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Fueled by dragon magic, the dark immortal warriors were never meant to feel human desire, much less fall in love. But when Guy, a member of an ancient order of shape-shifting warriors, meets Elena Griffin—a mere mortal whose beauty and blind ambition shakes him to his core—all bets are off…Having left America to explore the Scottish Highlands, Elena suddenly finds herselfFueled by dragon magic, the dark immortal warriors were never meant to feel human desire, much less fall in love. But when Guy, a member of an ancient order of shape-shifting warriors, meets Elena Griffin—a mere mortal whose beauty and blind ambition shakes him to his core—all bets are off…Having left America to explore the Scottish Highlands, Elena suddenly finds herself lost in a dark cave—alone, injured, and utterly hopeless…until Guy appears from out of nowhere. Is she dreaming her own rescue when she falls into his arms? A man—and a passion—this strong is too good to be true. It’s only a matter a time before she learns the truth about the flames in his heart. And the dragon in his soul…Don’t miss the Dark Sword and Dark Warrior novels by Donna Grant—also set in this scintillating world of Highland magic and legendary lovers....

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  • Sandy S
    2019-04-19 08:23

    NIGHT’S AWAKENING (Dark Kings #2) by Donna Grant (3.5 stars)NIGHT’S AWAKENING is the second storyline (August 2012 release) in Donna Grant’s Dark Kings novella series. It has been five months since Dragon King Haldor found his human mate Cassie, and the Dragon King’s of Dreagon ( in the Scottish Highlands) believe that their magic is still intact. But when they discover two trespassers in the caves of Dreagon, Guy is immediately taken with Elena Griffin. When Elena’s boss (from PureGems) died during their caving excursion, she realized she was alone, in a strange country with a possible broken ankle. But no sooner had she tried to move, when 3 strangers came to her rescue. Questioning why Elena was in the caves, she was unaware that there were secrets these men were trying to hide. But it is her attraction to Guy that shocked her the most. There is an instant chemistry and Guy would soon become overly protective.Guy is surprised when all of his protective instincts to guard and keep Elena safe go into overdrive. If it wasn’t for Dragon King Haldor’s similar reaction to discovering his mate, Guy would have been confused. He and the other Dragon King’s recognized Guy’s immediate attraction to Elena, but it was Constantine who needed to be reassured that Elena knew exactly what she was about to do. No sooner had Elena and Guy professed their love for one another, did Con reveal that the Dragon’s secret had been uncovered and their whereabouts now known. Elena would become part of a bigger secret when the Dragons went on a voyage of discovery to find out who was willing to reveal the existence of dragon shifters and why. They were heading to London to uncover who or what was behind the plot.NIGHT’S AWAKENING is another fast paced and intriguing storyline in Donna Grant’s Dark Kings series. We learn more about the Dragon King history and as well as getting a re-cap of the information initially revealed in the first storyline-Dark Craving. I applaud and welcome the authors who include important information previously revealed in earlier storylines. This information keeps the reader involved and allows new comers to the series to remain attached especially if the series is read out of order. I do not recommend reading this series out of order, but the already revealed information is a bonus for everyone, Donna does an amazing job keeping the storyline intact and the relationship between Guy and Elena is both hawt and seductive. We all need a dragon in our own lives.see all of my reviews at :

  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-04-27 05:07

    Posted on Under the CoversElena Griffin and her friend, Sloan trespass on private property to go caving. As it is her first time doing this, Elena shows a lot of anxiety and stumbles her way through this adventure. It seems that her friend Sloan is overly excited about this trip because she pushes Elena almost to the point of exhaustion. It is only when they are deep within the cave that Sloan allows Elena to rest. But Sloan isn’t ready to slow down just yet. Leaving Elena alone to rest for awhile, Sloan explores on her own until the only thing keeping her from falling to her death rips out of the rock.Panic infuses Elena from head –to-toe when she realizes that she and her friend are separated. As a newbie, she can’t recall the way they entered and she has little to no knowledge of how to get out of the cave. After wandering and getting injured, Elena is finally found by the Dark Kings. One of the Dark Kings, Guy takes an immediate interest to her. Grant allows their romance to bloom at a believable pace. Naturally, Constantine is suspicious of Elena because she was trespassing on private property and the Dark Kings do have a big secret that must remain hidden from the world. However, Guy slowly comes to trust Elena. Enough that he wants to reveal what he truly is to her. It is up to Elena to decide how the rest of their fate will span out. Will she accept this other, darker side of Guy? Or shun him for the abomination he is?Grant weaves an intricate and entertaining tale of dragons and love. I’ve been enjoying this series because I do love a good dragon story. Grant is able to introduce these dragons to heroines who are new to the supernatural world. They never knew dragons existed before this. And to find love at the same time is a daunting (but rewarding) experience. I like the way that Grant is able to write these romances without having the storyline feel generic or repetitive. I’ve read countless of books where a heroine is thrust into a new, supernatural world. But with Grant’s writing, I never feel like it’s forced or strained. It seems to flow naturally.I’m eager to get my hands on DAWN’S DESIRE. Banan is going to fall SO HARD. *ARC provided by publisher

