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Suffering from writer's block and frustrated with his tentative relationship with hot but closeted L.A.P.D. Homicide Detective Jake Riordan, gay bookseller and mystery writer Adrien English travels to northern California where he finds a body in his front drive. By the time the sheriffs arrive, the body has disappeared, and Adrien once again finds himself playing amateur sSuffering from writer's block and frustrated with his tentative relationship with hot but closeted L.A.P.D. Homicide Detective Jake Riordan, gay bookseller and mystery writer Adrien English travels to northern California where he finds a body in his front drive. By the time the sheriffs arrive, the body has disappeared, and Adrien once again finds himself playing amateur sleuth. But when the game turns deadly, Adrien turns to Jake. Jake may be confused about some things, but keeping his lover alive is not one of them--no matter what the cost.Who are the mysterious strangers excavating on his land? And will he sort out his problems with LAPD Detective Jake Riordan, heavily into S/M sex but not so hot on relationships? Find out in this engrossing, slyly witty thriller....

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  • Baba
    2019-04-26 21:46

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.There is potential between Adrien and Jake, although Jake can't read see it yet.Adrien English needs to make some changes since he is not in the best of moods. One of the reasons is his detective "friend" Jake Riordan. Jake is tough, smart, very handsome but also deeply closeted. Another reason for his sourly mood is his writer's block. Therefore Adrien decides to go out of town for a little vacation. Our wannabe criminologist is heading off for his property outside of Sonora near a little town called Basking. But when Adrien arrives at Pine Shadow Ranch he discovers a dead body in the dusty road. He does a 180 and calls the cops. However, when the law enforcement officials arrive the body has been vanished into thin air."Sir, I don't have the author-I-zation to waste anymore time on this bugaboo. There's nothing here."So sayeth The Law.Funny thing is, Adrien's handyman who had to look after his property is gone too. Shortly after Adrien makes the acquaintance of an archaeological team that has been allegedly granted permission to dig on his property. Dear ole Adrien is stunned but at the same time he is very determined to find out what's going on on his premises.Our hero is starting to look for hints what could have happened and ends up in hospital sustaining a severe concussion. Since the cops found Jake's business card in Adrien's wallet, they contact him and Jake comes running ASAP."Why did you hang up like that on Saturday?"(…)"I got the impression you didn't…take me seriously."A couple of beats counted out by the heart monitor. Jake wore an odd expression."I take you seriously."Were we talking bodies in the road or in the bed?Well, it can be very reassuring to have a homicide detective as backup...A Dangerous Thing is a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish! Come to think of it I kinda regret it that I did not read this series out of order. As a matter of fact, this book is much better than Fatal Shadows and I believe I could have skipped it and wouldn't have felt lost at all.One of Lanyon's strengths is his riveting narrative as well as his witty dialogue. He does a mighty fine job at subtle wordplay and I love his sense of humor. As always, the author will draw you into the story from the get-go. The plot is complex and intriguing and the murder mystery is well thought out. Also, Lanyon threw in a nice dose of "creepiness"…caves, NA rituals, eery chanting, anyone? Granted, the AE series is not packed with sex scenes, however what was there in A Dangerous Thing was well-placed and well-written.His mouth touched mine and it went through my mind that it was his first man-to-man kiss. I seemed to experience that kiss through Jake's virgin senses: the queerness of a man's hard jaw, a man's bare lips, the texture of a man's smooth shaven cheek, so different from a woman's soft skin. The taste of a man's mouth.It was a tentative kiss, a first kiss. Surprisingly soft, surprisingly sweet.The second kiss was not tentative, and I did not experience it through Jake's senses because my own were swimming.Deep and slow, searching…His hand cradled the back of my head, drawing me closer, tasting me. I tasted him back. We breathed in gentle unison, filling each other's lungs with our quiet exhalations.Coming up for air, I said, "Man!"He brushed his knuckles against my cheek. "How long have you been up?""Now there's a leading question."His mouth twitched, but he corrected, "Awake."Although I really like Adrien my main focus will always be on Jake. One of my GR friends told me: A different atmosphere in each book, Adrien's verve and Jake's hotness : bliss! Agreed but Adrien's verve can be a little bit exasperating now and then when he is getting his cocky self into some delicate situations. With that said, it would be quite favorable to listen closely what Jake has to tell him--he is the pro after all. "Please don't use the word intuition to me or I will slug you. Aren't you the guy who told me one of the golden rules of mystery fiction is that detectives may not solve the crime by use of intuition and/or acts of God?"Jeez, who knew he was listening that closely? "That's in books, Jake," I protested. "Aren't you the guy who told me a cop's gut instinct is one of his best tools?""You're not a cop, baby. You're a bookseller. You don't have a gut instinct. You have a knack for nearly getting yourself killed."I batted my lashes. "I didn't know you cared."His eyes held mine briefly. "The hell you didn't."In the light of Jake still having to embrace, accept, and actually enjoy his being gay, I'm very curious to see how Adrien and Jake's future "relationship" will pan out. They have a long way to go yet and everything between these two men is tentative and noncommittal at this point in time. Still, I'm looking forward to reading the other three books in this series.

