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Finally!...In the spirit of the ancient wise-woman, a magickal formularia to guide you through the mysteries of witchcraft. With "The Gray Witch's Grimoire" you can empower yourself through ancient mysteries, secret rites, and magickal spells that leave the world of the mundane behind and nurture the wise-woman in us all....

Title : The Gray Witch's Grimoire
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ISBN : 9781780992730
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 175 Pages
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The Gray Witch's Grimoire Reviews

  • Anna
    2019-04-25 23:54

    A very basic, very average witchy book. Nothing new to be learnt here, simple regurgitation of what most people already know instinctively. It was also a bit too small - why pagan writers think they can get away with the bare minimum of word counts is beyond me.

  • Valerie
    2019-05-03 22:43

    I had high hopes for this book. I really did. After reading the pages available as a preview, and going through the reviews available on Amazon, I was excited! Finally, a book that took (what I believe to be) a realistic perspective on Witchcraft – that all parts of it are to be respected, not feared.I wish I could say I wasn’t disappointed. For one, its short. Less than 200 pages. (If I had the ability to focus I once did, I could read it in one sitting.) For another, it doesn’t really address Gray Witchcraft. It reads like a basic introduction to Witchcraft for the average seeker rather than someone who’s experienced in the Craft and wants to dive a little deeper into areas not typically covered.I can appreciate her opening with “Magickal Principles” and a “Code of Ethics” for us “gray witches”, but that doesn’t even cover a full dozen pages. After that, it’s discussion on some symbols, and basic Witchcraft beliefs.I understand this is titled as a Grimoire, so I’m not taking issue with the fact the rest of the book is full of correspondences. However, they are correspondences that can be found with just a few keystrokes on Google, with no real link to the concept of Gray Witchcraft.That being said, there are a few things in the book that I think are missing from most basic Wicca/Witchcraft books on the market today – but again, nothing really specific to Gray Witchcraft. It was neat seeing how the author viewed Initiation, as that almost always ends up being a contentious subject. I enjoyed her take on how one experiences initiation not being a part of a group. I also enjoyed how she expanded on “The Metaphysical Laws of Witchcraft.” Again, something I think most books on Witchcraft are missing, but nothing special to the Gray Witch.To wrap this up, I’ll say this: I think Amythyst Raine had a great idea, but the execution could have been done much better. The book itself is a good book – not something I would sit down and read, but definitely something I would still use as a quick reference as it has a lot of good information. If you are looking for a book that might actually be a good reference for the Gray Witch, I’d strongly suggest you search elsewhere.

  • Iesha
    2019-05-04 01:09

    Lovely book, great to read and informative. Wish it was a bit longer.

  • Misty
    2019-04-30 21:46

    A perfect read for a newbieAbsolutely needed this read as I'm a little over a year and a day. Very practical, firm when needed, but passionate and encouraging. Couldn't have hoped for a better read!

  • Cynthia
    2019-05-10 03:52

    Solid, concise opening includes magical principles and ethics associated with gray witchcraft. The middle section, which comprises about half the book, is your basic "Wicca 101" information without the "harm none" philosophy. As a seasoned, non-Wiccan witch, I lost some interest here. Then the spell portion turned my opinion back around. The hoodoo influences were apparent in these creatively crafted charms of a mostly darker nature. Some of them are a little basic, but I also learned a lot here, or at least made connections to symbols I might not have otherwise. This is a nice, gritty, practical book to balance out all of the white magic spell collections that are so widely available at bookstores.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-05-05 23:57

    Perfect!!This book is amazing. It was exactly what I was looking for since I live in the real world,not a bubble where everything is perfect. Honestly that seems to be what the authors nowadays are trying to project as reality. I am so thankful I found and bought this book. It has real world application and is well written. I wish she would write another book to expand my knowledge as this is how I want to live my life.She has written a great book,a handbook really, that has given me what I need to feel safe and confident in life and witchcraft. I highly recommend this book to everyone who reads this review!!!!! It's a must read!!

  • Jessica
    2019-04-21 22:01

    Another lister and tabler. There's an association for everything but no depth analysis of these associations.Only gets two stars because it adheres to common grammatical conventions and is well organised. There is a half hearted attempt to contextualise ideas but only to very modern contexts - again a solid foundation in folklore and myth is missing.However, there are more comprehensive guides and most spells and recipes seemed lifted from Judika Illes' Encyclopaedic works.

  • Betina Jackson
    2019-05-05 00:51

    GreatI chose this book mainly due to the title, and my age haha. Learning through reading as much as I can I have come across a few less than helpful or accurate books. This however gives a greater insight and better understanding of why, how and when things are being, or have been, done. Great shelf filler you will pull out time after time

  • H.K.
    2019-04-19 23:45

    The first two parts of this book were very remedial, as in none of the information seemed new. It was the same basic 101 stuff you'd read in any Wicca or Witchcraft book. Part 3, however, had some interesting spells which I will hang onto the book because they could prove a useful resource someday.

  • Misty
    2019-04-21 03:06

    This book is fairly basic. The ideas are general and able to be altered to meet ones needs. Sometimes we need a gentle reminder that things truly can be simple, yet beautiful and full of meaning.