a hot businessman that can fulfill a girls fantasy of hot desk sex? (That was a rhetorical question…I’m married ;)).He looked up and grinned at me and I swear I wanted to fuck that smile. Yes, I know that’s not possible. I mean, he did fuck me with his mouth, but this was something different. So do you remember me mentioning that this book had emotion and lots of it? Well it does! It is a romance novel after all. It can’t just be about amazing handjobs, mind-blowing office sex, and goddamn professionals.Don’t worry though, it wasn’t the sad, weepy, teary kind of emotion. It was the happy, sappy, lovey, dovey kind. The kind that leaves your heart content and that god awful goofy grin on your face.Yeah, I have to admit, even with all the super-hot sex, Rory and Lucas are kinda cute. Okay, A LOT cute. I want to spend a day with them, basking in their happy, sappy, lovey, dovey life and then go home and lay in bed with a pint of peanut butter chip ice cream and watch a bunch of dumb rom-coms that I don’t even enjoy while I secretly plot to steal Lucas away and keep him to myself...forever.“I don’t just want nights, Sunshine.” He put the fork down and continued to look at me with such intensity it was almost hard to look back. “I don’t want just nights. I want mornings. And mid-mornings and late mornings and noons and afternoons and evenings and everything in between. Sunrises, and sunsets, and twilight. I want it all.”…..”I want to be with you. Definitions and everything. I want to call you mine.”Awwwwwww! See!Oh, and don’t let the goddamn professional fool you. She’s a softy. She really is.I loved him. Over the moon, past the stars, couldn’t breathe, smiled whenever I thought about him, couldn’t keep my hands off him, pictured a wedding and ginger babies and growing old and rocking chairs, love. He drove me crazy, made me laugh, and understood me in a way that few people did. I fucking loved him and I wanted everyone to know it…”One of my favorite things about this book was what I would like to callLove According To RoryLove with Lucah was something I couldn’t control, and something I didn’t want to control. Loving him was letting go. Surrendering. Well, I guess it’s time to wrap this up. All in all, good book. Great even if you take away the editing issues. I urge any and all readers to go out and pick this one up. I am, and will forever be, a Chelsea M. Cameron fan. As always I will leave you with some more of my favorite quotes!“You’re not having sex with anyone else, are you?” “No, Sunshine. I would rather wake up with you than go to bed with anyone else.” -----------------------------------------------------------------------“ We don’t have to actually do anything. Just make sure they sit next to each other. The God of Love will do the rest.” “The God of Love? We talking the Greek or Roman one?” “The American one. Alcohol.” -----------------------------------------------------------------------All because of Lucas Blaine and his stupid magical tongue and lovely penis.

  • Mariam
    2019-03-30 11:46

    I want to have Lucah's ginger babies!I feel like I have too much energy right now and I need to do a combination of screaming, dancing, laughing and fangirling.It was so unique because the heroine was the boss in this book. She was sassy, funny, witty and determined.Rory was the kind of heroine that you loved and related to. She wasn't a drama queen and didn't frustrate me AT ALL.Lucah is my new book boyfriend *batting eyelashes*Damn, that boy made me melt. He is just:He has a chin dimple for Christ's sake! And freckles, and ginger hair. I have died and gone to book heaven.He wasn't one of those possessive alpha males who growl 24/7 and say things like:"I'm gonna fuck you so hard you'll scream...etc"Don't get me wrong, I love alpha males but these days, every time I read a book I see the same sentence over and over and over again.No, Lucah was fucking adorable and perfect.Did I mention that Lucah plays the guitar? Yeah, he kinda reminds me of Ed Sheeran.On to the plot.Rory is the vice president of her father’s software company and her assistant just retired so she needs a new one. Lucas (known as Lucah later on) applies to the job and Rory interview him and tells him that she'll get back to him later.Then Lucah shows up at a bar where Rory is with her friends and they're very attracted to each other. They end up having a one-night stand.You know, to get it out of their system.*snort*She decided to not give him the job because that would be unprofessional. But her father insists that she hires him since he has a very impressive résumé and he believes that the company needs him.So she does.Oh boy...Rory can't risk her job, she loves her job. So she denies her attraction to him and tries to keep things on a professional level.But Lucah wants her, she wants him too. So they cave in and have a purely sexual relationship under wraps.As they continue this relationship, Rory starts asking him questions about his past and such, but he's very secretive and she realizes they are SO many things she doesn't know about him.It has a little twist, but it didn't leave me rolling my eyes or anything. I kinda saw it coming but it was unexpected at the same time.There were so many funny quotes and double innuendos but I refuse to write them so you could enjoy their awesomeness.The secondary characters were hilarious! I loved Sloane, Rory's best friend. She was super funny and sweet. Their relationship reminded me of my relationship with my best friend.I have a feeling that the next book is going to be about Sloane and Ryder (Lucah's brother) and I seriously can't wait for it and I know it's gonna be just as good as this one.Sweet Surrendering is light and funny read that had me laughing out loud, swooning, fanning myself and wishing it wouldn't end.I read it in one sitting and let me tell you, I couldn't put it down. My eyes were super glued to my tablet ;)

