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Sometimes a highborn Lady needs to be brought low...It's the decadent, raunchy holiday of Bacchanal, and the Lady Lucrezia Grimaldi cannot find a man to satisfy her. Worse, she's been saddled with the brutish Carlo Castellan as her bodyguard for the last night of Bacchanal. There's only one thing to do: escape to the fabled House of the Severille...The imperious Lady LucreSometimes a highborn Lady needs to be brought low...It's the decadent, raunchy holiday of Bacchanal, and the Lady Lucrezia Grimaldi cannot find a man to satisfy her. Worse, she's been saddled with the brutish Carlo Castellan as her bodyguard for the last night of Bacchanal. There's only one thing to do: escape to the fabled House of the Severille...The imperious Lady Lucrezia expects to sate herself by dominating some poor house slave. What she gets instead is the harsh touch of a Severille Master who will stop at nothing to make the Lady submit.Excerpt below......Lucrezia had never been one to hide. She'd never felt the need. Hidingwas what one did when one wasn't sure of one's place in the world, andshe had always been quite sure of her place at the top. Suddenly she wasn't sure of anything. After a moment of stunned hesitation, Lucrezia had immediately fled toan unoccupied bench in a relatively secluded corner of the courtyard,partially obscured by the greenery of several tall, foreign lookingplants. She had thought to collect herself, and find a way to explainher mistake -- she was not a slave, and didn't know the first thing aboutsubmission to anything -- but there was no escape from the sights andsounds of the Severille: on the other side of the mottled green curtainwas a woman having sex with two men at once on a bench much like the oneLucrezia occupied. One of the men kept slapping the woman's reddenedbuttocks as he drove into her asshole from behind, while the other tookher pussy from below. She was crying unintelligibly with near constantpleasure.Once more, Lucrezia could not look away."How amusing," a deep voice rumbled behind her. She tried to turn toface the intruder, but a heavy hand grabbed her shoulder and kept herstill while a rougher hand clasped between her legs from behind. She gasped in shock, but did not move. She did not even speak. The sudden, bright fire from the hand between her legsseemed to blot out all words."Don't you know that those who hide in plain sight only wish to befound?" the voice continued, and she realized it was muffled by a mask.Still, it was resonant and rich, and with the calm authority of someonewho is rarely disobeyed. She opened her mouth to speak, but whoever hadtrapped her began to rub his fingers along the length of her slitthrough the thin fabric of her undergarment, and Lucrezia lost her wordsonce more. She felt herself begin to melt into him, and heard himchuckle softly."Do not move. Do you understand?""Yes," she heard herself say, and nearly choked on it.The man moved his hand from her shoulder to her breast, first over thesoft, expensive leather, then with impatience reaching under the topspiece to seize her naked flesh. He kneaded her breast until she leanedinto him, rolling her nipple between his fingers, massaging her pussywith his other hand. He pinched her nipple, hard, and laughed as shesquealed."Yes," the voice said, "you will do." He spun her around to face him. He was wearing a full black mask ofsmooth lacquer, his full mouth and stubbled chin all that was visible,and he was smiling. His dark eyes shown through the holes in his maskwith a kind of amused certainty, as Lucrezia imagined a cat might lookat a struggling mouse. What's more, he was powerfully built, with abroad frame wrapped in thick muscle, and shirtless to the waist. Hischest was dusted with fine dark hair, trailing all the way down to hisbelt. Just the sight of him was arousing. He reached out and tipped herchin up to him, taking a look at her blushing cheeks and wet lips. Thenhe grabbed her between the legs again, and drew her close. "This is now mine," he said....The Lady Submits is a 12,000 word erotic historical fantasy novelette featuring strongBDSM themes. If you don't like bondage, leashes, public display andhumiliation, or alpha male doms who brook no dissent, then this probablyisn't for you. Otherwise...enjoy. ;)...

Title : the lady submits
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the lady submits Reviews

  • Hazel
    2019-04-06 10:23

    For a free kindle book this book is very very good!I thought it was awesome that the author created an entire world around the fact that she needed a place where sex was celebrated. I loved the fact that in the world reminded me of an older time period the characters were not antiquated in their perspective towards sex. The only negative (asides from the fact that this was a short story so their simply wasn't enough of it) is that I just wasn't a fan of the female lead when I first started this story. However as the book progressed you learned that she was merely very "frustrated" and just needed a hunky guy to sort her out. I liked that the main character was shocked at certain points within the story as it made her more relate-able (although I'm not entirely sure if being able to relate to the lead character in the BDSM book is an important element).I liked that the book wasn't about beating the living daylights out of another person to get off because books like that just don't hold any attraction for me. Instead you can tell that there is a dynamic between the two main characters and that the aim is for pleasure for both parties rather than one party putting up with it for the sake of the other having a good time. I loved how the main male was almost tender, which was a nice touch, when many books from this type of genre focus more on domination and creating powerful male characters that should be revered, almost worshipped. I look forward to reading more from this author and would love to see more short stories centring around the world that was created for this story.

