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A thief named Talus hides amongst the ruins of Galadash. Hunted by the wizards and their dragons who rule it, he escapes only with the help of a boy. But the boy turns out to be more than what he seems, opening the door to the greatest adventure Talus has ever known.So begins Awakening Evarun Part I of VI. Awakening Evarun is a six part serial novel. Part II of VI will beA thief named Talus hides amongst the ruins of Galadash. Hunted by the wizards and their dragons who rule it, he escapes only with the help of a boy. But the boy turns out to be more than what he seems, opening the door to the greatest adventure Talus has ever known.So begins Awakening Evarun Part I of VI. Awakening Evarun is a six part serial novel. Part II of VI will be coming soon....

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  • S.E. Lindberg
    2019-04-28 15:06

    Thaumaturgy is associated with deep incantation of magic, and Tom Barczak is an expert at such language-delivered-necromancy. I had the pleasure of interviewing him on the topic of Beauty in Weird fiction.Weird fiction pioneer Clark Ashton Smith once wrote: "My own conscious ideal has been to delude the reader into accepting an impossibility, or series of impossibilities, by means of a sort of verbal black magic, in the achievement of which I make use of prose-rhythm, metaphor, simile, tone-color, counter-point, and other stylistic resources, like a sort of incantation."Tom Barczak's poetic style is as mesmerizing like Clark Ashton Smith's style, but produces fiction laced with both (a) total grimness and (b) hopeful redemption. His work is compact Sword & Sorcery for the serious reader, with undertones of spirituality. This is not like C.S. Lewis's approach to Young Adult fantasy fiction; Barczak writes for a mature reader who wants to explore ruins filled with ghosts and meet evil face-to-face. Here is an excerpt:"A little boy stared back at him with living eyes. Dark, deep, and soul filled eyes, eyes that hadn’t begun to carry the scars of the loss of everything around them, eyes that didn’t hide behind a veil, behind a promise made to be broken. His eyes were familiar. The boy’s eyes weren’t afraid. They were hungry. Talus threw himself backwards, fumbling with his cloak. He thrust the small blade of his trembling knife towards the boy. The new light of day settled upon it like blood. The boy scrambled away, but his dark eyes held like ice. He raised his hand to a growing red scar just let upon his cheek. A supplicant’s smile stretched his lips. He placed the back of his hand against his face."There are six short stories in the Awakening, a set that is a prequel to Veil of the Dragon (which I enjoyed of course). They are very short... but the amount of impact per word is very high. This type of work is best served in limited doses (i.e. like espresso). Unpolished illustrations from the author are a nice touch; they are fitting since the author is an artists/architect, but they are bonus material to complement the experience. The Awakening Evarun is highly recommended.View all my reviews

  • Jaz Primo
    2019-05-17 17:31

    I just finished reading an early Kindle release of “Awakening Evarun (#1)” by Tom Barczak. The version that I read included the first four chapters of the novel, and what I read was quite remarkable. First, I’m already aware that the novel is intended to be enriched and accompanied by artistic drawings of the settings, scenes, and characters. Unfortunately, the Kindle version doesn’t include those graphics, so I’m looking forward to seeing those eventually. As to the story, it was written in a literary style that I like to call “high prose.” Of course, this is in no way a criticism but merely a way to articulate the writing style of the author. In fact, it is an uncommon flair of prose that one rarely reads today, which I found quite refreshing. In this day and age of relatively common sentence structure, my mind was suddenly compelled to concentrate on the words that I was reading for my imagination to properly generate a visual scene. As to the writing, it is quite dark. As the story unfolds, the setting that is depicted is definitely that of a systematic and evil scourge pouring across an unprepared land. One immediately feels the bleakness and hopelessness of the main character’s predicament. Yet, even in its dire presentation there is a sense of nobility prevalent that compels the reader to read further in order to see what happens next. While little is initially revealed about the main character (Talus), he experiences both grim and profound revelations relatively quickly in the story. In fact, the reader is cast immediately into the action from the very first page. In the end, I’m left wondering where the story will go from here. I certainly recommend that fans of fantasy should give Mr. Barczak’s debut novel a try. I think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  • Ernie Jr.
    2019-05-14 23:23

    Intense. That is the one word I would use to describe Thomas Barczak's opening salvo in Awakening Evarun. He opens at a point of utter despair drawing the reader down into the pit of it with his vivid imagery of evil wizards and vile dragons. In this he echoes the place that many of us have been in our own spiritual lives, lost, seemingly alone, and no hope in sight. Then, within that endless hole, Thomas begins with a single shining droplet of light and hope explodes along with a fierce, determined pace towards the triumph of all that is good.We cannot help but compare to whatever foreknowledge we bring to any story, for as the great wise king Solomon said, "The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun." Therefore I will give my comparison and first impression of Evarun and it is rich and deserved. I am reminded of the darkness of the Black Company series by Glen Cook and a yet-to-be-published author, Shaere Biran, who will make a similar splash on arrival and the joy I felt coming to the end of the Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks or Elantras by Brandon Sanderson.I would recommend this series to anyone who has a strong spiritual life and a love of good fantasy, or simply needs to read something on those dreary days when nothing is going right and you need something to help you rise above the gunk and soar into a clear, golden sky.