  • Michelle
    2019-03-23 09:25

    Sweet Surrendering brings you the story of Lucas and Aurora (aka Rory); a cute romance that centers on a woman driven to succeed at her job and the man that has her willing to risk it all.When Rory finds herself in need of hiring an administrative assistant, she knows Lucas would be a bad idea. Not only because he is too hot for words, but because after one night in his bed she knows she won’t be able to resist him. But the only problem is, there just isn’t anyone else qualified for the job. So drawing the boundaries of a professional relationship, Rory offers him the job. Only problem is, day in and day out of flirting and sexual tension has Rory giving in to so much more.As they balance a secret office romance, Rory slowly starts to realize that the man she is falling for his hiding far too much about himself. Once she starts to unravel his secrets she has to decide just how much she’s willing to risk for love – what secrets is she willing to live with if it means keeping the man that she loves.Quirky. This romance was fun and humorous read. Ms. Cameron has a knack for placing little bits of humor in with her stories and this book was no different. Although I did enjoy this book, there were parts when I wanted more alone time with Lucas and Rory, apart from the other characters. One thing that I’ve noticed with her books is that there are always fantastic friendships, but for me sometimes those friendships take up a bit more of the story than I personally like. This was enjoyed, although not my favorite of her work – I still found myself enjoying the story and was pleased with how it all turned out. Lucas’s story could have been painted numerous ways, but I think what we got was perfect for the way this story. I found these two absolutely adorable in both the simple flirting and at times, a bit explosive. For those who became fans of Ms. Cameron with My Favorite Mistake, you are bound to enjoy this romance as well. I see that Rory & Lucas’s story isn’t quite over yet and that there are at least two more stories to this couple (along with Sloane’s story and a serial on the other characters), not sure yet if I can see Rory & Lucas’s story filling two more books... but we shall see.

  • seton
    2019-03-22 10:38

    Genre: CRSensuality: RCliffy? NoMediocre prose.Heroine seems kinda dumb, unbelievable as VP of a company even if it was thru nepotism.Also, not that hawt, IMO. I didnt see the heat or the chemistry.Novel needs to be copy edited.DNF.

  • Vixster
    2019-04-05 13:20

    This didn't hit the spot for me, the characters seemed like they would have fitted better in a more YA setting.

  • Debbie
    2019-04-14 08:49

    Review originally posted on Keep Calm & Read Romance3.5 StarsHoly Office Romance! If I hadn't read any Chelsea M. Cameron books in the past I would have never been able to guess that she was mainly known for her YA and New Adult titles. Sweet Surrendering grabbed me from the very first sentence and was the perfect fun, light and steamy read to keep me occupied on a Saturday afternoon."How in the name of everything holy did I end up on my back on the polished mahogany table in the boardroom getting the daylights fucked out of me by one of the sexiest men alive?"Aurora 'Rory' Clarke is Vice President for her father's Boston based IT company, Clarke Enterprise and is search of a new assistant. After interviewing a few lack luster applicants Rory meets Lucas Blaine, a sexy and mysterious young man who basically barges into the office and demands an interview. While she doesn't agree with his cocky attitude and tactic to landing an interview, Rory can't deny that he's more than qualified for the job and that Lucas Blaine is basically sex on a stick. After some hesitation, Rory eventually hires Lucas and the sexual tension between the two only escalates which in turn leads them to having a secret and sizzling office romance."This was only happening because I hadn't gotten laid in months. I was just a little sex starved, that was all."One of the things that I really enjoyed about Sweet Surrendering was the dialogue between Rory and Lucas. Cameron did a fantastic job with their quick and witty banter and had me laughing out loud over their flirtations and funny innuendos. The chemistry between these two was very palpable and they almost made me want to puke from all the sweetness. Lucas has an adorable pet name for her, Sunshine, and Rory can't stop day dreaming about dream weddings and ginger babies. Seriously, it was all very sweet and made me jealous that Lucas wasn't calling me Sunshine and that I didn't have the opportunity to have his Ginger babies. There were just one about the story in Sweet Surrendering that held me back from totally falling in love with it which coincidentally was also one of the reason why I loved this story. As I just said the romance between Rory and Lucas was all very sweet. But at some point I needed a little more from the couple. To me, it just seemed like everything came too easily for the couple. There was no real tension and if one did come up is was resolved by the end of the chapter of the next. Maybe I'm accustomed to other authors putting me through the ringer with their couples but with Rory and Lucas, Cameron kept it a little too sugary sweet. Like with the secret office romance. Rory really made a big deal about and is one of the reasons why she hesitated in getting in a relationship with Lucas. But by the end it was as if it wasn't even a real problem. It's like the idea of having an illicit office affair was exciting but everyone else in the office already knew so they didn't bring it up and raise any questions. I dunno. Like I said it was all too easy and I guess I just needed a little more drama."Okay, so I'm not into owning or being owned. I'm a progressive woman. I believe in gender equality. But honestly, I was ready to be his tonight."Overall, Sweet Surrendering was a really great and fun read. If you are looking for a sweet and sizzling romance with some sass then you most definitely want to read Sweet Surrendering. This was a wonderful start to Cameron's foray in the adult co temporary romance category and I'm more than looking forward to what she has to offer for the rest of the series.*ARC provided by author for an honest review

  • Holly
    2019-04-09 11:22

    Actual rating: 2.5 stars!I thought Sweet Surrendering was boring, and I thought the characters were immature and only a few of them actually had personalities. Sloane was the only character I loved, and I expected more out of the two main characters' relationship. Okay, I'm not trying to tear this down, but I've read Noctalis by Chelsea, and I thought that was so much more enjoyable. Not to mention, the characters were more mature than these so-called adults. Firstly, I couldn't connect with Rory. On some level, she just annoyed me. I didn't think she had much of a personality. She's a workaholic who's had one serious boyfriend that cheated on her, and she spends her days drinking, hanging out with her girlfriends, and working. She's an only child, and she has a great relationship with her parents (except you don't see much of them). I also thought she acted like she was still in high school when it came to Lucas. Or, excuse me, Lucah. And honestly, their relationship was lacking realness and an emotional quality I've come to expect in book couples. It's really all about the sex, and even the sex scenes were generic and mundane. Sometimes it was steamy, and other times I just wanted to skim the scenes. And their relationship was all sunshine and rainbows, even though they shouldn't be in a relationship and Lucah has secrets. It just didn't seem real to me.Secondly, the secret that Lucah was hiding didn't really fit with the story-line. Or, at least, I didn't like it because it was the reason that made it easy for them to get away with the forbidden office romance. Finding out about it when the story was almost over didn't help in the least. There wasn't much build-up about it, and I thought for sure it would create some tension between the two. But other than being less than a day apart because Rory had to think about everything, it was smoothed over.Thirdly, the plot was really boring. Forbidden romances are one of my favorite story-lines; however, this didn't seem like it. Their office romance wasn't smothered in tension, and I'm sure most of the other employees figured it out early on (even her father had!). There weren't any obstacles for them to jump through, and his "big secret" made everything end too perfectly. It was like a neat little bow on a present, all tidy and pretty. Forbidden romances shouldn't be that tidy or perfect. I was waiting for them to be found out, to have to jump through some obstacles at work and with the other employees, but it never happened.All in all, I thought the story was okay. It just didn't work for me.

