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Two years after her best friend was involved in a car accident that caused a traumatic brain injury, Lottie Anders is ready to start her freshman year of college. Ready to move on. Ready to start forgetting the night that ripped her life apart. Her plans come to a screeching halt when not one, but both brothers responsible for the accident end up back in her life again. ZaTwo years after her best friend was involved in a car accident that caused a traumatic brain injury, Lottie Anders is ready to start her freshman year of college. Ready to move on. Ready to start forgetting the night that ripped her life apart. Her plans come to a screeching halt when not one, but both brothers responsible for the accident end up back in her life again. Zack is cruel, selfish and constantly rubbing what happened to her friend in Lottie's face. Zan is different. He listens to her awkward ramblings. He loves To Kill a Mockingbird as much as she does, and his dark eyes are irresistible. His words are few and far between, but when he does speak, she can't help but listen. The trouble is, Zan was the driver in the accident, and now Lottie's discovered he lied to her about what happened that night. Now she must decide if trusting him again will lead to real forgiveness, or deeper heartache....

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Deeper We Fall Reviews

  • Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾
    2019-03-21 08:26

    Charlotte didn't just shake my world. She created an earthquake that had irrevocably changed the landscape of my life. This book caught me by complete and total surprise. I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. For some reason, after reading the book blurb, I had thought that this would be some type of love triangle, which I don't usually enjoy. That was not the case at all. It is a beautiful story about falling for the person you shouldn't, regrets, and second chances.Two years ago, while attending a party with her best friend Lexie, Charlotte's life change irrevocably. Trying to move on, Charlotte and her twin brother Will start their freshman year at college together. When Charlotte comes face to face with the two reasons that her friend will never be the same person she once was (Zack and Zan), she doesn't know how to deal with the constant reminder of her painful regret of that night.Zack and Zan are now at the same college as Lottie. While Zack is still the selfish, egotistical, and cruel guy that he always was, Zan is completely different.Zan really is what made this book for me. I absolutely adored his quiet intensity. He is a man of little words, but when he does speak, his words are packed with so much emotion and meaning. I loved that he wasn't the typical hero you might find in a NA novel. He wasn't an asshole, though he did have some man-whoring past, but nothing too exaggerated. He is dealing with regrets and trying to move on and change his life for the better. The one thing that hasn't changed for him since high school, are his feeling for Lottie."Pretty girl, I will wait for you until the stars burn out."When he got behind the wheel of the car two years ago with Zack and Lexie, his life changed forever. Now living with the scars, both physical and mental, from his mistake, the last things he expects is to see Lottie again.Zan and Lottie are forced to face each other on a regular basis because not only do they go to the same college, but they also live in the same dorm. The last thing Zan expects is for her to ever give him the time of day, let alone a chance at forgiveness even though he takes every opportunity to tell her that he's sorry. So he remains quiet and stays out of her way, doing things here and there for the small chance that Lottie might look at him with anything other than resentment or hatred in her eyes.Little by little he works his way quietly through Charlotte's defenses with coffee cups with poetry quotes, and chance meetings and conversations. As much as Lottie fights her feelings for Zan, you cannot help who your heart picks. She slowly begins to realize that Zan is nothing like his brother. He's considerate, and caring, loves poetry and shares her passion for books.While this book isn't as steamy as the books I typically read, it still packed a sexy little punch."You know, the French call an orgasm Le petit mort, or little death." He increased his pace with each word and crooked his fingers so they hit the exact spot inside me. My hips reached for his hand and met his every thrust.I felt like I was dying."Come for me, pretty girl. Let yourself die a little," he whispered in my ear as I came around his fingers, crying out."I really liked all the side characters as well; Will, Trish, Stryker, Audrey, and Simon. I loved the dynamic between Lottie and Will. Their conversations at times would crack me up."Has anyone ever told you that you talk too much? I mean, you really have a problem. You know there's probably like, Talkers Anonymous or something.""Hi, my name is Lottie and I'm a talker," I said."Hi Lottie," Will said, playing along."It's been, um, well it hasn't been any time since I last talked, because I'm doing it right now."Simon, Will's best friend added a lot of fun to the story as well."You didn't run into the Brothers of Doom, did you?""Is that what we're calling them now?" Simon said. "I thought that we decided on Sons of Assholery.""I liked every character aside from Katie. If I'm being perfectly honest here, Katie drove me out of my ever loving mind. She was annoying, and at times flat out rude and selfish. Although I felt bad for what happened to her at the end, it still didn't manage to endear me to her in the least. I really don't know how I'm going to stomach reading about her as the heroine in the next book. I really hope that the author gives her a completely personality makeover.Then of course there was Zack.Enough said! Zack was the a-hole to beat all a-holes.I really enjoyed the flow of the story. It sucked me in from the very first page. I loved that the build-up to Lottie and Zan's relationship was slow and very realistic. The first half of this book was filled with humor, fantastic characterization, and sexual tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. I'd rate the first half a solid 5 stars.The second half wasn't as fantastic as the first. I can't really put my finger on what it was exactly, but it just didn't flow the same. I'd put it somewhere around 4 stars.Though I have to say, Lottie and Zan together was very sweet to read.3.75 stars

  • ✝✝ Ⓓaisy ❣ ✝✝
    2019-04-10 10:28

    EPILOGUEI so felt hanging there... I really love the author to write a bonus chapter... My mind was racking to know what happened to Zack and Lexie and on top of that, how will Zan & Lottie be with each other in future! I guess it's up to imagination now *pouts*Deeper We Fall is a book of heartwarming, beautiful story of love, friendship, siblings and guilt. How they come together to face the past and that have been haunting them both. A beautiful well-written story!Lottie, Zan and Zack have a past that they can't forget and forgive. In Zan's eyes, Lottie was a girl who had a crush for years and froze each time we wanted to talk to her. But then..... that changed..... "Back to when I was just a boy who had a crush on a girl and couldn't het up the courage to talk to her. Now, the biggest emotion I felt when I looked at her was guilt" When they meet each other after two years, what happens? "You were born with wings. You are not meant for crawling, so don't. You have wings. Learn to use them and fly" Situation begins them closer and they find themselves fall for each other! With all the UST going ard, I so wanted to him to her already but finally he did, it melted my heart!Will they let they past win or their future? You just need to pick this book up and read this! I so loved her twin brother, Will. He was alwiz there for her. A rock! Even Simon! Her mates were all fabulous too!"Our height difference was going to be an issue, so I pulled her up until she was standing on top of my feet"That was so Edward and Bella moment! Well, there is one thing to do: Sit back and enjoy Zan!!! I need more of Zan of course!**ARC provided by publisher**

