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From the bestselling author of The Bone Collector and The Devil's Teardrop comes this spine-chilling new thriller that pits renowned criminalist Lincoln Rhyme against the ultimate opponent -- Amelia Sachs, his own brilliant protégée.A quadriplegic since a beam crushed his spinal cord years ago, Rhyme is desperate to improve his condition and goes to the University of NorthFrom the bestselling author of The Bone Collector and The Devil's Teardrop comes this spine-chilling new thriller that pits renowned criminalist Lincoln Rhyme against the ultimate opponent -- Amelia Sachs, his own brilliant protégée.A quadriplegic since a beam crushed his spinal cord years ago, Rhyme is desperate to improve his condition and goes to the University of North Carolina Medical Center for high-risk experimental surgery. But he and Sachs have hardly settled in when the local authorities come calling. In a twenty-four-hour period, the sleepy Southern outpost of Tanner's Corner has seen a local teen murdered and two young women abducted. And Rhyme and Sachs are the best chance to find the girls alive.The prime suspect is a strange teenaged truant known as the Insect Boy, so nicknamed for his disturbing obsession with bugs. Rhyme agrees to find the boy while awaiting his operation. Rhyme's unsurpassed analytical skills and stellar forensic experience, combined with Sachs's exceptional detective legwork, soon snare the perp. But even Rhyme can't anticipate that Sachs will disagree with his crime analysis and that her vehemence will put her in the swampland, harboring the very suspect whom Rhyme considers a ruthless killer. So ensues Rhyme's greatest challenge -- facing the criminalist whom he has taught everything he knows in a battle of wits, forensics, and intuition. And in this adversary, Rhyme also faces his best friend and soul mate....

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The Empty Chair Reviews

  • RedemptionDenied
    2019-05-15 22:08

    Even five hundred miles from Manhattan, Rhyme' can't catch a break. He's in North Carolina - at the Neurological Research Institute (Medical Centre of the University of North Carolina in Avery) for high-risk medical treatment - with Thom and Sachs' in tow - and its not long before the local authority comes calling asking for his assistance. A boy, Billy Stail, has been murdered and a young woman, Mary Beth McConnell, has been abducted at Blackwater Landing. She had been doing a class project - digging for old Indian artifacts at the time of her kidnapping and its believed that Stail was trying to stop Mary Beth' from being abducted - when he was killed - with a shovel. The suspect in the murder/abduction is sixteen year old, Garrett Hanlon (The Insect Boy). He's an encyclopedia of information when it comes to his specialised subject: insects.The following day, an Ontology nurse, Lydia Johansson is visiting the crime scene to lay flowers, when she is taken by the same suspect whilst a deputy is in close proximity. He (Jesse Corn) hears her screams but, by the time he reaches the primary crime scene; she's gone. Poof.Rhyme, Sachs and Thom are taken to the County Building (Sheriff's Office) where an impromptu lab is set-up. Sachs, Lucy and Jesse go back to the primary crime scene - to search for clues - and Thom gets to add annotations when they learn something new about the suspect, that will hopefully help them find Lydia Johansson. Alive. Nothing is what it seems. You think you know who the good/bad guys are (as it seems obvious) - but Tanners Corner is a small town with a myriad of dark secrets and Rhyme is a fish out of water. At some juncture, Rhyme and Sachs' have a disagreement about something - and Sachs' goes AWOL - and this is where it gets more intriguing. Virginia Dare: the first English child born on Roanoke Island is mentioned. I wonder what happened to her and the rest of The Lost Colony? Poof. John White (artist) was her grandfather and Elenor Dare was her mother and she was a member of the Roanoke Colony, too.In summation: I'm still enjoying this series - though, I was slightly distracted whilst reading this novel; mainly because, at the end of the first book (The Bone Collector) - the author did a sleight of hand with the plot - and I kept wondering if it's going to be expanded on? I hope so. Maybe in a later novel or a (Rhyme) novella? Anyway, this is just as good as the first two books in the series. I wish it was better formatted for phones, though.

  • *TANYA*
    2019-05-06 02:48

    My favorite thus far in the series, I loved it. The story was fantastic, I kept going back and forth of who the culprit was. And the ending, if I had read this book back when it was released I would have gone crazy waiting for the next release. Lol.

