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Lenora Brewer’s family owns the largest shipyard in Salem Massachusetts and Lenora, as her father’s only living child, is given free rein to learn the business. When Lenora’s father is killed in a carriage accident, her relatives arrange a marriage to a wealthy investor who is rumored to have beaten his first wife to death. Lenora devises a scheme to stowaway on The SweetLenora Brewer’s family owns the largest shipyard in Salem Massachusetts and Lenora, as her father’s only living child, is given free rein to learn the business. When Lenora’s father is killed in a carriage accident, her relatives arrange a marriage to a wealthy investor who is rumored to have beaten his first wife to death. Lenora devises a scheme to stowaway on The Sweet Lenora, a ship named for her. The last thing Anton Boudreaux needs is a naïve young woman stowing away on his ship. The dark and daring captain has secrets of his own to protect. When Sweet Lenora encounters a dangerous storm off the coast of Brazil, Lenora and Anton find in each other the courage and tenacity to brave the elements. As their love for one another grows it becomes a force to be reckoned with—and it will be sorely tested.This novella is book one of the Anton and Lenora Series...

Title : Sweet Lenora (Sweet Lenora #1)
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Sweet Lenora (Sweet Lenora #1) Reviews

  • Gary Bonn
    2019-04-02 11:36

    Sweet Leonora: Ute CarboneBefore you open this book, take a deep breath and find a place where you’ll not be interrupted. Sweet Leonora is fast-paced story that takes us on an adventure of the heart, far-away places and the sea. You’ll smell the salt air, the sweat of horses and the perfume of exotic gardens.Ute knows her audience well and writes with skill for them. She also has the confidence to break out of the strictures and bland formulae of modern romance – and will build an ever increasing readership as a result.Memorable characters, complex and believable, good scene setting, and a bucketful of the unexpected, will draw you into this story and leave you wanting more, but that’s not a problem – Ute has plenty of work from which to choose.Meet Leonora, bereaved and lonely after the death of her father and promised to an older, violent, man. Trapped in a life where she is seen as nothing more than the value of her inheritance and the ward of cruel relatives.The world holds nothing for her, and promises only a life of loneliness and abuse.But she may take the world on.

  • Reviews by the Mrs.
    2019-04-19 14:47

    Amongst the wistful waves and tides of the sea, rides a ship named Sweet Lenora that has been charged with breaking the record for sailing around Cape Horn to San Francisco. This challenge lays the stage for a love story found aboard the decks of this clipper. Captain Anton Boudreaux and Lenora Brewer, the vessels namesake, find the record is the least of their worries. A tale of secrets, betrayal, and loving affection earn this novella 3 stars.Set in Pre-Civil War Salem, Lenora Brewer has just lost her beloved father, a co-owner of the largest shipyard in Salem. Having already lost her mother and her brother, Lenora has been taught by her father to be strong and not crumble into despair during moments of trial. Her father had also felt it necessary to teach his only heir about the shipyard. Lenora did not spend her days toiling in parlors but rather was encouraged by her father to read about the shipyard, study the clipper's drawings, and learn firsthand about their construction. As she grew, young men sought her for more than just her attractiveness, they sought her inheritance. While her father was not interested in sending her off to just any potential suitor, Lenora's Aunt Louise felt that her ambitious nature was unruly and needed to be settled by a husband. Now with her father gone, Aunt Lenora has seen fit to ground Lenora by settling her to an older man, George Settle. Settle is a widower, but the circumstances around his wife's death seem to shine a murderous light on the man. With the marriage to Settle fast approaching, Lenora is distraught and feels her fate is sealed. She takes a walk to the quay to gaze upon one of the last ships her father helped to build, Sweet Lenora named for his beloved daughter. The vessel was designed for speed, in order to not only break the record around the horn but also to capitalize on trades from China and India. Anton Boudreaux, a dark haired sailor with an even darker temper and possibly past, is to be the captain of the Sweet Lenora. After setting eyes on both the captain and the clipper, Lenora sees an opportunity that perhaps this ship could be a beacon of hope for her by allowing her to escape the cage she is about to be placed in. She makes and executes a plan to hide aboard the vessel until they are far enough away from Salem that turning around would cause them to not break the record. Once that distance is met, Lenora reveals herself to the crew who have malicious intentions with their new found stowaway. Captain Boudreaux intervenes as to not cause chaos aboard his ship. Lenora is hidden away in the Captain's Quarters, where she begins to fall for Anton who seems to appreciate Lenora's confidence and who may not have such a dark past after all. Not all will be smooth sailing with the unfolding yearning, Anton's and Lenora's pasts create rough waters for these two to navigate. But if they can weather the storm together, they might just be able to sail off into the sunset, arm and arm, toward a lifetime together.With it's authentic use of sailing language and description of the exotic locations, Sweet Lenora does a wonderful job transporting the reading into a time and place that set the stage for a clever piece of historical fiction. With this being a novella, it is a short and quick read. However, due to it's concise size, some of the story seems a tad rushed or underdeveloped. If love is supposed to be in the details, this story is lacking a bit especially in relation to why Lenora and Anton fell in love with each other. Their interaction on the ship is very limited and yet they seem to have developed a deep connection. Also pieces of speculation about Lenora's inheritance seem to simply appear during random places in the story, making it feel less cohesive. Due to that, it was ranked 3 stars. The author does state that this storyline will continue into a few more novellas and possible a novel. I enjoyed reading this piece and felt it a welcome change in the historical fiction genre. Here's to hoping that the storyline does continue.