  • Loederkoningin
    2019-05-15 04:05

    2015 Comfort re-read #3. I'm not embarrassed. Oh, and it's funny how 'normal' those (view spoiler)[sex (hide spoiler)] scenes are, and yet they make me hold my breath and make my heart swell where many fuss & frills filled scenes in other books leave me cold. :') 2013I'm head over heels. Okay, that should actually be Team Jake & Team Adrien.:)["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Wendy
    2019-05-12 03:55

    So after my last re-read I decided to finally review these awesome books and adjust my rating ;)Let me start by saying this these books can not be read as stand-alones. It's a series and you have to start with book 1. Even I started with book 1 and everyone knows I love to so shit ass backwards :PSo those of you who have read book 1 already know who Adrien and Jake are, so I am not gonna go into that again. Those of you who haven't read book 1, I would seriously recommend that you do ;)Adrien is suffering from a writers block, which leads him to retreat to his ranche in California, that he inherited from his grandmother. He needs some time away to clear his head...time away from his life and from Jake. He doesn't even tell Jake is going.Jake is really confusing Adrien and Adrien doesn't know where he stands with the frustrating detective.He didn't expect to stumble on a dead body upon arrival though. It was quite the surprise for him and for me...Of course this being Adrien, things are never easy and the dead body goes missing, so the sheriff won't believe him. Adrien, being the amateur sleuth that he is decides to do some snooping around for himself which leads to him being knocked unconscious and send to the hospital.Waking up in the hospital, he finds Jake there. The sherriff contacted him when they found his card in Adrien's wallet. Jake decides to stay for a while and prevent Adrien from getting into anymore trouble on his own. Bit by bit they get closer and yes there is some steam in this one.... But to say it was very romantic... that's a big NO.Jake...he is quite the mess. He is so deep in the closet, that one of his closest friends is "Aslan". He is determined that he isn't gay...he doesn't want to be gay.What also became pretty clear in this book, is that Jake is not only spending sexy time with Adrien.... This wasn't the first time Jake pissed me off, and since I have already read every single book in this series, I can also say it wasn't the last.To be this point Adrien knows what he is getting into. He knows that his dreams don't match Jake's. He still can't help himself from falling though... no matter how hard he tries to protect his already fragile heart..."I could fee his heart banging away....It was the most beautiful sound in the world, and I closed my eyes as I listened and thought, I love you....There wasn't any future in it....The things I wanted from life -- and Jake -- weren't things he could give. But somehow at that moment it just didn't matter."The mystery in this one was very nicely done as well.... I really enjoyed it. Now I already know what's in store for the next book, since I have read them all....but for those of you who are getting ready for book 3...buckle up :P

  • Vivian
    2019-04-29 20:37

    Intrigue and suspense with the hapless and lovable Adrien right in the middle of it--again.Dude is a trouble magnet. Truth is he often stumbles across it innocently, but then manages to court it quite well. Here, an escape from LA to the hinterlands north in abandoned gold mining country leads to all kinds of brouhaha. Nice character backstory woven in and some sweet progress with the reticent detective, Jake. I feel severe yo-yo syndrome about to start. Ain't gonna be that easy to fix what's broken in him.Smooth read that makes me remember how seamless good storytelling is. Favorite quote:It sure as hell wasn’t love, because I refused to do something so self-destructive as love a man who hated himself for being homosexual — which, by extension, probably meant he subconsciously hated me too.

  • ~Mindy Lynn~
    2019-05-01 23:40

    A COUPLE OR MORE SPOILERS UP AHEAD SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK... Man....... It is really hard to try and like Jake let alone love him. He just likes to push all of my ~Fuck No~ buttons. I was happy when Adrien decided to give him and Jake some space. But unfortunately our loveable Adrien just can't keep himself outta trouble so of course Jake comes to the rescue. Although I didn't love the mystery, (it got a bit boring in spots) it was definitely interesting. I loved the progress Jake and Adrien made in their "relationship". But I am still not loving that Jake gets some loving on the side. I REALLY don't like that, and I know it just gets worse in the next book since I have of course read the series a couple or more times. On to the next.... xx

  • Ingela
    2019-04-23 22:57

    Written May 27, 20144.3 Stars - An even tighter band to tie me into these guys lives - My goodness, so amazingly addictiveBook #2I was listening to the audio of the first part Fatal Shadows (4.3 stars) in theAdrien English Mystery just some days ago, and it was a very promising start. Will there be a tiny little bit kissing and romantic parts this time? ~ Indeed, it might. - *happy smile* - Thanks, I loved that... yummy good!!These Adrien English books may be more more of brazen, on the "surface" hard-boiled, crime novels, than steamy M/M romances - but "yeah" they are great to read. I warn you; You have to be a bit patience and wait quite a long time for some proof of these MC's attraction. When you at last get it is IT so [email protected] *swoonish* sweet. You just want more and more of them. ***********************************************************Our dear (poor) gay book-shop owner Adrien English has a hard time with his 'mystery-crime' writing. He is also frustrated with his new weird "no-kissing-no-sex" relationship with the very hot, but deeply closeted, LAPD Homicide Detective Jake Riordan. To get away and have a break from Jake (..what will it lead to?) and get some writing peace, travels Adrien to northern California and the farm house he inherited years ago.As soon as Adrien arrive to his grannys old house he finds a dead body in his front drive. By the time the sheriffs arrive has the body (course...) disappeared, and Adrien once again finds himself playing amateur sleuth. ***********************************************************This old gold-diggers area, in the middle of nowhere, with missing mines, odd scientists and locals who talk about mysterious spooky tales is not was Adrien had hoped for during his (writing) vacation. Dear sweet Adrien discovers both fields of forbidden crops (on his own land!!!) and perhaps most importantly of all, dead bodies. ...But as always, who believe in a slightly neurotic (with a weak heart) gay guy with crime writer ambitions? Hardly the local sheriff. The slightly homophobic Jake may be confused about things like being gay (or bi..), male lovemaking and his inner feelings for Adrien, but when he feels he is needed, is keeping his new friend alive not one of them. “Planning on staying?”“Just till you wise up.”“I’m flattered you think that’s a possibility.”“Yeah, well it’s lucky I’ve rolled a lot of vacation.” Soonish he, "big strong grunting Jake", also arrive to Adriens farm house. ~ The suspense, action, and the faster and faster bubbling steam are in the middle of these two mens life yet again.***********************************************************‘It was nearly five before Jake walked in. He was sunburnt, wet, and smelled faintly of fish. Sexy as hell. Don’t ask me to explain.’How about the romance parts this second time?The heat and Adrien's and Jake's unspoken longing increases slowly, slowly. It is so emotionally charged, frustrated needy and it starts to literally seep steamy heat from both of them. ‘...he pulled me against him in a rough embrace that nearly knocked the remaining wind out of me. “I owe you one, baby,” he muttered against my ear.”While Jake snorts tough and dark masculine and Adrien whines both cute gay (girly) and slightly tormented - I just want to push them together in each other's arms. They bicker and buffoons words against each other and are both bitchy ironic and I never thought it would happen. Sigh!!!! ...But gee, really, they are just two big furry male horny cats waiting impatiently, just prowling there, around and around each other. In other words, typical male macho behavior.***********************************************************I maybe not, if I'm honest with you, cared that much about all the details in this crime case. The suspense parts in A Dangerous Thing was both pretty exciting and more important; not that easily predictable, as it sometimes tend to be in these types of books. The resolution of the guys adventure was really exciting, action-packed and it all ended grandly as thrillers should do.***********************************************************I'm by now a howling hysterical tedious fan of these books. Not to forget the fantastic audio version narrated by Chris Patton (..the man with "The Voice"). So very enjoying to listening to.I shall try to bite the bullet, reassure me and show me persevering and patient for a few days before I start reading (or perhaps listen to) the third book, (The Hell You Say) of this wonderful —£%&₩ing amazing— series.I LIKE - ...silly question, of course!!