  • Christy
    2019-04-01 07:41

    “Mom, I don’t know what to do.”
“Mom, I don’t think reading about Scout for the millionth time is going to help in this situation, despite how much I love it.”
“The words of Atticus Finch are relevant in any situation, you would do well to remember them.” Deeper We Fall is as all about second chances, forgiving others, forgiving yourself, love, healing and acceptance. Fantastic, it was :DLottie was a normal high school girl at a party with her best friend Lexie. Lexie decided to go off with the guy she had a crush on (Zack) and his brother Zan. They had been drinking so Lottie refused to go with them, but as much as she tried, she couldn't stop Lexie from going. Her life changed forever that night. There was an accident, Lexie sustained a brain injury and things were never the same.Fast forward two years later, Lottie and her twin brother Will are moving into there dorm rooms. Lottie meets her roommate, Katie. Then we find out that Katie is dating Zack. That Zack. The asshole Zack. Not only that, but he lives in her dorm building. If that wasn’t bad enough, she runs into his brother Zan who is living right next to her brother Will. I loved Lottie and Will’s conversation when all this came to light... “Shit.”
“My feelings exactly.”And after the first confrontation between Lottie and Zan...“Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have said fuck so many times. I should have taken the high road and turned the other cheek and all that, but I’m not that kind of girl. You know I’m not. I suck at keeping my mouth shut.”Lottie has never gotten past what happened to Lexie. She still holds a grudge towards Zack and Zan. Zack could care less, but Zan has been holding on to the guilt of what has happened. The last two years have not been easy for him, but he’s trying to get his life back. Then he sees Lottie. Zan has loved Lottie for a long time, but never had the courage to talk to her. Now, she hates him. He doesn’t know what to do, but he wants to somehow make it up to her. Lottie is oblivious to his feelings towards her, but others notice. “I know. You love her. In a deep once-in-a-lifetime kind of way. A first love. Maybe an only love.”Lottie tries to avoid the brothers, but that proves to be difficult. The more time she spends with Zan, the more conflicting her feelings get. She feels guilty for liking him, what he did to Lexie, she should hate him, but she can’t.“I don’t hate you, by the way. I used to, but I don’t think I can. Not now that I know you.”Against all odds, Lottie and Zan become friends. But there is more there, she doesn’t want to admit it, but there is. They have chemistry. Eventually, they get tired of fighting it. They have to get through their guilt and grief together. “I never thought I could be this happy,” he said. “I never thought I deserved it.”LOTTIELottie is one awesome girl. She always says whats on her mind, she has no filter and I love that about her. She is a good person and a wonderful and loyal friend. ZANZan was such a stand up guy. I loved getting to know him and reading his side of the story. He was loving, patient and kind. He led a tortured life, but once he was able to move on, it was beautiful. I really loved most of the secondary characters... Lottie’s brother Will was fantastic! Loved their ‘twindar’ and many Star Wars refrences, all of Lottie’s and Zan’s frriends were amazing! Except Zack... I only have one thing to say about you...Overall, a great 4-4.5 star read! A beautiful story with incredible characters!!! Can’t wait for book two- Katie and Stryker’s story :D Everyone is so quick to take blame on themselves. Maybe thats part of being human. Taking blame for things because the alternative, that there isn’t any one person you can blame, is too scary.

  • Jill Heather
    2019-03-23 10:47

    Lottie's best friend was in a car accident with a creepy guy (Zack) and his brother (Zan, who is clearly interested in Lottie). Zan goes to some kind of facility for a year because he caused the accident by driving without a license (though not drunk). Now Lottie and her twin brother Will are at university -- the same one as Zack and Zan! Oh no! And her roommate is dating Zack! Oh DOUBLE no!Zan still is obsessed with Lottie, Lottie is in love with Zan even though she doesn't want to be, Zack ups the creepy stakes every sentence, and every few pages we get a POV shift for no good reason, often in the middle of a conversation.Because this book is "new adult" we get a lot of sex and swearing, neither particularly well done. All the characters are super gorgeous or hot. It is nice that Lottie has female friends, though the book is pretty straight and white.The entirely unsurprising ending (view spoiler)[has Zack rape Katie, Lottie's roommate, Zan admit that he wasn't driving the car which is fine because he let his drunk brother drive the car, and that's totally unobjectionable and now she can love him, and everyone ends paired up except Katie who is sort of dating this other guy but trauma/sequel. (hide spoiler)]It's sort of likeEasy by Tammara Webber in themes except that it sucks.

  • Vikki ~ *squee* lite ~
    2019-04-15 14:38

    I enjoyed the heck out if this book. I'm just loving reading about relationships actually developing (instead of the insta love/relationship that we see so much if these days). I will admit, as much as I enjoyed the build-up, I was anxious for them to finally get together. I adore Zan. He isn't quite up to Hunter's caliber (from My Favorite Mistake ). But he was fabulous in his own way. I loved that he quoted poetry and played the banjo and still managed to be a total bad ass. I love how much he loved and adored Charlotte. Charlotte was a great character too. I loved how loyal she was. I loved that she loved books, and embraced her inner geek. I love that she loved with all her heart once she gave it. The secondary characters were fabulous too. I LOVED Stryker. I have to say, part of me is sad about who his love interest is going to be in the next book, but I have faith that I'll get to see another side to her. If Stryker likes her, there has to be some redeeming qualities there that just aren't evident yet. I loved Will too, and I hope that he is going to get his own I liked the alternating POV's that were used in this one. I think it brought a lot to the story (especially since Zan wasn't a big talker ). I hope that continues with the next book. Throughly enjoyable read.