  • Jen
    2019-04-04 00:21

    This is another novella that is setting up the Dark King's series for future books. I found this second installment to have more of a storyline to it, and because of that my interest was engaged fully.In this story we have Guy (one of the Dragon Kings) come across an injured woman in the Dragon's cave. Elena has not only been injured; but watched a fellow co-worker fall to her death...Needless to say she is very traumatized when she is found by Guy and his other friends. The men "rescue" her...but in the end she figures out that there are secrets that these men are trying to protect. Yes, they saved her; but is she truly a guest..or is she more of a captive...? During her "stay" at this mansion, Elena and Guy fall quickly in love...What will happen when she finds out what he is hiding about who he really is? Will she accept him...or will she go running??These novellas that are setting up the series are very short; but are becoming more and more full of information, and of course they are bringing to the table more questions as well. My biggest complaint is how fast each main couple falls in love; but the story on the whole is very enjoyable to read. I find myself able to overlook the fast fall into love theme when I have so much other things to think about! The sex is passionate too, and just adds that good old icing on the cake!! LOLThere is one more novella before the first full length book begins. I am finding myself very eager to get to that first book! I have always enjoyed Donna Grant's worlds that she creates, and this is a series that I am glad I gave a chance to!!

  • Linda
    2019-04-08 03:28

    Guy the red dragon kings turn to fall in love with American Elena Griffen and the plot line continues to develop,some one is prying into the dragon kings secrets and lives are being lost, guy and Elena will play a netgalley part in solving this mystery!

  • Amanda
    2019-04-13 04:17

    I enjoyed this book better then the first. I felt like the first book set us up but this one really took us into the story with the Kings. The circumstances that brought Guy and Elena together were tragic to say the least. Elena has gone caving with her brand new boss, as she had only been in Great Britain a short while she felt obligated to go. She didn’t realize that this one caving trip would change her life forever. After the tragic accident Elena is wounded and scared, when the Kings find her it is Guy that she gravitates to. The attraction between Guy and Elena is pretty explosive from the beginning even though they both try to ignore the attraction. Elena is scared and doesn’t know what will happen to her, but it doesn’t take long for Elena to begin to turn to Guy to help her when it becomes clear the Kings are planning on holding her. She doesn’t understand where the feelings are coming from but she doesn’t really fight them, but instead goes with it. Guy on the other hand is fighting the attraction as much as possible. He knows the implications of this intense attraction. He doesn’t realize how strong the protective instincts will become until Elena is placed in danger. Then all his protective instincts come out en masse. This story is intense and fast paced; there is no room for boredom. The story jumps off from the beginning and does not let up even at the end. The danger and intrigue of this story keep you engaged and you fall into the story. I really liked Elena she was strong and held her own even against all those testosterone filled men. When things started getting more and more intense she still kept her wits about her. Guy was also likeable, after seeing what Hal had gone through, he somewhat knew what to expect, but wasn’t really prepared for what it really felt like, so we got to go through the emotions with him. His fear of rejection was a bit heartwarming. We knew there was no way Elena would really reject him, but he didn’t know that. So when he was dejected it really made you feel a bit protective of him which is surprising since he is such a warm but strong man. You don’t expect to feel protective of someone like that. I highly recommend this series of novellas. It is very easy to get addicted to these men and each read is quick and entertaining. Rating: 4.5