  • Breann
    2019-05-15 00:49

    3rd reread... bumped it up to 4 stars._____________________________________The mystery was meh. I didn't find myself caring too much about the outcome of the murders. I did want more of the relationship between Jake and Adrien though. They really had a rocky start and I'm still trying not to want to impale Jake with a butter knife. They had some great moments and even some sexy ones. But still, Jake was such a complete dickwad at times. Can they just be nice to each other for, oh I don't know... a whole day at least? *sigh & eyeroll*Adrien's snark still makes him one of my favorite characters and I just adore the guy.

  • Sofia
    2019-05-16 00:52

    First reading 05.12.2013 For me this was a welcome dive into Lanyon's world. A page turner with guys whom I'm interested in. The second book continued on the promise of the first and gave me more I suspect the relationship between Adrien and Jake is going to be troubled and not instant. Yes, something to chew on at last. Have to keep myself from instantly going on to the 3rd book, have to savour these. Keep them as treats, not shoved down randomly.Reread 08.10.2014Rather a hearing not a reading. As I heard the audiobook narrated by Chris Patton. One of the reasons I wanted to hear was to hear Jake call Adrien 'baby' and I did. Enough said.Confirmed what a great read this was. Hearing Adrien's voice is quite something. Loved this second time round as well, eventhough now I know all that awaits Adrien and Jake after this. Did feel a bit of a heart ache about this.

  • Martin
    2019-04-23 20:59

    “Meanwhile, back at the ranch ...”A Dangerous Thing indeed.After his almost death in book 1, Adrien decides to take a time out of his complicated 'friendship' with deeply closeted homicide detective Jake Riordan. He packs his stuff and travels to his late grandmother's ranch in northern California which he inherited some 20 years ago and never returned to ever since.The moment he reaches the driveway of his estate, he stumbles over a dead body in the dark of night. When he returns with the local cops to report his find, the body is gone and nobody believes Adrien there actually was a body in the first place.Things start getting weirder when the caretaker of the estate vanishes and Adrien makes a spectacular but disturbing discovery on his land, not to mention running into a couple of uninvited visitors who make his life even more complicated.When things really turn dangerous for poor Adrien, he once again finds himself saved by his brooding cop friend Jake who seems to be determined to protect Adrien even if he isn't willing to admit his feelings for the younger man.While working through their more than complicated friendship, Adrien learns about a strange conspiracy involving a secret Indian society, a hot young college student vying for Adrien's attention and a group of questionable academics with equally questionable motives camping on his land.And surely it's not a werewolf that is causing the eerie howling in the dark of night?What a beautiful story in the tradition of classic mystery writers like AC Doyle.The plot was interesting, eerie and most importantly - it made sense.But the real experience was watching sexy, troubled Adrien interact with the father of all of Lanyon's hot cop characters: Jake Riordan.And boy am I a sucker for these types... Jake is not only the quiet, cynical cop who doesn't believe in love and PDAs, he's also deeply repressed and doesn't accept his own homosexuality. While keeping Adrien at arm's length for most of the novel, the time when Jake does allow Adrien to get close to him is the sexiest Lanyon gets. I absolutely adored Jake and I wonder if his questionable past will ever get resolved or at least mentioned. I had some troubles getting into Jake's character at the beginning, knowing what became evident in book 1 about him.Still, he's the poster boy of my favorite type of romance MC and I have to know where the following books will take Jake and Adrien.I also loved Adrien's pop culture related comments throughout the book. He's a pretty smart guy, although he's probably not the best 'sleuth' there ever was. But thank God he's got Jake for the more rational lines of thought.Absolutely awesome!5 stars and on my list of favorites ;-)