  • Mermarie
    2019-03-21 11:47

    I feel like donating my brain to an Animal research lab after this.Not for me.

  • Karen
    2019-04-14 07:47

    I was drawn to this book because of the title.The Lady Lucrezia Grimaldi has been unable to achieve satisfaction during the week of the Bacchanal and this is her final chance to do something about it. She can go to the dance which ends the festivities, as she should as a representative of her family, or she can seek fulfillment elsewhere. Her brother refuses to take her place and sends Carlo Castellan, a man she detests, to ensure her attendance.Lady Lucrezia sneaks out and goes to a place that she knows will be able to bring her the satisfaction that she seeks. What she finds there is more than just release, but about her own self-image. We all have it in us to be dominant at times but sometimes we must submit to find what we really want and need.The Lady Submits (Erotic Romance Novelette) (BDSM Bacchanal)I would say if you do not have an open mind then this title would not be for you. But if you want a peek at something titillating but fairly tame this could be for you.

  • Whitebeard Books
    2019-04-04 09:26

    If you enjoy reading at a joggers pace and observing rampant sex for the sake of nothing but sex with all the perspiration and groaning but set in a more genteel era, this might keep you entertained for half an hour. No character or scene development at all, just get to the body pounding. Nah!

  • Menna
    2019-04-12 06:49

    Hot Short Read...!

  • Jetta
    2019-03-26 07:33

    What a delightful, erotic, historical romance. Free on Amazon

  • Daria
    2019-04-18 09:37

    I really liked this book. A quick read yes, but the storyline went well. The characters went well also, poor little noblewoman spoiled and used to getting her way. But will her way of things last, as she plots to sneak out from under her bodyguard. To enjoy the naughty encounters at the mansion. I loved how the Master of the house actually told her what roll she would play. Though her may have told her He was wrong... her body agreed that she wanted to play the submissive.The Master (he is more that what he shows) she meets will push her bounderies, then gives her the only choice for her to make, both for her body as well as her mind. Enjoy

  • Sarah
    2019-03-29 09:41

    25/2 - For me this hovered somewhere between 'ok' and 'liked it'. It was obvious from the first mention of a masked party who Lucrezia was going to be paired with at the Severille party, so there was no reveal for the reader, even if Lucrezia couldn't guess who her master was. One thing I did wonder was whether Carlo knew Lucrezia was going to be at the party or if it was a coincidence that he recognised her and set it up so it was he who was to become her master, and if he did know how he knew.

  • Nai
    2019-04-15 07:37

    Part of the free erotica assignment. Background research for marketing.Well written sex scenes. If you're a fan of BDSM, you might enjoy this read. If you expect anything else out of it, don't pick it up.The narrative is lacking. The historical aspect of the story is dispensed with very quickly, and the book is reads more like cut scenes.1 – Couldn’t finish2 – Finished, but with great difficulty3 – Liked, but had some issues along the way4 – Really liked and will readily recommend to friends5 – Near flawless, among my favorite reads

  • krissi
    2019-03-27 09:41

    short but well written. good story.

  • Mammatess
    2019-03-22 09:23

    really good book

  • Tegs
    2019-03-27 06:27

    A nice quick read.

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden
    2019-04-19 10:30

  • Michelle Boyer
    2019-04-18 07:51

    To preface, I received this for free on Kindle through Amazon, so you get what you pay for. Basically, you get a free preview and then the author wants you to spend a few dollars on the next installments. I understand this marketing scheme, but as usual, I don't see myself needing to buy the next book to find out what happens next. The characters here are somewhat unbelievable. The protagonist, Lucrezia, has moments where she seems quite smart. Then she has other moments where you question if she's there at all mentally --for example, everyone figures out who her master is (no real surprise for the reader) but she somehow just can't seem to figure it out. The BDSM themes are okay, and I suppose if you just want a quick sexy-story this may work for you. But to be honest, you don't need to read anything up until the sex if that's all you're after. I read everything up to the sex, and really, it adds nothing. The overall plot is just kind of "meh" and, similar to lots of stories being published in this genre, does nothing to convince me the characters have anything in common other than their body parts can go together.