  • ♥ Jx PinkLady Reviews ♥
    2019-03-26 14:29

    ♥‘Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along' ~ Remi ♥One night, young, Charlotte Anders' life is ripped apart, never to be the same again. Her best friend makes a bad decision and suffers the irrevocable consequences. Quickly wind forward.......two years later and we see Lottie, as she is known to her friends, begin her freshman year of college; she is ready to make new friends, not forget, but move on with her life.....Zack & Zan, old school friends, make an unwelcome reappearance into her life at college!! Unwelcome because they are the brothers responsible for the devastation and Lottie cannot see past this!!! Do they deserve a second chance?? The story is told from the POV of both Lottie and Zan and I loved hearing their inner feelings. Zan is the character I fell in love with the most!!! My heart ached for him, for his memories and regret, his helplessness and anxiety. He will never be able to change what happened that night, if only he could..... “It’s one of the last things I think about before I go to bed and one of the first when I wake up. I see the scars every day.”Zan has a book of poetry by a 13th century man called Rumi; the poems have been his saviour many times in the past. They help ease his tension, his dark moments when things all get too much, he’s memorised the words and they often pour out to Lottie~“I couldn’t stop thinking about her.”“I f*cking wanted her. So much that my pants got tight walking behind her…”“She made me want to grab her and kiss her and run my fingers through her hair and promise to bring her the moon.”Ahhhhh...sigh.....Zan, the lovely young man with so much on his shoulders. I really felt for him, he warmed my heart with the person he was and I wanted Lottie to see that too!!!!! There was still her best friend, Lexie, the girl whose life had changed......“It’s between you and her and I choose her.” “Why can’t you be someone else?”(view spoiler)[“He lay on top of me, skin to skin, chest to chest. It was the most connected I’d ever been to another person.” “She fit into my life and filled up all sorts of cracks I never knew I had. She made my life feel complete. Whole.”“You amaze me on a daily basis, but this…it blows me away……..Because you’re you……You’re so selfless and kind……” Yay!!! Lottie realized he is wonderful!!!!! XXX “I’m so glad we found our way to each other,” she said, before giving me one slow, sweet kiss. It was an always kiss.” (hide spoiler)]I fell in love with the rest of the cast also, they all added something to the story, Katie with her pink fetish, and her lovely twin Will bought 'twindar' and a love of 'Star Wars you like' I'm not going to talk about Zach, except to say, he's a bad egg!!!!The characters in this story are young but the emotions are mature, real, heart breaking; I cried, but by the end I had a smile of contented happiness on my face. I felt all was right in the world of books. ♥ ♥ ♥click to get More Wishes & Graphics“I never thought I could be this happy……I never thought I deserved it.”["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Elizabeth (Liz)
    2019-03-26 11:30

    Review posted at: Swept Away By Romance4 StarsTwo brothers, Zack and Zan Parker. Two friends, Lottie Anders and Lexie Davis. One night that changed everything. This story made me cry. It made me laugh. It made me wish for a brother like Will Anders. It made me long for a Zan Parker in my life. This isn't just another book you read. This is a journey you walk with these characters. We get inside their heads and their hearts.When Lottie and her twin brother Will wind up at college with both Zack and Zan Parker, it's almost as if Lottie's worst nightmare has come true. Her best friend Lexie suffered a traumatic brain injury that fateful night with the Parker brothers, two years before, and she has never been, nor will she ever be, the same again. Lottie blames herself, but mostly she blames the Parker brothers. What's so strange to her, though, is that, while Zack acts exactly as Lottie expects him to—throwing Lexie's accident in her face whenever possible and acting like a cruel ass to her friends, Zan is another matter entirely. She cannot figure him out. She wants nothing more than to maintain her hatred for both brothers. But, slowly, she begins to see that Zan is not the person she believed him to be. He's dark and he's tortured by what happened. But, he also actively tries to make amends with Lottie. And, who would have thought it, but he quotes poetry to her as well. How is it possible to continue hating someone who already hates himself more than Lottie ever could? More importantly, with all of the secrets swirling around, does he even deserve her hatred? Or, could they possibly find some peace...together?I loved Zan!! He's my favorite kind of hero. He's dark, tortured, hurting and looking for ways to escape the pain. I found him absolutely fascinating, and I could not get him out of my head for days after. He and his poetry about made me melt into a pile of goo ;-)Lottie is a girl with spirit and backbone. Most importantly, she's a READER!! And she fully embraces it! I loved, loved, loved that about her. The scene where she convinces her brother to take her to a bookstore because it comforts her, as well as the scene where she returns to her dorm room with bags full of books she bought and her roommate is totally dumbfounded....these were actually two of my favorite scenes with Lottie. I connected to her in those scenes.Will. Darling, adorable, goofy, sweet, wonderful Will. I want a Will. That is all.Then, of course, there is Lexie. The scenes with Lottie and Lexie about killed me. That poor, poor girl. That has to be one of the greatest tragedies parents can face. Your child is still with you, but they are an entirely different person and completely dependent on you for everything. I could feel Lottie's pain and grief over Lexie, and that affected me deeply.Was Deeper We Fall perfect? Absolutely not. It was quite lengthy, and I felt it truly drug in parts. It could have been edited down some, and I think it would have been a 5-Star read. HOWEVER, please do not miss out on this story. It is deep, and it is special. There's an awful lot of heart here. I'm looking forward to Katie and Stryker's story next and whatever else Chelsea Cameron has in store for us in the future!!**Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**

  • Glass
    2019-04-12 14:41

    Review posted on Way Too Hot BooksWhat happens when you combine Star Wars, Nicholas Sparks, Oprah and eighteen year old kids?I have to be honest here and say that I didn't like this book very much. I expected so much more, it has lot of potential to be a great, summer read, but at times I felt like I've been reading one big compilation of every possible cliché. Generally, that is the biggest problem with readers turned to be new authors (with all due respect, I am not trying to be mean or anything like that - just stating the fact). Whole time you keep thinking "Oh, that's so Kellan Kyle!" or "It reminds me of Beautiful Disaster." or "I think something similar happened in Easy by Tammara Webber." I know that most of the readers will enjoy reading Deeper We Fall exactly because of that. It's just that I am not one of them. I know that my friends will know which was the first thing that made me want to scream. To Kill a Mockingbird. I believe that that book is one of the biggest American stereotypes. Like Paris with croissants and berets. Other thing? Virgins. Although, Lottie wasn't obnoxious as they can be in books like this. Third? Where do you people find those stupid nicknames??? Fourth? Melodrama worthy of Esmeralda or Dallas. Felicity meets High School Musical That would be the easiest way for me to describe this book. "Older" generation remembers popular TV show about girl who follows her high school crush to college and we all know about that other disaster that makes your ears and eyes bleed. No, no one sings or dances here. I love reading about college experience. Heck, I was all about new adult more than a decade before everyone started to use that term. That was part of the story I liked the best. Deeper We Fall started really good. You get the idea where will things go, but you still enjoy reading about it because you want to see how did all played out. I liked the way Chelsea Cameron combined what is going on in present and mixed it with hints of the past events, but I just knew that whole big secret thing will not be quite satisfying part of the plot.I know that most of the kids thinks that when they go away at college, they will find this new, big happy family. That is so not true, but it doesn't mean that I don't like reading books with that kind of fantasy twist. It's up to the author would he/she pull it off or not. One thing that didn't make it work for me was the way all characters talk. It's all Jedi/Gandhi/Oprah/Sparks wisdom mixed with dash of Rumi ( who, by the way, talks mostly about ways to get closer to God and not about actual love - Sufi symbols are religious and they have quite specific meanings, readers do not have much freedom in their interpretation - if you are talking about traditional approach to this type of poetry).Ignoring the fact that Deeper We Fall is labeled as new adult, I think younger readers will love this book more than actual first year students, unless you are suffering form "forever-sixteen syndrome" . If you are fan ofColleen Hoover,Rebecca Donovan, Nicole Williams, Abbi Glines or Fisher Amelie, Deeper We Fall is perfect choice for you.