  • Anna(Bananas!)
    2019-05-13 20:51

    While the mystery didn't hold my attention much this round, the slightly awkward yet compelling evolution of Adrien and Jake's relationship made this a keeper. Jake Riordan (All I picture is Robert Redford.)Adrien English (Montgomery Clift)The CharactersI still adore Adrien's sense of humor. The occasional times I got bored, his drily funny comments and one-liners pulled me back in - and often caught me by surprise. I use the term "holding on" loosely, because for the most part life went on exactly as before, with the exception of the funny flutter my heart gave when I'd hear Riordan's voice on the other end of the phone - and for all I knew that was incipient heart failure....We repaired to the Sheriff's substation where I let Jake do the jawing. My popularity rating had not exactly soared since the snake-o-gram, and we all politely pretended I was not present....I'd do my best to make sure he enjoyed himself; I wanted him to see that it (sex) could be good without the improper use of kitchen utensils.Jake is only slightly less mysterious than before, but what a mystery. The reader never quite knows what he's thinking. For example, when he casually suggests having sex with Adrien, I expected him to be nervous or not that into it - hell, anything besides attentive and adorable and incredibly sexy. When he mentions the night Adrien was almost killed by Bruce and how afraid he was, he reveals a bit more of himself. He genuinely cares for Adrien, even if he's not always comfortable showing it. The MysteryThis will be brief. The mystery was necessary as, you know, plot but it felt like filler to me. It involved 2 dead men, a team of archaeologists, ancient gold-mining town history, and Native American legends. I got some of the characters/suspects mixed up because I wasn't engaged in them. I didn't get a thrill of fear or anticipation at the ultimate showdown, possibly because Adrien was slightly removed from the action. Anyway, moving on to the best part. The Relationship (some spoilers)At the start of the book, Adrien believes "it was over before it began.""You're just going through the motions. Why bother?""I never meant to get involved with you, Adrien.""Rest easy; you're not. Essentially, the problem is this:I refused to do something so self-destructive as love a man who hated himself for being homosexual - which, by extension, probably meant he subconsciously hated me too.Adrien calls Jake early on when he goes out of town, and it's apparent Jake has a woman in bed with him. My heart broke a little for Adrien.I don't know why it hadn't occurred to me until then that Jake was still seeing other people. Female people. Where exactly did I fit in his life? Apparently he could sleep with everyone but me. Friends? I was the friend he didn't want to be seen with.Then Adrien finds a dead body (that subsequently disappears) at his grandmother's home, prompting Jake to join him out in the sticks. Jake begins to treat him alternately like a cherished lover (giving him a thorough if chaste massage, wrapping him in unexpected hugs) and like a silly wife who needs to be reigned in (dismissing him as a mystery writer in front of the local cops, telling him to keep his mouth shut about his ideas).It takes a while for them to really warm up. As much as they're mutually attracted, it's like they haven't earned the right to each other yet. They don't possess the ease you get with another person when you're both confident you want the same thing. Jake kisses Adrien for the first time, and it's achingly sweet. Still, they don't exactly remove the hurdles from their relationship. They leap around them. "I've got nothing to offer you, Adrien." These were not the opening remarks to a proposal."I don't recall asking. Hell, you came after me, Jake. Every step of the way.""So," he said casually, "You want to fuck?"Oh so romantic, innit? And yet...I smiled back and he leaned forward and kissed me. The kiss reassured. His mouth was warm and already tasted familiar."I like kissing you," he said softly. "I didn't think I would. But I do."And the following scene, whew. You just have to read it. Multiple times. It's steamy and affectionate and even funny. A very rewarding sex scene. And slowly Adrien realizes that not only does he want Jake, he trusts him. And more. I had thought I was doing to die that night too. It was strange looking back from the safety of Jake's arms. I said - and I thought I was kidding but somehow it didn't come out like that, "I knew you'd save me."...Maybe our relationship was undefined but he had proven his friendship a dozen times over the past week. He had come to my rescue without being asked; he had spent his vacation making sure I didn't get myself killed playing detective; hell, he had taken a bullet that could have been meant for me. Gay or straight, I'd never had a better friend.Adrien knows how he feels. Jake, well, I sense he was a ways to go."I owe you one, baby," he muttered against my ear. I could feel his heart banging away with exertion and excitement against my own. It was the most beautiful sound in the world, and I closed my eyes as I listened and thought, I love you.Old news really. I guess I'd known since I left LA. I guess that was why I'd left LA, because there wasn't any future in it. Not really. The things I wanted from life - and Jake - weren't things he could give. But somehow at that moment it just didn't matter. There's an implicit promise in the last page that while it might be a long time coming, these two are going to work out.Over his shoulder he called, "Are you following me or am I following you?"I opened my mouth - and then let it go. Mildly, I said, "Are you sure you know the way?"He paused. Turned. "Hey," he said. "I found you, didn't I?"Time for book three. :)

  • Shelley
    2019-04-26 21:56

    This was A-Okay. A good 3.5 Stars.More character development and interaction between our protagonists gives this book that something more that I missed in 1]Fatal Shadows. The murder mystery story line was clever (as usual) and engaging with lots of action and excitement, but as soon as Adrien walks into a library or a museum? I start skimming. It's no secret that I see this series as the Adrien and Jake show, so I tend to focus on that.Happily I learned a few good things about Adrien, enough to change my first impression of him. So I made a short-ish list.1. Brilliant sense of humour, he’s snarky but inoffensive. He can be quite droll, but it comes across as witty and amusing. Consider me charmed Mr English.2. He’s a hell of a lot tougher than I thought he was, he faces a few challenges in this book, both physical and emotional and deals with it like an Alpha! Not the geeky, vulnerable geezer I thought he was. Consider me impressed Mr English.3. He’s a Taurus! Just like me, so I *get* him. Consider us BFF’s Mr English.4. We finally get a picture of Adrien, and guess what? He’s a good looking guy (of course, he is, he's not going to be a minger is he?) Kevin (the cutie) reckon’s he looks just like the priest in that old Hitchcock movie. So I googled . Open the tag, and meet Adrien English --> (view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]I totally get why Jake was so taken with Adrien in the first place. Hell! Even I fancy him now. Yep, I’m shallow and shameless.It’s about 2 months later, and Jake and Adrien have been seeing each other, not as lovers or anything resembling lovers though. They have this friendship stroke relationship thing developing, which is more of a non- relationship. Hells! I don’t know what the heck it is they have, but it’s tense and messed up.Adrien is head over heels for the sexy cop, and Jake is well … confused temptedinfatuated interested but way too hung-up with his own self-loathing over being gay to embrace a meaningful open relationship with Adrein. He likes woman but prefers men, he wants a wife and kids – he wants normal,"I’ve got nothing to offer you Adrien.”<--this, makes me nervous. I don’t trust Jake! How can Adrien trust him with his heart? I guess he can't help it, just like me.I hope we see more of Kevin, I like his puppy dog affection for Adrien and I love watching Jake adopt the chest puffing 'MINE' stance when Kevin comes around. Ha!Guess I have to read further to see how it all plays out, which is no hardship considering how much I love Lanyon's writing. His subtle play on words is not lost on me :)["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Bev
    2019-04-22 03:01