  • Claudia
    2019-04-23 02:12

    2/3 des Buches waren wirklich sehr unterhaltsam und interessant zu lesen. Ich hatte immer 4 Sterne im Kopf. Dann das Finale😢😢: Aus allen (Sumpf)löchern kamen plötzlich böse Buben gekrochen und ballerten, was das Zeug hielt. Schade, wenn der Autor diese Geschichte zum Schluss nicht so gnadenlos überzogen hätte, wär's ein richtig gutes Buch geworden.

  • Richard
    2019-04-27 22:53

    7/10Not quite up to the standard of the previous two books in the series but still a decent read overall. The events unfold in North Carolina which added both good and bad points. A new setting meant new ideas could be explored and different places viewed with new people added into the mix. But it did feel like Deaver had picked up Redneck 101 and just put a couple of generic characters in there to add to the different location feel.This was the same usual style as all other Deaver books in that it had a quick pace, plenty of short chapters which all end on a mini cliffhanger and, lets not forget, the numerous red herrings leading us astray. It has got to the point now in these books where I'm second guessing everything and looking for the twist long before it occurs, maybe this is also something to do with the lower level of enjoyment this time round. My massive gripe though was something near the end which is quite hard to spell out without spoilers so I won't mention it. What I will say is it felt like the author had a deadline to meet and wrote himself into a corner and then backed out with a big fat cop-out. I guess for want of a better description a "Deus ex Machina". Pah, as a reader it leaves me perturbed!! That aside, I did like this story overall and it was good whilst I was reading it. I will probably forget I've read this in a few months time though but that is more down to the nature of these types of series. If you like this try: "Knots & Crosses" by Ian Rankin

  • Daniel
    2019-05-19 20:49

    Okay, okay, okay. Deaver is not out to win any writing awards. I had to struggle with that at first. He wrote this novel the way some of us write comments on a co-worker's birthday card. We keep it short, try to be witty, and rarely use complete sentences. Perhaps I was disappointed because I read The Devil's Teardrop first. Also by Deaver, Teardrop is a fantastic example of a hardboiled forensic thriller that doesn't cop-out and doesn't resort to stunted writing in order to keep the pace lively.Will you think the plot to The Empty Chair is silly? Yes. There were so many people involved in the story, so many characters that ended up lumped into the Bad Guy column that at one point I was giggling uncontrollably. But you know what? I kept reading. I moved right along. Because I wasn't expecting an insightful or challenging story. Deaver's story twists are like those on a circus pretzel: they're big, obvious, and filling. I didn't mind that.Will you think the characters are silly? Absolutely. Only Rhyme and Sachs have any depth here, and that's because they've already had two books to develop into something resembling actual people (and even Rhyme is still 2-D at a lot of points). Most notably, Insect Boy, the book's primary villian (or IS he? oooooh!) is a horrible charicature of a lonely and socially challenged teen. Deaver peppers his dialogue with an abundance of "like"s and makes him a horny little kid (we get to read about his erections at least four or five times), but he is also, if you can believe it, a calculating genius. Go figure.Is the action contrived? You betcha! The shoot outs, the escapes, the reveals, the fights, and the suspense are all paper-thin and about as cheesy as a wheel of chedder. In fact, the one thing that makes the action endurable and readable is the one thing that ultimately destroys any value the novel might have:The writing. Deaver's stylism here is absolutely worthless. The dialogue is all stilted. The exposition is all clunky and awkward and ill-placed. The interal analysis of characters and events is pointless, hollow, and uninteresting. In fact, the only interesting thing about the book was wondering just how many twists Deaver was planning on putting in this particular pretzel. For those of you waiting for a plane or for the tide to come in, this book may just be interesting enough.For the rest of you, try the Devil's Teardrop. Empty Chair is just TOO empty.

