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Sinister Miniatures is the definitive collection of short fiction by Kris Saknussemm, confirming that he is one of the best, most daring writers of the weird to emerge in the twenty-first century....

Title : Sinister Miniatures
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ISBN : 9781936383467
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Sinister Miniatures Reviews

  • Rodney
    2019-03-31 08:53

    Having read a few of his books now, there are many great things I can say about Kris Saknussemm’s writing. What I enjoyed most about Sinister Miniatures however, is how the odd mystique is maintained by consistently adding strange, unexpected elements into the movement of the stories. Dark and unique, this is a roller coaster of a collection that manages to be edgy, smart, erotic and funny. The last story Sparklewheel was likely my favorite and is also the longest piece. It was all over the place and intense, yet held together with a skill that few can muster.

  • Justin
    2019-04-04 08:54

    SINISTER MINIATURES is a collection of shorts by Kris Saknussemm. Some of them deal with the strange and have a dream-like quality while others are well grounded in the real world. Mostly all of the tales deal with sexuality and/or shrouded mystery and verge on the more sadomasochistic side of things. The imagery is beautiful and the language visceral.Out of the whole collection a couple stories stand out to me. ANY ROAD, ANY TIME involves a 24 hour road side assistance worker who gets a mysterious call in the middle of the night. On arrival of the scene he finds an attractive woman very persistent in playing a cruel game with him. REAL ART is about a photography teacher who has to deal with the repercussions of a student taking his advice a little too literally while struggling with himself over the survival of the mysteriously inappropriate photo.An excellent short stories collection that keeps you mesmerized from start to finish. I will definitely be seeking out more of Saknussemm's work.

  • M.P. Johnson
    2019-03-31 15:38

    The Intersection Of Lit, Bizarro And EroticaThis is my first encounter with Kris Saknussemm's work. I wasn't expecting so much sexy. So much really well written sexy! This means there are some really surprising and interesting transitions from hot sex scenes to grotesque or messed up scenes. For example, the big finish, the final story in the collection, "Sparklewheel," starts with a couple having sex on a carnival ride. They actually continue having sex as the ride breaks and they are flying through the air. They land in a messed up horror swamp and a weird adventure ensues. Crucial weird lit!

  • Matthew Revert
    2019-04-18 09:33

    Kris Saknussemm is an author who revels in mystery. His previous work, starting with ZANESVILLE and continuing with PRIVATE MIDNIGHT, were concerned with that which lurked below the surface. And the closer you got to the mystery, the more mysterious it became. His fiction masterfully shines an unfamiliar light on the familiar and holds up a distorted mirror to the reader. Sinister Miniatures is collection of short fiction spanning Saknussemm's career. What makes this collection so special, in my opinion, is the focus on the strange and unusual. I've always viewed Saknussemm as an unusualist and Sinister Miniatures is a great vehicle for him to exercise this aspect of his writing. I believe this is his first wildly available book to find a home with an independent press, which possibly allowed for greater levels of freedom than his large press releases. Sinister Miniatures is one of the most exciting collections I've read in some time. The stories are provocative, well-written and linger within long after you've stopped reading. Highly recommended.

  • Amy
    2019-04-17 13:37

    Whoa, this book is weird! I'm not even sure I completely understood a few of the stories in this collection, but they were fascinating still. This is what I would expect from a collaborative effort between Tim Burton and Charles Bukowski: creepy, weird, and lots of dirty sex. The only thing missing are illustrations.