    Oh Jake, you wonderful man, you finally got with the programme!! Josh.This was a smashing follow-up to 'Fatal Shadows'. We knew that there was a smidgen of interest on Jake's part in Adrien, and we knew damn well that Adrien was into Jake. I'm ashamed to say that the storyline pretty much took a back seat as far as I was concerned to the developing relationship between the two of them.It was fairly obvious in the first book who our baddie was, and Mr Lanyon seemed to take more care in this book to place lots of red herrings (or should I say dead herrings!) in the way of us amateur sleuths!! It was a shame for Kevin that Adrien and Jake's 'thing' was hotting up, otherwise he might have stood a chance with Adrien himself. I didn't care for Melissa, and the sheriff and his deputy came across as a right pair of mindless, bigoted jerks.Yes, we all know it's love, it's just up to Jake to figure it out!!

  • Emanuela ~plastic duck~
    2019-04-22 23:54

    Review written after re-reading it.I was hooked with the first book in the series and last year I read the five installments back to back. I enjoyed this book, but with time its memory sort of faded in my mind, because what happens in book 3 is shocking and you just HAVE TO read #4 to keep your sanity. Poor #2 seemed almost light in comparison to the darker story in Fatal Shadows and the shock (I don't have another word) of The Hell You Say. I was a bit surprised and very delighted to find that I enjoyed this book much more on the re-read.Jake - in retrospect - seemed kinder and sweeter than I remembered and Adrien seems to be more aware of the problems in his friendship with Jake. Being away from LA and his job is probably what makes Jake take a step toward Adrien and to the intimacy with him. I also liked to see a glimpse of domesticity in their supposed vacation.As always what is not said and left hanging between them is what is probably more significant. The short dialog where Jake says to Adrien how worried he was during the confrontation with the bad guy from the previous book and therefore how much he's cared for Adrien since the beginning. Jake doesn't express himself at length about it, but few words convey a depth of concern. And love, ok, I'm going to say it. Well, you know, probably since the beginning I saw Adrien as the weaker part in the relationship, but I think probably Jake was more into him than Adrien was into Jake. I also think that Jake was less equipped to deal with this situation and that's why he did disasters - because of what is left hanging between them.I realize I am not really talking about this book, because I'm already projecting into the next, so back to it. The very first moment of Jake and Adrien together are passionate, intense, but also reverent. It's the beginning of Jake's worshipping of Adrien. It's moving and it's erotic at the same time, but it's also strangely sweet, because Jake is not a young boy, he interacted with men only in BDSM clubs, he gives in to his attraction to men, but doesn't accept it, and yet he is generous and attentive. I'm writing an ode to Jake Riordan, forgive me.Mmm, I have to wrap this up. This book confirmed to me that Adrien's voice is still my favorite, with his dry (and sometimes bitter) humor. I must confess that I didn't remember Adrien being so athletic and resilient. I think there was more suspense and action than mystery, maybe, but the continuous attacks on Adrien and Jake kept the tension high. I really liked Adrien's tense relationship with the local cops, it brought out the best in him.It's a very enjoyable book and it sets the reader up for an expected development that is shockingly (again...) disattended in the third book. Don't say I didn't warn you...

  • Katerina
    2019-04-28 04:49

    Hmmmm ...I like these two guys. I really like them.“He hurt you.” “I don’t remember. Maybe.”“You let it happen.” Again I didn’t have an answer.“You let it happen, but you didn’t enjoy it.” “Well, no.” I asked carefully, “Did you enjoy it? Hearing us, I mean.” “No.” All at once his face looked older: tight, bleak. “You were afraid. And I was afraid. I thought you were going to die.”“I knew you’d save me.”Sex wasn’t everything. There were other things: someone to see you through sickness and in health, someone to wake up with on Christmas morning, someone to bail you out of jail. Companionship counted. Sex wasn’t everything — but it was a lot.I think it will be very difficult to say goodbye to Jake and Adrien one day.

  • Lena♥Ribka
    2019-05-01 23:40

    **** Warning!!! It could contain spoilers!!! ****Actually I am so eager to read the next book that I don't want to waste my time trying to persuade you to fall in love with this series. From the other hand, I don't need to convince anybody: It is the second instalment and probably you're already through the beginning and are in the similar situation - YOU WANT TO READ MORE, right?Just some thoughts to the second book:Josh Lanyon in a rather unusual way proved that he can writes a very good mystery!Because you have to wait for the first kiss, and then you have to wait for the first sex scene. BUT!!! And it is really unbelievably- I can't say that I didn't want it, but I was so busy with a mystery part - WHO, WHY and WHEN - that I didn't actually miss it. I can't believe I am able to claim something stupid like this!!!And doesn't matter how much I wanted it at the end, I was taken utterly by surprise when it happened!The constellation Adrien+Jake promises to have great potential and bring a lot of fascinating plot!They are still at the very beginning of their relationship. And they take things slowly, very slowly. And Jake has some mental problems with his sexuality, he is still deeply closeted, though all THAT could only mean a lot of FUN for the next books. Sooo....On to the next one!!!

  • Jenni Lea
    2019-05-08 21:35

    OK, its official. I’m hooked on Adrien English. While the storyline in this book wasn’t as interesting as the first one, the sexy times more than made up for it. And I have to give props to Mr. Lanyon. I didn’t figure out whodunit until a couple of pages before they were revealed. I would like to know what’s up with the abrupt endings though. I take it this is the author’s writing style. I can deal with it. On to the next one!