  • Vanessa theJeepDiva
    2019-04-26 08:14

    Elena is trying to please her new employer. She is making an enormous effort is being an accommodating new employee. Elena knows she does not possess the athleticism that caving requires. She lets Sloane talk her into this little caving expedition anyhow. When Elena finds herself lost and alone in a cave that her new boss has drug her into her only thoughts are of getting out of the cave alive. The dragons that inhabit the Dreagan property know they heard something from the caves. They know they should not hear anything from the caves, certainly not a woman’s scream. Upon further investigation they discover that not only do they have a trespasser, they have an injured one. Guy and crew take her back to their home to treat her injuries and discover exactly why she was on their property to begin with.Guy has been under the assumption for the past five months that Hal and his feelings for a human are a fluke. After all Hal is the only dragon who has any type of feeling for a human. All the other dragons in residence at the Dreagan mansion have a lack of feeling when it comes to humans. Once Guy meets Elena he begins to understand that all the possessive emotions and doubt that poor Hal went through. I’m looking forward to the next book in the Dark King’s series. Some interesting problems were revealed at the end and I am anxious to know where this will take the dragons. What I learned for reading this novella. If I am ever lost be it in a cave, woods, mountains, parking lot, anything you can think of. I want sexy dragon shifters to find me and take me home with them.

  • Danielle Gypsy Soul
    2019-04-12 08:09

    Night's Awakening is the second short novella in Donna Grant's Night's Awakening. While I like the idea behind this series the development of the characters and romance is lacking. They meet, they are instantly connected, they have sex and decide they are in love. Granted these are fairly short books at about 100 pages but I would still like to see the romance develop and learn a bit more about the characters. I liked Guy and Elena or at least what little we learned about them in this book but I wanted more. I will continue to read this at least until I read the first full length book because that might give me the character and relationship development I found lacking in this one.

  • paperysoul
    2019-04-10 05:07

    3 starsGuy (Dragon King of Reds) + Elena (human)Was that a cliffhanger or something because I have a plenty of unanswered questions here regarding of situations happened the book. I hope I will get my answers in the next anthology or in Book 1.Another thing I'm hoping from the author is please let these couples have their own children. I feel sad when I learnt "the babe won't lasted for term". I'm beginning to like this series. This emotion I'm having may be biased because I'm obsessed with dragons and dragon-shifters lately. Nothing is more enticing than the great, lethal, and magnificent mythic creature such as dragon. Read on your own peril.

  • Rachel
    2019-04-01 07:22

    "And there is much you don't know about me. I have awful habits, Guy, like switching radio stations constantly until I find a song I like. I can't stand commercials."- Elena. Saying stupid shit since 2012. What's up with these women being automatically okay with the men being dragons? I'm waiting for someone to faint or vomit.

  • ValerieC
    2019-04-13 08:06

    3.5 starsCliffhanger.

  • Candy Ann Varty
    2019-04-13 05:08

    Oh my, A dragon named Guy. just my luck, Sexy, erotic ..Oh My Guy

  • The Book Junkie Reads . . .
    2019-04-19 06:10

    Guy finds there is more to the world than that of the Dragon Kings. He finds that he can love and the love that will make him whole again. Elena finds that she has been drawn in to a world she knows nothing about. The intrigue shall now begin.

  • Karen Machamer
    2019-04-25 01:28

    AwesomeAnother awesome book in this series. I have found a new favorite author. I recommend Donna Grant's book to my friends and family.

  • Vemel
    2019-03-28 07:02

    Simplemente diré que estos dragones los amee

  • Cindylisse
    2019-04-25 08:28

    Me encantan estos dragones...

  • Teresa
    2019-04-17 01:03

    A good easy read. I enjoyed this story, just not as much as Hal and Cassie's. A quick read, but I love these types of books. I look forward to reading more in this series!!