  • Jessica Bradshaw
    2019-03-26 13:44

    What starts out as a one night stand turns into more than they both could ever had expected.Rory meets Lucas when he shows up at her office looking to interview for her assistant position.The interview does not go the professional way she intended it go and when it is over she has decided she will not be hiring Lucas.When she is out for girls night, who just happens to be at the bar and performing for open mic night, that is right Lucas.After a few drinks, they are in the cab on their way to his house, for a one-night stand to end all one-night stands (at this point you start the fanning of yourself).After being persuaded by her company's board members, she hires Lucas. She is determined to be the professional that she knows she is.Clearly things don't always go her way when she has the sexy Mr. Blaine sitting right outside her office staring at her day in day out.These two need to work out how they will work together and get through this intense (INTENSE) attraction and connection they have with each other. But not everything is as black and white as it seems, secrets are kept and worries are had, but why????? While reading this, I felt like this could be a true story, as if 'it could happen' in my life or a friends life. The way Lucas and Rory had to hide their feelings at work, the night outs Rory had with her girlfriends, the dialogue between Rory and her girlfriends and Rory and Lucas was beyond realistic. Some lines used in this book, I use on the regular when speaking to my girlfriends and boyfriend, so that just made me love this book even more. If you are looking for a steamy-office romance-fan yourself off kind of book, then this will be the book you need to read. I was all over the map with my emotions (minus the crying-well crying from laughter).Quotes:"I mean, unless you don't like s'mores in which case, there's the door.""The God of Love? We talking the Greek or the Roman one?"The American one. Alcohol.""He wasn't making this easy. Well, I could make it hard. That's what she said.""I'm cool with cuddling, I'm going to cuddle you so hard.""I'm psychotic," I said with a serious face. "I think you mean psychic, Sunshine."Great job Chelsea, can't wait for Book 2.

  • Heather
    2019-03-23 12:33

    This book took off from the first sentence, from that very first moment! I read the first sentence and I was like, holy wow.Two hundred and eighty six pages read this afternoon and tonight. That is with 2 soccer practices and dance class thrown in. Could not put it down.That good.I loved Rory. She was a strong independent woman who didn’t take herself to seriously but definitely knew what she wanted out of life. Lucas was amazing, totally on my book boyfriend shelf. He was hot. He was sexy. He was an alpha male who could also let his woman take control… or at least thing she had it. While I’m at it, this book is going on my girl crush shelf, not for Rory, though I *heart* her, it’s going on there for her best friend. I loved her. She added a whole new dimension to this book. While I’m adding people on shelves, so I don’t forget, Chelsea is going on my favorite author page. How have I not read any of her books before?Might I add a note here? You will never look at office supplies in the same way. I promise you, post it notes will now be hot. You might never look at these the same way again either.Not only is there this steamy romance, there’s a who done it built in too. I can’t tell you the build up to it or I would have to kill you because that is a spoiler, but it was an extra touch of somethin’ somethin’ to the story line.What would I rate this book? Absolutely must read if you love your romances hot and steamy with some we shouldn’t be doing this added in.I am so excited to have gotten a copy of this book. I don’t think my romance collection would be complete without it.So good.Loved. Loved. Loved.

  • Laura
    2019-04-08 12:33

    First read for me by this author. I believe she normally writes YA/NA novels and this is her first foray into adult contemporaries. She did a great job!Aurora 'Rory' Clarke is an only child. She works for her father at his company. She has had to prove herself as a woman in a high ranked position. Rory needs a new Assistant and before she has a chance to peruse the applicants, her father's Secretary is telling her that one applicant is here to see her. He has his resume with him. Rory is reluctant to see him but agrees. When she sees Lucas Blaine she is instantly attracted to him. The interview is rather awkward and she tells him she will be in touch. Next time she sees Lucas is when she is out with her friends at an 'open mike' night and Lucas steps up to sing!After a night of drunken sex Rory is ready to tell Lucas he can't have the job as her assitant but her father and the Board of Directors are already impressed with him and urge her to hire him. Rory is Lucas' boss and office romances are not acceptable. They try to hide their feelings from each other at work but it's not long before they are back in bed and conducting a secret affair hoping that nobody in the office notices.This was a great, fun read. There is no angst in this book. Normally I like a bit of angst but this book worked well without it as the author writes witty scenes between Rory and Lucas and Rory and her roomate Sloane (I hope Sloane gets her own book!). There is a mystery surrounding Lucas. I felt the author left a few things about that mystery unexplained but it wasn't enough for me to lose a star in the rating of this book.I loved Rory and Lucas. I loved the references to 'ginger babies'! The texting, the sticky notes, the office phone calls, the office sex!!I'll be reading more of this authors adult contemporaries.

