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Ben Anderson goes to bed Sunday night, lying next to his wife in the comfort and safety of their Pennsylvania family home, to wake up the next day in a rundown motel in California -- alone. He doesn't know how he got there, he doesn't know where his family is, and written in dried blood on the bathroom door are the words LET THE GAME BEGIN. Soon Ben is contacted by Simon.Ben Anderson goes to bed Sunday night, lying next to his wife in the comfort and safety of their Pennsylvania family home, to wake up the next day in a rundown motel in California -- alone. He doesn't know how he got there, he doesn't know where his family is, and written in dried blood on the bathroom door are the words LET THE GAME BEGIN. Soon Ben is contacted by Simon. Simon knows all there is to know about Ben, more than he cares to remember himself. If Ben wants to save himself and his family, he will have to do everything Simon says.As the game begins -- with stakes much higher than either man can imagine -- no one knows where it will lead or how it will end.Only one thing is for certain: this time the game will change everything.MAN OF WAX is 80,000 words long and the first book in a thriller trilogy where every day men and women must fight a power that threatens to destroy the world. Recommended for fans of Harlan Coben, Michael Marshall, and Dean Koontz. Praise for MAN OF WAX: "MAN OF WAX grabs you by the throat in the first chapter and never lets go. A suspense-filled thrill ride with plenty of shocks along the way. Read it!" -- F. Paul Wilson, author of the Repairman Jack novels...

Title : Man of Wax
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Man of Wax Reviews

  •  PuMbA's MoMmy*•.♥.•*
    2019-04-18 11:40

    LOVED IT!!!!! I can't wait until April of 2012 when the second book in the trilogy comes out! Very suspensful at every turn of the page! It had me on my toes, even when I thought I figured out what was going on, another surprise came into the story! This book was a cross of 2 movies: Saw and Hostel...... I loved the story-line and I liked the characters in it. Swartwood really makes the reader guess what is going to happen at the end and if Ben will ever see his wife and daughter again. I also kept wondering who the heck Simon was and how Ben got into this whole mess. Although some of my questions were answered I know I will have to read the next book to have more questions answered. I simply devoured this book. It was a fast read not only because of it having such few pages, but because it was very suspensful. If you liked trying to figure out the puzzles from the Saw movies and you liked the gore in the Hostel movies then this book is for you!!! Mr. Robert Swartwood I am a fan now!

  • Doreena
    2019-04-08 16:27

    This one is a nail biter! It will have you hooked from the beginning, and doesn't let up. I could not put it down. I had to seee what would happen next. I can't wait for the second book to come out.

  • Sabrina
    2019-04-20 14:23

    I have mixed feelings on this book. I did enjoy the story but thought that taking over 60% to get to the real action and story of this book was its overall downfall. It had the potential to be far more gripping than it really was. The plot itself was brilliant but somewhat lacking in areas and the action could have been far more descriptive and graphic which would have possibly made up for all the drivel at the beginning. I'm not sure many readers want to stick out all the driving here there and everywhere before this plot thickened and got a tad exciting. It was also very predicatable in ways and I had rightly guessed who the instigator/hirer of the villains was long before it was confirmed. That said it was my first free Kindle book I ever downloaded from Amazon and is part of a trilogy so I will have to download the next one because even though this isn't in my top books ever read I still need closure to this story.

  • Alisa Hedden
    2019-04-02 11:45

    Imagine a Reality Show and a Simon Says game from hell. The goal is to survive, but the odds are not in your favor and your loved ones will die, too. Well written, fast paced and unfortunately believable. With this book Robert Swartwood is rapidly becoming one of my “go to” authors for a good read. He also keeps getting me in trouble at work. I will be reading during my lunch or break and he keeps me so enthralled I don’t want to stop. So, you might want to set aside a weekend when you can just sit down and read this. Need to keep my job so that I can buy the next book (due April 2012).