  • Obsidian
    2019-05-14 05:10

    Please note that I gave this book half a star, but I rounded it up to 1 star on Goodreads.I loved books #1 and #2 and this book I would rather pretend just doesn't exist. This was bad. Not even haha bad like maybe I can find some humor in it. I mean it was bad to the point that I saw people jumping sharks in my head. We have Lincoln, Sachs, and Lincoln's aide Thom going to North Carolina for an experimental treatment for Lincoln. Sachs is reluctant for Lincoln to have it due to reasons (a lot of them just nonsensical at this point) and while there they are asked to assist by a local man who has connections to one of their NYPD contacts. This book was terrible. I am just going to be murmuring that in my head as I recall the very bad plot and logic gaps all through this book.Lincoln is Lincoln, but not the ever knowing person he was due to his mind drifting to his surgery. Except when he is Lincoln and supposedly has the powers that other mere mortals do not and can surmise things that even the reader doesn't know in order to wrap up a plot.Sachs sucks. I don't even want to get into what goes down with her in this book. But after the ending I wonder how she and Lincoln get back to any type of partnership. How would this impact her job? Cause I have a hard time believing a defendant wouldn't bring up her mess at every trial she is connected to.The additional characters in this one are not developed at all. The so-called Insect Boy that is behind kidnappings may as well carry a sign that says "All I Need is Love". Nothing really works, and the back and forth between characters and Lincoln and Sachs was too much. There is not enough science in this one. Instead most of the book is discussing the habits of bugs and no thank you. I thought the writing was not up to par with the first two books at all. Also I cannot believe that the book pretty much glosses over one character who I think was going to rape another one, but somehow that got patted down to him being unexpectedly aroused and he wasn't going to do anything? I don't know. I think I blacked out from sheer rage at that point. The issue was there were a ton of plot holes in this whole book and that's why it didn't work at all. I feel like the author was focused on telling a cool story and not on how that story would work for readers. The flow was awful. I stopped counting the shifting POVs once I got to 5 (Lincoln, Sachs, kidnapped girl, kidnapped woman, law enforcement woman who called Sachs her Judas, etc.)The setting of this small town in North Carolina was a sad joke. I don't think the things that were going on really could be carried off to such a large scale, but that is just me. The ending. Ugh. It made absolutely no sense and I even checked with one of my lawyer friends who called BS on the whole thing. So that was funny. His exact words, "That's not a thing" so who knows.

  • Mauoijenn ~ *Mouthy Jenn* ~
    2019-05-03 03:07

    Another great one by Deaver!

  • Ian
    2019-05-04 00:53

    Ok, so i've read The Bone Collector, The Coffin Dancer and now The Empty Chair in quick succession. Honestly i'm in awe of how absolutely great these books have been. This though has been my favourite one so far, and i was wondering how the preceding books could have been bettered but bloody hell they were! The relationship between Lincoln and Amelia continuing to be the backdrop framing, and increasing, the tension of the cat and mouse chase to discover the truth. The feel and images of the locations have just simply burnt their way on to my minds eye, as if i had seen them with my own eyes, such is the quality of the writing. I can't speak highly enough of this book but i would say probably in my top five of all time!

  • Terri Lynn
    2019-05-06 23:01

    I hate to say it because I am a Jeffery Deaver fan and I really love the character of Lincoln Rhyme (and Amelia Sachs) but I really didn't like this one. Maybe it is because a city girl like me finds it hard to stomach the southern hick theme. Ugh.Essentially, the story involved Lincoln Rhyme going to northeastern North Carolina with his partner Amelia Sachs and his caregiver Thom to have an experimental surgery that might help improve his situation- if it doesn't kill him. There is police corruption in the area but Roland Bell's brother (Roland lives in and works with Lincoln sometimes in New York city)comes to ask him for help. One boy is dead and two women have been kidnapped by a really creepy teen they call The Insect Boy. The descriptions of how he looks, acts, and smells sent shivers of nausea through me. Amelia comes to believe that he is innocent and hides him and one of the missing comes to try to kill Lincoln during his surgery. I grew up in the south in Atlanta, GA then moved to Los Angeles and then on to San Francisco. I am a city girl through and through and find hillbilly country life really repulsive so I just couldn't get into this at all.

  • Janie Johnson
    2019-04-28 23:47

    This installment of the Lincoln Rhyme series was a little better than The Coffin dancer, although I still had some issues with the story. For the most part it was enjoyable and easy to get through. I feel as though I may be getting a little burned out on Lincoln Rhyme though.In this book a teenager, Garrett, is accused of murdering one male and kidnapping 2 females. Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs are called in to help solve the crime and find the missing girls, before time runs out. And of course other things begin to get in the way and the search becomes more difficult for one of the girls.The story was engaging and somewhat exciting but I found it to be a bit more predictable than the past 2 books I read so far. I also did not like where the author took Amelia Sach's role in this installment because it made the story a bit unrealistic for me since it was pretty much out of character for Amelia. There was a decent twist in the end of the story that I had not expected so that was good. Overall it was ok. I just thought it could have been a little less predictable in parts and more believable in others. I will not continue with this series, mainly because of the way Deaver is writing Sach's character.