  • Emma
    2019-04-12 09:28

    Chelsea is on my list of authors that I can read anything by - she writes angsty romance so well - utter swoonage - this must be the only time I would think of having ginger babies ;) Chelsea Cameron does angsty romance so well, the characters are realistic and the situations they find themselves in are easy to relate to.The portrayal of the role of women in the corporate world and their treatment is still a prevalent issues in today’s society. It was understandable how protective Rory was of her career, even more so as she has to overcome the fact that it’s her father who owns the company. She isn’t given any special treatment. The fact that there is also a specific policy in place to stop colleagues undertaking relationships exacerbated the tension.Any relationship built on secrets and lies is heading for disaster, the plot twists added to the sense of anxiety while reading. Emotional barriers are broken down, intensifying the relationship while simultaneously making you question the integrity of the revelations. How can you be sure what is real and what is fiction when placed in such a complicated situation.As always Chelsea’s characters are so well-developed they book real within the imagination. Even the secondary characters play such significant roles that you can’t help but become emotionally attached to every single one of them.

  • Andrea
    2019-03-30 06:46

    *Arc provided in return for an honest reviewOh, I loved this book!!The first page starts off with a bang, literally, with Rory on her back on a boardroom table!! I knew then I was in for a great read.Sweet Surrendering is a hot, steamy, sweet and funny read.This may be the first book I've read from Chelsea M. Cameron but it definitely won't be the last. Chelsea, I cannot wait for book 2!Go 1-click buy it today!!!Full review on

  • Kelli C ~ Jack Sawyer's Heart
    2019-04-02 09:38

    3 to 3.5 happy stars. This was a sweet new adult romance with generally likeable characters and decent heat. I found the pace a little slow but still a good read. There was not too much angst, which we all know i love, but there was good heat so YAY for that! Although Lucas/Lucah and Aurora were the lead characters, I actually found myself more entertained by her roomie Sloan. I can see her and Lucah's bad boy brother going that i would love to read!

  • Auhmanduh
    2019-03-29 08:42

    3.5 stars.I got this book on sale with B&N and I was excited!I love Chelseas' books, but this one didn't do it for me. I loved Lucahs' character and how he was with Rory but the story line just wasn't exciting. It was bland and grey... boring.IF this turns into a series and Sloan and Ryder are next I hope there is more excitement.

  • Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews
    2019-04-07 13:22

    *I received a free ARC of Sweet Surrendering from All Night Reads via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review*Sweet Surrendering is hot, intriguing and filled with humor and great friendships!This and all my other reviews are originally posted on my blog(un)Conventional Bookviews

  • Jessica
    2019-04-14 09:22

    I've heard great things about Chelsea's books and it's about time I jumped on the bandwagon! Because: Helllooooo sexy times! Whew! This book is STEAMY! And I loved every delicious moment between Lucas and Rory. One of my favorite things about this book is the dialogue. Rory's inner thoughts are hilarious and the way she interacts with both Lucas and her friends had me cracking up!"Sloane was hunched over the coffeepot like Golem over the Ring and she growled at me when I asked her for a cup." (e-ARC 72)"I'll have to, at some point. He's not a moron, he's going to figure it out. So I love him and I can't say the words out loud and he's still hiding things from me and not sharing them with me and it pisses me off because I love him and want to have his ginger babies." (e-ARC 155)Rory is a really great protagonist. She's confident, sassy, and FUN. She is incredibly successful and loves her job. She's working in a man's world but has really made her place in her dad's company. She is looking to hire a new personal assistant when Lucas Blaine walks in with all his cocky glory. He didn't set up an appointment, but he is a 'get what he wants' kind of guy. As determined as he is, he isn't a jerk and I really liked that. He was cocky and confident, but you could tell right away he has a playful side to him. The attraction between these two is off the charts! After a chance encounter one night at a bar, the two can't help but explore the extent of that attraction. Hot damn!This obviously presents a problem for Rory as Lucas has stellar reviews and his name keeps coming up for the assistant job. She hires him and now has to figure out how to keep herself under control and maintain a professional work environment.Easier said than done! LOL. Watching these two try to remain indifferent to one another is so funny! What was supposed to be only one night of scorching hot sex turns into so much more. It's hard to remain professional when there is so much tension and attraction between the two.I liked Lucas's character too. You knew right away he was keeping things, as he was not open about his life at all. Lucas is one determined guy and he will do whatever it takes to be with Rory. She was bothered by the fact that he was keeping things from her the deeper their relationship got and when feelings starting getting involved. However, he was always honest about the fact that there were some things he just couldn't reveal to her. We do find out a bit about his family and that he has a troubled younger brother and I am quite interested in learning more about him! Perhaps the second book in the series will focus on him?Their relationship definitely started out as purely sexual, but grew into more. They definitely pushed the limits of their working relationship and I was definitely afraid the two would get caught! Yet, watching their relationship develop from a sexual one into a deeper one was pretty great. Both of them have fallen hard for one another and what starts out as just nights together, turns into wanting mornings and then wanting to be together period. Sadly, both know that can't happen, not while they work together. Ah, forbidden love!The side characters! Sloane, Rory's roommate, was awesome. She was feisty and not afraid to say what's on her mind or be herself. I definitely would like to read more about her too! I love how dedicated the two friends are to one another. They don't ditch each other to hook up with guys and they are there for each other when everything falls apart. We don't get too many scenes with Rory's other girlfriends Chloe and Marisol, but you can tell the girls are a close knit group and I really miss having that with my girls! We only get to meet Lucas's brother Ryder for a minute, but we hear plenty about all the trouble he's gotten himself into and he's a bad boy to the bone! (Please let the second book be his!)I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop! You knew it was coming- that Lucas's secrets would out themselves, and I was just waiting for the shit to hit the fan. While Rory was hurt, I think that she knew ahead of time that Lucas was concealing things from her, she wasn't completely blind-sided either.I only had a few minor qualms about the story. I did feel some scenes were a bit redundant and that there wasn't a whole lot of action/events taking place and that did seem to make some of the story go a bit slower for me. I also got a bit annoyed with Lucas and Rory calling each other Miss Clarke and Mr. Blaine all the time. I get it at work, and I think it was funny to pretend to be professional while they were busy sexing it up, but I just felt it was said a bit too much.Overall- if you're looking for a steamy, sexy adult read with funny, witty dialogue this is definitely one to pick up!*Received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.*