  • Joanna
    2019-04-10 07:45

    I really didn't think that I was going to enjoy this book as it was set in another era but the fact that it was free finally tipped the scales in its favour and I was quite pleasantly surprised. Even though it was was set in an older time period, they didn't believe that sex was a sin, men are all powerful and all that rubbish so there was a footing for a really good story.It was very quick (as seems to be a recurring theme in BDSM erotica) so you start with a tinsy bit of insight into the time and the Lady herself, then meet the another main character and have a short interaction there, then get a lot of short BDSM scenes and finally the reveal of her master.Overall I can't really complain about a free book nor can I say it was a waste of time as it barely took any time up at all. It lacks a proper build up and skimps on character insight but if you want a quick read with a historical twist on the whole BDSM scenario then try this book... How can you say no to something that's free?

  • Stephanie Bolen
    2019-04-15 14:23

    It was supposedly set in ancient Rome, and is probably closer to how it actually was than any history book ever showed. But really who cares it's a bondage book. I find the various levels and motivations of bondage interesting. You never know just how deep the author will go into the world. Cox pulls off characters that have very clear motivations for their sexual preferences. Some authors like you to believe that is more about the man, the woman is with than the fact that she really likes being a submissive. I would think that even if Lucrecia and Castro's relationship didn't work out, they would still be in that world. Because Lucrecia has a very deep need to feel humiliated and he rails against the constraint put on him by society the only way he's allowed to. The bondage is a solid medium, not so off putting that you are thrown out of the story by repulsion, but it's not beginner level either.

  • Joelle
    2019-03-29 06:49

    Another book I found on a "free erotika for Kindle" list that I absolutely loved! The cover art is gre at fun. Yes, another author I need to see what else she has published. I knew I was in trouble when I saw "A BDSM Bacchanal Novelette" on the first page of the book, although I found the little introduction that followed entirely too arousing. Such an amazingly textured book, follow of seduction and intrigue. And wonderful details; I sighed to read of Carlo grabbing Lucrezia's wrist, early in the book. When she arrived at the party at the House of the Severille, I found myself in a constant, almost painful level of excitation at the details, the language used, the very setting of the action. The ending was a gorgeous surprise making the read worth just that much more.

  • Melissa Levine
    2019-04-12 14:23

    This wasn't for me. I've read plenty of bondage type stories but this one was kind of boring. For a short story, I can't even remember what the two main characters looked like. It was sex and that was it. I guess I can't really complain, but still. A couple questions: I didn't get the Bacchanal holiday. Lucrezia mentions that she has one more day I guess to have sex? Get off? I wasn't totally clear on that. But after being with...Carlo?, she can continue having sex? And what was the story with her brother? He's mentioned the one time when he's making Lucrezia use Carlo as a bodyguard or something...I have no clue..

  • Arec Rain
    2019-03-19 12:50

    The only reason I would give this a lower rating is because it was way too short for me! It is a fact that the only thing I love more than erotica is historical erotica. Unfortunately, it seems I have been in a slump lately and have not been able to find in really good historical erotica. There are three things that make this short a fantastic worthwhile read:1) It is free.2) It is very well written.3) It is a realistic depiction of the BDSM world of Doms and Subs. (Not to mention an...arousing one)I often find myself irritated with the lack of accuracy in "BDSM" stories. This one did not disappoint me.

  • Diana (DomesticGoddess)
    2019-03-26 09:33

    3.5 stars.This is an erotic BDSM novella set in a quasi-historical fiction fantasy world (similar to long-ago Venice) during the hedonistic holiday week of Bacchanal. Lady Lucrezia Grimaldi can't get no satisfaction and only has one night left to find it until next year's Bacchanal. She decides to ditch a society party and take her chances at the infamous Severille House. What she receives there is much more than she bargained for. The Lady Submits is more short story-length than novella. I haven't read a lot of BDSM to compare, but this one seems fairly tame. I did enjoy the story; wish there was more of it. Free on Amazon.