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    2019-05-06 22:44

    This was the one that ended my Jeffery Deaver/Lincoln Rhyme period. Not as well constructed, somewhat (forgive me) contrived the book lost me early on and just never got me back. I felt like the characters didn't stay true to themselves and this Lincoln Rhyme wasn't the same Lincoln Rhyme I'd met earlier. He somehow didn't come across with the same attitude toward the law or his place in enforcing it.May pick others up at a later date...

  • Thomas Strömquist
    2019-04-20 04:42

    Slow and uninteresting (and silly at times, a manhunt in a remote area is not handled by helicopters, dogs or search parties, but Rhyme tries to find out where the suspect is going by putting soil samples through a GC.....) at the start of the book, picks up pace in the middle to disappoint in the end. Characters are out of chararcter, plot twists are not very believable. I'm guessing writers block on this one, not recommended...

  • Cathy DuPont
    2019-05-15 02:12

    Okay, I get it...yes, I did what I consider the unpardonable, skipping a book in the series. However, it may have saved me time in the long run, by not going back and reading it. I read the first in Deaver's Lincoln Rhyme series, The Bone Collector and loved it...gushed over it, which I can do from time to time. Gave it four stars only because I'm so stingy with five stars...saving them for the best of the best. The Bone Collector was what a great mystery should be, had all the elements for a best seller and was rated four and five stars by most reviewers. So perhaps I was expecting too much when I began reading this number three in the series. (One best-seller, four-five star review, in my mind, does not automatically makes a second one in that ranking.)The first word that comes to mind is contrived. The entire book seemed contrived and just made-up as it was written. Bad guy, turns into good guy, in the next chapter. The deep down nature of who a person really is...just changes two chapters ahead because it's convenient to the story. That just goes on and on from beginning to end. And so many characters...ok, was he with so-and-so or was he with the other guys? Got tired of trying to figure them out but continued on because,'s Jeffery Deaver for crying out loud!Not the worse book I've ever read but it sure wasn't up to Deaver's usual great storyline and character development. Fought with myself on the number of stars and just looked...three, maybe two (two being 'it was ok') so I opted for two. It was ok but can tell you, I'm not as anxious to read another Deaver as I was before I read this contrived mess of a book. Deaver needs to redeem himself in my eyes because I know he writes better than this.

  • Christy
    2019-04-26 23:03

    Quadriplegic, criminalist Lincoln Rhyme, accompanied by his lover, investigator Amelia Sachs and his assistant Thom, is in Avery, North Carolina, where he hopes to undergo experimental surgery to aid with spinal cord regeneration. His first day there, Rhyme is visited by Jim Bell, sheriff of Paquenoke County, where two women have been kidnapped and a young man killed by 16-year-old Garrett Hanlon, nicknamed the Insect Boy because of his interest in bugs. Garrett’s on the run and Bell wants Rhyme to help find him before he kills the two women he kidnapped. Sachs talks Rhyme into looking into the case and the two begin their unique investigating: Rhyme examining the forensic evidence in a lab with Sachs doing the legwork. They eventually track Garrett through forensics and he is arrested but refuses to reveal the whereabouts of the two women. Sachs thinks there is more to what’s going on than they’ve been told, so she lets Garrett go under the condition he will lead her to the two women. Now Sachs is in a world of trouble with the law and Rhyme’s trying to trace her whereabouts, fearing she will be shot either by Garrett or law enforcement.Rhyme and Sachs are two very likable characters who mesh well together. Rhyme, frustrated with the physical limitations he is forced to endure, seeks a way to become whole again while Sachs secretly wants him to remain a quadriplegic, fearing he will not want her once he is mobile. As with each book in the series, the forensics investigation is fascinating. The mystery of Garrett and his reason for kidnapping the women is well-done, as is the suspense as Sachs and Garrett are pursued.