  • Hakim
    2019-03-22 14:47

    I am a bit astonished that his book has only been rated 10 times and reviewed 5 times. It most certainly deserves more attention.Sinister Miniatures is one of the eeriest books I have ever come across. It represents Bizarro at its most beautiful and sexy. I have to admit that I found the collection to be slightly uneven. However, a few stories stand out as extremely intriguing, plain weird, arousing and fascinating and make up for the not-so-good ones, which earns the book 5 stars.My favorites are Rain and The Library - The most intense, graphic and arousing story of the collection.A Quiet Snap- A bittersweet story about a homeless old man on a bus.Cheer - A very uplifting yet unsettling piece about two kids inviting a stranger (?) to their home.Any Road, Any Time - A psychologial horror tale that gave me nightmares (seriously). Probably the cleverest and darkest story of the colleciton. You Saw Me Standing Alone - Surreal and uncomfortable tale that is very reminiscent of David Lynch's more abstract titles.Special Guest Stars - Probably the most straightforward story of the bunch. It is about a terrifying desease that makes random memories rise up with extreme clarity.The Infirmary - The X-Files meets... Kris Saknussemm ! Short and exquisite.Sparklewheel - My favorite tale by a country mile. This frenetic adventure through a mind-boggling city blew me away and left me wanting more. A masterpiece.Apart from the mind-blowing ideas and concepts developped in this book, I thought the writing was stellar. Kris Saknussemm's style is unique; dreamy, sexy, dark and mesmerizing. Sinister Miniatures is very haunting. The only catch to reading it is that, for the next few weeks, everything will seem small and conventional by comparision.

  • Edmund Colell
    2019-04-15 14:49

    Think that there’s no one other than William S. Burroughs who can create a nightmarish landscape of depravity and crossed taboos? Kris Saknussemm has arrived to giggle at this notion, and then throttle it.While it did take me a little bit to warm up to Sinister Miniatures, I was far from disappointed. The off-beat sense of eroticism, especially the predatory parts, made a lot of interesting scenarios to these stories. And, drawing attention to those predatory moments, I appreciate how there was a statement – unspoken or otherwise – behind each one, as though trying to justify them or minimize the damage (with the exception of “Any Road, Any Time,” which instead victimized the protagonist and set him up for being seen as the predator). Even outside of the sexuality, I still found some interesting statements arising from the depths of these scenarios. “Dormez Vous” comes to mind, as does “Ribs on the Run” and especially “War Dream” which may have been my favorite story of the bunch. The final story, “Sparklewheel,” did feel like it meandered a bit but it was nonetheless entertaining, colorful, and fascinating. However, the stories that had a second-person bent to them such as “Rain and the Library” and “Sparklewheel” felt like they turned the female half of the often one-sided conversation into more of a thing than a character, and consequently those stories felt more like dreams than actual occurrences (which could have been the case for “Sparklewheel,” but to call that one a dream would definitely dull its impact). Whether-or-not this was Saknussemm’s intent, I’m not sure. Even so, I haven’t seen anything this Naked Lunch-esque in modern fiction before Sinister Miniatures, and I can’t say that I will imagine seeing anything like it in the years to come.

  • Grant Wamack
    2019-04-06 11:54

    Sinister Miniatures is a short story collection written by Kris Saknussemm and published by Lazy Fascist Press. Many of the stories are of high standing quality so I decided to pick out some of my favorites.“Quiet Snap” is a sad tale about an old man on a bus.“Pocket Fisherman” is a quiet yet terrifying encounter with a stranger late at night.“Rubs on the Run” is a very short piece of flash fiction about a slaughterhouse. The prose literally crackles off the page.“Dormez Vous” is about two friends who reunite in a small town, but things become strange when a baby is thrown into the mix. It’s a poignant yet mysterious story about familiar relationships and the ever looming past.“The Garage Door” is about a stepfather who vigilantly waits for his runaway son to return home. The overall atmosphere is slightly surreal and paranoid.Stories such as “Cheer” leave you wanting so much more. It’s not just the language but the ever present undercurrent of mystery that completes the spell Saknussemm has so expertly casted over the reader.“The Night Creature” is yet another sexually charged story about a woman who is a camp counselor for blind children.“Any Road, Any Time” is another standout. It’s an intense and sexually tense story about a man who provides roadside assistance in a rural town one particularly stormy night.“You Saw me Standing Alone” is another simple yet compelling story about a man who stops at a gas station in the middle of nowhere and everything becomes utterly surreal.Sinister Miniatures is a great short story collection overflowing with sexual tension, originality and a love for words.

  • Randy Cauthen
    2019-04-13 13:41

    It's kind of like Borges would have written if it'd ever occurred to Borges that sex exists.

  • Kris Saknussemm
    2019-04-03 16:53