  • Franjessca
    2019-04-06 06:13

    Review also posted on Book Lovin' MamasI got up in the middle of the night to make sure my pre-order of "Night's Awakening" downloaded to my Kindle. I think I squealed just a bit once I saw it officially. =) I even decided to stay up just a little bit to read it, although I was exhausted from the day before. I was determined to read Guy's story. Elena is off exploring with her boss, Sloan, who wants to go caving on private land. Elena knows something is up with her boss because supposedly Sloan has never been in the caves they're exploring, but for some reason she's getting around really easily. Before she knows it, Elena finds herself alone in the cave and injured...until three men come to her rescue...or actually come to find out why she is on their land. The three men who come upon Elena are determined to find out why Elena is in their caves and why her boss felt the need to go searching without permission. Now they have to interrogate her to find out the truth, but also heal her in the mean time since she's injured. Guy one of the guys who helped Elena is feeling very attracted to her and he should not be. He is determined to know why she was in the caves and of course try to prove her innocence. My thoughts on "Night's Awakening" was that it captured my attention just like the first one did. Let's just say, hubby was getting annoyed with me at dinner when we went out to eat and I would not put down my Kindle to eat. I kept telling him just one more minute I will be finished. =) I love Guy in this book. I thought Hal stole my heart, but for some reason Guy has become a favorite of mine. I clicked with him and actually felt sorry when he asked Elena a certain question towards the end of the book. I was about to go through the book and slap Elena silly if she didn't give him a better answer. Elena plays a major role in this book and iI loved the cliff-hanger at the end. Now I really want to know what is going on with the dragons and who is behind everything. (won't tell...because I will give it away to any one who wants to read this novella) I loved the chemistry between Guy and Elena...and let's just say they have some steamy scenes together. (One scene involving water) =) I'm so glad Donna wrote these books because I love dragon shifters and I can not get enough of the men she wrote in these books. I really hope I get to read some more of Constantine in the next book (I really want to know more about him). Oh and Tristan...can we finally find out who he is and why he is the way he is. I'm REALLY interested in him. If you love dragon shifters, you'll definitely want to check out the Dark Kings. =) The third book releases next month and this gal has already pre-ordered it. Have you?I recommend this book to paranormal romance readers, dragon shifter lovers, and Donna Grant fans (or readers who have always wanted to read Donna Grant's book). You definitely need to read these e-novellas. You won't regret it one bit.

  • Dottie
    2019-04-19 05:19

    The second book in author Donna Grant's addictive DARK KINGS series! Taken from my review at Griffin has worked her way up the ladder for the past eight years, hoping to win a promotion to the London office to begin with. Having a desire to see the world, she figures her work with gems will allow her to work all over the world, one country at a time. Finally getting her desired promotion to London just a month ago, she has only been on the job for two weeks. So when her new boss Sloan, asks her to go caving with her, she could not turn her down, even though she has never been caving before. However, Sloan did not tell her that they would be visiting the caves on Dreagan land without the owner’s permission. After several hours, she was worn out and wanted nothing more than to go home. But when an accident left her new boss dead, Elena is left injured and stuck deep inside the mountain by herself.Guy, the Red Dragon King, has been feeling out-of-sorts lately, especially since one of his fellow dragon kings found his mate six months ago. In the past there had been a war between dragons and humans. The dragons had been sent off, all except the dragon kings who remained on Draegan land, where their distillery was located. The remaining kings had combined their magic to form a spell stopping any dragon king from forming an alliance with a human. But with the dragon king who fell for a human six months earlier, the spell no longer seems to be working. When two of his fellow kings, Banan and Rhys, heard a noise in the caves, they went to explore and came upon Elena. As they helped her out of the caves, Guy could not deny his attraction to her.At first, Elena is frightened when the three men come to her rescue, but above all she wants out of the caves. Taking her back to their mansion, it is just her attraction to Guy that keeps her from trying to bolt. But what is at stake here could mean the difference between life and death for the dragons. To have a future together, she will have give up everything she knows and accept them as they are. Will she be able to fit into their world, or will she give up Guy for good?Absolutely addictive is the only way to describe bestselling author Donna Grant’s DARK KING’S series, in general, and the second book, NIGHT’S AWAKENING, in particular. A wonderful afternoon’s escape, this exciting story will deliver you into a world of hunky men who have the ability to shift into gorgeous, colorful dragons. The sizzling passion between Guy and Elena is instantaneous and combustible whenever they are in the same vicinity. Set in magical Scotland, NIGHT’S AWAKENING is filled with wit, passion, magic, dragons, secrets, danger and forever-after love, making it a story you will hate to see end. I absolutely loved this story and cannot wait for the third installment, DAWN’S DESIRE, due out later in September. This story can be read as a standalone, but for additional enjoyment, also read the first book in this delightful series, DARK CRAVING. I highly recommend NIGHT’S AWAKENING. Do not miss it!Dottie,

