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Throughout history, people have reported spiritual experiences that we now identify as out-of-body experiences or OBEs. In recent times, modern researchers like Robert Monroe have pioneered the scientific study and practice of OBEs. This is a comprehensive manual for inducing out of body experiences and managing the experience Peterson not only explores the stages of his oThroughout history, people have reported spiritual experiences that we now identify as out-of-body experiences or OBEs. In recent times, modern researchers like Robert Monroe have pioneered the scientific study and practice of OBEs. This is a comprehensive manual for inducing out of body experiences and managing the experience Peterson not only explores the stages of his own development, but, also, concludes each chapter with a specific exercise that takes you to the next level....

Title : Out of Body Experiences: How to Have Them and What to Expect
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ISBN : 9781571746993
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Out of Body Experiences: How to Have Them and What to Expect Reviews

  • IonaStewart
    2019-03-31 13:51

    This is the first book I’ve read on OBEs, and I found it fascinating.The book is mostly composed of the author’s diary entries about his OBEs and OBE attempts. He mostly finds it difficult to get out of his body and sometimes “gets stuck in his physical body”. Sometimes it is hard to understand what he is talking about in this respect, or perhaps it’s just me, since in general I have difficulties in understanding about bodies. I’ve had OBEs but not intentional ones, so I have woken up in the midst of flying at full speed somewhere or other, and haven’t experienced these difficulties.He provides us with affirmations to repeat to help us leave our body, together with many different techniques with the same object. It is important to learn how to relax fully and completely, as this is apparently a prerequisite for obtaining OBEs. Exercises comprise daily visualizations, including “yo-yo” and “black box” visualizations, resolving fears, imaginary vibrations, side-to-side swaying, buzzing, breathing, etc, etc. As regards vibrations, OBEs apparently begin by one’s experiencing these. They are “imaginary lines of force” which feel electrical and can be quite violent or accompanied by a “terrible roaring noise”. I don’t understand the author’s reference to “real-time” OBEs, since I don’t know how you would have non-real-time experiences. Robert Bruce in his book “Astral dynamics”, which book I haven’t finished yet (it’s a voluminous work), also goes on and on, incomprehensibly, about real-time this and that.The author of the book under review briefly refers to an experience where his consciousness was split into five parts. He was each of them simultaneously, but didn’t explain how (I suppose he didn’t know how). I understand that one can split into two – the consciousness of the sleeping body and that of the projected person, but I don’t know how one can split into five parts. Robert Bruce in his afore-mentioned book goes into this matter of the splitting up of consciousnesses in detail, but I found his explanations somewhat abstruse.He explains that our beliefs create our experience. Our body cannot be possessed by a spirit while we’re away from it. There are no such things as demons (he says). If some people encounter demons, this is because they believe in them. If you do encounter demons, you can visualize a white light around them or send love to them, and this should help to get rid of them.He explains in detail the various types of sight one can use – astral sight, astral mind sensing, body sight and clairvoyance, but it’s a bit tricky understanding the difference between all of these when you haven’t experienced them.When out of the body, you can meet other people – physical and non-physical. If the person is physical, he/she generally won’t notice you, while non-physical people will notice you and look at you when talking to you. They may wear strange clothing.You can talk to physical people, but you will be talking with their subconscious minds and they won’t remember the conversations you have with them. Animals will notice you.There is a chapter near the end of the book entitled “how to have an OBE” containing practical advice.Robert informs us that since beginning to have regular OBEs he has had innumerable psychic experiences, like being able to read the thoughts of others, “telepathic sending”, clairvoyance, visions, psychic dreams, etc etc. He has also gained contact with an inner voice, that tells him that it is part of himself, and that gives him helpful advice.In the final chapter we find questions and answers. Robert explains the difference between lucid dreams and OBEs. In lucid dreams you can do whatever you like, but the scenery seems “fake”, while this is not the case in OBEs.I have myself had OBEs previously, as mentioned, but didn’t realize at the time that that was what they were until reading this book. In one experience, I saw, among other things, spirits flying around town while I was flying to visit someone. But these other spirits were sleeping, and thus not conscious, which I was.To sum up, Robert Peterson writes clearly and simply and describes his own OBE experiences in detail, mostly in the form of diary excerpts, from the very beginning of his work with them. This makes the book extremely useful for the beginner, and probably also those who are somewhat experienced. Therefore, I greatly recommend that you read the book, if the subject interests you. Enjoy your read!