  • Lauren ♥ Inked in Chapters
    2019-04-08 06:23

    You can read this and other reviews at Madison SaysTo be quite honest with you, I’m not sure how my Kindle didn’t go up in flames while reading this one. Holy crap on a cracker! Mr. Lucas Blaine (if that is your real name…) and Ms. Aurora Clarke have some ridiculous sexual chemistry. Woo… I’m still fanning myself over here.This is not my first rodeo. I have read many of Chelsea’s books and I have yet to be disappointed. I absolutely fell in love with her writing after reading My Favorite Mistake. If you haven’t read it, uh, you’re making a mistake. You should definitely pick that one up. Sweet Surrendering is just one in a long line of books that I have enjoyed reading by this very talented author.Aurora (Rory) Clarke has worked her butt off to get where she is. Yes, she works in her father’s company. Yes, she comes from a very affluent family and has had some advantages in life, but that being said, she has worked HARD to get where she is today. Where is she exactly? Well, she’s Vice President of the very well-known software company, Clarke Enterprises. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for her, Rory’s somewhat senile secretary finally retired and she’s in the market for a new one.In walks Lucas Blaine, an obnoxiously, persistent sex on a stick type of man. He’s vying for the secretary position, and usually gets exactly what he wants. After an interesting impromptu interview, Rory is adamant about NOT hiring this man. It’s a bad idea for more than one reason…“Just because you want something, doesn’t mean you can have it,” I said.“Actually, it’s been my experience that it does. I always get what I want, even if I have to work for it.” He was incorrigible.Later that same night, Rory sees Lucas at a local bar she frequents. It’s open mic night and as expected there are a lot of duds. One thing is certain, when Lucas took the stage, Rory was mesmerized. Things get a little crazy and before you know it, Rory is on her way to a one night stand with the wanna be sexy secretary. What can go wrong? She can get him out of her system and never have to see him again, right?Fast forward a day or two and Rory finds herself forced to hire Lucas. Like I said earlier, the sexual tension between those two is INSAINE! Naturally, they give in to temptation and have some pretty steamy office sessions which in turn lead to a hidden relationship. There is just a few problems. They’re like giant storm clouds hanging above their heads. The first being that Lucas is hiding something – something big. The second, office romances are frowned upon at Clarke Enterprises. One or both of them may end up losing their job, and quite possibly their heart in the process.Love made you consider losing your job for a little desk sex. Love made you a fucking idiot.Okay, the first three quarters of the book had me salivating on the edge of my seat. I could NOT figure out what Lucas or Lucah, or whatever his name is, was hiding. I had all sorts of crazy thoughts, none of which turned out to be correct. My hat is off to you Ms. Cameron. My only grievance is that when I finally found out what Lucas was hiding, everything seemed to easily resolve itself. Lucas even got a nice job out of the deal. It just seemed too good to be true. With all the sneaking around, locked doors, and disappearing acts, I would have kicked his ass to the curb long ago. I guess it helps that the man is sex walking… and apparently he is really good on his knees…I fucking loved him and I wanted everyone to know it. Except Lucah, of course. He was the last person I wanted to know that I loved him. Second only to my dad.This is just a tiny thing, but it made me smile. I’m always reading about, well, let me rephrase that, I’m not ALWAYS reading about it, but occasionally I stumble upon a book where the man had a pieced *ahem* member. In Sweet Surrendering, it’s the girls turn to don some lower jewelry. Might sound silly, but as a pieced woman myself, (not saying I’m pierced THERE, but I have quite a few piercings…) it’s nice to have a woman wave her freak flag a little. That’s not to say that Lucas doesn’t have any of his own, he does, just not THERE.I enjoyed Sweet Surrending A LOT, I just wasn’t so keen on how everything wrapped up into a pretty little bow so easily. I would have liked a little more angst; a little more controversy and drama, especially between Lucas and Rory.Like I said earlier, I enjoy a good Chelsea M. Cameron read. Sweet Surrendering is just one in a long line of books I’d recommend by this very talented author. If you like corporate liaisons with a little bad boy thrown in, this is the book for you. Me personally? I can’t wait to read Ryder and Sloane’s story. *fanning myself* If Lucas and Rory were hot, those two are going to set me on fire!