  • Renee Mihld
    2019-03-29 11:30

    Since I had read Robert Swartwoods books Legion and The Serial Killers Wife, I knew I wouldn’t go wrong trying another.Man of Wax is truly a thriller that kept me nervous, anxious and reading as fast as I could. Ben Anderson wakes up in a strange bed, in an unfamiliar hotel room and has no clue how he got there. Blood on the back of the bathroom door says, LET THE GAME BEGIN. Well what a sick and twisted game this is. He starts getting phone calls from Simon – yes, “Simon Says,” and Simon gives him a car, some money and a destination with the promise that he can rescue his kidnapped family if he completes these tasks in time. This is a very elaborate and evil game. The game is fueled by the dark underground internet. Ben is unaware of the cameras on him at all times, and also a camera in his glasses. People are paying Simon to be able to watch the game online. Ben’s tasks are evil, but he feels forced to make difficult choices to keep his wife and daughter alive and safe. Thankfully good comes in to fight the evil. Carver Ellison is aware of the game, the people involved and the connections they have. He attempts to rescue Ben from the game, but ends up paying a huge price. Who are the evil men behind the game? Ben has secrets from his past and present and the game exposes all of it and breaks him down. Carver and his team, and the hope of finding his wife and daughter alive are the only things that can keep Ben together and moving forward.The book has violence, mild language and subject matter that may be offensive. Robert Swartwood has an easy to read writing style that gets you pulled in to the story and characters right away. I’m anxious to read The Inner Circle Book 2 and find out what happens next. Ben’s journey will keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • Erin
    2019-03-27 12:33

    I received this book for free as a Goodreads First Read. And WOW. I had to give myself some time to mull it over, since I finished it in the wee hours of this morning. This is the kind of creepy thriller story that gets under my skin - that one day, for whatever reason (or no reason at all) someone you don't know can just decide that your life doesn't matter. Your decisions, your actions, don't belong to you anymore. There is no supernatural "big bad" that drives this plot, just the seedier side of humanity. Everyday guy Ben Anderson spends a day with his family and goes to bed as usual, only to wake up in an unfamiliar motel across the country. Questions begin to pile up: How did Ben get here? Where is his family? WHAT DOES THIS CRYPTIC BLOODY MESSAGE WRITTEN ON THE BATHROOM DOOR MEAN? "LET THE GAME BEGIN." Soon enough, Ben embarks on a game of Simon Says that pushes him to find the limits of just what he will do for his wife and child.There's a definite "ick factor to some of what Ben is directed to do, and even when you don't know what's in the trunk/box/briefcase/bedroom, you kind of do know and really don't want to find out for sure. This is a sick and violent game, and while there's the dangling carrot of hope there's always a sense that this cannot end well for anyone. Maybe this time, the game runners have picked up the wrong player. Excellent writing here, it never veers off into the "uncomfortable" zone of gory, despite a number of chances. There's significant action to be found, and a great twist as Ben finds that he may have been chosen for a specific reason... I likened this to a few movies with similar plot elements - The Game, Eagle Eye, and even a bit of Saw. Fans of tense psychological thrillers will likely enjoy this book.

  • Faith Nelson
    2019-04-11 13:41

    This book surprised me with its original story line and, I had a hard time putting it down once I started to read it. Upfront I’ll warn you, it’s not a book for everyone but I do believe there are a lot of readers who will enjoy this story.Here’s the premise: imagine you’re married with a child. One day you wake up but, instead of being in your own bed, you’re in a seedy hotel in another state and you have no idea how you got there. You try to call your spouse but you have no luck connecting. The action ramps up when you discover a message written in blood: LET THE GAME BEGIN.And then you discover this game is a variation of one of our childhood favorites, “Simon Says!”As I mentioned above, this book is not for everyone. It takes the premise behind reality television to a new dimension, a back story that includes prostitution and child pornography is ever there, and in a way, the players become “slaves” to a “master”.But it is a new slant on an old story line and I think some readers will love it. Like I said above, once I started it I couldn’t put it down.I hope Mr. Swartwood is able to get Hollywood interested in this story because I think it would make a great movie.