  • Magan Vernon
    2019-03-26 11:30

    There has been a formula for most novels that has been around since the days of old. The typical "bad boy" and the broken girl get together and live happily ever after. Chelsea Cameron decided to take this old formula and put a new twist on it that isn't like anything else on the virtual shelves.Told from dual POV's we get to see inside the lives of Lottie and Zan after a tragic car accident, two years before, left Lottie's best friend, Lexie, with a traumatic brain injury and Zan with a haunting secret.When Zan and his brother show up at the same college Lottie and her twin brother are attending, Lottie feels like she's suffocating. No matter where she turns, there are the "brothers of doom."But maybe Zan isn't the monster she thought he was. His guilt washes over him like a tidal wave, but it's made him a softer human. Unlike his brother Zak who seems to taunt Lottie at every turn.When both Lottie and Zan's walls are broken down these two beautifully broken people find the light at the end of the tunnel. This story doesn't exactly have that "and they lived happily ever ending," but Cameron gives it a realistic ending that will leave the reader satisfied yet still craving more.

  • J
    2019-03-23 08:23

    "Remember, Elizabeth fell for Mr. Darcy, Beauty fell for the Beast and Scarlet fell for Rhett. Girls love a mysterious boy with a dark past. Trust me,"Deeper we fall is a story about Love. Acceptance. Forgiveness. Healing. Redemption.I really enjoyed this. Lottie was great with her obsession for books and loved all the references from "To Kill a Mockingbird""The words of Atticus Finch are relevant in any situation, especially this one. You would do well to remember them." Great. I'd insulted To Kill a Mockingbird and made Mom mad. It was worse than if I'd take the Lord's name in vain.Zan was a great character and just fell in love with him and his Rumi Quotes ~ 'I run from body. I run from spirit. I do not belong anywhere.'Zack is a complete Douche! with a capital DI loved everyone one of the secondary characters and can't wait for Katie and Stryker's story.4 stars

  • Tandie
    2019-04-02 08:33

    I swear, I'm through with this New Adult stuff. I've got to finish reading the galleys I've been approved for, cuz I'm weird like that, then we're breaking up for good. I'll make an exception for those very few gems that Emily May unearths from time to time, but that's it. I usually raise an eyebrow when somebody says an entire genre stinks. I don't generally care for Westerns (movies, music, or books), rap music, or Duck Dynasty. BUT, I've also found something in each of those categories that was enjoyable. (Seriously, my husband and sons were watching an episode of DD featuring a very large poodle and it was funny!) I've reached the conclusion that the NA genre just doesn't contain enough of what I enjoy to make it worth digging through. That could change if this category grows. Right now, I feel like it's full of cliches and tragic broken characters.Deeper We Fall lured me with its pretty cover and the idea of a best friend character with a traumatic brain injury. There's a definite lack of mentally disabled teen and adult characters in YA/MA. The main character, Lottie, spends lots of time feeling guilty and sad about her best friend's state. There's not much actual depiction of her BFF, just angst from different characters over the car accident that changed her. This was such a dramarama angst-fest, I almost DNF'd it 80-90%. I never liked Lottie, she didn't grow on me. The twin brother and gay friend characters were just tacked on. Lots of focus on how people are judged for their past and never given a fair chance. I don't personally pass judgement on people with neon hair, tattoos, and facial piercings - but I can see how a potential employer or father-in-law might. I didn't see any clear examples of the characters being discriminated against for past behavior, other than Lottie being a brat. She treated the Brothers of Doom like crap AND told all of her new college friends about their past. By gossiping and trying to get others to side with her, I thought Lottie's behavior was worse than anything either brother did. This book was one downer after another. The love story, once it switched from a hate story, was full of cheese. Not recommended.

  • Virginia Hill
    2019-04-10 11:43

    This is the second book I've read by Chelsea M. Cameron, the first being My Favorite Mistake, which I liked a great deal. Deeper We Fall is a Mature Teen/New Adult novel written in the alternating points-of-view of Lottie (Charlotte) Anders and Zan (Alexander) Parker. The author scored a lot of points with me by clearly identifying who narrated each section — I've read several books where the narrator was not identified and found them to be highly frustrating! You may find my entire review here:

  • Philomena Callan Cheekypee
    2019-03-29 07:31

    I can’t believe this is my first read by this author. I’m super happy to see she’s got more books I can dive into as I loved this read. Lettie Andrea and Lexie Davis lives changes in one night. Lottie feels as if she’s living another nightmare when she finds out Zack and Zan Parker are going to the same college as she is. She blames them for that devastating night that left her best friend Lexie with traumatic brain injury.Zan tries to make amends with Lettie. Her hatred for them is strong but she starts seeing a different side to him.A brilliant story that sucked me right in from start to finish. I’m looking forward to reading more from this author.

  • Laila
    2019-04-07 09:46

    4.75 Angsty, Tea and Pop Tart ★'s !! Well, well, I was actually surprised by how much I liked this book!Deeper we fall is a college romance in which the MCs are haunted by the same tragedy that struck two years ago. They're both looking to start afresh, but in the biggest of coincidences, everyone ends up in the same dorm. Zan/ Alex had a little bit of everything and I LOVED him! From the bad boy player past with the tat, to the shy poetry loving boy who's too afraid to make a move on the girl he's liked forever, to the more confident, sexy, ultra-caring, banjo-playing man, what wasn't there to love? He was so tortured, all I wanted to do was cuddle him!I loved his POV and it's a good thing it was included or else he might've come off too creepy stalkerish in the beginning. I really liked his social worker, Miss Carole, she sounded like a wonderful person and she helped him every step of the way.“Remember; Elizabeth fell for Mr. Darcy, Beauty fell for the Beast and Scarlet fell for Rhett. Girls love a mysterious boy with a dark past. Trust me.”I do love a mysterious boy, and was desperately rooting for him. Did he disappoint? No way!Charlotte/Lottie was a quirky, sarcastic character who really made me laugh with all her ramblings. She got me with her love of books, from To Kill a Mockingbird to Pride and Prejudice to Harry Potter. And I loved her relationship with her twin, Will, and their best friend, Simon. "She was also beautiful and sweet and funny and adorable. She made me want to do stupid shit like quote Rumi in the moonlight and buy her sparkly things for her ears. She made me want to grab her and kiss her and run my fingers through her hair and promise to bring her the moon."~ZanShe was so cute denying and resisting her feelings for Zan.“Because I don’t like the fact that I did something nice for you. I hate you, and I’d like to keep it that way. I’d like to keep imagining you being maimed and crushed and destroyed in very painful ways." Lottie and Zan had so much pain and guilt and blame, it was eating them up. All they could say was "I'm sorry" over and over, and think of the if only's. I really felt for them." Putting my arms out, I begged for the rain to somehow wash me away. Wash the last two years away. Wash away the memories and all the shit that happened until I was back to the way I’d been.Closing my eyes, I wished for something that couldn’t happen."They want each other, but can they really let go of the past? Can they help the other heal?“Pretty girl, I will wait for you until the stars burn out, but if you want to end it, you can. You’re calling the shots.” The scenes with Lexie and her mom just made my heart ache. I kept hoping for a miracle. I even felt bad for Katie, wishing her eyes would open to the real Zack. But Zack, ugh, he was a jackass from beginning to end and just didn't give a damn. He deserved a kick much sooner, if only Zan had turned off his sibling love!Overall, I found this book witty, poignant and butterfly-inducing. There was a whole gang of interesting characters. It did start off a bit slow, and I was confused by the abrupt shifts in the POVs since they weren't related. Also, there were too many coincidences and how it all played out did have me rolling my eyes. But I was still hooked. And was left smiling at the end.Oh, Zan!! “His eyes were wet as he said, “I love you. More than I know how.”(view spoiler)[ “I’ll go anywhere and do anything with you. You’re my home. My family.” (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Cristina Buzoianu
    2019-03-20 09:43