    2019-03-28 00:11 to you by OBS reviewer Heidi*Beware of possible Spoilers*It’s been five months since Hal and Cassie were bound to one another. Guy thought for sure that what happened with Hal was a fluke and the dragon magic was still in place for the rest of the kings, keeping them from ever loving a human. That is until they come upon an injured female, Elena, in their caves and he is overcome with lust and so much more, including an overwhelming need to protect her.Elena moved to London two weeks ago, all her hard work finally paying off with her being promoted and relocated for her new job. Immediately her new boss, Sloan, wrangled her into going on a caving expedition in Scotland on Dreagan property. It was only after they arrived that she found out they were trespassing! Elena knew it was a bad idea to go into the caves, but wanting to make a good early impression at work she went along with it. But then it all goes wrong when Sloan does some further exploring that has tragic results, leaving Elena alone, injured, and lost in the cave she has no business being in. Now she is at the mercy of the strangers and rightful owners of the property when they find her.This was another fun, quick read in the Dark Kings series. It’s another novella so the story is condensed, but the steam factor is increased over the last installment, Dark Craving. What is it about shower scenes that are always so freaking hot?My only complaint about this book was the storyline was a bit repetitive of the previous book. Not the entire story mind you …. but the part of the king finding a human woman and falling for her unexpectedly and then the girl is faced with him in dragon form and the couple has to prove their love to Con.The ending of this novella was completely different from the previous one though and was a bit of a cliffhanger. I would have liked to have seen this book made into a full-length novel instead of leaving us in the lurch, but overall I still enjoyed the story.

  • Nicole Laverdure
    2019-04-08 03:18

    TOTALLY ADDICTIVENIGHT'S AWAKENING of the Dark King series by Donna GrantI loved it! It's all about Highlanders, Warriors, Gragon Kings, Dragon-shifters!This second story, as an ebooks, is romantic, amusing, exciting. It wanted to read more and I would have liked it a bit longer.Beautiful cover and nice choice of tattoo for her main character, Guy. I loved her characters! Guy, a Dark King, a virile man, an immortal extremely powerful Dragon King. He is also part man / part dragon. He can shift from a dragon form to a human form to be able to be part of both worlds. Dragon Kings were created to guard mankind and dragons. He soon, realize, what was missing in his life, a woman to share his life with. Elena, a young and beautiful woman, is new in her job and her bossasks her to go caving. But, while going caving in a deep cave on the Dreagan's property, she hurts her ankle, while her friend has dissapeared in the cave....She is recued by the Dragon Kings. And Guy, is the one having strong feeling for her. And a fierce passion ignites between the two. Lots of passion and hot sexy scenes. You will understand more about Donna's other characters such the other Dragon Kings who share Guy's life, Rhys, Banan, Guy, Tristan, Constantine, the King of Kings, and Ulrik who's power to shift was taken from him and made him harmless. You need to read the story to know why. Again, a short and amusing story. If you love Highlanders, Warriors, Dragon-shifters, Dragon Kings then this book is for you. It's a short story and I read it in half a day! I could not put it down. Another 5 stars for NIGHT'S AWAKENING ! I gave it 5 stars, because I loved it and Donna Grant is one of my favorite author. She is a great writer. Her books are totally addictive.

  • Debra Taylor
    2019-04-15 03:05

    An exciting addition to Donna Grant's newest series as a second Dragon King finds his mate. The story features Guy & Elena . Ever since Hal & Cassie hooked up in Dark Craving the rest of the Kings have been wary of another Dragon falling for a human. They worry that the magic they used to bind their feelings for the deceitful humans are failing . It's starting to look like their magic is indeed starting to fail when the guys rescue a young woman & Guy reacts strongly towards her. Elena is injured & her boss is killed while trespassing in the cave on Dreagen property. She is hopelessly lost when a handsome hunk saves her. The guys suspect her of knowing something about them. Even though the others suspect her Guy can't stay away from her. Pretty soon the pair are hittiñg the sheets & Guy is spilling his seçrets. Elena has to decide how much she is willing to give up to be with Guy. It didn't take her long to figure out where & who she belonged with after a talk with Con. It soon becomes apparent that someone knows about the dragon Kings so Guy & Elena take off for London to join Banan in the investigation . Which sets the stage for the third book in the series featuring Banan. This is an exiting new series from one of my favorite authors. I've enjoyed reading each of these short novellas & hope that the author will add more stories to the series. Three stories have barely sated my appetite for this exciting series.