  • Andrew Griffin
    2019-04-10 16:37

    This book starts off great and will hook you, but as you get into the book it just falls off. The writing is... well, not that great. It almost feels like the author wrote parts of it in a random order then stuck them all together. One issue I have, is that first the book is in present tense, and then half way into the book it is like the main character is telling you a story in past tense. WTF? And it does this back and forth thing throughout the book at random times. I didn't really find the main character that likable either. At first you feel for him, but later on I just didn't care. He just seems like a complete loser, which maybe was the intention, but I like characters that I can get behind and root for. And the supporting characters all seemed one dimensional. Even the main bad guy just fell flat. Also, I only have a vague understanding as to why it is called "Man of Wax". Which is a bit annoying. So overall, not that great. The book ends on a cliff hanger too and I'm guessing the sequel will answer all the questions that were left hanging open at the end, but I just don't think I can bring myself to read it. My major issue was the writing. I just didn't think it was that good.

  • Jerry Grahs
    2019-04-18 11:38

    This book is currently selling for 99 cents on Amazon.Ben Anderson wakes up in a motel room 3000 miles from home. He has been abducted, separated from his wife and daughter to become part of a 'reality' game. His director is, Simon, who sets him up with cash, a car and cell phone. Simon calls Ben to constantly tell him where to drive to and what to do once he is there. To get Ben to cooperate Simon threatens the lives of his family and to prove that he has his family close by sends an item to Ben that proves this is real. As a page turner this book succeeds. Swartwood also does an excellent job of depicting Anderson and the details in his past that make the reader question whether he will follow Simon's lead without question or if he'll look for an opening and fight back. I disagree with those who found the set up of the story too long and uneventful. To me the first half of the book shines. It is the second half and the winding down to the end when other characters are introduced that the quality of writing and detail wavers. That said, I am intrigued enough to purchased the 2nd part of the trilogy.

  • Diane
    2019-04-19 16:35

    Huh. Not sure what to make of this book; it's not the sort of book I usually read, falling pretty squarely in the "thriller" category, with a touch of "mystery" thrown in, I guess. I did enjoy it, because the premise was good and the writing wasn't bad, but it was predictable at times and at other times, too far-fetched for me to really get behind it 100%. And that might just be because I'm out of touch with the feel of thrillers and so had a hard time suspending disbelief. Based on my own reading experience, this book struck me as a mix between The Running Man and something like The Firm (which I remember reading long ago, when it first came out).This book is the first in a series, so don't start it expecting it to wrap up neatly at the end, because it doesn't. All that being said, I did like it and would recommend it to anyone who likes that genre of somewhat far-fetched thrillers.(read this because I am trying to make it through my backlog of free kindle books that I obsessively get everytime I get my pixelofink email....)

  • Tamer Emam
    2019-04-20 13:41

    At last somebody's talking about the evil-side escalation of the human soul. It's something our prophet have said thousands of years ago: when you do something evil, part of your heart goes black, and with another evil, another part darkens and so on.Robert has described how desire take control of human soul and never lets go. The human soul gets bored easily, and so necessitates new action, new thrill, and that's how things work. The pornography example was magnificent, where he described the escalation from soft core to hardcore to more and more twisted desires, same as the desire to watch people suffer, it eventually reaches the amusement of torture and killing. It is all about having more money than needed and having time that you don't know how to spend, you'll just then have enough resources and desire to start feeding this hungry soul for the new, for the unknown and unexpected.I liked the thriller so much and I'd recommend it to all my friends, the'll definitely need to enlighten themselves with these dark sides of the human soul.

  • Eddie
    2019-04-06 08:21

    So totally unbelievable and quite derivative but easy to read and finish quickly as fodder when deciding on your next "proper" book.I think the themes have been done better in other books and movies, the thing that makes this unbelievable is the "game" seems to be run by some new world order nutcase who it seems has FBI, police, politicians, millionaires etc at his disposal and funding his scheme...but what's the purpose? Why take normal people and make them do such things: because they watch porn (as does the protagonist) That's not a big enough sin for me. Also, why would you watch such drivel, if you can believe people would have the time and money to subscribe to such a game you might as well say Hostel is more least you can inflict pain on innocent people yourself rather than watch it on the Internet with hours of driving between the "action"Regarding some of the passages in this book I had a problem with. The description of vomit and bodily functions seemed amateur I don't think I'll read book 2 unless Amazon are doing an offer

  • Judi
    2019-04-20 11:46

    What a fantastic read. It was a fast moving book full of action. Ben Anderson wakes up but not in his house. He doesn't know where his wife or child are. All he knows is that when he goes into the bathroom, written on the wall is " Let the games begin"Ben is in California and has no idea how he got here. Then a phone rings and it is Simon, we all remember the game, Simon says? Thus begins the mystery. He is told he must do everything he is told or his wife and child will be killed. Ben is forced to kill, but he will do anything to get them back.When Ben is finally rescued from this game. He meets carver and others who were forced to play Simon says with their families lives. Now there only reason to live is to find Simon and stops these games with people's lives. Great book and can't read the next in the series...definitely a five star read.