    The first thing I loved about this story was the writing style. I’ve never read a book written by Chelsea before and it totally sucked me in from the very beginning! Then, the pace is neither too slow, nor too fast. It’s perfectly created to show the angst and the emotions of the characters.Lottie’s love and devotion for her broken best friend made my heart melt. Having to see what’s left of Lexie after the accident was extremely hard, that's why she’s full of guilt and pain. But she has Will, her twin, and Simon by her side. They both love her and would do anything to make her feel better, even if they know the only thing she wants is to see the Parker Brothers suffer. Little does she know that one of them already does, a lot."once people decided what they thought of you, that was it. You'd been judged. You got a stamp on your forehead that you could never wash off."Zan can’t forget the night of the accident. He’s suffering a lot, fighting his inner demons all by himself, managing to also help his selfish, insufferable prick of a brother out of trouble. And the worst part of all is that he doesn’t have the courage to tell Lottie the truth.I liked Zan from the start, and the fact that he tells his part of the story as well made his feelings more real. I found myself wanting to hug him most of the time, even if he was guilty in many ways."I rolled over onto my back and watched the rain fall, letting it slap my face and run into my mouth and down my cheeks. Putting my arms out, I begged for the rain to somehow wash me away. Wash the last two years away. Wash away the memories and all the shit that happened until I was back to the way I’d been."I found this book to be very well balanced. Chelsea’s writing style is very touching and realistic. You’ll find everything in there: love, hate, friendship, and even the right amount of fun.I also liked the supporting characters, all except Zack, of course. I mean who wouldn’t dislike him? He’s the complete opposite of Zan: annoying, self-centered, hurting all the people who love him.Deeper We Fall is all about self-forgiveness and trying to cope with the way other people see you. But in the end, all that matters is the way you see yourself."You were born with wings.You are not meant for crawling, so don't.You have wings.Learn to use them and fly."Happy Reading!

  • Lara
    2019-04-13 08:50

    This is exactly why I stick to NA after all. For gems like this one.My expections were low - as usual with NA novels. I mean this sounded just like the typical "I-hate-him-cause-he-once-did-something-really-awful-but-somehow-he's-so-hot-oh-and-maybe-he-didn't-even-do-what-I-blame-him-for" kind of romance. But this time I got really surprised.In some ways this novel is exactly what I just described. But it is also more - and better.To be honest, Deeper We Fall is exactly how a NA romance should be like. Addictive, easy to read, cute, cheesy - but just the right amount of it. The characters are.. well - special might be the right word. Sure you had you're typical clichés like the gay best friend, the privileged asshole and so on. But they were more than just those clichéd guys. And well all couples (yes there isn't just one romance going on) are unbelievably cute. Though the "main" romance sure hit it off for me. They are perfect together. And Zan sure is someone to swoon about. But I won't get into detail here. Umm, just that he loves reading maybe? And got his grandfather's initials tattooed (usually I'm not that into tattoos.. but there are always exceptions).Oh and he likes and quotes poetry.So what else is it about this novel that makes it special? There is an actual plot. Yup, you heard right. A real plot. Not just some forced conflicts to keep the romance interesting. And even the writing and editing aren't as bad as often the case with NA novels. So overall a very enjoyable read. I just don't get the title. I thought there'd be some deeper meaning to it but either there isn't or there is but I don't get it (which is kinda sad).

  • Rebbecca
    2019-03-19 06:33

    I was given this book by netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I absolutely loved this book. It's not your ordinary love story. Everyone knows the whole good girl falls for a bad boy routine but this is different. Zan is not just the bad guy but he's the one Lottie hates for damaging her best friend Lexie beyond repair in a car accident 2 years earlier. I won't go too much into the story as I really don't want to spoil it for you, but it has a good twist. You find yourself in Lottie's position and emotions of absolutely detesting Zan to wavering to falling for him, you're right there in that journey with her.The fact that it's told from Lottie's and Zan's POV is a real plus for me also as I love to hear what the guy thinks in these types of stories.If you love this genre then you will definitely love this book.

  • Alana ~ The Book Pimp
    2019-03-19 07:42

    Angst... Check. Douchebag character(s)... check. Grudges... check. Romance... check. Twin-dar powers activate... check. Geeky it is, yes? (In a Yoda voice) But, there's always a but... just not so great that it pushes it far above the pack. Worth reading, it certainly is. Although- I do have to give it a special bonus ½♥ simply because of the Minecraft references. *Ssssssss*BOOM!4-4½♥ Geeky, New Adult Hearts.I did receive this title for free via NetGalley, but also purchased the audio from Audible. Obviously, I'm not going to pay my hard earned money to blow smoke up your backside, and my thoughts are my own.