  • Missyb
    2019-04-21 05:02

    This one is about Elena (human) & Guy (Dragon). Elena is caving with her boss, when her boss has an accident and dies. She manages to get part way out before twisting her ankle. Banan, Guy, and Rhys are near by and hear her. They search for the noise and find her. During the climb out she tells Guy that if she falls and dies that she'll haunt him but if she lives she'll kiss him. She lives and the kiss starts feelings in Guy that he shouldn't have. While he fights his feeling for her, she realizes how much she really likes him. Con and the others are worried that she's been sent by humans to destroy them. After believing that she's not going to turn on them, they try to figure out why her boss wanted to cave in their mountain. They talk her into going with them down the cave that her boss died in. They find some cave paintings of dragons and now think her boss or her company wanted more then just to go caving. Even though the others have been told to stay away, Tristan shows up in his dragon form and she sees it. In response, Guy changes to protect her. That's how she finds out about them. She agrees to stay with Guy & bond with him, but after Banan finds something out about her company, she agrees to go back to London and spy for them. They still haven't figured out why the silvers moved, and with the books being so short, I hope this finally comes about. It's dragged on without anything moving along a little too long.

  • Dianne
    2019-03-29 01:17

    This series seems to really get better and more interesting as it goes on. This may only be novella length, but Ms. Grant manages to pack a lot into a few pages. When Elena Griffin, a gem expert; gets hurt will caving on private property, she is found and rescued by Guy. Unbeknownst to her he is King of the Red dragons. Soon sparks are flying and secrets are being spilled. After all Guy is an immortal dragon and Elena only human. But love finds them. Now the King of the Kings, Constantine realizes that someone else knows about them, and Elena will be asked to help them. Remember that this is a novella and only comes in at 107 pages, but even with only that amount of pages there is a lot of action packed in and hot sexy hi-jinks going on. There si good character and plot building and the author didn't make the mistake with this novella that she did with the last one. She did NOT become overly-repetitious with her back story. There is only enough back-story to freshen your memory or to make it simple if you start with this book first instead of Dark Craving which is the first in this trilogy.Frankly I'm a bit miffed that this will only be a trilogy, I do so want to know what happens to all the dragons, especially Constantine. I do hope the author will pick up this series and put the rest into full length novels.

  • Angela
    2019-04-17 07:28

    I really enjoyed this second novella of the Dragon Kings!!!Elena Griffin has finally gotten the job of her dreams after years of hard work. It all comes to a screeching halt, when her boss - Sloan - talks Elena into going caving with her. Elena is unexperienced in caving, but Sloan insists. Disaster strikes when Sloan falls to her death while trying to descend into a deep cavern, leaving Elena alone & scared out of her mind. As she tries to get back out of the cave to safety, she severely injures her ankle and can barely walk. Alone in the dark, Elena is about to give up.Guy and his friends hear noises in the caves behind Dreagan Distillery, where they live and work. They go to investigate since the caves are on private property and no one should be there. They come upon Elena and help her to safety, but have many questions that they must have answered because the men have a BIG secret that must be kept at all costs! Problem is, Guy and Elena are inexplicably drawn to each other and quickly fall in love! Can Guy and the men at Dreagan find out if Elena is telling the truth that she doesn't know why Sloan took her onto the private property of Dreagan to go caving? And can Elena still love Guy when she finds out that he is more than meets the eye in an amazing way?!

  • Tania
    2019-04-23 06:19

    "Night's Awakening" by Donna Grant. Book 0.2 (novella) in the Dark Kings series.Excellent second novella installment in the Dark Kings series. Again, as in the first, no "bad guy" in this story but some action never the less and a very good romance storyline.Guy is a Dragon King. A thousand years ago, a King was betrayed by a human woman and because of that, he and the other Kings agreed to use their dragon magic on themselves to never have any heartfelt emotions towards humans. But now, his friend Hal has fallen in love with human and Guy is afraid that the dragon magic is failing. But surely Hal's situation is an anomoly. That is, until Guy meets Elena.Elena is a Gemoligist. She hates going into caves, but that's exactly what she's doing with her boss. After a horrible accident, Elena finds herself rescued by a stranger named Guy...and a few of his friends. Now she's being interogated as to what she was doing on their private property and she has no answers.The story ends with an epilogue that leads right into the next installment of the series "Dawn's Desire." I really enjoyed reading this one. Can't wait to read the next novella. Very excited to read the full length novel "Darkest Flame" in this series, coming out April 2014.