  • Kelly
    2019-04-02 13:46

    Man of Wax was a solid and engaging thriller despite a few minor drawbacks. The writing was a bit uneven at times and there were some plot holes but nothing to take away too much from the overall story. The plot revolves around Ben Anderson, a normal guy who wakes up one morning to find his wife and daughter are missing. Soon thereafter he is contacted by Simon, who introduces Ben to the rules of the sadistic "game" he must play in order to see his loved ones again. Along the way Ben must make terrifying decisions with ordinary people's lives as a shadowy cabal behind the "game" watches his every move. It all comes down to what one man will do to see his family again. This is the first book in a trilogy and is recommended for thriller fans who want an easy, fast-paced read.

  • Starla B
    2019-04-18 10:21

    I actually liked this book. It felt like a cross between Stephen King's Running Man and a film Michael Douglas was in called The Game. It was disturbing, but not as bad as some horror fiction I've read, or the non-fiction I've been reading about WWII. I thought it was interesting, and it says a lot about popular culture regarding reality TV. How far are the writers/producers/"stars" willing to go? How much are we, the audience, willing to watch? I don't feel that this is any more disturbing than other stories of the same general idea: Running Man, the Hunger Games, movies like Hostel. I (view spoiler)[like the idea of fighting back against the faceless manipulators, and (hide spoiler)] will probably buy the next book in the series when it is released.

  • Leslie Fuller
    2019-04-07 11:25

    Interesting and scary plot. It seems there is a hidden but powerful group who pay big money to watch innocent people put into situations where if they don't "play the game", their equally innocent family members pay the ultimate price. Ben wakes up alone to this living nightmare in a seedy motel in California when he'd gone to bed in his house with his family in Pennsylvania. Why is he there? Where is his wife and child? What's going on? His game begins and we become entangled up along with him. This is the first book in a trilogy that I have already bought the second of. It's not a superb read, but definitely one where I'll finish what the author started.

  • Karen
    2019-03-27 08:21

    This book was a fun read. I agree with the reviews stating that it's fast-paced. It sort of reminded me of the movie "Saw" in that the tasks Simon asked of the players would be something that would go against their morals, conscience, ethics, etc. trying to see how far he could get these people to go in order to get to their families. I don't know if there was supposed to be a challenge in figuring out where the main camera was or in Ben's case, who was behind him being chosen. There were a few twists that I didn't see coming and I certainly am looking forward to reading the next installment due out in April.

  • Beth
    2019-03-24 10:38

    I can't even remember why I downloaded this to my Kindle, but it's been on there a while. I decided to read it yesterday, and read it straight through in a 36 hour period. It's fast paced (I love short chapters!), has good action, interesting characters, and a compelling plot. It's definitely a thrill-ride, but you will likely be cringing most of the time at the atrocious events and devious people in the story. Fair warning; this book has foul language and disturbing acts -- so if you're sensitive, best not to read. Overall, I liked this -- I may just have to download the second book in this trilogy, which was just released a few months ago.

  • Mukta Mohapatra
    2019-04-06 13:36

    I have mixed feelings about this book. The premise was great. Ben waked up in a strange hotel cross country from his home. His wife and child have been kidnapped and he has to do whatever Simon says in order to get them back.It was obvious where the cameras were, but it was not obvious who was watching and why. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear and I think that part of the story was written well.Ben as a character frustrated me. We got a decent amount of character development, but I still couldn't relate or sympathize with him, so in turn, his suffering did not bother me.

  • Dana
    2019-04-17 10:35

    This is the beginning of a trilogy. It's going to be a tough review to write because I don't want to spoil it for anybody. Let's just say that it is heartfelt, gut-wrenching, suspenseful, and ultra violent. If you're the slightest bit squeamish, this is not the book for you. Swartwood obviously goes out of his way to make you FEEL...sadness, grief, anger, rage, hope, fear, nausea...ANXIETY. You'll feel it all, and you'll probably buy the follow up (The Inner Circle) before you even finish Man of Wax.