  • Tiffany
    2019-04-12 12:37

    2.5 stars 🌟 Okay I really wanted to love this book!!! I mean come on!! The synopsis was so interesting but ... I dunno ... some parts of the book made me cringe ... and Lottie kinda of annoyed me ... BUT I still wanna read the second book cos Katie and Stryker’s story seems like it has potential ... maybe I’ll come back to it after some time 😢

  • Whitley Birks
    2019-04-12 11:31

    See this review and more at Whitley ReadsA galley copy was provided free by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.This is the kind of book that’s hard for me to review, because about 95% of it was just average. Not bad. Not bad at all. But nothing to make me swoon, either, so the 5% of the book that was bad stuck and I had nothing giddy to counter it with.The characters were all good, and we had a nice variety in the cast. They each had room to let their own little quirks shine, and they didn’t feel like copies of each other just with different clothes on. I enjoyed reading about all of them, and I was especially happy to learn that Katie has her own story to tell in the next book of this series. Katie started out scaring me, if just because I thought she was going to be played as the stereotypical Mean Girl Cheerleader, presented as catty and shallow just because she likes pink. That didn’t happen, for which I was grateful.But let’s talk more about Lottie and Zan, since they were the main characters.Lottie got more praise than she deserved. Don’t get me wrong: she was a good character and a good person. But the rest of the cast had points where they went on about her like she was the Second Coming of Mary Poppins. I would have liked to see her live up to the praise a bit more, or else have people tone it down and let her actions stand alone. Also, she was quite judgmental. It didn’t pop up often, but only because she interacted so little with anyone other than her friends, but she was quick to hang very negative labels on every unnamed character she came across. Lottie also had the “being nerdy makes me special” complex going on, although it was mostly in other people telling her this was so special. “Oh my god, you enjoy classical literature and geeky things? Wow, you must be the only hipster on your college campus. No one ever sees nerds or hipsters on college campus, nope.”Like I said, she wasn’t bad, but people’s reactions to her made me roll my eyes.Zan was a great romantic lead, and I enjoyed him a lot.He had the perfect mix of mostly redeeming qualities and a few personal demons, rather than the other way around. He was a good boy gone bad who wanted to be good again, so his overcoming his issues was much more believable than many other “bad boys” that I’ve seen. He was an absolute sweetheart and about 95% of their relationship was without red flags. He was even happy to take things slow and kept asking her if she was comfortable and assuring her he’d back off she wanted. Nothing makes me swoon faster than communication and respect.That other 5%, though? There was a running bit where Zan and Lottie would tell each other to stop thinking, then kiss each other to silence. At first, it was really creepy, because it was at a moment when not thinking was a very bad idea. Then it was cute, when the situation was more light and joking. Then it was creepy again, because they kept going with it, and I generally don’t like being told that thinking is un-sexy.The setting was very narrowly focused on the cast, to the point where it felt like stuff was happening in a bubble instead of on a college campus. There were very few mentions of other students or other people, and that became especially annoying when several plot points hinged on contrived run-ins and connections. They all just kept bumping into each other, and apparently bumping into absolutely no one else at the same time.The drama was good, but the plot dragged. After everything got set up, the first third of the book was a repetition of said set-up. Lottie blames Zan and hates him, we get it. They run into each other a lot and nothing changes. We get it. Nothing changes, nothing gets added to the drama, they just got stuck in a loop for a while. Zan’s counselor felt like an authorial nudge as he kept encouraging Zan to date Lottie, based on nothing except his crush for her and despite knowing the full situation and Lottie’s feelings about him. In fact, a lot of characters acted like they’d read the script, calling out the romance before it started. That’s acceptable in some cases, but here, Lottie had legitimate reasons to dislike Zan, so it wasn’t the old “you’re just in denial because you like him” case. Another point of dragging was the last 10% of the book, which was almost pure falling action and wrap-up, when we hardly needed it to drag on that long.Also, Zan’s problems were implied to be completely under control after hooking up with Lottie, instead of just on the mend. Love is awesome, but it doesn’t actually cure self-harm and drug addiction.On the whole, it could have been shorter and tighter, but it was still a sweet romance and some solid drama/personal redemption story.

  • Lauren ♥ Inked in Chapters
    2019-04-15 07:35

    You can read this and other reviews at madisonsaysYour task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it - RumiIn Deeper We Fall, we’re first introduced to Lottie (aka Charlotte), a girl living with an unimaginable amount of guilt and anger. Two years prior to leaving for college her best friend, Lexie was in a car accident. Lottie feels she could have or should have prevented it. She should have never let Lexie get into the car with Zack and Zan. She’ll never forgive the brothers for what they did to her best friend.Zan has suffered in silence and secrets for the past two years. After serving time at a youth detention center and attending a school for troubled youth, Zan has graduated high school a year early. He is looking forward to moving on with his life in college. It won’t be easy, but it’s time to pick himself up, dust himself off and make something of himself. He’s still stuck with his brother, Zack… Still looking out for him and cleaning up his messes.“I rolled over onto my back and watched the rain fall, letting it slap my face and run into my mouth and down my cheeks. Putting my arms out, I begged for the rain to somehow wash me away. Was away the memories and all the shit that happened until I was back to the way I’d been.”When Lottie first realize she’s attending the same college as the “brothers of doom”, it feels as if all hell has broken loose. Zack is dating Lottie’s roommate, Katie and Lottie is absolutely determined to keep him from hurting her. He already destroyed one of her friends. She won’t let him do it to another. Zan has been in love with Lottie since he can remember. Only, Lottie has painted an unfavorable picture of Zan in her mind. It turns out he’s nothing like she thought he would be. He’s quiet, thinks long and hard about what he’s going to say before he says it and is very well read. How can she hate someone so much and not know him at all?“She made me want to do stupid shit like quote Rumi in the moonlight and buy her sparkly things for her ears. She made me want to grab her and kiss her and run my fingers through her hair and promise to bring her the moon.”This is a touching story of Love, Loyalty and Forgiveness. I absolutely loved watching both Zan and Lottie evolve throughout the novel. It is easy to see why Lottie is determined to fight her feelings for Zan. Her loyalty lies with Lexie. How could she possibly choose to be with someone who hurt her best friend so severely? Both Lottie and Zan have to learn to let go. Let go of the anger. Let go of the secrets. Let go of the guilt. In doing so they just may see what is right in front of them. “Remember; Elizabeth fell for Mr.Darcy, Beauty fell for the Beast and Scarlet fell for Rhett. Girls love a mysterious boy with a dark past. Trust me.”After reading My Favorite Mistake, I would read anything Chelsea M. Cameron scribbled down on paper. I absolutely love how she can capture the readers attention right from the start, pulling you along on a journey of heartbreak and happiness. This book is no exception. I definitely recommend you check this book out. It’s a sweet story that I think anyone will enjoy.