  • ~ Cariad ~
    2019-03-28 14:52

    A Amazon freebie novella that I've been meaning to read for a while and you'll only need an hour and a half for it. Not much to say really, it was okay. If like me, you like to chuck in a couple of quick reads between your 5 and 6 star ones (to help you with the transition between protagonists - in this instance I'm still bereft after Beneath This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas a real heart stopper of a book)...then this is one of those. It won't leave you with any lasting memories! Sorry Chloe, show me you can write a better book.

  • Kit★
    2019-04-01 08:31

    This was another Kindle freebie I picked up. I actually liked this one. The historical-type feel of the setting and such was great, as I am not a fan of contemporary set stories in the romance and erotica genres. I liked how the actual erotic stuff was handled, good and naughty without being too purple or too vulgar either. I figured out right away who the Master really was behind his mask, but I'm not sure that it was supposed to be too mysterious. Altogether though, it was definitely one of the better free stories of this type I've read, and I wouldn't mind reading more by this author, not at all :)

  • Jane
    2019-03-31 08:23

    The Lady comes from a high placed influential family in this historical setting. She is dissatisfied with her life and cannot find pleasure, when her brother sends his friend to look over her on the last night of the festival. She tries to escape to a house of pleasure, and is asked to submit and does to a masked Master. The story is exciting, interesting and the sex and control is complete when she is asked to surrender, as The Lady Submits. Great BDSM historical fiction and the author kept the excitement and suspense high for a steamy story that ended too soon, as all good things seem to.

  • Stacy Hanson
    2019-04-19 13:38

    Not my kinkI have read a few books by Chloe Cox, but this just didn't have the usual draw for me. This was more pornographic and no romance. The heroine is not a likable person. In fact, I hated her. The hero is not very well developed so we never get a chance to love or hate him. I didn't care for the degradation at all. It is also set in this mythical place and I had a hard time understanding what was going on. What is this holiday? Why is it a license to screw everything in sight? We may never know...

  • tina barrington
    2019-04-08 09:50

    The Lady SubmitsOccasionally there's books where I wish I could be the leading lady. This happens to be one of those books. The subject is delicately written about power struggles between a pain who is submissive but doesn't know it and a dominate who does. It is as though he can read not only her mind but also deep down into her soul. I hope the author will write a sequel which explains why once a year it's a sin in that society for a woman not to become completely satisfied.I look forward to reading more of her books.

  • Sheila
    2019-03-27 09:30

    Hot BDSM historical. Lady Lucretia does not want to the Ivy Ball on the last night of Bacchanalia. She decides to slip away from her bodyguard and go to a club where anything goes. Going to the club she comes under the control of a powerful Dom. She does not believe she is a submissive but he proves her wrong. I loved the Dom and how he uses his power over Lady Lucretia but does not abuse her. He gives her exactly what she needs. Lady Lucretia is a bee with a real bad itch but once she submits she knows she is where she needs to be, getting what she needs.

  • Jena Cryer
    2019-04-08 09:23

    Who knew free could ever be so good?I found this story on Kindle, and let me tell you, Chloe Cox is one hell of a writer. This story hits all the right BDSM buttons when it comes to upper class domination. I read this story in just one sitting, and man, this woman has definitely set the bar for what I'd like my own erotica to one day reach.Way to go Chloe Cox. I'll definitely be reading more of your work.

  • Angel **Book Junkie**
    2019-04-15 14:24

    This book was not much for me... This was a quick read but it really made no sense to me. Was not much of an eroticBDSM story and the entire story just was confusing. I understand that she was a lady but I did not understand the story or why she wanted to go to this place and really what in the heck is a Bacchanal for those of who have no idea all I want to know is why Lucrezia wanted to be a hoe for the night. Not sexy or erotic at all.

  • FeatsandTrips
    2019-03-31 14:30

    My thought? That's it? Finished already? I thought I would get a story, the usual love and hate relationship, I was stumped to find this story too short. The scenes were steamy (I am frantically sweating), I did not even know I was reading an erotica until I was done reading. Yay, my first erotica read! There were scenes I find violating but because of Lucrezia's attitude, I think she deserved every bit of it. I'm still at a loss for words because I've read an erotica!

  • Krista
    2019-03-31 08:32

    Ohhhhhhh my my!!! This book is so hot you will be sweating reading it!! Lady Lucrezia Grimaldi is our leading lady and there is only one thing that eludes her!!! So she goes to a BDSM house to find it. Oh my god it is such a good read like i said you will sweat just reading it!! Yeah Keeper shelf material! I Can't wait to read the Wolf's Captive!!! This book was Hot sweaty and will have you tied up for sure!!!