  • Krista
    2019-04-11 10:49

    I have read one other book by Chelsea Cameron, and I had no idea she was such a comedian! Sweet Surrendering was such a surprise to me. It was a sweet story punctuated by hilarious inner monologues and witty banter that kept me laughing and snorting in between rants at the MC's fits of ignorance. I love a good story that keeps me waffling back and forth between funny and frustrating.Rory is a VP at her father's company who happens to be sleeping with her new hot assistant. Lucas is complex and brash and really good at his job - er, both of them. Neither was really in a position to fall in love, but it happens anyway and complicates an already complicated situation. Now, all of a sudden, Rory's job is becoming more of a problem, as is all the secrets that Lucas continues to keep from her.For the most part, I loved Rory. She is smart and driven and not a size 2. I got the impression that she was very confident and didn't take much crap from people - especially men. She has a fantastic relationship with her parents (and what a refreshingly wonderful thing THAT is!) and with her BFF and roomie, Sloane. I love the way Chelsea Cameron painted Rory. It was like love transformed her into a caricature of herself. Someone she didn't quite recognize. And, while she delighted in it, it also pissed her off.Stupid love. Love made you want to punch yourself in the face. It also made you so distracted that you didn't get as much done at your job as you should because you were too busy fantasizing about your stupid guy and his magical penis. It made you spend meetings trying not to draw little hearts, or see what his last name would look like with your first name. Love made you into a fucking twelve-year-old girl. Lucas was all snark and sass right from word one, so in the moments when we saw him vulnerable, it made me want to hold on to them and savor every word. Most of the time, he was funny and sharp, though. But, boy, is he good with his words when he uses them."I don't want just nights. I want mornings. And mid-mornings and late mornings and noons and afternoons and evenings and everything in between. Sunrises and sunsets and twilight. I want it all. I want to be with you. Definitions and everything. I want to call you mine."Lucas' big secret wasn't that much of a secret. I figured it out pretty early, and it left me wondering what the hell Rory was doing that she couldn't see it either. I get that she was caught up in the relationship and in being in love and all that. But, really? She couldn't see that coming? Not only that, but every time she asks him to open up and talk to her about the things he was hiding. he flat out refused, and she was totally okay with that. I call BS. No woman I know in a new relationship with a guy would stand for that, no matter how good the sex is.There were elements of the story that weren't entirely believable. The pacing seemed a bit off at times too. There were times in the middle when the story stalled a bit. And, the last 15% went at lightning speed - so fast, it almost seems like we were missing something.Despite that, I was intrigued and keep engaged with the dangling carrot of when Lucas' secrets finally would come out and blow up in his face. It was good when that happened, but I felt it was resolved too quickly. I wanted Lucas to stew for awhile. Sweet Surrenderings was told only from Rory's POV. I think I would've liked to have seen Lucas' too. But, it was a good story with a good HEA. I look forward to the next book in the series - perhaps about Sloane?

  • Kendall {Book Crazy}
    2019-04-14 07:20

    I am in love! This book was absolutely amazing! I've read this author's other contemporary book, My Favorite Mistake and I completely fell in love with it, so to say that I was excited about another contemporary book from her was an understatement! This book was hot! So, so hot! I was expecting it to be hot when I saw the cover and read the synopsis, but I was not expecting it to be anywhere near as hot as it was! The plot of this book was quite fun to read! I couldn't get through it fast enough! It was sexy and the sexual tension between the two main character was off the chart! It was just I was sucked right into the plot and I couldn't put this book down until I had finished it! I also loved the twists that were thrown in, which in a sense, sort of changed the story a lot more than I was expecting them too! The twists also weren't what I was expecting them to be, but they really added to the plot! I did find this book a little anticlimactic though! There wasn't really a climax throughout the full book too be honest, which did impact on the plot a bit! The characters were amazing! Rory was the main character and she was so funny! She made me laugh because she tried so hard not to show how she really felt for her love interest and she failed miserably, but she kept trying! I also loved her because although she came from a wealthy background, she worked for what she earned, which is something I admired about her! I though Rory was just an all round amazing character! She was really easy for me to connect with as well! Lucas was the love interest of Rory and he was SO hot! He may be one of the hottest male characters I've ever read! I loved how persistent Lucas was with Rory and I could see that he had genuine feelings for her! I would have loved to have read some of this book from his point of view as he was the one with all the secrets and it would have been interesting to have gotten inside his head and seeing his reaction to certain situations and seeing his feelings for Rory grow! The book was still amazing from only Rory's point of view though! I thought that this book was a standalone when I first heard about it, but now it's a saga! I'm actually seriously happy about this because I want more! I'm not sure if the next book is going to be about Rory and Lucas, but I really hope it is! There is potential for the next book to be about other characters though! I'll definitely be reading it regardless of who the main characters are! The cover for this book is hot! I'm not going to lie! I mean who doesn't want to read a book with a guy with that body on it? Yep, I totally would! Big thank you to Chelsea for an ARC of Sweet Surrendering and to InkSlinger PR for having me on the Blog Tour!

  • Desirae (Dee)
    2019-04-10 14:31

    Mm mmm mmmm. Forbidden office romance? Check.Hot panty wetting, face fanning opening sequence.. Check. Secrets and betrayal. Check. Heartbreak. Check. Check. You're totally ready for this now aren't you?? I know!! Me too!! I will preface with this. All through this book I was half expecting her to get hit with a lawsuit or something, and boy am I glad I was way off base. I kept thinking I knew what was gonna happen next.. Nope, way off base. First of all, let me just say this, pressured to hire the guy or not, a man who can wear a good suit an fill it out is fan fucking tastic BBF material. Lucas,or Lucah as she gets to call him later, is so amazing hot and knows it too. I love the way that name just rolls off your tongue. Lucah. Lucah. Llllllllucah. Okay, I think I'm done ..... For now.... Aurora/Rory is in need of an administrative assistant, and a good one. So when my sex on legs shows up without an appointment, she doesn't want to hire him. The way he handles the interview though, that had me chuckling. Just imagining how a perspective boss would handle the underlying sexual connection and current in an interview. I mean she calls herself the ice queen. Should be no big deal, right!?!? Right. Wrong. No. She tries and tries and tries, but eventually has to hire him. So now she has to see him daily. Yay!! Eye candy fun!! But eye candy turns into more. And by more I mean I'm going to pleasure you so much, you won't walk straight and have to thik about my face, mouth, hands, and...well, you get the picture..all day. But again who needs to walk, it was nights only. Easy enough right? Uh hello?? Knock knock, Did you read the part about the connection as sexual current. As much as she wants to keep this as nights only, there's no way to stop it. No way to deny it. And holy meatballs it's worth every frickin word. Of course you know once the heart is involved, something is gonna happen right?? Believe me when I tell you, you. Have. No. Idea. It was no where anything like what I expected. Good lord of writing Chelsea, well done. I really really liked this book. It kept my panties wet and my mind running into the gutter of the adult shop the whole time. I love it. Totally kept me on my toes and my granny panties wetter than a fish in a fishpond.