  • Lenore
    2019-05-13 00:50

    On the latest episode of Lenore's Josh Lanyon binge...I liked this better than the first book in the series, Fatal Shadows. The mystery was better, there was more action, and things have finally started picking up between Adrien and Jake. Though I have to admit the way they came together, intimately I mean, was a bit anticlimactic. Made you wonder what took them so long to even exchange a kiss if it was always that simple. And they obviously care about each other but it's also obvious they have a lot of issues to resolve.On to The Hell You Say.

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-04-24 21:49

    I'm going to review this quickly because I jumped right to the third and have trouble differentiating between the two books right now. Still just the barest hint of romance but a really well done mystery. I'm hooked!!

  • Vishous
    2019-05-03 23:44

    3.5better...much better... but need more of them together! much more....

  • Jenny
    2019-05-20 00:46

    A Dangerous Thing is book 2 in the Adrien English Mysteries Series by Josh Lanyon. One day Adrien English had enough of the wishy-washy relationship with Detective James Patrick Riordan (Jake) and decided to go on a holiday to his farm for peace to think and finish his book. However, this was not what happen on arrive Adrien found a dead body, and he was attacked and end up in the hospital. Jake was called after police found his card in Adrien pockets. Readers of A Dangerous Thing will follow the Adrien and Jake investigation into what happening at the farm,I enjoyed reading A Dangerous Thing, and like the first book in this Series, was hooked after the first chapter with the characters and the plot of this book. I like the way Josh Lanyon portrays his characters and highlight that it 's hard for some men to admit they are gay. Readers of A Dangerous Thing will like that Josh Lanyon made a country library a big part of the story. Also, that the research that Adrien undertook in the book where done manual without using a computer.I will recommend this book to individuals who enjoy a good mystery and romance between same-sex couples.

  • Lelyana
    2019-04-26 01:43

    *source: know this is going to be a hard ride, especially with Jake and Adrien.I didn't have a problem with the murder, hell...every where Adrien go, it seems he attracted murder.While Jake is...SMH... All the time, I wanna call the Corleone family and do these things to him...And Adrien is just do whatever Jake please. Grrr..."“I’ve got nothing to offer you, Adrien.” These were not the opening remarks to a proposal.“I don’t recall asking.” For good measure, I added, “Hell, you came after me, Jake. Every step of the way.”He refilled his glass, held it up briefly in a salute and knocked it back.“So,” he said casually, “You want to fuck?And I was like...Well, at least, they're not 'in a relationship'. YET.Like what's Jake said in a first book, "Hump buddy?"..Yeah, that.I liked the mystery in book one better, this one is not my favorite. Also, Jake was being an asshole. Not a fan (of Jake).Can you imagine? A homophobic homosexual? Yeah, Jake that is.Adrien, is still a sweetheart, and I liked him, a lot.Move on to book 3? Or take some breathing pause?

  • Therese
    2019-05-09 23:54

    The mystery in this book was definitely more elaborate than in book 1. It still has a classic crime though. Where Dark Shadows had “The Stalker back from the past”, this one has “The Mystery of the Missing Corpse”. Although the corpse was just the beginning…(view spoiler)[Yeah, there was a lot going on in the mystery-part! Loads of people involved:3 corpses, 2 hick cops, 1 crazy homophobic preacher man (what was his deal??), 1 mystic native American woman, a bunch of pompous scholars (from a college, NOT a University, mind), one f***ng hot cop, and one charming man with a bad ticker. Ok, “charming” might be a bit of an exaggeration. How about “human”? Together they all made up this quite entertaining and suspenseful story, with a great, somewhat eerie atmosphere.I once again had chills going down my back (when Adrien is walking alone after being in the cave):"It grew darker. I trudged on. The birds in the trees stopped sympathizing and fell silent. I heard a crack behind me like a twig snapping under foot. I stopped. Tried to figure out where the noise came from. The sound came again, closer. And with it came a scent I can’t quite describe. A musky odor, heavy and oily, animal." Maybe a bear, maybe a coyote, or maybe…a Devourer…yeah, I definitely got caught up in the native American mythical part here!However, I am a bit confused. What happened to the gold? Was there any gold in the cave? There were 3 murders because of this MacGuffin (as I understood it) so it would have been nice to get one line about it in the end. So, that was the mystery-part of this"review", now on to more important things, ahem...Adrien & JakeAdrien’s character is so great. He has his weaknesses, both physical and mental. He definitely holds a grudge, and he doesn’t seem to be very keen on discussing issues regarding his relationships. And he is a bit sarcastic…His break-up with Mel gets a closer look: ”Mel’s version was that he hadn’t been ready to make a commitment. I was pretty sure it had more to do with his fear that he might get saddled with an invalid one day.”This kind of shows to me why Adrien has a sliiiight tendency to get a bit sarcastic and defensive. He constantly has to convince himself and others that he is ok, and maybe he needs that wall. I felt so sorry for him when he had to measure up to Jake physically, and show that he can do everything. In this book it all went well, Adrien himself even got surprised. I hope this continues, it warmed my heart (of course, the protective side of Jake warmed it even more…)When starting reading, I got a bit annoyed that I missed 2 months of Adrien and Jake dating, but as it turns out, there was not a lot to miss. If Adrien is an interesting character, then Jake is fascinating!What does Jake actually want? I feel sorry for this man who is trapped between wanting “normalcy” and what I can only guess, love. I assume someone would not go though what he does for Adrien, merely for some casual sex. The conversation they had about children was painful to read. First, Jake opening up to Adrien, and Adrien responding with a joke, and finally, that deal-breaker for any relationship. One wants children one day, the other not. Honestly, I don’t see how their relationship would work, no matter how good the sex is. But, wow, that was some hot stuff!! ”Say my name’, he urged.‘Jake,’ I said huskily.Something lit in his eyes. He shoved the rest of the way in. I gasped, sphincter muscle spasming around his stiffness.”It was also kind of funny to see again how Adrien behaves, with his stupid quips, and Jake handling it:-)“’Shhh. Turn off for a few seconds, Adrien.’‘A few seconds? Is that all it’s – ‘ I caught my breath as his finger moved knowledgeably, unerringly.‘There’s the off button’, he murmured’”I really liked that Jake wanted face2face, and asking Adrian to say his name. Considering Jake’s reluctance to kiss and have sex earlier, this came as a bit of a pleasant surprise. It makes it real. Jake is making love to a man, without hiding behind whips and leather. It makes we wonder about Jake’s earlier hesitation, and the cause behind. Was he afraid of getting more attached to Adrien, and now finally made a decision to go all-in?Or was this a holiday romance? As Adrien says, they are far away from “real life” with Police departments and deep closets. Hm. Oh, but there was so much tenderness as well, oh, the tenderness. No wham-bam stuff, but more like…love?Nooo, they have to make it work goddammit! The characterization of Jake through Adrien is for me a really a good example of well used “only-one-character POV”. I usually want the view from both MCs, but here I don’t mind it at all, since it creates a very intriguing character in Jake. All those little thing; Jake’s reaction to Kevin and Adrien hugging, his reaction to Adrien in the hospital (of course he was holding your hand doofus!), Jake wanting Adrien the hell away from the farm (which Adrien just sees as annoying because he thinks Jake doubts his “instincts”, when any old fool can see it’s because he is really worried…Aww). As for the written language, must admit I have to google a lot when reading these books. Maybe it is because I’m not a native English speaker, but some words and expressions are just so strange to me.“Snips and snails and puppy dog tails”, “too fagged” (this I usually associate with BE, but of course, Adrien’s mum is English.) “Fuzz”, maybe not the most modern word for cops?Maybe the language is a part of this timeless feeling I get when reading it. It’s kind of old-fashioned, and might as well have been set in the ‘50s (if not for some modern devices). It also make Adrien stand out as a character with his kind of eccentricity, I love it! (hide spoiler)]