  • Harry
    2019-05-13 05:08

    By far, Jeffery Deaver is the one author with that uncanny ability to develop plot twists and very complex characters that leave you stunned to the end. If you've seen the movie, trust me, the books are far more ingenious and developed as compared to what we were presented with on the silver screen. The Bone Collector is a series novel starring Lincoln Rhyme, our famous forensics expert bound to his bed and mobile wheelchair.Reading this novel I am reminded to never commit a crime. The art of forensics as described by Deaver leaves one little doubt as to trace evidence left behind at a crime scene. Of course, this leaves Deaver no choice but to create such stunning criminal minds that they are indeed a match for our hero Lincoln Rhyme...that the possibility does exist to get away with it in spite of Mr. Rhyme's calculating mind.But it's not just about the crime...primarily Deaver takes his time as he develops his cast of characters across a whole series of ingenious books...enveloping all of the primary human emotions within such characters: from romance, to jealousy, to hatred, to loyalty, betrayal, and so forth.P.S. Same review for the whole series. If you've read this review of Lincoln Rhyme, you've read them all.

  • Katherine
    2019-05-06 03:05

    Čas - 1:32Krutibrko! Nasrat Franta na trabanta, ja dam 5*.To bylo totiz tak nechutne dobre napsane, ze se snad bojim jit spat, protoze se mi urcite bude zdat o proklatem HMYZU. Bzzz.Aaaaaa, potrebuju horkou cokoladku na uklidneni.Jako vazne. Muze mi nekdo vysvetlit, co jsem to prave precetla? Nemohla jsem se odtrhnout a proste. Sakra. Sakra. Sakra. TOLIK PREKVAPEK a situaci a zvratu. Mela jsem milion teorii a PRD, Deaver nade mnou vede 1:0, fajn.. mozna 5:3 (uhodla jsem toho prece jen dost - neco driv, neco pozdeji, cast postupne, ale neco mi hlava nebere jeste ted), protoze si to vymyslel jeste husteji, nez jsem si myslela. Nejsem nadsena..Jsem fascinovana.Tezce.Ale ten hmyz. Jak ja ho nesnasim. Buee.

  • Ana T.
    2019-05-01 00:02

    Book nº 3 of the Lincoln Rhymes series, it begins with Rhymes decided to undergo a new surgical procedure that might help his quadriplegia. He may very well die on the operating table which leaves Amelia very worried. When the local police force asks for their help in a murder / kidnapping case she doesn't hesitate to accept just to postpone Lincoln's operation.With their usual methods Rhymes and Amelia follow the suspect’s tracks and lead the police force to him. But all is not what it seems and Amelia let’s herself be convinced by the boy’s pleas and manages to get him out of jail thus starting a second persecution, this time with both of them as targets.I think Deaver managed to insert several surprises in this story. It was interesting that they were out of their usual setting, by bringing them to a small not only did they have to investigate their subject but the whole town to understand what going on. There are many other plot twists but I can’t really go into them as that would definitely ruin the story. Let’s just say I was several times surprised with how the action developed and that Deaver loves to lead us one way just to show us that that was not the thing at all. Some of those parts are almost a bit unbelievable, and some of the characters could have been better developed, but they make for a good page turner read where you just can’t put the book down till you finish it.I also never thought I would like to read about bugs but some things were actually interesting. Grade: 4.5/5

  • Erin L
    2019-05-07 23:45

    It's been awhile since I read anything in this series. I really did love this book and I found it hard to put down last night. Interesting characters, Amelia and Lincoln get out of NYC and the resulting story is pretty darned good. So glad I started this series again.

  • Sherri
    2019-04-27 03:12

    Too many twists, everyone in town is a criminal.