  • Jenny Hilborne
    2019-04-23 19:20

    A thief named Talus hides among the ruins of Galadash. Hunted by the wizards and dragons who rule there, he escapes with the help of a boy who is more than what he seems, and who opens the door to the greatest adventure Talus has ever known.So begins Awakening Evarun Part I of VI. Awakening Evarun is a serial novel. Part II of VI will be coming soon.Tom’s debut fantasy novel is a series of 6 short stories, complete with his own beautiful illustrations. Part I consists of 4 chapters and is a fast, easy read. At the beginning, Talus’ world is horrific. You feel his terror as he runs for his life, pursued by all of Galadash. The story has a mystical, magical feel in the form of an unusual young boy, who may or may not be living. Talus doesn’t know, and neither does the reader – not for sure. A lot happens in the first 4 chapters, yet the reader does not get lost. I found this short read – a completely new genre for me – extremely intriguing and look forward to part II, coming soon……Well done, Tom.

  • Tiffany Cole
    2019-05-13 16:20

    *Giveaway Bonus*If you would like the opportunity to win a Kindle copy of Awakening Evarun (Part I of VI) by January 27th, 2012, just visit the blog ( **************** The world Talus inhabits is a dark one full of death. Wizards and dragons, both ferocious in their own right, made it that way. You can hear them coming from miles away, what with the sounds of drumbeats and cries announcing their arrival. Even if you can't see them, they can see you through the eyes of the dead. In a world full of death, there's really nowhere to hide. Still, Talus tries. At first he seems like he is just a poor man surviving on the smallest of threads, but there is much more to him than what readers initially see in chapter one, just like there is much more to the little boy who tells Talus that the wizards have found him. Hiding is no longer an option.Awakening Evarun's uniqueness in format is what attracted me to the book. It's a six part serial novel, meaning that each part is relatively short, with a beautiful sketch before each chapter. This isn't a route many authors or publishers take. Thomas Barczak wrote the story, drew the sketches, and self-published it. In all, he's one hell of a one man team, and I can't help but respect that. Barczak's writing is lyrical at times yet simple and easy to understand. However, there were at least two instances where a lyrical description went over my head even when I reread the sentence. I liked the amount of white space as well. Exposition never seemed unnecessary, which is sometimes a problem in fantasy books. When reading fantasies, I always take note of the terminology in the hopes that I'll learn more later (also so that I won't lose track). Fortunately, there wasn't an overwhelming amount of terms to keep up with, but there were enough to convince me that the world is definitely a place developed enough to feel separate from our own. The only time I felt this separation was shaky was near the end, when I couldn't help but think of Christianity. If you like fantasy, art, and a short read (it took me less than an hour to finish and I was taking notes), I don't see why you shouldn't try Awakening Evarun (Part I of VI). I know I'm looking forward to reading the other five parts.

  • Scott
    2019-05-14 19:03

    Awakening Evarun is the first part in a seven part series. It tells the story of a man hiding on the streets trying to avoid the attention of the wizards who rule and their dragons. When he is noticed by their minions a young boy leads him to "safety" and beings to change his life dramatically. This is the first book I have read the is broken into serialized portions and I don't think it works really well for me. The story just starts to get going and this chapter ends. I will say that I was starting to get interested in the story and I'm very curios to see where it goes, but I really dislike waiting for sequels and it seems like this series will have a lot of that. If the book is released at a single unit after all of the smaller sections are released I would be interested in picking that up. Overall 3.5 stars for the enjoyment of the story and the less enjoyable format of the release.Review copy provided by the author.

  • Athena
    2019-04-27 20:19

    The idea behind the story is very original, and the writing is superb! Tom has a way with words that left me breathless! We follow the story of Talus; a dead prince who was brought back to life to save the dead and fight back against the evil wizards who are taking over everything. It reminds me a lot of the heroic dragonlance books I used to read as a child, and that brought back so many welcome memories. I had a great time reading these books, and I can't wait for the rest of them! I do wish that there was more to the story however, because I feel it's missing something whenever the scene jumps to a different place. I would love to know how the transition between parts two and three really happened without just being told that something had. I would love to have read about the little battle with the wolves, and how they escaped the Dragon Storm. Still, I'll keep reading, because I'm drooling for more!

  • Rick Bylina
    2019-05-09 20:25

    I should have looked more closely. "Awakening Evarun (Part I of VI)" by Tom Barczak is not the first novel of six, it is the first four chapters (30 pages) of the book. A marketing hook, I have to presume, like the old serials. While the first few pages of AE start out promising, it devolves into a series of fast-paced but confusing incidents that tap into a veiled reworking of dramatic incidences in the life of Jesus for meaning. Repeated imagery, vague scenes, a confusing stoning, and a boy (and angels) who come and go with no inherent logic pepper this teaser. Fantasy lovers may like the ploy and vague story line, but it's a 3 from me.

  • David Alderman
    2019-04-30 20:33

    Awakening Evarun is a great start to what Tom plans on being a six-part short story series. The pace of the story is easy and intriguing, making it a quick read that feels satisfying, yet leaves you wanting more when you're finished. Tom's writing style is definitely a gift and I look forward to more from the author.On top of that I have to praise the illustrations. It's not that often you come across an author who can also illustrate his stories with such great detail. It's also not that often you come across an illustrated story as this. What a treat. For the price, you get great artwork and an intriguing storyline. Tom Barczak is definitely an author to check out.

  • Marcia
    2019-05-16 23:25

    A fallen prince, a boy who may be an angel, a craggy wasteland, dragons, and dark wizards with "dancing hordes" of followers. Sounds pretty cool, right? That's because it is. This first installment in the series is a short, fast read. I'm looking forward to finding out what comes next.