  • Claire Robinson
    2019-04-19 14:44

    I am a big fan of Chelsea M. Cameron, I discovered her awesomeness when I read My Favourite Mistake, it blew me away, not to mention the fact I pulled an all-nighter to finish it….In Deeper We Fall we get a similar premise wherein the main characters are beginning their journey into adulthood, starting with going away to college. I have to say this book reminded me in parts of the Return to, and Leaving Paradise series by Simone Elkeles, which I absolutely adored. Zan Parker is an honourable and misunderstood guy, and in trying to do what he thought was for the best ended up losing everything he cared about. I kind of want to liken him to a swan, on the surface everything seems cool, calm and unaffected, but under the water the legs are going ten to the dozen. He is literally the antithesis of his brother Zack who in all honesty, I wanted to bitch slap from the moment he walked across my page, but hey every Thor needs his Loki, and Zan and Zack are like that for me.Lottie was such a great character, she told it how it was and didn’t take any prisoners. I like a girl who speaks her mind and Lottie certainly wasn’t afraid to. Underneath there is a vulnerability that makes you want to give her a big hug, you see this side of her during her interaction with Will and Simon a lot. She feels responsible for the terrible accident that effectively ripped her best friend as she knew her away. Yet she fights to stay in Lexie’s life, and tries to be what she needs her to be, even though it breaks her heart every time she see’s her. Her continued guild and feelings of responsibility have a huge impact on her feelings for Zan, and the development of their relationship.As the book progresses the interaction between Lottie and Zan had me laughing at times, and crying at points as well, although Lottie wants to hate him, Zan manages to show her that all of her preconceived conceptions of him are totally wrong. I love that it is written from both their points of view, it provides more insight into both their thoughts and feelings for pivotal points. The hand holding whilst they were at the football had me smiling and sniffling in equal measure, Zan was such a gentleman towards Lottie, I just wanted to swoon like Scarlett O’Hara over some of the things he said and did for her.Zan – “if the sky starts to fall, I’ll catch it for you, pretty girl.”SEE WHAT I MEAN!!!!!! Chelsea has a way of writing her guys, where you just want to wrap them up and keep them in your pocket…I have a habit of trying to write my reviews without spoilers, and this one is no different. I don’t want to give anything away. You need to read this book and absorb the wonderfully colourful and descriptive writing style that Chelsea delivers, I even discovered a love for the poetry of Rumi, through her.Oh and I also pulled an all-nighter reading this book. Could. Not. Put. It. Down. I am, now trying not to immediately start reading Faster We Burn, as I have a feeling it will end up with me missing another nights sleep I was provided with a copy of Deeper We Fall by Netgalley, it was my pleasure to provide an honest review in exchange for the privilege.

  • Sandra
    2019-04-19 12:24

    Hace muchísimo tiempo me topé con Deeper We Fall, pero al leer la sinopsis y ver que salían tres nombres, dos de ellos de chicos y uno de chica, mis dientes chirriaron y no terminé de leerla. Pasé de largo. Y bueno, aquí estoy, dándole una oportunidad.Me ha gustado más de lo que esperaba, más bien un 3,5 que un 3. Podría haber llegado a las 4 estrellas pero no sé, me ha gustado pero tampoco me ha enamorado. En realidad, siendo sincera, no sé qué puntuación darle porque ha habido cosas que me han gustado mucho, pero otras que no me han gustado. Me parece que 3 es muy poco, pero que 4 es mucho.La relación entre Lottie y Zan. Por los puntos de vista de él ya sabemos que está enamorado de ella desde hace muuuucho tiempo. Lo que me ha molestado ha sido ella: afirma odiarlo pero de buenas a primeras cambia de parecer. A ver, no veo mal que a una persona se le dé una segunda oportunidad (estoy de acuerdo en eso). Pero no me he creído para nada su transición del odio al amor. Es verdad que se dice que del amor al odio sólo hay un paso (en este caso es al contrario) pero no sé, ha sido precipitado. Tanto que a los cinco días de estar saliendo él le dice que la ama y ella se lo da de vuelta. Lo de Zan lo entiendo porque lo lleva reprimiendo mucho tiempo, pero lo de Lottie... En fin. Va a sonar extraño, pero otra cosa que me ha chirriado a un montón es que Zan solo tiene 17. Suena un poco... mmm... ¿pretencioso? Pero ¿ya está en la universidad? Madre mía, yo con 17 estaba encerrada en mi cuarto muriéndome del asco por los exámenes y la selectividad... A lo mejor es diferente en América, yo qué sé, y también puede ser que sean cosas mías, lo admito xD. Debo decir que me gustan todas las cosas mantecosas y empalagosas en lo referente al romance. Pero tengo un límite. Con la relación de Zan y Charlotte, bueno, como que ha superado mi nivel de empalagosidad. Puede que sea por lo que antes he dicho, que su relación va muy rápido. Aunque no es para nada instantánea tipo nuestros ojos hacen contacto, siento cosas extrañas en mi interior, creo que lo amo en la página 30, eso ha sido un punto a su favor. No sé. Los amigos: Will, Simon, Audrey, Katie, Stryker, y Trish son todos una monada. No puedo decir lo mismo de Zack. Uuuuugh.

  • Michelle
    2019-04-12 06:42

    I was given this book in exchange for a review.I really liked this book. Really, I did. At the same time, though, I had some problems with the finer details.What I liked:-the alternating POV. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to find in books. -the awesome cast of supporting characters.-sweet story of guilt and forgiveness with tension and build up in the relationship between the main characters.-good amount of humorous sarcasm.-well placed literary and musical references. My trouble with the details:-the timeline/ages of the characters. In chapter 1 it says that Zack is a sophomore and Zan is a year younger. When the story picks up 2 years later, Zack has already been in college for a year and transfers to the school they all attend together. Lottie and Will are freshman and Zan enters college a year early after being in juvenile detension. It just doesn't all compute for me.-Zan is only 17?! Now I feel like I've broken some laws by finding him hot!-Zan and Stryker meet in Freshman level calculus, yet Stryker is 3 credits from graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Again, doesn't compute. I don't like to get too caught up in the details, but these were a little too much for me to look past them. That being said, I still really did enjoy Deeper We Fall and would recommend it to NA fans.

  • Purple
    2019-04-06 09:35

    More than 70% of the book was really boring. Nothing was happening. Just dragging the story completely nowhere and my nerves everywhere.I was so annoyed. I wanted to break something. I really disliked that Zan decided do call her "L". SERIOUSLY??? Why not sticking with "Charlotte"? NO - "L" for "Love" mind you, NOT for "Loser"!From no chemistry at all to scorching interactions..hmm..seemed to me quite far fetched (Lottie supposedly hated him and Zan was rendered mute around her). BUT when he started to talk!!! Ladies and gentlemen, be all ears cause the guy was bellowing quotes and poems by Rumi! Laughing Out LOUD and shocked o_0! Don't get me wrong - I love Rumi. I've read his poems long time ago and I still do from time to time, BUT it's just not Zan's style. It simply doesn't work.I liked Will, Simon, Audrey...Katie and Stryker will be main characters in the next story. Definitely not excited about that. Katie was so messed up. Moreover she refused to get help. She was so blindsided by Zach. Stupid girl. Stryker was OK. I'm still undecided though. What I would really like to read is a good Will & Audrey romance. But who knows if this year or ever...sigh!

