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Ami Won is a klutzy yet innocent girl who thinks she's just average. Her late mother always expected her to become an exemplary woman. Amy gets the chance to shine when her father is elected president of Korea. Young Adult....

Title : President Dad, Volume 1
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ISBN : 9781595322340
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 180 Pages
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President Dad, Volume 1 Reviews

  • Child960801
    2019-04-22 09:26

    This is the story about a teenage girl whose dad is elected president of Korea. Pretty straight forward until the introduction of the girl's body guard who can change his apparence and hight at will.

  • Theresa ♫
    2019-03-28 16:00

    Jeez.I've seen this book in all sorts of places but I never thought of picking it off a bookshelf until now, and WHY DIDN'T I?!Pretty art? IT'S THERE.Good plot? THERE.ORIGINALITY?! (And my fellow review readers KNOW . . . that I love originality.) THERE, THERE.5 stars?BOOM.IT'S THERE.Because this book . . . . . . . . . this . . . this book . . . .Made me barf up sparkles.Every one of those little bits of sparkle are stars.That's how many stars this freaking book gets.Alright, so I don't usually read manhwa. I've always thought it was weird! "Korean? No no no no, MANGA is better. You read from RIGHT TO LEFT! Korean comics are so weird, they have you reading from left to right!!!Uh.....don't American books also . . . . . . ?OKAY, anyway, the first manhwas I've ever read, I did not . . . particularly . . . enjoy.1. NAMES.I can always remember japanese names.Even if the main character's name is Kei Watashiwakonnichiwadaisukinekonyannyan, I could remember it.But Korean? KOREAN?Even in Korean dramas (which I enjoy very, very much), I can't even remember names in there.They're DIFFERENT.In this book, the girl's name is Ami Won, which is rememberable because Ami . . . . . . . .AMI FROM SAILOR MOON!THAT, and Won is a very very easy name to remember. Because . . . my last name does sound very very similar to that. :PIt's NOT WONG.But everyone else's names . . . like the one guy . . . the one other guy who I'd be able to describe better IF I REMEMBERED HIS NAME . . .Moo-Won . . . Moo-Chan--I dunno. Y-YI will let you guys in on a secret though. I can rap very well in Korean.Are you bored?CLICK THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO AND SKIP TO 2:21. I can rap that whole thing of his.MOVING ON:2. I . . . have not exactly come across the best manhwa in the world lately.Really, because of the various manhwa I have read, I kind of found all manhwa . . . . . . . . . . . . as something to . . . frown at.THEN, I found President Dad.It's original. BRILLIANT.A girl who's dad suddenly becomes president and she must become first lady? That might seem like a story that would come up somewhere, but I'VE NEVER READ AN ANIME/MANHWA/MANGA ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE THAT BEFORE!It's just interesting. It's not predictable. It makes me wonder . . . WUT WILL COME NEXT?!?!?Not to mention that the main character has weird colored hair, but no one else seems to notice how strange blue-green hair is. BUT IT'S INCREDIBLY PRETTY.That color . . . is even prettier . . . than the blue-green on Hatsune Miku.Not only that, but it was easy to grow on the characters. They each have an actual REASON to be in the story. Each one, I'm interested in. Ami herself because she's the main character and I want to follow her in her adventure.And that one guy that transforms into multiple things. HIM TOO.The super pretty, cool looking cousin.And the guy from North Korea.AHA! NOT TO MENTION THAT THERE'S POLITICAL DRAMA IN THERE. The situations of North and South Korea . . . THAT'S interesting. And I'm not even interested in politics and history that much.But North Korea is the mystery of the world.There's a story about something like that . . . I HAVE TO READ MORE OF IT!Basically, this was something amazing--something that SERIOUSLY HAS ME NEEDING MORE.And a series like that is a GOOD SERIES.Because things like series need interest of readers to continue on!So OF COURSE, I will hunt down volume 2 and read it. OF. FREAKING. COURSE.

  • Chelsea Arneson
    2019-04-25 14:08

    One of the most bizarre manhwa series I have read in a while.

  • Ruby
    2019-04-21 11:08

    a cute little manga. Ami is an adorable main character.