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Legendary hacker, Dimity Pond, is on the run from the law. Her landlord has just sold her home, all her money has disappeared along with her bigamist husband, a cyber-terrorist named Nemesis is forcing her to wreak havoc with a nasty virus, and she's developing a vile migraine.Six years ago, Nemesis framed Dimity for the collapse of Easy Bank. The money was never found, anLegendary hacker, Dimity Pond, is on the run from the law. Her landlord has just sold her home, all her money has disappeared along with her bigamist husband, a cyber-terrorist named Nemesis is forcing her to wreak havoc with a nasty virus, and she's developing a vile migraine.Six years ago, Nemesis framed Dimity for the collapse of Easy Bank. The money was never found, and the bank's failure caused untold damage to its customers. She's been living under the radar ever since. The only way she can clear her name and live a normal life is to uncover Nemesis's identity, but he's always one step ahead.Since Lord Richard Summerhayes left the Special Forces he's built the best disaster-recovery network in the world, at The Bunker in southern England. Banks, military, airports and other major systems rely on him as the last unshakeable fortress in the face of disaster. Richard has been keeping an eye on his hacker neighbour with the dubious past. He doesn't like hackers much, and when someone nukes his network with an intriguing new virus he knows exactly who to blame. But when he turns up to confront her, he gets a whole lot more than he bargained for.When Nemesis commits an unthinkable act of terrorism, the last hope is an encrypted file that only Dimity can crack. Will Nemesis manipulate Dimity into helping him annihilate the British financial system? Or can Richard and Dimity take Nemesis down once and for all?...

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Pursuit Reviews

  • Feminista
    2019-04-29 05:18

    Rating: 4 out of 5.I was going through my Kindle app wondering which book to read next, when I accidentally pressed this book.So I thought, why not? I'll go ahead and read this one.From the first couple of chapters I WAS HOOKED.Dimity Pond is a genius. An Australian born hacker in the U.K., she is on the run from the authorities. Framed for the collapse of Easy Bank and causing widespread panic, she has the status of a cyber terrorist. We start the story, as Dimity's "fake" life starts to fall apart. Her husband, she finds out is a bigamist. If that isn't enough, we find out that the Nemesis, her framer, is still after her and has been sending her threatening emails and phone calls.Caught in a web to destroy the Bunker (a disaster recovery centre), she finds herself in Pursuit from Lord Richard Summerhayes, the owner of the bunker, and a man who was always very aware of Dimity's presence and true name.This book had brilliant three-dimensional characters. The protagonist herself was a complex character. Being framed for such a thing has caused her emotional and mental problems. Distrust and fear are her constant companion throughout the book. Richard Summerhayes is a wonderful hero. The author takes her time developing their relationship. I like that it wasn't instantaneous love-at-first-sight. It made the novel so much more realistic and relate-able. There was one thing, however, that I didn't like very much. I didn't like how Dimity was able to be friends with Kitty after what she had done. I didn't think it was realistic. It is one thing to be able to move on from a guy once you realise that he is a jerk and that you never loved him in the first place. But it is a completely different thing to forgive people like or to even act like nothing ever happened after the first outbreak. Why didn't we get to see Dimity laying it into Kitty properly? Yes, there is a disaster ahead and there isn't any time for personal fights. But afterwards? It was like it was completely forgiven if not forgotten.It was reiterated that Kitty is Dimity's friend. But the fact is, FRIEND'S DON'T DO THAT TO ONE ANOTHER. It is a BIG no no. If friends can't mind that rule, than there is little difference between friends and enemies. Hell I wouldn't even be able betray someone I hated, to that extent.And don't even get me started on Jake. Firstly, I was glad that we got to see so little of him and Kitty. But regardless, I hated the whole he-is-a-changed-man scenario. It was like just because bad things happened to him, it is easier to forgive and forget his intentional and continuing sins? Well that sure doesn't change the past...ARC Courtesy of NetGalley and Momentum Books.

  • LPJ
    2019-04-24 05:25

    I tried. A legendary female hacker meets a British ex-Special Forces guy? Yes, please. But it just didn't work out. The writing was very brusque, not just straightforward but oddly clipped. I felt like Richard was nothing more than a collection of facial expressions - he seemed to be always scowling, frowning or grimacing instead of, you know, having some kind of character traits. And as much as I love a girl who dreams in code, I just couldn't stay invested in a story with characters this thinly drawn.

  • Ali Williams
    2019-05-02 11:21

    I’m quite fussy when it comes to romantic suspense. I genuinely can’t deal with heroines who sit around and get rescued continually; if you’re going to have your main two characters at the heart of a thriller-type plot, then the woman needs to kick-arse.And kick-arse Dimity does...http://exploitsofachicklitaficionado....

  • Shelley
    2019-05-20 05:35

    I really can't remember the last time I read a thriller/crime book. I think the last one I read was by Robert Ludlum, who I first started reading when I discovered his books on my parents' bookshelf. When I read a book like this one, it makes me wonder why I do not read more suspense/crime novels, it reminds me why I enjoy them so much.The plot/story was not new or untried. Dimity is a hacker, 6yrs ago she was framed for hacking in to a bank and stealing 80 million, when in fact, someone followed her in and took the money. She's been in hiding at a farmhouse for the past 6yrs being harassed by Nemesis, the person she suspects really took the money, and has been trying to find him.The story is pretty fast paced and the characters are very likable, or not, depending on who it is, but it's a good dis-like. My one complaint about it is that it just kept going. It was around 40% when the whole thing 'exploded' so to speak. Nemesis is revealed and you sit there and think "mm ok, there is still a lot left to this book, what more can they possibly add?" Well, a lot. By the 3rd? kidnapping or maybe it was the 4th I was ready for the book to just end it already. I like suspense, I like a bit of excitement, but I think the multiple kidnappings and "ooo s/he escaped...oh wait, nope s/he captured again" got a bit tiresome. I probably would have given it a higher rating if not for that.

  • Linda
    2019-04-24 10:20

    I was definitely unsure if I was going to read this book at all. But the characters did capture my attention. I just love Lord Richard Summerhayes because he is the typical Alpha men. Dimity is definitely framed for a criminal that she did not commit. She does not trust any men at all since she had bad experience beforehand. She gets involve into another scheme because the government wants her help. Lord Richard and Dimity definitely don't like each other from the start. But they definitely do have some chemistry between them. I just adore how good Lord Richard is that he is perfect for Dimity. They definitely solve the crime together, but you will be shocked who Nemesis is. A good read for the summer!

  • Karen
    2019-05-07 09:27

    Review Posted on HarlequinJunkie.comDimity Pond lives in a little farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. Married, owns a deaf dog, boards horses… ordinary really. But saying her life isn’t what it seems is a massive understatement. One morning a woman comes to visit – that woman is her husband’s *real* wife. Shocking to say …Read More

  • Laura Hannaway
    2019-05-11 09:09

    Not for me I'm afraid... I found it overly long and melodramatic! A shame as the premiss was interesting...

  • ☆ Sammy ☆彡
    2019-04-28 08:09

    **ARC courtesy of Momentum Books via Negalley in exchange for an honest review**

  • Lily Marlene
    2019-04-27 08:08

    3,5 stars

  • Tory Hayward
    2019-05-04 07:21