  • Nikki
    2019-04-02 13:32

    My review is live on FicWishes! A rich, pretty, executive type chick hooks up with a hot guy in a suit. He has a really killer chin dimple. You know the ones that auto-magically make a guy super fuckable? So yeah, that’s what this book is about.Ok, I maaaay be way oversimplifying the plot of Sweet Surrendering just a bit. Sweet Surrendering is about Aurora Clarke who isn’t your typical trust fund bitch; she has worked hard for her place at her father’s software company. Rory meets Lucas Blaine when he barges into her office and basically demands an interview to be her assistant, with emphasis on ass. Lucas is pure Alpha hotness and amazingly, so is Rory. Being an alpha girl myself, I LOVED the tension and the sex in this book. It was almost like reading my own personal fantasies. I’m not a huge fan of single nipple piercings on guys, but that’s just me nitpicking. I couldn’t help but really like and strongly identify with Rory. She also has awesome, supportive and funny friends. Ya’ll will just love her roomie, Sloane; she’s such a freaking hoot.This book reads much like a journal. Which works well for this story; it allows for a lot of humor and makes it feel very authentic and personal. It reminded me vaguely of Bridget Jones’ Diary. What’s the difference, you ask? Aside from lots of fun office sex; this is an entertaining and pretty well written book. I am not necessarily intending a burn there, just being honest. I don’t remember BJD being this easy to read, or this engaging.This book is funny, witty and pure sexy adult fun. I highly recommend it to romance and erotica fans. It’s dirty, but not gross or overly detailed with the sexy bits. The love story is really very sweet and endearing. It’s a very believable plot and Rory’s repertoire with her girlfriends is exactly how I talk to my good friends. All my dirtybirdy girlies out there definitely pick this book up right away. I’ll be trying out a few of Chelsea’s other titles now and I’m eagerly awaiting Book 2 in this series.4.5 Stars!

  • Roxanne Kade
    2019-03-31 10:20

    This book was fun and exciting. I loved the idea of a taboo office romance where the one in charge was a woman. It was fun getting to know the characters while they played their game of cat and mouse, and even more exciting was the anticipation of how or when they'd be discovered, and what it would mean for their nocturnal romps. I really wanted to love Lucas, or is that Lucah, and I did for the most part, but there were times when I found him to be a bit juvenile. I almost thought the big secret he was keeping was that he was really some rich college kid who'd made a bet with his buddies on how long he'd be able to bed a sophisticated woman like Rory. I also thought he may be hiding his kink for submission. He obviously loved a woman in charge, and he was eager to please. Rory on the other hand was quite sweet. I didn't get the bitch vibe from her at all so I was surprised when she kept referring to her 'bitch face'. There were other fun characters in this story. Sloane was spunky and such a great friend. I'd love to know more about her story though. She was always busy with her designs, and when not, she was looking after her friends. Then there was Fin. I really didn't see the point of him in this story, other than possibly being the missing piece of a love triangle. But he wasn't, so again, I feel he was more of a filler character than anything else.It was great to read a contemporary romance in which the characters are not completely flawed or broken. They have their little secrets, but they were never abused, weren't dying of some or other disease, and didn't have crazy exes trying to force themselves between the MCs. If you are looking for a quick, light read, this is definitely it.

  • Melissa
    2019-04-19 09:28

    3.5 "sexcretary" stars!If you're looking for a light, fun love story, full of steamy scenes than Sweet Surrendering is the perfect book. Aurora Clark or Rory, is the Vice President at her father's software company. She's might be the boss' daughter, but she's worked hard to get where she is and just wants to be taken seriously in a profession full of men. She's looking for a new administrative assistant, but can't seem to find the right person. Lucas Blaine appears to be the perfect candidate for the job and he even comes with a recommendation from the board of directors. The only problem, he's gorgeous and would be nothing but a distraction for Rory. Especially after the hot one-night stand they shared. But, she's determined to make it work and keep things professional for the sake of making the board happy. What she gets instead is her very own sexcretary.This was the first of Chelsea Cameron's books that I've read and I really liked it. The connection between Lucah and Rory was so cute and flirty. I just breezed through this book. But there were times it just felt like Lucah was too perfect if that's even possible and every issue was handled too neatly. I wanted a little edge to the story."I don't want just nights. I want mornings. And mid-mornings and late mornings and noons and afternoons and evenings and everything in between. Sunrises and sunsets and twilight. I want it all."*Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*3.5/5 FangsMrsLeif's Two Fangs About It

  • Jenese
    2019-04-07 12:24

    Chelsea M Cameron said she was going to bring it with this book and she DID!!! I knew I loved her when I first read My Favorite Mistake. Sweet Surrendering is reminiscent of a few different books I've read recently but also unique in it's own way.Rory, our heroine, is the VP of her father's company. She's very pretty and smart, but trying to make it as a female in the corporate world. She is fiercely independent and doesn't NEED a man for anything. She's has Mr. Buzzy, LOL! I love the fact that she's not too shy in the bedroom either. She knows what she wants and gets it.Lucas was my favorite kind of man *coughs* minus the admin job!! He was sexy, confident, funny, alpha and wasn't taking no for an answer. And of course in alpha male form he had secrets. I didn't like that he seemed to have almost another life away from Rory (not that he was away much). She had way more patient then I would have had in her situation.There are definitely some nice hot, steamy sex scenes in this book that had my eyes GLUED to my Nook. That Lucas was WOW!! I'm not going to lie, I live for the sex scenes and the cute banter. There was definitely cuteness with these two. Lots of sticky notes, cute and sexy text messages and I loved it ALL.Rory and her girlfriends crack me up. The girls kind of remind me and my 3 girlfriends, yes we do flock in groups of 4, lol. A lot of name calling, joking around and drinking, my kind of gals. I think they were great secondary characters and I would LOVE to hear more about them. *hint hint Chelsea*I'm so glad I was able to read this Cameron book. She's made me want Ginger babies!! I didn't think it was possible. I applaud you Chelsea and please continue to make more SMEXY books for me to read!!!