  • Kathryn
    2019-04-22 04:55

    Another great installment in the Lincoln Rhyme series! I have to admit, I was quite skeptical of The Empty Chair because the previous installment, The Coffin Dancer wasn't my favorite Deaver book. One thing I really enjoyed about the case in this novel was, Deaver brought back the forensics, Lincoln Rhyme's specialty. In the second installment,I felt like the forensics was missing, or at least not to the extent of the usual Lincoln Rhyme. Something else I enjoyed about The Empty Chair was the corrupt town feeling on the story. It didn't feel as though Deaver was making fun of small, back-woods towns, but rather painted a realistic picture of some of the small town, moonshine communities we see in real life. The idea of "The Insect Boy", I thought, was really well done, and an interesting suspect. Here, once again, Deaver threw me for a loop and made me question everything I had read. What I mean is, Deaver has a great way of manipulating your mind and thoughts about characters, whether they are good or bad thoughts. He was such a creepy kid, and I felt as if he could have been a real person. Again, Deaver threw in so many plot twists, and I enjoyed how deep this story became than just the surface case. I felt the cases were well done, methodically genius, but also realistic. The corruption, death, lies, and deep-seeded hatred really added something deeper to the original case. I also enjoyed how Lincoln Rhyme has a personal conflict within this installment. I feel like these touches Deaver adds not only make the stories more believable, but it also makes Rhyme more conceivable. I love how Rhyme is the smartest man in the room, but yet people only treat him as the smartest person once he opens his mouth and they get past their prejudices. I feel as though its how people are in real life. You judge when you don't know or you don't understand, whether you refuse to or you are just ignorant. Amelia did some things in this installment I felt were kind of shocking. I don't think they were out of her character, per se, but I've always felt, as Rhyme even says in this book, "she lives on the edge." I kind of like her "living on the edge" personality because I feel like it makes her more than just your regular old cop. What keeps me from giving this installment five stars is, some parts fell a little flat or boring to me. It's kind of hard to explain. It's not that the parts were so boring I couldn't read it, and I understand a storyline or case in this matter, need some down time. I guess for me, I enjoy the adrenaline rush when I read. However, yet again, Deaver weaves a complicated, well-thought out plot. He is methodical and meticulous, and I feel as if his cases are believable and conceivable. He makes sure loose ends become no end at all, but yet come full circle to complete the complicated storyline.

  • Manugw
    2019-04-21 21:02

    IN MY OPINION HI have been reading most of Jeffery Deaver's work and "The Empty Chair" shows that he has grown as an accomplished suspense writer deserving to be among the big authorsThis amazing novel features forensic scientist Lincoln Rhyme and assistant Sachs, (a Deaver classic), in this opportunity, trying to find clues and whereabouts of victims around the swamps of North Carolina. The book also provides a reference map before the first chapter to follow Lincoln Rhyme's search.Suspense, action, insects and characters galore throughout the whole story, but get ready and buckle up...because the best of the best in terms of writing style, twists, turns and "coups de grace" is reserved for the last 200 pages, they are full of "traps" and "surprises". It is remarkable how Deaver plays cunningly with them, making absolutely impossible to outguess him.Lincoln Rhyme brightness matching Einstein intelligence is clearly shown, but the huge material resources he needs to employ in order to get the key information required to solve the puzzle and confront the bad guys are not, (we have to remember that he is a quadriplegic in a wheelchair with restricted mobility), this is, in my opinion, something that has to be improved in terms of his character drawing, but it is just a very tiny dark spot in this wonderful book of supreme qualityIS BEST

  • Tony
    2019-05-20 04:47

    Jeffery Deaver- The Empty Chair (Pocket Books 2005) 3.75 StarsLincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs are asked to assist a small town police force in hunting down a brilliant kidnapper aptly named Insect Boy. Finding the boy may not be so difficult, but keeping him within their grasp may just be the toughest thing they have ever done. This may be their toughest case yet, pitting these allies on opposite sides.Although The Empty Chair is described as a thriller, I feel it fits better into the mystery genre. I enjoyed the brilliance of the Insect Boy and loved the fun facts about insects. The characters I felt were kind of weak, and some of the events were not all that plausible. That being said I think that the plot is well done and keeps the reader’s interest at all times. I also enjoyed the section right before the end, as it was very creative.I recommend The Empty Chair to mystery lovers and Deaver fans.For more of my reviews check out my website, www.tonypeters.webs.comTony PetersKids on a Case: The Case of the Ten Grand Kidnapping

  • Kelly ...
    2019-05-05 20:53

    I only read my first book by Deaver last week, and I have now followed it with books two and three. There are certainly mystery writers who offer more shocks and scares (Sanford and Cornwell spring to mind). There are mystery writers who write with more technical proficiency (Larsson) and who write more twisted characters and plots (Flynn). But there is something that Deaver has done better than anyone else. He has taken a character and placed him in a situation unlike that of any other character I have read.Lincoln Rhyme is an arrogant, egotistical and often unlikable man who happens to be a quadriplegic. He is also brilliant and complex. He looks outside himself when it comes to his partner -- and they have each allowed themselves to fall in love with one another. I look forward to seeing how that works. I admire that Deaver has taken a man in such a complicated situation and allowed him to be so relatable. This character will certainly bring me back for a fourth ... and maybe more ... book!