  • Ute Carbone
    2019-03-30 16:49

    This little novella represents a big leap of faith. My publisher, Champagne Books, put out a call for submissions. A call for submission is a shout out to authors that the publisher is looking for some specific thing. In this case, Champagne wanted to do a ‘dark heroes’ series, novella length stories that would feature a troubled hero, a man chased by demons who was having a hard time saving himself, let alone a damsel in distress.My inner critic, Zelda, told me not to answer the call. Because, she reasoned, all of the heroes I’d created to date had been sweet, funny, lovable guys. They were the antithesis of dark hero. They were, if there is such a thing, light heroes. I should, she said, think hard and long about moving in with a dark hero. Because moving in is exactly what character creation entails.It takes me a good long while to write a book. During that time, the characters set up housekeeping in my head. They eat breakfast with me, go on walks with me, and follow me into the shower. Sometimes, they even invade my dreams. Spending that time with a ‘dark hero’ would be a risk. Was this someone you want to share a bagel with for months on end? Zelda asked.Then my muse, Boo, spoke up. She reminded me that I liked challenges. She said that to grow as a writer, you have to be willing to try new things. You can’t not do it because you’ve never done it before, she said.And besides, she added. It’s a novella. The submission guidelines called for twenty thousand words, which translates to about seventy book pages, give or take, or about one quarter of a full length novel. It wouldn’t have to be a long term commitment. I could eat, walk, and shower with my dark hero for a couple of months and then, if I really found him despicable, could kick him to the curb without too many tears shed.Much to Zelda’s chagrin, I took up the call. I created Anton Boudreaux, a sea captain living in 1851. Then I created the love of his life, Lenora Brewer, the daughter of a wealthy ship builder. I invited them to drink coffee and soap up and amble through the woods with me for a little whileA surprising thing happened. Or maybe it’s not surprising at all—because time and again, I fall in love with my characters as I write them to the page. I fell head over heels for my troubled sea captain and his feisty soulmate . I cherished the time spent in their company. The story captivated me enough that I wrote a part two--To the Wind—. And still, the characters weren't finished with me and I found myself writing an entire series.I’d never written a series before. Zelda had a long list of reasons why I shouldn’t do it. But Boo, my sweet muse Boo, who is often the wiser part of myself, said go for it. You never know what good things might happen if you do. I followed Boo's advice and now there are three Sweet Lenora novellas, with a full length novel coming out soon to complete the story.

  • Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥
    2019-03-29 18:42

    Sweet Lenora (Dark Heroes Series) is a novella of only 90 pages. While I enjoyed this story, I felt it was just too short with events happening too quickly. I wanted more time for the story to unfold. Sweet Lenora is well written but would have greatly benefited, IMO, from a longer timeline. Leonora is bereaved after the sudden death of her father who was the wealthy owner of a shipyard in Salem, Massachusetts. She will inherit a fortune upon the day of her marriage. When she is betrothed to an older, cruel man seeking control of her fortune, she stows away on a ship named for her - Sweet Lenora. Anton Boudrereaux is a daring rogue of a captain with secrets of his own to hide. Leonora is quickly discovered in her hiding place on the ship and threatened by the crew, raging seas, and her immediate, overwhelming attraction to the captain of her namesake ship. Anton and Lenora pursue a journey that sees them facing many obstacles to their growing love for one another and to their own safety. Sweet Lenora is a good story that I enjoyed reading. I would have liked to see the story expanded wherein the character development and story plot line would not have felt so rushed. It is, however; a good, fast read.http://crossmyheartbookreviews.blogsp...

  • InD'tale Magazine
    2019-04-08 10:26

    3.5/5.0A short historical romance and a bit of excitement, "Sweet Lenora" is a nice read for a relaxing evening or subway commute.Read full review in the 2013 September issue of InD’tale Magazine.

  • Rachel
    2019-04-21 10:27

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  • Netanella
    2019-04-17 15:21

    Sweet but not salty high seas romance adventures. Very recommended for a short, enjoyable read.