  • Tamsyn Bester
    2019-04-01 08:33

    I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet, sexy read from Chelsea M. Cameron. I becomes a huge fan when I read My Favorite Mistake and her writing style has had me hooked ever since. Sweet Surrendering was no different and i was excited to see Chelsea write something a little hotter… Aurora Clarke works for her father, and she has worked hard to prove herself in an office full of men. when she is pressurized to hire a new assistant, she wasn't even remotely prepared for the 'candidate' that the Board of Directors had in mind. But she has no choice but to hire him…When Lucas Blaine was hired by his new boss, Aurora Clarke, he thought it was just another 'job', and was determined to treat it that way. but then he saw her, and he knew he was screwed. he was determined to have her, which ever way he could, but soon realized that it complicated his situation. They have a steamy love affair, involving board room tables, elevators and eventually can't seem to get enough of each other… But Lucas has a secret, and when it effects his job and threatens his relations with Rory, he has choice to make - Rory or his job… This book was ((HOT)), and i loved the quirky, playful banter between Rory and Lucas, and of course the steam between the two is off the chain. I related to Rory in so many ways, and I loved that her character wasn't weak - she's a very strong, independent woman show has worked hard t prove that she's more than 'daddy's little girl' in the office. i also loved the supporting characters - they were funny, and supportive and added so much to the feel of the story! This was a fab read, and if you enjoy sweet, funny, sexy books with a touch of drama, this book is definitely for you :)

  • Laura *Little Read Riding Hood*
    2019-03-23 10:20

    I had the privilege to beta read for this book, and let me tell you *fans self* I probably shouldn't have while I was waiting for my plane, and then more while in the air. I got some pretty funny looks from other people while I was squirming in my seat and laughing out loud.Cameron has long been one of my favorite authors, she can take even the most serious subjects and make them almost fun. So when she decided to write a romance, with some serious mixed in, you know I was all over that like white on rice. Her style has always been easy and carefree, and I lost myself in the pages. Many times forgetting I was supposed to be looking for typos and such.Rory is someone any woman can relate to. She is trying extra hard to prove herself, so when her one night stand turns into her assistant, she tries so hard to keep things professional. But Lucas ... of Lucas, I wouldn't have even made the effort. That boy ... of MY GOODNESS. Sorry to the other book boyfriends I've had from Cameron's books, I can't even remember your names anymore. Lucas has stolen the show, and my heart. Now if only he would steal my body life would be goooooood.The supporting characters are also a riot. Such diverse personalities, and the circle of friends any woman would kill to have at her back. Ok, kill might be a strong word ... how about by a round of drinks for the bar? That sounds more reasonable.If you've waited for Cameron to have an adult novel, wait no longer. Sweet Surrendering is her first, and I doubt her last, and most definitely worth the read.

  • Evette
    2019-04-19 10:25

    review to come during blog tour10/27/13 Blog Tour StopI received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Rory is looking for a new assistant.  She’s one of the few women in her dad’s company.  She has worked hard to get where she is-earning respect and credibility with her skills and know-how.  She never saw Lucas Blaine coming.Lucas Blaine applies for the PA job.  He’s charming, qualified and oh yeah-GORGEOUS.  The attraction is shared, but Rory knows she can’t give in to it.Soon a very secret affair starts.  It quickly bleeds into an office affair…CONFERENCE ROOM!  But Rory worries about how it will affect her work and status. She wants Lucah- but the secrets are getting to be too much. Something big is holding Lucah back and when it is revealed everything changes.*Loved their banter- and the pull- will they or won’t  they??*Love how sweet Lucah and Rory are together*NEED GINGER BABIES*LOVE, love, love Rory’s girlfriends Chloe, Sloane and Marisol.  FYI-I’ve requested a Sloane of my very own.This is a well-written story that kept me turning the pages. At once a romance with a bit of mystery and LOTS of steam.  The different relationships-father/daughter, mother/daughter and the friends all rang true.  Rory and Lucah get their hard earned HEA.  Looking forward to the next book in series!

  • Jolene
    2019-04-03 13:20

    The beginning I thought started great but along the way I just felt like stopping. I found sometimes I wasn't following who was talking within the speech marks, then I would have to re read. At times I didn't feel that strong of a connection with the main characters. I'm surprised Lucas acted with his attraction so fast in the beginning, thought he should of been more torn up about wanting to start something with Rory. So don't understand why he wanted a relationship for all to see while 'working'.... And his secret, wasn't feeling the emotion that went with someone your currently seeing keeping so much to themselves, yes he needed too but this was also after 'I love you' that he still couldn't confided in her sooner. There could of been more with her not understanding & maybe her feeling like he didn't trust her enough. He didn't tell her who actually 'hired' him although she found out, I just feel there was so much missing/ not explained and therefore left feeling.... That it doesn't make sense.

  • Sofia Lazaridou
    2019-04-16 07:36

    After a point I started to feel that the book was dragging. The only thing that kept me from taking a break from the book was a question that I had and I needed it answered.Who are you Mr. Blaine? I had my suspicions because something seemed a little off to me. I liked the characters in the book. Rory's girlfriends were great and I can't wait to see more of them.I don't know if this book was a warning about Rayder, because it would have come as a huge surprise later, or a way to get the reader to want to read the next book to learn more about Ryder.The picture that was created wasn't very good.The story is told from Rory's point of view only so I was a little worried about the way the events were going to fall out. I am happy that she saw the light without much drama.