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Dorrie promises to be on her best behavior when crabby Aunt Agra comes for a visit. Dorrie begins to feel ill and is sent to bed. The Witch Doctor is called and comes to diagnose Dorrie, but Aunt Agra is the one who winds up getting the treatment. ...

Title : Dorrie and the Witch Doctor
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ISBN : 9780688513115
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 175 Pages
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Dorrie and the Witch Doctor Reviews

  • Matt
    2019-05-03 20:51

    My wife and I have been reading these books from my wife's childhood to our daughters. They don't have a nostalgia factor for me, so I find them fairly annoying. This is the best of the bunch I've read so far because it departs the most from the annoying pattern of the rest of the books.The plot of almost all the Dorrie books I've read thus far is in brief, "Some obviously villainous character begins doing mischief in Witchville or to the Witchville witches right in front of Dorrie. Dorrie repeatedly tries to get the grownups to pay attention to her, but they are too busy with their own petty problems to pay attention to what is really important, so Dorrie is left to her own resources to save the day by herself - which she manages mainly because the villain is even more stupid than the average groupup." Really, 'The Big Witch' has to be one of the worst models of parenthood in children's literature. I realize that she's supposed to be a witch, but I don't think that description was meant quite as nastily as it comes off in the stories. 'Dorrie and the Witch Doctor' mercifully departs from this really well worn formula. It begins with Dorrie promising herself to be extra good today, but Dorrie's best intentions are soon put to the test by the arrival of a truly nasty family pest that makes 'The Big Witch' seem a true model of patience, gentleness, and sensitivity. Dorrie heroicly tries to keep to her promise, but the physical trial proves too much for her, and its left to a befuddled but wise old Witch Doctor - the single best character in any of the stories - to try to put things right for the whole family. The story has a touch of humor lacking in the rest of the stories, a character with an actual name, and more importantly characters we actually can care about, including, quite surprisingly, Dorrie herself.

  • Meredith
    2019-05-18 20:59

    The Dorrie the Little Witch series was a staple of my childhood. I always appreciated how mixed up Dorrie was, and her unreasonably cross mother, the Big Witch, reflected my bad-tempered Soviet Block relatives in ways most children’s books with their mythologized mothers and grandmothers never did. Their irritability wasn't a smokescreen for hearts of gold, and neither is the Big Witch's crabbiness. This was one of the three titles my local Carnegie library did not own (The other two were Dorrie's Magic and Dorrie's Play), and owning to the fact that the Dorrie books are all out of print, I had given up upon reading it. In this adventure, Dorrie’s Aunt Agra, whom even the Big Witch finds crabby and unpleasant, visits. She is so horrible that Dorrie actually manifests a psychosomatic illness. Luckily, the local witch doctor arrives. As a benevolent force, he is able to reframe the situation and salvage the remainder of the day.

  • Sophie
    2019-04-27 22:05

    This is my favourite Dorrie book. These books would be awesome for the pictures alone. With a cute and imaginative story its one of those perfect books.

  • Sarah Levy
    2019-04-21 03:52

    My all time FAVORITE Dorrie book. ALL kids should read these. Why doesn't everyone know about these books?

  • Joanie Bowen
    2019-05-12 23:54

    I so loved the Dorrie the witch books when I was a little girl! I read them so many times these stories are truly a part of me!