  • April
    2019-03-31 12:23

    This is a very fast-paced book with some hardcore violence and strong language (those with a weak stomach or who offend easily, beware). As some have said, the plot may be a little far-fetched, but with so much action coming at me, I didn't spend a lot of time worrying about it. It's fiction, I don't expect every plot element to fit in with my version of reality. Besides, I like writers with a bit of imagination.Overall, I enjoyed the book and can't wait for the second book to come out so I can see what's going to happen next.

  • Dominique Damasco
    2019-04-11 11:26

    If you enjoy reading thriller's about crazy people who enjoy watching others kill, steal, and other gory stuff, then this book is for you. It was difficult for me to continue to read this book after the first few chapters because it just dragged on about how the main character, Ben Anderson, was confused about what was happening to him. But I forced myself to keep reading on and then it started to get more interesting towards the middle. This was an okay book but I think it could have been better. I don't see myself reading the seqeuls though.

  • Barbara
    2019-03-25 14:21

    Well, I wondered if Mr. Swartwood could maintain, till the end, the urgency and suspense with which his novel began....and, he did, for the most part. It was an interesting read to the end...disintegrating a bit about three quarters of the way through. I think the mild disappointment I feel, is with the characters themselves. They never come completely alive. I don't particularly like them, I don't particularly care. As this is a trilogy, aren't they all?, I will at some point pick up the next installment....but, i don't feel compelled.

  • Jason
    2019-03-24 14:50

    Excellent read!! Some places were "predictable", I agree. But, predictable is relative. The parts that were predictable to me may not be predictable to you. And, vice versa. Even still, being able to "predict" the outcome of any one event didn't diminish the enjoyment I garnered from the story itself or the scene in question. I think this was a great piece of storytelling and I can't wait for the sequel!

  • Kathie
    2019-04-01 16:39

    I thought this book was AMAZING! I have gotten into a habit of finding an author and then reading everything they've written. Because of that I find myself limiting myself to a handful of authors and becoming 'snobby' and shunning others. I found this book (for free) on my new kindle and decided to give it a shot. I am SO glad I did! Man of Wax was exciting, scary, gripping, and entertaining. I would recommend this to everyone who enjoys the murder/mystery/thriller stories.

  • James Hatz
    2019-04-12 08:32

    Man of Wax grabbed me from the opening page and I literally could not put it down - finishing it in three sittings. I can't wait to get caught up on some other books I've already purchased so I can treat myself to book two of this trilogy. If you like adventure/thriller type with good conspiracies thrown in -this book has that all - in spades. Again - looking forward to reading more from Mr.Swartwood soon.

  • Jenn
    2019-03-23 13:38

    Gym Reading. This was one of my better acquisitions when it comes to the uber cheap/free Kindle books I pick up. It hooks you right in at the beginning and doesn't stop. I'm always reading something on the Kindle at the gym, but I'm also reading something else in regular dead tree edition. I found myself wanting to read this one outside the gym. Still, I don't really find myself wanting to read more. This isn't my usual type of book, but I did still enjoy it.

  • SueTurner
    2019-04-13 16:43

    Novel du noir. Subjects I'd rather not think about posed in the style I most like to read. I have no idea how a mind lets all this fall onto paper and then strings it into a realistic read that makes me keep shaking my head in 'shades of 1984' wonder. I'll read more of this author's works...just because.

  • Rory Stanbridge
    2019-03-21 10:45

    Just finished this book and downloaded the second part of the trilogy. I was not quite sure what to make of it at first but the more I got into it the more difficult I found it to put down. I could almost never forecast what was going to happen next and only once did I guess correct. A genuine page turner. I just hope that the second part is half as good as this one.

  • Annie Bailey
    2019-04-01 15:27

    What a fantastic read! A great storyline with fantastic characters, on the edge of your seat suspense and a mind blowing cliffhanger. Robert Swartwood knows how to grab your attention right at the beginning and hold it until the very last page. He also makes you think: Just how far would you go and to what cost to save the ones you love?