  • Meli Videla
    2019-03-26 12:49

    Confieso que cuando leí la sinopsis, lo primero que pensé fue: "Demasiado drama. Qué raro Chelsea", pero, de todas formas, estaba en mis planes darle una oportunidad ya que se trataba de esta autora, y por lo mucho que había amado "My Favorite Mistake".Debo decir que no me arrepiento. Es un libro hermoso, donde el drama es sólo el sustento de una preciosa historia de amor, no el centro de todo. Jamás pensé que alguien pudiera superar a Hunter Zuccadelli, pero lo cierto es que Zan Parker se ganó por completo mi corazón. Tiene "eso" que busco. Está jodido, y no por eso es un arrogante, manipulador y sin respeto por las mujeres. Zan es completamente lo contrario. Amoroso, sensible, inteligente, y respetuoso ♥Gracias Chelsea por demostrarle al mundo que un chico sensible y una chica fuerte son mucho más llamativos que cualquier otra relación enfermisa. Gracias por crear dos chicos tan diferentes e igualmente atractivos. Sin duda, voy a leer el próximo libro.

  • Courage
    2019-03-30 09:27

    As of January 6th:Average rating: 1.33How is this even possible?! This book hasn't been released yet!

  • ~Mindy Lynn~
    2019-03-19 10:35

    free 10-23-15

  • Katie
    2019-03-26 13:34

    Let me just start off by saying that I’m extremely glad I got this book for free on Kindle and didn’t waste my money on it. Deeper We Fall reminded me why I don’t read self-published books. There were so many things I absolutely hated about Deeper We Fall. I’m honestly amazed I even finished it and I’m kind of kicking myself for wasting so much time with it.Pros:The only good thing this book had going for it was the beginning. It started off strong, I’ll give it that. I wanted to know more about what happened after the accident and the secrets surrounding the accident. It was pretty easy to figure out what the secret about the accident was though so my curiosity didn’t last too long.Cons:Characters: I didn’t like most of the main characters. Will and Simon were probably the exceptions. They were funny and I loved how they treated Charlotte. Will was a great brother and Simon was basically brother number two. They were adorable. Charlotte, however, was whiny and annoying and extremely naive. She blamed herself for the accident even though she wasn’t even in the car. She did everything she could to stop her friend from getting in the car, short of dragging her away. There was nothing she could have done and she constantly beat herself up about it. Not just herself though. She treated Zan and Zack Parker like crap for the accident. Zack was totally to blame but Zan was pretty much an innocent bystander even though he was driving the car. I could also understand her hostility toward Zack because he was a total douchebag. Her attitude toward Zan was just mean though. And for her to then start falling for him just made no sense. Zan was annoying because he was so obsessed with Charlotte. I didn’t find his behavior attractive. In fact, it was a little stalkerish. He claimed to be in love with her but he never even had a conversation with her before the accident. That’s not love, that’s obsession.Romance: Okay let’s get into the romance a little more. Zan and Charlotte obviously have something going on and it was the dumbest thing I have ever read. First, Charlotte is a giant bitch to Zan. She was never once nice to him and yet he loved her. Or at least claimed he did. Then when they do finally start something, he lets her call all the shots and she’s not willing to let anyone know about them. And Zan is fine with that. He doesn’t want to scare her off so he just lets her walk all over him. I’m all for men and women being equal in relationships and that goes for this situation too. Zan had no control over what they did or didn’t do. I hated that.Story: The story dragged for so long. There was so much unnecessary information. Nothing even happened with Charlotte and Zan for more than half of the book. I’m sorry, if there is supposed to be some big important romance in a book, it should happen before I get 70% of the way through the book. Also, there was pretty much nothing else going on other than this romance that I was pretty sure was never going to happen. There were a few small side stories which I knew were going to be excuses to have more books with these characters but they were pretty much all tied up pretty quickly and didn’t hold my interest. Everything about this book was predictable.Overall, I’m just going to stop because if I don’t, I’ll rant for 5 more pages. I don’t recommend reading this one but it’s free on Kindle if you do decide to pick it up for some reason. It seems like other readers have really enjoyed it so maybe it’s just that this one was not for me.

  • nick
    2019-03-24 12:48

    Deeper We Fall was a book I stepped into with worry. I had an inkling of what might happen in the book just from reading the synopsis and I wasn't sure how I would deal with it all. In the end, I wound up really enjoying this book despite some tiny issues I had with it.Lottie was a character that I liked, but never connected with it. She was suffering from the guilt of leaving behind her best friend in the hands of a jock who was drunk. Now, her best friend has had a brain injury does not remember much of her life. Lottie goes to college with her brother in the hopes of forgetting the guys who ruined her best friend's life along with hers. Unfortunately for her, Zack and Zan, are in the same college as her. I felt bad for her. I don't think I would tolerate seeing the guys who got my best friend into an accident on a daily basis. She was a strong character for being able to stand by her friend without wanting to rage out at the people who were responsible for her condition. Despite all her positive personality traits, I failed to become emotionally invested in her. I had a similar reaction to her love interest, Zan too. He was an okay guy but there were times I had a hard time figuring out the kind of person he was. His intentions and behavior at times gave me a negative mind. By the end of the book, I did like him a lot better, but still he didn't give me butterflies. I loved the role Lottie's brother played. He was a fun-loving character that made the book a lovely reading experience. His personality and his love for his sister made me wish that I could be in his head too!Deeper We Fall is a story about forgiveness. It's a short book that packed quite a few emotions. Over the course of the story, we see Lottie learning to come to terms with the fact that her best friend would never be the same person and at the same time learning to forgive Zan. There was a little mystery as to what really happened the night of Lottie's best friend's accident but I have to admit that it was predictable. Compared to other NA books, Deeper We Fall had less angst to it and to be honest, that was completely refreshing for me. The situation that Lottie was in was something believable and definitely not over the top. Chelsea Cameron is definitely a promising author and I'm looking forward to reading the second book, especially since I disliked the main character in that book in this one. Hopefully, she will turn out to be a likeable character!All in all, Deeper We Fall could have been a better read had the characters been slightly more developed than they were. However, this was definitely not a bad book and I enjoyed reading it despite my issues with the characters. This is a book that will surely please New Adult fans!