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Attorney Rachel Gold investigates the mystery of Graham Marshall, III, reputable law firm associate who left a wacky codicil in his will specifying that $40,000 go to maintaining the grave of "Canaan" in a local pet cemetery. But Marshall never owned a pet, and Rachel's job is to uncover what's really buried in Wagging Tail Estates. Formerly titled The Canaan Legacy....

Title : The Canaan Legacy
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ISBN : 9781558021563
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 385 Pages
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The Canaan Legacy Reviews

  • James Thane
    2019-03-28 12:42

    This is a light entertainment that no one will take very seriously with a plucky heroine and an amusing supporting cast.Rachel Gold once worked for the huge law firm of Abbot & Windsor in Chicago, but decided to go out on her own. She's happy in her own small practice, but is then asked to look into a matter by the managing partner of her old firm. One of the senior partners, Graham Anderson Marshall III has just died, allegedly at his desk but actually in the apartment of a high-priced call girl where he was wrapped up on some sort of leather outfit.It turns out that the late Mr. Marshall had added a very strange codicil to his will, providing $40,000 in trust for the maintenance of a grave at a local pet cemetery. Oddly, Marshall never owned any pets and apparently never knew anyone who did. The managing partner is baffled and wants Rachel to quietly check into the matter to see what is actually buried in the grave.Inevitably, someone beats her to it and steals the coffin from the grave before Rachel can get to it. This poses a serious problem for Rachel and for Maggie Sullivan, the woman who owns the pet cemetery. Sullivan is hoping to land the funeral and burial for a hippo who has just recently died at a local zoo and is worried that the bad publicity from the stolen coffin could nix her chances. (This will give you some idea of the general tenor of the book.)At any rate, Rachel soldiers on and finds herself in the middle of a very complex and dangerous situation. There's a somewhat wacky supporting cast, including the hooker in whose arms Graham Marshall expired. There's the requisite hunky boyfriend who has betrayed Rachel and is trying to worm his way back into her good graces, not to mention her bed. All this leads to a very convoluted ending which climaxes at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium.This is one of those books that leaves me somewhat at odds with myself. Michael A. Kahn has written a book that will appeal to a large number of readers who enjoy novels like this, and I can appreciate that he has done a very good job of it. On the other hand, this is not the sort of novel that normally appeals to me and I would not have read it save for the fact that one of my book clubs picked it for this month. And while I don't regret having read it, I doubt that I will be following the misadventures of Rachel Gold any farther.

  • Eric_W
    2019-03-31 14:32

    Rachel is hired by the managing partner of her old firm to find out who or what is "Canaan." At issue is the execution the will of a recently deceased (he died in flagrante) partner in the firm who had added a bizarre codicil to his will two years earlier. This addition provided for the maintenance of Canaan's grave, which happened to be in a pet cemetery, yet to the best of everyone's knowledge, he had never owned a pet.Kahn has woven an intriguing plot related to a book written by someone who had attended Barrett College that purports to relate the story of a lottery in a town that ceased to exist. The story flows well and keeps the pages turning. My only quibble was Paul, Rachel’s erstwhile ex-boyfriend who happens along at a convenient time with a copy of the book (he was a Barrett graduate, also) even though his knowledge of it is explained adequately. I had hoped for a more satisfactory ending that might have involved some legal shenanigans rather than a moray eel. But it's Kahn's first and the legal end becomes more pronounced in later volumes.Much like another of Kahn’s stories, this one also has a code as its key. It was hard to believe this was the first book by Kahn. Having read a couple out of order, I’m now going to read them all in the proper sequence. In this book, Rachel is still in Chicago, Benny has just been hired to teach, but Ozzie is still a presence.

  • B.
    2019-04-16 17:45

    3.5 stars

  • Karen
    2019-04-14 16:30

    What a pleasant surprise!The book is well-written, lively, and inventive. It's about a lawyer who dies and leaves a weird codicil in his will to provide for perpetual upkeep of a grave in a pet cemetary. Except he never had a pet that anyone was aware of.The epilogue was a little obvious, but otherwise, a solid read.

  • Homerun2
    2019-03-25 18:24

    4 stars for sheer entertainment and fun, although the ending was pretty over the top. Gutsy female lead in the form of lawyer Rachel Gold unravels a legal mystery with brains and humor and the help of some offbeat friends.

  • Becki
    2019-03-30 16:27

    I picked up this book because I had read somewhere that the author is a lawyer in St. Louis. Note: The book is actually set in Chicago.The storyline and characters were interesting, for the most part. I could have done without many of the descriptions.

  • Susan
    2019-04-16 12:33

    Interesting plot. Easy to read. Went through it pretty quickly, which means that I enjoyed it enough to keep going every time I sat down with it.

  • LJ
    2019-04-06 10:28

    GRAVE DESIGNS - VGKahn, Michael A. - 1st in seriesAttorney Rachael Gold, set in Chicago and St. Louis. A very enjoyable read.

  • Rema
    2019-04-01 15:32

    like this series very much . want to read all of the Rachel Gold series