  • Laura
    2019-05-20 03:39

    ”Spooky footfalls in the night are not nearly as frightening as the prospect of being alone and lonely.”I have the biggest blushing crush right now! I’m not entirely certain who I have the bigger crush on though—Adrien or Josh Lanyon? :D In book two of Josh Lanyon’s Adrien English Mysteries, we once again find Adrien displaying his knack for bumping into dead bodies. The man is like a magnet for mystery! Tumbleweeds, rattlesnakes, tobacco spewing deputies, lost gold mines, secret Indian societies, and corpses aplenty all add up to a pile of trouble for our sleuthing bookworm. Trying to clear his head of all things Jake and their stop-go-mixed-signals relationship, Adrien makes a run for his family ranch way out yonder, in the middle of nowhere to get some writing done. But discovers murder, mystery, and perhaps much more when Jake comes a’ running to his rescue. :) This story is chock full of spooky, Scooby Doo style fun and mystery, but for me, it was all about the characters. Jake and Adrien’s relationship or rather dance around a relationship develops a new domestic adorableness and frustrating uncertainty filled with sparks, tension, warmth, and charm in this book. My heart jumped for joy every time these two sat down to dinner together. It just felt like something Adrien was longing for all along—companionship. In the first book, he always felt so lonely to me. But at the same time, this new layer to their relationship is oh-SO frustrating! Haha…For a writer, Adrien doesn’t say nearly enough! And Jake, with all his silent brooding, and uh-huh’ing had me pulling my hair out! These two actually break my heart with what they don’t do or say to each other. Can’t wait for more from these two, but I can sense the heartbreak coming—so can Adrien though. He knows Jake is looking for something he can’t provide and Adrien is hoping for a life Jake is not ready to give him. Bittersweet to read and experience. My heart is breaking and “awing” all over the place. And Lanyon? The man is making a very strong case and push for my all time favorite word man! His words and language force me to scramble for my dictionary, hunt down old movies, and spark my imagination, laugh, and smile. :) Here are just a few of my favorites from this tale: carcass, corrals, scattergun, shyster, skullduggery, gelid and dank. Skullduggery is one of my favorite words. The magic and mood Mr. Lanyon creates with his words makes me happy. That might sound simple, but when a writer can pull me out of my world and make me smile, well…hell, let the crushing and swooning begin! Josh Lanyon has definitely made an impression on my heart.Hope you get a chance to meet Adrien soon. I highly recommend this fun, charming mystery series. I just love spending time in Adrien’s head.p.s. Favorite phrase that made me go “huh”?: “irritating as a foxtail in your sock”...haha…. Love it! :D***1/17/14 Update***This is my second visit to the ranch with Jake and Adrien and I have to say…it hit me harder than the first time. With what I know now—these pieces, this part of Jake and Adrien’s relationship is so much sweeter and sexier! Still heartbreaking though. Away from the city, their jobs, and families—Jake and Adrien felt more relaxed, but also so vulnerable and naked. Both unsure and scared, but both so (view spoiler)[ in love.(hide spoiler)]*sigh* If you haven’t met Jake and Adrien yet, please go change that right now! It’s a reading experience not to be missed. My favorite Lanyon words this read: skivvies, yokels, tottered, and bugaboo