  • Tanya Davis
    2019-03-31 03:25

    Another prequel into the world of the Dragon Kings gives us Guy & Elena's story.Elena comes to the UK from the US climbing the ladder in her career. In an effort to please her new boss, she finds herself caving in a dangerous area. Well, not only is the area dangerous, but it is also Draegon land. After the total tragedy of a caving expedition, Elena finds herself rescued and then interrogated about her adventure. At first, Elena just seemed like your everyday, run of the mill blue collar character. The more involved she becomes with the dragons, and the possibility of corruption in her new job, the spunk and drive comes out in her. She's tougher than I originally thought her to be.I really enjoyed the story line picking up in this novella. We are learning more into who or what is trying to infiltrate the dragons and the adventure we find ourselves in is a lot of fun. I hope the adventure continues at this pace. The ending is really just the push off to the next novella and I'm excited to see where we are headed!This review was originally posted on Rantings of a Reading Addict

  • Pam
    2019-04-11 00:04

    Goodreads Synopsis: Fueled by dragon magic, the dark immortal warriors were never meant to feel human desire, much less fall in love. But when Guy, a member of an ancient order of shape-shifting warriors, meets Elena Griffin—a mere mortal whose beauty and blind ambition shakes him to his core—all bets are off…Having left America to explore the Scottish Highlands, Elena suddenly finds herself lost in a dark cave—alone, injured, and utterly hopeless…until Guy appears from out of nowhere. Is she dreaming her own rescue when she falls into his arms? A man—and a passion—this strong is too good to be true. It’s only a matter a time before she learns the truth about the flames in his heart. And the dragon in his soul**BOOK INTENDED FOR AN ADULT AUDIENCE**My Thoughts: Once again this is a really quick, easy read. With this installment we start to explore the possibility of some people or group that may know of the dragons existence which added a nice sub-plot to the on-going story. Still a good balance of intimacy versus story…although I am hoping future installments will maybe have more developed characters? If not, that’s ok as long as the intrigue part picks up the slack.

  • Tami
    2019-04-10 07:23

    3.5Soooo very similar to the first book. American girl moves to London for her dream job. Gets roped into doing some illegal caving on Dreagan property with her female boss. There's an accident and girl is found by dragon boys inside the cave. One of the dragon boys (Dark (Dragon) Kings) instantly finds her his whole world. They drag her out of the caves and into their world. They drill her with questions to find out what she knows and why she and her boss were there in the first place.. Boy and Girl become even closer. Girl decides to help Kings discover who's behind the shanannigans at her office. She goes back to London, and back to work.. And this then rolls right into the next book.. (I really like that it does that)The guys in these books are great.. then again they usually are.. lol ... The girls are soo.... easy.. and accepting.. Just a bit more resistance would be nice. The guys resist all the way until it's impossible not to, and the girls always give in right away. BUT, it's still a great read.. On to the next one.

  • Kate's Corner
    2019-04-24 04:17

    This is a Novella but the story continues.....Elena has landed her dream job in London working for Puregems when they take a excursion trip to the Scottish Highlands where Sloan (her new Boss) takes her caving. There they trespass on the distillery property within the mountain, Sloan has an accident and Elena is left alone. Rhys, Banan and Guy are in the caves the first two think that they heard something but Guy isn't that sure they go and look anyway and that is when they find Elena as she has twisted her ankle and can't move. I loved the banter between Elena and Guy and the hot and steamy scenes. This book has a bit of a cliffhanger as the location moves from Scotland to London as someone has found out about the Dark Kings and it needs to be investigated. The Scots accent is really cool and the author has created a plot and story line which is different which is also really good.

  • Sammie
    2019-04-16 03:20

    It was great,i really enjoyed this book, but it needs to be longer and I think the plot needs just a little more meat to it .Ok I so am in love with Guy , the book is so short that you don't really get the full story about him besides that he's a dragon king and long ago a human wronged them and they have to give up feeling love for anyone ,but something is happening and the magic they used on themselves is failing and now they are falling in love like flies are dropping dead , but anyway he meets Elena and omg the chem between them is off the charts ,they are kinda awesome as a couple . I wanting more from their book but I have a feeling that we might get more in the coming books so fingers crossed :) I can't wait to see what's gonna go down next .