  • CJ Scurria
    2019-05-02 02:55

    Rhyme Lincoln goes from the pan and into the fryer this time as he is tasked with a case in North Carolina. There a police force is searching for a teen nicknamed "the Insect Boy" who is harboring two women he has kid-knapped. Time is of the essence as the groups rush to find them, discovering traps and dangers along the way as both Rhyme and Amelia both discover not everything is as it seems.I almost wanted to give this two stars. It kept my interest for nearly two thirds until it petered off into having clichéd dialogue one would hear in any thriller with weak writing. But while it has that it also contains many surprises (and believe me, there are a lot of 'em!) that make up for it.If you want to read a tale about interesting characters and a plot with many twists I'd suggest you try this out... but maybe only after you've read The Bone Collector (Rhyme's debut) first.

  • Marty
    2019-05-15 23:52

    I can't put the Lincoln Rhyme novels down once I start reading, but find them ultimately rather unsatisfying. They set up one cliff-hanger after another only to find out again and again that Rhyme has anticipated it and set up the bad guys. Then you get an ending so improbable it's hard to keep a straight face. The bad guys are all revealed, the good guys are all OK and even the accidental killing turns out to have been a bad guy, so that's OK too. I rather like the characters of Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs, but the plots are just ridiculous.

  • ElaineY
    2019-05-19 04:57

    REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK; SEPT 23; 2015Narrator: Richard TurnerI enjoyed this very much but don't want to say too much for fear spoilers. It's one of those books you just have to read for yourself. For the last quarter, I just couldn't see how Deaver was going to get Amelia out of the jam she'd gotten herself into but he did and I was happy with the way he did it.Narrator: Turner was okay but I didn't like his voice for Garret - it was too feminine. Even Amelia sounded more masculine than Garrett.

  • Alondra
    2019-05-17 23:05

    3 Stars (In my heart it should be 2.5)3 Stars for enough twists and turns at the end to make this book enjoyable. I really, really do not like Amelia Sachs as a character. AND!! The twists to the mystery were just a little too far-fetched and unbelievable. I know that truth is stranger than fiction, but commee ooonnnnn... really??I am just glad to be done with this. I am not sure about reading the next book. If I do, it will be in about 6 months; after I have cooled down.

  • Thomas
    2019-05-15 02:09

    My third review for the Lincoln Rhyme series and it doesn’t look like I’ll stop reading them any time soon because they are some of the best thrillers around.Rhyme and Sachs have travelled to Tanners Corner in North Carolina, where Rhyme is about to be given Spinal treatment that may improve his quadriplegic condition but could possibly kill him. During this trip away from New York, the duo is requested to help in the case of two missing women, who have been kidnapped by the Insect Boy who is also the prime suspect in the murder of another boy named Billy Stail. This novel presented the greatest challenge to both Rhyme and Sachs that they have yet faced; each other.Like with the previous two books, The Empty Chair was fast paced and after finishing each chapter I was always hungry for more. As with the previous two books, there were plenty of twists and turns. Another thing I liked was that Mr Deaver's books don’t seem to follow a formula, which can happen when a series has gone for 3 books or longer and enables many readers to deduce the conclusion long before the novel reaches that point. I found this really this to be one of Mr Deaver’s best attributes because I can never work out the conclusion since the man is just so good at what he does.Something else that intrigued me was the cast of characters involved here. I expected Rhyme to be surrounded by his usual team, but aside from Sachs and Thom, the majority of them were absent for most of the novel. That is not to say we didn’t get some good new cast members to the series, because Mr Deaver introduces us to Garett Hanlon and Deputy Lucy Kerr, both of whom I really enjoyed.Book three of the Lincoln Rhyme series deserves a solid four stars, but it didn’t quite have the spark of the first two novels. I look forward to see what’s in store for Rhyme and Sachs in The Stone Monkey.

  • Jeff Dickison
    2019-05-04 21:10

    A very good Lincoln Rhyme entry. His entourage is in North Carolina when they get involved with a town full of hicks, criminals and murderers. Not as bad as it sounds. Quite exciting, with the only problem being a usual one for Deavers: too many unnecessary twists at the end. Recommended to Rhyme & Sachs fans.

  • Armin Hennig
    2019-05-13 23:04

    Gelungenes Verwirrspiel, bislang bester Fall der Reihe, beim Kapitel Kommunikation muss man, auch in Sachen Auflösung, allerdings sämtliche Hühneraugen zudrücken.