  • Rosa, really
    2019-05-03 01:46

    If the first book Fatal Shadows is noirish, than A Dangerous Thing is definitely a Western--Adrien English Rides Again! Or perhaps Adrien English and The Treasure of the Sierra Madre! (*said in movie announcer voice*)Lanyon definitely knows how to infuse a book with the right sort of atmosphere. From the two old "geezers" telling jokes about General Custer, to Jake eating his morning "vittles," to the Sheriff that actually tells Adrien not to leave town, you never forget that you could be reading Adrien English and The Trouble at Ol' Pine Shadow Ranch. L.A. is gone...this here's mother lode country, wipper-snappers! Lanyon almost made me completely happy when Adrien said, "There's gold in thar hills!" ("Them thar hills" would've done it.)What makes this book an homage and not a caricature (not to mention a fantastic read in general) is Adrien himself. He's just as surprised as the reader to find himself starring in Adrien English & The Tale of the Missing Corpse (last one I swear). I like how Adrien (Jake, too) is completely aware of the ridiculousness of his situation. "I'm a thirty-something gay man with a dodgy heart. I sell books for a living. Who wants to read about that?" Normal people in the "real world" don't constantly stumble across dead bodies and then solve their murder. [Jake] "Adrien, people get killed all the time. Since when is it your job to find out what happened to them?""I'm not usually suspected of murdering them.""You have been as long as I've known you."Sometimes authors seem to forget that in the "real world" someone like Miss Marple would've been strongly suspected of being a complete sociopath who did more than knit baby booties with those needles of hers. Lanyon doesn't and that makes reading this series even more enjoyable.As for the romance, it's bittersweet. (view spoiler)[I absolutely loved this part:"I could fee his heart banging away....It was the most beautiful sound in the world, and I closed my eyes as I listened and thought, I love you....There wasn't any future in it....The things I wanted from life -- and Jake -- weren't things he could give. But somehow at that moment it just didn't matter." You're killing me, Lanyon. And I love it. (hide spoiler)]Jake is the perfect romance hero: loyal, heart of gold, hot--& more than capable of some serious emotional fuckery. I'm still waiting for it.But Adrien isn't some Barbara Cartland heroine. At one point he says to Jake, "Hell, you came after me...every step of the way." And that's true, but Adrien also meets Jake step for step. There are no virginal innocents here. 25 years of romance reading tells me it's all going to come out right in the end--after all Josh Lanyon did say he believes in HEAs. The tortuous bastard.

  • Debra
    2019-05-17 20:46

    This book definitely moved along better than the first. While the mystery is still the main part of the book, Adrien and Jake's budding relationship gets a lot of time as well.Two months after the events in the first book Adrien leaves LA to visit the ranch he inherited from his grandmother, in an attempt to clear his head and get away from his "relationship" with Jake. Their relationship seems to be more off than on, and Adrien views it as a tentative friendship that he fears will be gone with the slightest provocation. Jake is still seeing a woman, and is seemingly so loathing of his homosexual identity, still claiming he is going to marry a woman, but Adrien is falling for him. When Adrien runs into trouble on the ranch Jake shows up to help him out. We spend a lot of time with them and see their relationship begin to evolve, but Jake's closeted status and denial of his nature keep them on shaky ground.Their relationship is so intriguing. Even though Adrien knows where Jake stands, he can't help but fall for him. He says to himself that he will not miss out on other opportunities that present themselves, but when Kevin, a student working with a dig team on the property, makes advances towards him, we can see that he will be unable to do anything with Jake still around, although the same cannot be said for Jake.

  • Ami
    2019-05-16 04:58

    The second book of Adrien English mystery is better and so much yummier than the first one. The murder mystery is wrapped up nicely and Mr. Lanyon keeps us guessing until the very last pages. The relationship between Adrien and his "possible lover" the very closeted gay L.A.P.D. homicide detective, Jake Riordan, develops smoothly and charmingly. The only let down of this story is the fact that I should've bought the 3rd and 4th book with this book because now I am craving for more of Adrien stories ...

  • Kelly H. (Maybedog)
    2019-04-30 00:04

    4.5 stars Jake can be such an ass and Adrien doesn't even see it. He puts up with way more than is even believable. They've been "together" three months and in this book they finally kiss. Jake's homophobia and self-loathing is getting tiring. It's also confusing as he is inconsistent with affection. Why a guy whose been out his whole life would be willing to be with someone like Jake who doesn't even let Adrien touch him is too far fetched. But... Lanyon is a gifted writer and this book is a joy to read. It's clever and funny in parts, emotional and intense in others. There's a lot of action and danger and desperate moments. I read it in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. (The fact that I was too sick to get out of bed was not a factor, I swear.)Some excerpts (all taken from early in the book):(Going to a bookcase of old books) "I approached slowly, my pulse quickening in excitement known only to book lovers in the advanced stage of addiction."***"You're the one paying that no account Ted Harvey to sit around and smoke dope all day.""I'm paying hum to look after my property." Smoking dope was a perk.***(When closeted Jake does something domestic) Someday he was going to make some woman a wonderful wife. ***"How come you never came back when your granny passed away?""I was eight. I didn't have my driver's licence."

  • Deeze
    2019-05-06 21:44

    Another extremely well told and interesting story with the romance building up slowly. The mystery again kept me guessing only this time I had no idea whodunit lol. The look into the past and the Indian legends were enjoyable contrasts to the present day activities. Jake again left me feeling conflicted. I felt so bad for Adrien when he made the phone call at the begining, but then Jake immediately followed him. Talk about mixed signals. I'm assuming from friends remarks that he gets worse before he gets better. I can't wait lol. One of my favorite scenes was when Jake and Adrien finally came together. Sex scenes are never my favourite, but Jake and Adrien managed to keep me reading instead of skipping. Perfect.ETAI'm so glad I can read these back to back that is all.

  • Viv
    2019-05-12 04:39

    Re-read November 2016 for the Goodreads challenge.Adrien continues to be one of my favorite characters. He is so sarcastic, but also so caring. In this book, he realizes his feelings for Jake, but knows how fruitless that will be. Jake continues to be a total contradiction, running hot and cold. He always comes when Adrien needs him though. I really enjoyed this book and the mystery is good too. The romance is so good, but so heartbreaking at the same time.If you like audiobooks, I highly recommend them. Chris Patton is so good as Adrien and Jake. And nobody says "baby" like Jake.

  • KatieMc
    2019-05-01 04:54

    I liked this book so much I read it twice, in a row. This was the payoff for slugging through the first book, which sets up Jake and Adrien as a sort-of couple. Call me evil, but I love the delicious dysfunction that is their relationship. Are you following me or am I following you?There is one mystery that I have not solved. What's up with Jake calling Adrien 'baby'? I can see it after they had relations, but during their not-yet-a-couple friendship phase, it doesn't make sense.