  • Snorkledorf
    2019-04-14 15:29

    This is the book that really started me down the path that my life currently appears to be taking - I owe the author a debt of gratitude.Peterson explains his experiences with OOB states (and other interesting effects on his life) in a very straightforward manner. No jargon to wade through, no assumptions to be swallowed (other than "gee it'd be cool to wander around outside my body"), and no apparent agenda other than a clear desire to let people know what he's figured out about the subject.Some books tend to leap into esoteric explanations of (as an arbitrary example) "the seven spheres of astral existence" or the like, without much of a solid attempt to back up their assertions. A "believe me, because I know lots" attitude. Peterson's book instead carefully walks you through his own experiences, allowing the reader to see how he figured out some things, and how others still don't make sense. In other words, it sounds just like how you'd expect an honest guy trying to report some totally weird experiences would sound.Everything he writes about in the book comes from his reported personal experience. When dealing with a subject as unconventional as OOBs, it really helps to be shown a clear picture of the exact process the author went through, from first experience, through explorations, side effects, up to the point where it's become enough a part of the author's life to begin sharing what he knows. And basically that's what we get here, along with quite a lot of specific techniques for skewing the scales in favor of getting some results of your own.Highly recommended!

  • Cynthia Rennolds
    2019-04-07 14:42

    I have read pretty much everything out there on OOBE's (out of body experiences) and this book is pretty good. He was able to make good progress in conscious OOBE exploration and thus provides good guidance for those struggling to master this level of consciousness. He gives good advice on the tricks for getting out of body, how to increase one's vibrations, how to use wriggling or body side rocking to slip out. If someone is interested in the subject but only wants to read one or two books on the subject then I would recommend Robert Monroe's classic "Journeys Out of the Body". For those who have read Monroe's books (3 of them) then this would be a good addition in order to give another perspective on the same info.

  • Makena Cordero
    2019-04-04 16:51

    In the book Out of Body Experiences, Robert Peterson first introduces himself. At the end of every chapter, he has an exercise on how to have out of body experiences. Only a couple people have these experiences and my mom and I are on of those people. She recomended this book to me because of it. In the book, Robert tells all his experiences. It was very insteresting to see what other people experience. Robert made this book for people who and or want to have these experience. I, on the other hand, think everyone should read it so they can be be believers as well. I recomend this book to kids and adults 13 and older.

  • Michael Blain
    2019-04-09 16:37

    *I received this book as a first-reads copyThis book has earned five stars for several reasons, the two most important of which being the compendium level of research that went into the work and the staggering amount of practice put forth behind the ideas. Robert Peterson has thoroughly tested out what he preaches and that shines through in this book clearly. Whether you believe in the importance of these sort of experiences, the path of life and mental development the practice of such endeavors leads you down is invaluable. This book is a very easy way to get in touch with many aspects of understanding existence that should be requisite for human beings.

  • Sean
    2019-03-29 11:38

    This was a vaguely interesting book, but there isn't too much to it. I suspect that if you're really into the topic of out of body experiences (OBE's) to begin with, this will be a fascinating book. It's essentially a collection of the author's journal entries, in which he describes his experiences in great detail. He also includes quite a few exercises that are designed to help you have your own OBE. I didn't have any spontaneous OBE's while I was reading it..

  • John Dixon
    2019-04-03 11:54

    I read this book years ago and it had such a profound impact on me that I remember it to this day and bought another copy of the book because I couldn't find my first copy. I never was able to achieve a full OBE, however, the intuition and insights I received while practicing the methods were well worth the effort expended and the time spent reading.

  • Jenny McCutcheon
    2019-03-21 13:31

    This book was OK, but left something to be desired. It didn't delve into the scientific theory of astral projection enough for me, and got a little dark at times. It's really just a journal of the author's experience in practicing astral projection techniques. I greatly preferred Astral Voyages by Bruce Goldberg.

  • Tonya
    2019-04-08 09:39

    Like reading his diary with a letter to me explaining stuff at the same time ... easy to follow and understand ... I find it very interesting rather I ever try to have an OBE or not .... because he discovers a lot of things about the other side in his efforts that jive with things I know and have read in other books ... fascinating.

  • Jacob
    2019-03-22 15:47

    I just could not bring myself to finish this book. After reading some of the articles in wikipedia about OOBE it seems like most of these people have some sort of lesion on the same area of their brain. They must be subject to some kind of dream state or light impulses.

  • Lisa
    2019-03-30 08:48

    I was seeking different perspectives and I found the book to be somewhat hokey. It was organized in such a way to present the information well, and it was memorable in that I now know what is meant by out of body experiences. It was just not my cup of tea.

  • Lily Ashcraft
    2019-03-21 13:36

    This is a very interesting read

  • Jeff
    2019-04-06 12:36

    Thank you. I just won this book in a first reads giveaway. I will read and comment once I get the book.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-03-31 15:41

    Abandoned it :/

  • Shane Blaufuss
    2019-04-18 09:36

    Another well-written personal account of out-of-body experiences and astral travel. It also offers techniques, which I still haven't gotten to work.

  • Motoko
    2019-04-19 11:26

    not sure about the believability of Tart's studies, but he's always a fun read. even if it were just fiction it would still be worth reading.

  • Jessi Hales
    2019-04-07 12:27

    Awesome book! Time to re-read it, so i can astrally project myself into the universe nightly! :)